Bob Perelman

"If an issue is oversimplified--"Are you for the family or against it?"--that's demagogic. But our society is full of complicated people. It's possible for a person to be Catholic, gay, anti-abortion, pro-free speech, etc. Art can convey some of that complexity."
  • "Poetry Man", an interview

  • "Must Works of Art Reflect Only Marketplace Values?", an essay
    "Under the reign of purely economic motives, there is no way anyone would want to produce something unless it could be sold immediately."

    Clark DeLeon

    Just quit his job at The Philadelphia Inquirer

    "For 23 years I sat at the same sloppy-topped gun-metal gray desk which sat front-to-front and side-to-side with other identical gun-metal gray desks in a large cluttered newsroom...
    It was hard to feel like a bigshot in such a democratically depressing environment."
  • The Last Column, commentary

    Al Filreis

    The backlash against e-text rests on a fundamental false distinction: books provide an experience of authority characterized by, as Sanders puts it, the "meandering flow of ideas," while electronic text provides an experience of authority characterized by a mere "summary of rules."
  • On Frets about the Death of the Book

    Adam Corson Finnerty

    Stoll takes on the "virtual library" in strong and direct terms: "the bookless library is a dream, a hallucination of online addicts, network neophytes, and library- automation insiders."
  • Silicon Snake Oil, a review

    Raina Von Waldenburg

    "... a place where one can experience dichotomous feelings simultaneously. There is no redundancy in his telling of the contradicting emotion."
  • Loaded Contradiction: James Wright's Technique, an excerpt