PSCO Presentation: 19 November, 2011

“Memory and Forgetting”: Panel Discussion

Bob Kraft (Penn), chair;
Martien Halvorson-Taylor; Nicola Denzey Lewis; Michael Pregill; and Kimberly Stratton


For those who will be in San Francisco for SBL and able to join us for our special PSCO@SBL panel, note again that it will be held on 19 November at 8pm-9pm at the Intercontinental Ballroom B at the Intercontinental Hotel. Panelists will include Martien Halvorson-Taylor, Nicola Denzey Lewis, Michael Pregill, and Kimberly Stratton, and it will be chaired by Bob Kraft. We will be having an informal dinner before the session, so if you are interested in joining us, please contact Todd Berzon ( so we can get a sense of the numbers, etc.

The panel will discuss the topic of “Memory and Forgetting” will a special focus on the applicability of theories about memory, etc., to specific subfields in the study and teaching of premodern religions-ranging from the Hebrew Bible to Islam. Among the questions to be explored, discussed, and debated: Which studies on practices of memory and forgetting in medieval, modern, and/or contemporary contexts are most useful for studying antiquity and late antiquity? What particular discourses on memory (e.g., scientific, psychological, social/cultural) are helpful? What are the challenges or limitations of bringing such models and findings to bear on specific ancient materials? What are the problems related to defining and deploying the terms "memory" and "forgetting" across different cultures, languages, or time periods? What are the neglected problems or topics in this area? What assumptions need to be questioned or revisited? What resources and techniques are useful for teaching about memory and forgetting?

Meeting and Dining

If you are interested in attending and would like to join us for an informal dinner before, please

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Todd Berzon.