PSCO Presentation: 26 April, 2012

Toledot Yeshu — Jewish Memories of Jesus and Christian Beginnings”

John G. Gager (Princeton University)

Meeting and Dining

All are welcome! All meetings will be held 7:00–9:00 pm in the Second-Floor Lounge in Cohen Hall at the University of Pennsylvania.

Those wishing to dine together before the seminar will meet at 6:00 pm in the Cohen Hall Second-Floor Lounge to go next door to the food court in Houston Hall.

Suggested Reading

Toledot Yeshu, translation and notes to so-called Strasbourg MS.

Hillel Newman, “The Death of Jesus in the Toledot Yeshu Literature,” Journal of Theological Studies 50 (1999) 59-79

John G. Gager, “Simon Peter, Founder of Christianity or Saviour of Israel,” in Toledot Yeshu (“The Life Story of Jesus”) Revisited, ed. P. Schaefer, M. Meerson, Y. Deutsch (Tubingen: Mohr, 2011) 221-245.

Paper copies of the suggested readings will be available in the PSCO mailbox in 201 Cohen Hall. For PDFs, please .