Topic for the Year 2012–2013:
PSCO at Fifty: Christian Origins in Retrospect and Prospect

In honor of PSCO’s fiftieth year, we will be taking the opportunity in 2012-2013 to look back at an eventful half-century of research in Christian origins and cognate fields, as well as looking ahead to what the next fifty years might (and should!) hold. We will begin with an oral history of the PSCO itself (Nov. 8th), followed by a special SBL session with different PSCO alums reflecting on what elements in the study of early Christianity have been most revolutionized in the past 50 years. This will be followed by panels exploring key themes or topics that have been particularly central to PSCO's ongoing discussions, as seen through the lens of different generations of scholars — from PSCO’s founders and “old guard,” to current Penn and Philly-area graduate students.