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The dative case marker

The dative case marker is ˡ ukku except after front vowels, where it takes the shape () (y)kki . After pronominal stems whose oblique form consists of a CVC only, the dative case has the form ǡ akku:

  1. maram `tree' + ukku marattukku `to the tree'

  2. aaru `river' + ukku Ȣ aattukku `to the river'.

  3. viidu `house' + ukku ֥ viittukku `to the house'

  4. madure `Madurai' + ykki madureykki `to Madurai'

  5. شԿէ kooyil `a temple'+ ukku شԿ kooyilukku `to the temple'

  6. nari `fox' + ykki ա narikki `to the fox'

  7. Ԩ naan `I' + akku ơ enakku `to me'.

As mentioned above, certain postpositions such as pakkattule `near, in the vicinity of' govern the choice of the dative case. (Cf. section 2.3)

Syntactically, the dative is used to express possession, motion toward, benefaction to, and possession of states expressed by stative verbs (cf. section ??)