Linh Dinh

  • Vietnamese Translations Proverbs, Aphorisms and Figures of Speech
  • I Refuse To Be Lambasted By Your Bloated I Ching
  • A Primer In Elemental Yinglish
  • Nadir Is The Lowest Point

    Douglas Van Gundy

  • The Great Slowing
  • Las Palomos
  • Plate Tectonics

    LeeAnn Heringer

  • not sleeping with my girlfriends
  • lost at sea

    Kim Hodges

  • a bad year
  • tomorrow keeps on
  • love calls the dream

    Kyi May Kaung

  • Maroon
  • Pure
  • Orchid

    Patrick Kelly

  • Halcyon Days
  • Shiner
  • Chinese Mourners, Brides, Moby Dick and Me

    Sharon Ann Jaeger

  • Faring Well
  • Urban Canyon Fugue
  • The Death of Stephane Mallarmé

    Patrick Lawler

  • Another Story
  • Suppose A Doctor

    C. E. Nelson

  • the machineless binding system
  • frenchkissing the dragonsuited lads

    Peter Tolman

  • Stereo Behavior