Papyri with Pseudo-Writing in the University of Pennsylvania Museum Collection


Compiled by Robert A. Kraft, starting 10 August 2010 [latest update 10au2010]

The information has been extracted from the provisional Museum Inventory list.

Bold type indicates that the scanned image is available at the official SCETI site (in process 13 January 2009); most other image links are "unofficial," from digital images taken by R.A.Kraft for research purposes, with permission of the Egyptology section, starting in Fall 2008.

29-209-056 "Five fragments of a papyrus with fake Greek characters under glass" --

"A" (written -- / back blank ||, note card included),

"B/C" (artificially created papyrus written partly --, partly ||, with back blank),

"D/E" (written mostly || / back blank --), and a

blank piece ("F/G") mounted with them

  RAK digital images (poor) 12my2009 [4589-90]; redone 27ja2010 [****7841-43]

E 16305K papyrus, GREEK on both sides [or pseudo writing on || ?]

E 16411A large page of pseudo writing? -- / blank ||

E 16411B top of page of pseudo writing? -- and || / blank || and --

E 16411C large page of pseudo writing? -- / blank ||

E 16525 fake writing on parchment/vellum, the backside appears to be blank [no Hebrew visible]

   RAK digital image 03mr2009 [4177-78]

E 16526 fake writing on parchment/vellum, with Hebrew visible on the backside

   RAK digital image 03mr2009 [4173-76]

E 16527 fake writing on parchment/vellum, with Hebrew faintly visible on both sides

   RAK digital image 03mr2009 [4173-76]


E 16539          papyrus (main panel, other side)  

GREEK and perhaps some "fake"  [15+ "fragments from cartonnage"]

  RAK digital images 2009 [4416-17] [do separate files]

E 16540           papyrus,  

UNKNOWN ["20 pieces of papyrus [other side] from cartonnage ... Peculiar script on several pieces. Roman Period"; seen by A.E.Samuel 23je1961, "most fragments are probable forgeries. Some frags. [see A, B, C] have Greek [and other side], then with forgery added."] Plus a few small scraps in an envelope.

   RAK digital images 2009 [4056-60] [do separate files]

E 16540A Greek -- / fake writing ||

E 16540B Greek -- / fake writing ||

E 16540C Greek -- / fake writing ||

  [do separate files; get]

E 16757 papyrus, COPTIC  [needs better conservation]

  RAK digital images, 06ja2010 [rough repositioning of frgs] [*6048-49]

two large pieces, badly mounted, Coptic || / pseudo-writing [compare 16540 and other "fake" or "pseudo" listings] and some underwriting as well -- [the piece is encapsulated, but the joins are inaccurate and there also seem to be unseparated layers on the -- side; the pseudo-writing also seems to be made over some of the layers, indicating its relatively recent addition?]


//end; updated 10au2010//