PSCO Presentation

"Class and Christian Diversity"
Maureen Tilley, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of Dayton
8 February, 2001

The Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins will meet Thursday, February 8, 7-9 p.m. in the second second floor Lounge of Logan Hall at the University of Pennsylvania. Our speaker will be Maureen Tilley of the University of Dayton, who will discuss "Class and Christian Diversity" in North Africa. She has requested that we read the two articles (see the attached titles and link) to prepare for the discussion.

Author of Donatist Martyr Stories: Conflict in Roman North Africa (Liverpool: University Press, 1996) and The Bible in Christian North Africa: The Donatist World (Fortress, 1997), she specializes in Christian lifestyles and local cultures in the early Church (especially North Africa), hagiography (the study of the saints and martyrs), and the history of biblical interpretation. A brief biography is available.

Suggested Reading

Maureen A. Tilley, "The Missing Factor: Donatist Influence on Augustine's Concepts of the Will" (January 2001). [For discussion only; not for citation]

Maureen A. Tilley, "Theologies of Penance during the Donatist Controversy" (Forthcoming in Studia Patristica)


We will gather for supper at 6:10 pm in Houston Marketplace, the basement of Houston Hall (next to Logan Hall). The Marketplace offers an inexpensive a la carte variety cuisine buffet. For those who do not know the location, we will be leaving from the Logan Lounge at 6:00 p.m.

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