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· Herman Beavers
Garbage Night
Hamilton Railroad Station
Moguls in Los Angeles
· Mike Carey
In Thule With Jessica
· B. Dietrich
The Heat Death of the Universe
Keep Watching the Skies
Lemurs in the Plumbing
Dementia 13
· Tom Devaney
Drop Ceiling
A god damn green pen
I saw you weighing your gold behind the curtain
No one I know and the Tree
· Andrew Epstein
Letter Begun at 4:37 a.m.
The General Happiness
Open Space
Three Changes on the Face of Things
· Richard Fein
Bearer Instrument
· David Floyd and Abraham Smith
Ode to the Midwest
· Joanna Fuhrman
May 26, 2000
In the Basement of the Museum of Potential Urges
· Chanda J. Glass
Body Language
Roundeau After Watching Gerard Depardieu Speak Lovely Unintelligible Things
· Laura Goldstein
Disappeared Inside
Psychic Hearts
· Leonard Gontarek
As Long As They Can
Dark Beauty
End of Summer
Renunciation / Viaticum
· Bertha Greschak
Sequence Theory
The Aesthetics of the Japanese Lunchbox
· Hoang Da Thi
There Is A Person
A Black Mole
An Elephant and Uncle Vy
Breast Bells
Mr. Wall Borrows a Shadow
A Plastic Mask
Star Buttons
People Make Cakes
This Mother Has
· Teresa Leo
The Visit
Vanishing Point
· Elizabeth Scanlon
Radio Dream
Not the Tao
· Erik Sweet
Theme for Tom Devaney
(Himalayan) Ring Ring
So what again
The world is half drawn
Eye loose on Mexicco {sorry about the black eye}
low-fi wrongs

Fiction / Non-Fiction
· Tom Bradley
The Home of the Brave
· Sarah Werhan Buttenwieser
Your Formative Year at the Holiday Inn
· Linh Dinh
An Introduction to Three Vietnamese Poets
· Jeff McCall
Down At Club Limbo, Dancing On History's Unmarked Grave of Discarded Lies
· Louise Ostling
You Really Like Me, Don't You
· Kimberly Townsend Palmer
Love Kills

Art Gallery
· Scot Kaylor
My Lucky Number
Memento Mori
Axis Mundi
Parade Ground
· Scott White
Sound Catcher
Sound Catcher 2

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