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--- R I C H A R D   F E I N

only those with too few would put their names on one. Millionaires have too many and little need to, for everyone wants to know their names. These papers easily slip from fingers to oil the wheels of commerce, making all transactions fluid. Buying factory seconds, buying diamonds, buying crack, giving to the Salvation Army, it's all the same to the legions of Washingtons. And those unknowns who inscribe their names on the green, what do they hope for? Dave Warden proclaimed his name in red above famous George's face. I accepted his name, no questions asked, for that is the purpose of a bearer note; its tender cancels its history, except Dave's name, which carries on through the chain of custody. Dave, did you want someone to know your name? You've succeeded. I've inscribed a solemn oath. "I won't forget you Dave," that's what I wrote in flaming red behind George's back under, "IN GOD WE TRUST." I bought a soda with my pledge. Perhaps the instrument will boomerang back to Dave and give him a thrill, for what it's worth.

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