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Dissertation supervised by Robert Kraft, titled Martha Shamoni: A Jewish Syriac Rhymed Liturgical Poem of the Maccabean Martyrdoms

Additional less formal academic study

Midrash		 David Stern, University of Pennsylvania  2001
Hermeneutics of
Kabbalah Moshe Idel, University of Pennsylvania 2000
Jewish Liturgy Rothschild Symposium on Jewish Studies 2000
Modern Hebrew Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem Ulpan 2000
Modern Hebrew Hebrew University (HUJI) Ulpan 1996
Syriac Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel 1995-1996
Jewish History Seminar, Aviezer Ravitzky, HUJI 1995-1996
Modern Hebrew FLAS Summer Consortium, Portland State 1990
Modern Hebrew University of Utah 1988-1990



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A detailed professional vita with papers and presentations is available


Able to translate from Hebrew: Biblical, Mishnaic and Modern, as well as Aramaic: Biblical, Jewish Palestinian, Babylonian, Zoharic, Nabatean

Syriac, Ugaritic, Greek, French, German, Yiddish

Speak Hebrew and German

Beginning work in Arabic, Coptic, Latin



My work, listed above, includes the development of textual and archaeological information on the women of the time of Bar Kokhba, including the archive named for Babatha. I am currently finishing a dissertation which includes information about a more idealized figure, first (ca. 50 BCE, perhaps) given the name Martha Shamoni, known as Hannah and her Seven Sons in modern Judaism. In addition, I have developed a course on the personification of Wisdom in Jewish thought. I am planning next to compare these three representations of women against the historical background of Late Antiquity, the Talmudic Era, with a view to questions of their transformation or erasure in Jewish thought. The evidence is complex, and capable of a number of interpretations. It consists of archaeological data and archival texts for real women and men in the world of Babatha daughter of Simon, of Maoza and formerly of Ein Gedi, from 90 CE to 135 CE; literary texts found in Jewish and Christian sources which feature the personification of wisdom as Lady (Dame, Woman) Wisdom; and the complex literature on the Maccabean martyrdoms, including two rediscovered Syriac texts that present different perspectives on the mother of seven sons.

Other interests include the eschatology featured in the language associated with early Jewish martyrdom.


REFERENCES Available upon request