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   p o e m    (o r g a n i z a t i o n)

--- L A U R E N   R I L E   S M I T H

ice field: odor
swing: cold hands bound against

affair: tie-&-nostalgia boots: alleyway, cats, garbage cans scattering

like clapping coming from the movie theater, rain on yr face walking up & out of the New York subway: not crying

memory: cake sparks: the blades of her skates

shop: hung sweet: snow, egg

playing it back in her mind over & over, inspecting the moment like a small, gleaming gem

comma: lick clouds: together

music: strings fading off, tentacles hold: shiver

sixth chair in the back of the orchestra: the girl with her pink-streaked hair & soft, innocent sweaters

hands: all needles & honey octopus: hush

mice: slash rings: & their tiny, unblinking eyes

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