2003-2004 Topic: Parabiblical Prosopography: Personal Names Associated with Parabiblical Literature

Except for the meeting in Atlanta on Friday, 21 November, all meetings occur 7:00-9:00 pm on Thursday evenings.

9 Oct., 2003
(at Penn)

"Overview of the Project with Selected Examples (e.g. Daniel, Gospel of Mary)"
Robert Kraft, University of Pennsylvania

"Armenian Developments of Biblical Traditions: Transmission and Creativity" (with focus on Adam and Eve, Ezra, and a few others)
Michael E. Stone, Hebrew University

21 Nov., 2003 at SBL

SBL Panel on Parabiblical Literature
George Nickelsburg (U Iowa, Emeritus), Enoch, Abraham, et al.
Jim Davila (St. Mary's College), "Rechabites" Traditions
Brannon Wheeler (U Washington) Moses & others in Islamic Tradition
Kim Haines-Eitzen (Cornell), Thekla as Subject and Scribe

22 Jan., 2004

"Lust, Chastity, Endogamy, and Typology: Early Jewish and Christian traditions about the marriage of Aseneth and Joseph"
Ross S. Kraemer, Brown University

25 March, 2004

"Watchers, Giants, and Forbidden Lore: Some Angelological/Demonological Prosopographies in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam"
(Presentation, Handout)
Annette Reed, McMaster University

"Solomon, Demons and Magic in Early Judaism and Christianity"
Sarah Schwarz, University of Pennsylvania

15 April, 2004

"Traditions involving the Virgin Mary"
Vasiliki Limberis, Temple University
Ann Matter, University of Pennsylvania

13 May, 2004

"Naming the Anonymous: HB/OT and Other Sources for Naming the Mother with Seven Sons of the Maccabean Martyrdoms"
Sigrid Peterson, University of Pennsylvania

"Something about Mary: The Protoevangelium of James and Early Rabbinic Traditions"
Timothy Horner, Villanova University