PSCO Presentation: 14 October, 2004

"Are Stars Good To Think With? Thoughts on the Place of Astrology in the Greco-Roman Near East"
David Frankfurter, University of New Hampshire

THE FIRST MEETING OF THE 2004-05 YEAR will be held on Thursday, 14 October 2004, from 7-9 pm at Princeton University. The dinner and session will be held at the Center for the Study of Religion, 5 Ivy Lane (not at the Religion Department as in past years).


Here are instructions for finding 5 Ivy Lane. (A map of campus is also available.) As you go South down Washington Road (1879 Hall runs along Washington Road) Ivy Lane is the first left (at a light) after 1879 Hall (if you come off Nassau St, turn right onto Washington Road and Ivy Lane is the 3rd light); from Route 1 onto Washington Road in the opposite direction, it's the 2nd light (turn right). 5 Ivy Lane is the first building on the left (not the one on the corner) — it looks like a mansion. There is parking in the lot just beyond to the east. The building is accessible via a ramp.

Dinner Buffet

Please let Bob Kraft know if you plan to join us for the dinner buffet (coldcuts, salad, etc.) so we will have some idea how much food to order. Contributions will be accepted towards the cost of the meal, but noone should hesitate to attend for budgetary reasons!

Transportation to Princeton

If you will be driving from Philadelphia to Princeton for the meeting and are willing to take any riders, also please let Bob know. And let him know if you need a ride.