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Sigrid áPeterson, Ph.D.

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Background and Links

Sigrid Peterson, formerly a counseling/clinical psychologist, is now a doctoral student in Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania , with an emphasis on methodology and topics in Early Judaisms and Early Christianities. Currently, in Autumn 2005,á she has completed the complicated formatting of her dissertation and will present it to her committee for approval. She had essentially completed writing the dissertation by June of 2004; she then began a fellowship at the NEH Summer Seminar on "Aramaic in Post-Biblical Judaism and Early Christianity." Since then she has completedáa paper for theáSeminar volume, titled "Wicked Person or Lawless One?áThe Meaning of )lw( in Syriac Jewish Texts Preserved in Christianity.ö The article discusses a term that appears primarily in the Hebrew Bible (Psalms and Wisdom literature), the Peshitta OT, and three Jewish Syriac texts--Psalms of Solomon, 6 Maccabees, and 7 Maccabees.

Sigrid spent June, July, August, and part of September 2000 in Jerusalem, heráthird visit there. While there she participated in the Rothschild Symposium in Jewish Studies, at the Institute for Advanced Study at Hebrew University, where the topic was Jewish Liturgy and Synagogue Life. Following the Symposium she did research and writing in the libraries of East and West Jerusalem--The National Library at the Givat Ram campus of Hebrew University, and the British School for Archaeology library and the Albright Institute for Archaeological Research, both in East Jerusalem. In Spring 1999 and Spring 2001 she taught Lady Wisdom, Wisdom Personified at the University of Pennsylvania. Recently she served as Writing Fellow for the course "The Devil, Women, and Jews."

In 1997-98 a Dean's Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania supported her work on her dissertation titled Martha Shamoni: A Syriac Jewish Rhymed Liturgical Poem of the Maccabean Martyrdoms," under the supervision of Robert Kraft. Earlier, in 1996-97, she held a Finkelstein Fellowship at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, California. During the 1995-1996 academic year she lived in Jerusalem and commuted to Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan. At Bar-Ilan, Sigrid studied Syriac with Michael Sokoloff on an Interuniversity Fellowship in Jewish Studies, supplemented by the Goldfein Award from the University of Pennsylvania Program in Jewish Studies.á


She has both an MS in Middle East Studies (Languages) and a PhD in Counseling/Clinical Psychology from the University of Utah.

For further information, please see her Curriculum Vitae.


Cairo Geniza

Presentation of computer potential, CARG Session AAR/SBL 1992

Presentation at AJS, December 1999, "Paradigm shift: Linking the Cairo Genizah" and the related web page Cairo Genizah Links

Fourth Maccabees

Review of literature on provenance AAR/SBL Chicago 1994

Syriac MacC / Sixth Macc

Rediscovered rhymed poem of the Maccabean Martyrdoms in Syriac, not a translation of Fourth Maccabees

Presented at Hebrew University Interuniversity Fellowship Seminar with Aviezer Ravitzky, 1995

Also presented at AJS, Boston, December 1998, Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins, April 2002; International Society for Biblical Literature (SBL), Berlin, July 2002; American Academy of Religion/SBL, November 2002.

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