Linh Dinh

A Primer In Elemental Yinglish

	A primer in elemental Yinglish is needed to buttress
	this five-word vocabulary: a grunt, a squeal, a hiccup,
	a gambol. I schlemel I balembo I loose myself when
	I don't gamble.

	All day it takes for me to regain my humanity, my bestiality
	is a mugger waiting to pounce on me the moment I flick
	off the light as the room explodes with the devil my last

	Blue malleable face with spiraled features I will squash
	you with an anvil and castrate your doting prick with a
	pick ax because really I'm so damn fed up with your con-
	juring tricks hallucinating shit my shirt is a whiplash
	crouching in a corner.

	Stop levitating man I've seen it already.