"Jewish Sexuality and Problems in the History of the Jewish Community of Edfu"

Allen Kerkeslager (St. Joseph's University)

THE SECOND MEETING OF 1998-99 will be held on Thursday, October 28 from 7-9 PM in the Lounge on the second floor of Logan Hall at the University of Pennsylvania. Persons wishing to dine with other participants prior to the meeting should meet at 6 PM at Logan Hall (southeast of Locust Walk and 36th Street Walk). Take-out food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) will be provided. Cost is $7 per person.

Please RSVP to either chairperson (addresses above), if possible, so that we might have a rough idea of how much food to arrange.

Recommended Readings

  • Allen Kerkeslager, "Jewish Pilgrimage and Jewish Identity in Hellenistic and Early Roman Egypt," in Pilgrimage and Holy Space in Late Antique Egypt, ed. David Frankfurter (Leiden: Brill 1998) 99-225, specifically 215-22.
  • Geraldine Pinch, Votive Offerings to Hathor, (Oxford: Griffith Institute and Ashmolean Museum, 1993) 235-45.
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18 November, 1999
Jay Treat