Linh Dinh

Proverbs, Aphorisms and Figures of Speech

Vietnamese Proverbs
	The tailor eats rags
	The artist eats paints

	Buffulo shit
	After many days
	Turns to mud

	Inundated with books
	He still thinks
	Of the vagina

	As ugly as a ghost
	Still plenty good enough
	To sleep with a woman

	Argue with a smart man
	Can't win
	Argue with a stupid man
	Can't stop

	The dead man argues
	With his pallbearers

	Dead three days
	Shows up in the market

	Dead three days
	Shows up in the forest

	Plant his whiskers
	On her chin

	Yes yes I know your wife
	She is cross-eyed
	And sells sticky rice
	In front of the temple

	Yes Yes I know you
	You're the opium addict
	With the bruised lips

	With rice in the shed
	And a swinging hammock
	And clothes on my back
	Why shouldn't I nap
	After a meal?

	A sharp voice across the field
	She will kill her husband
	Ruin her son

	She worries about the crook of her knees
	And about the curliness
	Of her pubic hair

	She whores in nine different neighborhoods
	Keeps her reputation in one

	With three wives and seven mistresses
	He sleeps in the stable at night
	With his head on a broom

	He swung his stick
	In an empty garden

	He laughed
	Before the joke

	He bends his back
	Said the sky's too low

	Rich at dawn
	Poor at dusk

	The rich eat
	The poor smoke

	His eyes are rich
	His hands are poor

	The rich have easy manners
	The poor lie

	Man not quite
	Monkey not quite

	Old hair old teeth
	Old gums old ears

	Old penis
	Young testicles