PSCO Presentation: 7 February, 2008

Panel Discussion: "Asia Minor"
Ross Kraemer (Brown University)
Vasiliki Limberis (Temple University)

The fourth PSCO meeting is scheduled for 7 February 2008, in the 2nd floor Lounge of Logan Hall at the University of Pennsylvania (36th St walkway, just north of Spruce Street). The focus of the session will be on Asia Minor. Opening remarks and observations will be made by two of our own long-time participants, Professor Ross Kraemer (Brown University) and Professor Vasiliki Limberis (Temple University).


As usual, those wishing to dine together before the seminar will meet at 6:00 pm in the Logan Lounge to go next door to the food court in Houston Hall.

Recommended Reading

Appended below is a long list of readings provided by the presenters that represent a variety of approaches to the study Judaism and Christianity in Cappadocia and Anatolia in the early centuries of the common era and reflect their respective interests.

For a quick taste of how our presenters approach some of the relevant issues, perhaps look first at their respective treatments as well as at the titles (at least) of the listed readings:

    R. S. Kraemer, review of Paul Trebilco, Jewish Communities in Asia Minor (Cambridge, 1991); IOUDAIOS Reviews ( FTP site).

    V. Limberis, "The Eyes infected by Evil: Basil of Caesarea's Homily, On Envy," HTR 84.2 (1991); available online through JSTOR for those of you who have access.

Suggested readings (several of which can be found online):

    W. M. Ramsay and G. L. Bell, The Thousand and One Churches (London: Hodder and Stoughton 1909).

    G. Frank, "The Pilgrim's Gaze in the Age before Icons," in R. S. Nelson, ed., Visuality Before and Beyond the Renaissance (Cambridge 2000).

    Stephen Mitchell, Anatolia, Land, Men, and Gods in Asia Minor, v. 2, The Rise of the Church (Oxford, 1993).

    R. Van Dam's excellent trilogy: Kingdom of Snow : Roman Rule and Greek culture in Cappadocia (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press 2002); Families and Friends in late Roman Cappadocia (2003); Becoming Christian: the Conversion of Roman Cappadocia (2003).

    Derek Krueger, "Writing and the Liturgy of Memory in Gregory of Nyssa's Life of Macrina," JECS 8.4 (2000).

    S. Elm, Virgins of God: The making of Asceticism in Late Antiquity (Oxford, 1994).

    S. Metivier, La Cappadoce IVe-VI Siecle: Une histoire provinciale de l"Empire romain d'Orient (Paris 2005).

    P. Trebilco, Jewish Communities in Asia Minor (Cambridge, 1991)

    W. Ameling, ed., Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis, vol. 2: Asia Minor (Mohr-Siebeck 2004)

    B. Lifshitz, Donateurs et Fondateurs dans les synagogues juives (Paris, 1967), nos. 12-37.

    J. Reynolds and R. Tannenbaum, Jews and Godfearers at Aphrodisias (Cambridge, 1987).

    L. Robert, Nouvelles Inscriptions de Sardes (Paris, 1964).

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    Stephen Mitchell, "An Apostle to Ankara from the New Jerusalem: Montanists and Jews in Late Roman Asia Minor," Scripta Classica Israelica 24 (2005) 207-23.