The International Organization for
Septuagint and Cognate Studies

SBL Commentary on the Septuagint (SBLCS)

Commentators Currently Assigned

Book/Unit Commentator
Genesis Robert Hiebert & David Sigrist
Exodus Larry Perkins & Joel Korytko
Leuitikon Dirk Büchner
Deuteronomion Jean Maurais
Iesous Michaël N. van der Meer and Leonard Greenspoon
Routh Frederick W. Knobloch
1 Reigns (Kings) Leonardo Pessoa and Sarah Yardney
2 Reigns (Kings) Leonardo Pessoa and Sarah Yardney
1 Supplements (Chronicles) Roger Good
2 Supplements (Chronicles) Roger Good
1 Esdras R. Glenn Wooden
2 Esdras R. Glenn Wooden
Esther Cameron Boyd-Taylor
Ioudith Cameron Boyd-Taylor
1 Makkabees Jonathan Numada & Don Chang
2 Makkabees Andrew Krause
3 Makkabees Cameron Boyd-Taylor
Psalms (Book 1) Jannes Smith & Albert Pietersma
Psalms (Books 2 & 3) Felix Albrecht
Psalms (Book 4) Gert Steyn
Proverbs Johann Cook
Ecclesiast Gideon Kotze
Song of Songs Jay C. Treat
Iob Claude E. Cox
Wisdom of Iesous Son of Sirach Benjamin G. Wright
Psalms of Salomon Kenneth Atkinson
Esaias Ross Wagner
Ieremias Miika Tucker
Lamentations Kevin Youngblood
Letter of Ieremias Benjamin Wright
Daniel Daniel Olariu

Unlisted books are currently unassigned.

Current as of 28 October 2021