PSCO Presentation: 11 February 2016

“The Seleucid Context: Some Thoughts about the Past and the Future”

Paul Kosmin (Harvard)


Prof. Paul J. Kosmin is Assistant Professor of Classics at Harvard University. His first book, The Land of the Elephant Kings: Space, Territory, and Ideology in the Seleucid Empire (Harvard University Press, 2015), examines the relationship between the kings of the Seleucid dynasty and the landscape, from Bactria to Thrace, over which they ruled. More generally, Paul is interested in Hellenistic kingship and imperialism, ancient ethnography, interactions between the Greek and Near Eastern worlds, and Greek epigraphy. Current projects include a study of the role of magical rituals in city-state politics and an investigation of newly emerging temporalities in the Hellenistic world.

Audio Recording

In order to protect intellectual property before publication, no audio recording is posted.

Suggested Readings

Book of Daniel.

fragments of Berossus’ Babyloniaca.

Reinhard Koselleck, Futures Past: On the Semantics of Historical Time (NY: Columbia UP, 2004), 9-25.

For PDFs of the latter two, please see the “Files” section of our PSCO Facebook page. If you would like to receive the files by email, please contact

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