by Jay C. Treat

We went up the mountain with Jesus,
    but quite unprepared for surprise.
We never expected to see him
    transform right in front of our eyes!

His face was as bright as the sunlight,
    his clothes were as bright as the skies.
He talked with Elijah and Moses,
    who stood right in front of our eyes.

We thought we could build them three temples:
    one shrine for the giver of laws,
and one for Elijah the prophet,
    and one for this master of ours.

A bright cloud then covered the mountain.
    A Voice echoed deep from within,
Said, "This is my son, my beloved one!
    He pleases me! Listen to him!"

We came down the mountain with Jesus,
    now ready for any surprise.
We're ready to listen and follow
    and change right in front of his eyes.


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