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Radio Sites

There are many radios throughout the world broadcasting in foreign languages, and some television stations.

RealNetworks Europe page Follow the links to some European radio and television sites

MIT has a particularly good list for foreign radio sites. ([BC] Indicates that the station is a bitcaster and broadcasts their audio signal on the Internet.)

BRS Radio Directory ( is another excellent source of radio stations broadcasting on the Web:

A Brazilian directory of radio sites in 105 countries.

Virtual Tuner
Comfm directory of live radio Sites from 79 countries

Annuaire des radios en direct
Comfm French live radios

Site de Jérémy Clévy
Guide pour écouter la radio en français: A Directory of French language sites

Le Guide de la radio de Sylvain Lhullier
This site does not have audio links but gives excellent background information on radio stations in France.
Directory of radio and video sites

Some television sites:

  • Internet Television
  • Ultimate TV World Television sites by country
  • comfm Annuaire des televisions Live TV
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