"Cappadocian Households"

Vasiliki Limberis, Temple University
24 September, 1998

THE FIRST MEETING OF 1998-99 will be held on Thursday, September 24, from 7-9 pm in the Lounge on the second floor of Logan Hall at the University of Pennsylvania. Persons wishing to dine with other participants prior to the meeting should meet at 6 pm at Logan Hall (southeast of Locust Walk and 36th Street Walk). We normally eat at the Food Court in the building at 3401 Walnut Street, although any change of plans will be posted in a note on the outer door to Logan Hall.

Recommended Readings

Prof. Limberis offers the following suggestions for those who wish to prepare for the presentation:

    Benoit Bain, "L'eglise de Cappadoce au IVe siecle d'apres la correspondance de Basile de Cesaree," Orientalia Christian Analecta 225 (1985).

    Thomas Kopecek,"The Cappadocia Fathers and Civic Patriotism" Church History 43 (1974), 293-303.

    Philip Rousseau, Basil of Caesarea, University of California Press, 1994.

    Raymond Van Dam, "Emperor, Bishops, and Friends in Late Antique Cappadocia," JTS 37(1986) 53-76.