Bibliographies on Language Attitudes

What follows are four bibliographies, plus a thesis with extensive bibliography, compiled by other people on the subject of Language Attitudes , i.e. the study of societal attitudes toward and about language(s), in particular and in general. There is some overlap between them. Following these, some bibliographies I compiled myself.

  1. Kit Woolard's Bibliography

  2. Xu Daming's Bibliography

  3. Luisa Maffi's Bibliography

  4. A Bibliography contributed by Susan Ervin-Tripp

  5. Abstract of a recent M.A. Thesis (and bibliography) by B. Soukup at Georgetown University, on subject of southern American speech and attitudes toward the variety.

  1. Here is a bibliography I compiled by doing an LLBA search for 'language attitudes' and 'English:'

  2. Here's another one compiled from an LLBA search for 'matched guise technique.'

    Harold F. Schiffman,, last modified 12/6/00