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   e y e    l o o s e    o n    m e x i c c o    {s o r r y    a b o u t    t h e    b l a c k    e y e}

--- E R I K   S W E E T

bad spellers you can't even find a map in that mess you call a car. Put those Slurpees away- They have formed an ooze across the windowpanes in squares they fog it Shout lovely; ask for directions. Don't be a guy like in the commercials. On this trip through high temperatures Puzzle- you caught a break in the corner of the map A big CIRCLE around Mexico- All around the map, little Raymond Pettibon figures with bubbles above contain- ing smart comments. You are still lost but have an idea that you will

be a Harrison Ford figure And while that guy swings his sword you'll take your gun out and shoot him dead- take his map, and write the word MEXICCO on the top page like a grade school report. But you're still lost, can't spell and your finger just cramped up big time. So you drop everything and just write the word "MEXICO" again and again until you finally get it right.

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