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   t h e    g a r d e n    o f    d e l i g h t s

--- S E A N   S I N G E R


Swarms of birds as large as cats
make a tuba shape through
sandcastles.  Cherry blossoms fat
as plums line the prairie in an orgasm of blue.

A fury of gazelles grow
into unicorn and drink water
under a bracelet of trees, a sow
pokes its rat head into a crater

of green trailing through
nightfall.  A jackrabbit rises
between saw-grass, hushes a blue
song by the fuchsia geyser.


Gourd, jaundice, jalapeno, oyster lump, pod, mallard, kuckleberry, kernel,
phalanger, skunk cabbage, gollywobbler, owl, husk, senufo, tidbit, agouti,
fig apron, aqueous echidna, edelweiss, spitoon, jojoba, ecdysial quincunx,
spiny gurnards, llama, thralldom, terpsichore, zareeba, pink whang, tuft,
troglodyte, buggery, hurly burly.


Stitched to the smoke they slip away,
the fat poured over the bodies
into the charcoal river, darker
than the girl's nipple, half-lit
like an eclipse, a mill wheel divining
pain & fire forming on the light,
everyone pushed into ash
with the stiff egg hatching a scurrying
demon & the sky blooming with Zyklon-B,
a fat arson-baby sweeping his mother away
into a coal-dust moth, & nothing.

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