25th Northeast Conference on Andean Archaeology and Ethnohistory

October 21 - 22, 2006
(cash bar reception on evening of October 20)


Poster Presentations: New!

You can choose to submit a poster presentation as an alternative to a traditional oral presentation. By adding poster presentations to the conference, we can increase the number of participants. Posters will be on display throughout the 2-day conference. We encourage participants and audience to view and discuss the posters with the authors during breaks on both days and after the afternoon session on Saturday.

Poster Presentations require the submission of a title and abstract (use the same form as the oral presentations and check the box for “Poster Presentation”).

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

Posters should be 4 x 8 feet or smaller (landscape format).

Title should be 6" in height and up to 8' long at the top of the poster. Main text should be double-spaced, 16-20 point fonts. Electricity is not available.

We recommend designing the poster in Adobe Illustrator or similar graphics software and saving the file in PDF format for printing. FEDEX Kinko’s and other large copy shops provide color printing for posters at reasonable prices. Your university, college, or institution may provide this printing service. The Penn Museum cannot provide printing or paper.

If you have questions, please contact the conference organizers.

Some helpful websites for scholarly poster presentations include:

Poster Tips (SAA):
Tips for Effective Poster Presentations (U.S. Department of Energy):
Designing Effective Poster Presentations (University of Buffalo)

To Submit Poster Titles and Abstracts

Send email to Clark Erickson