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   p u r l e d
love poem, in three parts

--- L A U R E N   R I L E   S M I T H

function getOneFrom(theArray){
      return theArray[(Math.floor(Math.random()*(theArray.length)))];

Sleeping upright in the closet
next to skeletons:
                    skin rasp against
                    her bony hip [her bone hip]
                    [pearl, clasp, hair]

questions = new Array(
   'can I', 'can they', 'can we', 'can you',
   'can\'t I', 'can\'t they', 'can\'t we', 'can\'t you'

In dreams there is no logic;
or, rather, you'll find a logic
external to yr reasoning. Say this. Say to us,
"In dreams there are no [x]." In dreams
there are no. If my limbs give out 
& I sink to the --
If I grasp yr hand & will not let --

adjectives = new Array(
   'metallic', 'fried', 'stolen', 'choking', 'breathless'

   'aspiration' 'inspiration' 'transpiration' 'perspiration'

The pencil slides from her grasp,
slick as a fish & slippery w/ saltwater. [muscular]
The pattern of scales; the grouper thrashing. She's tired
           but cannot dream. You're beating me --
[you're breathing me]         in & out, the icy air: until
my hands are caked with sweat & chalk --

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