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   i n    t h u l e    w i t h    j e s s i c a

--- M I K E   C A R E Y

Thule is where I left her, and I never went back. In the streets of indefinite time At a pavement cafe, she still waits, maybe, Reading the headlines, ESCAPE FROM THULE! Not believing, caught in a mood of disbelief. Jessica was, you know, one of those things; You drift in and stay forever. In Thule they build Around you, divert traffic. The people stand Like stone and the city flows around. Successive waves bring up Your baby photos Your car Your umbilical cord.

I went back to Thule and everything had changed Except the place. I came in through different streets To a different idea. Every street leads To a different idea. Everything feels the same. Jessica sends her love and says she'll see you. Someday she'll see you. In a straw-colored light like lymph or eggshells You can run to her. You can run to her. You can visit the places where You used to go together.

This evening I came home by the same path Walking backwards so my feet fit this morning's footprints. In the kitchen I filled a bowl with cereal Mouthful by mouthful Dribbled orange juice into a glass Spat out the sun Unmade the day in careful stages. I lied about leaving. I never left.

Born and bred in Thule, and I am at home here - we don't Take easily to new soil. Jessica's different. She's from out of town And someday she'll go back. Let me practise now. Thule's the name. Hello.

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