"Asiarchs and Provincial High-Priesthoods:
Breaking into the Vicious Circle"

Steve Friesen, University of Missouri-Columbia

THE THIRD MEETING OF 1998-99 will be held on Thursday, January 21, from 7-9 pm in the Lounge on the second floor of Logan Hall at the University of Pennsylvania. Persons wishing to dine with other participants prior to the meeting should meet at 6 pm at Logan Hall (southeast of Locust Walk and 36th Street Walk). Take-out food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) will be provided. Cost is $7 per person. Please RSVP to either chairperson (adresses above), if possible, so that we might have a rough idea of how much food to arrange.

Recommended Readings

    Juergen Deininger, Die Provinziallandtage der roemischen Kaiserzeit von Augustus bis zum Ende des dritten Jahrhunderts n.Chr., Vestigia 6 (Muenchen: C.H. Beck, 1965) 41-50.

    for the most influential statement on the issues

    Rosalinde Kearsley, "Asiarchs, Archiereis, and the Archiereiai ofAsia," GRBSt 27 (1986) 183-192.

    for a challenge to the general consensus

    Steven J. Friesen, Twice Neokoros: Ephesos, Asia, and the Cult of the Flavian Imperial Family, Religions in the Greco-Roman World 116 (Leiden: Brill, 1993) 76-113.

    for the presenter's first attempt to sort out the issues

    Riet van Bremen, The Limits of Participation: Women and Civic Life in the Greek East in the Hellenistic and Roman periods (Amsterdam: J.C. Gieben, 1996) 114-125, 136-141.

    for a recent restatement of the general consensus