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   e n d    o f    s u m m e r

--- L E O N A R D   G O N T A R E K

If you rubbed the leaves

Faint leaf tint on thumb

Tang of river & basement

The children in rows at desks

Inhaling green liquid in tiny glasses

The wind in this field everlasting

Crow disappears into cirrocumulus

Thrust like gun shot with silencer

Bounces from wall to wall

Oven mitt in kitchen in twister

Washing has made the ink stain pale unreduced in size

Wildflowers & raspberries I fill one hand

With them offer it to my taster

Who is nude & hopped up on hallucinogens

Legally blind my neighbor thrashes the hedges

With a cane shredding them into packing material

The wind in this field uninteresting secrets

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