Linh Dinh

Nadir Is The Lowest Point

	Nadir is the lowest point apex is the highest point
	nexus is a meeting point where I will find your solar 

	Fat orange old sun: Why doest thou not
	eclipse me with a venetian blind?

	Here on my bed my mistress thus.

	All countries exist right here the jagged edges of my
	stamp will scarrify themselves into your life with a
	tenderness you didn't know existed this side of Saint

	Lioness you look a bit like Golda Meir that sand-
	blasted Jewess magnificently perched on a tank
	cocking her Uzi.

	My Uzi is your Uzi shoot me if you have to I will
	only see God before going to Siberia.

	Charnel house of the fierce whip purify me please
	with your punishment something I no longer dread
	since having honed myself into a humble stoic.