PSCO Presentation

"How Wild was the West? Religious and Cultural Identity in Roman North Africa"
James Boykin Rives, York University, Toronto
28 September, 2000

The first PSCO Seminar of the new academic year will be held on Thursday evening, 28 September, in the 2nd floor lounge of Logan Hall at the University of Pennsylvania (36th St, just north of Spruce). For those who wish, food will be delivered at 6 pm, with the seminar from 7-9 pm.

The speaker will be James Boykin Rives (York University, Toronto) on "How Wild was the West? Religious and Cultural Identity in Roman North Africa."

Professor Rives will discuss the question of North Africa's connections to wider Mediterranean culture (Punic, Greek, and Roman), which were long-term and extensive. He will also address considerations of the layering and contestation of cultural and religious identity within North Africa itself.

Author of Religion and Authority in Roman Carthage from Augustus to Constantine (Clarendon Press, 1995), Rives has written extensively on Roman history with a particular emphasis on religion. You can learn more about him from his website.

Suggested Reading

For the Sept. 28 meeting, James B. Rives has asked that we read chapter II, especially section 3, and chapter III, especially sections 5 and 6 of his book Religion and Authority in Roman Carthage From Augustus to Constantine (Clarendon Press Oxford, 1995). He is also preparing a set of inscriptions for those who would like to prepare these in advance.


We are planning to order a simple supper for 6 pm before our meeting. We hope it will be very reasonably priced, about $5 per person. Those who would like to gather for dinner, please RSVP to Chip Gruen ( or Shira Lander ( by Monday, Sept. 25.