Kim Waale, Patrick Lawler


There is always another story:

the story of going to find the real,

the story to explain the gender of the sea,

the story of words touching images,

that none of it--that the words

aren't enough, that the images aren't enough,

that the only thing remaining are the myths

and they certainly aren't enough.

Of course, there is always the possibility,

we are lying. But that is another story.

Always another story: the story told in black--

in the black alphabet of desire.

Another Story

Two Inuit women will stand very close

They will chant so the sounds of each

will enter the voice of the other.

Each of them will sing in two voices

simultaneously because the sound of one

is echoed in the other's mouth.

the song of another releases the song of the self

There is a choir on the lips.

story on the tongue that could

not be told without the other's mouth