Next Event: 13 March, 2003

"Case Studies in Jubilees and Sirach"
13 March, 2003

THE FOURTH MEETING OF 2002-03 will be held on Thursday, 13 March, 2003 from 7:00-9:00 pm in room 137, Class of 1879 Hall (Religion Department) at Princeton University. This year's topic is "Parabiblical Literature".

The theme of this session is "Case Studies in Jubilees and Sirach." Our speakers are:

  • William Adler (North Carolina State University),
    "The Christian Reception of Jubilees: A Prime Example";
  • Benjamin G. Wright (Lehigh University),
    "Ben Sira among the Rabbis" --
  • followed by a response from Martha Himmelfarb (Princeton University).

Bill Adler intends to focus on Gen 27.40-41 in Jub 26.34; and especially Gen 11.26-12.4 in Jub 11.10-12.31 and Acts 7.2-4. See his handout, "The Christian Reception of Jubilees: A Prime Example," (PDF format, 85K in size).

For background to Ben Wright's presentation, see his earlier study of "Some Methodological Considerations on the Rabbis' Knowledge of the Proverbs of Ben Sira" which is available on the web. See also his more detailed treatment of "B. Sanhedrin 100b and Rabbinic Knowledge of Ben Sira," pp.41-50 in N. Calduch-Benages and J. Vermeylen, eds., Treasures of Wisdom. Studies in Ben Sira and the Book of Wisdom. Festschrift M. Gilbert. BETL 143. (Leuven: Peeters, 1999).

We will provide a light supper (probably in the Department Lounge) before the presentation. It would be helpful to know how many people plan to eat with us beforehand. Please let Bob Kraft know by using the reply function, and he'll pass the word along to Annette Reed at Princeton. If you have special dietary needs, mention that as well.

Also, for the Philadelphia crowd, if you need a ride -- or have room to give someone a ride -- let Bob Kraft know; he'll try to coordinate rides.