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The concessive of paaru with interrogative ͤ eppa.

When the concessive form of paaru paattaalum) is used with interrogative ͤ, the meaning literally is `whenever s.o. sees; no matter when s.o. sees/looks'. Its illocutionary force, however, is that of a reproach or an impatient commentary; its general meaning therefore is `all the time, day in and out, every time you turn around, ad nauseam'. ͤ Ԣ eppa paattaalum has therefore become a phrase meaning, at best, `repetiously, incessantly, habitually'.

¨ ͤ Ԣ վ ؽԨ avan eppa paattaalum sinimaavukku poovaan `(Every time you see him,) he's off to the movies'