2008–2009 Topic:
“Food, Self, and Community:
Tradition and Transformation in Jewish and Christian Eating”

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are scheduled for 7:00-9:00 pm on Thursday evenings. Meetings are currently scheduled as follows.

21 November
at SBL
 Panel on “Commensality and Community”

Jordan Rosenblum (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Andrew MacGowan (University of Melbourne)
Jason BeDuhn (Northern Arizona University)

15 January
 “Feeding the Poor: Food and Charity in Early Rabbinic Literature”

Gregg Gardner (Princeton)

26 February
 “Food and Food Laws in the Letter of Aristeas”

Benjamin G. Wright, III (Lehigh University)

2 April
 “Origins of the Eucharist or Mass in the Practice of Jesus”

Bruce Chilton (Bard College)

30 April
 “Ritualizing Jewish Meals”

Susan Marks (New College of Florida)