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Chinese Science and Medicine

History and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania
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Granting the Seasons (2008) is my latest book. There is also a list of errata and emendations.

These are selections assigned as reading in undergraduate courses. All are in PDF format.

Shen Kua (1973, revised 1995)

Copernicus in China (1973, revised 1995)

Wang Hsi-shan (1976, revised 1995)

On the Term "Taoism" as a Source of Perplexity (1978)

The Theoretical Foundations of Laboratory Alchemy (1980)

Why the Scientific Revolution Did Not Take Place in China--Or Didn't It? (1982)

On the Limits of Empirical Knowledge in Chinese and Western Science (1989)

Reflections on the Situation of Medicine in the People's Republic of China, 1987 (1990)

Science and Medicine in Chinese History (1990)

Text and Experience in Early Chinese Medicine (1995, revised 1999)

Emotional Counter-Therapy (1995)

State, Cosmos, and Body in the First Three Centuries B.C. (1995)

Taoism and Science (1995)

The First Neo-Confucianism (with Michael Nylan, 1987, revised 1995)

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