PSCO Presentation

"Jewish-Christian Relations in Third Century Carthage"

Claudia Setzer, Asst. Professor of Religious Studies at Manhatten College
30 November, 2000

The next meeting of the Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins will be Thursday, Nov. 30 at 7 PM in the 2nd floor lounge of Logan Hall, University of Pennsylvania. Claudia Setzer, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Manhatten College, will speak on "Jewish-Christian Relations in Third Century Carthage." She will consider evidence for Jews and Judaism in third century North Africa, and consider the challenges of identifying Jews as distinct from Christians and others.

Claudia Setzer works on social relations between Jews and early Christians, with a special interest in North African Christianity. She has served for serveral years as chair of the Early/Jewish Christian Relations group at the Society of Biblical Literature. Her book Jewish Responses to Early Christians discussed the reactions of Jews to the earliest generations of believers in Jesus. She has also published articles on the historical Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the witness of women in proclamation of the resurrection, and Jews and Jewish-Christians in North Africa. You can read more about her on her website.

Suggested Reading

Claudia Setzer has recommended we read the following for her session on Thursday.

Charles A. Bobertz, "'For the Vineyard of the Lord of Hosts was the House of Israel': Cyprian of Carthage and the Jews," The Jewish Quarterly Review, LXXXII (July-October, 1991), 1-15.

Cyprian, Letters 64.2.1-2, 64.4.3, 64.5.1; 67.8.2-3; 75.14.2

Augustine, Serm. 310.1 (On the Birthday of Cyprian)

Rachel Hachlili Ancient Jewish Art and Archaeology in the Diaspora (Leiden: Brill, 1998), 265-6, 283-5.


As usual, we will meet for a light dinner at 6 PM in the lounge. Please RSVP to or if you plan to join us.