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   a f t e r    o r h a n    v e l i

--- G A R Y   S U L L I V A N

	for Murat Nemet-Nejat

I'm listening to New York w/my eyes closed
metal wheels churn thru ... fog?
someone (from Poland?) coughs, is coughing
a paper rustles --
"To see her *suffering* like that!"
a wrist pops the brakes hiss

no snotty conversation no one's dirt-encrusted
shoe heel unsticks from the floor
where would you go if you had
to sell your artificial leg? I think
American Sign Language's
few lumped heads the only casualties I smell

electricity condiments grease plastic & coffee
my jaw aches w/out political conscience
fatalism's hateful mocking hacks
conductor's thick accent (pen slips) "bing bong"
(now a chorus of imitators, each with perfect pitch
"bing bong" ... "bing bong" ...)

imagine a kind of theme park based on
blood sugar disturbance
as tho the world were everything "the case"
neither partialness nor blurt
I like the fact that ink seeps into the page

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