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P-i = Pierpoint
P-re = Pierrepont
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md = medical doctor (MD)
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bd = buried
ag = age (at time of death)
__ = unknown name
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[ABC] information supplied by Amelia Birdsall Castle 08ap1996
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[AR] Alan Russell, co-historical genealogist for PFA
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[this is full of references to Roxbury and associated records]
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[PM...] indicates item number in R. B. Moffat, P- Genealogies (1913).
[PM+] indicates pencilled marginal note in Univ. PA copy of PM.
[PML] Morgan Family Tree as recorded in the Pierpont Morgan Library [PMU] = update of Moffatt to 1962/1966 by Abbot Low Moffat --this still has been entered only sporadically 6/98
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>1 Sir Hugh de P-re ca 980
_a1 "lord of 'the Castle of P-re in the south confines of Picardy,
_a2 and diocese of Laon,' a branch of the P-res who were lords of
_a3 Castle P-re, two leagues [6 mi] from S.Saveur, Normandy, whence
_a4 they derived their name" [PD5] --
_a5 supposedly from a nearby stone bridge substituting for a ferry,
_a6 built by Charlemagne [PD] or during his time [PM]
_n0 [F1] Chronicle of Flodoard refers to Castrum Petraepontis as an
_n0+ important place in 938.
_n1 Laon/Picardy has a town of Pierrepont but there did not seem to be
_n2 any "castle" or manor house in 1988 [RAK];
_n3 S.Saveur is in Normandy below Cherbourg, with P-re sites nearby
_x1 the two locations are clearly considered one in PMp15, citing UM
_x2 "The family also continued their possessions,
_x3 viz. the castle of P-re, in the south confines of
_x4 Picardy, and diocese of Laon, in 35Hen1, 13Hen2, and 2Ric1, and were
_x5 benefactors to the abbey of Thionville, for lands in the territory
_x6 of Sornicourt and Veel" [UM&lt;PM]
>11 Sir Godfrey de[PM] P-re [ca 1020]
_n father of Godfrey and Robert [PD]
_x HE says d ca 1090, confusing him with 111-1111, whom PD treats together
>111 Sir Godfrey de[PM] P-re [ca 1050]
>1111 Sir Ingolbrand de[PM] P-re ca 1090
_a "lord of Castle P-re, Picardy, A.D.1090" [PD]
_q is PD confused about the location?
_n ancestor of the French line of P-re [PD]

Chief Seats: Holme-Pierrepont, the ancient seat and burial-place of
the family, 3 miles SE from
Nottingham , and 98 miles north from London .

Arms – the arms adopted by the Nottinghamshire Pierpoints constituted a silver or white background, with a number of red cinquefoils (five leaf decorations) dotted over it, and a black lion rampant (upright on two feet, facing away) [PBr].
Thoresby Park in the forest of Sherwood in County Nottinghamshire, 16 miles
to the north of
Nottingham [sold in ????].
Tong Castle in County Shropshire (Salop.), via 17>2314 William
+m Elizabeth Harris d of Sir Thomas Harris of Tong Castle (see below)

>112 Sir Robert de P-re [Pierpoint (PBr)] fl 1066-1086
_a1 First "Lord of the Manor" [= a job, not a title (RB)]
_a2 of Hurst/Herst Pierrepont (Pierpoint) (under William Earl Warren)
_a3 which lay near Lewes, north of Brighton, in Sussex; also
_a4 Lordships of Henestede and Wretham in Suffolk (Domesday Bk).
_an [PBr]
After the Conquest, the Pierpoint family (originally from Pierrepont in Picardy) first settled in Hurstpierpoint in Sussex.  (See Sir Henry Pierpoint (d. 1291/2) for the move to the Nottinghamshire seat.); In the 1086 Domesday Survey, Robert was recorded as an under-tenant of William de Warenne, along with (presumably) his brother Godfrey, in lands in Sussex and Suffolk.  He may have had another brother, Reynald.

_om Accompanied William the Conquerer to England [PD PM]
_q1 did he participate in battle of
Hastings in 1066 [so PD PM HE&lt;UM]?
_q2 PD has him as "a commander in the army" and "ennobled for his
_q3 conduct" in the battle of
Hastings [UM doesn't say this in PM]
_n1 ancestor of English P-re line.
_n2 Name appears in Domesday Book (1086) as Rodbertus de petro ponte,
_n3 along with [brother?] Godefridus de petro ponte, and they hold
_n4 tracts of land in at least
Sussex and Suffolk, under Wm Earl Warren.
_n5 "Ex Lib. Domesday sub tit. Sudfol. et Testa de Nevill." [chart]
_q4 What was Godfrey's relationship to Robert? If older brother,
_q5 was Godfrey in residence, or an absentee owner? offspring?
+m /???? __
3>1 {4} William de P-re
[Pierpoint (PBr)] [ca 1120-1146, time of William 2]
_a "Second lord of the Manor of Hurst Pierrepont" [PD]
Possibly the first son of Robert, from whom he inherited the manor of Hurst Pierrepont, although considering his floruit dates he may have been his grandson.  According to Smith Ellis’s genealogy, William had two brothers – Hugh and Robert. 
+m /???? __
3>11 Hugh de P-re
[Pierpoint (PBr)] [ca 1160-1195]
_n living in the time of Henry II [1154-1189] [PD PM]
_n2 heraldry arms azure "a chief chequy or & gules" [PSC]
Probably the son of William.  In some peerages he is mistakenly named as Robert.  He was apparently at the (second) siege of Acre (1189-1191), with his brother Simon (c. 1175-1203).  He had at least two other brothers – William and Richard or Robert.
+m /???? __
3>111 William de P-re
[Pierpoint (PBr)] [ca 1200]
_a of Holywell[PD PM]/Haliwell[UM]/Halliwell, in Suffolk[PD PM]/Lancs.[UM]
_n Gave aid (lordship!) to Monks of Basingwerk in Flintshire [UM]
_n2 "Pat. 10HenV per Inspex" [chart]
_q1 Does he come from
Suffolk to take up residence in Sussex ?
_q2 Why is he in
Suffolk , if he is legal heir and 4th Lord...?
_q3 Perhaps the following Simon was his brother (not son), dwi?
_b for ca1196-1242 period, see numerous refs in Curia Regis Rolls:
_b2 main locations are
Suffolk (Robert, Simon) and Sussex (Richard,
_b3 Ralph, William, Robert > Simon); also Lancs (Richard),
_b4 Buck (Robert), Notts (Roger), Lincs (John), Norf (Guy/Wydo)
_b5 forms of name = de Petraponte/PetraPonte/Per(e)pont/Per(i)punt/Perpund
+m /???? __
3>1111 Simon de P-re
[Pierpoint (PBr)] [ca 1230] dwi/dunm
_a of Hurst/Herst P-re in
_q Does he count as "5th Lord of the Manor"?
_n with Richard I on crusade at Acre ca 1195 [PSC]
3>1112 Robert de P-re
[Pierpoint (PBr)] [ca 1230; most likely dates c. 1230 – d. 1284, (as given in the Complete Peerage) (PBr)]
_a "6th lord of the Manor" of Hurst Pierrepont [PD]
_n could not have been with Richard I on crusade at Acre ca 1195 [as claimed in PSC]

_n(PBr) He has been identified as a son of a Simon de Pierpoint, but this error seems to have been made as he inherited from his brother, Simon, who died without issue.

He was still under age (i.e. under 21) in 1247, so it is not possible that he was the Robert de Pierpoint who went on crusade at Acre with Richard I in 1195.  That Robert was probably a brother of Hugh.
_n1 Taken prisoner (with Henry3 [UM, PBr]) at battle of Lewes in 49HenIII=1264|5
_n2 Ransom of 700 marks paid to free Robert [FW 324, PBr]
_n3 Still called "de Petroponte" in royal edicts of that time [FW 324]
_n4 "Rot. Claus, 49HenIII m. 6" [chart]
_q [RE has him Lord of Holme d. 1291 Knighted]
_q1 [chart has him "first son"]
_q2 seems to be confused with son/grandson Henry!!
+m /???? Maud [Mallett]
_f Thomas Mallett [HS4.VN.49]
According to the Complete Peerage they had a son, Simon, who flourished c. 1284/5 – 1297, but the date of his death is unknown.  It is possible that he was mistakenly identified, and that this Simon was the first son of Henry and Annora.

3>11121 Sir Henry de P-re ca /1250-/1290
It is quite possible that this Henry in the genealogy is the same Henry as directly below.  In Smith Ellis’s genealogy, Sir Robert’s son is named as Sir Robert, who was married to Annora.  Clearly he mistakenly named Sir Henry as Robert, but it does suggest that this Sir Henry did not exist.
_a of Holbeck Woodhouse, in County of Nottingham [Notts !] [PD]
_n Knighted by Edward I in 1280 (8 Edward I) [PD]
_n2 possibly this Henry in 22Hen3[c1237|8] Scarsdale Derbys area [HD1.462]
_n3 possibly this Henry in 4EdwI[c1275|6] "Pipe Roll" [HD1.239; HD2.59]
_n4 possibly this Henry in 10EdwI[c1281|2] "Pipe Roll" [HD1.243]
_n5 ?1287 dispute regarding Sneynton tenant rights [NVH1.326]
+m /????
Alice __ [NVH1.326=Abbrev.Plac.(Rec.Com.) 209]
3>111211 Sir Henry de P-re ????-/1291|2[20EdwI][1292 PD PM HE&lt;UM]
son of Robert and Maud. By his marriage to Annora, the Nottinghamshire estate and firm establishment of the Pierpoints began.  He was steward of the castle of Knaresborough, which belonged to Edmund of Almaine, earl of Cornwall (d. 1300).  As a couple, Henry and Annora built up their estate, including the manor of Holbeck Woodhouse, the manor of Weston, and the manor of Sneinton, all in Nottinghamshire.
_o a justice of Assize in 8EdwI=1279|80 [NT 88.2];
_o2 see notice in FW 323 re losing his seal.
_n records in NT of suits with Barrys, etc.
_n2 possibly this Henry in 4EdwI[c1275|6] "Pipe Roll" [HD1.239; HD2.59]
_n3 possibly this Henry in 10EdwI[c1281|2] "Pipe Roll" [HD1.243]
_n4 "Rot. Esch. 8EdwI m. 47" [chart]
_q Fought in the battle of Lewes in 1264 [PD PM][?see above, Robert]
+m 1283|4[12EdwI] Annora [de Manvers] /c1252[36Hen3]-/1314 [HS4VN]
Wife Annora (d. 1314), daughter and heiress of Sir Michael Manvers (d. 1255) of Holme Pierrepont.  As well as the manor of Holme Pierrepont, her inheritance also included the manor of Anston (south Yorkshire).

After the death of Sir Henry, it appears that she continued to be active in the Nottinghamshire community.  She was something of a moneylender, as one surviving document testifies, showing that a number of Nottinghamshire men owed her £9 in 1297 (TNA, C 241/32/312).

_f Only dau of Michael de Manvers[PD]/Maunvers [RE Manners (sic)],

_f2 HS4VN.44 Sir Michael Mannours knt in 39Hen3 son of John, Annora was 3
_fa Lord of the Manor of Holme in the County of Nottingham;
_n sr & heir to Lyonel and John M. [consang. & haer. Jacobi NT 87]
_n2 ? "dna Perpoint" active in Scarsdale Derbys 30Edw1[c1301|2] [HD1.471]
_a Holme thereafter passed into Henry's possession, was called Holme
_a1 juxta
Nottingham at the time (to distinguish from a nearby Holme)
_a2 and became known as Holme Pierrepont in the 16th c (RB).
3>1112111 Simon de[PM,PBr] P-re [ca /1284-/1300]
_n Summoned as Baron [? Knight (RB)] to Parliament
06/08/1304 (32EdwI)[PD]
_n2 NT 88.1[=chart] says June of 22EdwI(1294), for expedition to Gascoine
_n "Rot. T' as con. 22EdwII [sic] in dors m. 8" [chart]
_q PD PM list as dwi (i.e. male?); HP2 [=chart] gives him wife and dau [so UM]
+m /???? Mary [PBr] __
It is possible that they had a son, also Simon, who floruit c. 1316-1324, and possibly a second son, John, who died without issue.

This appears to be the line that remained in Sussex.  However, even if this was the case, it appears that the son Simon died without issue, and that this Pierpoint line died out in the early fourteenth century.

3>11121111 Sibilla/Sibylla/Sybil[PHC, PBr] P-re [UM]
_n "only child" [chart]
+m /???? Edmund de[PHC] Ufford [UM]
According to Smith Ellis, their son Sir Robert de Ufford was the ward of Isabella de Coucy, Edward III’s eldest daughter.
3>111211111 Ela de Ufford [PHC]
+m /???? Miles Stapleton /1357-????
3>1112111111 Elizabeth Stapleton [PHC]
+m /???? Robert Brewes
3>11121111111 Agnes Ella Brewes [PHC]
+m /???? William Yelverton
3>111211111111 Margaret Yelverton [PHC]
+m /???? John Pagrave iii /1440-????
3>1112111111111 Henry Pagrave /1470-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Anne Glemham /1478-????
3>11121111111111 John Pagrave [PHC]
3>11121111111112 Clement Pagrave /1503-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111113 Thomas Pagrave /1505-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Alice Gunton /1517-????
3>111211111111131 Gregory Pagrave /1538-???? [PHC]
+m1 ?? Amy Patrick
+m2 ?? Mary Sefoule
+m3 ?? Catherine Pigeon
3>111211111111132 Edward Pagrave /1540-???? [PHC]
+m /???? __
3>1112111111111321 Edward Pagrave /1572-???? [PHC]
+m1 ??
Elizabeth __
+m2 ?? Martha Lynford
3>1112111111111322 __ Pagrave /1574-???? [PHC]
+m /???? John Abell
3>1112111111111323 Gregory Pagrave /1576-???? [PHC]
3>1112111111111324 __ Pagrave /1580-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Richard Russell
3>1112111111111325 Richard Palgrave /1585-???? [PHC]
_q PHC changes spelling here from Pagrave to Palgrave
+m /???? Anne Harris /1594-????
3>11121111111113251 Mary Palgrave /1619-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Roger Wellington /1609-????
3>11121111111113252 Sarah Palgrave /1621-11/29/1665(MA) [PHC]
+m /???? John Alcock /1626-03/27/1667(MA)
_p George Alcock m{c/1620} Anne Hooker
3>111211111111132523 Sarah Alcock /1650-04/03/1715(MA) [PHC]
+m /1670 Zechariah Whitman /1644-11/05/1726(MA)
_p John Whitman 1602-1692 +m 1625 Ruth __ ????-1662 [PHC]
3>1112111111111325232 John Whitman /1674{|88}-
08/03/1772 [PHC]
+m /???? Dorcas Green /1684-10/18/1718(MA)
_p Jacob Green 1654-1702 +m 1677 Mary Robinson 1659-???? [PHC]
3>1112111111111325232h John Whitman jr 09/21/1717-09/12/1763(CAN) [PHC]
02/06/1747 Mary Foster
3>1112111111111325232hh Dorcas Whitman
05/05/1749(MA)-04/16/1830 [PHC]
+m /1778{?} Samuel McIntyre /1749{?}-07/14/1827(OntCAN) [PHC]
3>1112111111111325232hhh James McIntyre /1779{?}-/1846{?} [PHC]
02/25/1810 Nancy "Annie" McDormand /1780{?}-05/29/1870
_p Robert McDormand 1750-???? +m 1777 Mary Morrell
3>1112111111111325232hhhh Nancy McIntyre 08/18/1820-10/10/1893 [PHC]
+m /1836 Anslum Guthrie French 07/13/1817-06/12/1893(OntarioCAN)
_p Peter French 1790-1878 +m Rachel Blackburn 1795-1851
3>1112111111111325232hhhhh Sarah Ann French 10/02/1848-12/04/1886 [PHC]
+m 01/04/1865 Duncan Ritchie
3>1112111111111325232hhhhhh Robert James Ritchie 06/12/1867-05/16/1952 [PHC]
_a b in OntCAN d in PocatelloID
+m 12/??/1885 Emma Jane Johns 09/21/1866-12/29/1922(MN) [PHC]
_p Henry Johns +m Margaret Varcoe
3>1112111111111325232hhhhhhh Pauline Elizabeth Ritchie 11/27/1906(MT)- [PHC]
+m 09/16/1933 William Herbert Howley 01/10/1908-08/01/1960 [PHC]
_p Michael Henry Howley 1877-/1928 +m ???? Sarah Jane Payne 1875-/1937
3>1112111111111325232hhhhhhhh Alan Thomas Howley
04/26/1936- [PHC]
07/12/1958 Penelope Edith Mertz 09/20/1937(MI)- [PHC]
_p Arthur Heinrich H. Mertz +m Dorothy Helen Ferguson
3>1112111111111325232hhhhhhhhh Kevin Richard Howley
09/23/1959(MI)- [=PHC]
06/30/1984 Beth Ellen Gaiser dv
3>11121111111113253 Benjamin(1) Palgrave /1622-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111113254 Benjamin(2) Palgrave /1623-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111113255 Elizabeth Palgrave /1626-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111113256 Hannah Palgrave /1628-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111113257 Rebecca Palgrave /1631-???? [PHC]
+m /???? __ Furmath
3>11121111111113258 John Palgrave /1634-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Mary Maverick
Lydia Palgrave /1635-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Edmund Heylett
3>111211111111133 Walter Pagrave /1543-???? [PHC]
3>111211111111134 William Pagrave /1546-???? [PHC]
3>111211111111135 Mary Pagrave /1548-???? [PHC]
+m /???? William Jare
3>111211111111136 Margaret Pagrave /1551-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Robert Durrant
3>111211111111137 Anne Pagrave /1554-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Gregory Clark
3>11121111111114 James Pagrave /1513-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111115 Frances Pagrave [PHC]
+m /???? William F
3>111211111111151 William Pennington jr [PHC]
+m /???? Bridget Hudleston
3>11121111111116 Ann Pagrave [PHC]
+m /???? Humphrey Smallpiece
3>11121111111117 Eleanor Pagrave [PHC]
3>11121111111118 Elizabeth Pagrave [PHC]
3>1112112 Sir Robert de P-re {c1275}-/(7Edw3)1333 [HS4VN.44]/1334[PBr]
_a of Holme [Pierrepont], knt.
He was a notable soldier, having fought in the retinue of Edward, Prince of Wales (the future Edward II) in the wars with Scotland, and continued to fight the Scots during Edward II and Edward III’s reigns.  He was one of Edward III’s chief army commanders in the war with Scotland, and he was also appointed as keeper of Newark Castle
_o governor of Newark Castle ca 11EdwII=1317|8
_n probably this Robert in "Pipe Roll" for 34EdwI[c1305|6] [HD1.163]
_n1 10/27/(9EdwII) charter granting free warren at Holme, etc. [NT 88.2]
_n2 06/27/(10EdwII) King asked his help in war with Scotland [NT 88.1]
_n3 summoned as Baron to Parliament, but died before taking seat [FW 323]
_n4 UM attributes Baron claim to "Camden in his account of Notts"
_w1 TS6.59-61 Inquisition post Mortem dated 6 Mar 8EdwIII[1333|4] [see HS4]
_w2 TS6.59-61 lists land holdings, etc., left to his son Henry, age 12
_w3 name spelled Perepount and Pirpount [Pierpoint (PBr)]
+m1 ?? Sarah/Sara Heriz/Herrize\2 [NT 300]
His first marriage was to Sarah, daughter of Sir John Heriz (d. 1299) of Gonalston (Nottinghamshire).  She was heiress to her brother John de Heriz, who died without issue, and so she brought further land in to the Pierpoint estate.

_p sr & heir of Sir John Heriz/Herrize[PD PM] knt (Wingfield, County Derby)
_q PD PM HE say dau of Sir John Herrize, UM says sr of John son of John !
_n bore dau Margaret, +m Sir Gervase Clifton knt, and Henry
+m2 ?? Cecily __\4
His second marriage was to Cecily, daughter of Sir John Annesley of Annesley (Nottinghamshire)

For some reason unknown, Sir Robert attempted to disinherit his grandson by his first marriage (Sir Edmund, son of Sir Henry – see below), in favour of his fourteen grandchildren by his second marriage (six boys and eight girls).  This did not work, as he had already settled a large part of his inheritance on his son by his first wife.  The only result was that part of the estate at Langord was settled on the descendants of his second wife.

Two branches come from the marriage to Cecily.  Their second son, Roger, became head of the Pierpoint of Langford branch, while 

_p dau of Annesley (Annesley) [cf. *NEHGS]
_n Children include Robert, George, Ralph, John [PFN]
_q is there confusion here with the other Robert who +m Cicily?
3>11121121 Margaret(a) P-re "3EdwIII[1329],51EdwIII[1378]" [TS13.36]
_q was she first child, as implied by PD? perhaps first of the second marriage (thus child 3)?
+m /1325(?) Sir Gervase Clifton knt /1313(?)-/1389[PBr]
their daughter Margaret[1] (d. 1340) married another member of the Nottinghamshire gentry, Sir Gervase Clifton (c. 1313 – d. 1389), connecting the Pierpoints and Cliftons.  The Pierpoints and the Cliftons were neighbours, and their paths crossed regularly through the middle ages and the Tudor period, and at times proved useful allies.  The marriage of Margaret and Gervase was fundamental in ensuring the continuity of the Clifton line.
_f Sir Robert de Clifton (17EdwII) d 1EdwIII[1327] [TS6.21-23]
_m +m Emme/Emma, dau of Sir William Moton [NT 54.1]
_a Cliftons lived at Clifton (county Nottingham), 3 mi west of Trent Bridge;
_a2 some fine monuments survive in the Clifton Church (RB).
_n Gervase was married young by parents, was only 14 in 1EdwIII[1327]
_n2 the year after his father died [NT 54.1][TS6.23]
[m2] Isabella __ [TS13.36; "27EdwIII, 33EdwIII" = ?]
3>11121121h Robert de Clifton
+m Agnes de Grey [TS13.37 "35EdwIII"]
3>11121121hh Johannes de Clifton /????-/4HenIV[c1403]
+m Catherina Cressy [TS13.37]
3>11121121hhh Gervase de Clifton [TS13.37 "obiit 10EdwIV"]
+m Isabella de Braburn, wd William Scott [TS13.37]
3>11121121hhhh Gervassis de Clifton [TS13.37 "obiit 8dec32HenVI"]
+m Isabella
3>11121121hhhi Robert de Clifton [TS13.37 "ob. 9apr18EdwIV"[1478]]
+m Alicia Boothe de Barton /????-09/09/1470
3>11121121hhhih Gervase de Clifton [TS13.37 "ob. 12may6HenVII"[ ]]
+m1 Alicia Nevill de Rolleston\1
+m2 Agnes Constable de Flamburgh, wd Sir Walter Griffith
3>11121121hhhihh Gervase de Clifton [TS13.37 "ob. 5jun23HenVII"[ ]]
+m1 Agnes Griffith\1
+m2 Joana Bussey, wd Sir Nicholas Byron knt
3>11121121hhhihhh Robert de Clifton [TS13.38 "ob. 9sep9HenVIII"[ ]]
+m1 Anna Clifford\1
+m2 Alicia Digby
3>11121121hhhihhhh Gervase Clifton [TS13.38 "ob. 20jan30Elz"[ ]]
+m1 Maria Nevill
+m2 Winifrid Thwaytes de Oulton\1
3>11121121hhhihhhhh George Clifton [TS13.38 "ob. 5aug29Elz"[ ]]
+m Winifrid Thorold
3>11121121hhhihhhhhh Gervase Clifton [TS13.38 "29Elz"]
3>11121122 Sir Henry de P-re knt ca /1322-/????
_a of Holme [Pierrepont]
Son of Sir Robert and Sarah (first marriage) [possibly 2nd child?]
_n "only son" [chart]; was 12 years old in 20may8EdwIII[1334]
+m /???? Margaret FitzWilliam/Williams\2
_f Sir William FitzWilliam/Williams knt (Emley/Emsey/Elmsley)
of Sprotborough (Yorkshire)
_m +m Maude, dau of Edmund, Baron Deincourt.
_ff Sir William FitzWilliam(s) was a grandson{PMn3 son} of
_fff Sir Thomas FitzWilliam(s), the son of Sir William Fitz
_ffp and +m Ella Plantagenet.
_ffmf Ella was dau of Hameline Plantagenet, an illegitimate son of
_ffmff Geoffrey Plantagenet and natural half-brother of
_ffmffn King Henry II of England, Count of Anjou, etc.
_n7 Hameline Plantagenet became Earl of Surrey in right of
_n8 his wife Isabel, dau of William de Warren, Earl of Surrey.
_b UM and COLLINS' PEERAGE OF ENGLAND, in 9 volumes.
London: 1812. See vol. V, page 381 {is this solid data?? (RB)}.
3>111211221 Henry P-re ????-/1329|30(3EdwIII) dwi
3>111211222 Sir Edmund[RE Edward] de P-re ????-/1370(FR) [HS4VN.44 Edmond]
_a 6th "proprietor"[PD]/"lord" [so PM] of Holme P-re
_q RB says not Lord = Baron
_a2 also acquired manor of Bughton by fine in 29EdwIII(1355|6) [NT 88.2]
_n was knt in 33EdwIII[=1360], warred against France under Henry Duke of Lancaster [UM]
_n2 TS6.93 calls him "Lord" and "knight" in Jne 1345 Inquisition
_n3 TS6.192 calls him "Edmund le Pierpount" in Sep 1342 Inquisition
_n4 TS12.19 calls him Edmund Pirpoint knt in 1363 Inquisition
_n5 TS12.58 refers to "Edward de Pirpount" in 1366, probably this person
_m Was descended through his mother from
_m2 the Kings of France and England and from the Counts
_m3 of Normandy, Flanders and Anjou.
_n6 He died at Gascoigne/Vasconia, France, in 1370; bones to Holme-P-re
+m /1355|6(29EdwIII) Joan/Joane [Montboucher] [HS4VN.47-48]
Married to Joan, daughter of Sir George Monboucher (d. 1349, possibly a black death victim) of Gamston (Nottinghamshire)
_p only dau of Sir George Mon(t)boucher knt (Gamulston/Go-/Co-, Notts)
3>1112112221 Sir Edmund[RE -ward] P-re knt ca /1423 [PBr -1425]
_a of Holme [Pierrepont]
_n became knt in 1422|3(1HenVI); "de" disappears from name [UM]
_n2 is this the Edmund Perpound knt in TS12.90 from 1383? see TS12.64
In 1401 he and his son, Henry [when born?!], were the subject of a commission into their dispute with an elderly widow, Margery Adderley, over property in Sneinton (Nottinghamshire).  They were accused of intimidating her attorney, William Whatton.  She petitioned the House of Lords again over the situation in 1406, but died shortly afterwards.

It appears that he reached a great age, and in his dotage was inactive in local gentry society.  Instead his son Sir Henry undertook many of the duties that would ordinarily not have been expected of him until he succeeded his father, before his father’s death.

_n3 also TS12.115-116 has Sir Edward Perepount knt in 1390 Inquisitions
_n4 "Pierpoint, Ed. Chev." appears in 13Hen4[c1411|2] Derbys doc. [HD1.484]
_n5 TS12.175 has Edmund Perpond knt in 1422 Inquisition
_n6 TS12.186 has Edward Perpont knt and (heir) Henry Perpont knt in 1427
+m1 /1422|3(1HenVI) Frances [Franke]
_p dau of Sir William Franke knt (Grimsby, County Lincoln), co-heir.
+m2 ??
Frances wd of Walter Bamston dwi
his second marriage was to Margaret, widow of William Rempston of Woodborough

_p dau of Thomas Kingsman
3>11121122211 Sir Henry P-re knt ????-(pre-/1453)
_a of Holme [Pierrepont]
Son of Sir Edmund and Frances (first marriage)

Married to Ellen, daughter of Sir Nicholas Longford of Longford (Derbyshire).  His wife was appointed (with his younger son John) as executrix of his will.

He saw military service in France in 1417, accompanying Richard, lord Grey of Codnor.

Elected to parliaments of November 1417 and December 1421 (SJP, 137).

Early on in his career, Sir Henry became prominent and influential, and can be linked to dignitaries such as the duchess of Norfolk and Henry, earl of Northumberland.  However, his gain in power began to backfire, as it brought him into direct conflict with other landowners.

He became embroiled in a dispute with Thomas Foljambe of Walton, a Derbyshire esquire.  It resulted in 1434 in the maiming of Sir Henry’s hand (his thumb and fingers were cut off), and the murder of his brother-in-law, Henry Longford, and another companion, William Bradshaw, in the parish church of Chesterfield.  It appears that his son Henry was also present at the affray.  The two men pleaded self-defence to assaults against Foljambe and his servants, for which Sir Henry paid a £4 fine, and his son a fine of half a mark.  Foljambe spent time imprisoned in the Marshalsea in London for his more serious crime.

Sir Henry’s place in the gentry society of Nottinghamshire was further curtailed by a failed legal battle with Ralph, lord Cromwell.  It forced him to sell much of his land and silver plate, and he found himself in serious financial difficulties by the 1440s

_n Living 1427, 1440|1 (19HenVI), d before 1453 (31HenVI).
_n1 "Henry Pierpoint Chev." in 1Hen6[c1422|3] [HD2.317]
_n2 TS12.186 has Edward Perpont knt and (heir) Henry Perpont knt in 1427
_n3 "Henry Pierpoint of Holm Notts kt" in 10Hen6[c1431|2] [HD1.497,505]
_n4 "Henry Pierpont kt" in 11Hen6[c1432|3] Chesterfield Derbys [HD2.337]
_n5 ? "Henry Pierpoint, Esq., Alderman of the guild of the Holy Cross in ==
_n5+= All Saints',
Chesterfield" 23Hen6[c1444|5] [HD2.324]
_n6 ? "Sir Henry Pierpont, brother of the guild of the Holy Cross, ==
_n6+= at
Chesterfield" 28Hen6[c1449|50] [HD2.337]
_q is he the "Hy. Pierpoint, Chev." at
Agincourt 25oc1415 [HD2.141]?
+m /1440|1(19HenVI) Ellen/Elena [Langford]

_n(PBr) Married to Ellen, daughter of Sir Nicholas Longford of Longford (Derbyshire).  His wife was appointed (with his younger son John) as executrix of his will.

_q date for +m seems late; is it 19HenIV[c1417|8]?
_f dau of Sir Nicholas Langford knt [so also HS4VN.55-56]
_kq HS4VN.50 has her as Margerett sr of Sir John Langford Knt!
_m but see HS4VN.25, Nicholas Langford +m Margerett Mark
_b See Dugdales Baronage I 580 {is it reliable?? (RB)}.
3>111211222111 Henry P-re dy
3>111211222112 Henry P-re esq ca /1468 (8EdwIV)
_a of Holme [Pierrepont]
_o High Sheriff of Nottingham and
after only five years as head of the Pierpoint family, he was murdered following a dispute with the Plumpton family on 21 July 1457 (SLP, 200).  The dispute was over land in Mansfield Woodhouse, and Henry claimed that Sir William Plumpton had raided his property there on 20 June 1453.  It took just under four years for the case to come to court, in February 1457, but before it could be resolved the disputants took matters into their own hands.  Henry was murdered in Sherwood Forest by John Grene, Sir William Plumpton’s steward and brother-in-law; Grene himself was then murdered near Wetherby by Henry’s brother, John Pierpoint of Radmanthwaite.

_n called Henricus Perepont Armigerus [HS4VN.44]
_n2 ? "Henry Pierpoint, Esq., Alderman of the guild of the Holy Cross in ==
_n2+= All Saints',
Chesterfield" 23Hen6[c1444|5] [HD2.324]
_n3 ? "Sir Henry Pierpont, brother of the guild of the Holy Cross, ==
_n3+= at
Chesterfield" 28Hen6[c1449|50] [HD2.337]
+m /???? Thomasin[UM PD PM]/Tomasin [Melton chart]
married to Thomasina, daughter of Sir John Melton (d. 1455) of Aston (Yorkshire)
She was a very good match for Henry, so it is likely that his father, Sir Henry, arranged it before his wealth diminished in the 1430s. She tried to pursue a private appeal over the murder of Henry.  She appeared in person in King’s Bench to prosecute her appeal (SJP, 201).
_p dau of Sir John Melton knt (Melton Hall, County Derby)
_q HP chart says Meltons came from Ashton, Cnty Ebor
3>1112112221121 Sir Henry P-re knt 1430[PBr]-/1473|4(13EdwIV) dwi
_n service to King noted, given part of Staley manor 5EdwIV [NT 89]
_n2 Knighted 1471|2(11EdwIV) for valor at battle of Barton (Tonton [RB])
He was knighted after fighting for Edward IV at the battle of Tewkesbury (4 May 1471).

MP Nottinghamshire 1472-5, 1491-2.

As he died without issue, his nephew, William, inherited.

_n3 made will in 1489 and it was probated 12/18/1499 [PD](RB !).
_q something must be amiss with the dates; perhaps 1474 ?!
_q2 HS4VN.44-45 call him Sir Henry Perepoint Knt. 1463 (twice; why 1463?)
_n4 But 1767 art in #M says dwi and Francis "succeeded to the inher."[!]
_n5 Could this mean F's heirs, since F presumably had died also? [no; F died 1495]
+m1 ?? __ dau of Hugh Hastings (Fenwick,
County York)
_x PD confuses things: "... of Fenwick in
Cornwall, Ebor" {sic!}
+m2 ?? __ dau of ... Roos(e) (Ingmanthorp {Jugm.?}, Cnty Ebor) [NT 87]
married to a daughter of Roos of Ingmanthorpe (Yorkshire).  They had no issue.

_x not mentioned in PD (a line or two dropped out?)
3>1112112221122 {Sir? [so PBr]} Francis P-re ????-11/09/1495
_a Holme [HS4VN.50]
+m1 ?? Margaret/Margerett, dau of John Burdon/Burden Esq
_n So UM>PM17[= mother of Sir William], but PFN does not identify her.
_n2 So also HS4VN, but ch = Francis dwi, Nicholas, Henery
_q PD does not mention a first marriage, and thus avoids two sons William
married his first wife Margaret, daughter of John Burden.

His second wife?

+m2 ?? __[UM>PD PM]/Margaret[so PFN confused?] P-re\3[UM&lt;PM]\4[PD]
_a of Landford near
Newark [presumably csn ?!]
_x 1st name unkn according to UM PD PM17p17
_n UM>PMp17 says she bore William(2), Francis & Henry! PD has son#1 dwi
_n2 "after many descents that estate came again into the family. This
_n3 P-re bore the like arms, only Roses Gules, in lieu of Cinquefoils" [UM]
3>11121122211221 = 17> Sir William P-re ????-29au1533 [PSC9302]
_a of Holme Pierrepont
son of Francis and Margaret.

As Sir Henry’s nephew, he continued the Pierrepont line, and had licence to enter 31 January 1500.

He was dubbed a knight of the sword on the creation of Henry as Prince of Wales (18 February 1504). He was recorded as one of the mourners at Henry VII’s funeral.

He was at the Battle of Spurs in France, after which he was dubbed a knight banneret (16 August 1513).  He had gone there in the retinue of the Earl of Shrewsbury, and was a captain

_q not Knight Banneret[UM]/Baronet[PD]/Bart[PM] according to RB
_n "made Knight of the sword, 18 Feb 1503" [chart]
_n1 Made knt Banneret after Battle of Spurs in 1513(5HenVIII) [1514 ?UM]
_n2 TS3.34(etc) has him knt by 1505, "sir" by 1511, active to 1532
_n3 "knt(02/18/1503)" in original RAK listing [PM?]
_n4 "ex collect. Nic. Jekull." [chart]
+m1 ?? Joan(e)/(a) [Stapleton]\1[dau UM>PM18 dau Amon PJPchart]
_n name given as Ann (Stapleton) in PSC
_p dau of Sir Brian Stapleton knt [so UM PM18 NT HP]
_x PD PFN reverse wives & offspring [RB4 as here = PSC]
_n2 PD ascribes 2 children to 1st wife (Joan E): George and Thomas

+m2 ?? Jane/Jana/Anne [Empson][\son George NT 87 PM18] [\4 PD PFN]
_n name given as Jane (corr from Joan [so PBr]) in PSC, d 29au1541
_q no first name in UM, Anne in PM (Joan...Anne in confused PD)
Married his second wife Joan, daughter of Sir Richard Empson, chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Richard Empson (c. 1450-1510), the son of Peter Empson (d. 1473), a property owner in Northamptonshire.  Richard was a trained lawyer, entering Middle Temple, and consequently was employed on the Duchy of Lancaster estates.  He took an active role in local government, mainly in Northamptonshire.  He was named as an executor of the will of Henry VII.  In building up his power-base (in land and money), Empson was ruthless and manipulative.  Only three days after Henry VII’s death (Henry having been to the great extent Empson’s protector and supporter), Empson was arrested for his many questionable activities, but the main accusation against him was treason.  He was beheaded on Tower Hill on 17 August 1510.
_q2 HS4VN.50 she +m Sir Nicholas P-re of Holme P-re, producing son George ==
_q3 == but HS4VN.56 says +m Sir William Perpoynt, producing son George
_p dau of Sir Richard Empson knt, Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster
_x PD PFN reverse wives & offspring [RB4 as here but calls her "Joan E."]
_g buried Averam/Averham near Newark [PSC9302 &lt; Thoresby bk of rentals]
_n1 PD ascribes 4 children to 2nd wife (Anne S): Edmund +m __ Heron\0,
_n1a [PSC has Edmund +m Dorothy 5th dau of Nicholas Byron\0]
_n2 Frances dwi, John, Elizabeth +m1 John Sacheverell +m2 Edward Ferrers
_n3 RB4 has Joan E. +m1 Henry Southall
3>111211222112211 = 17>1 Elizabeth [NT87 UM; see PM18(unnamed)]
_q in PD Elizabeth is 4th child of 2nd marriage (Anne Stapleton)
+m /???? John Sacheverel(l) [NT 50,87] Esq (Morley,
_f first son of Henry Sacheverell knt /????-/21jul1558 [TS13]
_m +m Isabella dau of __ Montgomery [TS13]
_q in PD Elizabeth +m1 John S +m2 Edward Ferrers
3>1112112221122111 = 17>11 Johannes Sacheverell [TS13]
+m Katherine Fitzherbert
_f Anthony Fitzhebert knt
3>11121122211221111 = 17>111 Henry Sacheverell [TS13]
+m1 Elizabeth Keys\2 [TS13; not clear whether +m1 or m2]
+m2 Jana Bradbourne\3 [TS13; not clear whether +m1 or m2]
3>1112112221122112 = 17>12 Radulphus Sacheverell [TS13]

3>111211222112212 = 17>2 Sir George P-re knt ????-03/21/1564
17>2 = 3>111211222112212 Sir George P-re knt ????-03/21/1564
_a of Holme Pierrepont; also Codgrave, Barton in the Beans, Clipston,
_a2 Sneynton, Widmerpole, Weston, Bondbulke, Landworth,
_a2+ Howbek[-Holbeck Woodhouse (Herb Strange)], Cuckney,
_a3 "and divers other lands and advowsons of the Churches" [HE&lt;UM]
_a4 "of Whalley, Derbyshire" [TS20.142], assumed Norton Cuckney advowson=
_a5= in jl1540 when Welbeck Abbey was dissolved.
Son of Sir William and Joan (second marriage). He was born a month before his mother’s father (Sir Richard Empson) was executed as a traitor, but the blot on his ancestry did not seem to affect his future prospects. He was educated at the Inner Temple.

MP for Nottingham in 1539.

He took advantage of the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and purchased monastic property for over £600 in 1540, and a further £400 worth in 1544.

He was knighted on 22 February 1547.

He was involved in local government, including as sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in 1558-9.

It is likely that he had Catholic sympathies, which he passed on to at least his first two sons.

_o Lord of Several manors in Nottingham and Derby,
_o2 One of the Knights of the Carpet created at
_o3 the coronation of Edward VI on
_n "ex lib. Cedul. f. 465 Nott." [chart]
_w copy of will obtained by Herb Strange (to rak 9/91: PSC9109)
_g bd 04/07/1564; see letters in Folger Library
_b see Gary Boyd Roberts, Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants...(1993) 161
+m1 25/no/1532 [PSC] Elizabeth Babbington/Babin-\1 or 2 ????-11/09/1547
_q PD gives d as 1543 [=PSC]
Married as first wife on 25 November 1532 Elizabeth (d. 1543), daughter of Sir Anthony Babington.  They had one daughter.  He was appointed as supervisor of his father-in-law’s will of February 1534
_p dau of Sir Anthony Babbington knt (Dethick, County Derby)
_a ancient Notts fam, monuments at Kingston [Kinston PSC] on Soar (RB)
_g d & buried at West Malling in Kent according to PD [=PSC]
_n Elizabeth Babbington was an intimate friend of Mary Stuart,
_n2 Queen of Scots; see Lamartine's Life of Mary Stuart, or
_n3 Mary Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser.
+m2 ?? Winifred(e)/Winnefred Thwaits/Thwaites/Twaits\6
Married as second wife on 20 November 1544 Winifred, daughter and heiress of Sir William Thwaites.
_p dau William Thwaits/Thwaites/Twaits Esq (Norfolk/Oulton, Essex)
_n RB4 implies this is 1st +m for George P-re (simplified chart?)
[m2] Sir Gervase Clifton [PBr
Clifton was a close friend and neighbour of Sir Henry, and had been appointed as Sir Henry’s executor.  This was not the first time that the Cliftons and Pierreponts came together in marriage – see Margaret (d. 1340), daughter of Sir Robert Pierpoint (c. 1275 – d. 1334), who also married a Gervase Clifton (c. 1313 – d. 1389)] knt [NT 87]
17>21 Annora P-re
_x not Amor [PD] or Amer [PFN]
+m /???? John Rossell/Rosel[NT 87] (Radcliffe Notts)
_x Radcliffe (RB), not Ratcliffe [PD PM]
17>22 Elizabeth P-re [HP2 chart]
_q not included on NT 87 chart or by PD PM
+m /???? Richard Walshall (Frolesworth, Leicests)
17>23 Sir Henry P-re knt [1545|6]-03/19{09("nono die")}/1615{|6 RP}
_n ag 69 [PM2], ag 69 1/2 03/19/1615 [GS]
First son of George and Winifred.

Will dated 8 July 1615.

Educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1561, and Gray’s Inn, 1564.

He succeeded his father, Sir George Pierrepont, in 1564, aged 17, and became a ward of Roger Manners, esquire of the body to the Queen and uncle of the 5th Earl of Rutland.  On his mother’s remarriage to Sir Gervase Clifton, his wardship was granted to his stepfather, in May 1565.  At this point, the Pierrepont estate was valued at just under £300 a year.

Elected MP for Nottinghamshire 1572.

He was knighted 21 Apr. 1603.

One of the most important points to note about the early Elizabethan Pierrponts is that they were recusants, that is they continued to practise Roman Catholicism.  Henry was arrested for his beliefs more than once, in 1567 and in 1581, although his younger brother Gervase was the more ‘obstinate’ of the two.  Henry was accused in 1581 of entertaining priests at his house over Christmas, and he and Gervase eventually confessed, but were pardoned.  Fortunately, Henry’s brother-in-law, the 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, supported him, and was able to quash other orders taken out agains Henry for his religious leanings.  However, no note was made of the third son, William, and whether he also had recusant tendencies.

+m /???? Frances Cavendish ????-01/??/1632
_f eldest dau of Sir Wm Cavendish (Chatsworth,
She was sole executrix to her husband’s will of July 1615.

_m +m Elizabeth Hardwick (Hardwick Hall) [+m1 Barky +m2 WC >
_mn > +m3 St.Lo +m4 George Earl of Shrewsbury (RB)]
Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury [so GS, see NT 91]
17>231 Robert P-re 08/06/1584-07/30/1643(killed at Gainsborough)
_e "sometime gent. commoner of Oriel Coll." (OxGrad)
_e2 "of Gray's
Inn 1600" (OxGrad)
_o MP Nottinghamshire 1601 (OxGrad)
_o1 Baron P-re & Viscount Newark (
06/29/1627), Earl of Kingston
_o2 upon
Hull (07/25/1628[=4ChI]); Lt Gen for Charles I
_n called "the Good Earl"; see FW 323 for notice as "Armig."
_n2 "created D.C.L. 1no1642" (OxGrad)
_n3 patron of new rector at Norton Cuckney in oct1621 [TS20.143]
_q PD says 3jy not 30jy (=OxGrad) for death, bd at Cuckney Notts
_b Fasti 2.36, Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary (OxGrad)
+m 18ja1601 ("at Kinwalton") Gertrude Talbot 09/29/1580-/1649
_f Henry Talbot, son of George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury
_m +m1 first wife [not Elizabeth Hardwick (RB)]; [RB4 has Eliz. Reyner]
_mn wife of Henry Talbot was dau & heir of William Raynor knt [NT 87]
_n Long tomb inscription in HP Church, by her son Gervaise [NT 90]
_n2 GS says died in 61st year = 1649; thus born 1589 not 1580?
17>2311 Henry P-re /1607?(bp 04/1607)-12/01/1680 (bd 01/15/"1680" RP)
_qd OxGrad listing has "died in Charterhouse yard 8 Dec. 1680"
_e "member of Gray's Inn 1651, fellow college of physicians,
_e2 London, 1658, 'and became their pride and glory'" (OxGrad)
_o 2nd Earl of Kingston (1643) & Baron P-re
_o2 Marquis/Marquess of Dorchester (03/25/1644|45[=20ChI])
_i portrait {?}
_n summoned to Parliament 1640; ag 65 in 1672 [NT 87]
_n2 tiff with Roos recorded Aug(?) 1660 Calendar of State Papers
_q prob not the H. P-i Esq who was Burgess of Nott in 1627|8(3ChsI) [N2]
_q2 but see OxGrad listing "M.P. Nottingham 1628-9"
_b Fasti 2.37, Munk's Roll 1.282 (OxGrad)
+m1 ?? Cecelia/Cecilia Bayning[PD-PM]/Banning[NT]\3 ??-(bd 09/30/1639)
_n d at Twickenham Middlesex, bd at Holme P-re [PD]
_p dau & coheir of Paul, Viscount Bayning/Banning (Sudbury)
+m2 ?? Catherine Stanley\2
_p James Stanley, Earl(Comte) of Derby
17>23111 Anne[PD PM]/Anna/Ann P-re
_n dv by Act of Parliament in 1666, children bastardized
_n2 see Dict of Nat Biogr for details
+m /???? John Manners, Lord Roos, 1st Duke of Rutland (dv /1666)
_p son of Earl of Rutland, son of Grace P-re Manners of Haddon (RB)
_n Created Duke of Rutland (1703)
[m2] __
17>23112 Grace[PD PM]/Gracia P-re /1634|5-03/25/1703 ag 68 unm [PD]
_g bd in Church of St.Anne at Westminster
_n Lady of the bedchamber [Lady in Waiting] to Queen Anne
_I portrait
17>23113 Robert P-re (b 03/17/1631|32)-???? dy [PD]
_n bap at St.Margarets,
_n not listed on NT 87
17>23114 Henry P-re unm dy
_n not on charts in NT 87 or HP2
17>23115 Mary P-re unm dy
_n not on charts in NT 87 or HP2
17>2312 Frances P-re /????-/16?? (predeceased her father)
_n charted as child #6 in NT 87; "first dau" [chart]
+m /???? Philip Rolleston/Roleston/Rolston[NT 87] Esq
17>2313 Mary P-re 02/??/1619-???? dy
_n not charted on NT 87; "second dau" [chart]
17>2314 William P-re /1608-08/??/1678{|9[HP2]} (bd
08/16/1678 RP)
_a Orton, Hants; purchased Thoresby [? RB thinks he inherited it
_a2 as was custom for 2nd son to inherit dower of his mother]
_n "the wise" or "wise Wm"; friend of Cromwell but voted against
_n2 execution of King Charles I; ag 64 in 1672 [NT 87]
_q RB4 has born 1607, [chart] has died 1679
+m /????
Elizabeth Harris\10 ????-/1656 [PD]
_f dau & heir of Sir Thomas Harris Brt (
Tong Castle, Shropshire=Salop)
_ff "...Harris Serv. ad Legem." [NT 87]
17>23141 Robert P-re (St.Giles in Field)
_n tomb at West Dene/Dean, on border of Hampshire & Wiltshire
+m /???? Elizabeth Evelyn
_p dau & coheir of Sir John Evelyn knt (West Dene/Dean, Wilts)
17>231411 Robert ??-06/1682(Dieppe FR) (bd 07/19/1682 RP) unm
_o 3rd Earl of Kingston, Viscount Newark, Baron P-re
_I portrait
_n died while searching for good health [RB]
17>231412 Gertrude P-re (1661-??)
+m /???? Charles, Lord Cheyne, Viscount New Haven [Eng]
_n some sort of scandal here [RB]
17>231413 William /1662-09/17{20[HP1=chart]}/1690 (bd
10/06/1690 RP) dwi
_ab "born at West Dene Wilts" (OxGrad)
_e Oxford Trinity Coll., subscribed 16jy1681 (OxGrad)
_o 4th Earl of Kingston 1682, etc.
_q [chart] has d 20 sept 1690
+m /???? Jane[PD]/Ann Greville ????-/1698 dwi
_n bd at Holme P-re 09/23/1702 [PD]
[m2] William P-re (of Nottingham) = 17>231614
_p eldest dau & coheir of Robert Greville, Lord Brooke
17>231414 Evelyn/Evelin /1665-03/05/1725|6 (bd 03/18/1725 RP)
_o succeeded as Earl of Kingston, etc., 1690 [chart]
_o1 created Marquis of Dorchester 23 Dec 5Ann=1706 [chart]
_o2 with remainder to [uncle] Gervase Lord P-re & his heirs male [chart]
_o3 1st Duke of Kingston (1715) by pat. 20 July 1715 [chart]
_o4 Lord Privy Seal 1716, Pres. of the Council 1719 (etc.) [chart]
_o5 Knight of the Garter 24 June 1720 [chart] or (1719|20)
_q Marquis of Dorchester (1720) {1706 chart = PD}
_q1 died March 1726 [chart]
_i portrait
+m1 05/27/1687 Mary Fielding\4 /1667|8-12/20/1692 (bd 12/20/1692 RP)
_q Foster LondMarrLic has +m 27 June 1687 (MiddlesexENG)
_f William Fielding (3rd Earl of Denbigh, 2nd Earl of Desmond)
_k (sr of Basil/Bazil Fielding, 4th Earl of Denbigh)
_fn deceased at time of her wedding; called "late Earl of Denbigh"
_m +m Mary King
_mn at wedding, she gets consent of "Mary, Countess of Denbigh"
_n second cousin of Henry Fielding (novelist)
+m2 ?? Isabella Bentinck\2 ????-02/23/1728(
_p youngest dau of William Bentinck, Earl of Portland
_i portrait
_q confusion of Isabellas? who +m Lord Gower in 1714 (see below)
17>2314141 Mary P-re /1690(Thoresby)-/1761|2
_q RLIN says 1689-1762
_o Author "Lady Mary Wortley Montagu(e)"
_n Introduced smallpox vaccine to England after 1718
_b 3 vol ed of letters/works by great grandson, Lord Wharncliffe
_b2 1803 ed by Dallway based on grandson's collection of MSS
_b3 Biog by Halstand (RB)
+m /1712 Edward Wortley Montagu(e)
_o Lord of Treasury (1714), Ambassador to Constantinople (1716)
17>23141411 Edward Wortley Montagu(e) /1713-/1776
_d Autobiography in 3 vols (1869)
_b2 (biog) EWM, by Jonathan Curling (London: Melrose, 1954)
17>23141412 Mary Montagu
+m /???? John, Earl of Bute
_n Prime Minister to George iii around 1760s
17>23141412h [grandson, Marquis of Bute, with collection of MSS]
17>2314142 William 10/21/1692-07/01/1713 ag 21{sic! PD}
_n bd
07/09/1713 and called "Earl of K." [RP]; also called Lord K.
+m /???? Rachel Baynton ??/??/??-05/18/1722(bd
05/26/1722 Holme-P-re)
_n called "Countess of K." (RP)
_p Thomas Baynton Esq
17>23141421 Evelyn /1710|1-09/23/1773(Bath) dwi ag 62 [PD]
_o 2nd Duke of K. (1726), Master of Stag Hounds (1738),
_o1 Knight of Garter 20 March 1741 [chart] or (1740-41),
_o2 Lord of the Bedchamber, Major Gen in Army (1755)
_o3 Lieut. Gen. Lord Warden of Forest Sherwood & Cust. Rot. Com. Nott.
+m /???? Elizabeth Chudleigh /1719-/1788 (bigamy trial Parliament 1775?)
[m0] Hervey, Lord Bristol
_n Tried/convicted for bigamy in struggle between Church and State law
_b The Virgin Mistress by Mavor; etc.
17>23141422 Frances P-re (ca /1712|13)-????
_I portrait
+m /???? Philip Meadows/Medows (St.Georges, Hanover Square, London [RB]
_p Sir Philip Meadows
_o ranger of Richmond Park (grand Crown appointment) [RB]
_q PD puts Hanover Square in Middlesex
17>231414221 Evelyn Meadows
17>231414222 Charles Meadows (P-re) 11/14/1737-08/26/1816
_o Member of Parliament 1778-1796; knt of Nott 1780 [N2]
_n renamed P-re (1788), inherited lands, created (1796) Lord P-re of HP and
_n1 Viscount Newark (did not inherit peerages [RB], not "Baron")
_n2 raised to an Earldom as Earl Manvers (1806)
+m /1774 Anne/Annie Mills ????-06/17/1816
_p William Mills (Petersham on Thameside edge of
Richmond Park)
17>2314142221 Evelyn Henry Fredric P-re 01/18/1775-07/22/1801
_o represented Notts in 2 successive Parliaments
_n GS in HP Ch, recorded in PMp129 by Henry Evelyn P-re in 1833
17>2314142222 Charles Herbert P-re
08/11/1778-??/??/1860 inherited lands
_o second Earl Manvers
_I portrait
+m /???? Mary Hardolf ????-10/27/1860
_p Anthony Hardolf Esq
17>23141422222 Sidney Wm Herbert P-re 03/12/1825-/1900
_o 3rd Earl Manvers, inherited lands
_I portrait
+m 06/15/1852 Georgine Jane Elizabeth Fanny de Franquetot
_p 2nd dau of Duke de Coigny
_I portrait
17>231414222221 Charles Wm Sydney P-re 08/02/1854-1926
_o 4th Earl Manvers, inherited lands
_I portrait
+m /???? Helen Shaw-Stewart
_p Sir Michael Robert Shaw-Stewart (Bart)
17>2314142222211 Evelyn Robert P-re 1883{1888?}-1940 unm
_o 5th Earl Manvers,
Viscount Newark and Baron Pierrepont, of Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire; inherited lands
_e Eton
_b Burke's Peerage
17>2314142222211h Gervas Evelyn Pierrepont 1881-1955
_o 6th Earl Manvers
_n title became extinct with his death
17>2314142222212 Cicely Mary P-re

<>+m /???? Col Hardy [RB]
17>2314142222213 Alice Helen P-re
17>2314142222214 Sibell P-re
+m /???? Hubert Davys Argles
_p Canon Argles seated at HP
17>231414222222 Lady Mary Augusta P-re
_I portrait
04/04/1899 John Peter Grant of Rothiemurc(h)us
17>2314142222221 Patrick Grant /1900-
+m /???? __ [had issue]
17>2314142222222 Alexander Ludovic Grant
04/09/1946 Elizabeth Langley (wd of Cpt J. G. F. Buxton)
_p dau of Maj Barbour of
Bolesworth Castle, Chesh.
17>23141422222221 Carolin Mary Grant
08/19/1967 Robert Paton-Smith
17>231414222222211 Benjamin Alexander Wm Paton-Smith 07/21/1968-
17>231414222222212 Harry Ludovic Paton-Smith 08/09/1972-
17>23141422222222 Alexandra Jean Grant 10/01/1949-
17>2314142222223 Gregor Grant /1902-
+m /???? __ [and had issue]
17>2314142222224 Jean Cecely Grant
07/02/1935 Ian Keith Matheson
17>23141422222241 Elizabeth Katherine Mary Matheson
+m ??/??/19?? Robert Graham Langton Brackenbury
17>231414222222411 Robert Patrick Langton Brackenbury
17>231414222222412 Mary Brackenbury
+m 27ja1996(Holme-P-re) Edward Stansfeld
_n descendant of John Harpur +m Isabel(la) P-re (ca 1550-??)
17>2314142223 William P-re
17>2314142224 Edward P-re
17>2314142225 Thomas P-re
17>2314143 Frances P-re
+m[2] /1711 John Erskine/Ereskin /1671-/1732 (11th Earl of Marr/Mar)
[m1] __ Buchan (csn)
_n led Marr's Rebellion, attained for treason
17>2314143h __ ("had children" [FW])
17>2314144 Evelyn P-re ????-/1727 (f)
+m /???? John Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl Gower 1694-1754
_f John Leveson-Gower, 1st Baron Gower of Sittenham
_m +m Lady Catherine Manners
_b NEHGS Nexus 13.6(1996) 205ii "descendants of Earl and Countess Gower
_b1 among members of the present royal family include Diana, Princess
_b2 of Wales, and her sons; Sarah, Duchess of York, and her daughters;
_b3 and HRH Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, her son and grandchildren."
08/02/1714 Isabella Bentinck (Portland) ??-02/23/1737|8 (Paris)
_q did Earl Gower dv Evelyn, then marry Isabella? note dates
_n apparently Isabella bore Gower 2 dau (unless confused with Ev's Isab.)
_q [or was this Isabella dv from Evelyn Duke of Kingston, or wd?]
17>2314144h Lady Gertrude Leveson-Gower 02/15/1714|5-07/01/1794
_g Chenies Buckinghamshire
_n was Winston Churchill's g-g-g-grandmother NEHGS Nexus 13.6 (1996) 208i.
_b NEHGS Nexus 13.5(1996) 170ii (ref BPB 1970 2585; CP 2 83)
+m [2] 04/02/1737 John Russell 09/30/1710-01/14/1771
_a bp Streatham Surrey (10/02/1710), d Bedford House, St.George's Sq, London
_o 4th Duke of Bedford, KG 1749 (etc. see NEHGS Nexus 13.5 170i)
_p listed in NEHGS Nexus 13.5-6(1996) 170i & 208i.
10/11/1731 Lady Diana Spencer
_n sister of Charles Spencer, 3rd Duke of Marlborough KG 1741
17>2314144hh Lady Caroline Russell 01/??/1742|3-11/26/1811
_a d Blenheim Palace, Woodstock
+m 08/23/1762(London) George Spencer 01/26/1738|9-01/29/1817
_o 4th Duke of Marlborough, KG 1768, PC 1762, etc.
_a d Blenheim Palace, Woodstock; +m Bedford House, St.George's Sq
_b NEHGS Nexus 13.5(1996)
17>2314144hhh George Spencer 03/06/1766-03/05/1840
_o 5th Duke of Marlborough, MP (Marquess of Blandford) 1790-92, 1802-4
_n changed name 1817 to Spencer-Churchill
+m 09/05/1791(London) Lady Susan Stewart 04/10/1767-04/02/1841
_a d ParkLane London
_n sister of George Stewart, 8th Earl of Galloway 03/24/1768-03/27/1834
_b NEHGS Nexus 13.5(1996)
17>2314144hhhh George Spencer-Churchill 12/27/1793-07/01/1857
_o 6th Duke of Marlborough, MP (Marquess of Blandford) 1818-20 etc.
+m1 01/11/1819(London) Lady Jane Stewart 03/29/1798-10/12/1844
_n first cousin
_a b & d Blenheim Palace, Woodstock
+m2 06/10/1846 Hon Charlotte Augusta Flower
+m3 10/18/1851 Janes Frances Clinton Stewart (1st csn)
_b NEHGS Nexus 13.5(1996)
17>2314144hhhhh John Winston Spencer-Churchill 06/02/1822-07/04|5/1883
_o 7th Duke of Marlborough, KG 1868, PC 1866,
_o2MP (Marquess of Blandford) 1844-45 1847-57 etc.
+m 07/12/1843 Lady Frances Anne Emily (Fanny) Vane 04/15/1822-04/16/1899
_b NEHGS Nexus 13.5(1996)
17>2314144hhhhhh Randolph Churchill 02/13/1849-01/24/1895
_n properly Rt Hon Lord Randolph (Henry Spencer-) Churchill
+m[1] 04/15/1874(Paris) Jennie/Jeannette Jerome 01/09/1854-06/29/1921
[m2] 07/28/1900(London) cpt George Frederick Myddelton Cornwallis-West
[m3] 06/01/1918(London) Montague Phippen Porch
_a b BrklynNY d WestbourneSt London
_b NEHGS Nexus 13.5(1996)
17>2314144hhhhhhh Winston Churchill 11/30/1874-01/24/1965
_n properly Rt Hon Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer-) Churchill
+m 09/12/1908 Clementine Ogilvy Hozier 04/01/1885-12/12/1977
_b NEHGS Nexus 13.5(1996)
17>2314145 Carolina P-re ????-06/04/1753
+m /???? Thomas Brand
17>2314146 Ann P-re unm
17>23142 Henry P-re (ca/1637)-(ca /1666)(pre/1673) unm ag29 [PD]
17>23143 William P-re (ca /1638)-/1640 dy ag2 [PD]
17>23144 George P-re ????-(pre/1673) unm ag20 [PD]
17>23145 Gervase P-re /1649-05/22/1715 dwi ag66 [PD]
_n Baron P-re of
Ardglas(s), Ireland (03/21/1703=2Ann) and
_n2 Baron P-re of Harslope/Hanslope, Bucks (10/19/1714=1GeoI)
_n3 succeeded by nephew Evelyn P-re at death
+m /???? Lucy Pelham
_p Sir John Pelham Brt (
Laughton, Sussex; or Hanstope?)
17>23146 Frances P-re
_n charted 2nd as "Comitissa Ogle" on NT 87, first dau [chart]
+m /???? Henry Cavendish /1631-/1691
_o courtesy Earl of Ogle, 2nd E-M-Duke of Newcastle
_n Knight of the Garter
_f William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle
17>231461 Elizabeth Cavendish /1654|5-/1734
_n called "the mad Duchess" [WA220]
+m1 /1669 Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke of Albemarle
+m2 se/1692 Duke of Montagu /????-mr/1709
17>231462 [son] Cavendish "lived only an hour" [WA217]
17>231463 [son] Cavendish "lived...only 18 days" [WA217]
17>231464 Frances Cavendish /1660-/1690|1
+m John Campbell, Lord Glenorchy>2nd Earl of Breadalbane
17>231465 Margaret Cavendish /1661{??}-
_n favorite of mother and father; involved search for husband [WA223]
_n2 heir of all her f's estates, if son took name Cavendish
+m fe/1690 csn John Holles, Earl of Clare 17>23149?
_n "became the richest man in
England" on death of her f & settl of estate
17>231466 Henry Cavendish 19ja/1662-01nv/1680 dwi (only son [N2])
_o Earl of Ogle, assumed wife's titles [N2(RB says not legal)]; line ends
+m 27mr/1679 Elizabeth Piercy/Percy /1664{?}-/1722
_p dau & heir of Joceline/Jocelyn Piercy/Percy Earl Northumberland [N2]
17>231467 Katherine Cavendish /1665-/1712
+m 28au/1684 Thomas Tufton, 6th Earl of Thanet
17>231468 Arabella Cavendish /1673-/1698 (smallpox)
+m ja/1695 Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland
17>23147 Eleanor P-re dy
17>23148 Margaret P-re dy
17>23149 Grace P-re
_n charted 3rd as "Comitissa Clare" on NT 87
+m /???? Gilbert Holles 04/14/1633-01/16/1688|9 ag55 [PD]
_a 3rd Earl of Clare, Baron Houghton of Houghton
_f John Holles 1595-1666, 2nd Earl of Clare, son of John Holles sr
_m +m Elizabeth dau of Lord Henry Vere +m __ ("sister" of John Holles sr)
_b1 TS36.#590(Holles) letter of 27apr1633 mentioning his birth
_b2 TS36.#602(Holles) mentions Guilbert on 14apr1634, first tooth!
_n NT 443 seems to list a dau who +m Lord Houghton
17>23149h John Holles
+m fe/1690 csn Margaret Cavendish 17>231465 /1661-
17>23140 Gertrude P-re
_n charted 4th/last on NT 87
+m /???? George Montague, Viscount-Marquis of
_n called 2nd wife of George by NT 87
17>2315 Elizabeth P-re 06/??/1624-/1696 [PD] unm [d after /1649]
_n not charted on NT 87 or [chart]
+m csn Gervase P-re [so PD]
_q PD says "married by Gervase P-re, her nephew" (unlikely)
17>2316 Francis P-re /1613-01/30/1657|8 [NT 87] (bd Holme-P-re [PD])
_a 3rd son of Robert, built house in Nottingham [NT 500]
_o is he the Burgess of Nott in 1640|1(16ChsI) [N2] {too young?}??
_n Fran. Pierpont also listed as Burgess of Nott in 1623|4(3ChsI)
_q RB4 has death as 1658 (thus cj 1657|8 above)
02/04/1635 Elizabeth Bray\5 at Snenton
_p Thomas Bray Esq (Eyham/Eyam,
+m2 ?? Alissimon __\0 1622(?)-???? dwi
_n Foster LondMarrLic: she remarried, to Sir John Read in 1662|3, ag 40
_p "dau of the Dean of York" [PD]
17>23161 Robert P-re /1638-09/22/1682 [bd 09/22/1681 RP]
_q PD has bd at Holme-P-re 09/22/1682
_a Nottingham [NT 87]; Burgess of Nott 1660-61 1678-81 ? [N2]
+m /???? Ann/Anne/Anna Murray/Murrey\5{?} ????-08/??/1716
_x PD has d 08/22/1718 bd Holme-P-re but RP has bd 08/28/1716
_p Henry Murray/Murrey, Groom Charles I bedch +m Anne, Viscountess Bayning
_q1 PD PM34 confused about +m2 Elizabeth Darcy, sons Wm(2) and Samuel;
_q2 see RP "the honerable
_q3 Ann P-re relick of the honerable Robert P-re Esq. of
_q4 Nottingham was buried" 08/28/1716; and a Samuel is listed
_q5 as son of William and Elizabeth -- see 17>231614 ?]
17>231611 Francis P-re
03/10/1661-?? (?bd 08/17/1694 RP) dwi
_o prob not the "Hon Francis Pierepont" = Burgess of Nott 1689-90 [N2]
_q ag 12 on
03/10/1674 [NT 87], thus born 1662 ?
17>231612 George P-re (ca /1664|5)-???? dy/dwi
_n ag 9 on
03/10/1674 [NT 87]
17>231613 Jane P-re
_n not included on NT 84 chart (to 1674)
+m /???? Bernard Gilpin, clerk [PD PM] or Rv [chart]
17>231614 William P-re /1670-?? (?"of
Nottingham" bd 09/06/1707 RP) dwi
_o prob not William Pierepont=Burgess of Nott 1695 1698-1702 1705(d) [N2]
_n ag 4 on
03/10/1674 [NT 87]
+m1 ?? Ann/Anne Greville P-re wd of Wm, 4th Earl of Kingston
_p eldest dau & coheir of Robert Greville, Lord Brooke
+m2 ?? Elizabeth Darcy
_p Sir Thomas Darcy/D'Arcy
_x correcting PD PM34 as to who +m Elizabeth Darcy; not Robert.
17>2316141 William P-re ????-(bd?
05/23/1719 see below) dy
_x correcting PD PM34
17>2316142 Samuel P-re ????-(bd? 12/14/1711 see below) dy
_x correcting PD PM34
_n cf RP "Samuel the son of Wm P-re Earl of Nottingham Esq
_n1 and Elizabeth his wife was buried in the vault" 12/14?/1711
_n2 (but RB says P-res were never Earls of Nott; read Kingston?).
_n3 See also confusing notice in RP: "Wm P-re Esq. son of ?MPE{Anne?} P-re,
_n4 widow of Robert of Wm P-re of Nott. Esq. was buryed"
17>231615 Anne P-re /1674[NT 84]-
_n "nat. 1674" [NT 87]; "second dau" [chart]
+m /???? Thomas Newport, Lord Torrington
17>23162 William P-re dy
17>23163 Henry P-re
17>23164 Elizabeth P-re (living in /1651 [PD])
_n not included in [chart]
17>23165 Frances P-re 1644(?)-10/23/1681 [PD]
_n "only dau" [chart]
+m 07/20/1661(MiddlesexENG) William Paget(t)
_p s and heir of William, Lord Pagett [PD]
_b Foster's London Marriage Licenses
_q "only dau of Hon. Francis P-re of Nottingham, esq., deceased"
_n "with consent of her uncle William P-re, of Lincoln's Inn Fields,
_n2 Middlesex, esq."
17>2317 Robert P-re (living in /1639 [PD]) unm
_n "fourth son" [chart]
_q PD makes the impossible claim that he d 1745 {read 1645?}
17>2318 Gervase/Gertbas P-re dwi ?[bd
10/16/1679, d in Harlum Holland RP]
_n erected monument to his Mother in HP Church [NT 90]
_n1 "fifth son" [chart]
17>2319 George P-re 07/??/1628-(bd
07/07/1666 Holme-P-re)
_a Old Cotes,
_n "sixth son" [chart]
+m /???? Mary Jones
_p Gn Isaac Jones (
London) +m ??
_n sr of Sir Samuel Jones knt (Courtenhall, Notts)
17>23191 Henry P-re dwi
_a Old Cotes,
17>23192 Samuel P-re ????-09/01/1707 (bd Sutton Derbys) unm [PD]
17>232 Frances P-re [PD PM]
_n listed as 4th child[NT 87], 3rd dau[HP2 chart]
+m /???? Thomas, Earl(Comes) of Kelly (Scotl.)
Elizabeth(a) P-re [bp 02/01?/1568 RP]
_n listed as 3rd child[NT 87], 2nd dau[HP2 chart]; Eliz./Mary reversed in PD PM
+m /???? Richard Stapleton Esq
17>234 Maria P-re [bp 03/01?/1569 RP]-03/08/1670{sic[NT 356]}
_x order reversed in PD PM; listed as 5th child[NT 87], 4th dau[HP2]
+m 24fe1605(Holme-P-re) Foulke/Fulke/Fouke/Fulco Cartwright /????-05mr1641
_a Ossington, Notts
_n chart of Cartwright line in NT 355 [also TS13.83&55, 1662 census]
_q RM has the +m
02/14/1606, at Holme [TS13.83 "St.Mathias Day, 1605"]
17>2341 William Cartwright de Ossington [TS13.83 ag 54 on
+m /26my1634 Katherine/Catherine Marshall [TS13.83]
_p dau and coheir of Will.[Edm. TS]
Marshall of Earl/Com. Essex [Berks. TS]
17>23411 Foulke Cartwright dy
17>23412 Will. Cartwright /1638|9-???? [ag 35 in /1674 NT 355]
17>23413 Philip Cartwright dy
17>23414 George Cartwright /1643|4-
17>23415 Edmund Cartwright dy
17>23416 Dorothy Cartwright dy [= #1 dau]
17>23417 Catherine Cartwright dy [= #2 dau]
17>23418 Mary Cartwright dy [= #3 dau]
17>2342 Geo. Cartwright c/1612-
+m /???? Christian Beresford{??}
_p Christ. Beresford of Ledenham, Linc.
17>23421 George Cartwright
17>23422 Carolus/Carl Cartwright
17>2343 Francis Thomas John Gervase Cartwright [4 more boys] dunm
_n charted as one entry in NT, but 4 separate names in TS
17>2344 Thomas Cartwright [2nd of 4 boys] dunm
17>2345 John Cartwright [3rd of 4 boys]
17>2346 Gervase Cartwright [last of 4 boys]
17>2347 Frances Cartwright [= #1 dau]
+m /???? William Strelley c/1609-???? [TS13.8]
17>23471 Mary Strelley 09ap1636-????
+m Matthew Plowman
17>23472 Frances Strelley 07je1637-????
_d TS13.55 has born 07je1639, but before Catherine!
17>23473 Catherine Strelley 17fe1639-????
17>2348 Mary Cartwright
+m 05fe/1634 Philip Lacock c/1600-/???? [TS13.84]
17>23481 George Lacock /????-16my/1662 unm
17>23482 Charles Lacock c/1639-????
17>23483 Philip Lacock c/1642-????
17>23484 Henry Lacock c/1644-????
17>23485 Francis Lacock c/1645-????
17>23486 Anne Lacock c/????-????
+m /???? William Lasco [TS13.84]
17>23487 Mary Lacock c/????-????
17>2349 Grace Cartwright
+m /???? Fulc./Foulke Stephenson/Stevenson (NT 355 entry not clear)
17>2340 Anne Cartwright [TS13.83]=Anna. Jane. Kath. [NT 355]
_n last 3 dau charted as one in NT 355, as 3 in TS13
+m Henry Champion [TS13.83]
17>234a Catherine Cartwright [Kath. NT355, listed last]
17>234b Jane Cartwright [listed next to last NT355]
17>235 Grace/Grantista/Gratia P-re [bp 11/06?/1586 RP]
_n listed as 2nd child[NT 87], first dau [HP2]
_n1 mask at Haddon Hall (RB; see PDp9n1)
+m /???? Sir George Manvers[PD]/Manners[PM]/Mauners knt,
_p Johan. Manners +m Dorothea dau & coheir of Geo. Vernon de Haddon knt
_n "The King of the Peak" (Peak District; includes Chatsworth) [RB]
17>2351 John/Johannes Manners, Earl/Comes [NT 115b]
_n Earl of Rutland, father of "Lord Roos" (courtesy title) [RB]
+m /???? Frances Mountague ????-05/19/1671
_p Ed. Lord/Dom. Mountague [NT 115b]
17>23511 John/Johannes Manners, Lord/Dom. Ros/Roos [NT 115b]
_n +m his cousin Anne 19>111, but dv by Act of Parliament 1666
+m1 ?? Anna/Anne [P-re ?] March
_p Hen. [P-re ?] March "Dorcest. repudiata" [NT 115b]
_n ref to Aug(?) 1660 tiff between
Dorchester (Henry P-re) and Roos?
+m2 ?? Diana Bruce Alesbury ????-/1672 dwi
_p Earl/Com. Alesbury
17>23512 Frances Manners
+m /???? Earl/Com. of
Exeter [NT 115b]
17>23513 Grace/Gracia Manners "Dom. Chaworth" [NT 115b]
17>23514 Dorothea Manners "Dom. Ashley" [NT 115b]
17>23515 Margarita Manners "Comitissa Sarisb." [NT 115b]
_n or possibly dau of 17>23514 (chart is unclear) [NT 115b]
17>23516 Elizabeth Manners "Domina Annesly" [NT 115b]
_n or possibly dau of 17>23514 (chart is unclear) [NT 115b]
+m ?? Robert Sutton (Lord Lexington) [so RB4 chart]
17>23517 Anna Manners
_n or possibly dau of 17>23514 (chart is unclear) [NT 115b]
+m /???? Sir Scrope How knt
17>24 Gervase P-re dwi [PD]
Second son of George and Winifred.

He was regarded as the more obstinate of the brothers over his Catholic faith.

He died without issue.

_n brass plaque in church [NT 89] "Armigerum, filium secundogenitum"
_n listed as 5th or 6th child on NT 87 chart; 2nd son of Winnifred in PD
17>25 William P-re [ca /1547-/1648{sic RB1}]
No indication is given to William’s religious beliefs, but there is every possibility that he differed from his elder brothers, simply because he was not noted for recusancy as they were.
_a claimed from Bureton, Lancaster [D. G. Bones let 7/90]
_n1 listed as 3rd son, or last child [NT 87]; 3rd son of Winnifred in PD, PBr
_n2 PD has this William as progenitor of American branch
_n3 PD says he was mentioned in father's 1564 will
+m /???? Elizabeth Harris
_p Sir Thomas Harris (Bt) [RB1]
_n PD says Elizabeth was executrix of William's will in 1648 (unlikely)
17>251 William P-re (mi extinct by 1773) [PBr
(c. 1565-1660?)]
_n1 PD says he is mentioned in his father's will in 1648
_n2 a William Pierepont is knt in Nott in 1660 (Burgess 1695-1705 = anoth?)
[is this the place for the William mentioned in the RM Lincolnshire lists?]
??? William/Guliemi at Irnham
???1 Katherina
???2 Alicia
???3 Maria
???4 Jacobus/James
Elizabeth 10/05/1597
17>252 Richard (mi extinct by 1773) [PBr
(c. 1579-1648?)]
_n1 PD says he is mentioned in his father's will in 1648
[is this the place for the Richard mentioned in the RM Lincolnshire lists?]
+m /???? __
??? Richard at Bourne
???1 Brydget
???2 Willyam/William
???3 Dorothy(e)
???4 Richard(e)
???5 William
???6 Anne
Elizabeth 08/30/1612
17>253 James P-re ??(
London ?)-(died before /1664, bd in Ipswich MA) [PBr (c. 1597-1664?)]
_n(PBr) He owned a large estate in Derbyshire, and made his money through trade between England and Ireland.  However, he fell into bankruptcy during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell, following the Civil War.  It was at this point he went to America to visit his sons, who had migrated there earlier in the seventeenth century just before the Civil War, and he died in America. He was certainly a Puritan in his beliefs, which were perhaps instilled in him by his father.
_o merchant with large estate in Derbyshire, in trade with Ireland
_q PCS claims (wrongly, it seems) he d 1682 at CanaanCT {see son James!}
_n1 PD says he is mentioned in his father's will in 1648
_n2 PHD says came to America in 1631, citing Wm Whiting (Roxbury)
_b PM4 gives excerpts from letter of great grandson James
+m /???? Margaret ["Nash?" so PRU] ??-/1664(London)
_n PMp133 gives text of letter to son John regarding her death and will

20>1 John P-re /1617[PM](LondonENG)-12/07/1682(Roxbury MA) [ag 63|65 GR]
_a came to America ca 1640 [HE,PCS]; purch land in Ipswich 11/15/1649[MP] from William Fellows (15 acres) [PRU]
_a1 [PRU] 20je1648 purch property in Rocksbury & elsewhere from John Stowe
_a2 purchased ca 300 acres = Dorchester 1656; also sold much before 1652 [PRU]
_a3 left ENG from Foulkston Kent in 1640 ? [PSC9302]
_an PWW claims came to
America at age 14 in 1631
_o mill owner ("malster"; business in family for ca. a century [PRU]), rep
Gen Court , magistrate [AG7]; many purchases -- esp. mills -- documented in PRU
_o2 MP: "memb. chh Rox.
Nov. 17, 1650 ; frm.[freeman] May 26, 1652"
_o3 PHD claims was deputy or representative in 1672 (Farmer's Register)
_q b 1618 [AG]/ 1619 [PD AG7.625 PCS]; ag 64 [MP]; name changed to P- [HE]
_q2 d CanaanCT [PCS & others?]
_q3 PHD note refers to (rejected) claim d Feb 1682 aged 65 years (Wm Davis)
_q4 PHD claims aged 64 at death on 07de1682
_w "Drake's history of Roxbury described John's estate to include 'malting and mills for grinding and fulling,' which he fortified during King Philip's War (1675-6)" [PRU]
_w1 self-written 10/12/1681 (unsigned); probated 12/27/1682, attested bro Robert P-,
_w2 wd Thankful, children John, James, Ebenezer, and by John Hayward
_w3 (+m dau Experience, guard of Joseph) & Dea Wm Parke (guard Benjamin);
_w4 also refers to a "cousin Baret" {=? Barret(t)} alive in 1681 [MP]
_w5 Is this from common ancestor 17> William P-re fl 1500?
_n MP 221 refers to 1666 will of Robert Hawes, which names "bro." John P-
_n2 and "son" Humphrey Barrett; see also wife Frances Hawes will
_n3 naming a Sarah Bartlett as helpful "maid."
Eustice St burying ground in Roxbury on 11de1682 [PRU], "John Pierpont who expired ye 7th of December, Anno Dom. 1682, Aetatis suae 65"
_b [MP=] Charles H. Pope, The Pioneers of Mass. (
Boston : 1900) 361
+m 1646-1648|9(MA) Thankful Stow\10 03/??/1629(KentENG)-/1682+
_q1 date of baptism at Biddenden, Kent, 29mr1629
_q2 date of marriage between 17no1646 and 03ja1648|9 [PRU]
_q3 still living in 1681 (husband's will) and 1682 (assent for probate) [PSU]
_r "Thankfull Pearepoynt, wife of John Peirpoint" member of 1st Church of Roxbury by 1650 [PRU]
_pn new info from Cochran (e-mail) 12/23/1991 LDS
_pf John Stow (Hawkhurst,
Biddenden , Kent ENG) ca 1581|2{95?}-26oc1643
_pm +m 13se1608 (Kent ENG)
Elizabeth Bigge/Biggs[so HE] 10/??/1590-21au1638

_pn John Stow1, b. abt. 1595, came from Hawkhurst, Co. Kent, England, embarking on the ship Elizabeth, Apr. 9, 1634, and arriving in New England May 17. He brought his wife, Elizabeth Bigg, his six children, and her mother, Rachel Bigg. He settled in Roxbury, where he was made a freeman Sept. 3, 1634, was in 1638 a member of the Artillery Company of Boston, and in 1639 was twice elected to the General Court. Apostle Eliot wrote : "He was a Kentish man. . . . Elizabeth Stow, the wife of John Stow, she was a godly matron, a blessing not only to her family but to all the church & when she had lead a Christian conversation a few years among us, she dyed & left a good savor behind her." She d. Aug., 1638. He died Oct. 26, 1643.
_pa they came to New England in 1634 [MP 438][SD says 17may] + 6 children
_ms1 (9 children) 1=John +m Sibell 2=Samuel 3=Smallhope +m Elizabeth
_ms2 4=Thomas 5=Elizabeth 6=John 7=Nathaniel 8=Samuel 9=Thankful
_sw Samuel Stow's will dated 20ap1704 is known
_sw2 see http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jdevlin/wills/stow_saml1704.htm
_ms3 where does Patience Bigge +m ?? Foster fit in (son Hopestill Foster)?
_fb MP 438: John Stow died after 1648 [PCS has 1643 = LDS=SD; b
London ]
_ff John Stowe/Stow 12/??/1538-??/??/1600|1 +m30jl1572 Joan Baker
_fm Joan Baker 1542{?}-9oc1616
_mn PCS has her d 1638 = LDS (Roxbury)
_mf John Bigge/Biggs 1550|60{??}-13au1605 +m14se1583(Tenterden,KentENG)
_mfw [PRU] Thankfull requested her legacy on 03ja1648|9 from "John Bigg" will
_mm MP 49 wd Rachel (Martin) Bigg to America in " Elizabeth " 04/17/1635 , lived in Dorchester [PRU]
_mmb je1565{?}(Lydd,KentENG)-1646|7 (DorchesterMA)
_mps 11 child
_mmp James Martin 1530|40{??}-1583 m27jl1562 Joan Adam 1544-1582
_mmmp William Adam +m Alice Baker (Lydd, Kent ENG)
_mmw dated 17no1646, leaves "much to Thankful" [PRU]
_mmw 1647 mentions John Stow as son-in-law, and his children
_mmw2 also wills of her sons John and Smallhope in Cran(e)brooke, Kent ENG
_mmn MP 172 mentions wd Patience Foster 1595-??, dau of Rachel Biggs; also Elizabeth Stow is another dau [PRU]
_mmn2 Hopestill Foster and sons of John Stow 05/10/1646 re Biggs inherit
_b Ancestors of Henry Ward Beecher..., by Josephine C. Frost (1927) 103f
_w EM 02/1657: probate will of William Boys{Boyce} (Cranbrook Kent) who
_w2 had kinsmen Thomas and John Stow in New England [=? sons of John; MP]
20>11 Thankful P- 11/26/1649(Ipswich MA)-12/16/1649 dy
_n bap 02de1649 as dau of "Thom: Pairpoynt" [PRU]
20>12 John P- 07/22/1651-07/28/1651 dy
20>13 John P- 10/28/1652-12/30/1690(Roxbury MA) dwi
_x PM misprints date of d as 1600
_q PWW has birth in Sept; PRU bap Roxbury 31oc1652
_n [R list: "was in K.Philip's War/lived in Boston"]
_n2 details of transactions, etc., in PRU
20>14 Experience P- 02{01}/04/1654{1655}(Roxbury MA)-c1698
_n MP: "dau. Experience b. 4 (11) 1654" [=4 ja 1653|4|5]; ? = 4fe?;  PRU bap 18mr1654|5
_q PWW says she died in infancy, calls her Eunis
_w she is named as a widow in will of brother Benjamin in 1697|8 [PHD]
+m[2] 11/12/1678|9[PHD] John Hayward [MP PHD] c1639[PRU]-c1695|6
_q PRU marr 12fe1678|9 (Roxbury)
_n info on children, wills, etc. in PRU
20>141 Experience Hayward c1680-17se1751 "age 64 [sic]"
_g Grove Street cem, New Haven
+m 09de1714(Boston) William Lyon c1687-??mr1726 ag 39
_g buried with his wife
20>142 Silence Hayward 09de1683(BostonMA)-06no1752+ dwi
20>143 John Hayward 25my1686(BostonMA)-28ap1722(NewHavenCT) ag 35
_n recorded as "William" at birth [PRU]

20>144 Mehetabel Hayward c1692-09je1711+ unm
_n "must have died before her brother John's estate was distributed in 1722" [PRU]

20>145 Thankful Hayward 17fe1691|2(BostonMA)-01oc1692(BostonMA) dy
20>146 Rachel Hayward 30jl1694(BostonMA)-21fe1730(BostonMA)
_n sold her share of brother John's estate to sister Silence on 27jl1728 [PRU]
+m 04ap1729(BostonMA) Adam Mariner
_f James Marriner (FalmouthME; PortsmouthNH)
20>15 Anne P- [PHD] 08/04/1657(Roxbury MA)-{bd}08/09/1657[PHD] dy
_n MP: "infant b. and d. 1657"; PWW unnamed, died same day; PRU died unbaptized
20>16 James P- 01/04/1659|60(RoxburyMA)-11/22/1714(NwH) [GR ag 55]
_n MP: "James bapt. 8 (11) 1659"; AG3.73 has b 1659/60; 1659 [PD PM PHD]
_x PWW says died young!
_e Roxbury Latin Schl 1677, BA Harv 1681; helped found Yale
_r Roxbury church covenant (02de1683), member (16mr1684|5); NewHaven (22mr1685|6)
_o 4th pastor 1st Church NwH 1684-1714; ordained 07/02/1685 [SD PHD]
_q check death date 11/22[PM PE] or 11/02 (Gregorian or Julian)? or 14no [GLP]
_g most report GR ag 55 but PE says ag 54 (Fam Bible)
_g2 buried City Burial Ground, NewHavenCT, or first under Center Church on the Green
_d Sundry False Hopes of Heaven, Discovered and Decryed (Boston:
_d1 T.Green at his shop in Middle-Street, 1712)
_d2 A Confession of Faith ... at SayBrook Sept 9th 1708 (New London:
_d3 Thomas Short, 1710; Timothy Green, 1760)
_w is named as executor of brother Benjamin's will in 1697|8 [PHD]
_b obit died 22no1714 in 55th year, much praise, also as physician [NEHGS newsp]
+m1 10/27/1691(NewHavenCT) Abigail Davenport 08/20/1672-02/03/1691|2 dwi[ag20]
_p John Davenport +m Abigail Pierson
_pp Abigail was a grandau of her husbands predecessor at NwH church [PHD]
_n said to have died of consumption after attending church in wedding dress,
_n2 in accord with custom, the Sunday after wedding [L.Bacon apud PHD]
+m2 05/30/1694(Hartford) Sarah Haynes\1 /1673-10/27{07}/1696(NewHavenCT) [ag23]
_qd 10/07/1696 [PHD PRU & others; see L.Bacon Hist Discourses 192]
_p Rv Joseph Haynes 1641-1679 m1668 Sarah Lord 1638-1705 [AG2.178]
_fp Gov John Haynes 1594-1654 +m2 Mabel Harlakenden 1614-?? [AG7.857]
_fff John Haynes [D.Allen]
_fmp Richard Harlackendon/-en +m Margaret Hobart ????-1634 [D.Allen]
_mp Cpt Richard Lord 1610-1662 +m Sarah Graves [AG2.77; to Am 1635]
_mfp Thomas Lord 1585|6-1667 +m Dorothy Bulkley [AG2.406]
_n Haynes geneal by F.H.Newell in NEHGR 47(1893) 71ff does not list
_n2 Joseph explicitly, but mentions in passing when discussing the
_n3 children of John{2} son of Walter{1} that "John{3} and Joseph
_n4 [sic!] each had children" !
+m3 07/26/1698 Mary Hooker\8 07/03/1673(FrmgtnCT)-11/01/1740(NewHavenCT) [ag68]
_p Rv Samuel Hooker 1633|35(ENG)-06no1697 +m 22se1658 Mary Willet(te) 10no1637-24je1712(Frmgtn) [NEHGS]
_pq0 b 04my1643 in PlymouthMA [MNK notebook "History:Pierpont" chart]
_pq +m 1656 [PB]; 09/22/1658 [PSC][NEHGS]
_fp Rv Thomas Hooker 1586-07jl1647 +m Susanna Pym {Susan Garbrand ? [EM]}
_ffo first pastor of
, Hartford [L.Bacon aput PHD]
_fmp Cpt Thomas Willett 1610(ENG)-03au1674 +m 06jl1636 Mary Browne ??-01/08/1699 ag64
_mfb sketch in PB15; 1st mayor of NYC 1667-1668
_mfq one source at NEHGS seems to say b 1605, not 1610
_mmp John Brown 1584(ENG)-04/10/1662 +m Dorothy __ {1584}-1673 [MP will]
_mmmq confusion in records? +m 03/26/1634(PlymouthMA) Phebe Harding [MP]
_mmfb sketch in PB15
20>161 Abigail/Abagail P- 09/19/1696-10/10/1768 ae73
+m 11/06/1716 Rv Joseph Noyes 10/16/1688-06/14/1761 (NwH) NEHGS
_p Rv James Noyes 1640-1719 (Stonington) m1674 Dorothy Stanton (Hrtfrd)
_pn a founder of Yale College
_pb AG1.183+502(>Thomas 1679-1755),748-9(>John 1685-1751)
_fp Rv James Noyes 1608-1656 +m 1634(ENG) Sarah Brown (Southampton)
_ffb Harv1659, AG1.986, etc. (had brother Nicholas Noyes 1614-1701)
_ffn came to America in 1634 on "Mary and John"
_e Yale 1709, 1st Cong Ch (NwH)
_b Descendants of Rv Wm Noyes by LaVerne W. Noyes (Chi 1900)
_b2 see AG1.249,254-5
_n These names do not appear in F.H.Newell's Haynes-Noyes list 1893
20>1611 Joseph Haines Noyes 08/06/1718-10/06/1718 dy
20>1612 Sarah Noyes 03/19/1721|22-01/25/1797(WethersfieldCT)
_n lost 6 children during Fr & Ind Wars, raised 7 others [Harv1722.26]
+m 11/19/1747 Col John Chester 06/30/1703(WeathersfieldCT)-09/11/1771
_e Harv 1722 [not Yale as in AG1.255]; MA1725 delayed; sons to Yale!
_o lifelong rep in Gen Assmb from WeathersfieldCT, justice of peace
_n apparently Tory sympathies
_p 8th child of Mj John Chester ??-1711
+m Hannah Talcott
_b Harv1722.24-27, AG1.255; CT Courant 09/24/1771; NEHGR 22.342 (genealogy)
20>1612h Col John Chester 01/18/1748(WethersfieldCT)-11/04/1809 61yr
_e Yale 1766, Harv MA1775
_om capt at Bunker Hill, etc AG1.254
_k bro Leonard Chester 1750-1803 (Yale 1769)
+m 11/25/1773 Elizabeth Huntington\12 /1757-07/01/1834{|39} 78yr
_q var date +m 12/02/1773 [Yale1766.178]
_p Gen Jabez Huntington (Yale 1741; NorwichCT)
_n 6 dau and 6 sons (3 lived to maturity) [Yale1766.179]
20>1612hh Hannah Chester 1781(?)-02/06/1821(PhiladelphiaPA) 40yr
+m 09/26/1808 Hon Charles Chauncey 08/17/1777(NwH)-08/30/1849(NJ) ag72
_a NwH, Philadelphia 1799-, BurlingtonNJ (country home)
_e Yale 1792 (started age 10-11) HonLLD 1827; law bar 1795 (1798 of age)
_d see Yale1792 list
_n csn 20>1613?1, name spelled Chauncy in Yale1766.179, 3 sons 3 dau
_n2 2 sons d inf, one son and one dau d as young adults
20>1612hhh _m Chauncey [son]
_e Yale 1828
20>1612hhi _f Chauncey [dau]
+m /???? Backus
20>1612hhih Rv Dr John C. Backus ["grandson"]
_e Yale 1830 [Yale1766.179]
20>1612hhj _m Chauncey [son] dy
20>1612hhk _m Chauncey [son] dy
20>1612hhm _f Chauncey [dau]
20>1612hhn _f Chauncey [dau]
20>1612hi John Chester dd 08/17/1785-01/12/1829 44yr
_n eldest son
_e Yale 1804; Union honDD1821
_a WethersfieldCT; HatfieldMA; HudsonNY; AlbanyNY; PhilaPA
_o "bacame a clergyman" 1807 [Yale1766.179], poor health
_d Yale1804 list
_v portrait 1813 (corpulent)
+m 06/01/1818 Rebecca Ralston 1790(?)-10/28/1856 ag66
_p Robert Ralston (Phila PA)
_n 5 dau (& 2 other children dinf)
20>1612hi1 Sarah Ralston Chester /1819-
+m /1838 Rv Samuel Beach Jones /1811-/1883
_e Yale 1831, 1st Presb Ch (Bridgeton NJ)
20>1612hi1h Samuel Beach Jones md /1842-/1910
_e Columbia MD1872
+m /1878 Gertrude Ralston Crosby /1851-/1920
20>1612hi1h1 Paul Townsend Jones 09/30/1879(NYC)-
_e Princ 1902 1903CE, civil engineer
_b AG1.254
+m 10/23/1914 Elizabeth Belknap
_p Robert Lenox Belknap
20>1612hi1h11 Rutgers Crosby Jones 10/11/1917(NYC)-
20>1612hi1h12 Janet Lenox Maitland Jones 08/13/1919(NYC)-
20>1612hi1h2 Helen Rutgers Jones /1880-/1883
20>1612hi1h3 Leonard Chester Jones 02/02/1886(NYC)-
_e Princ 1907BS 1909MA, Geneva 1916DL
_o prof hist Union Coll 1921-1923
_a Schenectady NY
_b AG1.254
+m 07/20/1918 Yvonne-Marguerite Jequier (Neucha^tel SWITZ)
_p Auguste Jean Jequier (SWITZ)
20>1612hi1h31 Mary Crosby Jones 01/01/1920(HanoverNH)-
20>1612hi1h32 Samuel Beach Jones iv 11/08/1921(Neucha^tel SWITZ)
20>1612hi1h4 Edward Crosby Jones /1887
20>1612hm _m Chester [son]
_e Union 1814, "a lawyer" [Yale1766.179]
20>1612hp Rv William Chester /1795-/1865
_e Union 1815, founder & head Presb Bd Home Missions (PhilaPA)
+m /1826 Frances White ????-/1865
_p Dr Samuel White (
Hudson NY )
20>1612hph Rv John Chester /1832-/1910
_e Princ 1851, Metropolitan Presb Ch (Washington)
+m /1855 Rachel Anne Alward /1830-/1887
20>1612hph1 Lily Alward Chester /1858-
20>1612hph2 Frances M. Chester /1859-/1883
20>1612hph3 Rachel A. Chester /1861-/1902
+m /???? Edward H. Eakle
20>1612hph4 Rv William Chester
11/26/1863 ( Burlington NJ )-
_e Princ 1884 1887AM, Union Th Sem 1887
_b AG1.255
05/18/1887 Bessie Bell Cushing ????-08/22/1887
_p Gen William Cushing (BostonMA)
+m2 07/22/1890 Marion Merrill Smith
_b AG1.255 (Merrill)
_p Sherburne Sanborn Merrill 1819-/1885 (MilwaukeeWI)
_m +m Mary Ellen Freeman 1831-
20>1612hph41 William Merrill Chester 11/04/1891(Milwaukee WI)-
_e Princ 1913, Columbia 1916LLB
_a MilwaukeeWI
_b AG1.255
+m 07/07/1917 Alice Chapman Miller
_p George Peckham Miller (MilwaukeeWI)
20>1612hph411 Marion Merrill Chester 10/12/1919(Milwaukee WI)-
20>1612hph412 George Miller Chester 07/15/1922(Milwaukee WI)-
20>1612hph42 Norman Merrill Chester 03/05/1895(Milwaukee WI)-
_e Princ 1917
20>1612hph5 John Chester /1869-
+m /???? Marion Elizabeth Goold
20>1612i Leonard Chester 09/??/1750(WethersfieldCT)-08/??/1803(NY)
_e Yale 1769
_n d of yellow fever in 53rd year having recently moved to NY
+m 09/19/1776 Sally Williams 10/31/1758-
_f Hon Col William Williams jr 1711-1785
_fe Harv 1729 (lengthy and colorful account of his life)
_fp Rv William Williams (Harv 1705) +m Hannah Stoddard (dau of Solomon)
_m +m1 1733 Miriam Tyler ??-1751; +m2 Sarah Wells; +m3 Hannah Dickenson
_mp Andrew Tyler +m Meriam Pepperrell
_n 5 sons, 5 dau
20>1612ih _f
Chester [dau]
+m /???? Rv Isaac Briggs (Brown 1795)
20>1612ii _m Chester [son]
20>1612iih Charles T. Chester (Yale 1845) grandson of Leonard Chester
20>1612a Stephen Chester 10/28/1761(WethersfieldCT)-12/06/1835 75yr
_e Yale 1780
+m 11/05/1788 Elizabeth (Betsy) Mitchell 1770-12/22/1852 ag82
_k oldest dau; 6 brothers, all Yale grads
_f Hon Stephen Mix Mitchell 12/09/1743-09/30/1835 (Yale 1763)
_m +m 08/02/1769 Hannah Grant ??-02/14/1830 ag81 (NewtownCT)
_mp Donald Grant (SCOT) +m Arminal Toucey
_fp only child of James Mitchell (SCOT) +m2 Rebecca Mix
_fm first cousin of Jonathan Edwards, died in son's infancy
_fmp Rv Stephen Mix +m Mary Stoddard
_n 6 dau, 6 sons
20>1612a1 Stephen Mitchell Chester 10/18/1793-04/14/1862 69yr unm
_e Yale 1813
20>1612a2 Donald Chester 07/25/1795-09/25/1835 41yr unm
_e Yale 1814
_o merchant in BaltimoreMD; several voyages around Cape Horn
20>1612ah _f Chester [dau]
+m /???? Dr Lemuel W. Belden (Yale 1821)
20>1612b Thomas Chester
01/07/1764 (WeathersfieldCT)- 10/02/1831 68yr
_e Yale 1780
03/26/1795 Esther Margaret Bull 1777(?)-06/22/1844 67yr
_p Col Joseph Bull (HartfordCT)
_n 4 dau, 1 son
20>1612bh _m Chester [son]
_e Yale 1818
20>1612bk [3rd dau] Chester
+m /???? Prof Sylvester Hovey (Yale 1819)
20>1613 Abigail/Abagail Noyes 03/20/1722|23{|24[AG]}-07/19/1797(NwH) ag73
+m 07/23/1745 Thomas Darling 02/21/1719|20-11/30/1789 70yr
_p Samuel Darling +m Susanna (NewportRI)
_fo cordwainer, attorney 1737
_a NewportRI > NwH, d WoodbridgeCT
_e Yale 1740; theol studies; tutor
_o preacher, tutor, merchant (partner Nathan Whiting Yale 1743), judge
_n "7 or 8 children" [Yale1740]; Tory leanings; large in stature
20>16131 [#1] Darling ca 1746|7
20>16132 [#2] Darling ca 1749
20>16133 Samuel Darling 01/30/1751(NwH)-01/15/1842 ag91
_e Yale 1769; medical studies
_o rector Hopkins sch; medicine & druggist
+m 12/22/1779 Clarinda Ely 1759|60(?)-07/28/1847 88yr
_p Rv Richard Ely +m ?? (MadisonCT)
_n "leaving 7 children" at death; 3 dau, but 2 sons dinf [Yale1769]
20>161331 [ ] Darling ca1780|1
20>161332 _f Darling [dau] ca1783
+m /???? Loring D. Dewey
_e Williams 1814
20>161333 [ ] Darling ca1787
20>161334 [ ] Darling ca1790
20>161335 [ ] Darling ca1793
20>161336 [ ] Darling ca1796
20>161337 [ ] Darling ca1799
_e Yale 1820
20>16134 Thomas Darling jr /1752-/1815 (Wdbrdg)
+m /1781 Mary Dibble /1760-/1816
_p only dau of John Dibble 1735- (Yale 1758) +m Mary Terrill (Woodbridge)
_k 3 brothers, oldest Yale 1778
20>161341 Noyes Darling 09/19/1782-
Yale 1801
+m 04/15/1826 Ann Parker 1800(?)-07/03/1869 69yr
_p Ebenezer Parker +m Abigail Dudley
_n 2 dau 2 son (1st son dinf)
20>16134i John Darling /1789-/1825
+m /1809 Susan Heminway /1788-/1824
20>16134ih Catherine Darling /1823-/1906
+m /1847 James White Ross /1822-/1896
20>16134ih1 Elbert Darling Ross /1849-/1923
+m /1871 Emily Catharine [sic AG] Robertson
20>16134ih2 Marshall Key Ross md /1852-/1881
20>16134ih3 Henry Addison Ross /1854-????
+m /1880 Lelia Catherine Minton
20>16134ih4 Annette Ross
03/08/1858 (Perrysburg OH)-????
_b AG2.178
12/27/1876 Charles Robinson Hume 10/21/1847 ( Riga NY )-
_b AG2.178
20>16134ih41 Carleton Ross Hume
04/30/1878 (Tontogany OH)-????
08/20/1907 Verne Gossard
_p Rv Thomas +m Gossard (LosAngeles)
20>16134ih411 Ross Gossard Hume [AG]
20>16134ih412 Dorothy Anne Hume [AG]
20>16134ih413 Elizabeth Verne Hume [AG]
20>16134ih42 Raymond Robinson Hume md
07/26/1880 (Tontogany OH)-????
_b AG2.178
+m 09/10/1918 Mabelle Marie Williams
_p William Garrard Williams
20>16134ih43 Harold James Hume 10/11/1881-11/13/1881 dy
20>16134ih44 Merle Marshall Hume 03/08/1885-07/08/1885 dy
20>16134ih44 Irene Annette Hume 09/30/1886-11/05/1886 dy
20>16134ih5 Celida Ross /1864-
+m /1891 Jacob U. Shade
20>16135 [#5] Darling ca 1753|4
20>16136 [#6] Darling ca 1755
20>16137 Abigail Darling ca 1756(?)
_q dau of Thomas Darling of NwH (Yale 1740) acc to Yale1792.8
+m ca/1776 Hon Charles Chauncey lld (NwH)
_p Elihu Chauncey +m Mary Griswold (Durham)
20>161371 Charles Chauncey 08/17/1777(NwH)-08/30/1849(BurlingtonNJ)
_e Yale 1792 (started at age 10-11); law bar 1795 (1798 legal age)
_a NwH, Philadelphia 1799-, BurlingtonNJ (country home)
+m 09/26/1808 Hannah Chester 1781(?)-02/06/1821(PhiladelphiaPA)
_p 3rd dau of Hon John Chester (Yale 1766) (WethersfieldCT)
_n csn 20>1612h [children listed there]
20>161372 Elihu Chauncey 01/15/1779(NwH)-04/08/1847(PhilaPA) 69yr
_e Yale 1796; law bar 1800
_a NwH, Philadelphia 1796
_o law, journalism, banking, railroads, politics
+m /???? Henrietta Teackle ??-03/02/1832
_a Accomac County VA
_n 3 dau
20>1613721 _f Chauncey [dau]
20>1613722 _f Chauncey [dau]
20>1613723 _f Chauncey [dau]
20>161375 Nathaniel Chauncey 02/27/1789(NwH)-02/09/1865(PhilaPA) ag76
_e Yale 1806; law bar
_o law, commerce, travel (Europe 1823-28), literature, genealogy
_g bd NwH beside parents
_d Yale1806 list
_b NEHGS ca1866 sketch by csn William Chauncey Fowler
+m 06/08/1836 Elizabeth Salisbury 1806|7-05/21/1850 ag43
_p 1st of Samuel Salisbury +m Nancy Gardner (BostonMA)
_n she prev engaged to Henry E. Dwight ??-1832
20>1613751 _m Chauncey [son]
_e Harv 1859
20>1613752 _m Chauncey [son]
_e Harv 1861
20>1613753 _m Chauncey [son] 1850 dy
_n died a few days after his mother Yale1806.17
20>16138 Joseph Darling 07/01/1759(NwH)-11/15/1850 92yr
_e Yale 1777; studied medicine
_o physician, court clerk, merchant-druggist, insurance, real estate
_a NwH, HuntingtonCT, FairfieldCT, NrH, NwH 1790 (built brick house)
+m 03/24/1784 Aurelia Mills 1756|7-11/22/1846 90yr
_p 4th dau Elisha Mills +m Mary DeForest (HuntingtonCT)
20>161381 _f Darling [dau]
+m /???? __ Dwight [male] = csn 20>16841?
_p Timothy Dwight, pres of Yale = 20>16841
20>161382 _f Darling [dau]
+m /???? Rv Araetius B. Hull
_e Yale 1807
20>1614 Joseph Noyes 09/25/1726-01/29/1727 dy
20>1615 Joseph Noyes 02/29/1728-04/23/1728 dy
20>1616 Dorothy Noyes 01/03/1729|30|31-03/14/1734|35|36 dy [ag 5 1/2]
20>1617 Ann Noyes 11/14/1731-09/22/1739 dy [ag 8]
20>1618 James Noyes 12/13/1733-09/23/1739 dy [ag 6]
20>1619 John Noyes 12/15/1735-11/05/1767 [NEHGS cem]
_q date of birth 13de in NEHGS record
+m 11/16/1758 Mary Fish 19my1736-2jl1818
20>16191 Rebecca Noyes 11/22/1759-05/14/1760 dy
20>16192 Joseph Noyes 02/14/1761-/1817
+m1 /17?? Amelia Burr
+m2 ?? Lucy Morton
20>16193 John Noyes rv 08/27/1762(NwH)-15my1846 [NEHGS cem]
_n Served in the Revolution, Conn. Rolls, pp. 145, 337, 373,
_e Yale 1779
_o died in 60th year of his ministry
_g Weston, Fairfield Co CT
+m1 /17?? Eunice Sherwood
+m2 ?? Fanny Swan
20>16194 Rv James Noyes 08/04/1764-02/18/1844
+m /17?? Anna Holbrook 01/22/1769-01/01/1838(Wallingford)
20>16195 Mary Noyes 06/21/1766-08/11/1770 dy
20>162 James P- 05/21/1699(NwH)-06/18/1776(NwH) [ag78]
_e grd Yale 1718, tutor 1722-1724, business (Boston), returned to NwH
_n pursued idea of inheriting British titles and estates
_b mentioned in Cleveland diary ca 1741 as a leader of separatist
_b1 movement (Great Awakening) splitting NwH church then
_b0 obit 26je1776 "ag77" [NEHGS newsp]
+m1 11/01/1727(Bstn) Sarah Breck/Brick 11/??/1710-09/28/1753(NwH) dwi [ag43]
_s NEHGS web Boston marriages:
James Pierpont & Sarah Breck Married on Nov. 16, 1727
_p Nathaniel Breck +m Martha Cunnabell
+m2 03/28/1754 Anna[not Anne] Sherman\5 c.1738-12/22/1803 [ag 43(sic)]
_x PB has +m 1758 [but first child 1755?]; NEHGS has 28my, Anne
_q AG7.625 says Mrs Anne S. {wd?}; PCS chart has Anna but nothing re parent
_q2 MNK chart "History: Pierpont" has b 01ja1728|29 [makes sense; how old at marriage?]
_p Jabez Sherman 1697(CT)-???? +m ?? Callone
_fp Matthew Sherman 24au1645 (StratfordCT) +m Hannah Bulkley (ConcordMA)
[m2] 10/15/1780 John Davenport (EastH)
_eq is this John Davenport Yale 1770, s of Abraham Davenport Yale 1732?
20>1621 Evelyn P- 03/15{16HO}/1755(NwH)-03/14/1810(NwH)
_a +m Litchfield, d NwH [McC=NARWPR]
_q PNH has d 1808 and +m 1780 {MNK chart in "History: Pierpont" has d 07fe1808}
_n artillery sgt & lieut in Revol, later worked at Yale
_n2 1790 CT Census Index lists Eveland Pierpoint head of household
_n3 Census: 2 males over 16 = self + ?, 1 male under 16 = ?; 5 women
_n4 NARWPR allotment of $343.47 per year (to 1852 ?)
_e degree from Yale
_d AG4.129{??} PM{??} give d 02/07/1808(Ltchfld)
_d2 but NARWPR[=McC] give death 14mar1810; name Eveline Pierpont [NARWPR]
_x AG4.129 spells name Pierrepoint [sic]; NARWPR marr cert Evalyn P-i
+m 05/15/1783(LtchfldCT) Rhoda Collins 10/05/1764-06/20/1845
_a b Litchfield CT, d Livonia NY [McC=NARWPR]
_d AG4.129 date of +m 03/??/1780 [but NARWPR include marr certif depos!]
_d2 AG4.129 date of d 1855[sic!]
_n for story of double +m {sic!?} of Collins girls to P-s, see PB11
_n2 marr by Rv Judah Champion (apud son-in-law John Landon 1838 NARWPR)
_f Charles Collins
08/05/1727 (LtchfldCT)- 08/17/1796 (LtchfldCT)
_m +m
06/18/1752 Ann(e) Huntington\10 06/30/1729 (LebanonCT)-??
_fp Rv Timothy Collins 1699-1776(NwH) +m 1722 Elizabeth Hyde 1699-??
_ffn Rv Timothy Collins was the 4th settled minister of LitchfieldCT
_ffn2 genealogical info in NEHGR 61.285
_ffp John Collins 1665-1751(NwH) m1691 Anne Leete {Teete[PB]} 1671-1724
_ffmp John Leete 1639-1692(NwH) m1670 Mary Chittenden 1640-1712
_ffmfp Gov William Leete {Teete[PB]} 1613(CambridgeENG)-1683 +m Anne Payne
_ffmfpn Gov of Guilford {??}
20>16211 Sophia H. P- 03/09/1785-??(NwH)
+m 12{11HO}/??/1801 Jacob Goodsell (NwH)
20>162111 Alfred C. Goodsell
08/30/1803 -??
+m /???? Sarah Ludington
20>1621111 Alfred Goodsell
20>1621112 Sarah Goodsell
20>1621113 Samuel Goodsell
20>1621114 Almira Goodsell
20>1621115 Willis Goodsell
20>162112 Samuel M. Goodsell 02/11/1805-09/13/1829 unm
20>162113 Louisa H. Goodsell
11/24/1807 -??
+m /???? Jesse J. Bull/Ball (FairH)
20>1621131 Adeline Bull/Ball
20>1621132 Henry Bull/Ball
20>162114 Evelyn Pierpont Goodsell
05/11/1810 -??
+m /???? Eliza Tallmadge
20>1621141 Evelyn Goodsell
20>1621142 Ann Goodsell
20>1621143 Jeannette Goodsell
20>162115 Charlotte A. Goodsell
01/22/1812 -??
+m /???? Volney Pierce
20>1621151 Sarah Pierce
20>1621152 Sophia Pierce
20>1621153 John Pierce
20>1621154 George Pierce
20>162116 Sarah M. Goodsell 12/20/1813-01/27/1814 dy
20>162117 Frances A. Goodsell 10/15/1814-09/20/1815 dy
20>162118 James H. Goodsell
01/24/1816 -??
+m1 ?? Ruanah/Reumah [PD] Mallory
+m2 ?? Mary Stevens
20>1621181 Ruanah/Reumah [PD] Goodsell
20>1621182 Mary Goodsell
20>1621183 Ann G. Goodsell
20>1621184 James Goodsell ?[order?]
_n not included in PD list (1880); PM has him but not the next two
20>1621185 Bessie Goodsell ?[order?]
_n so PD; not in PM
20>1621186 Burdette Goodsell ?[order?]
_n so PD; not in PM
20>162119 George W. Goodsell
03/13/1818 -??
+m /???? Abigail Nettleton
20>1621191 Frances Goodsell
20>1621192 Georgiana Goodsell
20>1621193 Josephine Goodsell
20>1621194 George Goodsell
20>162110 John D. Goodsell
12/13/1820 -??
+m {c/1845} Emeline Turner
20>1621101 Eunice [PM]/Emma [PD] Goodsell {c/1850}-
20>1621102 Elizabeth Goodsell {c/1853}-
_n see unident section for Nellie Goodsell Mears b 1865
20>1621103 Frances Goodsell {c/1856}-
20>1621104 George Goodsell {c/1860}-
20>16211a Willis J. Goodsell
04/03/1824 -??
10/21/1845 Ann Goodwin
20>16211a1 Grace Davenport Goodsell
20>16212 Philena P- 01/29/1787(Ltchfld)-??(NwH)
+m /1804(EHaven) Hezekiah
Davenport (NwH) [not in AG]
20>162121 Paulina Davenport
+m /???? __ Parker
_q ancestor of Miriam Parker [PFM33] ?
20>162122 James P. Davenport (>
South Amer )
20>162123 John Davenport
+m /???? __ (Northford)
20>162124 Henrietta Davenport
+m /???? George Walker (NYC /1857)
20>162125 Nancy Davenport
+m /???? Leonard Bond (Brkln /1857)
20>162126 Augusta Davenport (NwH /1857)
+m /???? __ Currier (
Chester )
20>162127 Frances Davenport
+m /???? Eward Hayes
20>162128 Samuel Davenport
+m /???? __ (
Calif /1857)
20>16213 Anna Sherman P- 01/03/1789(Ltchfld)-/1874
_n deposition NARWPR Anna James[=HO] NwHCT age 50 in Nov 1838
_d name Anna James [HO NARWPR], not Anne Janes
+m /???? Richard James{HO} (
Rchstr NY > WI)
20>162131 Frances James{not Janes}
+m /???? Edward Price (
AvonSpr NY )
20>162132 Eliza James{not Janes}
+m /???? Loraine/Lorraine Bradley (Davenport IO)
20>162133 Mary James{not Janes}
+m /???? William Holiman/Holman (Clevel OH)
20>162134 Elizabeth James{not Janes}
+m /???? __ Bates (IO /1857)
20>16214 Evelyn P- 12/02/1790(Ltchfld)-c.1812(at sea, Norway) dwi
20>16215 Rv Hezekiah Beers P- 07/28/1792(Ltchfld)-/1872(Rchstr NY)
_o Congregational/Presbyterian minister, Hopewell NY, Avon NY
_q imitated famous earlier namesake, who changed P- to P-re? [so M]
_n PD lists him as P-, but his children as P-re ! [but see Henry below]
_n2 SF Call has P-, d 1871 ag 80 -- http://feefhs.org/fdb2/6991/6991-338.html
+m 05/29/1814(NwH) Mary Mulloy
_p Edward Mulloy (NY)
20>162151 Jane P-re (d age /18) unm
20>162152 Julia Anne P-re (d age /17) unm
20>162153 Rv James P-re 07/28/1819(Pittsfrd NY)-1885 (SnFran) ag85 [?!]
_q died 1862 [EGK]
_e grd Hamilton Col NY 1849, Auburn Th Sm 1852
_o Chapel to the Sailors home (SnFranCA)
_n SF Call has name P- (not P-re) -- http://feefhs.org/fdb2/6991/6991-338.html
+m 10/05/1852 Maria Cushman Dibble 06/18/1832-11/18/1862
_p Sheldon Dibble (missionary; from AuburnNY)
20>1621531 Maria Grace P- 05/27/1854(Placerville CA)-??
+m 1892 Egbert D. Haven
_n info from SF Call, where her name is P- (not P-re) -- http://feefhs.org/fdb2/1892/1892-022.html
20>1621532 Mary L. P- 06/22/1856(
Sacramento CA )-??
+m 1874 Rv James L. Drum
_n info from SF Call, with name P- (not P-re) -- http://feefhs.org/fdb2/6991/6991-338.html
20>1621533 Clara S. P- 05/13/1859(
Healdsburgh CA )-??
+m 1879 William Cowperthwaite jr
_n info from SF Call with name P- (not P-re) -- http://feefhs.org/fdb2/6991/6991-338.html
20>162154 Henry Sydney P- 03/03/1823(Rchstr NY)-05/06/1890
_i for information on this family in WI, see http://www.2manitowoc.com/
_i2 thanks to Gail Giella (email may 2002)
_a NY to IL (by 1852) to WI (by 1855-58) to NY (by 1865) to WI (by 1867)
_o "lumberman," P- Sawmill Co (1860 ManitowocCoWI census, etc.)
_o2 lawyer (1865 RchstrNY census)
_o3 1872 (school report ManitowocCoWI) founded Manitowoc County Chronicle
_n 1860 (census) owned $2000 real estate, $150 personal property
_n2 1860 (census) spells name Pierpont, 39 years old [sic? 37]
_b fits description of the "Judge P-" mentioned in Manitowoc Pilot 18se1884
_n3 1860 census includes 22 yr old "servant" Ellen Burke from Ireland
+m 10/14/1852(OttawaIL) Lydia A. Gardner 1828(Syrcse NY)-1907
_a Two Rivers WI, moved to Chicago by 1900 with son Henry E. (census)
_g see web site entries "Lydia C.{sic} Pierpont"
_m (?) Lydia Gardner (1798-1857) buried in family plot
20>1621541 Julia Angel P- 03/16/1854(LaSalleIL)-1889
_o 1872 WI school report, teacher (10 yrs) Room #2 Grammar Dept
+m 21fe1882(WI) John Randolph Currens md 26ja1855(GtysbgPA)-1921
_o Physician, Surgeon; Mayor of TwoRiversWI (1906)
_p Charles M. Currens and Ann Elizabeth Randolph
20>16215411 Carrie P. Currens 1883-??
_e UChi 1905
+m John N. Wallace
20>162154111 Julia N. Wallace c1907-??
20>162154112 John Thomas Wallace c1910-??
20>1621542 Edmund (Edward) C. P- 1855-1856 (TwoRiversWI) dy
20>1621543 Caroline (Carrie)
Gardner P- 08/17/1857( Two Rivers WI )-??
_e 1872 WI grammar school report, average grade of 80%
_o taught in StoughtonWI public schools
+m 10se1884(WI) William S. Wood
_q article says +m 12se1884, at her parents' house, by Rev Bray
_a StoughtonWI
_o "business man"
20>1621544 Henry Edwards P- 04/16/1862(Two Rivers WI)-ja1947
_g "Henry Evelyn" (acc to 1865 RchstrNY census, bapt cert, etc.)
_g2 buried next to him is "Mattie K. P-" (1862-no1933)
_g3 undoubtedly Mattie Louise Kerdolff (Simpson) 17mr1862-
_g4 +m1 30no1881(LexingtonMO) Benjamin V. Simpson
_g5 +m2 18de1894(LexingtonMO) Henry E. Pierpont ap1862(LaCrosseWI)-
_g6 son Kerdolff Simpson jl1885(MN)- is with them in Chicago in 1900
_g6 as is Henry's mother Lydia G. Pierpont
_x death cert wrongly gives place of birth as RochesterNY
20>1621545 Jane (Jennie) Emma P- 10/29/1867(Green Bay WI)-my1959
_e 1872 WI school report, grade of A in 2nd Intermed Dept
20>162155 Jonathan Edwards P-re 05/17/1827(Rchstr NY)-1901[EGK]
_o Sec Monroe County Sav Bank (RchstrNY)
+m my1850 Caroline Hawkins (1826-1897)[EGK]
_a Alexander(GeneseeCo)NY
20>1621551 Caroline Editha P-re{/P- HO}
09/08/1852 ( Rchstr NY )-1939[EGK]
+m /1873 Rv George Kemp Ward (
Danvl NY ) (1848-1937)[EGK]
_n five children reported by [EGK]

20>16215511 Edward Pierpont Ward (1874-1957) m. (1902) Mary Marguerite Whipple

20>16215512 Levi Alfred Ward (1876-1944) m. (1905) Julia P. Bishop

20>16215513 Ruth Ward 06/30/1879 ( Rchstr NY )-1967(NYC[HO]}
05/31/1906 Horace Willard Hooker 11/02/1876 -??
_o Treas Devel & Funding Co (NYC) [HO]
_p Horace B. Hooker +m Susan Huntington (
Rchstr NY )
_b HO#3437
20>162155131 Horace Willard Hooker jr
03/05/1907 ( NgrFls NY )-??
20>162155132 Kenneth Ward Hooker
10/26/1908 ( NgrFls NY )-??
20>16215514 Charles Sloan Ward (1885-1943)

+ m. Helen M. Wyness (1888-1947)

20>162155141 Louis Alexander Ward (1907-1981)

+ m. Blanche Pearl Barrett (1911-1998)

20>1621551411 Alverna Elizabeth Ward (1929-)

+m. Robert Miller (1929-)

20>16215514111 Luanne Miller

20>16215514112 Robert Miller

20>16215514113 Marcia Miller

20>16215514114 Vicki Lynn Miller (1956-)

+ m. (1978) Francisco Garza (1954-)

20>162155141141 Elisa Lynn Garza (1979-)

+m. (1999) Michael Cole Kammeyer (1979-)

20>1621551411411 Jordan Taylor Garza Kammeyer

20>1621551411412 Eden Lane Garza Kammeyer

20>1621551411413 Leah Grace Garza Kammeyer

20>1621551411414 Judah Michael Garza Kammeyer
20>162155141142 Jessica Anne Garza

20>162155141143 Francisco Jordan Garza (8/6-9/25/1982)

20>162155141144 David Josiah Garza

20>162155141145 John Francisco Garza

20>162155141146 Daniel Jo rdan Garza

20>16215514115 George Miller

20>1621551412 Joan Ward(1930)

+m. Sears Blair 

20>1621551413 Louis Ward (1931-1950)

20>16215515 Kenneth KempWard (1887-?)

20>1621552 Edwards A. P-re 10/16/1861 ( Rchstr NY )-??
_q PDF has "Edward A." [EGK] b 1860
[[material has dropped out here; noted 01jl1998]]
20>1621553 Louis Evelyn P-re 30de1864(RchstrNY)-29jl1890(CO)
Jax FL , Greenville SC , Richmond VA (dv 10/1965) [[misplaced?? confused entry! see 162446513]]
_e URochester 1886 (PSI Upsilon chapter, "Pierpont" online)
_o Banker ("Pierpont" online)
_g "Louis Evelyn, youngest son of Jonathan E. Pierpont, died at Manitou Springs, Colorado, last Tuesday, aged 25 years. Notice of funeral hereafter" (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Sat 2 Aug 1890, p.5)
20>1621554 Mary I. P-re
09/30/1866 ( Rchstr NY )-??
20>162156 Harriet A. P-re
_n called "lively" in R.W.S.Stevens Journal for 17ja1842
+m /???? N. Kellogg (
Avon Springs NY )
20>162157 Emma G. P-re ????-/1856
_n called "very lively" in R.W.S.Stevens Journal for 17ja1842
+m /???? N.[PM]/U.[PD] G. Hoyt (Rchstr NY)
20>1621571 Mary Hoyt
20>16216 James P- 07/11/1795(NwH)-10/14/1823(NewOrleans, duel) unm
_q letter dated 12/04/1824 from Salem Ohio reports Wm's bro killed in duel
_q2 in NwOrleans on Oct 14th [the same year? = 1824]
20>16217 William P- 08/20/1797(NwH)-/1870(Wharton TX)
_a 1838 to Texas (1260 acres in Shelby & Nacogdoches Co, near Louisiana)
_o elected to 2nd congress of Repubic of Texas
_o2 in LitchfieldCT, connected with business of Frisbie & P-
_n friend of Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin
+m1 /1818(Bristol) Sophronia Frisbie\6 /1797-/1860
_b Sacred to the Memory of Mrs Sophronia, Consort of Hon William P- (1840)
_b2 (Harris County, Republic of Texas: sn, 1840)[RLIN]
+m2 ?? wd __ Austin\1s (TX) {not Austen}
_o wd of __
Austin (br of Stephen Austin), a great Texas landowner
20>162171 James P-
20>162172 Frances Sophronia P- /1821-/1912
+m /1840 John Talcott Benedict /1814-/1853 (TX)
20>162172h John Talcott Benedict /1850-/19??
+m /1878
Lydia Carrie Lefavour /1860-???? (TX)
Lydia Lefavour Benedict 12/16/1881 (NwOrlns)-??
_b AG4.129
09/10/1900 Wilmer Hayes Crawford 01/27/1879 (NwOrlns)-
_p Richard Hayes Crawford
20>162172h2 Alice Pearl Benedict
+m /???? William Mumford Dickinson
20>162172h3 John Talcott Benedict jr /1887-/1921
+m /???? Auralia Kuhn
20>162172h4 Grover
Cleveland Benedict
20>162172h5 Margaret Frances Benedict
+m /???? Louis J. Shaner
20>162173 Frederick P- {ca1825}-
20>162174 Alphonse {not Alphonsa} P- ??-09/12/1881(LaredoTX) {?}
_n died of rabies from mad dog bite [RB2]
+m /???? Constance Milke
20>1621741 Edward P- 09/16/1864(
Gonzales TX )-{1902?}(SAfr) [RB2]
+m /???? Edna Aycock
20>16217411 Robert Alvin P- /1894(NewOrleans LA)-/1979(StFrncisvlLA) [RB2]
+m1 /1925 Katherine Hunter
+m2 /1969 Belle
20>162174111 Robert Alvin P- jr
04/25/1926 (NewOrleans LA)-/19??
_a 23 Great Elm Rd, Sharon CT 06069
_n author of RB2 letter, living in Sharon CT in 1987
_n2 has cousin with geneal records: Genevieve Vollentine, 215 Johnke St.
_n3 Gonzales TX 78629
+m /1949 Mary Reeves
20>1621741111 Robert Alvin P- iii /1952(ARK)-/19??
_e UPenn 1973, MArchMBA Columbia
+m /1977 Claudia Roth
_d1 Movement in the Art of Masaccio (1978) 26 pp.
_d2 Giovanni da Nola and the Monument of Pedro de Toledo (1988)
_d3 book review in New Yorker 20 Aug 1990
_d3 article "Cries and Wispers" on Edith Wharton in NYker 02ap2001
20>16217411111 Julia P- 10/01/1986(NYC)-
20>162175 Virginia P-
20>162176 Agnes P-
20>162177 John Austen/Austin P-
20>16218 Frances Edwards P- 10/15/1800(FairH)-{post /1880}
_a living at Troy NY in 1880, provided information for PD
+m 07/05/1824 Luther R. Laselle 07/28/1798(Lnsbr MA)-??(
Troy NY )
_a +m by
Rev. Aaron Lane at Phelps , Ontario Cnty NY
20>162181 Elias James Laselle
04/01/1825 ( Lyons NY )-?? ( Ontario CAN)
_a Dunnville Ont CA [PD in 1880]
+m /???? __
20>1621811 _f Laselle [dau]
+m /???? __ Hawley
20>16218111 _m Hawley [son] {/1880 living in RchstrNY}
20>16218112 _m Hawley [son] {/1880 living in RchstrNY}
20>162182 Henry Edwards Laselle
11/09/1827 ( Rchstr NY )- 11/09/1858 ( PANAMA )
_n d at
Panama , Central America [PD]
+m /???? Sarah Atsatt/Atsale[PD]\2 ??-{pre/1880}
20>1621821 _m Laselle [son]
20>1621822 _f Laselle [dau]
20>162183 Lydia Robinson Laselle
03/15/1830 ( Brnswk NY )-{post /1880}
20>162184 Frances Sarah Laselle
09/08/1832 ( Troy NY )-{post /1880}
20>162185 Mary Goodrich Laselle
01/29/1835 ( Troy NY )-{post /1880}
+m /???? Charles Rogers\1 ??-{pre/1880}
20>1621851 _f Rogers [dau]
20>162186 Mary Augusta Laselle 01/07/1839-/1842 dwi
_n not mentioned in PD, using Frances Edwards P- as source
20>16219 Frederick Wolcott P-/P-re 08/17/1802(NwH)-05/05/1877(Lwistn NY)
_a1826-42 Canada [children born there]
_a1871-5 at 14 & 38 S Front, New Haven ("fruit and confectionery" "ale, beer, etc.")
_c1850 FairHaven census, age 48 "oysterman" (with "Harriet E" ag 44 !)
_c1860 New Haven census has him (age 58, "confectioner") with Hannah, Frances R, William H, James B, Edwin F, John B, Elias Martin ("seaman")
_c1870 New Haven census lists him as 87 yr old, Hannah as 84
_q d NwH [HO]
_p picture missing on labelled page from photo album purchased on eBay 18fe2006 by Tom Chesrown
+m 10/30/1825 Hannah Eliza Becker (Pittstwn NY) 1806-
_c1880 New Haven "widow" ag 74, has boarder
_p picture missing on labelled page from photo album purchased on eBay 18fe2006 by Tom Chesrown
_f (possibly Gerandus Becker, as found next in photo album)
20>162191 Frederick Lorenzo P-/P-re 12/05/1826(Canada)-??/??/1894 (NwH)
_p tintype in
photo album purchased by Tom Chesrown
_om 15th Regiment CT Volunteers Co B Infantry (enlisted 25au1862; penson request 29se1887)
_a1862/3 at 241 Grand, New Haven (machinist; living with J. Evelyn P-)
_a1871-5 (with father)  bds at 14/38 S Front, New Haven ("night watchman," "helper")
_c1850 FairHaven census called "Francis L" (ag 23), living with parents
_c 1860 NewHaven census has him (aged 33, steam heating) with Mary E (age 24) and Frances E (age 2)
_c 1870 NewHaven census has him (age 42, watchman) with father & mother
11/29/1857 (FairH) Mary Furguson 1836(NY)-
_q  Mary E P- (age 34) lives with Horace W. Rice in 1870 EastHaven census, with dau Frances (age 11)
+m2 ?? Harriet Chadeayne 1849-1936
_c 1900 New Haven census "Hattie S" born no1851 (ag 48) with 2 daughters
_c2 1900 also with sister Mattie Chadeuyne (ag 51) and niece Lillian Bradley (ag 19)

_q probably this is the "Hattie, widow (of) Fred L, home-made baking" 156 Orchard in 1894
20>1621911 Frances E. P- 1858-
20>162191i Martha (Mattie) A. P- de1877-05je1957 (PFM37,40,46,51-55;
Hamden )
_c 1900 New Haven (ag 22) living with widowed mother Hattie S (ag 48) and sister Sarah A P- (ag 19)
_c2 1900 also sister Mattie Chadeuyne (ag 51) and niece Lillian Bradley (ag 19)
+m Matthew Lennox
20>162191ih Iva Emilie Lennox 29de1904-10jl1986 (PFM37-40++,71,83;
Hamden )
_a1986 33 Helen St Hamden
_o admin asst Yale Med Schl
_c 1920 Hamden census (ag 15), parents Charles E (c1881-) and Mattie A Lennox (c1878-)
_c 1930 Hamden census (ag 25), parents Charles E (ag 49) and Mattie P Lennox (ag 51)
_h rheumatoid arthritis (je1977, at 72.5 yrs)
_n "I am still in a wheelchair" letter
_n seems to resume name
Lennox in PFM60
+m ?? Charles Rees
20>162191k Sarah (Sadie) A P- fe1881-1963 (PFM40,55;
Hamden )
_c 1900 New Haven census "Sarah A. P-" (age 19)
_c 1910 Hamden census lists her as "Sadie A" (age 29)
_c 1920 Hamden census lists her as
+m Charles N. Coe au1880-1937
_c 1900 (age 19), 1910 (age 30), 1920 (age 40) Hamden; sr Alice H (c1882-)
_f Jonathan Coe 1854-?? +m Ella H.
_ff William Henry Coe 1824-1884
_fff Thomas Coe 1759-1831
_ffff Jedediah Coe 1725-1803
_fffff Robert Coe 1684-1762
_ffffff John Coe 1658-1741
_fffffff Robert Coe 1626-1659
_ffffffff Robert Coe 1596-1689
_n PFM43 Rv H Gertrude & Mr Elmer Coe (how related?)
20>162191k1 Leslie P. Coe c1904-
_c 1920 Hamden census lists him as 16 yr old son
20>162191k2 David E. Coe 1905-1983 (PFM37)
_c 1920 Hamden census lists him as 14 yr old son
+m Emma Lauritsen 1905-1978
20>162191k21 Robert P- Coe 1935-
+m Jane Meleney 1938-
20>162191k211 Cathleen Coe 05/141971(Santiago CHILE)-
20>162191k212 Cynthia Coe 1973-
20>162191k22 John Coe 1939-
+m Julee Kryder 1948-
20>162191k221 Kirsten Coe 1982-
20>162191k222 Justin Coe 1986-
20>162191k23 Peter Coe 1941-
+m Beverly Bycroft 1944-
20>162191k231 David Coe 1983-
20>162192 Frances Rebecca P-/P-re 11/17/1828-??
_c1850 FairHaven census (ag 21), living with parents
_p photo with date 1827 [!] in photo album purchased by Tom Chesrown
11/22/1860 (NewHaven) Elias Gilbert Martin ??-12/25/1867 (NwH)
_om US Navy, commander of "Racer," Southern Atlantic Blocking Squadron
_h d of consumption
20>162193 Jesse Evelyn P-/P-re
03/27/1831 (CanadaWest)-?? (NwH)
_a1872-5 business at 24-26 E Grand, New Haven ("stove dealer" "stoves & tinware & real estate")
_a1874-94 home 18 Downing, New Haven
_a1889 13 Downing, New Haven; business 260 State ("clerk")
_c1850 FairHaven census "James E" (ag 19, "tinner"), living with parents
_c1860 NewHaven census "J. Evelin P-" ("tinsmith") with wife and 2 kids ("Evelin J/T." & "Mariam")
_c1870 NewHaven census ("merchant, hardware"), wife (age 37) and 2 kids, Almira Turner (age 63 "keeping house")
_p photo (in Union army uniform) with date 1831 in photo album purchased by Tom Chesrown
_om 27th Regiment CT Volunteers
05/30/1853 (FairHaven) Mary A. Turner c1833-
_q see "Mary P" with Evelyn (also Marian with Evelyn) in the Chesrown
photo album
20>1621931 Evelyn T/J. P- c1854-
20>1621932 Marian H. P- c1856-
_c1860 "Mariam"; 1870 "Marion" (age 14)
20>162194 Joseph Collins P-/P-re 17au1833-1908 (Westfld MA)
_c1850 FairHaven census called "J.C." (ag 16, "laborer"), living with parents
_c1860 NewHaven "Collins Pierpoint" (age 27, "carriage maker")
_c1870 WestfieldMA "Joseph Pierpo\i/nt" (age 37, "traveling showman")
_p tintype photo with dates 1833-1908 in photo album purchased by Tom Chesrown
06/27/1855 (FairH) Olive Bunnel  c1835-
_c1860 NewHaven (age 25), 1870 WestfieldMA (age 35)
20>1621941 Frederick P- c1859(CT)-
_c1860 NewHaven (age 1), 1870 "Freddie" (age 11)
_c1900 FultonNY "Pierrepont" (age 41, "upholsterer"), 1910 (age 51, "upholster")
+m c1887 Lizzie __ de1864(NY)-
_c1900 FultonNY (age35, 13 yrs married), 1910 (age 45)
_pf & pm born England
20>16219411 Olive E. P-re c1896(NY)-
_c1900 FultonNY (age 4), 1910 (age 14)
20>16219412 Frederick S P-re c1898(NY)-
_c1900 FultonNY (age 2), 1910 (age 12)
20>1621942 Joseph P-  mr1862(MA)-
1870 WestfieldMA (age 8)
_c1900 WestfieldMA ("P-re" age 38, "printer"), marr 16 yrs
_c1930 WestfieldMA ("P-re" age 68, "printer")
+m c1884/5 Ermina __ je1866(CT)-
_c1900 WestfieldMA (age 33, "art embroiderer"), 1930 (age 63)
20>16219421 Raymond P-re de1884(MA)-
_c1900 WestfieldMA (age 15)
_c1910 WestBrookfieldMA ("Raymond H" ag 24, "station agent RR") -- different person?
_c1920 MiddlesexMA (age 35, "credit manager, oil concern")
_c1930 RutlandMA (age 45, "bookkeeper West Const...")
+m Catherine __ c1889(MA)-
WestBrookfieldMA ("Katherine E" ag 23) -- different person?
_c1920 MiddlesexMA (age 32), 1930 RutlandMA ("Katherine" age 41)
20>162194211 Raymond P-re jr c1909(MA)-
_c1910 WestBrookfieldMA ("Raymond H" ag 6 mos) -- different person?
_c1920 MiddlesexMA (age 11), 1930 RutlandMA [not listed]
20>162194212 T/F. Luella P-re c1913(MA)-
_c1920 MiddlesexMA (age 7), 1930 RutlandMA (Florence L. age 17)
20>162194213 David C. P-re c1920-
_c1930 RutlandMA (age 10)
20>162195 William Henry P- 10/22/1836(Canada)-?? (Albany NY)
_a1871-5 "bds" at 14/38 S Front, New Haven ("traveling agt.")
_a1889 bds 118 Grand Ave, New Haven; 1894 bds 47 Houston
_om Company "F," 7th Regiment CT Volunteers (pvt to cpt), staff of MajGen Joseph Hawley
_h invalid from wounds received in army
_c1850 FairHaven census (ag 13), living with parents
_c1860 NewHaven (ag 24, "tinsmith")
_c1870 New Haven census has him (age 33, tinner) with father & mother and 8 yr old William E.
_c1880 New Haven has him age 44 living with widowed mother
_q might this be William Herbert P-? see Herbert P- (written backwards) in the Chesrown photo album
_q2 and who is the "Henry Beach" with a photo in the Chesrown photo album
20>162196 James Becker P-/P-re 05/12/1839(Canada)-16de1907 (NwBrtn)
_c1850 FairHaven census called or confused with "John B" (ag 10), living with parents
_c1860 NewHaven (age 21, "carriage maker")
_p photo (also with Garabaldi and Garabaldi alone) with full dates and P- spelling in
photo album purchased by Tom Chesrown
+m 04/04/1866(NwBrtn) Jayne Payne 08jl1845[Eng]-08je1930
_p photo "Jennie Payne (before Marriage) July 8 1845 June 8 1930"
in the Chesrown photo album
_p1 also an undated tintype photo of an older "Jane Payne," possibly her mother
_p2 who might also be the "Jane Edwards Payne June 14 1825"
_p3 photo caption "John Payne died Mar 14 1885" (her father?)
_q who is the "George Payne" in the Chesrown album?
20>162197 Edwin Finn(e?) P- 05/24/1842(Canada)-07/28/1867 (at sea)
_c1850 FairHaven census "E.F." (ag 8), living with parents
_c1860 NewHaven (age 18, "carriage maker")
_om Co "F" of 6th Regiment CT Volunteers, wounded at Ft Wagner (CharlestownSC) attack
_q how related to young Rebecca and older (mother?) Nancy Finne in the Chesrown album?
_q2 and where does "James Pierpont" fit in?
20>162198 John B. P- 08/16/1845(NY?)-?? (
MormonIsl CA )
_c1850 FairHaven census listed as age 10, thus probably confused with unlisted James Becker P-
_c1860 NewHaven (age 15)
_c1870 SacramentoCA (age 26, "painter")
_om Co "K" 10th Regiment CT Volunteers, severely wounded
_p photo with date 1845- and tintype in
photo album purchased by Tom Chesrown
01/04/1866 (FairH) Emma A. Ackerman
_c1870 SacramentoCA (age 22)
_q where do the remaining photos in the Chesrown
photo album fit in: David Watkins/Fred North, Addie Webb, John Atkinson, unid female, unid male (holding lobster)? (also Garabaldi, above with James Becker P-)
20>1621981 Eva P- c1869(CA)-
_c1870 SacramentoCA (age 1)
20>16210 Lorenzo P- 03/23/1805-?? (sailor, died on sloop Cyane in FL war)
20>1621a Elizabeth Collins P- 04/23/1807(NwH)-03/11/1891(NYC)[McC]
_n was age 45 in 1852 [NARWPR deposition]
_g Mount Hope cem Rochester NY [McC]
+m /???? William M. McCoy {/1805-7}(NJ)-09/20/1871(RchstrNY)[McC]
_q middle initial C. or M. or W. [McC]
_g Lima NY [McC]
20>1621a1 Evelyn P- McCoy 09/03/1835(LivoniaNY)-03/06/1919(GilroyCA)
_a b Livonia NY, by 1860 Sacramento CA, Santa Clara CA 04/1866-
_n 08/19/1870 Santa Clara CA census lists him as ag 37 (not 35)
_o saddler (1870)
+m1 1857(RchstrNY) __\1{or 2, sons}[McC]
+m2 07/12/1866\8 wd Charlotte Edson Lee 06/28/1842-04/27/1924
_a b WI, +m Santa Clara CA, d Gilroy CA
_p Henry Benjamin Edson 1818(PA)-?? +m Achsah (Joanne, Anie) Soper (VT)
_n +m1 Luther or George Lee ??-06/18/1866
20>1621a11 John(??) McCoy [1 or 2 sons; John and/or James?]
20>1621a12 James(??) McCoy [1 or 2 sons; John and/or James?]
20>1621a13 Lizzie McCoy 1867{??ag 3 in 1870 census}(CA)-
+m /???? Frank Wright
20>1621a14 Ida McCoy 1870{ag 4 mos in 1870 census}-
+m /???? Tom Gordon
20>1621a1m Cecilia McCoy
+m /???? Fred Rankin
20>1621a1n Effie McCoy
+m /???? Joe Gilpin
20>1621a1p Burt P- McCoy 1876-1938
+m /???? Phebe Nichols
20>1621a1q Jesse Westen McCoy 11/03/1877(AlmadenCA)-01/05/1947(LosAngCA)
+m 09/27/1921(MaderaCA) Alice Rachel Grant 09/26/1903-09/11/1972
_a SanFranciscoCA, d BaldwinParkCA
_g bd Oakdale Mem Pk
_r 7th Day Advent
_p Robert McIntosh Grant (Australia) +m Jessie Melvina Paine (KS)
20>1621a1q1 Alice Marie McCoy 04/13/1922(FresnoCA)-
+m 07/22/1939 Donald S. Brookins
20>1621a1q11 Noble H. Brookins
20>1621a1q12 Donald S. Brookins
20>1621a1q13 Richard H. Brookins
20>1621a1q2 Margaret Helen McCoy 02/12/1924(FresnoCA)-
+m 07/05/1948 George L. Carter
20>1621a1q21 Michael Carter
20>1621a1q22 Charles Carter
20>1621a1q3 Marion McCoy 01/29/1927(LosAngCA)-
+m /???? Walter Y. Hatch
20>1621a1q3x Richard Stevens (adopted)
20>1621a1q4 Geraldine McCoy tw 12/??/1927 dinf
20>1621a1q5 Genevieve McCoy tw 12/??/1927 dinf
20>1621a1q6 _m McCoy [son, stillborn] 1928
20>1621a1q7 _m McCoy [son, stillborn] 1929
20>1621a1q8 Phyllis Mae McCoy tw 11/14/1930(LosAngCA)-
20>1621a1q9 Patricia Ann McCoy tw 11/14/1930(LosAngCA)-
20>1621a1q0 Roberta Evelyn McCoy
20>1621a1qa Ethel Juanita McCoy 12/29/1934(LosAngelesCA)-
_a1993 RichlandCtrWI
+m 10/18/1952(YumaAZ) Wilson David Howell 12/25/1929-08/12/1985
_a b PlattevilleWI, d MadisonWI
_g Richland Ctr cem (RichlandCtrWI)
_p Harry Henry Howell +m Edna Agnes Foote
20>1621a1qa1 Joyce Ann Howell 04/20/1954(CoronaCA)-
_a1993 GenoaCityWI
+m 06/21/1975(PellLkWI) Lawrence VanWormer 11/04/1956-
20>1621a1qa11 Eric John Howell-VanWormer 09/24/1973(BurlingtonWI)-
_pf William Komeniack
_n adopted by Lawrence VanWormer 1976
20>1621a1qa12 Isaac Leon VanWormer 06/21/1982(BurlingtonWI)-
20>1621a1qa13 Julie Ann VanWormer 01/19/1984(BurlingtonWI)-
20>1621a1qa2 Jenny Lynn Howell 07/27/1955(CoronaCA)-
_a1993 BellefontaineOH
+m1 11/02/1974 (TwinLksWI) Thomas Mullens 10/14/1943- dv(11/28/1980)
+m2 09/03/1981(BellefontaineOH) Michael Bickham 09/01/1943-
20>1621a1qa21 [dau] Howell 01/18/1974(BurlingtonWI)-
_n given for adoption at birth
20>1621a1qa22 Tracy Lynn Mullens 01/29/1976(BurlingtonWI)-
20>1621a1qa23 Stephen Russell Mullens 05/22/1978(BurlingtonWI)-
20>1621a1qa24 Kelly Jo Bickham 02/23/1982(BellefontaineOH)-
20>1621a1qa3 David Wayne Howell 09/19/1956(CoronaCA)-
+m 10/29/1977(WoodstockWI) Colleen Ann Dray 02/01/1954- sep(by1998)
20>1621a1qa3z William Dray 12/29/1973(RichlandCtrWI)-
_pf son of Colleen Dray, fath unknown
20>1621a1qa31 Stacey Ann Howell 05/09/1981(RichlandCtrWI)-
20>1621a1qa32 Royce Andrew Howell 06/11/1985(RichlandCtrWI)-
20>1621a1qa4 Wesley LeRoy Howell 05/25/1958(PrairieDuCheinWI)-04/17/1963
_a d MadisonWI
_h d pneumonia, spinal meningitis
_g Muscoda cem WI
20>1621a1qa5 Cindy Marie Howell 07/04/1959(BoscobelWI)-
_a1993 ElkhornWI
+m 07/08/1978(IthacaWI) Donald Allen Herbeck 02/28/1959(RichlandCtrWI)-
20>1621a1qa51 Nathan Allen Herbeck 06/19/1981(RichlandCtrWI)-
20>1621a1qa52 Ryan Michael Herbeck 03/26/1989(RichlandCtrWI)-
20>1621a1qa6 Catherine Jean Howell 10/17/1960(ElginIL)-
_a1993 FitchburgeWI
+m 11/08/1980(IthacaWI) George Jensen 10/18/1954(HortonKS)-
20>1621a1qa61 Adrianna Michelle Jensen tw 03/29/1992(MadisonWI)-
20>1621a1qa62 Ashley Megan Jensen tw 03/29/1992(MadisonWI)-
20>1621a1qa7 Roger Wilson Howell 01/19/1963(RichlandCtrWI)-
_a1993 FennimoreWI
+m1 02/08/1986(RichlandCtrWI) Nichon Davis\1 07/10/1968- dv(11/15/1989)
_n adopted
+m2 11/03/1990(FennimoreWI) Julie Ann Mertz 12/11/1965-
20>1621a1qa71 Sean Wilson Howell 07/07/1986(RichlandCtrWI)-
20>1621a1qa8 Brenda Leigh Howell 03/23/1965(WoodstockIL)-
+m 05/08/1986(GrandForksND) Kevin P. McChesney 06/03/1959- dv(10/19/1987)
_a b BethesdaMD
20>1621a1qa81 Gregory Edward McConkey 08/24/1988(RichlandCtrWI)-
_pf Edward McConkey
20>1621a1qb Leoline Gertrude McCoy
20>1621a1qc Charlotte Jean McCoy
20>1621a1qd Willette Frances McCoy tw
20>1621a1qe Wesley Calvin McCoy tw
20>1621a1r Nell Emmaline McCoy
+m /???? Franklin Jones
20>1621a1s Minnie Bell McCoy
+m /???? George Eustice
20>1621a2 Anna [PD TC McC]/Anne [PM] Maria McCoy
_a living with her father in 1860 census [McC]
+m /???? Dr P. Northrop/Northrup [TC] (RchstrNY)
_n he is not mentioned in 1860 census [McC]
20>1621a21 Courtney Northrup [TC]
20>1621a22 Pierpont Northrup [TC]
20>1621a3 Emmaline {Emeline [PD TC]/ Emmeline [PM]} French McCoy 1831-1912
_a RochesterNY
_o spiritualist/medium 1890s
_g Mount Hope cem Rochester NY [McC]
_n information from Tom Chesrown = TC (4/1999 internet)
_q TC has Emaline +m James H.; is it really likely that her middle name was French?!
+m /1853(LivoniaNY) James/Jacob H. French (Buffalo NY) 1824-1864
_o lawyer/teacher [TC]
_om 1st lt, Union Army, wounded at Drury's Bluff (near RichmondVA) 1864
_om2 taken prisoner to Libbee Prison (RichmondVA), leg amputated
_om3 died of shock in prison
_g buried in Nat Cem RichmondVA
_p Elkanah French MD +m Lucy Stottard
20>1621a31 Ella Louise French 1855-1940
+m 1881(RochesterNY) Fidel B. Oberst 1955-1931
20>1621a311 Ella Louise Oberst 1882-1958
_n known as Louise
_g NorwalkOH
+m 1904 William Angell ????-1961
_g NorwalkOH
20>1621a3111 Rhoda Angell dinf
20>1621a3112 Alan Scott Angell 1909-1963
_g Woodlawn cem NorwalkOH
+m 1937(?) Emily Williams ????-1988
_g Woodlawn cem NorwalkOH
20>1621a31121 Alan Scott Angell jr 1939-
+m 1961 Margaret Cleland
20>1621a31122 Christopher Angell 1941-
+m1 Cathy Young/2
+m2 Debbie __
20>1621a311221 Andrea Angell
20>1621a311222 Jennifer Angell
20>1621a3113 William James Angell
+m1 1938(?) Margaret Sanders\3
+m2 1968(?) Keo __
20>1621a31131 Judy Angell
+m Robert Josephson
20>1621a311311 Linda Josephson
_n has children (1999 TC)
20>1621a311312 Lisa Josephson
_n has children (1999 TC)
20>1621a31132 William Angell
+m Mary Ellen __
_n have children (1999 TC)
20>1621a31133 Martha Angell
+m Richard Hennesey dv
_ have children (1999 TC)
20>1621a312 Bessie May Oberst 1888-
+m Frederick O'Dell
_g MtHope Cem RochesterNY
20>1621a3121 Frederick O'Dell jr ????-1970(?)
+m Holly __
20>1621a31211 Frederick O'Dell
20>1621a31212 Holly O'Dell
20>1621a31213 Douglas O'Dell tw
20>1621a31214 David O'Dell tw
20>1621a31215 Kenneth O'Dell
20>1621a313 Emily Adele Oberst 1894-
_n known as Adele
+m Robert Spencer
20>1621a3131 David Spencer
+m Jo __
_ had 2 or 3 children (1999 TC)
20>1621a3132 Robert Spencer jr
20>1621a3133 Emily Adele Spencer
_a 1999 FL
+m1 Rocco Nunno\3 dv
+m2 __ __
20>1621a314 Ruth P- Oberst 1895-
+m 1917 William Montgomery Diamond\3
20>1621a3141 Martha Jean Diamond 1918-1949
_g ClevelandOH
+m 1941 George J. Grabner\2
+m[2] Monica Meyer\3
_n George Grabner and Monica had 3 children, Heidi, John, Tom
20>1621a31411 George J. Grabner jr 1943-
+m Anne __\3
20>1621a314111 Buckley Grabner tw
20>1621a314112 Beau Grabner tw
20>1621a314113 [dau]
20>1621a31412 Jan Oberst Grabner 1946-
+m Michael O'Malley\3 dv
20>1621a314121 Kevin O'Malley
20>1621a314122 Tom O'Malley
20>1621a314123 [son]
20>1621a3142 Ruth Virginia Diamond 1920-
+m 1941 Richard Griffith Chesrown\4
20>1621a31421 Michael George Chesrown 1942-
+m1 1966 Bonnie Clifford\2 1945-
+m2 1994 Lynn Koile Nelson 1948-
20>1621a314211 Molli Helen Chesrown 1967-
20>1621a314212 Jennifer Ruth Chesrown 1969-
20>1621a31422 Sarah Elizabeth Chesrown 1945- unm
20>1621a31423 Thomas Earl Chesrown 1950- unm
20>1621a31424 Richard Griffith Chesrown jr 1955-
+m 1981 Patricia Hebert\0 dv
20>1621a3143 William Montgomery Diamond jr 1930-1995
+m Patricia Bachman\3 1932(?)-1996
20>1621a31431 Martha Louise Diamond 1959-1993
20>1621a31432 Constance Ann Diamond 1962-
+m Joseph Stieffel\2
20>1621a314321 Monica Stieffel
20>1621a314322 Katie Stieffel
20>1621a31433 Frances Diamond 1965-
+m Dan Ferguson\0
20>1621a32 William French 1858-1881
_a ToledoOH
_h died of "brain fever"
20>1622 Robert P- 06/13/1757(NwH)-08/16/1835 (c /1795>M/c VT)
_o with brother James, owned a Fulling Mill in Morris CT 1783-1840 [image 261]
_i portrait reported in hands of E. S. Isham of Chicago IL (1881)

_n 1790 Harwinton CT Census Index; head of household 3 0 5
_n1 Census: self + 2 adult males, wife + 3 dau + ?
10/11/1780 Lois Collins 10/11/1757-05/05/1826 (> VT)
_p Charles Collins 05au1727-?? m 18je1752 Ann(e)
Huntington 1729-?? [see Rhoda C.]
_i portrait reported in hands of E. S. Isham of Chicago IL (1881)
20>16221 Frances P- 05/29/1782(Ltchfld)-08/29/1843(Mnchstr VT)
_n aka Fanny "eldest dau of Robert P- of Manchester" [NEHGR 18.314f]
+m 09/18/1803 Richard Skinner /1778-/1833 [AG1]
_o became 10th governor of VT 1820-1824, chief justice 1825-1829
_f General Timothy Skinner (CT), desc. of Thomas Skinner 1617-1703|4 [AG1]
20>162211 Susan P-/P-re Skinner 05/31/1804-01/26/1845
05/18/1831 wd Winslow C. Watson (Port Kent NY)
_n he was wd of her younger sister Frances
20>1622111 Winslow Charles Watson
01/10/1832 -??
_n grd U VT 1854,
county Judge & surrogate of Clinton Cnty NY
+m1 ?? Mary A. Arnold\0 ??-/1861 dwi
_p Silas Arnold (
Keesville NY )
09/23/1879 Ella S. Barnes\? ( Clinton County NY )
20>16221111 Winslow Barnes Watson
20>1622112 Frances S. Watson
08/05/1836 -??
+m /???? H. N. Hewitt (
Keesville NY )
20>1622113 Mary Emily Watson
07/19/1842 -??
+m /???? Luther Whitney (
Keesville NY )
20>16221131 Susan Whitney
20>162212 Frances Skinner 08/18/1808-04/26/1829(
Mnchstr VT )
05/28/1824 Winslow C. Watson (Port Kent NY)
05/18/1831 Susan P- Skinner [older sister of Frances ]
20>1622121 Richard S. Watson
04/21/1829 -??
12/21/1854 Cynthia Ferris ( Chazy NY )
_p Hiram Ferris (
Chazy NY )
20>16221211 Frances S. Watson
09/15/1855 -??
+m /1875 John Ray Lewis (Brkln)
20>162212111 Winslow W. Lewis
20>162212112 Harry Lewis
20>162213 Timothy Collins Skinner 11/17/1805-03/01/1806(Mnchstr VT) dy
20>162214 Mark Skinner 09/03/1813-1887 [AG1]
_n grd Middlebury C VT 1833, moved to Chicago [only son; NEHGR]
_o judge, Chicago court of common pleas
+m /???? Elizabeth Magill Williams 1818-1891 (> Chicago)
20>1622141 Richard S. Skinner ?[1840]-06/23/1864 dwi
_e grd Yale 1862, joined US Army
_n killed in Civil War at Petersburgh VA [AG1]
20>1622142 Elizabeth Skinner 1844-1922 [AG1]
20>1622143 Evelyn Pierpont Skinner /1846-/1857 dy
_a apparently died unm in ChicIL
20>1622144 Frances Skinner 1848-1903
+m /???? Henry J. Welling/Willing [AG1 "Willing"]
20>1622145 Fredericka B. Skinner
11/11/1849 -/???? [AG1]
20>1622146 Susan P-re Skinner
+m /???? Ambrose Cramer [AG1]
20>16222 Nancy P- 10/24/1784(Ltchfld)-/1868(
Dunkirk NY )
_q AG1. calls her Anna Nancy P- [d?
06/21/1868 ?]
06/21/1801 Dr Ezra Isham /1773-/1835
_a (
Colchester CT > Manchester VT )
20>162221 Pierpont Isham
08/05/1802 ( Bennington VT )-08my1872(PiedmontNY)
_q Pierrepont
in Sedgwick Genealogy 269ff
_o Judge of Supreme Court of VT
_a 112 Madison Ave NYC
+m 03oc1832 Samantha Swift (VT >
Piedmont NY )  30de1808( Bennington VT )-
_q Semanthe in Sedgwick Genealogy 269ff
_p Dr Noah/Noadiah Swift & Jeannette Henderson (
Bennington VT )
20>1622211 Edward Swift Isham 15ja1836
( Bennington VT )-16fe1902(NYC)
_Williams 1857 (Alpha Theta member); Harvard Law ; hon. LLD Williams 1893
_i portrait(s) of Robert & Lois P- reported in hands of E. S. Isham of Chicago IL (1881)
_b on executive council of "Chicago's Exclusive 300" club, 10ja1897 Chicago Tribune article
+m /1861{??} Frances Burch ????-/1894
_p Thomas Burch & Eliza F. (
LittleFalls NY )
20>16222111 Anne Eliza Isham /25ja1861/2(Chicago)-04/14-15/1912 (Titanic disaster)
20>16222112 Pierpont Isham /16au1865(HeidelbergGER)-/19my1906(KeeneNH)
_e West Point 1887
_o army, then practiced law in Chicago
+m /oc1892 Emma Lois Kellogg
20>162221121 Lois Kellog Isham 23se1894(Chicago)-
_a Arlemont Ranch, Tonopah NV
20>16222113 Edward Swift Isham jr 02ja1868(Chi)-/24jl1929(NYC)
_e Yale BA 1891; check details in AG1.
_o electrical engineer
11/14/1900 Laura Miller 09/02/1871 (NYC)-??
_p Charles Addison Miller +m Mary E. Ely
20>162221131 Frances P- Isham
01/15/1902 (NYC)-??
_o Barnard 1925
_a after dv, lived with her mother in NYC
+m /???? Paul C. Colonna (PhiladelphiaPA) dv
_o surgeon
20>1622211311 Alice Bowes Colonna 27my1926-
20>1622211312 Mary Ely Colonna 15de1929-
20>162221132 Edward P-/P-re Isham 08/18/1903 (SmithtownLI)-24jl1929(NYC)
_e Yale AB 1925; Harvard Law 1927
_a Ormsby Hill, ManchesterVT
20>162221133 Susan Dimock Isham
08/25/1905 (SmithtownLI)-??
_q Sedgwick Genealogy first has b 26au1904, then
+m /???? George H. Hardyman
_a Beverly HillsCA
_o author
20>1622211331 Maitland Hardyman 06au1936(NYC)-
20>1622211332 Pierpont (Peter) Isham Hardyman 04oc1936[sic!]-??jl1939
20>16222114 Frances Isham 06ja1872(BerlinGER)-
+m 23mr1909 Henry T. Shelton (BridgeportCT)
_a the couple lived in ParisFRA for some years
20>1622212 Mary Adeline Isham 04fe1839-26my1912
_q b 04fe1838(BenningtonVT) according to
the Sedgwick Genealogy, d 26my1913(NYC)
+m 29my1862(NYC) Cpt Sartell Prentice 29my1837(AlbanyNY)-01se1905(NyackNY)
_om became Maj, 12th US Infantry
_o Chicago real estate
_a Chicago (after Civil War)
_p Ezra Parmalee Prentice & Philena Cheney (MtHope, AlbanyNY)
20>16222121 Ezra Parmelee Prentice 29jl1863(DavenportIA)- [see AG]
_e Amherst 1885; Harvard Law; grad work Olivet Coll (MI)
_o law in Chicago 1886-1890; NYC 1900-1924
_a 5 W 53rd NYC
_b many honors for agricultural work (see
Sedgwick Genealogy)
_b2 several books (see Sedgwick Genealogy)
+m 17ja1901(NYC) Alta Rockefeller 12ap1871(ClevelandOH)-
_p John D. Rockefeller
20>162221211 John Rockefeller Prentice 17de1902(NYC)-
_e Taft Schl (WatertownCT) 1919, Yale BA 1928, Yale Law 1931
_b various honors listed in
Sedgwick Genealogy
_o practiced Law in Chicago 1931-1941
_om reserves, then regular army, Pacific front
+m 11au1941(ScottsboroTN) Abbie Cantrill(Chicago)
_p William O. Cantrill (Freeport IL)
20>162221212 Mary Adeline Prentice 29no1908(NYC)-
_a 13 Commerce St, NYC
_e Yale nursing 1931; Vassar BA 1933
_o nurse in New HavenCT, NYC
+m 16oc1937(WilliamstownMA) Benjamin Davis Gilbert
_o inventor
_p Benjamin Thorne Gilbert & Sue Biggar (ClayvilleNY)
20>1622212121 Alta Mary Gilbert 25ap1939(AnnArborMI)-
20>1622212122 Bemka,om de Racey Gilbert 02fe1941(NYC)-
20>1622212123 Parmalee Prentice Gilbert 24my1943(NYC)-
20>1622212124 John Humphrey Gilbert 09oc1944(NYC)-
20>162221213 Spelman Prentice 17ap1911(NYC)-
_e Taft Schl (WatertownCT) 1929; Yale AB 1934
_o oil companies, then retired to farm in LydonvilleVT to raise beef cattle
+m 01my1937 Dorothy Jean Ryan
_p Stephen Andrew Ryan and Geneveve Gilbert
20>1622212131 Pamela Prentice 29jl1938(LouisvilleKY)-
20>1622212132 Peter Spelman Prentice 21ap1940(LouisvilleKY)-
20>1622212133 Alta Rockefeller Prentice 03mr1942(LouisvilleKY)-
20>1622212134 Michael Sartell Prentice 21oc1944(NYC)-
20>16222122 Pierrepont Isham Prentice 16oc1865(AlbanyNY)-04ja1890(SoudanMN)
_e Amherst and Chicago Medical
_o surgeon at hospital of MN Iron Mines, Soudan MN
_h died of typhoid fever
20>16222123 Rv Sartell Prentice
jr 09/30/1867 ( Albany NY )-27oc1937(NYC)
_e AB Amherst 1891; McCormick Th Sem (Chi) & Union Sem (NYC) 1894; AG1.
_o Reform Ch PottersvilleNY, 5th Ave Presby NewarkNJ, 1st Reform Ch NyackNY
_b accomplishments and books listed in Sedgewick Genealogy
09/30/1896 Lydia Beekman Vanderpoel ( Kinderhook NY )
_a 17 E 11th St NYC (after 1937)
_p Aaron J. Vanderpoel +m Adaline E. Van Schaack [AG1.]
20>162221231 Pierrepont Isham Prentice 10se1899(NewarkNJ)-
_e Taft 1915, Yale 1920; AG1 (Pierpont?)
_o reporter, editor, etc. newspapers & magazines (see Sedgewick Genealogy)
+m 30se1922(BrooklynNY) Mildred Katherine Belcher 20my1899- dv oc1944
_p Dr William Nathan Belcher (BrooklynNY)
+m2 01no1944(WarrentonVA) Janet McNeir Pflieger
_n dv from John James Pflieger oc1944
_p Burrows McNier & Bowley Russell
_a 678 Ely Ave, PelhamNY
20>1622212311 Mildred Barbara Prentice 19ja1927(BedfordMA)-
20>1622212312 Carolyn Sumner 06se1933(MtVernonNY)-
20>162221232 Lydia Vanderpoel Prentice /1902 dy
20>162221233 Sartell Prentice iii 28de1903(NewarkNJ)-
_e Stanford BA 1925; Harvard MBA 1927
_q other sources say Yale 1925
_o oil companies, advertizing rep.
_a 166 Prescott St, ReadingMA
+m 24je1939(PelhamManorNY) Agnes Lorraine Papekas (HartfordCT)
_p Matthew Papekas and Antose Valichke

20>1622212331 Peter Sartell Prentice 17je1943(BostonMA)-
20>16222124 Richard Skinner Prentice 02no1874(AlbanyNY)-16no1876(AlbanyNY)
20>16222125 Mary Isham Prentice 17de1880(ChicagoIL)-
_a (after 1933) ManchesterVT
+m 19fe1901(ChicagoIL) Henry Holm Porter jr ????-au1933(ChicagoIL)
_e Yale BS 1898
20>162221251 Mary Adeline Porter 22mr1902(ChicagoIL)-
_a ManchesterVT
20>162221252 Henry Home Porter iii 08oc1903(ChicagoIL)-
_e Yale BS 1926
+m 08oc1932(TaylorvilleIL) Mary Kinney
20>1622212521 Henry Home Porter iv no1935(ChicagoIL)-
20>162221253 Sartell Prentice Porter 31de1905(ChicagoIL)-
_om Caribbean, Aleutians and Pacific front
+m 24se1933(ChicagoIL) Elinor Durbin
_p Fletcher Durban & Hazel West
20>162221254 John Pierrepont Porter 01fe1908(ChicagoIL)-
_o farmer, LibertyvilleIL
+m ???? __
20>162221254z Anne Lee Porter
20>1622213 Henry P- Isham  27ja1842-25oc1897(ChicagoIL) dwi
20>162222 Caroline Isham 12/28/1803 -??
06/01/1836 George Bradley
20>1622221 Eliza P. Bradley
20>1622222 Ezra C. Bradley
20>162223 Mary Isham 03/23/1806-08/22/1828 unm
20>162224 Jane Isham 07/27/1810-09/01/1810 dy
20>162225 Edwin Isham
06/27/1812 -??
+m /???? Eliza __
20>1622251 George P- Isham
06/19/1840 -??
20>162226 John Isham
06/30/1817 -??
+m /???? __
20>1622261 Anna P. Isham
06/20/1856 -??
20>16223 Esther P- 05/14/1787(Ltchfld)-/1833(
Mnchstr VT )
+m /???? Calvin Sheldon (Rupert & Mnchstr VT)
20>162231 John C. Sheldon unm
20>162232 Richard S. Sheldon
+m /???? __
20>1622321 David D. Sheldon
20>1622322 Stephen C. Sheldon
20>162233 Julia P. Sheldon /1815-21jl1875(NY)
_a ManchesterVT
+m 19au1833 Dr John Darby 27se1804-1877(NY)
_a Adams MA, Macon GA, etc. to NY
_e Williams (MA) 1830; taught math there c1845
_o taught various places (GA, AL, SC), pres MillersburgU (KY)
_n info on his life and their children -- http://www.geocities.com/stkebo/chap6.html
_p Joseph Darby 1766-1818 +m 19fe1789(MA) Elizabeth Farrand 1770-??
20>1622331 Joseph Darby (MaconGA) dinf
20>1622332 Julia A. Darby 04mr1836(MaconGA)-
_a living in NY in 1896
+m 01jl1855 (AuburnAL) W.H.C. Price ??-1881(NY)
_o newspaper editor in NY
_n info from http://www.geocities.com/stkebo/chap7.html
20>16223321 John James Price dinf
20>16223322 William Price
_o journalist in MaconGA (1896)
20>16223323 Charles Price
_o journalist in NY (1896)
20>16223324 Julia Price
+m. Willis P. Miner
20>16223325 Katherine Price
+m Herbert M. Bingham
20>16223326 Anne Price
+m Lewis J. Straghn
20>16223327 John Darby Price
_a1896 JacksonvilleFL
20>16223328 Fraser Pierpont Price
20>1622333 Charles L. Darby de1839(CullodenGA)-1892(AtlantaGA)
+m Kate McLean (AL)
_n info from http://www.geocities.com/stkebo/chap7.html
20>16223331 William Darby
20>16223332 Frank Darby
20>16223333 Kate Darby
20>1622334 John Darby (GA) dinf
20>1622335 John Calvin Darby (GA) dinf
20>1622336 Esther E. Darby 02mr1845(MaconGA)-
+m ?? James H. Matthews ??(MS)-??(LampasaTX)
_n info from http://www.geocities.com/stkebo/chap7.html
20>16223361 Mary Matthews
20>16223362 Joseph W. Matthews
20>16223363 Christina Matthews
20>16223364 James H. Matthews
20>16223365 Carlotta Matthews
20>16223366 Esther Matthews
20>16223367 Eddie Matthews
20>1622337 Sophia B. Darby 27Jl1848(CullodenGA)-
+m William Duval
_a ThorpsSpringsTX
_n info from http://www.geocities.com/stkebo/chap7.html
20>16223371 [boy 1] Duval
20>16223372 [boy 2] Duval
20>1622338 William Ellison Darby 17mr1851(CullodenGA)-
+m Mary Simpson (BrooklynNY)
_n info from http://www.geocities.com/stkebo/chap7.html
20>16223381 Lily Darby
20>16223382 William E. Darby
20>1622339 Edward S. Darby tw 11de1853(CullodenGA)- 25ja1897(DallasTX)
_q b de or se?
+m 16my1886 Lilian May Nichols
_n info from http://www.geocities.com/stkebo/chap7.html
20>16223391 Julia P- Darby 21oc1887-
20>16223392 William Nichols Darby 17jl1891-
20>16223393 Edward Sheldon Darby 05se1893-
20>1622330 Fred F. Darby tw 11de1853 dinf
20>162234 Christian/Christina Sheldon /1817-??
+m /???? Benjamin Richards
20>1622341 Benjamin Richards
20>1622342 William Richards
20>162235 Robert Sheldon dy
20>16224 Laura P- 01/30/1791(Ltchfld)-/1873(NwH; bd
Mnchstr VT )
01/09/1812 Anson J. Sperry ( Plattsbrg NY )
_a SouthFarmsCT
20>162241 Charles Sperry 11/15/1812-05/12/1836 unm
_om officer in USNavy
20>162242 Elizabeth P-re Sperry
10/22/1815 (ManchesterVT)-??mr1898(FtHamiltonNYHarbor)
09/18/1835 Gen Benjamin Stone Roberts ??no1810(ManchesterVT)-01/29/1875 ( Plattsbrgh NY )
_e West Point 1835
_om Mexican War, Civil War; retired 1870 (bio details on Yale site)
_n by 1910, they had 7 children, 4 of which died early (Yale bios)
20>1622421 Benjamin Kearney Roberts
11/28/1846 -?? [Lt. in Army]
_e NorwichU (VT) 1862
_o 1910 Brigadier General, USArmy, Chief of Artillery 1905
20>1622422 Evelyn P-. Roberts
12/25/1848 (FtLeavenworthKS)-??
_a1910 Pierpont Manor, Shrub Oaks, Westchester County NY
_e Hopkins Grammar, NwHaven; Yale, Sheffield Scientific School 1867-70
engineer; 1896 president Mohegan Granite Quarrying Company
_b Yale bios, lots of detail
+ m 05jl1903(NYC) Helen Francis Caleb (ElktonMD)
20>16224221 Benjamin Stone Roberts 23oc1904(FtWashingtonMD)-
20>1622423 Harris Lee Roberts 05/06/1858 -?? [Lt. in Army]
_e USMilitaryAcademy 1880
_o 1905 Major USArmy
20>162243 Pierpont Sperry 04/05/1820-07/??/1821 dy
20>162244 Pierpont Sperry
09/11/1822 -??
03/17/1846 __
20>1622441 Laura M. Sperry
12/18/1847 -??
20>1622442 Louisa E. Sperry 06/08/1849-??
20>162245 Anson Sperry 10/??/1824-??
+m 02/28/1849 __
20>1622451 Charles C. Sperry 04/21/1851-??
20>1622452 Laura E. Sperry 05/16/1855-??
20>1622453 Edwin A. Sperry 10/06/1857-??
20>1622454 Evelyn P. Sperry
20>16225 Julia P- 03/09/1793(Hrwntn)-06/21/1878(Wash DC)
+m1 /1822 Richard H. Warne\1 (Mayfield NY) ??-/1824(Manchester VT)
_o grd Union C, lawyer
+m2 ?? Edward Marks\2 md (Barhamville SC)
20>162251 Henry Warne dy
20>162252 Edwina P-re Marks 01/30/1835(SC)-??
+m 10/25/1880 Maj William N. Chamberlin (Gibson PA)
20>162253 __[dy]
20>162254 __[dy]
20>162255 __[dy]
20>162256 Edward J. Marks 03/31/1841(SC)-?? (Plattsburgh NY)
_d A Genealogical Abstract of Descent of the F of P-re (NwH: Hoggson, 1881)
20>1623 James P- 01{07}/04{27}/1761(NwH)-04/23/1840(Ltchfld) [GS]
_o with brother Robert, owned a Fulling Mill in Morris CT 1783-1840 [image 261] 
_n 1790 Ltchfld CT Census Index; head of household 3 3 3
+m1 09/24[28]/1782 Elizabeth Collins\8 09/25/1755-07/28/1815 age59 [GS]
_a born in Litchfield, died in South FarmsCT
_p Charles Collins 1727-?? m1752 Ann(e) Huntington 1729-?? [see Rhoda C.]
_b Nexus 4(1988) 71
+m2 12/16/1817 wd Lucy Crossman\1 /1783|4-02/20/1835 [GS]
20>16231 Sherman P- 06/29/1783(Ltchfld)-05/07/1836
_n drowned Lake Erie, buried Sandusky
+m 12/01/1807(Ltchfld) Sidnia/Sydney Humiston 22ap1787-16my1841
_q b 1786?
_p Jesse Humiston 04de1749-23fe1837 +m[2]?? Abigail (Abi) Blakeslee
_pa Plymouth MA
20>162311 George P- 05/21/1819-??
+m 04/20/1840 __
20>162311h George Sherman P- ??-{pre1955} [& Mrs; PFM37,42]
_q possibly the George P- whose Mrs is mentioned in 1955 NwH news clip
_q dau Carolyn engaged to USAF A2/c David Henry Cowles (GlensFalls NY)
_q his p = Henry West Cowles +m ??
_q Carolyn attended Wheaton (MA) & NwH Teach Coll, taught in Hamden
_b PFA scrapbook newspaper clipping
_n a George P- +m 11oc1876 Anna Baxter Cheney [see below, 16532641]
20>162312 Minerva P- 09/04/1809-08/22/1837(Ltchfld)
+m 11/27/1827 Sherman Prindle Woodward (Watertown)
+m[2] {post 1837} __
_f Reuben S. Woodward (Watertown)
_fo MD
_n additional info on this line from Judy Larkin, de1998
20>1623121 Rachel P- Woodward 1833-????
+m __ Barker
_n at least 4 children, perhaps more
20>16231211 Rachel Barker
20>16231212 Prindle Barker
20>16231213 Lucie Barker
20>16231214 William Barker
20>1623122 George P- Woodward
+m __
_n at least 3 children, perhaps more
20>16231221 Helen Woodward
20>16231222 Anna Woodward
20>16231223 Lucie Woodward
20>1623123 Minerva P- Woodward 1836(Ltchfld)-1924|5 [PFMx25]
_n died in Texas [PFMx25]
+m /1857(Watertown) Garwood Burton Judd 1835-23ja1911(Watertown)
20>16231231 George P- Judd 11ja1869(CT)-15mr1907(SyracuseNY)
+m 21mr1900(ElbridgeNY) Ella Melinda MacKaig 08de1877-19my1972
_a b OnonValleyNY(?), d ElbridgeNY
20>162312311 Evelyn Louise Judd 22je1903-11my1984(ElbridgeNY)
+m 15jl1925(ElbridgeNY) Allen George Brown 13fe1897-20ap1983(ElbridgeNY)
20>1623123111 Judith Judd Brown 20ja1939(SyracuseNY)-
_n submitted details 1988
+m 22se1962(ElbridgeNY) Arthur Bert Larkin 26fe1935(SyracuseNY)-
20>16231231111 Donna Anne Larkin 31oc1963(AuburnNY)-
+m 17fe1995 Rick A. Bushnell 03no1953-
20>16231231112 Douglas Arthur Larkin 17ja1967(SyracuseNY)-
+m 09no1996(PawlingNY) Kimberly Ann Marcello 23jl1967-
20>162312311121 Jake Douglas Larkin 18de1997(NwMilfordCT)-
20>16231231113 David Allen Larkin 29mr1978-
20>16231232 Minerva P- Judd
_a DenverCO (for his health), Corpus Christi TX (after his death)
+m /???? __ Heaney
_o MD
20>162312321 Maude Heaney
+m /???? Roy Miller
_n they had children
20>162312322 Minerva P- Heaney
+m /???? __ King
_o King Ranch TX
20>1623123221 King[son]
20>16231233 Elizabeth (Lizzie) P- Judd
_a ThomastonCT
+m /???? George Gilbert
20>162312331 Charles Gilbert
+m __
20>1623123311 Gilbert[son]
20>162312332 Berton Gilbert
_o MD
+m1 __
+m2 __
+m3 __
_a DenverCO
20>162312333 Carleton Gilbert
_a LongIslandNY
+m __
20>1623124 Lucy E. Woodward 1840-16ap1841 dy
_g Northfield Burying Ground, LitchfieldCT (child of Sherman Woodward)
20>16232 Rv John P- 04/06/1785(Ltchfld)-08/27/1866(Medford MA)
_o asst teacher (Bethlehem CT) & 1805-09 tutor (Wm Alston, SC);
_o2 1809 lawstudent (Ltchfld), 1811-14 lawyer (NewburyportMA);
_o3 1814-16 merchant (with John Neal, Joseph L.; Boston, Baltimore),
_o4 clergyman, 1819-1845 Hollis St Cong Ch Boston,
_o5 1845-49 1st Unitarian Soc TroyNY; 1849-58 1st Cong Ch WMedfordMA;
_o6 see Henry Ware, A Sermon ... on April 14, 1819, at the Ordination of
_o7 the Reverend John P- (Hilliard-Metcalf, 1819)
_o8 also Order of Exercises at the Ordination ... (Boston, 1819)
_om1 1861 chapln with 22nd MA Vols Regiment at Wash DC;
_om2 1861 clerk govt Treasury Dept (+ Washington Lecture Assn)
_a Ltchfld, SC, Boston, Baltimore, Troy NY, Medford MA, WashDC
_e Yale 1804; (law apprenticeship 1811); Harvard Div 1819
_h died of "heart disease" [MA records via NEHGS]
_d [PM109]; RLIN lists publications and archives and score/music
_d1 The Portrait: a Poem... (Boston: Bradford-Read, 1812)
_d2 Airs of Palestine: a Poem (Baltimore: B.Edes, 1816; various reprints)
_d3 What Think ye of Christ? (Hiliard-Metcalf, 1823)
_d3b The American First Class Book (1823)
_d4 The National Reader: a Selection ... (Boston: Hilliard, 1927)
_d5 "Who Goeth a Warfare at his own Charges?" (Bowles-Dearborn, 1828)
_d6 As You Sow, so Must You Reap (2nd ed, Boston: Bowles-Dearborn, 1828)
_d7 The Young Reader (15th ed, Boston: Carter-Hendee, 1835[c1830])
_d8 Introduction to the National Reader: a Selection ... (Boston, 1830)
_d9 The American First Class Book, or, Exercises... (Carter-Hendee, 1833)
_d10 "The Burning of the Ephesian Letters" sermon Dec 1833 Hollis St ch =
_d10.1 = on abandoning economic structures supporting slavery =
_d10.2 = publ at request of congregation (Boston: Ford & Damrell, 1834)
_d11 Jesus Christ not a Literal Sacrifice (Bowen, 1834)
_d12 Pierpont's Second Reader (NY: Coolidge [20th ed], 1835)
_d12+ New Heavens and a New Earth (1837)
_d12++ Moral Rule and Political Action (1839)
_d13 Proceedings of an Ecclesiastical Council ... (Boston, 1839 [Clapp, 1841])
_d14 Proceedings of a Meeting of Friends of ... (Boston: Dickinson, 1839)
_d15 National Humiliation (Dickinson, 1840)
_d15b Airs of Palestine and Other Poems (Boston: Munroe, 1840)
_d16 A Discourse on the Covenant with Judas (Little-Brown, 1842) 39pp.
_d17 The Anti-Slavery Poems (Boston: Oliver Johnson, 1843)
_d18 The "Address to the People" (Boston, 2nd ed, 1849)
_d18+ Phrenology and the Scriptures (1850)
_d19 "To Smoking Clergymen" 10/19/1860 CharlestwnNH (RLIN)
_d20 "Bull Run Monument" 06/08/1865 (RLIN)
_d21 "The cold water melodies, & Washington songster..." (Boston, 1842\3)
_d22 (with William Comstock) The Drunkard, or, The Fallen Saved: a Moral Domestic Drama in Five Acts (1860)
_d23 project by John Boyle P- in 1991 to set poem to music
_g Mount Auburn cem Cambridge MA on Lavender Path near Mountain & Magnolia
_g2 inscription: poet, patriot, preacher, philosopher, philanthropist, P-
_n abolitionist and temperance reformer; profile seal in PFA archives
_b Robert Fulghum, It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on It (Villard, 1989)
_b2 John T. Winterich, "Savonarola of Hollis Street," Colophon 20 (1935)
_b3 obit by John Neal (friend) Atlantic Monthly 18 (1866) 649-665
Abe C. Ravitz, “John Pierpont, Portrait of a Nineteenth-Century Reformer” Ph.D. diss., New York University, 1955
Abbie A. Ford, John Pierpont, A Biographical Sketch (Boston: J. Allen Crosby, 1909).
+m1 09/23/1810 Mary Sheldon Lord\6 01/31/1787-08/23/1855(MedfordMA)
_h died in Medford of "Dropsy" at 68yr 6mo 24da [MA deaths, NEHGS]
_a born in LitchfieldCT [MA deaths, NEHGS]
_n +m by Rv Lyman Beecher
_f Lynde Lord jr 10/21/1762(Ltchfld)-??
_m +m 01/13/1786 Mary Lyman 1764-??
_pn she = 8th csn apud AG1.; 4th csn AG3.550; chart in PB14 gives
_pn2 common ancestors as Samuel Hyde (5 gen back) +m Jane Lee (6 gen back)
_pp see detailed Lord ancestry in PB11f
_fp Lynde Lord 02/02/1733(Ltchfld)-01/15/1801 m07/07/1757 Lois Sheldon
+m2 12/08/1857 wd Harriet-Louise Campbell Fowler\0 05/20/1811-??
_n +m by Rv Farley at Pawling NY
_n2 Mrs. E.M.C.Merwin of PawlingNY (niece) in 1917 had 80th b'day poems
_p Archibald Campbell (PawlingNY) +m __
20>162321 William Alston P- 07/11/1811(Ltchfld)-04/04/1860
_n named after Col Wm Alston (SC; John P- tutored his children 1805-09)
_n1 let 09/14/1831 father to H. D. Sewall to help son set up mechanics shop
_n2 in Watertown{MA?}
_g Greenwood cem Brooklyn NY
+m1 ?? Maria[PB]/Mary Cecelia Ridgeway (Syracuse NY) ????-/1838
_n +m by Rv Wilkins [PB]
+m2 ?? Sarah E. Tur(r)elle (BostonMA)
20>1623211 Mary Lord P- 05/26/1838(WatertownNY)-03/27/1913(BostonMA)
_a1866 JamaicaPlainMA(70 BoylstonSt)
_n letter to cousin Juliet about death of grandfather John P-
+m /1863 John {James[PB]} Crosby\2 09/23/1820-10/27/1896
_a b Charlestown NH, d Boston MA
20>16232111 James Allen Crosby 07/28/1864(BostonMA)-??
+m 09/25/1912 Susan Lillian Bartlett 09/25/1880-??
_p Joseph Alves Bartlett +m 04/10/1877 Sarah Ella Black
20>16232112 Mary P- Crosby 06/22/1869(WRoxburyMA)-1954? [PFM37-38?]
_a 1949 DorchesterCtrMA, 1950 RoxburyMA (home for aged women)
+m 11/01/1896 Edward Webster McGlenen\{2sons}
_p Henry Aloysius McGlenen +m Caroline Matilda Bruce 07/11/1854(Boston)-??
20>162321121 Henry Allen McGlenen 04/06/1897(BostonMA)-19??
+m 04/17/1926 Madeline Doris 11/11/1900(RocklandMA)
_p William Henry Mack m1899 Florence Stanley
20>162321122 Rv Edward Webster McGlenen jr 05/20/1898(BostonMA)-1954?
_n PFM37-38?
+m 11/29/1926 Alice Irene Whitney 02/28/1903-??
_a 1955 ConcordNH
_p Waldo Traffarn Whitney +m ?? __
20>162322 Mary Elizabeth P- 09/18/1812(NwbryprtMA)-10/15/1896(AtlantaGA)
_n probably the aunt Mary and uncle David mentioned in Mary L.P- Crosby's
_n2 .. letter to cousing Juliet on death of her g'father John P-
_a1866 SaratogaNY [if in the above letter]
_g Mount Auburn cem Cambridge MA [PB]
+m 04/??/1865(MaconGA) David Flanders
20>162323 Juliet {not Juliette} P- 07/30/1816(BaltimoreMD)-02/23/1884
+m 05/02/1836(BostonMA) Junius Spencer Morgan 04/14/1813-04/08/1890 (Hrtfrd)
_a Hartford CT, London ENG
_n married in Boston by Rev. S. K. Lothrop, D. D
_o banker, Peabody & Morgan in London ENG
_p Joseph Morgan ??-23jl1847-?? +m ??
20>1623231 John P- Morgan 04/17/1837-03/31/1913 (NYC{Rome IT[HE]})
_o banker
+m1 07oc1861(NYC) Amelia Sturges\0 ????-02/??/1862
_h invalid, soon died [HE]
_x HE m date 1859
_n NYEveningPost m notice at NEHGS online, m by Rv Thomas DeWitt
_p John Sturges +m __
_q NYEP has Jonathan Sturges, probably who m 24de1828(NYC) Mary P. Cady
_k NYEP lists a Virginia Reed, dau of Jonathan Sturges m 14de1853
_x2 HE has Sturgis
+m2 31my1865 Frances Louise/Louisa[PB NYEP] Tracy\4 05/15/1842-11/16/1924
_m at StGeorges ch, Stuyvesant Sq NYC, by Rv Stephen H. Tying {NYEP]
_p Charles Tracy +m __ (NYC)
_b AG
20>16232311 Louisa P- Morgan 03/10/1866-10/07/1946 [PFR "Mrs. Satterlee"]
_n check AG1. for details
+m 11/15/1900 Herbert L. Satterlee 10/31/1863-07/14/1947 [ag 83]
20>162323111 Mabel M. Satterlee 08/13/1901-
+m 09/19/1926 Abbott Ingalls jr 02/19/1895-??
20>162323112 Eleanor Morgan Satterlee 04/12/1905-04/11/1951(NYC) [PFR]
+m /???? Milo Sargent Gibbs
20>16232312 John P- Morgan jr 09/07/1867(Irvington NY)-03/13/1943(FL)
_e AB Harv 1889; AG1.
+m 12/11/1890 Jane Norton Grew 09/30/1868-08/14/1925(LI NY)
_n died after lingering illness of sleeping sickness [HE]
_p Henry Sturgis Grew (Boston) +m __
20>162323121 Junius Spencer Morgan jr 03/15/1892(NYC)-??
_e AB Harv 1914; AG1. banker, partner in J.P.Morgan & Co. [HE]
+m 06/15/1915 Louise Converse 04/01/1895(ChstntHll MA)-??
_p Frederick S. Converse [see AG]
20>1623231211 Louise Converse Morgan jr 01/15/1917(NYC)-??
+m /???? __ Clark [HE]
+m /???? __ Hook [PHC]
_q one or two marriages? PHC got info from WhoWasWho sv Junius S. M.
20>1623231212 John P- Morgan iii 06/01/1918(NYC)-??
+m 12au1944 Claire Byrd Ober 15jl1921-??
20>16232312121 Junius Spencer Morgan ii 21my1947-??
+m 20au1970 Patricia Melton 11se1946-??
20>162323121211 Junius Spencer Morgan iii 03my1978-??
20>162323121212 Theodore R. Morgan 14je1982-??
20>16232312122 John P- Morgan iv 20mr1950-??
+m 18je1977 Bonnie Alison Barr 18my19??-??
20>162323121221 Jessica A. Morgan 06ja1980-??
20>162323121222 Rachel C. Morgan 22au1981-??
20>16232312123 Linda Louise Morgan 03ja1953-??
+m 21je1975 John F. Filz 10oc1949-??
20>16232312124 Frederick Converse Morgan 25oc1954-??
+m 18ja1986 Jennifer Lynne Maslow 07mr1960-??
20>1623231213 Anne Morgan 09/27{|28[PB]}/1922(LocustVa NY)-??
20>162323122 Jane Norton Morgan 11/14/1893-19oc1960
_q b 1892 [PML]
+m 11/14/1917 George Nichols 10/14/1878-??
20>1623231221 Jane Norton Nichols jr 09/08/1918-??
+m 24ja1942 Walter Hines Page
20>16232312211 Jane Page jr 09ja1943-??
+m ?? Philip Mullinson
20>16232312212 Walter Hines Page jr
20>16232312213 Mark Page
20>1623231222 George Nichols jr 05/15/1922-??
+m 01jl1944 Nancy Taylor Pinks
20>16232312221 George Nichols iii 09fe1946-??
20>16232312222 Pierce Nichols
20>16232312223 Susan Nichols
+m ?? Douglas Nygren
20>162323122231 Rebecca Nygren
20>162323122232 Victoria Nygren
20>162323122233 Laura Nygren
20>16232312224 Domenica Nichols
20>1623231223 Henrietta Mary Nichols 03/06/1927-??
+m1 23je1944 Benjamin Oyer Barnes
+m2 ?? August R. Meyer
20>16232312231 Benjamin Oyer Barnes jr 12(?)oc1946-??
_q PML has b 10/42/46 [sic]
20>16232312232 Henrietta Barnes
+m ?? David Bor
20>16232312233 Phoebe Barnes
20>16232312234 Mary Barnes
+m ?? James L. Madden
20>16232312235 Faith Barnes
+m ?? Stephen M. Majercik
20>16232312236 Hope Barnes
20>162323123 Frances Tracy Morgan 01/17/1897-??
+m 06/16/1917 Paul Geddes Pennoyer 10/30/1890-??
_a LocustValley NY [PFR; AG1]
20>1623231231 Virginia M. Pennoyer 03/17/1918-?? [PHC]
+m /???? Norman B. Livermore
20>1623231232 Paul Geddes Pennoyer jr 02/11/1920- [PHC]
+m /???? Cecily Henderson
20>16232312321 Jennifer Pennoyer [PHC]
20>16232312322 Deidre Pennoyer [PHC]
20>16232312323 Paul T. Pennoyer [PHC]
20>16232312324 Sheldon K. Pennoyer [PHC]
20>16232312325 William M. Pennoyer [PHC]
20>1623231233 Frances Tracy Pennoyer 06/01/1921-??
_n see confusion with next child
+m 08fe1941 August H. Schilling
20>16232312331 August H Schilling jr 17ja1942-??
20>16232312332 John Ralston Schilling 10ap1943-??
20>16232312333 Tracy Pennoyer Schilling 19au1946-??
+m ?? John F. Bauer
20>16232312334 Jessie Schilling
20>1623231234 Katherine E. Pennoyer tw 04/09/1925-??
_n PFR "granddau. of J P M"
_q PHC calls her F. Tracy Pennoyer (m same)
+m 01/26/1952(Roslyn NY) Eugene E. O'Donnell jr (Boston)
_q PHC says F. Tracy Pennoyer +m him
20>16232312341 Carrie O'Donnell
20>16232312342 Colum P. O'Donnell
20>16232312343 Derick P. O'Donnell
20>16232312344 Monica P. O'Donnell
20>16232312345 Cecily H. O'Donnell
20>1623231235 Robert Morgan Pennoyer tw 04/09/1925-?? [PB]
+m ?? Victoria L. Parsons
20>16232312351 Christina Pennoyer
+m ?? Richard S. Greathead
20>16232312352 Russell P. Pennoyer
20>16232312353 Tracy Pennoyer ("Dr" [PML])
20>16232312354 Peter M. Pennoyer
20>1623231236 Jessie Morgan Pennoyer 08/12/1926-?? [PHC]
+m /???? Frank V. Snyder
20>16232312361 Michael S. Snyder
20>16232312362 Jonathan V. Snyder
20>16232312363 June A. Snyder
20>16232312364 Susan P. Snyder
20>162323124 Henry Sturgis P- Morgan 10/24/1900(Lond)-07fe1982
_e Harv 1923
_o banker, treas Morgan Stanley & Co. [HE]
+m 06/26/1923 Catherine Adams 01/13/1902-?? (Concord MA)
20>1623231241 Henry Sturgis Morgan jr 08/10/1924-??
_om rear admiral
+m1 28mr1945 Fanny Gray Little
+m2 ?? Alexandra __
20>16232312411 Catherine A. Morgan 02oc1946-??
+m ?? Alec Peltier
20>162323124111 Patricia G. Peltier 06je1972-??
20>162323124112 Amy A. Peltier /1974-??
20>16232312412 Henry Sturgis Morgan iii 22oc1948-??
+m se1984 Susan Delancy
20>16232312413 Polly Morgan /1951-??
+m ?? John Temken
20>162323124131 John H. Temken /1981-??
20>162323124132 Stuart M. Temken 06au1983-??
20>16232312414 Joan Morgan /1953-??
+m1 /1973 Peter L. Folran (dv 1978)
+m2 19my1991 John Marshall
20>1623231242 Charles Francis Morgan 04/16/1926-??
+m 27fe1960 Sarah Baldwin Lambert
20>16232312421 Charles Francis Morgan jr 04mr1961-??
20>16232312422 Maria B. Morgan 07je1963-??
+m ?? Christopher Gill
20>16232312423 Samuel L. Morgan 15mr1966-??
20>1623231243 Miles[PHC PML]/Meles Morgan 01no1928-??
20>1623231244 John Adams Morgan 17se1930-??
+m1 je1963 Elizabeth Robbins Choate\1
+m2 ?? Tanya Gars 17no1935-??
20>16232312441 John Adams Morgan jr 13au1954-??
+m 25ja1986 Karen Bol
20>16232312442 Chauncy Goss Morgan 19ap1963-??
20>1623231245 Peter Angus Morgan 28ja1938-??
20>16232313 Juliet(te) P- Morgan 07/19{|17[PB]}/1870-08/05/1952(NY)
+m 04/??/1894 William Pierson Hamilton 02/05/1869-?? [AG1.]
_b AG1.640
20>162323131 Helen Morgan Hamilton 06/12/1896-??
+m 06/10/1916 Arthur Woods 01/29/1870
20>1623231311 John P- Woods 02/06/1918-??
20>1623231312 Leonard H. Woods 10/15/1919-??
20>1623231313 Alexander H. Woods 07/26/1922-??
20>1623231314 Caroline F. Woods 03/01/1927-??
20>162323132 P- Morgan Hamilton 08/03/1898-??
_e Harv 1920
_om Col in air force, Congress Medal of Honor for NAfr campaign
_v pict in Harv mag Sep/Oct 1990 p.120 (hon degree group)
+m 09/11/1919 Marie Louise Blair 07/01/1899-??
20>1623231321 Philip Schuyler Hamilton 11/21/1920-??
_n do Frances, Philip and Rush Hamilton [PFM84, Deep River] fit here?
20>1623231322 David Blair Hamilton 07/20/1922-??
20>1623231323 Ian Morgan Hamilton 10/04/1923-??
20>162323133 Laurens Morgan Hamilton 06/18/1900(Tuxedo NY)-?? (Paris FR)
_b AG3.550 [also AG1.]
+m 01/22/1920 (Mrs) Gertrude Malisch Warren
[+m1] Gregory Warren
20>162323134 Alexander Hamilton 01/25/1900-??
20>162323135 Elizabeth S. Hamilton 12/19/1907-01/03/1919 dy
20>16232314 Anne Tracy Morgan 07/25/1873-01/29/1952(MtKisco NY)
20>1623232 Sarah Spencer Morgan 12/05/1839-07/05/1896
_n info from Jean Strouse to RAK 06/03/1989, supplemented from PB 7/90
_q confused with Mary by some source(s) with b 11/05/1844-??
+m 06/27/1866 George Hale Morgan 02/14/1840-04/28/1911
20>16232321 Junius Spencer Morgan 06/05/1867-??/??/1???
+m 06/04/1891 Josephine A. Perry 10/21/1869-??
20>162323211 Sarah Spencer Morgan 02/17/1893-??/??/1???
+m 09/12/1914 Henry B. Gardner
20>1623232111 Sarah Morgan Gardner 07/30/1915-??/??/1???
_q did David P- Gardner (author) come from this line?
20>162323212 Alexander Perry Morgan 10/23/1900-??/??/1???
+m 02/10/1923 Janet S. Croll 01/28/1901-??
20>1623232121 Lucretia Perry Morgan dy
20>1623232122 Alexander Perry Morgan jr 04/08/1924-??
20>1623232123 Margaret Croll Morgan 11/30/1926-??
20>16232322 Caroline Lucy Morgan 03/04/1873-??/??/1???
20>16232323 George Denison Morgan 06/17/1876-07/09/1915
+m 01/24/1904 Yuki Kato
20>1623233 Mary Lyman Morgan 11/05/1844-07/20/1919
_n info from Jean Strouse to RAK 05/07/1989 & 06/03/1989
_q confused with Sarah by some source(s) with S's b as 11/05/1844-??
+m 01/??/1867 Walter Hayes Burns 09/09/1838-11/22/1897
20>16232331 Walter S. M. Burns 03/22/1872-??/??/1???
+m 02/09/1907 Ruth Evelyn Cavendish Bentinck 03/05/1883-??
20>162323311 Cynthia Mary Burns 01/22/1908-??/??/1???
20>162323312 Walter A. G. Burns 01/29/1911-??/??/1???
20>16232332 Mary Ethel Burns 10/21/1873-??/??/1???
+m 07/01/1899 Lewis Harcourt 01/31/1863-02/24/1922 (ENG)
_n "1st Viscount" [PB]
_p Sir William Harcourt +m ??
20>162323321 Doris M. T. Harcourt 03/30/1900-??/??/1???
+m 11/17/1924 Hon Alexander Francis St. Vincent Baring 04/07/1898-??
20>162323322 Olivia Vernon Harcourt 04/05/1902-??
+m 10/29/1923 Hon Godfrey John M. L. Mulholland 10/03/1892-??
20>1623233221 Mary Norah Mulholland 10/23/1924-??
20>162323323 Barbara Vernon Harcourt 04/28/1905-??
+m 07/25/1925 Robert Charles I.{E. [PML]} Jenkinson 12/02/1900-??
20>1623233231 Julian C. L. Jenkinson 04/28/1926-??
20>162323324 Hon William Edward Harcourt 10/05/1908-??
_n "2nd Viscount" [PB]
20>1623234 Junius Spencer Morgan 04/06/1846-03/12/1858
20>1623235 Juliet(te)/Julia P- Morgan 12/04/1847-04/01/1923
_n info from Jean Strouse to RAK 06/03/1989, spells name Juliet =PB
+m 07/11/1871 Rv John B. Morgan 03/04/1843-01/12/1912
20>16232351 Ursula J. Morgan 10/26/1873-02/05/1916 dwi
+m 06/??/1908 William FitzSimon
20>16232352 John Junius Morgan 04/26/1876-??/??/1???
+m 10/06/1908 Caroline A. McCook 05/31/1887-??
20>162323521 __ Morgan [boy died in infancy PB]
20>162324 Rv John P- jr 11/24{|22[PB]}/1819(Boston)-04/13/1879 (Savannah GA)

_a[1860 census with James] Savannah GA (age 45, "clergyman Episc Church"; no family listed)
_e Harv 1840
_o minister at Universalist Fellowship Savannah in 1850s, later to Macon
_g Mount Auburn cem Cambridge MA
+m1 09oc1844 (SuttonMA) Joanna LeBar(r)on Sibley c1820-31mr1852 ag32
_n [NEHGS MA marr recs and death recs]
_h died in SuttonMA, "disease of heart"
+m2 /1877 Anne Haven [PB]
_p Franklin Haven (Boston banker) +m __
_q called Annie Allen in some source
20>162325 James Lord P- 04/25/1822(Boston)-08/??/1893(WinterHavenFL)
_q listed as James S. P- [L. misread as S.] (composer) in library catalogs
_a BostonMA, CA, TroyNY, SavannahGA, ValdostaGA, QitmanGA, WinterHavenFL

_a1850 Medford MA census with father's family, and Milly C (age 28), Mary A (age 2), John (age 1)
_a1855 listed as born in TroyNY in MA birth record for dau "Milly"!

_a1860 appears after Thomas  Purse family with new family and brother John on the National census for Savannah GA
_o ran away at 14 (1836-7) deck hand on Shark CA-Pacific area
_o1855 listed as "clerk" in MA birth record for dau "Milly"
_o1 organist for brother at Unitarian Church (now Unitarian-Universalist Church)
_o2 Savannah GA in 1850s (after death of 1st wife?)

_o3 listed on 1860 census as "clerk and collector" with "personal estate" valued at $300
_o4 (post war) prof music Quitman Academy
_om1 ap1862 clerk in 1st GA Battalion > 5th GA Vol Cavalry
_om2 served with Lamar Rangers Confederate calvary company [see Suydam photo of plaque]
_omn 1863 Savannah news ad, stolen horse James P- Isle of Hope Regiment
_d composer, attributed music for "Jingle Bells" [art clip "James S. P-"]
_d0 see photos supplied by Eleanor P- Suydam to PFA 1991
_d1 "We Conquer or Die" (1853)(see R.B.Harwell, Confederate Music [1950])
_d2 "Wake, Lady, Wake!" (see R.B.Harwell, Confederate Music [1950])
_d3 "Strike for the South" (see R.B.Harwell, Confederate Music [1950])
_d4 "Kitty Crow" (Boston, c1853)
_d5 "The Colored Coquette" (Boston, c1853)
_d6 "I Mourn for my Old Cottage Home"
_d7 "Ring the Bell, Fanny"
_d8 "Poor Elsie" (Boston, c1854) for the Campbell Minstrels/e
_d9 "The Little White Cottage, or, Gentle Nettie Moore" (Boston, c1857)
_d10 "The One-Horse Open Sleigh" (1857) retitled "Jingle Bells" (1859)
_d11 "Our Battle Flag"
_f lett from J.Harris P- MD 11/17/1913 to  P- McCoy "My father James
_f2= P- came south before the civil war against the wishes of his father, and
_f3= +m my mother, a southern lady, and as a result was ever afterward
_f4= estranged from his family at the north."
_g bd Laurel Grove cem Savannah GA;
_g1 d Winter Garden FL, buried there briefly, then body moved to GA
_g2 monument has "James L. P- 1893 Aged 71" [see Suydam photo]
_n1 correction and marginal notes in PD = PD+ "James migrated{??}
_n2 at {sic!}/ the South. 2nd ... Miss Pierce/ ... had 2{??} children--
_n3 /Lily - Dr. Pierpont of Florida/ &{??} 2{??} more sons{??}"
+m1 09/04/1846(TroyNY) Millicent Cowee\3 06/22/1822(WestminsterMA)-08/17/1856(WMedfordMA)
_a b Westminster MA, d West Medford MA (home of John P-) [ag34-2mo]
_h died of "consumption" [MA vital records, NEHGS]
_g Mount Auburn cem Cambridge MA
_q birth record for dau "Milly" has her mother born in Troy NY !
_q2 death record for dau Joanna L. [=Milly?] has mother's name "Amelia"
_p Farwell Cowee +m Abagail/Abigail[PB] Merriam [PB] (29ja1725-??se1830)
_x not Mellicent[PM], not Cowen[PM]; d 1857 in some sources
_q PD+ corrects to Cowe or possibly Cower; PB has Millicent Cowee
_n info from Jean Strouse to RAK 06/03/1989, was called Millie
+m2 08/??/1857 Eliza Jane Purse\5 ??/??/1833-05/04/1889(WinterHavenFL)
_a +m Savannah GA; bd Laurel Grove cem Savannah GA ag57
_n PD+ seems to spell it Pierce (wrongly)
_p Thomas Purse (mayor Savannah) [age 58 in 1860 census] +m Eliza J.__ [age 51 in 1860]

_k[1860 census] Daniel C (21), William C (19), Benjamin S (18),Thomas (17), John M (12)
20>1623251 Mary Augusta P- 08/24|20[PD,PB]/1847(TroyNY)-03/25/1937 [PM]
_g d in TroyNY, bur Oakwood cem (dedication by John P- sr)
_q PD=PB has 08/20/
+m 10/12/1870(TroyNY) Theodore Frelinghuysen Barnum 10/12/1844-08/31/1918
_a b Dresden NY, +m Troy NY, d Troy NY
_f Milo Barnum 06/14/1808(DanburyCT)-01/06/1890(TroyNY)
_m +m 01/06/1832(DanburyCT) Rebecca Broughton 06/08/1808-03/??/1899
20>16232511 Louise Barnum 12/19/1872(TroyNY)-07/01/1873 dy
20>16232512 Theodore P- Barnum 03/26/1874(TroyNY)-??
+m 04/18/1900(TroyNY) Antoinette Spencer Alden 05/29/1871-
_f Charles L. Alden 08/21/1827(LewisNY)-11/??/1902(DorchesterMA)
_m +m Mary Langford Taylor 08/16/1846(WestmorelandNY)-05/20/1923(RI)
20>162325121 Mary Alden Barnum 12/31/1905(TroyNY)-??
20>16232513 Milicent Cowee Barnum 10/26/1877(TroyNY)-07/08/1883 dy
20>16232514 John P- Barnum 07/14/1884(TroyNY)-??
+m 06/16/1910(OmahaNB) Dorothy Hansen
20>162325141 Dorothy Barnum 01/20/1912(OmahaNB)-??
20>162325142 Betty Barnum 04/20/1914(OmahaNB)-??
20>162325143 John P- Barnum jr 06/22/1917(BrklynNY)-??
20>16232515 David Farwell Barnum 11/09/1886(TroyNY)-??
+m 05/29/1918(OmahaNB) Hulda Hansen
20>16232515z Robert Farwell Barnum 04/02/1920-??
_n adopted [PB]
+m? Ruth __ [see DeBolt letter 31mr198]
_a1997 VA Beach
_n dau Teresa Barnum Bancroft (husband Jim)? (SavannahGA 1998)
20>1623252 John P- 04/11/1849(TroyNY)-12/06/1879(MilwaukeeWI)
_o engineer [GLP-]; born 04 or 08 [GLP-]?
+m 10/22/1873(ChicagoIL) Ellen Ryan McGregor 08/18/1852-09/25/1889
_a d (MilwaukeeWI)
_p John Palmer McGregor +m Marie Antoinette Goldsmith
20>16232521 Antoinette P- 08/21/1874(PortageWI)-06/07/1952(MilwaukeeWI)
_o housewife [GLP-]
+m /1907?(MilwaukeeWI) Joseph Cary James ??/??/1874-09/10/1925(MilwaukeeWI)
_p Garth Wilkinson James
+m Caroline Eames Cary
20>162325211 Garth P- James 01/16/1909(MilwaukeeWI)-08/27/1975(StThomasVI)
+m ?? __?? dv
20>162325211h David Edgar Morris James
_n may have had one or two female siblings [GLP-]
20>16232522 David Cowee P- md 11/11/1878(MilwaukeeWI)-04/15/1948(IronwoodMI)
_o physician [GLP-]
_n born 11/11 [GLP-] but 12/04 [other sources]
_h died of coronary occlusion [GLP-]
+m 01/04/1913(MenomonieWI) Sarah Ana Heller 04/30/1886-01/17/1934
_a b (MenomonieWI) d (DuluthMN)
_o teacher
_d St.Mary's hospital, DuluthMN, complications of spinal anesthesia [GLP-]
_n Heller[PB+ GLP-; text has Ana Marsh]
_p John Alfred Heller (31mr1846-13mr1927) +m Evelyn Lenora Fletcher (23fe1854-17ap1925)
20>162325221 John P- 08/21/1914(IronwoodMI)-31mr2009(MercerWI)
_e Luther L. Wright HS (1931), UMich BA 1936, MD 1938
_o physician (nickname "Doc")
_h hunting, fishing, gardening, sailing
_r United Methodist Ch (MercerWI)
_n after his wife died, a regular companion was Virginia Veline (died 2004)
_b see
CaringBridge.com on docjohnpierpont (with link to pictures)
+m 04/29/1939(AnnArborMI) Helen Ruehama Lockwood 04/28/1914(ClarksburgWV)-12/07/1994(BayfieldWI)
_o nurse
_p George Ephraim Lockwood (03oc1882-18ja1957) +m Sadie Ocean Starcher (1886-1967)
_n b ClarksburgWV, d BayfieldWI [GLP-]
20>1623252211 David Burton P- 12/08/1939(AnnArborMI)-
_o physician
_a2009 BayfieldWI
+m 06/19/1964(WauwatosaWI) Heidi Jo Weltmer 11/28/1938(MilwaukeeWI)-
_o nurse
_p Wilton Wesley Weltmer +m Lucille Grace Mueller
20>16232522111 Sarah P- 04/25/1965(DuluthMN)-
_o nurse
+m 08/06/1989(WhitePineMI) Michael Anthony Steber 08/04/1964(EvanstonIL)-
_o teacher
_p James Sterber +m Joan Locher
20>162325221111 Nicholas John Steber 01/25/1990(LauriumMI)-
20>162325221112 Benjamin Michael Steber 06/16/1991(LauriumMI)-
20>162325221113 Madelaine Grace Steber 12/23/1992(LauriumMI)-
20>162325221114 Andrew James Steber 07/21/1994(LauriumMI)-
20>16232522112 John Weltmer P- 09/27/1966(CoronadoCA)-
_o student
20>162325221121 David Vankirk Pierpont (04/09/2000)-
20>162325221122 Ella Ruth Pierpont (10/07/2004)-
20>16232522113 Jill Louise P- 12/12/1967(StPaulMN)-
_o nurse
+m 09/17/1994 (MercerWI) Steven Carl Moyle 04/17/1969(WaukeshaWI)-
_p William Moyle +m Arlene Ruth Smith
20>162325221131 Emma Heidi Sauld (01/14/1999)-
20>162325221132 Jacob William Sauld (11/03/2002)-
20>16232522114 David Andrew P- 06/30/1969(RiceLakeWI)-
_o engineer
+m 11/26/1994(ChetekWI) Terri Ann Donaldson 09/25/1971(BloomerWI)-
_o accountant
20>162325221141 Olivia Josephine Pierpont (06/26/1999)-
20>162325221142 Isabelle May Pierpont (05/30/2001)-
20>162325221143 Kimberly Lynn Pierpont (10/14/2005)-
20>16232522115 Matthew Heller P- 11/12/1973(ChetekWI)-
_o student
20>162325221151 Garrett Paul Pierpont (9/4/2006)-
20>162325221152 Brady Burton Pierpont (4/2/2008)-
20>1623252212 John P- jr 02/07/1941(IronwoodMI)-
_a2009 MercerWI
_o teacher
+m 06/15/1963(HurleyWI) Deanna Frances Gustafson 03/16/1943-
_a1998 MercerWI [PFA98] &lt; IronwoodWI
_o salesmanager
_p Carl Kenneth Gustafson +m Lucy Antoinette Colasacco
_n information updated 02je2009 by Gordon L. P-
20>16232522121 Renee Ana P- 03/15/1964(IronwoodMI)-
_o salesmanager
+m 11/30/1991(MadisonWI) Frederick John Hable 03/20/1963(MadisonWI)-
_o teacher
_p Burton Frederick Hable +m Bernetta Kathryn Stoffel
20>16232522122 John P- iii 12/23/1965(IronwoodMI)-
_a2002 MundeleinIL
_o chemist
+m 07/09/1988(MercerWI) Kimberly Ann Eliopoulos 05/18/1965(MilwaukeeWI)-
_o beautician
_p Anthony Eliopoulos +m Nancy Jane Prochazka
20>162325221221 Brittany Athena P- 07/23/1988(MadisonWI)-
20>162325221222 John P- iv 06/06{29}/1990(MilwaukeeWI)-
20>162325221223 Lauren Janelle P- 06/07/1991(ParkRidgeIL)-
20>162325221224 Tessa Jane Frances Pierpont (8/12/2003)-
20>1623252213 Gordon Lockwood P- 05/04/1943(IronwoodMI)-
_a2009 StPaulWI
_o MD
_n tel call 7/11/90, he is sending detailed information; again by email 02je2009
_n2 began Pierpont DNA project in 2009 on Ancestry.com (=MyFamily.com)
+m 09/30/1972(TarrytownNY) Mary Ella Mascia 10/16/1945(NYC)-
_o physician
_p Armond Vincent Mascia +m Margaret Elizabeth Scarborough
_n2 Elizabeth Mascia [PFA90] is his mother-in-law (Tarrytown NY)
20>16232522131 Daniel McGregor P- 05/09/1976(MinneapolisMN)-
_o student
20>16232522132 Elizabeth Irene P- 05/10/1980(MinneapolisMN)-
_o student
20>1623252214 William McGregor P- 05/31/1945(IronwoodWI)-11/12/1969(VIETNAM)
_om military [Archives record]
20>1623252215 Martha P- 08/16/1946(IronwoodWI)-
_a2009 MercerWI
_o nurse
+m 01/28/1967(NashuaIA) Harley LeRoy Prell jr 07/20/1946(MinneapolisMN)-
_o mortician
_p Harley LeRoy Prell +m Mary LuConic
+m2 ???? Dean Gustafson
20>16232522151 Harley LeRoy Prell iii 08/10/1969(LittleFallsMN)-
_o student
20>162325221511 Gordon Finnegan Prell (12/20/2002)-
20>162325221512 Laramie Prell (8/17/2004)-
20>16232522152 Laura Prell 08/03/1970(WhitePineMI)-
_o banker
+m 07/31/1993(RaleighNC) Michael Dean Curtis 07/31/1967(GiletteWY)-
_o salesman
_p John Lavern Curtis jr +m Darlene Marie Manor
20>162325221521 Regan Curtis (01/03/2000)-
20>162325221522 John Michael Curtis (01/24/2002)
20>16232522153 Cara Prell 09/22/1975(WheatlandWY)-
_o student
+m /???? ?? Stephens
20>162325221531 Helen Stephens (7/6/2007)-
20>162325221532 Rece Stephens 10mr2009-
20>16232522154 David James Prell 07/27/1977(WheatlandWY)-
_o student
20>1623252216 James Osborne P- 06/16/1949(IronwoodWI)-12/24/1973
_o student; d lost at sea off Sal Island, Atlantic Ocean
20>1623252217 Raymond Mark P- 07/01/1952(IronwoodWI)-
_o assessor
+m 06/16/1973(MercerWI) Catherine Louise Banbury 01/31/1954(WhitePineMI)-
_a2009 WhitePineMI
_o housewife; "Cathy"
_p Harry W. Banbury +m Dorothy Joann Hirt
20>16232522171 Jennifer Lexie P- 10/12/1973(WhitePineMI)-
_o student
20>162325221711 Bryson Mishko Wicklund 11se2008-
20>16232522172 Jeffery William P- 11/25/1975(WhitePineMI)-
_o student
20>162325221721 Austin Ryan Pierpont (4/14/1999)-
20>162325221722 Mackenzie Lyn Pierpont (8/13/2005)-
20>1623252218 Robert Bruce P- 06/18/1953(IronwoodWI)-
_o physician
_a2002,2009 SuperiorWI
+m1 06/06/1975(BayfieldWI) Heidi Marie Nelson
+m2 08/21/1985(SturgeonBayWI) Debra Ann Marie Kolf 01/01/1961(MilwaukeeWI)-
_o nurse; "Debbie"
20>16232522181 Brian James P- 03/22/1989(StPaulMN)-
20>16232522182 Laura Catherine P- 09/20/1991(AshlandWI)-
20>16232522183 Mark William P- 04/30/1993(AshlandWI)-
20>162325222 David P- jr 07/06/1916-??/1939
20>162325223 William Marsh P- 11/22/1917-??/1931
20>162325224 James P- 04/18/1920-??/1939
20>1623253 Joanna LeBarron P- 03/17/1855-08/25/1855(WMedfordMA) dy [6mos]
_n called "Milly" in MA births then Joanna L. in death recs [NEHGS]
_h death from "Cholera Infantine" in Medford on 25 Aug [not 23]
20>1623254 Lillian[PB]/Lily Purse[PB] P- ??/??/185?(SavannahGA)-07/14/1939

_q is she the Elizabeth (age 6) in the 1860 census?
_e studied art in Europe (financed by J.P.Morgan?) [DeBolt]
_o librarian (Quitman Public lib, GA) and artist
_g d in OcalaFL, bur SavannahGA (DeBolt)
+m /???? Dr P- of Florida [PD+]
_q2 according to Margaret DeBolt (1998), Lily never married

20>1623255 James P- jr 09/11/1859-05/16/1860 (SavannahGA) dy [PB]

_q listed as James B (infant, age 8/12 months) in 1860 census
_g "James P- jr [with dates as above]" [Suydam photo]
20>1623256 Thomas Purse P- 11/03/1862(SavannahGA)-11/01/1891 ag30
_h died of TB (DeBolt)
_g "Thomas P. P-" [see Suydam photo]
20>1623257 Juriah Harris P- md 02/25/1864(SavannahGA)-05/24/1943(PensacolaFL)
+m 08/21/1894(PensacolaFL) Lucy Penelope Warren
_n +m 1894 [GLP-] not 1914
20>16232571 Frances Tracy P- 05/19/1895(PensacolaFL)-05/20/1895 dy
20>16232572 Margery P- 12no1901(PensacolaFL)-??de1996
+m Craighill Brown
_e Yale?
_o prof BerkeleyDiv NwHaven
20>16232573 Florence Frances P- 03/07/1903(PensacolaFL)-??
20>16232574 Andrew Warren P- 02/13/1906(PensacolaFL)-??
20>1623258 Maynard Boardman P- 11/17/1866(ValdostaGA)-07/17/1896
_a d Pensacola FL (not in 1897, acc to DeBolt)
_h d of appendicitis while visiting brother Juriah P-
+m 05/17/1887(RichmondVA) Clara A. Crouch
20>16232581 Robert Crouch P- 03/12/1888-??
_n changed name to Robert Maynard (DeBolt)
+m 08/10/1910 Myrtle Duffee
_x not (so DeBolt) Duffill
_p Cicero Franklin Duffill/Duffee (JonesboroGA) +m Rose Ella Sanders
20>162325811 Lillian P- 11/27/1911(AtlantaGA)-10de2004(MariettaGA)
_a1998 MariettaGA
_o teacher
+m ?? _ Watkins
20>1623258111 Robert Pierpont Taylor
+m ?? Jane Daniel
_n apparently at least 3 children (2004): Lynne Taylor Brague, John G. Taylor, Daniel P- Taylor, 4 grandkids
20>16232582 Lucile P- 12/14/1889(WinterHavenFL)-06/10/1914(AtlantaGA) dy
_g West View cem AtlantaGA
20>16232583 Julia Tebeau P- 12/31/1891-04/29/1926(AtlantaGA)
+m 09/06/1925 Phillip Christian jr
20>16232584 James Morgan P- 10/21/1894(WinterHavenFL)-06/??/1897 dy
20>162326 Caroline Augusta P- 08/21/1823(Boston)-09/17/1881(MaconGA)
_g Rose Hill cem [PB]
+m[2] 09/27/1848 Joseph Maynard{?} Boardman 05/10/1808-06/28/1893
_a b Newburyport MA, d Macon GA
_n +m at Troy NY; he [+m1] Maria Theresa Lord 1805-1847 (dau Jos.Lynde L.)
_n2 first music teacher at Weslyn in 1836
_b portrait of Maria T. Lord donated to Weslyn 2002 (picture in files)
_n3 he [+m3] 1882 Eloidia Billings Trapp 1829-1891
_x +m 1848 [PB]; some sources have 1840 [first wife of Joseph!]
20>1623261 Arthur Edwin Boardman 03/20/1850(MaconGA)-?? dwi
_o structural engineer
_n bap by grf Rv John P- 09/14/1851 Medford MA
_b AG4.63
+m 10/20/1875 Rebecca Warner Tallman 10/15/1852-11/21/1923(FlorenceIT)
_a +m Brooklyn NY by Rv Albert J. Lyman
_p George Clinton Tallman (Utica NY) +m Julia Wilcox
20>1623262 Maria Theresa {not F.[PD]} Boardman 08/01/1851-11/18/1854 dy
_a b Medford MA [PB]
_x not listed in AG4.63
20>1623263 Juliet/Juliette Morgan Boardman tw 08/20/1852|3-/1928
_n PD+ says twin with Mellicent; PB says 1852 Juliet & Millie
+m 10/06/1874(MaconGA) Harney Twiggs Powell 08/14/1847(MaconGA)-06/09/1923(BaltimoreMD)
_a b Macon GA, d Johns Hopkins hosp Baltimore MD
_g bd Rose Hill cem Macon GA
_p Hugh T. Powell +m Martha J. A. A. Cottrell
20>16232631 Miriam Powell 07/18/1877(MaconGA)-??
+m1 04/05/1899 Lt William Yates 09/27/1870-07/18/1906
_n more details in PB
+m2 04/29/1919 Rv Albion Williamson Knight dd 08/24/1859-??
_n more details in PB
20>162326311 William Roper Yates 05/20/1902-09/13/1903 dy
20>162326312 Harney Powell Yates 12/25/1904-??
20>16232632 Justin Boardman Powell 04/20/1880(MaconGA)-??
+m 10/30/1920(MD) Susan B. Mitchel 03/13/1882
_n more details in PB
20>162326321 Eleanor McKenney Powell 05/30/1922(MaconGA)-?? [PFA01*]
_a2001 315-C SharonWay MonroeTwpNJ 08831
+m1 15oc1947(NYC) Frank Duran Perez\4 23fe1911-21ja1982(NYC)
+m2 21se1989(ManchesterVT) Edward Theis Yelle 30de1925-
20>1623263211 Diane Susan Perez 29jl1948(NYC)-
+m1 Robert William Wasilewski 18mr1947(DetroitMI)-08mr1999
_g bur Resurrection Cem, Clinton Twp MI
+m2 je2002(MI) __
20>16232632111 Jennifer Marie Wasilewski 22se1973(WashDC)-
20>16232632112 Jean Louise Wasilewski 17se1974(DetroitMI)-
+m David John Terry 05fe1958(DetroitMI)-
20>16232632113 Melissa Ann Wasilewski 17ap1977(DetroitMI)-
20>1623263212 William Duran Perez 12au1949(NYC)-
+m1 1972(WoodbridgeNJ) Linda Louise Latham 28fe1954(RahwayNJ)- dv1984
+m2 1999(LasVegasNV) Jessica Elizabeth Rabil 11my1958(AlexandriaVA)-
20>16232632121 Laura Perez 14oc1977(EdisonNJ)-
20>16232632122 Alaine Perez 17no1979(EdisonNJ)-
20>1623263213 James Powell Perez 15fe1955(ColoniaNJ)-
+m 1976(WoodbridgeNJ) Donna Werner 23my1958(NewarkNJ)-
20>16232632131 Stephanie Perez 08no1977(EdisonNJ)-
20>16232632132 Natalie Perez 04je1982(EdisonNJ)-
20>16232632133 Jacqueline Perez 09ap1985(EdisonNJ)-
20>1623263214 Thomas Michael Perez 22se1956(ColoniaNJ)-
+m 1986(WoodbridgeNJ) Sandra Gayle Stewart 13jl1956(NewarkNJ)-
20>16232632141 Christina Marissa Perez 01au1989(RahwayNJ)-
20>16232632142 Michael Allan Perez 18no1992(RahwayNJ)-
20>162326322 Juliet Boardman Powell 03/03/1924(MaconGA)-??
20>16232633 Hilda Augusta Powell 10/14/1881(MaconGA)-09/29/1883 dy
20>16232634 Mary P- Powell 12/31/1885(MaconGA)-je1963(WhiteSprngsFL)
+m 10/01/1907(MaconGA) George Samuel Riley jr 08/19/1886(MaconGA)-04/19/1918(MaconGA)
_n more details in PB
_p George Samuel Riley +m Eula Hatcher Hughes
20>162326341 George P- Riley 07/26/1908(MaconGA)-08oc1985(BrunswickGA)
_n "better known as George Samuel Riley iii" [PB]
_e BA UnivSouth 1929 (hist)
_o accountant
_r Episcopalian
+m 22au1932(PhenixCtyAL) Mary Elizabeth Jordan 03de1906(BrooksCntyGA)-
_a1998 Vicar'sLanding, PonteVedraFL
_e BA AgnesScottColl
_o teacher
_r Baptist, then Episcopalian
_p Henry David Jordan 1869(SC)-no1957(GA) +m Atha Sanatha Hinson ??-1957
_fp Daniel Henry Jordan +m Martha Ann Shelley
_mp John Wuincy Hinson +m Mary Elizabeth Mills
20>1623263411 Mary P- Riley 08ja1936(ColumbusGA)- [PFR98,00]
_a childhood spent NeptuneBeachFL
_n known as ("Pont")
_e Duncan U. Fletcher HS; BA WesleyanColl (MaconGA) 1957
_o HS Engl teacher; Admin Asst and Sr Warden Trinity ch TowsonMD
_r Episcopalian
+m 28mr1958(FtHallID) William Carroll Hall 11mr1932(LowellMA)- [PFR00]
_a je2008 Towson MD
_e DracutGA grammer and HS; BS USNavAcad 1953
_o Mkt Mgr, Thermoelectrics-Teledyne Br
_r Episcopalian
_p Edward Jennison Hall 1906-1991
+m Evelyn Esther (Tannie) Dickey 1907-1996
20>16232634111 Anne P- Hall
+m 10se1995 James D. Maschok
20>16232634112 Richard George Hall ????-06my2007
+m 07oc1990 Sara Elizabeth Cornell
20>162326341121 Matthew Richard Hall 03je1995-
20>162326341122 Rachel Elizabeth Hall 17fe1998-
20>162326341123 Emma Marie Hall 26my2002-
20>1623263412 Elizabeth Boardman Riley
20>1623263413 George Samuel Riley
20>1623263414 Juliet Morgan Riley
20>162326342 Juliet Boardman Riley 10/17/1910(MaconGA)-??
_a RiversideCA
_n d before 1997 (DeBolt)
_k0 related to Mrs Wm Hall = Mary P- "Pont" Riley Hall (MonktonMD),
_k1 Mrs DuVal Goldthwaite (BrielleNJ) =? Juliet M. G. [PFR00]
_k2 and Mrs Russel Johnson (JacksonvilleFL)
+m _ Campbell
_om army officer
20>16232635 Donald Winchester Powell 09/24/1889(MaconGA)-??
+m 11/22/1913 Metta Cubbedge 11/22/1891-??
20>162326351 Miriam Powell 01/29/1916(MaconGA)-??
20>1623264 Mellicent P- Boardman tw 08/20/1852|3-11/28/1854 dy
_n PD+ says twin with Juliette; PB says Juliet & Millie b 1852
_q so PM479 but not listed in AG4.63
20>1623265 Frederick Lord {M.[PM]} Boardman tw 06/04/1855-05/31/1856 dy
_a b Medford MA, d Macon GA
_q not listed in AG4.63
_n PD+ says twin with George, 9 lbs each
20>1623266 George Maynard {L.[PM]} Boardman tw 06/04/1855-07/06/1856 dy
_a b Medford MA, d Macon GA
_q not listed in AG4.63
_n PD+ says twin with Frederick, 9 lbs each
20>1623267 Henry Horton Boardman 11/10/1856-12/24/1861(MaconGA) dy
_q not listed in AG4.63
20>1623268 Mary Elizabeth Boardman 03/01/1860-01/05/1864(MaconGA) dy
_n PD+ has her name but without a number
20>1623269 John Lewis Boardman 03/29/1863-03/15/1905
_a b Macon GA, d Savannah GA
_n in PD+ as 8th child
_g bd in Rose Hill cem Macon GA [PB]
+m 10/06/1891 Mary Ellen Spence /1872-01/27/1925
_a b Atlanta GA, d Wilmington NC; bd Riverside cem Macon GA
20>16232691 Juliet P- Boardman 07/04/1895-??
+m 06/07/1922 James Mason Mackenzie 12/21/1891-??
_n +m in Christ Episc ch Macon GA
_a Charleston SC
_p John Leslie Mackenzie 09/28/1858-/1898 +m Ann Ennylin 03/??/1859-??
20>162326911 Mason Boardman Mackenzie 08/07/1924(CharlestonSC)-??
_a bp Christ Episc ch Macon GA 02/01/1925
20>162326912 Juliet Nell Mackenzie 12/27/1926(CharlestonSC)-??
_a bp Grace Episc ch Charleston SC 03/20/1927
20>1623260 Elodia Russell Boardman 02/23/1866-10/21/1905
_a b Macon GA, d and bd Atlanta GA
_n in PD+ as 9th
+m 10/23/1888 William Roland Chandler Smith 04/09/1863-03/29/1902
_n more details in PB
20>16232601 Maynard Boardman Smith 12/10/1891-10/21/1905
_n more details in PB39
+m1 04/24/1913 Alice Lucile Brannon\2 08/25/1893-12/05/1918
+m2 02/14/1920 Nell Putnam\? 03/29/1900-??
_n more details in PB39
20>162326011 William Chandler Smith 03/19/1914-??
20>162326012 Maynard Boardman Smith jr 05/30/1916-??
20>162326013 Roland P- Smith 01/08/1922-??
20>162326014 Nell Elodia Smith 02/15/1924-??
_n more details in PB39
20>16233 Sally{Sarah?} B. P- 11ja1787(Ltchfld)-07/11/1794 dy [GS]
_n soon after her death, another girl was born and named Sarah B.
20>16234 James P- 02mr1788|9-11/30/1792|3 dy [GS]?[order?]
_q must predate James Morris (#8); PM has as #7
20>16235 Elizabeth P- 05/28/1792-/1823
_n information starts here from Frederick Trowbridge P- chart (1973)
+m /???? Rv John Langdon
[+m2] Abby P- (younger sr)
20>162351 Timothy Langdon (Naugatuck)
20>162352 John Langdon
20>162353 James S.[PM]/L.[PD] Langdon
+m /???? __
20>1623531 Samuel Langdon [PD+]
_n see unident Caroline Langdon +m William Meyers > s Arthur V. Meyers
+m /???? __
_n see unident Sidnie Catherine Edwards, grdau of Samuel Langdon (below)
20>16235311 __ [m dau in Toronto PD+]
+m /???? __
20>16235312 __ [m dau in Toronto PD+]
+m /???? __
20>1623532 Sarah(Sadie) Langdon [PD+]
20>162354 Elizabeth Langdon
20>16236 Sarah Breck P- 21jl1794|5(Ltchfld)-/1832(Brkln)
_n presumably born after her older sister Sarah B. died 07/11/1794
+m /???? __ Cog(ge)shall (Brkln NY)
20>16237 Abigail(Abby) P- 10/13/1797-/1859
_n book inscription "To Mrs. Abby P. Church, from her only surviving, and =
_n1 affectionate brother, the author, Boston Apl 2d 1843" (Airs of Pal. ...)
+m1 ?? Samuel Church
+m2[2] ?? wd (of her sr) Rv John Langdon
20>162371 David Langdon (Canada ?)
20>162372 Sarah Langdon (Canada ?)
20>16238 James Morris P- 23je1800(Ltchfld)-11/27/1839 ag39 [image 318] [GS]
+m /???? Sila M. Harrison\6 /1801|2-04/19/1882 ag 80 [image 318] [GS]
20>162381 Sarah P- /1824-/1899
+m /???? George W. Canfield
20>1623811 Morris P- Canfield /1857-/1898
20>1623812 Sarah H. Canfield /1859-1???
_n [GS EMorris] Sarah H. dau of C.W. & S.P.Canfield d 07/07/1876 ag 17
20>1623813 James H. Canfield /1863-/1927
+m /???? Grace Woodward
20>16238131 Sarah F. Canfield
20>1623814 Lucy P- Canfield /1865-/1958 (McKeesportPA) [PFM39,40] _a1940 McKeesportPA [PFA dist cup]
20>162382 Robert P- /1825|6{|7PFT}-04/09/1894 ag66 [image 318] [GS]
+m /???? Julia Augusta Clark /1834|5-06/15/1926 ag91 [image 318] [GS]
20>1623821 Rv John P- /1859-/1941 (Morris) [PFM37+,42 reports his death]
+m1 {c/1885} Mary L. Bassett ????-/1926 (NwH)
+m2 {c/1928} Eva Porter ????-/1963|4
20>16238211 John Edwards P- /1889-/1973 (NwH) [PFM39]
+m {pre/1921} Dorothy Hinds /1883-/1973
20>162382111 John Edwards P- jr 04/07/1921(NwHvnCT)-04/25/1994 [PFM39,84,89]
_a DarienCT before 1939, PoughkeepsieNY 1955-94
_e Hopkins Gram (NwHvn), Yale 1943 (elect eng), Union Coll IBM Grad Prg
_om USA (electronics instr) ww2
_o elect eng Time Mag (StamfordCT); elect eng & programmer IBM (1955 - ret 1990)
_r 1st Presby ch (elder, trustee) Poughkeepsie
_k survived by nephew, niece, 4 cousins (obit)
_l Arlington Rotary Club, Int Assoc Elect Eng, Dutchess Cnty Schl Boards Assn
_i photo in obit, Poughkeepsie Journal 04/27/1994
+m 10/20/1945(KalamazooMI) Virginia Loughead ????-05se2011[PFM84]
_g Village Hill Cem WilliamsburgMA
20>1623821111 Judith Ann P- [PFM52-54]
+m 09oc1976 Timothy L. Walters [Poughkeepsie]
20>16238211111 John P- Walters 07/15/1982-
20>16238211112 Peter Lawton Walters 06/26/1987-
20>1623821112 Mary Lucinda P- [PFM52-53]
+m 21je1981 Theodore Parker Berry [Cincinnati]
20>16238211121 Theodore P- Berry 22ja1984-
John Alexander Berry 22ap/1988-
20>162382112 Helen Hinds P- 1923-1990 [PFM37+]
+m /???? David W. Jackson (Newton MA) ????-21oc2010 [PFL]
20>1623821121 Ann Carol Jackson 03oc1950-
20>1623821122 David Jackson 24de1952-
20>16238212 Mildred P- 10/02/1892-12/30/1963 unm [U.Mass clerk; see obits]
_n b WestCornwall CT; bd Village Hill Cem Williamsburg MA
20>16238213 Sarah P- /1897- [still living 12/30/1963; Skaneateles NY]
+m {c/1923} John H. Holton
_g Village Hill Cem WilliamsburgMA
20>162382131 John H. Holton jr {c/1925}-
_om USN ww2
+m {c/1950} Peggy Bassett
20>162382131h Janice Kay Holton 04/12/1955(Pleasantvl NY) [PFR]
_n dau of John H H & "great granddau of Rv John P- of Amherst MA" [PFR]
20>162382132 Mary Holton ????-11mr2010{11?} [PFM37]
_g Village Hill Cem WilliamsburgMA (ashes)
+m /???? Robert Soderberg ????-06no2010
_g Village Hill Cem WilliamsburgMA (ashes)
_q Mrs Robert Soderberg (Wilbraham MA) [PFL] "niece of John E." P-
20>162382133 Robert P. Holton
+m1 ?? __
+m2 ?? __
20>162382134 Nancy E. Holton
+m /???? __ Bolton
20>1623822 Mary Elizabeth P- /1863-/1956 [PFM38+]
_a 1950 GreenwichCT [PFA address card has "died 1950"]
+m /???? S. Elton Minor /1860-/1931
20>16238221 Pierpont L. Minor /1889-/1950 [PFM38+]
+m /???? Olive Adams /1886-/1962 [PFM39]
20>162382211 Nancy Adams Minor [PFM38]
+m /???? C. G. Mead
20>1623823 Lucy Maria P- /1865-/1957 unm (NwH) [PFM39+]
_n wrote poem for PFA45
20>1623824 Robert P- /1867-/1936 (NwH [PFR])? [PFM34]
+m /???? Harriet Emily Trowbridge /1868-/1960 [PFM34+]
20>16238241 Frederick Trowbridge P- /1896-12/24/1982(NwH) [PFM34+]
+m /???? Gladys Ewing /1895-/1973
20>16238242 Robert Elton P- 10/04/1902- (WallngfrdVT>Punta-GordaFL) [PFM39]
+m 07/18/1929 Elise Dorothea White 04/27/1906- [PFM39]
20>162382421 Robert P- /1932- [PFM39] [PFA98]
_a1998 PutnamValleyNY
+m /???? Marion Welde [PFA98]
20>1623824211 Linda Jean P- 1959- [PFA98]
_a1998 IrvingtonNY
+m Joseph (Jay) Staropoli [PFA98]
20>16238242111 Sarah Elise Staropoli 1989- [PFA98]
20>16238242112 Joseph P- Staropoli 1991- [PFA98]
20>16238242113 John (Jake) Devins Staropoli 1998- [PFA98]
20>1623824212 Nancy Louise P- 1962-
20>1623824213 Robert Welde P- 1965- [PFA98]
+m Diane Morrison [PFA98]
20>16238242131 Robert Morrison P- 1995- [PFA98]
20>16238242132 Morgan Morrison P- 1997- [PFA98]
20>1623824214 Richard Frederick P- 1967-
20>162382422 Donald P- /1934-/1994
_x other Donald P- died 1968|9(Avon) it seems [PFM39+] [see PFR] [=Donald Winfred P-]
_o Headmaster of Avon Old Farm School (PFM69)
_q misident? Donald P- "is provost of the Avon OFS" in 1953! (lett)
_q2 and cousin of Robert Mellor P- of MD [=? VA branch?]
+m /???? Tina Jordano (Pleasantvl NJ) [PFR] [Donald Winfred P- m Anne Johnson Tyler]
20>1623824221 Susan Elise P- 1954-
_n (older dau [see PFR on Donna Jean, 08/11/1955])
20>1623824222 Donna Jean P- [see PFR] 08/11/1955-
20>1623824223 John Trowbridge P- 1957- [PFA98]
+m Dianne Strachan [PFA98]
20>16238242231 John Trowbridge P- jr 1983- [PFA98]
20>16238242232 Andrew James P- 1984- [PFA98]
20>16238242233 Robert Elton P- 21my1986-
20>16238242234 Emily Renee P- 1987- [PFA98]
20>16238242235 Elise Maria P- 1989- [PFA98]
20>16238242236 Katherine Elizabeth P- 1991- [PFA98]
20>1623824224 James Elton P- 1959-
20>1623824225 Mary Elizabeth P- 1961-
20>1623824226 Donald Clark P- 1963-
20>162382423 James Minor P- /1937- [PFM39]
+m /???? __ [PFM52]
20>162383 Cornelius P- /1829-/1900 (NwH)
_a MorrisCT > EChesterNY > NewHavenCT {in what order}
_o grocer & provisioner; taught in EChesterNY {what?}
_o2 built Dixwell Ave & Shelton Ave horse car lines
+m1 ?? Martha Hinman\4
+m2 ?? Catherine Smith
+m3 ?? Helen E. Brooker
20>1623831 Frank H. P- /1860-?? (>ENG)
+m /???? Zoe __
_p dau of Zoe P. {?}
20>1623832 Sila H. P- /1863-/1913
+m /???? Levi T. Snow (NwH)
20>16238321 Ruth Snow
+m /???? Arthur Theodore Nabstedt\2s [PFM39,40]
20>162383211 Arthur Theodore Nabstedt jr [PFM39,40]
_om USN ww2
20>162383212 Tracy Snow Nabstedt
_om USN ww2
20>16238322 Helen Snow unm
20>16238323 Marion P- Snow (Wllngfrd) [PFM39,40,44]
+m /???? Clarence Sibley\2
20>162383231 Helen Snow [PFM ww2 list]
+m /???? Raymond Hurd Mertens
_om Service ww2
20>16238324 Pierpont Snow dy
20>1623833 James Pelham P- /1866-/1938
_o Yale professor
_n see papers at Yale Sterling Library
+m1 {c/1890} Victoria __
+m2 {betw/1890-/1938} Annie Bassett
20>1623834 Henry Pell P- 09/04/1868{|9PFT}-05/01/1908
+m 10/26/1899 Alice Vaughan Duncan\1+ 11/27/1869(Selma AB)-
_b AG2.191
20>1623834z David Cecil George P- 03/01/1900(Daytona FL)
20>162384 Henry P- /1831-/1892 (NwH)
_o physician
+m {c/1856} Helen Warner\3
20>162385 Lucy Maria P- /1830|1-09/01/1861 [GS, "dau of JM & SM P-] _q PFT chart has 1835-1865 unm
20>162386 James Morris P- jr /1838|9-10/15/1868 unm [GS, "s of JM & SM P-]
_n Civil War veteran
20>16239 Leonard P- 10/28/1819-/1874
+m /???? Cynthia Turner
20>162391 Leonard P- dwi
20>162392 Walter P- dwi
20>162393 Edward Sherman P- dwi
20>162394 J. Newton P- (NwH)
+m1 ?? Esther Pratt
+m2 ?? wd Caroline G. Mourthrop Holbrook
20>1623941 Charlotte Cynthia P- ????-22se1964 [PFM41]
_a1953 SwantonVT [PFA dist cup]
_q is she the woman in the portrait by William Leftwich Dodge (eBay Feb 2006)?
_q2 if so, she probably published books and articles on gardening ca 1937
+m /???? H. Kible/Kibbe Brooks [PFM53]
20>162395 Mary Hooker P-
+m /???? Henry C. Hall
20>1623951 Clara W. Hall dwi
20>1623952 May Turner Hall
+m /???? George Shaw
20>1623953 Bertha Melvina Hall
20>1623954 Edith P- Hall
20>1623955 Henry P- Hall dwi
20>162396 Lucy P-
+m /???? W. Carey Foley
20>1623961 Mary Esther Foley dwi
20>1623962 Leonard Burnside Foley
20>1623963 Vera P- Foley
20>162397 James P- tw
+m /???? Bertha Augusta Yackes
20>162398 John P- tw
+m /???? Mattie H. Foley
20>1624 David P- 07/26/1764(NwH)-02/16/1826(Ltchfld) ag62
_o woodworker, many of his works remain in the family
_g family burial plot in Ltchfld located by Norm P- 162433226 in 1989
_g2 in West Cemetary (so Judith B. Condon, researcher) [image 316]
_b PD33n1 "I am indebted to L. L. P- Esq., of Ontario, NY, and
_b2 Miss J. P- of Rutland VT for facts relative to David P-re"
_x Jacob G. Ullery Men of Vermont (c1894) calls him Daniel, not David!
+m 06/20/1787 Sarah Phelps 10/04/1768-02/14/1853(Ltchfld) ag84
_n PD PCS agree with AG7 + NEHGS on birth in 1766; PM typo 1760; RAK cj 1768
_x PM has Sarah born 1760, clearly a typo or misreading
_g gravestone has died 2/14/1853 age 84 [image 316]
_p Cpt Edward Phelps 25de1727-26mr1797 m21de1752 Hannah Marsh 24mr1732|33-1818 (Ltchfld)
_fp Cpt Edward Phelps ??/??/1697-03mr|my1790 m 18ja1723 Deborah Griswold 07no1698-18ja1771
_mp Col Ebenezer Marsh 03no1701-18ap1773 m Deborah Buell 24ja1707|08-30jl1784
_n2 further ancestry charted in MNK notebook "History: Pierpont"
20>16241 David P- 12/19/1788-04/03/1862 ag73
_a Allens Hill, Richmond, Ontario Cnty, NY 1816-1862
+m /???? Sally Palms 05/21/1791-31mr1860 ag69 (Allens Hill NY)
_n probably Palmer (not Palmes > Palms), dau of Andrew Palmer
_n2 see http://www.rootsweb.com/~nyontari/allenshillcem.htm
20>162411 David A. P- (Allens Hill NY) ????-/1906(?)
+m /???? __ ["and had issue"]
_n John Phillips, son of D. A. & S. E.; died Aug 28 1847; ae 1-1-16 [cem site]
20>1624111 David O. P- ????-/1916(Honeoye) dwi
20>1624112 Caroline P-
+m /???? Dr Lewis E. Green
20>16241121 Pierpont L. Green
20>16241121h __
_n a Mrs. Elwood C. Orrell jr claimed to be grandchild of Caroline P-
_a 2740 Arrowhead Drive Langhorne PA
+m ???? Elwood C. Orrell jr
20>16241121h? Pierpont Louis Green ????-1929 (HoneoyeNY)
_f David Green (Ontario county NY) [so David Orrell emial fe2006]
+m ???? Anna Moticha c1894-1974
20>16241121h?h Caroline Moticha Green 1916-2002
_n oldest dau [so David Orrell email fe2006]
+m ???? __ Orrell

20>16241121h?i David Green

20>162412 Frances A. P-
+m /???? Marcius Wilson (Vineland NJ) (author)
_o "the historian" [PD]
20>1624121 Pierpont Wilson
_n spelled P-re by PD
20>1624122 Caroline Wilson
20>1624123 Fannie Wilson
20>1624124 Robert P. Wilson
20>162413 Ogden E. P- (Rchstr NY)
_n "has 2 children" [PD in 1880]
+m /???? __
20>1624131 __
20>1624132 __
20>162414 Caroline P-
_n "has one child" [PD in 1880]
+m /???? George Townsend
20>1624141 Caroline E. Townsend
20>16242 Robert P- 05/04/1791-09/23/1864 (Rutland VT)
_o Judge of the Circuit Court [PD]
+m /???? Abby Raymond (VT)
_n PD "their children (living):" suggests one or more had died
20>162421 Evelyn P-
+m /???? __ Barret[PD]/Barrett[PM] (Rutland VT)
20>1624211 Annie E. P-
20>162422 Susan P-
20>162423 Julia P-
_n probably the "Miss J. P-, of Rutland VT" who assisted PD
20>16243 Edward P- 07/01/1793-08/09/1871 ag79 [image 316]
+m 04/14/1815 Olive Blakeslee 05/01/1789-10/25/1866 ag77 [image 316]
_p Samuel Blakeslee ????-16fe1831 (ag74) +m Polly ????-22au1832 (ag73) [image 267-268]
_q {BL#6.xii John Blakeslee +m /1745 Olive Curtis\11 : any relation??}
20>162431 George P- (Thomaston)
_n "has 2 daughters" [PD; information not in PM!]
20>1624311 __(girl)
20>1624312 __(girl)
20>162432 Andrew P- (Ltchfld)
_n "has 2 daughters" [PD; information not in PM!]
20>1624321 __(girl)
20>1624322 __(girl)
20>162433 Edward Austin P- ????-1894 (Ltchfld)
_a "occupies his grandfather's old homestead in Litchfield" [PD in 1880]
_n PD has information (names of children) not in PM
_b 1862 Diary transcribed by Ruth P- Gray; 1864 Diary by Joan Greene P-
+m /1852 Delia A. Beach ????-08/10/1918
_n death info from LitchfieldCT Town Records via Norm & Joan P- (5/1991)
20>1624331 George Albert P-
+m /???? Helen/Ellen E. Griswold
20>1624332 Frederick Howard P- 06/14/1862-01/27/1934 [PFM25] [image 319]
+m 05/25/1887 Mary Eleanor Elliott (Lasher) ????-1954 [PFR PFM25]
[+m2] {by 1940} William C. Lasher [PFM40,46,47]
20>16243321 Edward Beach P- [PFM26]
_a 1943 Watertown CT
+m /???? Elizabeth (Betty) Fisanich/Fuessenich
20>162433211 Patricia Elliott P- [c 1924 - PFA 2013, 90 years old, Florence, OR]
_om USNWAVE ww2
+m 02/27/1946(Wtwn) Richard Whitaker Graves (SanGabr CA)
20>162433211h Toni Graves 04/16/1951(Alhambra CA)

+m __ Thompson [PFA 2013]
20>162433212 Elizabeth Blake P-
20>16243322 Douglas Montgomery P- 05/12/1894-12/02/1973 ag 79 [PFM26,29,69-70]
_om ww1 USA
_n obit says [wrongly] b 02/24/1903; called DMP "sr" ?
_h died of "acute renal failure" (artiosclerotic cardiovascular disease)
_g All Saints' cem (NrHCT); death certif [image 256]
+m 08/21/1918 Edna Irene Thomas (Carreer) 03/27/1900-01/28/1987
_g see death certif, with personal information  [image 257]
[+m2] Harry Carreer
20>162433221 Jane Evelyn P- 05/15/1919(NwH)-06/22/1977(ARK) [PFM69]
+m 09/21/1941 Russell Harry Anderson 07/09/1918- [PFM69]
20>1624332211 Barbara Jane Anderson 07/31/1942-31de2010(BostonMA) [PFA88@p]
+m 08/13/1960 Robert Joseph Broughton 02/23/1935-
_a2010 Embden{Emben}ME
20>16243322111 Robert James Broughton 09/20/1962-
_a2010 ChesterNH
+m /???? Kathy Benham\3
+m2 /????
Roxann Broughton Blanchard
20>162433221111 Ryan Daniel Broughton 02/10/1984-

+m Kristen Washburn

_a 2013 (LawtonOK)

_e 2013 University of Oklahoma, School of Medicine
20>162433221112 Benjamin Thomas Broughton 04/08/1987-
+m 05se2010 Faye Marie Peters
20>162433221113 Gail Broughton 06/20/1991-
20>162433221114 Jessica Broughton  2009- [youngest PFA87]
20>162433221115 Daniel Broughton 17au2009-
20>16243322112 Daniel Joseph Broughton 05/20/1964-
_a2010 ClintonCT
+m1 ??/??/1986 Rebecca Rauch Rehart 03/24/1965- dv
_n two previous children, Tiffany Rehart and Tosha Rehart
+m2 24je1995(NorthfordCT) Olga Janet Dominguez
20>162433221121 Krystal Broughton

_e grad 2013 Morgan High School, CT.
20>162433221122 Joey Broughton
20>1624332212 Susan Irene Anderson 05/29/1944-
+m 11/??/1962 William George Seeley 11/03/1944
20>16243322121 William Russell Seeley 06/12/1963-
20>16243322122 Cynthia Ann Seeley 09/26/1964-
+m /???? Edwin William Wimler
20>162433221221 Nichole Marie Wimler 03/30/1989-
20>162433221222 Samantha Jean Wimler 09/20/1990-
20>162433221223 Kelsey Wimler ??/??/1992-
20>16243322123 Wendy Jean Seeley 09/07/1966-
+m Karl Barber

_a2010 NorthfordCT
20>162433221231 Michael William Seeley 04/20/1986-
20>162433221232 Nicholas Scott Barber
20>162433221233 Elizabeth Jane Barber
20>162433221234 Jonathan Barber
20>16243322124 Steven Paul Seeley 10/11/1972-
20>1624332213 Nancy Eleanor Anderson 11/17/1952- [PFA88-90@p. [PFA 2013]

_a2010 WallingfordCT
+m 12/05/1969 Carll Albert Harrison 05/16/1950- [PFA 2013]
20>16243322131 Lisa Jane Harrison 06/11/1970-
20>162433221311 Jonah Harrison
20>16243322132 Carll Albert Harrison jr 06/12/1971-
+m 10/27/1990 Laura Lynn Cannon 12/03/1971-
20>162433221321 Carll Jordan Harrison 12/18/1992-
_e Concord High, OK 13my2011
20>162433221322 Lindsey Harrison
_a2010 ColcordOK
20>16243322133 Amy Christine Harrison 05/12/1979- [PFA 2013]
20>1624332214 James Wilson Anderson 12/06/1954- [PFM69]
_2010 NorthfordCT
+m1 22je1974(NBranfordCT) Donna K. Oertel 07/09/1954-12ja2013(CT) dv
_a2010 WallingfordCT
+m2 04/15/1989(NBranfordCT) Dawn M. DeLucia 07/30/1962-
20>16243322141 Scott Wilson Anderson tw 01/27/1975-
20>16243322142 Michael James Anderson tw 01/27/1975-
_a2010 NorthfordCT
_20>162433221421 James Anderson
20>16243322143 Deanna Lynn Anderson 11/25/1976-
20>162433221431 Sean Anderson
20>162433222 Alice Elizabeth P- 12/06/1920(NwH)- [PFM71]
_a 43 Woodlawn St, Hamden CT; moved to Mena AR
+m ?/?/1941(HamdenCT) William Sanders Juul 07/02/1917(NwH)-30mr2000(AR) [PFM71]
20>1624332221 William Sanders Juul jr 09/30/1941(NwH)- [PFA99-00]
+m ?/?/19?? Judith Ellen Peterson 12/22/1942(NwH)- [PFA99-00]
20>16243322211 William Sanders Juul iii 06/18/1964(NwH)- [PFA99-00]
20>16243322212 Karen Beth Juul 05/17/1968(NwH)-
+m 01au1994(Coeur d'AleneID) Gregory Michael Galuska 21je1963(Hartford)-
20>162433222121 Rachel Elyse Galuska 14mr1996(SeattleWA)-
20>162433222122 Erik William Galuska 13oc1998(SeattleWA)-
20>16243322213 Jonathan Karl Juul 07/13/1971(NwH)- [PFA00]
20>1624332222 Douglas Adolf Juul 01/14/1944(GoldsboroNC)-
+m ?/?/19?? Marilyn Dee Caley 12/12/1945(SanBernardinoCA)-
20>16243322221 Douglas Lawton Juul 09/09/1968(BiloxiMS)-
+m /19?? Tambra Maria Sair 12my1969(KaoHsuing TAIWAN)-
20>162433222211 Erik Robert Juul 18je1998-
20>162433222212 Katherine Elisabeth Juul 21au2000-
20>16243322222 Jennifer Lynn Juul 02/08/1971(WichataFallsTX)-
+m 1997(WichitaFallsTX) Joe Parkey 31ja1972(GalvestonTX)-
20>162433222221 Ryan Parkey 06ja1999(GalvestonTX)-
20>162433222222 Grace Katherine Parkey 20no2001(MetarieLA)-
20>162433222223 Jacob
Andrew Parkey 23my2003 (Metairie, LA)-.
20>1624332223 Thomas Frederick Juul 06/08/1949(MilfordCT)-
_a1971 ChicopeeMA [PFA dist cup]
+m1 ?/?/19?? Sandra Goebel Allen 06/22/1950- dv [PFM71]
+m2 ??/??/1988 Nellie Faye Campbell Hood 07/24/1947-
20>16243322231 Danielle Ruth Juul 01/29/1969(RantoulIL)- [PFM71]
+m1 ?? Darrel Small dv
+m2 ?? Cary Gene Cada 10/02/1955-
20>162433222311 Halli Jeanette Cada 12/11/1990(BoiseID)-
+m 25au2012 (??) Benjamin (Ben) Neckels

20>1624332223112 Addison Neckles 12no2013-
20>162433222312 Zachary William Cada 12/14/1993(BoiseID)-
20>16243322232 Thomas Frederick Juul jr 07/31/1973(Okinawa JAPAN)-
+m 27my1995 Jennifer Lea Ruggles 15je1969(FtSillOK)-
20>162433222321 Thomas Frederick Juul iii 12no1996(PortlandOR)-
20>162433222322 Justin Gregory Juul 16de1999(PortlandOR)-
20>162433222w Zina Yvette Juul 29fe1956(MenaAR)-
+m Stephen Ray Lynn 03oc1956(SanBernadinoCA)-
20>16243322241 Larry Todd Ham 20je1977(DallasTX)-
20>16243322242 Alisha Dawn Ham 19jl1977(FtSmithAR)-
+m Jonathan Enriquez Laxamana (Manila PHILLIPINES)
20>162433222421 Kristen Paige Laxamana 31ja1997(MenaAR)-
20>162433223 Douglas Montgomery P- jr 08/10/1922(NwH)-02jl2002 [PFM69,00]
_a d Middlesex Hosp, Middletown CT
_om ww2 USCG sfc bm2
+m 12/04/1946(PhilPA) Edna Alberta Malischewski Panko 07/05/1917(PhilPA)-09/14/1982(NrH)
_n "Edna (Malla) P-" PFM71
20>162433223z Robert Andrew P- 07/04/1944(PhilPA)-
_om [Archives record] active Navy jl1964, ret 19jl1984
_n PFA'98
+m1 13de1969(Wick SCOT) Wilma Hendry McKenzie 10/01/1946(Wick SCOT)- dv
+m2 1984(?) Phyllis __ 06/21/19??- dv
+m3 01se1989(ArlingtonVA) Danielle Michelle Ruth 10/01/1946(Boulogne-BillancourtFRA)-
20>162433223z1 Robert McKenzie P- 10/21/1972(NantucketMA)-
+m ???? Kimberly Pyle ????-
20>162433223z11 Eiligh P- 16ja2004(WashDC)-
_n born at Sibley Hospital, WashDC
20>162433223z2 Carolyn Helen P- 11/24/1977(NwH)-
_n **Danielle's dau Stephanie Nicole Manning 23se1967-
+m 07jl1990(ArlingtonVA) Thomas Gary Schroeder 02no1939-
20>1624332231 Douglas Montgomery P- iii 10/26/1947(NwH)- [PFM69]
+m 07se1966(GuilfordCT) Deborah Dianne Dinwoodie 04/24/1948-
20>16243322311 Douglas Montgomery P- iv 11/17/1966(NwH)- [PFM69]
+m1 30se1989 Cheryl Suzanne Motzer 02/05/1970-
+m2 26ja1998(MiamiFL) Kathleen Anne Kemple 08au1967
20>162433223111 Rachel Ryan P- 13mr1998(NwH)-
20>162433223112 Cooper Douglas P- 30de1999(NwH)-
20>16243322312 Michael David P- 12/27/1972(NwH)-
+m 09se2000(GuilfordCT) Yeva Kemple 22se1971-
20>162433223121 Cole Michael Ansaldo 24jl1996(NwH)-
20>162433223122 Gretchen Ann P- 09no2001-
20>1624332232 Edward Michael P- 09/10/1950(NwH)- [PFM69]
+m 11jl1970(DeepRiverCT) Antoinette Muzyka 06/01/1949(NwH)-
20>16243322321 Lisa Ann P- 09/21/1971(NwH)-
+m 05/07/1994(DeepRiverCT) William Francis Best 13jl19??(HartfordCT)-
20>162433223211 Ashley Edna Best 25au1995(HartfordCT)-
20>162433223212 Lindsey Francis Best 17mr2000(HartfordCT)-
20>16243322322 Edward Michael P- jr 02/19/1975(NwH)-
20>16243322323 Kathy L. P- 08/27/1977(NwH)-
20>162433224 Howard Frederick P- 06/08/1925- [PFA98-00]
_a1998 StratfordCT < NwH
_om ww2 USN
+m 07/29/1950(Hmdn) Sara(Sally) Almira Morris 11/16/1925
_a PFM70,85,99-00 StratfordCT
20>1624332241 Howard Frederick P- jr 11/18/1951- [PFA98-00cup]
_a b Youngstwn OH
_a1998 DayvilleCT, PFM70 StratfordCT{?}, S.BerlinMA [1990], WalthamMA
_o Digital Equipment Corp [1990], BITNET
+m1 12/21/1970(Detroit) Sandra Price\1 07/19/1952- dv
+m2 12/26/1981(Strtfrd) Kathleen Flanders Benedetti 09/08/1956- dv
_n [PFM83]
_n children Christopher 03/08/1975 and Kelly 03/18/1978 Benedetti
+m3 06/20/1992(FtCollinsCO) Karyl Dee McBain [PFA98]
20>16243322411 Matthew Erik P- 08/03/1971- [?see PFM83] (Nwprt NH)
+m 07/02/1995(GoldenCO) Angela Dawn Uttecht 24se1971(CO)-
20>162433224111 Matthew Erik P- ii 01ja1998(AuroraCO)-
20>162433224112 Morgan Sandra Ann P- 16je2004(EnglewoodCO)-
20>162433224113 Megan P- 2009?-
20>1624332242 Sandra Meredith P- 12/19/1953- (NwH) [PFA00]
_a PFM70 StratfordCT
+m 10/19/1974(Strtfrd) Frederick George Muschler 04/01/1953- (Qens NY)
20>16243322421 Ketti Jane Muschler 02/19/1989- (Nrwlk) [PFA00y]
_e Westminster Choir College, my2011
20>162433225 Robert Thomas P- 10/19/1927(NwH)-02/28/1966(Barcelona SP)
_om ww2 USN
_q middle name wrongly = Edgar in PFM28 ??(Elliott in another source)
+m 05/12/1951(NwH) Barbara St.Clair 06/16/1932(NwH)-
_n called "Barbara Mooney" (2004 communication; did she remarry?)
20>1624332251 Linda Jean P- 09/07/1952(NwH)- [PFA88-90@p, PFA 2013]
+m 10/15/1971 John Russell Mansfield 03/04/1950(NwH)- [PFA 2013]
_a2002 GuilfordCT
20>16243322511 David Russell Mansfield 08/21/1973(NwH)-
+m ???? Stephanie Ficocelli 08my1972(NwH)-
20>162433225111 Ryan Michael Mansfield 16je2004(CT)-
20>162433225112 Jason Mansfield
20>16243322512 Michael Robert Mansfield 01/30/1977(NwH)- [PFA 2013, LeedsMA]
+m /???? Sovina Park
20>162433225121 Anna Jinsoo Mansfield 12je2008- [PFA 2013]
20>162433225122 William Minjun Mansfield  18my2011(NorthamptonMA) [PFA 2013]
20>1624332252 Gary Holland P- 12/24/1957(NwH)-
+m 06/02/1984(DurhamCT) Diane Dempsey 08/16/1953(NwH)-
20>16243322521 Jennifer (Jenna) Lynn P- 12/24/1986(NwH)-
_e 2009
Hartwick College (NY), 2011 Columbia Univ

_n changed to Pierpont-Grayson after marriage
+m 26oc2012 (HolmeP-reENG) Marc Graham John Grayson 19fe1988(ManchesterENG)-
20>162433226 Norman Edgar P- 08/10/1934(NwH)- [@p71][PFA98-00]
_a 1999 VeniceFL, 2000 SouthburyCT
+m 12/23/1956(BrookfieldCT) Joan Louise Greene 12/03/1934(DanburyCT)- [@s71;PFA99-00]
_a b DanburyCT, +m Congr Ch BrookfieldCT
_a1995 VeniceFL (SouthburyCT, BrookfieldCT)
20>1624332261 Donna Joy P- 11/23/1957(Norfolk VA)-
+m1 04/26/1980 Robin Crossman 15fe1957(RutlandVT)- dv
+m2 27se1997(NewportRI) Robert McLaughlin 24au1965-
20>16243322611 Sophie Aliza McLaughlin 21je1999(StamfordCT)-
20>1624332262 Richard Douglas P- 06/11/1960(NrwchCT)-
+m 07/09/1983 Patricia Ann Gillis 05/23/1961(NrwchCT)- dv[by 10/1992]
20>16243322621 Jennifer Elizabeth P- 06/08/1985(BaltmrMD)-
20>16243322622 Kimberly Ann P- 06/12/1988(BaltmrMD)-
20>1624332263 Carol Deanne P- 10/24/1968(NwMlfrd)-
+m 28my1996(AntiguaBWI) David Vincent Papp 10ja1965(BprtCT)-
20>16243322631 Aidan Thomas Papp 04se2002-
20>162433227 Ruth Elaine P- 01/06/1937(NwH)- [PFA99]
_o2004 nurse at Van-Cove HS
+m 08/05/1955 Walter James Gray 09/07/1936(DanburyCT)- [PFA99]
_a2006 MenaAK
_o2007 Mena City Council (3rd term)
20>1624332271 Janice Irene Gray 07/30/1956(AlbanyGA)-06my1999(HoustonTX)
+m1 ?? Darrell Ray Leonhart 23mr1957- dv
+m2 ?? James Umbenhower 08/04/1956- dv
_n had two previous children, Shelly and Heather
20>16243322711 Darrell Ray Leonhart jr 03/18/1977(SanDiegoCA)-
20>1624332272 Wendy Ruth Gray 11/11/1957(MiddletownCT)-
+m1 ?? William Ehret ????- dv
+m2 09/04/1983 Timothy James Syfrett 12/30/1958(DallasTX)- [PFA99]
_a 1999 Texas
20>16243322721 Lisa Jo Syfrett 02/09/1975(MenaAK)-
+m1 Shane Doggett
+m2 Lorenzo Antonio Jolley 26ap1971(MaconGA)-
_a2006 VA; 2007 FtWorthTX
20>162433227211 Marik-Anthony Savon Jolley 30mr1996(NorfolkVA)-

_e 2013 grad Tallwood High School, VaBeachVA
20>162433227212 Illyan-Mikall Gianni Jolley 06ja1998(VaBeachVA)-
20>16243322722 Timothy James Syfrett ii 12/30/1984(CleburneTX)-
20>16243322723 Travis Dacota Syfrett 12/15/1987(CleburneTX)-
20>16243322724 Kyle Evan Syfrett 12/21/1990(FtWorthTX)-
20>1624332273 Walter James Gray jr 04/13/1961(OceansideCA)-
+m 12/28/1979 Carolyn Jeanne Morris 06/11/1955(DallasTX)-
20>16243322731 Kori Suzanne Gray 02/17/1982(OceansideCA)-
+m jl2006 Jason Hudson
_n daughter Amelia Hudson from previous marriage
20>162433227311 Autumn Elizabeth Gray 11de2001(LittleRockAR)-




20>162433227315 Riley Gray Hudson 24ja2014-11mr2014 (FayettevilleAR)
20>16243322732 Jamie Elizabeth Gray 02/05/1984(OceansideCA)-
20>1624332274 Cynthia Joyce Gray 04/13/1961(OceansideCA)-
+m1 08/07/1982 Earnest Ray Grafton 11/29/1960- dv
+m2 14fe1997(CaryNC) Wesley Haywood Walters 15mr1962(RaleighNC)-
20>16243322741 Sean Earnest Grafton 03/26/1984(OceansideCA)-
20>16243322742 Steven Newman Grafton 01/06/1987(SyracuseNY)-
20>1624332275 Susan Elizabeth Gray 06/05/1962(OceansideCA)-
+m 01/09/1988(Mena ARK) Kevin Grant Conley 05/14/1960(NewportRI)-
20>16243322751 Jonathan Charles Conley 11/16/1989(CarrolltonTX)-
20>16243322752 Sara Ruth Conley 09/24/1992(CarrolltonTX)-
20>16243322753 Caitlin Ann Conley 12/14/1995(CarrolltonTX)-

_a 2013 Lewisville, TX

_e 2013 grad HS
20>16243322754 Grayson Patrick Conley 13oc1998(CarrolltonTX)-
20>1624332276 Norman Douglas Gray 05/15/1970(BarstowCA)-
+m 11/29/1990 Traci Dee Huner 03/25/1970(WichitaKS)-
20>16243322761 Krystin Ashley Gray 03/15/1992(CharlestonSC)-

+m 02my2014 (QuincyIL) Jonathan David McTigrit
20>16243322762 Jocelyn Anne Gray 03/14/1993(MenaAR)-

+m 13de2013 (HotSpringsAR) Nicholas Dawayne Anderson
20>16243322763 Dacota Jane Gray 01/17/1996(QuincyIL)-

_e 2013 grad Mena High School, AR
20>16243323 Albert Howard P- ????-02/11/1952(Wby) [PFM26]
20>16243324 Ralph Andrew P- 05/21/1898-09/07/1971 [PFM26]
+m 09/15/1930 Florence Mildred Thayer 04/18/1900-04/11/1991
20>162433241 Ralph Thayer P- ?/?/1935- [PFA98]
_a1998 KillingworthCT
+m 04/16/1960 Lynn Martin
20>1624332411 Stephen Martin P- 03/24/1962- [PFA98]
20>1624332412 Corinne Irene P- 06/12/1964-
_a2004 UnionvilleCT
+m1 __ Willis
+m2 17ap2004 Daniel Noon
20>16243324121 Brittany Marie Willis 01au1989-
20>1624332412 Jeffrey Thayer P- 05/26/1967
20>162433242 Barbara Mary P- 10/07/1937-
+m 09/19/1959 Lambert J. Savage ??/??/????-??/??/1989
_n LJS died ca 5/1989 (Hartford Courant via Marion Brown)
20>1624332421 Michael Lambert Savage 07/01/1960-
+m 10/03/1981 Nancy Johnson
20>16243324211 Catherine Michele Savage 08/31/1982
20>1624332422 Deborah Ann Savage 11/18/1963-
20>1624332423 Daniel Andrew Savage 09/06/1965-
20>1624332424 Sandra Jean Savage 01/08/1967-
20>16243325 Frederick Elliott P-
+m 09/12/1928 Gertrude Phyllis Knowles [PFM29]
20>162433251 __(son) 12/27/1929-01/07/1930 dinf [PFM30]
20>1624333 Helen (Nellie) G. P- 1864-1938
_n "Nellie" [PD]
_g dates from cemetary records via Norm & Joan P- (5/1991)
+m /???? Gilbert(Gib) W. Wilson ????-1922
_g dates from cemetary records via Norm & Joan P- (5/1991)
20>16243331 Virgil P- Wilson
+m /???? Rachel __
20>162433311 Helen Gertrude Wilson 09/19/1945-
_a Torrington, PFA 1990
20>162433312 Arthur Gilbert Wilson 05/02/1947-
_a SanDiegoCA
20>162433313 Christine Wilson 10/09/1948-
_a Torrington, PFA 1990
_n PFA 1990
+m 10/19/1968 August C. DellaGhelfa
20>1624333131 Darlene DellaGhelfa 05/11/1969-
20>1624333132 Heidi DellaGhelfa 06/22/1971-
20>162434 Charles H. P- 06/17/1830-05/27/1896 dwi
_g dates from cemetary records via Norm & Joan P- (5/1991) [image 319]
+m 26se1895 Charlotte A. Sedgwick 04/25/1845-07/07/1933
_g dates from cemetary records via Norm & Joan P- (5/1991) [image 319]
20>16244 Warren P- 06/07/1795{LtchfldCT}-09/17/1883 (WBlmfld NY)
_a b Ltchfld or NwHavCT, moved to W. Bloomfield, Ontario County NY
_o farmer
_g Allen Hill Cem, Bloomfield NY -- http://www.rootsweb.com/~nyontari/allenshillcem.htm
_q b 1795 [PD PM cem site] or 1799? je [cem] or au [PD PM]
+m 02/16/1823 Mary (Polly [PD PM]) Blakeslee 08/06/1796-10/06/1891
_a b PlymouthCT
_g Allen Hill Cem, Bloomfield NY
_q date of d 1890 or 1891 [PRS cem site]; "Polly Blakelee" on cem site?
_p Samuel Blakeslee +m Polly Selkirk
_n PRS has "other husband" Albert Woodcock
20>162441 Julia E. P- 18au1824-28oc1885 (WBlmfld NY)
+m[2] /???? Ira Clemons /1829-14au1907
_n he +m[1?] Julia A. Kingsley oc1829-ja1854
_g "on Aldrich monument" in WestBloomfieldNY cem
_q "Clemons" [PD PRS], apparently correctly; "Clemmons" [PM]
_n1 internet info from Jean Clemons, 14se2000
_n2 see http://www.rootsweb.com/~nyontari/ruralcem.htm
20>162442 Sarah A. P- 02/17/1827(WBlmfldNY)-/1915
_q PM has b 02/14; cem etc. 02/17
_n "Sarah A. Barnard ... twice married, has one daughter, Sarah" [PD]
_n2 here PD has more information than PM;
+m1 ?? __ Barnard
20>1624421 Sarah P. Barnard ????-1942 [see PFM#03]
aka "Sadie" (PFA address card)

_n see Mrs W. H. Miller of Dansville NY, donor of Rv John P- seal PFM27-28
+m ?? William H. Miller
_a DansvilleNY, St PetersburgFL
+[m2] Lena C. Miller (Willimantic)
20>16244211 Virginia P- Miller (Rchstr NY, ca 1954) [PFL]
_o supervisor of Rochester Public Library; DAR

20>162443 Oliver A. P- 03/14/1829-05/27/1832(WBlmfldNY) dy
20>162444 Samuel Nelson P- 11/09/1830(WBlmfldNY)-07/21/1912 (OwasseMI)
_q date of d 07/21 or 07/20 [PRS]
+m 01/16/1862 Emaline Augusta Wilbur 06/26/1837-04/19/1904
20>1624441 Wilbur Nelson P- 09/28/1865(NY)-02/12/1933(WinnMI)
_a b Livingston Co NY, moved to Owosso, then 1891 to Winn MI
+m 01/09/1888 Georgia Mack ???-08/??/1924
20>16244411 Clarence Nelson P- 04/20/1890(MI)-05/26/1943(MtPleasantMI)
_a b Shiawassee Co MI, 1891 moved to Winn MI, 1923 to MtPleasant MI
+m 07/04/1910 Ethel Kent 03/24/1888-01/11/1949
20>162444111 Velma Gertrude P- 09/09/1912-02/02/1935 dwi
+m 08/09/1932 Harper Archer\0
20>162444112 Wilbur Kent P- 03/15/1914(WinnMI)-
_a1923 MtPleasantMI, 1946 AnnArborMI
_o U Mich prof acct &vice president (records in U Mich Libr; RLIN)
_n supplied PWP information 07/1989 (updated 1997)
+m 02/07/1941 Maxine H. Sponseller 09/01/1913- [PFM63]
20>1624441121 Ann Nelson P- 01/06/1943-
+m 07/02/1966 Kenneth Mack 04/29/1942-
20>16244411211 Jeb Mack 06/07/1973-
20>1624441122 James Wilbur P- 03/13/1944(WashDC)-
_a1946 AnnArborMI, 1983 WinnetkaIL, 1989 MinneapolisMN
+m ??/??/???? Judith Rogers 08/26/1944-
20>16244411221 Scott Nelson P- 12/19/1963(HollandMI)-
_a1995 SeattleWA
20>162444112211 James Granger P- 1995(SeattleWA)-
20>16244411222 Jonathan Warren P- 10/16/1968-
20>16244412 David P- 01/01/1892-10/21/1939
20>1624442 Warren P- 12/07/1868-/1944
+m 04/11/1912 Bertha Hartshorn 07/04/1874-????
20>1624442z Arthur Hartshorn{?} P-{?} 04/01/1899-/1964
_n s of Bertha, adopted by Warren [PWP]
20>1624443 Mary Abbey P- 09/17/1870-05/25/1904 unm
20>162445 Robert P- 03/25/1837-09/07/1913 (Blue Rapids KS)
_n PD "has 5 children" [as of 1880]
+m /???? Hellen L. ca /1839 [PRS]
20>1624451 Robert F. P- [PRS]
20>1624452 Fanny E. P- [PRS]
20>1624453 Vidia (??) P- [PRS]
20>1624454 __
20>1624455 __
20>162446 Mary A. P- 02/14{04PD}/1840(WBlmfldNY)- 04/20/1903(RchstrNY)
_q b 02/14 [PM PRS] or 02/04 [PD] or 02/11 [cem site]
_r Christ Episcopal
_n "lives at Meadville, PA, has 4 children" [PD in 1880]
_g Greendale cem (Meadville PA)
+m 02/25/1864 George Nelson Smith 10/22|24/1834(CT)-11/15/1922
_a E.Fairfield Twnshp PA; 1901 to 534 Park Ave, Meadville PA
_o farmer
_p Harmon Smith +m Julia Maria Blakeslee
_g Greendale cem (Meadville PA)
20>1624461 Harmon (Hy) C. Smith 03/23/1865-10/28/1963 dwi
_g St Brigid's cem, Meadville PA
+m1 ?? Zoe C. __ ??-02/10/1963
_g St Brigid's cem, Meadville PA
+m2 ?? Ruth Kahler Micks
_g St Brigid's cem, Meadville PA
20>1624462 Lenora P- Smith 03/16/1867(EFairfldPA)-11/14/1957(MeadvlePA) unm
_o music teacher
_g Greendale cem (Meadville PA)
20>1624463 Bertha Ellen Smith 06/07/1870(EFairfldPA)-10/14/1915
_g Greendale cem (Meadville PA)
+m 06/27/1900 Herman A. Williams ??-08/05/1953
_p Alfred Williams +m ??
20>16244631 Walter Smith Williams 11/05/1901(PA)-10/16/1977
_g Greendale cem (Meadville PA)
+m 02/20/1926 Gertrude E{?} Schweitzer
20>16244632 Effie Lucille Williams 06/19/1904(PA)-01/08/1983
_g Greendale cem (Meadville PA)
+m /???? Gordon B. Leberman
20>162446331 Jean Leberman
20>162446332 Elizabeth Leberman
20>162446333 Thomas Leberman
20>162446334 Virginia Leberman
20>16244633 Wesley A. Williams 11/27/1911(PA)-05/25/1973
+m1 ?? Irene __
+m2 ?? Lila __
+m3 ?? Vangie __
20>1624464 Georgie Belle Smith 12/07/1873(EFairfldPA)-10/19/1953 unm
_o school teacher
_g Greendale cem (Meadville PA)
20>1624465 Warren P- Smith 07/19/1877(EFairfldPA)-02/18/1940(MeadvlePA)
_a 534 Park Ave, Meadville PA
_o molder, Meadville Malleable Iron Co
_r Episcopal
_g Greendale cem (Meadville PA)
_n reportedly separated from wife "for a long time" at time of death [PRS]
+m 07/11/1900 Maude Manetta Byham 12/20/1869(CochrantonPA)-07/05/1963
_r Christ Episc (Kerrtown PA), St Mark's Reformed (E Fairfield PA)
_g Cochranton cem PA (died in Erie PA)
_p John Byham +m Nancy Abigail Crouch
20>16244651 Harold Bertram Smith 11/17/1901(MeadvlePA)-01/17/1974(FL)
_a Meadville PA, Miama FL, Chicago IL, Kenosha WI
_o accountant, Army Nat Guard
_g cremated (d in Vero Beach FL)
+m1 11/10/1920 Frances Gertrude Wade\2 11/27/1898(SaegrtwnPA)- dv
[+m2 David Stewart]
_o secretary
_r Meth Episc
_p George Wade +m Grace Hickock
+m2 10/27/1932(CrwnPtIN) Marie Antoinette Goehring\1 08/29/1902(KeyWFL)
_o secretary
_r Meth
_p Edward Goehring +m Mary Jane Sawyer
20>162446511 Phyllis Elaine Smith 09/17/1928(MeadvlePA)-
_a Meadville PA, Detroit MI, Seattle WA, Portland OR
_o school teacher
_n "aka Stewart" (from her mother's 2nd marr) [PRS]
+m 07/03/1950(WstfldNY) Donald Dewey Case jr\2 05/24/????
_o mgr Chevrolet dealershp
_p Donald Dewey Case +m ?? __
20>1624465111 Daniel Robinson Case tw 05/14/1951-
+m 08/02/1975{?} Carol Marie Mauriello
20>16244651111 Julia Marie Case 08/02/1975{??}-
20>16244651112 Kenneth R. Case 12/03/1981{??}-
20>1624465112 Deborah Stewart Case tw 05/14/1951-
+m 11/17/1984(KCtyMO) Robert Andrew Lash
20>162446512 Betty Smith 10/31/1930(CoralGblsFL)-
_a Salem OH, Meadville PA
_o school teacher
+m 12/28/1950(MeadvlePA) Donald Lepley\3 07/14/????-
_o salesman
_p Edward Cromley Lepley +m ?? __
20>1624465121 Deborah Lepley
20>1624465122 Robert Lepley
20>1624465123 Todd Lepley
20>162446513 Richard (Rick) Goehring Smith 04/06/1936(ChicIL)-
_a Chicago IL, Kenosha WI, Miami+Kendall+Jacksonville FL, Richmond VA,
_a2 Greenville SC, Atlanta GA, Sarasota FL
_a3 1701 Wiscassett Place, Tucker GA 30084 (PRS chart 6/1990)
_om finance, Navy 1954-56
_r Meth
+m1 04/13/1957(JcksvleFL) Ann Carol Edwards\2 /1934(JcksvleFL)- dv 10/1965
_a Jacksonville FL, Greenville SC, Richmond VA
_o insurance typist
_p Ralph Edwards +m Ann __
+m2 10/05/1965(EPntGA) Diane Sharon McNab\2 09/21/1944(HapevlGA)-
_a Atlanta GA, Sarasota FL (dv 02/23/1971)
_o clerical mgr
_r Meth
_p Earl S. McNab +m Mildred Teresa Parrish
+m3[2] 04/02/1971(AtlntaGA) Martha Jean Scroggins Sims 01/20/1941(AL)-
[+m1 Terrance Sims dv 10/1969]
_a Anniston AL, Atlanta GA
_o clerical
_r Bapt & Presby
_p Frank Emory Scoggins +m Florine Jean Butler
20>1624465131 Deborah Elaine Smith 03/16/1959(JcksvleFL)-
+m 03/26/1984(JcksvleFL) A...ons Parsons{?}
20>1624465132 Richard Craig Smith 04/23/1961(JcksvleFL)-
20>1624465133 Sharon Gail Smith 10/13/1965(AtlntGA)-
20>1624465134 Kelli Nicole Smith 09/24/1969(AtlntGA)-
20>162446513v Lisa DeAnne Sims {Smith?} 02/18/1967(DecaturGA)-
_q was she legally adopted by Richard G. Smith? added Smith name?
20>16244652 Helen Lenora Smith 03/03/1904(KerrtwnPA)-12/05/1941(EriePA)
_a KerrtownMeadville PA, NC, CT
_o tel operator
_g Cochranton cem (Erie PA)
+m1 ??/??/1924 Winter J. Stewart\1 dv /1935
+m2 06/??/1939{?} Harry Rhodes
_n "only mrd about 4 months" (before what?) [PRS]
20>162446521 Richard Stewart 06/02/1927-
20>16244653 George Bruce Smith 05/02/1906(KerrtwnPA)-06/06/1948(EriePA) dwi
_a Meadville PA, Phoenix AZ
_o shovel operator
_g Cochranton cem (Erie PA)
+m 10/06/1938(MeadvlePA) Margaret Amelia Carr
20>16244654 Marjorie Irene Smith 08/26/1912(MeadvlePA)-
_a Meadville+Erie PA, Vero Beach FL
_o cashier
_r Episc (but +m at Stone Methodist Church)
+m 10/06/1934(MeadvlePA) Harry Wayne Pryce 07/20/1904-01/07/1983
_a Ebensburg+Erie PA, Cape Coral Lee FL (b at sea)
_o druggist
_r Episc
_p Harry D. Pryce +m Mary Jane Jones
20>16245 Sarah A.[PD]/B.[PM] P- 08/21/1797(Ltchfld)-??(Bay City MI)
_n "one son, P-re __, and two daughters" [PD; name of son lacking in PM]
+m /???? __ Greene [PD]/ Green [PM]
20>162451 Pierpont Greene
20>162452 _f Greene [dau]
20>162453 _f Greene [dau]
20>16246 William P- 01/31/1800-/1859(Watertown NY)
+m /???? __
20>162461 Salva [PM]/Sabra [PD] M. P-
_n "three children" (named) [PD; not in PM]
+m /???? __ Kellogg (Rchstr NY)
20>1624611 Harriet Kellogg
20>1624611 Fannie Kellogg
20>1624611 Robert Kellogg
20>162462 Hester M. P-
+m /???? __ Calvin [PM]/Colvin [PD](Saratoga NY)
_n "has two daughters" [PD; not in PM]
20>1624621 _f Calvin/Colvin [dau]
20>1624622 _f Calvin/Colvin [dau]
20>16247 Charles P- 05/22/1802-10/31/1875(Allens Hill NY) ag73/6
+m 29se1824 Candace Leach ??-12mr1872 ag72
_n http://www.100megsfree3.com/litchfield/marrage/torrington2.htm
20>162471 John P- 01/01/1828-14my1890 ag62 (Allens Hill NY)
_n listed second in PD, but dates given as here
_n1 see http://www.rootsweb.com/~nyontari/allenshillcem.htm
20>162472 Lucius L. P- 03/17/1835-?? (Allens Hill NY)
_n listed first in PD, but dates given as here
20>1624721 Nettie N. P- 08/09/1860-?? [PD; but not in PM]
20>1624722 Frank E. P- 02/04/1866-?? [PD; but not in PM]
20>16248 John P- 09/10/1805-01/07/1882 (VergennesVT; polit) ag76 [NEHGS]
_a b LitchfieldCT 1805 (not 1806), ag76yr 3mo 27dy[NEHGS]
_o VT Senator, Supreme Court Judge, Chief Judge (11/1865-1882)
_l bird hunter{??}
_n PCS chart says 1805-1882, Chief Justice of State
_n2 PD "now (1880) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Chancellor of VT"
_b Jacob G. Ullery, Men of Vermont (c1894)
_i portrait neg VT Hist Soc 1193 [PCSS 6/1991]
+m /1838 Sarah Maria Lawrence\7 /1817-01/20/1884
_a VergennesVT
_p Villee Lawrence m1814 Betsy Woodbridge [see PCS chart for ancestry]
_q name? Elizabeth {??} or Sarah Maria [AG7.625 = PCS chart]
_i charcoal portrait of "Sarah" in possession of Caroline Schooley (6/91)
_n only 4 children listed below, but apparently she had 7 ?
20>16248x Evelyn Lawrence P- c1840-31au1863 ae23 [NEHGS]
20>162481 Henry Villee P- /1842-/1913 (Blmgtn & Chicago)
_n a brother [of Caroline?] with 7 children living in Lake Forest IL [RB1]
_n2 "has two sons" [PD in 1880; not mentioned in PM]
_b AG7.625
+m /1872 Frances Mary Walker /1847-/1932 "adopted dau of V.Pres.Davis"
_p George Walker +m Harriet Hull
20>1624811 _m P- [son]
20>1624812 _m P- [son]
20>162481h Sarah P- 09/14/1885(Chicago)-?? [AG7.625]
+m 05/27/1907 Alden Kendrick Morgan 08/11/1882(LttlFlls NY)-??
_p Kendrick Ebenezer Morgan +m Anna/Amanda[AG5.688] Maria Alden
_e Yale; AG5.688,6.408
20>162481h1 John Alden Morgan 02/22/1910(Chicago)-??
+m /1938 Virginia Thatcher
_p George W. Thatcher +m ??
20>162481h2 Kendrick P- Morgan 05/22/1913(Chicago)-??
+m 08/12/1934 Carol Brain
_p E. J. Brain (SltLkCty)
20>162481h21 Scott Kendrick Morgan /1938-????
20>162481h3 George Walker Morgan 07/26/1916(Chicago)-??
+m /1938 Dorothy Wegg
_p David Wegg (NYC) +m ??
20>162481h4 Elizabeth Wilbourn Morgan 06/21/1918(Chicago)-??
20>162482 Nellie P- unm
_n living in Lake Forest IL in late 1800s, never married [RB1]
20>162483 Caroline Sutton P- 09/06/1856(VT)-/1923(Ltchfld)
_n "married __ Cobb, has two sons" [PD in 1880; not in PM]
+m /1877|5|2 M. Albert Wheelwright Cobb 05/31/1852(ChicagoIL)-/1927
_a Lake Forest IL ??
_q middle initial "S." in some sources [but not in PCS chart]
_q2 Caroline Schooley reports no "S." initial on any known family records
_q3 date of +m seems to be 1877 on PCS chart (1872 is too young!)
20>1624831 Albert Cobb {by /1880} dwi
+m /???? Cora __
20>1624832 Anne Cobb {by /1880}
+m /???? William Persons
20>16248321 John Persons
20>16248322 William Persons
20>16248323 Albert Persons
20>16248324 __{??} Persons
20>16248325 __{??} Persons
20>16248326 Virginia Persons
+m /???? Charles O'Connor
20>1624833 John P- Cobb {by /1885} dwi
+m /???? Marian __
20>1624834 Evelyn P- Cobb {by /1885}
+m /???? Daphne Knight
20>16248341 Elizabeth Cobb
+m /???? John Grandin
20>162483411 John Grandin
20>162483412 Daphne Grandin
20>16248342 Mary Louise Cobb
+m /???? Austin Kiplinger
20>162483421 Todd Kiplinger
+m /???? Dana __
20>162483422 Knight Kiplinger
+m /???? Anne __
20>1624834221 Brigham Kiplinger
20>1624834222 Sutton Kiplinger
20>1624834223 Daphne Kiplinger
20>16248343 Albert Cobb
+m1 ?? Dawn Herbeauvaux
+m2 ?? __
+m3 ?? __
20>16248344 John Cobb
+m /???? Ann __
20>162483441 Abby Cobb /1952-
20>162483442 Libby Cobb /1954-
+m /1976 __
20>162483443 Susan Cobb
20>162483444 Tom Cobb
20>1624835 Malcolm{??} Cobb {by /1885}
20>1624836 Charles Lawrence Cobb 05/28/1885- (Lake Forest IL)
_n RB1 "6th child, was my father" (Carol Schooley)
+m /???? Margaret Moore
20>16248361 Caroline (Carol) P- Cobb 12/10/1922-
_n supplied most of the information for the Caroline Sutton P- branch
+m 05/28/1941 Milton B. Schooley 01/06/1920-02/05/1990(Staunton VA)
_a Route Two, Box 407, Staunton VA 24401 (6/1990)
20>162483611 Wayne Lawrence Schooley 11/28/1942-
+m /???? Laura Rowland
20>1624836111 Felicia Ann Schooley 06/20/1971-
20>1624836112 Tamara Schooley 01/30/1973-
20>1624836113 William Schooley 01/12/1976-
20>162483612 Robert Michael Schooley 11/21/1944-
+m /???? Linda Clark
20>1624836121 Jane Elizabeth Schooley 09/21/1969-
+m /???? William Murray
20>1624836122 Paul Schooley 08/30/1972-
20>162483613 Barbara Elizabeth Schooley 12/12/1946-
+m 06/05/1966 Donald Gough
20>1624836131 Robert Gough 11/15/1971-
+m 09/01/1990 Meeghan __
20>162483614 David Milton Schooley 05/11/1948-
+m ??/??/19?? Betty Shaw
20>1624836141 Robin Renee Schooley 09/29/1971-
20>1624836142 Christopher David Schooley 02/07/1975-
20>162483615 Caroline P- Schooley 02/08/1958-
+m ??/??/19?? Stephen Farber
20>1624836151 Heather Elyse Farber tw 05/24/1988-
20>1624836152 Sarah Morgan Farber tw 05/24/1988-
20>162483616 Charles Cobb Schooley 09/09/1960-
+m ??/??/19?? Wanda Massie
20>1624836161 Opal Dawn Schooley 07/14/1982-
20>1624836162 Rebecca Ann Schooley 04/17/1984-
20>16248362 Charles Lawrence Cobb ??/??/1924-??/??/1932
20>16248363 Margery Moore Cobb 06/14/1927-??/??/????
+m1 ?? Tom Scott
+m2 ?? Earl Wright
20>162483631 Andrew McDonald Scott{??}
20>162483632 Maude Elizabeth Scott{??}
+m /???? Tom Blue
20>162483633 Peter Scott{??}
20>1624837 Elizabeth Cobb
+m /???? Arthur Wilbourn
20>16248371 Caroline P- Wilbourn
+m /???? Albert Patton Clark
20>162483711 Carolyn Clark
+m1 ?? Hal Homan
+m2 ?? Ted Miller
20>1624837111 __ Homan
20>1624837112 __ Homan
20>1624837113 __ Homan
20>1624837114 __ Homan
20>1624837115 Caroline P- Homan
20>162483712 Mary Clark
+m /???? __ Walker
20>162483713 Patrick Clark
+m1 ?? Renee __\2
+m2 ?? __ __
20>1624837131 __ Clark
20>1624837132 __ Clark
20>16248372 Elizabeth Wilbourn
+m /???? __
20>162483721 Lizbeth __
+m /???? Mike Murphy
20>16248373 Ann Wilbourn
+m /???? David Goss
20>162483731 Larry Goss
20>162483732 John Goss
20>162483733 Diane Goss
20>162483734 Sue Goss
20>16248374 Robert Wilbourn
+m1 ?? Mary Randolph\0
+m2 ?? Lili __\0
20>16249 Laura E. P- 09/12/1807-03/16/1878(Benningon MI)
_q PD has b 1802, but that would be impossible; others 1808 [image 317]
+m1 17fe1828 Warren Bancroft
_n see http://www.100megsfree3.com/litchfield/marrage/torrington2.htm
+m2 ?? Philip Pope
20>162491 David P. Bancroft
_n "has two children" [PD; not in PM]
20>1624911 __ Bancroft
20>1624912 __ Bancroft
20>162492 Jane Bancroft
_n "has a daughter" [PD]
+m /???? __ Decker
20>1624921 _f Decker [dau]
20>162493 Laura Bancroft/Pope ????-01/23/1906(Takoma WA)
_q "Laura Pope" [PD], but "Laura Bancroft" [PM]
+m /???? __ Pope [confused w/ mother?] or Lewis Mann
20>1624931 Lyra Elizabeth Mann
20>1625 William H. P- 01/11/1772(NwH)-02/16/1841 (NorthfieldCT)
_n probably H = Henry
_a LitchfiedCT > NorthSpartaNY [info from K.Howley Dec 1990]
_g NorthfieldCT cem
+m1 /1793? Huldah Ensign\8 ??/??/1774-07/16/1812
_g NorthfieldCT cem
+m2 11/29/1813 (PlymouthCT) wd Abigail Marsh Smith /1768-10/29/1835
_m1 Jacob Smith 10/03/1768(NrthfldCT)-02/23/1808(NrthfldCT)
_m1p Jacob Smith +m Mary Lewis
_m1fp Jacob Smith and Elizabeth
_m1fff Nathaniel Smith 06/08/1639(WeymouthMA)-????(LitchfieldCT)
_m1fff +m 07/03/1677 Anna Hoskins 02/14/1678(TauntonMA)-????(LtchfldCT
_m1fffp Nathaniel Smith +m Experience
_m1ffffp James Smith ????-1676 +m Joanna
_g NorthfieldCT cem
20>16251 Flora P- 04/25/1794(PlymouthCT)-????
20>16252 Mary P- 03/??/1796(PlymouthCT)-????
20>16253 William Augustus P- 04/30/1798(PlymouthCT)-????
20>16254 Huldah Ensign 05/11/1798[sic!](PlymouthCT)-????
20>16255 Sarah Landon P- 12/20/1802(PlymouthCT)-????
+m /????(NorthSpartaNY) William Wilson McNair
20>162551 Henrietta P- McNair
+m /???? Charles Bristol McNair 1829-
20>1625511 Marion McNair
+m /???? Frank P. Gilman
20>16255111 Marion Gilman
20>16255112 Julia Gilman
20>16255113 Charles Gilman
20>1625512 Flora Amelia McNair
+m /???? John A. Rockfellow
20>16255121 Julia Rockfellow
20>16255122 Henrietta Rockfellow
20>16255123 John Rockfellow
20>1625513 William Wilson McNair 1859-
20>1625514 Henrietta P- McNair
+m /???? Frank E. Bancroft
20>16255141 Henrietta Bancroft
20>1625515 Sarah Louise McNair
20>1625516 Jean Amanda McNair
+m /???? Carlton W. Taylor
20>16255161 Marion Taylor
20>1625517 Caroline Wilson McNair
+m /???? __ Barker
20>16255171 Caroline Barker
20>1625518 Charles Henry McNair 1870-
20>162552 Phoebe Torbert McNair
+m /???? George W. Frank
20>1625521 Augustus Frank
20>1625522 Jeannie Frank
+m /???? __ Elmendorf
20>1625523 George William Frank
20>162553 Caroline P- McNair 1834-
_n spelled P-re on memorial stone in Lakewood cem MinneapolisMN
+m /???? Isaac Keith McNair 1825-
20>1625531 Sarah P- McNair 1861-
20>1625532 Benedict P- McNair 1862-
+m /???? Marion Grace Sprague
20>16255321 Chester Sprague McNair 1898-
20>16255322 Sarah P- McNair 1900-
20>16255323 Benedict P- McNair 1902-
20>1625533 William Wilson McNair 1864-
20>1625534 James Edgar McNair 1869-
20>1625535 Richard Stuart McNair 1872-
20>1625536 Hugh Wilson McNair 1878-
20>162554 William Woodbridge McNair 1836(GrovelandNY)-
_n has largest monument in Lakewood cem MinneapolisMN
+m /???? Caroline Louise Wilson 1840-
20>1625541 Agnes Oliphant McNair 1865-
+m /???? Louis Kossuth Hull 1861-
20>1625542 Louisa P- McNair 1870-
+m /???? Francis Maxwell Henry
20>16255421 Frances Henry 1898-
+m /???? Cleo J. Kennedy 1888-
20>162554211 Cleo Louise Kennedy
+m /???? Joseph W. Janecky
20>162554212 Patricia McNair Kennedy
20>162555 Hugh Wilson McNair
20>162556 James McNair
20>162557 Sarah Agnes McNair
+m /???? Augustus Frank
20>1625571 William Augustus Frank
20>1625572 Mary Louise Frank
+m /???? George D. Miller
20>162558 Amanda Warner McNair
20>162559 Anna Sherman McNair
20>16256 Henry P- 04/14/1805(PlymouthCT)-05/12/1808(NorthfieldCT)
20>16257 Caroline P- 04/11/1809(PlymouthCT)-????
+m /???? John McNair
20>162571 Edward Augustus McNair
+m /???? Amelia F. Sargent
20>162572 Sophia McNair
20>162573 Pierpont McNair
+m /???? Sarah __
20>1625731 Eugenia McNair
+m /???? __ Ross
20>16257311 Marshall T. Ross
20>16257312 Norman Ross
20>16257313 Fannie Ross
20>1625732 Edward Lindsay McNair
+m /???? __
20>16257321 Clarence W. McNair
20>16257322 George Edward McNair
20>16257322 Morgan McNair
20>1625733 William Kelsey McNair
+m /???? Gertrude Joy
20>16257331 John Joy McNair
20>16257332 William P- McNair
20>16257333 __ McNair
20>162574 Eugene McNair
20>16258 Henry Edwards P- 08/21/1811(PlymouthCT)-????
20>163 Rv Samuel P- 12/30/1700-03/15/1723 dwi
_e BA Yale 1718, minister apprentice Lyme, then pastor there 12/12/1722
_n drowned in CT River above Saybrook Ferry, body found 04/28/1723
_g east end of Wannatawket = Fisher's Island monument cited PB24
_x if PB correctly transcribed inscription, d 1723 [i.e. 1722|23] (not 1722 [PNH] or 1724)
20>164 Mary P- 11/23/1702-06/24/1740 dwi
+m 08/19/1719 Rv William H. Russell\9 /1690-1761 (Mddltwn)
_p {not mentioned in RU volume}
20>1641 Mary Russell /1720-1799
+m /1740 Matthew Talcott 1713-1802
20>1642 Esther Russell 1722-1796
+m /???? Samuel Johnson (Mddltwn)
20>16421 Samuel Johnson
+m /???? Lucy Atkins
20>1643 William Russell 07/23/1725-04/20/75 (WindsorCT)
+m1 /1754? Abigail Andrews 1723-1765
+m2 01/18/1770 Abigail Newberry (Windsor) [PM50]
+m3{?} /???? [RE] Catherine Bent\1?
20>16431 William Andrews Russell /1755?-/1786
_e Yale 1774
20>16432 Samuel Andrews Russell 1759-1834
20>16433 Abigail Russell 1753-1754 dy
20>16434 Abigail Russell
+m /???? John N. Mather ??-11/?/1778 (in Army)
20>16435 James Russell dy
20>1643p Dolly Russell [RE]
+m /???? Barnabas Merrick /1728-??
20>1643p1 Cata Merrick /1776-??
+m /???? Nathan Platt (Capt)
20>1643p11 Katharine Platt [RE]
+m /???? Merrit Meloy
20>1643p111 David Humphrey Meloy [RE]
+m /???? Sarah Preston Sherman
20>1643p1111 Arthur Sherman Meloy ????-06/26/1953 [RE] (Stratford)
_o [PFM35 "assistant historian" 46,48] (1943 RE genealogist)
+m /???? __
20>1643p1111h Gertrude Meloy [PFL]
_q Mrs George M. White (PFM46; Stratford)
_q Mrs Gertrude M. White [PFL][PFM51] father died 06/26/1953
_q who is Alia Meloy Colborne (Stratford) [PFM48]? Edna Reed [PFM51]?
+m /???? George M. White {?? cf PFM46 PFL} (Stratford)
20>1644 Samuel Russell
+m /???? Ruth Whitman
20>16441 Ruth Russell dwi
20>16442 Polly Russell
20>16443 John Russell
20>16444 William Russell
20>16445 Esther Russell
20>16446 Jacob Russell
20>16447 Samuel Russell
20>1645 Noadiah Russell
[1645 material supplied by Alan Russell, July 2020]
20>1645 Noadiah Russell 24ja1730(MiddletownCT)-27oc1795(MendonMA)
_n b. 11ja1731 [Find Grave 11500286]
_e Yale 1750
_g West ThompsonCT cem
+m 14mr1758 Esther Talcott 24je1731(Hartford)-14oc1797(ThompsonCT)
20>16451 Noadiah Russell 15je1759(KillinglyCT)-30my1817(ThompsonCT) dwi
20>16452 Matthew Talcott Russell 19mr1761(KillinglyCT)-13no1828(WindstedCT)
+m 17se1797 Mary Huntington 28au1769(MiddletownCT)-je1857
20>164521 Mary Huntington Russell 11no1798-01jl1859 unm
20>164522 George Huntington Russell 08ap1800-15de1803

20>164523 Harriet Russell 14ja1802-03ap1865
+m 1835 George Larned (20>164554) 15/07/1792(ThompsonCT)-11/10/1874
[he +m{1} 1816 Maria Cornelia Read\7f (24je1793(MA)-27se1833)]
_n [Wikitree says "children unknown" 31jl2020, but myheritage mentions 8 or
5 siblings for Robert G/C L. in its confused double entry] 20>1645232=1645542 Robert Grosvenor Larned /1841-28apr1842(ThompsonCT)
20>1645233=1645543 Maria Cornelia Larned 08ja1835-/1910CC
+m John Southmayd /1835-/1918(DurhamCT)
20>16452331=16455431 Herbert L Southmayd /1860-/1935(DurhamCT)
20>1645234=1645544 Catharine Dresser Larned 23no1843-19de1910(N.KingstownRI)
+m 1885 Asa Sisson 1816-19ja1893(CoventryRI)
20>2645235=1645545 George Huntington Larned 31jl1839-20fe1912
+m c.1892 Josephine ___ 02se1854-17oc1926
20>164524 unnamed son 03se1803-03se1803
20>164525 Julia Anne Russell 08au1804-09ap1865 unm
20>164526 Charles Huntington Russell 25mr1806-/1807 unm
20>164527 Edward Russell 17fe1808-21jl1808
20>164528 William Huntington Russell 12au1809-19my1885(NewHavenCT)
+m Mary Elizabeth Hubbard 23my1816-11de1890
_n co-founder of Yale University Skull and Bones Society (Russell Trust Association)
20>1645281 Frances Harriet Russell 14au1839-29de1889(NewHavenCT)
20>1645282 Talcott Huntington Russell 14mr1847-18oc1917(NewHavenCT)
+m Geraldine Whittemore Low 09au1862-25je1939(NewHavenCT)
20>16452821 Philip Gray Russell 26se1891-21fe1971(DallasTX)
+m Ethel Hill Howland 23je1903-29je1992
20>16452822 William Low Russell 20de1897-17de1976
+m Leonore Kathryn Schuppert 30ap1901-21no1990
20>1645283 Thomas Hubbard Russell 14de1851-2fe1916
+m Mary Katie Munson 08de1856-25au1942
20>16452831 Edward Stanton Russell 18se1894-12je1953
+m Estelle M ____ 06jl1896(PA)-14ap1988(WoodbridgeCT)
20>164528311 Martha Jane Russell 10se1919-17oc2008(WoodbridgeCT)
+m Reverdy Robert Hald Whitlock 26my1913-08ap2011(WoodbridgeCT)
20>164528312 Edward Stanton Russell Jr 05fe1922(PA)-20au2000(BranfordCT)
20>16452832 William Huntington Russell 20mr1888-28ja1943(NewHavenCT)
20>1645284 Philip Gray Russell 14fe1854-21jl1900(NewHavenCT)
+m Lilean Kendall 05oc18155-07no1886
20>1645285 Edward Hubbard Russell 27de1855-21no1928(NewH)
+m Frances Hill 23je1903-29je1992
20>1645286 Robert Gray Russell 17se1860-21au1881
20>164529 Abigail Talcott Russell 07oc1810-02ap1865 unm
20>164520 Frances Russell 05ap1812-??
+m ???? Peter Roosevelt Roach ????-
20>16452a Henry Russell 19my1813-26my1814
20>16452b Sarah Esther 17no1814-??
20>16452c unnamed dau 23au1816-23au1816
20>16453 Esther Russell 09au1762(KillinglyCT)-16au1816
+m Thaddeus Larned 26oc1756-19ja1818(ThompsonCT)
_n Thaddeus had first married 16455 Abigail Russell
_n when she died in 1797, he then married Esther (his sister-in-law)
_n thus their son Frederick was both a first cousin and a half-sibling to Abigail’s children

20>164531=164551 Frederick Larned 04oc1802(ThompsonCT)-20ja1884(ThompsonCT)
+m Harriet Fisher 20my1805-14fe1878(ThompsonCT)
20>1645311 Jane Elizabeth Larned 14fe1824-04mr1898(ThompsonCT)
20>1645312 Emily D. Larned /1828-30je1876(ThompsonCT)
20>1645313 Harriet Fisher Larned 14ap1830-19mr1894(ThompsonCT)
20>1645314 Abigail Larned /1832-18de1846
20>1645315 Hannah Danielson Larned /1835-04ap1854(ThompsonCT)
20>1645316 Frances Helen Larned 13je1836-27jl1914(ThompsonCT)
20>1645317 Martha Larned 24oc1838-27se1912(ThompsonCT)
20>1645318 Sarah W Larned /1841-19oc1858(ThompsonCT)
20>16454 Sarah Russell 06no1763(KillinglyCT)-
20>16455 Abigail Russell 20jl1766(ThompsonCT)-07mr1797(ThompsonCT)
+m 1787 Thaddeus Larned 26oc1756-19ja1818(ThompsonCT)
20>16455 Abigail Russell ????-1797

[see above, 16453 Esther Russell +m Thaddeus Larned in 1756]

20>164551 Simon Larned 24no1787-21se1810(ThompsonCT)
20>164552 Noadiah Larned 19fe1789-17de1860(ThompsonCT) unm
20>164553 Abigail Larned 09se1790-02se1845(ThompsonCT)
+m Jacob Dresser /-19ja1825(ThompsonCT)
20>1645531 Jacob Dresser /-27fe1824(ThompsonCT)
20>1645532 Esther Dresser /1816-8au1848(ThompsonCT)
20>1645533 Catharine Dresser /1788-03my1844(ThompsonCT)
20>1645534 Emily Dresser /1815-13my1823(ThompsonCT)
20>164554 George Larned 15jl1792-11oc1874(ThompsonCT)
+m Harriet Russell (20>164523, his first cousin; see above)

20>16456 Joseph Russell 30ap1775(ThompsonCT)-08ja1861(EllingtonCT)
+m Hannah __ 21de1779-19mr1859(HartfordCT)
20>1646 James Russell
20>1647 Sarah Russell
+m /???? Edmund G. Rawson (Mddltwn)
20>16471 Sarah Rawson
20>1648 Mehetable Russell /1735-??
+m 11/19/1754 Col Jeremiah Wadsworth [PM55]
20>16481 Daniel Wadsworth ??-/1848 (Hartford)
+m /???? Faith Trumbull
20>16482 Catherine Wadsworth /1774-?? (Hartford)
+m /???? Nathaniel Terry
20>16483 Harriet Wadsworth ??(Hartford)-??(Bermuda)
20>1649 Hannah Russell
20>165 Joseph P- 10/21/1704-11/24/1748(NrH) [GS "in 45th year"]
_a " first of the names that settled in North Haven" [DPB]
_om "Lieut" [Yale biog 2.264]; farmer [PM27]
_q PE has d 09/27/1748 (thus not in 45th yr)
_w provided for completion of son Joseph's Yale degree
+m 09/27/1727 Hannah Russell\12 02/23/1705|6-06/05{06}/1791(NrH)
_q name spelled Russel in DPB throughout
_a b MddltwnCT
_q PE has +m 10/27/1727, PNH has 1725(?) -- see date of 1st child!
_f youngest dau of Rv Nodiah Russell 07/24/1659-???? [AG5.592]
_m +m 02/20/1689(MddltwnCT) Mary Hamlin 1662(Mddltwn)-????
_mp Giles Hamlin +m Hester/Esther Crow
_n {not mentioned in RU volume} [line not clear from AG]
_g ag 87th year NrH cem; +m "about 1725" [PM27] "1725" [RE PSV]
[+m2] 08/05{06}/1752 Samuel Sackett ??-11/24/1748[sic! not in AG]
_n death date for S. Sackett must be wrong; confused with Joseph P-]
20>1651 James P- /1726(NwHvnCT)-/1727 dy
_n how correlated with date of marriage?
20>1652 Samuel P- 04/16/1729(NwHvnCT)-12/24{22}/1820(NrH)
_o brick maker
_n founding member St. John's Church of England (Royalist, then US)
+m 11/05{15}/1751 Elizabeth Frost 03/03/1727|8-09/20/1804
_p Ebenezer Frost +m Mary Tuttle
20>16521 Elizabeth P- 07/03/1752-12/18/1811(NrH)
+m 09/08/1750{sic!??} Jonah Blakeslee
_q +m date wrong [=? his b date?]; no Jonah in BL lists [to ca 1750s]
20>16522 Hannah P- 06/16/1754-??
+m /???? __ Collins
20>16523 Samuel P- 05/16/1756-/1821 (NY)
_n he or f-in-law was Loyalist {Royalist?}, estate confiscated 1781
_n1 1790 NrH CT Census; head of household 2 1 4 [or his father??]
+m 01/12/1777 Sarah Wolcott
20>16524 Theodosia [not -dore PM152] P- 02/22/1758-07/15/1806
+m 11/17/1777 William Walter 03/06/1752-04/19/1824
20>16525 Mehe(/i?)table (Mabel) P- 06/02{28}/1760-11/12/1795
+m 02/01/1787 Abraham Blakeslee 03/02/1761-03/28/1813
20>16526 James P- ??/??/1761-/1816
20>16527 Eli P- 08/05/1763-??
_n1 1790 NwH CT Census; head of household 1 male (=self) only
_n2 1810 NwH CT Census Index
20>16528 Abigail P- ??/??/1766-03/09/1839 bp1766 [ag 73] dwi
20>16529 Bethia P- ??/??/1767|8-06/19/1806 [ag 39]
+m /???? Samuel Sackett
20>16520 Ebenezer P- ??/??/1771-03/04/1854(NrH) [ag 83]
+m /???? Lydia Blakeslee 07/02/1768-07/22/1863 [ag 95]
20>165201 Roxana P- ??/??/1795-01/10/1828 dwi
20>1653 Joseph P- jr 09/13{30}/1730(NrH)-02/08/1824(NrH) 94th yr
_e Yale 1751 BA MA
_om 1st Lt 9th Co 2nd Regm CT Militia oc1760
_om2 militia Capt my1764; Gen Assm rep, town clerk, justice of peace
_b story of being struck by lightning on 02au1771, along with wife Lydia, Abel Brocket & wife, Giles P- & wife (& 2 children) [NEHGS newsp]
_r changed from Congr to Episc (St.John's) 1773
_r2 parish clerk in Congr Soc for 59 yrs [PJ]
_o 1st rep of NrH in CT Gen Assm 1787, renewed 8 times; town clerk & JP
_q Yale biog gives birth 09/13 [so PJ], PE as 09/10
_q2 PJ gives death date 8 Sept.
_g GS(NrH) died in 94th yr
_n1 1790 NrH CT Census; head of household 1 0 2 [??]
+m1 03/21/1756(NrH) Lydia Bassett\6 08/01/1736-11/09/1783 [ag 48]
_q Yale biog 2.264; others have +m 09|10/21; PE 09/21 - DPB; PJ 10/21
_q2 Yale biog gives her date of birth as 11/28/1730 {unlikely}
_p Joseph Bassett +m Miriam Bradley [PSV]
_pq 2nd dau of Amos Bassett  +m Mary Gilbert [Yale biog 2.267]
_p>? John Bassett ??-1656(NwH) +m Margery ?? [AG1.924]; or William Bassett
+m2 10/26/1791 wd Annis Warner Curtis Blakeslee 01/13/1734|5-09/04/1800
[+m1 1752 Ebenezer Curtis]
[+m2 1771 Noah Blakeslee]
_q [DPB, has "said Joseph" m Annis Blakslee of Plymouth on 26oc1791]
_b see BL for further information on Noah and Annis
_a Yale2.264 +m in WatertownCT (?); PJ+PNH b WbyCT, d NrH
_q Yale2.264 Annis B. "by whom he had 3 sons and 1 daughter"{!}
_p [Yale2.corr] "probably" John Warner +m Mary Hickox (WbyCT)
_p2 PJ has mother Esther Scott
_n ag 66th yr, from Plymouth [=Northbury Society]
_x "the Tuttle geneal p.697 erroneously gives 4 ch by the 2nd wife" [PJ]
20>16531 Ezra P- 07/11/1757(NrH)-01/06/1842(EFrms Wby) [ag 84]
_g EastFarms cem
_n served in Revolution
_n1 1810 NwH CT Census Index
+m1 03/31/1783 Mary Blakeslee\7 10/10/1762-09/27/1827 (NwH > Wby) [ag 65]
_p Isaac Blakeslee +m Lydia Alcock > Alcott 1730 (NwH) [CSM notes 39] [further detail in BL]
_a NrH, Wby

_pmf John Alcox [>Alcott] (1705-1777) moved to WolcottCT 1731; dau Lydia (1730-1796) son John Alcott de1731;
_pmf+ grandson Joseph Chatfield Alcott (1771/77-1829), > Amos Bronson Alcott (1799-1888) > Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)
+m2 12/??/1828 wd Deborah H. Curtiss Parker 12/31/1771-04/04/1842
_n marriage contract 12/16/1828; "H." ??
_g [CSMnotes] "In memory of D. wife of E.P- who died April 4 1842 ag71 yrs"
_g2 PFM42 reports that her gravestone "has been destroyed"
_g3 [CSMnotes] "In memory of Harvey Parker who d. Feb 16 1835 ag38 yrs"
20>165311 Chloe P- 08/15/1783(Wby)-02/21/1816(Cheshire)
+m 10/17/1805 Lemuel Hall 08/16/1771-03/31/1825 (Chshr)
_p Jared Hall +m Lucy Hull
20>1653111 John Miles Hall 12/21/1806-07/12/1838 unm
20>1653112 Lucy Caroline Hall 10/11/1808 dy
20>1653113 Jared Hall 02/07/1816-02/26/1816 dy
20>165312 Luther P- 02/08/1785(Wby)-04/14/1862 ag77
_n served in war of 1812
_g EastFarmsCT cem
+m 06/06/1814 Delia Maria Waugh ??/??/1791(Ltchfld)-12/01/1861 ag70
_a from Morris
_p Thaddeus Waugh (Litchfield) +m ??
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>1653121 William Henry P- 04/23/1815-08/31/1825 dy ag10yr4mo
_g EastFarmsCT cem ("son of Luther & Delia Pierpont") [also here]
20>1653122 James Edward P- 02/18/1817-01{02}/12/1864 ag47
_g EastFarmsCT cem (12ja : so Neal and gravestone)
_x not James Edmund
+m 02/28/1842 Susan E. Hotchkiss ??/??/1819-11/02/1868 ag49
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>16531221 Willis H. P- 03/23/1844-03/04/1885|6 dwi ag41
_g EastFarmsCT cem (1886 : so Neal; gravestone 1885)
20>16531222 George E. P- 12/12/1847-06{01}/05{10}/1876 dwi ag28
_g EastFarmsCT cem (5ja : so Neal and gravestone)
+m 05/20/1874 Lucretia (Crete) Bronson
[+m2] William Morse (Ltchfld)
20>16531223 Jane (Jennie) Elizabeth P- 12/02{01}/1851-04/09/1918
_g Pine Grove cem, Wby CT
 +m 05/31{30}/1871 Sidney Phelps Bronson 03/23/1845-02/19/1912 (Brdgpt?)
_a 1889 Waterbury (CSMJourn 1889)
_g Pine Grove cem, Wby CT
20>165312231 Edward Lyman Bronson 10/17{16}/1873-12/02/1950(Wby) [PFM25]
+m 04/04/1893 Josephine Georgiana Rodier 01/16/1873-11/23/1935 [PFM25
20>1653122311 Raymond Harold Bronson 06/01/1897-05/14/1964 [PFM25]
+m1 09/13/1920 Lois Childs Bristol\1 07/04{14}/1898-10/02/1934
+m2 06/19/1937 Virginia M. Anderson 03/05/1897- [PFM45]
20>16531223111 Robert Edward Bronson 12/08/1924- [PFM55; Wash]
_a1997 WashingtonDepotCT
_om USN seaman 2nd class ww2
+m 03/18/1946 Jeanne Ellen Stoughton
_x not Jean
20>165312231111 Eric Raymond Bronson 02/09/1948-
_q called Eric Robert B on an info sheet, b 08fe1948
+m 09/26/1971 Johanna Elizabeth Cote dv
20>1653122311111 Chad Eric Bronson 04/20/1977-
+m ??/??/1995 Holly Manchester
20>16531223111111 Alana Kay Bronson 02/??/1996-
20>165312231112 Bruce Raymond Bronson 07/18/1951(Torrington)-
+m 09/08/1979 Lisa Marie Salley
_x not Lisa Ann
20>1653122311121 Jenney Lee Bronson 07/21/1980-
20>1653122311122 Karen Ann Bronson 04/22/1982-
20>1653122311123 Emma Jeanne Bronson 03/11/1988-
20>1653122312 Gertrude Eleanor Bronson 09/12/1905-01/13/1975 (Wby) [PFM26]
+m 09/22/1923 Warren Lester Hodges 02/19/1902-07/02/1988 [PFM26]
20>16531223121 Betty Elaine Hodges 06/24/1925-07/06/1925 dy
20>16531223122 Warren Erwin Hodges 07/18/1927-02/05/1986
_om USMaritimeServ ww2
+m 06/12/1951(Pltsbg NY) Ruth Frances Stafford 02/03/1930-
20>165312231221 Eileen Margaret Hodges 12/22/1952(Southington)-
+m1 07/27/1974 David Saunders dv
+m2 10/11/1981 Dr James Ross
20>1653122312211 Nathaniel Richard Ross 11/06/1982-
20>1653122312212 Adrianne Jane Ross 09/17/1985-
20>165312231222 Kathleen Adrian Hodges 03/01/1954-
+m 07/30/1977 Brian Finan
20>165312231222z Kristine Hodges Finan 08/06/1985-
20>165312231222y Michael James Finan
20>165312231223 James Warren Hodges 05/08/1955(Wby)-
20>165312231224 Susan Jennifer Hodges 10/19/1956-
+m 10/20/1979 Raymond O'Dell
20>1653122312241 Matthew Allen O'Dell 11/04/1981-
20>165312231224y Jessica Rae O'Dell 12/13/1987-
20>1653122312243 Brady Warren O'Dell 09/27/1988-
20>165312231225 Jack William Hodges 05/04/1959-
+m 09/10/1983 Debra Woina
20>1653122312251 Melissa Jayne Hodges
20>16531223123 Lucille Eleanor Hodges 03/31/1931- [PFM76]
+m 09/19/1953 John (Skip) Creer Garrigus (Wolcott) 10/20/1931-
20>165312231231 Mark William Garrigus 04/26/1956(Wby)-
+m 08/08/1982 Karen Elaine DellaBella 05/26/1959-
20>1653122312311 Daniel John Garrigus 01/28/1985-
20>1653122312312 Joseph Mark Garrigus 02/12/1990-
20>1653122312313 Robert Paul Garrigus 10/06/1991-
20>165312231232 Karen Lee Garrigus 04/14/1959-
+m 05/15/1982 Daniel B. Lang 06/26/1962-
20>1653122312321 Damian Mark Lang 11/26/1982-
20>1653122312322 Danelle Lee Lang 06/28/1984-
20>1653122312323 Marisa Lynne Lang 07/22/1987-
20>165312231233 Paul Hodges Garrigus 07/11/1962-
+m 06/22/1991 Lori Vigue Martino ??/??/19??-
20>1653122312331 Adam Paul Garrigus 06/03/1986-
20>1653122312332 Ashley Jean Garrigus 10/29/1990-
20>165312231234 Peter Creer Garrigus 03/05/1968-
+m 07/11/1992 Patricia Hunt
20>1653122312341 Samuel George Garrigus 09/28/1994-
20>1653122312342 Olivia Mae Garrigus 04/08/1996-
20>165312232 Susan P- Bronson 07/14/1877|8-02/02/1969 (Wby) [PFM25,etc]
+m 07/14/1902 Charles Benjamin Brown 10/18/1873-06/30/1933 dwi [PFM25]
20>1653123 Chloe/Chade Maria/Mary P- 03/13/1819-10/07/1888 unm ag69
_g EastFarmsCT cem
_o taught at Walnut St. School, Wby
20>1653124 Emily Cordelia P- 02/03/1821-12/06/1828 ag8
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>1653125 Jane A. P- 04/09/1823-09/18/1825 dy ag2yr5mo
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>1653126 Henry Stiles/Stilles P- 03/08/1827-04/21/1878 ag51
_g EastFarmsCT cem
_n "Pierpoint" on gravestone of wife Hannah
+m1 04/28/1851 Hannah Beecher\2 /1829-02/09{29}/1856 ag27
_g EastFarmsCT cem (9fe : so Neal) (died soon after childbirth)
+m2 05/14/1857 Selina/Selena Byington\2 03/03/1834-11/24/1902 ag68
_g EastFarmsCT cem ("Selina")
20>16531261 Homer B. P- 10/28/1852-02/12/1856 dy ag3yr3mo
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>16531262 William Henry P- 01/30/1856-04/16/1856 dy ag11wk
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>16531263 Walter H. P- 02/16/1859-09/03/1859 dy ag6mo24da
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>16531264 Lucy M. P- 11/16/1860-06/19/1925 (NwH)
_n died in NY? [so PFMx25]
+m ??/??/1893|4(St.Jns Wby) Franklin Dow (NwLndn)
20>165312641 Pierpont Dow unm
20>1653127 Emily Jane P- 01/25/1832-05no1902 dwi
+m 09/14/1858 Lyman E.{F.} Bassett 27fe1827-09jl1901
20>165313 Seabury P- 03/13/1787-03/01/1829 (Wby) ag42
_n served in war of 1812
_g EastFarmsCT cem
+m 12/16/1813 Clorana Hall 06/26/1785(Chshr)-08/06/1856 [ag 71]
_p Jared Hall (Cheshire) +m ??
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>1653131 Harriet Loisa P- 09/25{26}/1814-10/10{15}/1825 ag11
_g EastFarmsCT cem (has 10oc; so alsoNeal)
20>1653132 Mary Selina/Salina P- 05{04}/15/1817-08/10/1896
+m 01/20/1836 Joseph Welton 05/14{15}/1814-05/01/1894(Wby)
_n PFM47 refers to his 1861 diary, story of Norway Pine trees
20>16531321 Homer Heber Welton 02/22/1837-05/21/1903
+m 04/26/1868 Ellen J. Garrigus 06/19/1846-12/17/1908
20>165313211 Julia Arabella Welton 04/30/1869-
+m {c/1895} Walter Warner ????-01/27/1937(Takoma WA)
20>1653132111 Ethel Warner
+m /???? Irlou C. Wilson (Wby)
20>16531321111 __ [PFN "one child, deceased"]
20>1653132112 Millard Warner
+m1 ?? Helen Snyder\1
+m2 ?? Frances Jean Smith\
20>16531321121 Dorothy Mae Warner
20>16531321122 Patricia Joanne Warner
20>1653132113 Harold Warner
20>165313212 Joseph D. Welton 04/30/1871-02/19/1937
+m /???? Martha/Mattie LePean 09/16/1872-05/17/1955(Wby) [PFM37,42]
20>1653132121 Clifford J. Welton {c/1895}-
_a 1943 Augusta GA
+m1 ?? Gladys Pond
+m2 06/24/1939 Mary Ellie Stone
20>16531321211 Richard Joseph Welton {c/1920}-
_om USA ww2
_n is this the "Richard Welton, Elizabeth NJ" of PFM33?
20>16531321212 Raymond W. Welton
_om USMC ww2 Marine Band
+m 03/28/1943 Edith Kurdiska/Kardiska
20>165313212121 Clifford John Welton
20>16531321213 Virginia Mae Welton 11/19/1927[PFM28]-
20>1653132122 Edith Welton [PFM31]
+m /???? Joseph A. Lyman (DesPlaines IL)
_a 1960 ChicagoIL
20>16531321221 Marion{not Marian} Jeanett(e) Lyman
+m 11/26/1943 Jesse Fant(??)
20>16531321222 Helen Marie Lyman
_om WAC? ww2
+m 08/??/1945 Paul James Roton
20>165313212221 Paul James Roton jr 07/25/1946-
20>16531321223 Donald Joseph Lyman
_om USA? ww2
20>1653132123 Helen Welton (Wville) [PFM31+]
+m 06/30/1923 Ralph L. Bates [PFM42]
20>16531321231 Ralph L. Bates jr 06/04/1929- [PFM31+]
+m 06/12/1954 Jane Schuyler Hall
20>16531321232 Florence Martha Bates 02/09/1932(Wby)- [PFM33+]
+m 05/14/1955(Mdlbry) Carl Franz Christian
20>1653132123h James Bates [PFM42]
20>165313213 Edith J. Welton 01/19/1879-10/06/1887
20>16531322 Eunice Clorana Welton 10/07/1839-03/16/1921
+m1 01/06/1863 Orrin E. Scott\1 05/27/1840-09/03/1865
+m2 04/14/1868 Lewis Garrigues\3 07/18/1834-12/22/1907
20>165313221 Minnie A. Scott 10/24/1864-05/25/1871
20>165313222 Mary Louise Garrigues 09/11/1870-11/30/1935 [PFM25]
+m 07/08/1888 John Henry Morrow 04/22/1867-09/04/1951 (Ashtabula OH)
_n writes poems to PFA [PFM44,45+] [PFA address card has "deceased 1954"]
20>1653132221 Helen May Morrow 06/01/1889-06/02/1889 dy
20>1653132222 Richard Joseph Morrow 04/27/1906(Ashtabula OH)-1971
_n gave piano selections at PFA29
+m1 09/19/1925 Elizabeth C. Woodward\1[?] ??-1975 [PFM27]
+m2 02/13/1945(Erie PA) Ruth Cochran Bannister [PFR]
20>16531322221 Janet Ruth Morrow 12/03/1926- [PFM27,56]
+m1 08/16/1947 Russell C. Aller 12/05/1926- [PFR][PFM56]
+m2 Eugene Russell Avery
20>165313222211 Russell Bruce Aller 11/17/1948(Utica MI)[PFM56]
_q b 1947 ? [so sister Laurel, email 1997]
_a1956 RoyalOakMI [PFA dist cup]
20>165313222212 Vicki Ann Aller 10/24/1950(Frndle MI)[PFM56]
+m __ Bennett
20>1653132222121 Daniel Woodward Bennett 05/13/1980-
20>1653132222122 Abigail Elizabeth Bennett 01/06/1985-
20>165313222213 Betsy Morrow Aller 10/04/1955(MI)
20>165313222214 Laurel Beth Avery 06/06/1965-
+m 07/11/1987 Ian DeWitt
20>1653132222141 Maxwell Eugene Avery-DeWitt 03/06/1992-
20>16531322222 Mary Louise Morrow 12/23/1945(Geneva OH)-
20>165313223 (Effie) Gertrude Garrigues 05/05/1875-1961{|"} [PFM25++]
_n death reported PFM62
+m 11/29/1893 Edward Croft 03/28/1870-08/14/1942 [PFM25]
20>1653132231 Edward Welton Croft 09/08/1895-09/10/1895 dy
20>1653132232 Harry Packard Croft 08/26/1897- [PFM25]
_om USA LtCol ww2
+m 11/08/1924 Elsie Louise Sloane 10/15/1905- [PFM25]
20>16531322321 Gail Lucille Croft tw 04/07/1936-
_e graduated 1954 (from where? PFA address card)
20>16531322322 James Sloanne Croft tw 04/07/1936-
20>1653132233 Robert Wallace Croft 04/11/1899- (Wby) [PFM27]
+m 10/04/1922 Marjorie N. Lincoln 08/13/1899-
20>16531322331 Barbara Lincoln Croft 09/02/1923-
+m 10/04/1946 Warren Lindsay/Lindsey (Wby)
20>165313223311 Candace Louise Lindsay
/Lindsey 07/09/1947(Wby)- [b PFR]
20>165313223312 Suzanne Richards Lindsay
/Lindsey 03/27/1951(Wby)-
20>16531322332 Edward (Ned) Samuel Croft 09/01/1926- [PFM66]
_om USA? ww2
+m 11/11/1955(Mdlbry) Susanne Miller Higgins
20>165313223321 Amy Croft 04/01/1956(Meriden)-
20>165313223h Margaret H. Croft (PFM45)
_n possibly cousin or niece of Gertrude Garrigues Croft
_o taught Latin at Crosby HS (Wby), lived with Mildred Goudy
20>165313224 Frederick Lewis Garrigues 09/26/1878-05/15/1941(Flls Chrch VA)
_n [PFM26-27]
+m 01/18/1905 Sarah Hayward
20>1653132241 Eunice Welton Garrigues 02/12/1910- [PFM26-27]
+m 02/04/1939 Thomas Shreves Elder 08/12/1907-
20>16531322411 Barbara Hayward Elder 06/12/1940-
20>16531322412 Lawrence Garrigues Elder 08/16/1942-
20>16531322413 Caroline Lee Elder 08/08/1949-
20>16531323 Lucy Adeline Welton 11/14/1841-05/18/1918
+m 04/16/1874{csn=25>462} Austin Beecher P-
20>165313231 = 25>4621 Arthur Joseph P- 12/03/1876-09/20/1912
20>165313232 = 25>4622 Herbert Austin P- 07/26/1882-12/23/1882 dy
20>165313233 = 25>4623 Morton Elbert P- 03/19/1884-03/24/1954 [PFM25,26]
20>1653133 Lucy Sabrina P- 03/01/1820-05/06/1902
+m 10/20/1846 Otis Shepardson 05/09/1822-07/01/1886
20>16531331 Arthur O. Shepardson 12/29/1847-07/30/1927
+m1(?) 04/25/1889 Sarah McDermott
+m2(?) ???? Amelia Fuller 09/04/1858-03/29/1939(StPetrsbg FL)
20>165313311 Paul Arthur Shepardson ????-05/18{19}/1940
+m /???? Dorothy Gesner
20>1653133111 Ann Fuller Shepardson 11/07/1934(??)-
20>1653133112 Sarah Gesner Shepardson
20>16531332 Ellen (Nellie, Banny) Antoinette Shepardson 08/16/1852- [PFM25]
+m 05/07/1874 Alden March Young 09/06/1853-12/03/1911 [YN]
_a purchased land in Pine Orchard, built the "Ancorage" (photo in powerpoint presentation)
_o built trolleys and electric lines
20>165313321 Olive Nellie (Banny) Young 06/24/1875-??1939? [PFM25]
_i portrait in powerpoint presentation
+m 10/19/1899 Milton Jones Warner jr 01/09/1873-07/09/1952(Brnfrd)
20>1653133211 Olive Birch Warner 12/10/1903-1994
_h golf (CT senior women's champ), Red Cross volunteer
+m 10/03/1925 John Morris Hincks 07/23/1898(Farmington)-1971
_a Farmington CT (Mountain Spring Road), Pine Orchard CT (Red Top)
_e Yale (capt, swim team, 1920 Allied Games)
_o Middlesex Insur (pres)
_b family picture on powerpoint page
_f  William Thurston Hincks 1870-19?? (photo on powerpoint page)
_m Maude Morris (suffragette, photo on powerpoint page)
20>16531332111 Robert Warner Hincks 07/24/1926-
+m 06/18/1948 Marie Ames Powell [not Dowell](NYC) 10/08/1927-
20>165313321111 Robert Powell Hincks 10/08/1949-
20>165313321112 Birch Warner Hincks [f] 09/28/1951(NwH)-
20>165313321113 Daniel Ames Hincks 12/01/1954-
20>165313321114 Andrew Warner Hincks 06/11/1958-
20>16531332112 Joan Warner Hincks 06/13/1928-
+m 10/08/1949 Machaud/Machado Mead 10/15/1925-
20>165313321121 Machaud/Machado Morris Mead 10/26/1950-
20>165313321122 Holly Pierpont Mead 05/23/1952-
20>165313321123 Nathaniel Platt Mead 11/12/1953-
20>165313321124 William Hincks Mead 02/12/1957-
20>165313321125 Frederick (Teddy) Goodhue Mead 07/15/1958-
20>16531332113 John Winslow Hincks 04/17/1931-
_a 2006 West Hartford CT
+m 06/14/1958 Marcia/Maria Robinson Lockwood 07/03/1935-
20>165313321131 Rebecca Towne Hincks 08/01/1959-
_e BA Yale (history), PhD Sweden (computer language learning)
_o English teacher, Sweden
_n did genealogical powerpoint presentation for father's birthday 2006
_n2 http://www.speech.kth.se/~hincks/presentations/genea.ppt
20>165313321132 Jennifer Winslow Hincks 02/01/1961-
20>165313321133 John Morris Hincks ii 06/09/1964-
20>165313321134 Benjamin Lockwood Hincks 12/26/1965-
20>16531332114 William Thurston Hincks 01/22/1937-
+m 08/15/1959 Greta Jane (Janey) Rhinesmith 03/30/1939-
20>165313321141 Caroline Winslow Hincks 11/19/1960-
20>165313321142 Lisa Rhinesmith Hincks 12/20/1963-
20>16531332115 Maria Birch Hincks 06/12/1939-
20>1653133212 Alden Young Warner (Frmgtn) 06/24{25}/1906-06/15/1962
+m 06/28/1929 Caroline Hunn 04/07/1907-
20>16531332121 Alden Young Warner jr 11/13/1930-
+m 09/03/1955 Ann Trumbull Robinson 11/01/1930-
20>165313321211 Lucius Robinson Warner 07/01/1956-
20>165313321212 Alden Young Warner iii 05/27/1958-
20>165313321213 Peter McLane Warner 05/04/1962-
20>16531332122 Tucker (Tuck) Hunn Warner 03/18/1932-
+m 11/05/1955(Htfd) Joan McCance 10/06/1934-
20>165313321221 Tucker Hunn Warner jr 03/05/1957-
20>165313321222 David McCance Warner 02/15/1960-
20>165313321223 Caroline Haviland Warner 07/24/1963
20>16531332123 Jonathan Pierpont Warner 01/17/1935-
+m 08/29/1961 Anne Newton Hawley 06/30/1939-
20>165313321231 Jonathan Pierpont Warner jr 02/14/1963-
20>165313321232 Elisabeth/Elizabeth Bayard Warner 11/11/1964
20>16531332124 Seth Coffing Warner 05/24/1938-
+m 06/24/1961 Sarah Elizabeth Rogers 11/17/1939-
20>165313321241 Seth Coffing Warner jr 04/16/1963-
20>165313321242 Benjamin Kimpton Rogers Warner 02/07/1966-
20>16531332125 Bruce Byerly Warner 04/11/1943-03/13/1966
+m 06/20/1964 Millicent Grant Gordon 10/04/1943-
20>1653133213 Milton Pierpont Warner 01/06/1910-
_a1955 PineOrchardCT (see also Theroux, Tyler, at that locztion)
_om USA ww2
+m1 05/25/1935 Cyrene Buchanan Duncan 03/20/1912- dv
+m2 10/12/1946 Helen Hatch 10/12/1946-
20>16531332131 Cameron Duncan Warner 03/04/1936-
+m 06/05/1957 Geraldine Isobel Slater 05/11/1936-
20>165313321311 Cameron Duncan Warner jr 06/30/1959-
20>165313321312 Jonathan Pierpont Warner 05/03/1960-
20>165313321313 Andrew Slater Warner 06/09/1962-
20>165313321314 Kelley/Kelly Young Warner 12/15/1963-
20>165313321315 Wendy Lee Warner 10/30/1965-
20>16531332132 Milton Pierpont Warner jr 02/04/1938-
+m 03/11/1961 Susan Dee Merrill 08/07/1939-
20>16531332133 Cyrene Buchanan Warner 12/07/1940-
+m 04/09/1959 Theodore Edward Danciart 04/19/1938-
20>165313321331 Cyrene Maria Danciart 11/11/1960-
20>16531332134 David Pierpont Warner 07/01/1949-
20>16531332135 Olive Young Warner 03/04/1952(PnOrch)- [PFM25]
20>1653133214 Elizabeth Warner 01/09/1912-
+m 06/23/1933 Philip Kirkham Allen 01/03/1910- (Andover MA) [did YN]
20>16531332141 Nancy Birch Allen 09/22/1934-
+m 06/11/1960 James Warren Vaughn 05/28/1930-
20>165313321411 Elizabeth Warner Vaughn 10/08/1961-
20>165313321412 Peter Allen Vaughn 12/08/1963-
20>165313321413 David Hayes Vaughn 12/08/1963-
20>16531332142 Elizabeth (Wendy) Kirkham Allen 05/08/1936-
+m 12/19/1959 Robert Borden Wheeler 08/21/1934-
20>165313321421 Daniel Borden Wheeler 01/08/1961-
20>165313321422 Andrew Allen Wheeler 11/26/1962-
20>165313321423 Amy Lawrence Wheeler 07/12/1966-
20>165313321423 Elizabeth Remington Wheeler 07/12/1966-
20>16531332143 Martha Winthrop Allen 04/05/1939-
+m 03/31/1962 John Drake Ross 06/24/1938-
20>165313321431 Nathaniel Drake Ross 01/17/1963-
20>165313321432 William Lawrence Ross 11/19/1965-
20>16531332144 Phillip Kirkham Allen jr 09/26/1943-
+m 06/12/1965 Phoebe Sue Rhodes 12/10/1942-
20>165313322 Ella Shepardson Young 11/18/1877-10/15/1933 (Wby) [see PFM#04]

_n associated with Mary Howland in PFM#04?
+m 06/17/1902 John Henry Goss 06/14/1872-10/16/1944
[+m2] 05/11/1935 Margaret Marden Goodwin 09/08/1885- [YN]
20>1653133221 Elizabeth Alden Goss 09/06/1903-
+m 06/13/1925 Henry Wellesley Wild 04/10/1899- (Wby)
20>16531332211 Elizabeth Mary Galpin Wild 09/23/1927-
+m 05/26/1951(PnOrch) Mario Sole Molinari 04/04/1926- (Rome)
20>165313322111 Maria Sole Molinari 12/02/1953-
20>165313322112 Andrea Riccardo Enrico Molinari 04/27/1956(Rome)-
20>165313322113 Sebastian Giovanni Molinari 05/15/1958-
20>16531332212 Ann Vandergoes/Goss Wild 07/13/1932-
+m1 10/14/1951 Reginald Hyde Post 03/09/1932- dv
+m2 10/04/1957 Curtiss C. Johnson
20>165313322121 Reginald Hyde Post jr 01/21/1952-
20>165313322122 Linda Robeson/Robertson Post 02/17/1953(Wby)-
20>165313322123 Bruce Brockway Post 01/24/1955(Wby)-
20>165313322124 Elizabeth Curtiss Johnson 09/26/1965-
20>16531332213 Henry Shepardson Wild 11/18/1940-
+m 06/25/1966 Ann Olney Russell
20>1653133222 John Brockway Goss 11/13/1905- (Wby)(PnOrch)
+m 06/20/1928[PFM#05] Emily Marion Marlin [not Martin]
20>16531332221 Donald Young Goss 07/02/1929- [PFM30]
+m 06/14/1952(Hamden) Pamela Misplee Pond 04/11/1932-
20>165313322211 Peter Brockway Goss 07/22/1953-
20>165313322212 Robin Misplee Goss [f] 10/31/1954(WhPlns NY)
20>165313322213 David Lawrence Goss 11/24{25[YN]}/1955(Wby)-
20>165313322214 Frederick Burton Goss 12/09/1957-
20>165313322215 Emile Estelle Goss 04/18/1961-
20>16531332222 Estelle Dickey Goss 08/08/1932-
+m 07/14/1951 Valentine Hall Everson iii 07/17/1930-
20>165313322221 Cynthia Dickey Everson 07/11/1953-
20>165313322222 Andrew Hardie Everson 04/30/1955(NwH)-
20>165313322223 Martha Susan Everson 05/05/1956(NwH)-
20>165313322224 Kim Marlin Everson 08/20/1957-
20>165313322225 James Alexander Hall Everson 05/20/1961-
20>1653133223 Milton Warner Goss 10/29/1909-
+m 06/17/1933 Nancy Charlotte Barnes 08/01/1933-
20>16531332231 Natica Young Goss 10/18/1936-
+m 07/12/1956 Robert Gorden Jones 07/??/1935-
20>165313322311 Brice Emerson/Everson Jones 07/14/1958-
20>165313322312 Kevin Avery Jones 01/09/1962-
20>165313322313 Stacy Young Jones 05/18/1964-
20>16531332232 Antoinette (Toni) Leboutillier Goss 02/29/1940-
+m 08/31/1962 William Henry Brown 03/19/1931-
20>165313322321 Jessica Beatrice Brown 08/13/1965-
20>16531332233 Timothy Porter Goss 05/27/1945-
20>165313323 Lucy Clare Young 09/21/1879-12/09{08[YN]}/1948(Branford)
+m 05/21/1910 George Milton Smith (PnOrch) 07/05/1879-02/26/1951(Brnfd)
20>1653133231 Clare Connor Smith 03/19/1913-
+m 10/18/1935 Sidney Webb Noyes jr 10/02/1909-
_om USA ww2
20>16531332311 Lucy Young Noyes 12/16/1939-
+m 06/17/1961 Andrew Turner Stewart/Steward 10/03/1939-
20>165313323111 George Turner Stewart/Steward 06/21/1963-
20>165313323112 Andrew Young Stewart/Steward 04/14/1965-
20>16531332312 George Webb Noyes 11/12/1944(PnOrch)-
+m 07/09/1966 Johanna Stone 07/??/1946-
20>165313324 Elizabeth Kilbourne Young 09/10/1881-01/01/1945(LAng CA)
_n PFM25
+m 08/25/1909 Rv Herbert Draper Gallaudet 09/12/1887-06/25{24[YN]}/1944
_o pastor of First Congr ch Wby at one point
20>1653133241 Ellen Shepardson Gallaudet 08/11/1911-03/27/1991
+m1 08/25/1934 Richard Vincent Fabian\2 02/25/1908-04/04/1957
_om USA Cpt air force ww2
+m2 09/07/1965 Horace Barry 08/11/1909-03/09/1966
20>16531332411 Peter Gallaudet Fabian 05/18/1935-04/07/1991
_n died 11 days after his mother
+m 01/26/1962 Martha Lyon 10/11/1937-09/28/1994
20>16531332411z Timothy Gallaudet Fabian 07/13/1964- (adptd 10/1964)
+m 06/03/1989 Susan Elaine Von Hagel 03/03/1963-
20>16531332411y Kathleen Mary Fabian 01/12/1967-
+m William Gonzales\1 dv
20>16531332411y1 William Anthony Gonzales 09/21/1988-
20>16531332411x Peter Thadeus Fabian 03/27/1969-
20>16531332412 Richard Vincent Fabian jr 04/30/1940-
+m 06/28/1969 Georgene Walter\2 11/18/1941-
20>165313324121 Christopher Gallaudet Fabian 04/22/1972-
20>165313324122 Mark Walter Fabian 10/01/1974-
20>1653133241x Ann Phelps Barry 03/07/1952- [legal guardianship]
20>1653134 Mariah/Maria C. P- 09{10}/08/1824-02/28/1826 dy ag1yr5mo
_g EastFarmsCT cem ("Mariah")

20>1653135 Harriet/Harriett Maria P- 06/19/1827-10/09/1854
+m 10/09/1848 Aner/Anner Bradley jr /1823-/1898 [mayor Wby /1860-/1863]
20>16531351 Charles Seabury Bradley 07/29/1853-06/06/1906
+m 06/06/1878 Harriet Foote Shagg/Snagg /1858-02/13/1893
20>165313511 Mildred Etta Bradley dwi (Caanan) [PFM33]
+m /???? Charles Albert Pearson ??-03/13/1938 [PFM33 Nels P. (NwBrtn)?]
20>165313512 Arthur Durand Bradley 07/12/1880- [PFM33]
+m 11/21/1906 Marguerite Avery 01/28/1884(Chicopee Flls MA)- [PFM33]
20>1653135121 Marguerite Sigrid Bradley 05/28/1910-
+m 07/01/1933 George Henry Chapin jr 09/30/1907- [PFM34]
20>16531351211 Bradley McLeod Chapin 11/24/1939-
20>165313513 Charles Samuel Bradley [PFM34+]
+m1 ?? Sigrid Pearson\1
+m2 ?? Elizabeth Maurer\1 [PFM34+]
20>1653135131 _f Bradley [dau]
20>1653135132 Donald Pierpont Bradley 04/08/1932- [PFM34+]
20>165314 Austin P- 05/19/1791-06/23/1848(EFrms Wby) [ag 57]
_n served in war of 1812, killed by lightning (date? 06/25?)
_g EastFarmsCT cem ("Pierpoint" on stone!)
+m1 02/20/1812 Sally Beecher\10 /1794-12/20/1846(EFrms Wby) ag52
_q date of marriage 02/12?
_p Enos Beecher +m ?? [PSV] Chloe {?Austin, or possibly Hotchkiss?}
_pn Enos had son David Beecher m1825 Mariah Pond (WbyCT) [PSM]
_g EastFarmsCT cem
_w Edmund Austin cosigned bond with her to execute her husband's will
+m2 05/19/1847 wd Emily __ Sperry\0
20>1653141 Enos Austin P- 03/24/1813-01/09/1814 ag9mo
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>1653142 Enos Augustus P- 01/08/1815-03/10/1883 ag68
_g EastFarmsCT cem [see also]

+m1 oc1837 Ann Moss\6 10mr1814{13}-11/21/1861 ag48
_n twin sister of Amos Moss +m Sarah Minerva P- (1653144)? thus b 1814?
_p Moses Moss +m Ann Ives Brooks _g EastFarmsCT cem
_g EastFarmsCT cem
+m2 /1863 Abiah Moss\0 /1812|13-06/15/1889 ag76
_g EastFarmsCT cem

20>16531421 David Watson P- 01/04/1838-12/30/1896(Wtwn) (Chshr)
_q b 01/09/1838 [MMNH note]
+m /???? Sarah Welton 09/10/1831-01/15/1920
20>165314211 Frank Victory P- 02/09/1863-06/06/1908 unm
20>165314212 Lewis P- 09/10/1864-09/15/1864 dy
20>165314213 Anne/Anna Ives P- 12/04/1865-04/25/1944 umm
_q called Anna, of WoodburyCT, in obit of Harriet A. P- [MMNH scrapbook]
20>165314214 Grace B./S. P- 08/06/1867-03/20/1868 dy
20>165314215 Emma A. P- 11/18/1868-10/06/1869 dy
20>165314216 Mary Eunice P- 10/21/1873-???? unm
_q called Mary S., of Cheshire, in obit of Harriet A. P- [MMNH scrapbk]
20>165314217 Amy P- 08/17/1876-10{01}/12/1951(Chshr/Wtwn)
_q called Amy H., of Cheshire, in obit of Harriet A. P- [MMNH scrapbk]
20>165314218 Helen C. P- 09/25/1879-15mr1960  ag80
_a located in Cheshire in obit of Harriet A. P- [MMNH scrapbk]
_d in auto accident, AvonCT
+m 10/??/1905 Charles H. Jackson 09/02/1880(CentralCityCO)-??1960 (Wby hosp)
20>165314218h David Edward P- Jackson 12/24/1952 [?? PFR]
20>16531422 Sarah Ann Jeanette P- 04/08/1842-08/13/1884 unm ag42
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>16531423 Eunice Abiah P- 07/22/1845-04/11/1871 unm ag26
_g EastFarmsCT cem
 20>16531424 Edward A. P- 11{12}/29/1846-07/26/1919
+m /???? Minnie Upson 10/29/1855-09/15/1921 dwi
20>16531425 John L. P- 02/10/1849-05/22/1910
+m 02/07/1877 Julia H. Thompson 12/02/1853-07/12/1934 [PFM25]
20>165314251 Lily Ann P- 01/17/1878-07/17/1914 unm
20>16531426 Harriet (Hattie) Amelia P- 09/17/1852-03/13/1929 unm ag76
_n PFM#06 "Mrs" but obit makes clear unm/Miss status [MMNH scrapbook; so also PFM#04]
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>1653143 Ezra Alonzo P- 12/01/1817-03/01/1886(EFrms Wby) ag68
_g EastFarmsCT cem
+m 08/16/1847(Chshr) Harriet {Hannah} Skinner (CamdenNY) 02/25{26}/1827-05/27/1920 ag93
_g EastFarmsCT cem (grave marker reads 02/26 for 02/25)
20>16531431 Jeannette (Jennie) A. P- 05/10/1848-12/22/1881
+m 05/07/1868 Edson F. Wood 04/29/1846-04/17/1909(Southington)
20>165314311 Herbert Edson Wood 06/05/1876- [PFM25]
20>16531432 Spencer Alonzo P- 05/29/1851(Wby)-02/05/1925(Lkwd OH)
+m1 12/06/1870{??} Jennie Louise Rogers (Kingsley) 12/04/1853- dv
+m2 06/03/1899 Marian Grace Parks 04/06/1880(LorainOH)-09/23/1972(LA)
[+m2 06/05/1942 Henry Noville (ClvlndOH)]
_q not Marion [PFM29 note probably wrong]; was a twin [PSV]
_p Fordyce Parks +m Minnie __ [PSV]
20>165314321 Enos Charles P- 02/26/1900-
+m 11/26/1926 Vivian Howorth
20>1653143211 Barbara Lou P- 10/28{29[PFM#06]}/1928-
20>165314322 Marian/Marion[PFM29 note, wrong?] P- 10/22/1901-
+m 01/14/1922 John Foster[PFM29]/Fostor ????-12/16/1935
_n the PFA address card has Foster (1953, mail returned by PO)
20>1653143221 Jeanne Phylis/Phyllis Foster/Fostor 12/22/1924-
20>1653143222 Joanne Pierpont Foster/Fostor 04/11/1929-02/22/1937 dy
20>165314323 Morgan P- 12/03/1904(SchoharieNY)-
_n PSV lists as "J. Morgan P-" with note "J. doesn't stand for any name"
_n2 but apparently was called "Jack" [PSV on another chart]
+m 09/08/1926(ClevelandOH) Louise Theobold 02/18/1906(ClevelandOH)-
_f William F.{?} Theobold {not Theobald?} 11/10/1874(ClvlndOH)
_m +m 08/23/1898(ClvlndOH) Bertha Julia Braeuel 10/06/1874(ClvlndOH)-
_n further on her ancestry see PSV
20>1653143231 Richard Allen{[PSV] not Alan} P- 09/19/1928(LkwdOH)-
_n further details from PSV, Allen spelling confirmed [=PFM29]

+m1 12/17/1950(MexCtyMX) Maria Marcela Del Prado 10/14/1926(MX)-
+m2 08/24/1975 Valarie Ann Taylor
20>16531432311 Richard Michael P- 09/15/1951(MexCtyMX)-
+m 12/16/19?? Carolina Avila
20>165314323111 Nicole P- 11/01/1981(SntaBarbCA)-
20>165314323112 Ana Victoria P- 03/19/1985(SntaBarbCA)-
20>165314323113 John P- ??/??/198?(SntaBarbCA)-
20>16531432312 Marcia Marien P- 04/07/1954(MonroviaCA)-
+m1 06/22/1974 Bruce Venturelli\2
+m2 12/31/198? Dr Stephen Hosea
20>165314323121 Gabrial Venturelli 03/16/197?(SntaBarbCA)-
20>165314323122 Miguel Venturelli 06/10/1979(SntaBarbCA)-
20>165314323123 Jordan P- Hosea 01/03/1985(SntaBarbCA)-
20>165314323124 Catlin Ruth Hosea 03/27/1986(SntaBarbCA)-
20>16531432313 Anthony Richard P- 08/30/1967(SntaBarbCA)-
20>1653143232 Lee Theobald P- 08/23/1930(LakewoodOH)-07/28/1988(AshlandOR)
_n material on his +m d and offspring supplied from PSV; spelling verified
+m 02/07/1959 Paquita Ann Nicoll 01/11/1937(LA CA)- dv /1983
_f Melvin Adam Nicoll 06/24/1912(HonoluluHI)-06/19/1944(ChengtuCHINA)
_m +m 02/09/1935(HI) Marjorie Xenia Morehouse 08/29/1915(LA CA)-09/01/1956
_pn dv 08/24/1943(LA CA) [PSV has further data on ancestors]
20>16531432321 Curtis Nicoll P- 11/05/1959(LA CA)-
20>16531432322 Mark Alan P- 07/30/1962(LA CA)-
_n spelling of Alan confirmed by letter!
20>16531433 Mary Ellen (Nellie M.) P- 03/06/1857-11/15/1938
_a WaterburyCT > SouthingtonCT > LakewoodOH(1932)
_n apparently called self "Nellie M." [PFM25,30,34]
+m 04/18/1877 Wallace Sherman Neal 02/01/1849-12/15/1895(Marion)
_o teacher, SouthingtonCT schools
_p details on Neal line in geneal notebook by H.S.Neal 15oc1932
_f Orsephus Neal
_m +m Mary Jones
_g Wonx Spring Cemetery, MarionCT
20>165314331 Howard Spencer Neal 03/03/1878-07/18/1947 dwi [PFAhistn;PFM25]
_a WaterburyCT
_o served as historian for PFA many years, produced various reports
_n Nellie M. Neal [PFM25,30,34] is mother of H. S. Neal
+m 10/05/1910 Elizabeth M. Erbe [PFM25,27+]
_a SouthingtonCT > Wby
20>16531434 Emily Elizabeth P- 06/16/1861-02/11/1946(Lkwd OH) [PFM25+]
_a1937 LakewoodOH [PFA dist cup]
_n apparently called "Libby" [PFM37, with H.Neal]
+m 09/05/1877 Charles F. Harris 10/12/1853-12/06/1929(Seville OH)
20>165314341 Irene Jennie {Jennie Irene} Harris 07/18/1879-10/02/1930
+m 08/04/1897 William Diehl
20>1653143411 Vera L. Diehl
+m /???? Chester Furnas/Fornas dv
20>165314342 Leslie Fayette Harris
+m 12/30/1908 Stella Chapman 12/03/1880-12/27/1935 dv
20>165314343 Nellie Angeline Harris 05/21/1890-
+m 08/22/1908 Raymond R. Wilson
20>1653143431 Robert Pierpont Wilson
+m /???? Grace E. Kuntz
20>16531434311 Nancy Elinor/Eleinor Wilson
20>16531434312 Robert Pierpont Wilson jr 11/12/1936-
20>1653143432 Earl Raymond Wilson
+m 05/02/1931 Frances Brenner/Benner
20>16531434321 Thomas Earl Wilson 03/03/1932-
20>16531434322 Marilyn Rea Wilson 02/02/1936-
20>1653143433 Kenneth Otis/Charles Wilson
_om USA ww2
+m 12/07/1941 Jeannette Furstruace(??)
20>1653144 Sarah Minerva P- 03/02/1820-09/24/1840
+m 25je1838{37?} Amos Moss /1814-05/06/1881(Cheshire)
_n twin of Ann Moss +m Enos Augustus P- (1653142), thus b 1813?
20>16531441 Frederick Moss /1838-/1881
+m /???? Alice Lucretia Higgins
_a to MI 1899 (info from Cary, g-g-gd)
_n left a diary, in family possession 1999
20>165314411 Charles Moss /1868-/1943
_a moved to MI 1886
_n grandd Cary in contact with RAK 5/99
20>165314412 Alice Moss dwi
_n died in a "hot tar accident" at age 21 in CT (Hartford?)
20>1653145 Nancy Jennet/Jeanette P- 03/24/1822-12/28/1825 ag3yr9mo
_g EastFarmsCT cem (Nancy Jennett ; so Neal)
20>1653146 Charles Joseph P- 03/11/1825-03/27{07/23}/1884 ag59
_g EastFarmsCT cem (27mr : so Neal)
_o butcher
_n hist of Wby has death in 07/23
+m 04/20/1846 Mary Anna/Ann Warner\6 12/08/1828-09/03/1911
_a1911 EastFarmsCT
_r Trinity Church
_n death at 5:45 am noted in Margaret Miller Northrop Hall Diary
_g Old PineGroveCem (funeral MillPlainChapel, Rev Buckely)
_b photo with children ca 1902
_p Jared Warner 1785-???? +m 1803 Mary Bronson
_pp Ebenezer (or Mark?) Warner +m Mary Bronson
20>16531461 Charles Jared/Joseph P- 02/09/1847-03/04/1920
+m 02/23/1873 Juliet Bolster 08/02/1840-12/15/1912
20>165314611 Anna Hitchcock/J. P- 12/03/1874-/1961{??}(FLA) [PFM28,41+]
_a1941 & 1942 LongwoodFL [PFA dist cup]
_a Longwood FL (1928)
_n death reported PFM62
+m /???? J. Henry Menick/Mennick[CSM] ????-12/07/1949
_o Mayor of Longwood FL in 1933 [CSM331008]
20>16531462 Austin Beecher P- 02/11/1849-11/14/1919
+m1 ??/??/{c/1872} Emeline B. Todd ??/??/1853-01/31/1873 ag19
_n not listed in TD index; died in childbirth??
_g EastFarmsCT cem
+m2 04/16/1874{csn=25>323} Lucy A. Welton\3 11/14/1841-05/18/1918
20>165314621 = 25>3231 Arthur Joseph P- 12/03/1876-09/20/1912
_e Storrs Agricultural School
_n died as result of hot water explosion in bottling area of Maple Hill Farm dairy
+m 12/31/1899 (Bessie) Beatrice Garrigus 01/13/1879-??/??/????[PFM25]
_b photo (in theatrical group) from 02/23/1939 in PFA scrapbook
_e she "believed in education" (letter from daughter Marion)
_n sister of Jessie Garrigus (P-) +m 20>165314623
_p Jacob Henry Garrigus +m Sophronia Elizabeth Upson 06/30/1842-??
_pn [her obit in PFA scrapbk]
_mp Lucian Upson +m Lois A. Johnson (see Upson Assoc Directory 1940)
_mmn Lois A. Johnson "was a real daughter of the Am Rev" [obit note]
20>1653146211 Hazel P- 09/18/1903(Wby)-02/167/1998 [PFM25]
_a1969 WolcottCT; d WallingfordCT (Masonic Home)
_e Crosby High (Wby) 1920; CT CollAgric [Uconn] 1924 (horticulture)
_o helped operate Maple Hill Farm, Putt Meadow Motor Court (Wby)
_r Mill Plain Union (Wby) women's guild, choir, flower comm
_g cremains in Old Pine Grove cem (Wby)
_n problem in return from Cuba & revolution noted CSM330823
+m 10/10/1929 John Riker/Ricker Jacoby ??/??/????-??/??/???? [PFM30]
20>1653146212 Helen P- 07/22/1905-02/01/1992 [PFM25]
_a1947 PattersonNJ [PFA dist cup]; also '55, '68, '77 (BeaverkillNY)
_a 1992 SouthburyCT & BeaverkillNY
_o school teacher, PattersonNJ CliftonNJ, retired c1965; world traveler
_g BeaverkillNY cem
_n return from Cuba & revolution noted CSM330823
+m 12/26/1945(Wby) Rv Aubrey Henry Derby ??/??/????-??/??/{1961-2}
_a Englewd NJ
_r Episcopalian
_n death reported PFM62
20>1653146212z Grace Derby
+m ???? __ Vannalts
_a 1992 SunCityCA
20>1653146212y Louise Derby
+m ???? __ O'Neill
_a 1992 CoronadoCA
20>1653146213 Marion{not -an} P- 04/23/1907(WbyCT)-10no2005 [PFM25]
_a 1962 moved to StorrsCT
_a2 2005 Mansfield Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation (Hartfrd CT)
_e Crosby High (WbyCT), CT Coll New London 1928, Western Reserve Univ
_o American Red Cross, Traveler's Aid Soc, UNRRA (Germany, 1945-47)
_o2 Putt Meadow Motor Court (WbyCT)
_r charter member MillPlainUnion ch (WbyCT), Storrs Cong ch
_h gardening, travel, golf, bridge
_g PineGrove cem (WbyCT)
+m ??/??/???? Benjamin A. Brown ??/??/????-??/??/????
_n apparently +m betw PFM61 and PFM63, grandson Teddy Brown at PFM63
_k he had two sons, Richard A. (Storrs 2005) and Robert E. (Bozeman MT 2005)
20>165314622 = 25>3232 Herbert Austin P- 07/26/1882-12/23/1882 dy ag5mo
_g EastFarmsCT cem
 20>165314623 = 25>3233 Morton Elbert P- 03/19/1884-03/24/1954 [PFM25,26]
_e CTAgrCol[UConn]
_o milk, Maple Hill Dairy CT
_r Mill Plain Union Church

_c1910 (age 26), 1920 ("Mathew" age 35), 1930 WaterburyCT (age 46)
_b obit in PFA files
+m 09/27/1905 Jessie Garrigus 09/28/1883-??/??/???? [PFM25]
_p ?? Garrigus +m Sophronia E. Upson 06/30/1842-??[obit in PFA scrapbk]
_mp Lucian Upson +m Lois A. Johnson (see Upson Assoc Directory 1940)
_mmn Lois A. Johnson "was a real daughter of the Am Rev" [obit note]
20>1653146231 Lawrence Austin P- 07/14/1906(Wby)-11/15/1994(MdlbryVT) [PFM26]
_n he is the Laurence (Lawrence) P- in the PFM  from 1925 on (pres 1930 and later)
_a WbyCT, GoshenCT (1970); SalisburyVT (1991)
_e UConn 1927
_o owner MapleHillDairy (43 yrs)
_c1930 WaterburyCT (age 23)
_l Grange, Mattatuck Drum Corps
_r MillPlainUnion Wby, Cong ch Goshen (deacon)
_g OldPineGrove cem (Wby)
_n obit says 3 great grandch at time of his death
+m 12/11/1935 Harriet Ann Fraser 11/13/1909-02/29/1984

_n she is the "Mrs. Laurence P-" in the PFM from 1936-1940, historian from 1955-1983
20>16531462311 Peter Fraser P- 11/28/1937-01/09/2003
_om Air Force (30 years; Major in 1981, retired Col 2003)
_om1 Squadron Officer School, Air War College, US Power Squadrons
_om2 deputy director, computer services, Joint Chiefs of Staff
_e UConn (BA?), MichStateU (MA?)
_l Chevalier degree Demolay, Eagle Scout
_a SanAntonioTX (moved from ca 1981); FairfaxVA in 1994-2003
_g Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC
+m1 09/17/1960 Mary E. Jarmon\2 05/29/1937- dv1996
_a(2003) DallasTX
+m2 Dana L.
20>165314623111 Cheryl Lynn P- 09/16/1961-
_a(2003) DallasTX
+m 12/06/1991 Randal Ray Inman 11/15/1960-
20>1653146231111 Jacob Michael Inman 11/21/1996-
20>165314623112 Peter Fraser P- jr 04/02/1965-
_a(2003) DallasTX
+m 06/29/1991 Susan Diane Goss 05/12/1964-
20>1653146231121 Parker Austin P- 05/12/1994-
20>1653146231122 Griffin Boyd 03/12/1996-
20>16531462312 David Upson P- 01/25/1941-
_a(2003) StCroix, VirginIslands
+m 03/18/1961 Sandra Katherine Guerrera 09/10/1941-
20>165314623121 Kelly Ann P- 10/02/1961- [PFM65]
20>165314623122 Bamby Lynn P- 06/26/1963-
+m 06/21/1986 Tony Bates 05/16/1963-
20>1653146231221 Spencer Lawrence Bates 01/21/1988-
20>1653146231222 Tyler Francis Bates 05/03/1991-
20>165314623123 Morton Daniel P- 05/17/1968-
20>165314623124 Jacob Austin P- 03/10/1980(RutlndVT)-
20>16531462313 John Morton P- 05/01/1950-
_a(2003) NewHavenCT
+m1 11/09/1974 Cora Leish Christenson + ??/??/????-
+m2 12/23/1977 Lee Muriaty 02/20/1957-
20>165314623131 John Morton P- jr 08/03/1978- [PFM79]
20>165314623132 Jeffrey Mulkeen {?} P- 03/21/1982-
20>1653146232 Ralph Beecher P- 05/20/1910(Wby)-01/08/1995(=) [PFM26]
_e WilbyHS 1927, UConn 1931
_o owner/operator Maple Hill Dairy (Wby); sold to city and retired 1970

_c1930 WaterburyCT (age 19)
_r Mill Plain Union
_l Mattatuck Drum Band (drum sergeant), Masons (see obit)
+m 02/24/1936 Lois Gillette 02/07/1913-
_p William Mansfield Gillette +m Iva Alice Miller (sister of CSM)
20>16531462321 William Seabury P- 06/09/1937-
+m 12/05/1959 H. Christine Carlson
20>165314623211 Nancy C. P- ??/??/????-
+m 11/17/1984 Daniel Barbarise
20>165314623212 Douglas C. P- 11/08/1963-
20>16531462322 James Gillette P- 05/16/1939- [PFM84]
+m 05/04/1963 Judy Corbett ??/??/????- [PFM84]
20>165314623221 James Gillette P- jr 05/08/1966-
_20>16531462323 Barbara P- [error; no Barbara 12/1988 rbp; source?]
20>16531463 Ellen (Nellie) Caroline P- 06/05/1853-12/04/1902(PnGrv)
_b mentioned frequently in Mary Ann Pierpont (Miller) diaries
+m 05/05/1874 George Wilbur Conner 05/01/1851-01/08/1924
_o owner NewHaven Stage Route
20>165314631 George William (Willie) Conner 04/17/1875-02/29/1920
+m /???? Cora Millis
20>1653146311 Eleanor Millis Conner [PFM43]
+m /???? Charles Woodruff Gulliver [PFM34]
20>16531463111 Barbara Millis Gulliver 05/25/1929- [PFM29n,34]
_n signed as Cronan PFM50
+m {c/1949} John M. Cronan[PFL=PFM46,50] jr (WestHavenCT>SCoventryCT)
_n not Bronan; signature in PFM46
20>165314631111 Nancy Louise Bronan 12/14/1949-
20>165314631112 Brian Michael Bronan 12/12/1950-
20>165314631113 Cathleen Janet Bronan 10/17/1953-
20>1653146312 Doris P- Conner
+m /???? Austen E. Curtis
20>1653146313 Robley Charles Conner
20>165314632 Charles Elmer Conner 11/15/1876-09/10/1904 unm
_o superintendant at Wby Brass Co
_n funeral described in CSM1904/09/14 (hit by a train)
_g Pine Grove cem, beside his mother
20>165314633 Harry Austin Conner 02/15/1879-11/24/1947 [PFM25]
_o1904 NatBiscuitCo
+m1 ?? Ednah Leah Curtis
+m2 ?? Mabel Crane O'Neil [PFM25]
20>1653146331 Curtis Pierpont Conner ??-04/09/1983
_h d of lung cancer
_n survived by son, dau, 3 grandsons and 1 granddau. (let 1984)
+m 04/02/1930 Katherine Lois Routh/Ronth ??-07/19/1976 [PFM30]
20>16531463311 Harry Arthur Conner 01/13/1931-07ap2003
_a1998 AguilaAZ
_h died of bladder cancer (Del Webb Hosp, AZ)
+m /???? Rita __
20>16531463312 Marjorie Kay Conner 02/02/1940-
_a2004 LyndonvilleNY
+m /???? __ Humphreys
20>165314634 Theodore Pierpont Conner 04/05/1880-{post1961}
+m /???? Catherine M. Creighton ????-{post1961} dwi
20>16531464 Wilson Levinus P- 02/16/1855-08/02{08}/1921
+m1 ?? Anne/Annie Merrill /1859-03/17/1898 ag39
_n CSMJourn note of death and funeral on 20mr1898
_n2 CSMJourn notes bur of "grandm" Alma Hoadley 19my1880
+m2 {summer}/1901 Anna Root Hall /1842|3-07/26/1938 [PFM27,29]
_g Ransom B. Hall gs says she was born 1853
_n widow of Ransom B. Hall 12jl1862-03oc1889; helped raise Harold Granger P- in Prospect
20>165314641 George Wilson P- 10/08/1879-17my1963 dwi [PFM26]
_a1960 WbyCT YMCA

_o RR ticket agent
+m1 19fe1903(Wby) Anna Bates Slason/Slauson/Slaubon 07au1880-
+m2 1913 Olive G. Farrell/Farrel/Ferrill 1885-05/14/1956(FL)
20>165314642 Edith Leona P- 10/12/1881-{1980/81 PFM81]}
+m1 ?? Edgar Friend\1
+m2 {pre 1924} Henry Hardy ????-02/07/1935
20>1653146421 Merrill Nash Friend 02/15/1912-04/19/1993
_a 1981 to FL (retirement)
+m2 01/01/1941 Alice Josephine Matheson ?[Helen]
_o "Helen was a primary school teacher" lett from MNF 06/07/1984
20>16531464211 Francesca Merrill Friend 03/29/1947-
+m1 06/??/1968 Paul Austin dv1970
_a WilliamsburgMA (10/1992)
+m2 10/12/1987 Danny Gary Wertheimer 01/15/1951-
20>165314642111 Marley Matheson Wertheimer 05/22/1987-
20>165314643 Albert Franklin P- 06/23/1884- ["disappeared"]
_n ran away from home when Father remarried ca 1901;
_n not the Alfred P- official hangman in England ca 1950 {MGP}
20>165314644 Richard Irving P- /1885|6-03/22/1889
20>165314645 Joseph Henry P- 10/12/1888(WbyCT)-04/02/1971 (Ware MA)
_a 1943 Ware MA
+m 09/04/1911 Margaret Alice Collett 06/14/1891-02/02/1980(EdmondsWA)
_k Naomi Lavender Collett Graham [PFM75] is her sister, with dau Jean E. Downs
_k2= and her children Caroline and Charles Downs of WareMA [PFM63,65]
_p Naomi Lavender +m ?? Collett
_b update from Elizabeth Held 6/1997
_g memorial service 05/1980 at Trinity Episcopal Church, Ware MA
20>1653146451 Wilson Richard P- 10/20/1913- [PFA98; note2013]
_a1997 2013 MtPleasantSC 29464
_e Lehigh (USA reserve commission 1939)
_om ret USA 2nd Lt - Lt Col Infantry 2/1942-12/1962 ww2+, Far East & Korea
_o ret USA civilian management analyst, manpower (pre 1977)
+m 02/04/1942 Suzanne Prioleau Wilbur [PFA98]
20>16531464511 Wilson Richard P- jr [PFA98; note2013]
_a1997 MonroeMI
_om 2nd Lt (OCS 1966) - Cpt (Finance Corps), Bangkok (Vietnam war)
_o ret1997 business mgr Ford Motor Co
_n calls self "Rich"?
+m /1967 Margaret Nacincik [PFA98]
20>16531464512 Roderick McIver P- [PFA98]
_a1997 HarlingenTX 78550
_o director HarlingenTX JrHigh Band
20>16531464513 Joseph Merrill P- [PFA note2013]
_a1997 AlexandriaVA 22309; 2013 MtPleasantSC
_o project mgr EG&G WashDC
+m /1988 Carmen Hayden
20>165314645131 Hayden Joseph P- 06/29/1993-
20>1653146452 Elizabeth Lavender P- 06/30/1916- [PFA98]
_a2001 LakeRidge VA 22192
_a2000 NeedhamMA02494
_a1994-97 ChulaVistaCA
_h cancer op 1974 1982
+m 02/26/1949(NYC) Richard E. Held ????-16nv1999 [PFA98]
_n died suddenly, no warning, in NeedhamMA apartment
20>165314646 Charles Leslie P- 02/02/1891-10/22/1982 [PFM25]
_a 1943 Wakefield RI
_n b WbyCT d NorthamptonMA
+m 08/24/1914(WbyCT) Florence Mae Woodworth 01/28/1890-06/30/1971
_q sometimes listed as Florence G. W. (?); [PFM25+,29]
_n b SpringfieldMA d NorthamptonMA
20>1653146461 Marjorie Gilbreth P- 09/06/1915(
Wby CT)-17ap2007 [@p81] [PFM25]
_a1998 EasthamptonMA, 1975 CummingtonMA [PFA dist cup][PFA98]

_a2007 Fisher Home (AmherstMA)
Northville ( MI ) High School (1934), attended Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Michigan ; Ohio State University (1951 bachelor's in food management )
_om WAC ww2 (1943-1946, Germany & England, food service; 2nd lt - Cpt)
_o cafeteria mgr (AlbanyNY school system); UConn (StorrsCT)
_r Village Church (CummingtonMA; played piano)

_h Grange (68 years; piano musician)
_h2 volunteer Cooley-Dickinson Hospital ( Northampton MA, 01ap 1988 - 01 my2006)
_h3 knitting & stitchery (blue ribbons)
_g West Cummington MA cem
20>1653146462 Leslie Charles P- 06/11/1919-07/07/1992
_om USA ww2
_n b PalmerMA d AlbuquerqueNM; [@p73] [@s81] [PFM26]
20>165314647 Nathan Merrill P- 01/27/1893-??jl1973 {"8th child" note} [PFM25]
_om ww1 [get details] was wounded [nephew Wilson R P- let 06/22/1994]
+m 05/04/1922 Frances Cobb Minor /1891|2-08/24/1979 [PFM25]
20>1653146471 Barbara Starkweather P- 07fe1923(Wby)-  [PFM25][PFA98]
_e StMargaret's (Wby), Stoneleigh College & Wellesley
+m 01/12/1946(Wby) William Twaddell Salom 14se1921-25mr2005
_a1998 SwarthmorePA; b? WaynePA [PFA98]

_om Army
_e PennState
20>16531464711 Steson Worrell Salom 08/14/1947-08/14/1947 dy
20>16531464712 Peter Worrell Salom 03/04/1949(StaColl PA)-
_a1984 NewPhiladelphiaOH [PFA dist cup]; (10/1992)
+m /???? Linda P. Lampe
20>165314647121 Wayne Twaddell Salom
20>165314647122 Renee P- Salom
20>16531464713 William Pierpont Salom 05/15/1953(Swarthm PA)

_a 2009 BostonMA
20>16531464714 James Minor Salom 07/19/1955(Swarthm PA)-
+m Ellen Berk
20>165314647141 Evan Samuel Salom tw 17fe1989-
20>165314647142 Maxwell P- Salom tw 17fe1989-
20>1653146472 Nathan Merrill P- ii 05/16/1926-13ja2009 [PFM30+,@p84][PFA98]
_e Yale (sang with Whiffenpoofs)
_o owner, Chittenden Insurance Agency (NaugatuckCT) ret1995?
_a1990 MiddleburyCT; 1997 HeritageVill SouthburyCT 06488; 2004 ClintonCT
_r Middlebury Congr ch
+m 04/21/1951(Naugatuck) Virginia Chittenden [@s84][PFA98]
20>16531464721 Lucy Cobb P- 10/16/1954(Wby)-
_b [Wby Amer 03/17/1988] President's Jaycee of the Year award 1988;
_o sec'y of Wby Jaycees, 1986 owner LCP Graphic Design CheshireCT
20>16531464722 Charles Eliot P- [PFM84]
_o insurance broker, NYC
+m Whitney Flegal
20>165314647221 Eliot Carothers P- 07je1997-
20>165314647222 Sloane P- 19ap1999-
20>16531464723 Timothy Merrill P-
_o1996 store mgr, SanFranciscoCA
+m 17mya997 Andrea Koehn
20>165314647231 Hayley P- 16je2000-
20>165314647232 Kasey P- 22ap2002-
20>165314648 Harold Granger P- 03/03/1898-11/30/1969 (Wby)
_a Cheshire Road Wby [PFM33]; raised in ProspectCT by Anna Root Hall P-
_n detail of birth in CSMJourn 03mr1898
+m 03/26/1919 Sara E. Blackman 01/02/1898-12/18/1979(Wby) [PFM29+]
_b photo (in theatrical group) from 02/23/1939 in PFA scrapbook
_n not Sarah [see PFM33,34] (called "Sadie")
20>1653146481 Clarence (Zeke) Wilson P- 09se1920-25mr2006 [PFA98-00]
_a2006 WolcottCT
_om ww2 drafted 1945
+m 02/14/1948 Barbara Leete Bishop 31jl1926(NewrkNJ)-10fe2011 [PFA00]
_a2007 ProspectCT
20>16531464811 David Welles P- 03/21/1949(Wtby)-
_a1994 Hampton VA 23666
_e graduate Wolcott HS
_o supervisor at NASA in Hampton VA [1994]
_om1970 Sgt USAF (Langley AFB VA), had been in Vietnam
+m 06/19/1971 Beverly Dale Baldree 09/11/1949[NwprtNwsVA]-
_e graduate Hampton HS
_o1970 clerk in Hampton Traffic Court
_b newspaper engagement picture
_p O. C. Baldree +m __ (HamptonVA)
20>165314648111 Andrea Joy P- 01/04/1975[NwprtNwsVA]-
+m 03au1999 Kelly Willson
20>1653146481111 Marissa Brooke Willson 13se2006-
20>165314648112 Amber Lynn P- 01/29/1980[NwprtNwsVA]-
20>16531464812 Sharon Louise P- 09/20/1950(Wby)- [PFM74; MO]
20>16531464813 Gary Lee P- 26au1952(Wby)-20ja2014
_o Rev (SouthingtonCT 1996)
+m 09je1990 Susan Dehnel
20>16531464814 Robert (Rob) Allen P- 12/18/1954(Wby)- [PFM83]
_a WolcottCT
_o Toolmaker Wby Buckle
+m 05/15/1981 Judith (Judi) Ann Samoska 06/22/1954- [PFM83]
20>165314648141 Aaron Wilson P- 03/19/1983-
_b picture with news article on Wolcott HS band
_e 2010 PhD University of North Texas (Computational Chemistry)
19oc2009 Stephanie Collin (New Britain, CT)
20>165314648142 Benjamin Thomas P- 06/20/1985-
_e 2010
BA CCSU (Criminal Justice)
+m Ashley
20>1653146481421 Oliver Steven P- 15se2016(NewBedfordMA)-
20>165314648143 Timothy Robert P- 07/25/1989-
20>16531464815 Sandra Jean P- 12/12/1957- [PFM58]
20>1653146482 Alice Elizabeth P- 04/06/1922(Wby)-14je2003 [PFM26][PFA98]
_a1957-96 SacatonAZ [PFA dist cup 57 59 96];
_a1997 CasaGrandeAZ 85222
_n adopted husband's 3 sons on 09/28/1959
_q date of death 14 or 15 je?
+m[2] 05/01/1958 Ewell Ethan (Joe) Tucker\0[3] 08/26/1914-11/12/1996
_a Laurel County MS; b JonesCoMS, d MesaAZ
_h heart, lung and kidney problems
[+m1 ?? Fern Lorraine Trenhaile\3 ??-12/23/1987]
20>1653146482z David Joe Tucker 04/01/1942(PhnxAZ)-
+m 03/31/1963 Norma Jean Young 12/15/1941(IA)-
20>1653146482z1 Kelly Denise Tucker 05/31/1962(TucsonAZ)-
+unm Michael Perrins\1
+m[2] 04/14/1984 Richard Paul Baker 01/30/1955-
[+m1 ??]
_n 2 sons by prev marr, Richard Paul Baker jr 05/16/1977-
_n2 and Todd Martin Baker 07/13/1979-
20>1653146482z11 Sarah Leeann Perrins 10/14/1981(TX)-
20>1653146482z12 Cody Allen Baker 05/04/1985-
20>1653146482z13 Joshua Adam Baker 04/28/1995(PhoenixAZ)-
20>1653146482z2 Rebecca Sue Tucker 05/25/1968(CA)-
+m 10/01/1988 Allen Anthony Ockenfels 12/06/1959-
20>1653146482z21 Benjamin Anthone Ockenfels
20>1653146482z22 Samuel David Ockenfels 06/13/1995(PhoenixAZ)-
20>1653146482z3 Deborah Ann Tucker 04/28/1976(ElPasoTX)-
+m 11/30/1996(PhoenixAZ) Gary McCarty 07/14/1972-
20>1653146482y Tommy Ray Tucker 02/20/1948(FlorenceAZ)-
+m[2] 11/21/1974(ProvoUT) Susan Morley Prince\5 01/06/1949(PriceUT)-
_p Gerald Blackham Morley +m Rose Woodbury
[+m1 06/24/1967 Paul Francis Prince\1 (MantiUT)]
20>1653146482yz Tamra Prince Tucker 02/27/1971 (MurrayUT)-
_n adopted by Tommy Ray Tucker
+m 06/22/1990(MantiUT) Thayne Odell
20>1653146482yz1 Jaxson Thayne Odell 04/12/1991(ProvoUT)-
20>1653146482yz2 Cody Jacob Odell 04/04/1994(ProvoUT)-
20>1653146482yz3 Colton McKay Odell 03/11/1997(IdahoFalls)
20>1653146482y2 Timothy Joseph Tucker 04/30/1977(ProvoUT)-
20>1653146482y3 Thad David Tucker 12/13/1978(PaysonUT)-
20>1653146482y4 Taylor Ted Tucker 10/27/1982(ProvoUT)-
20>1653146482y5 Travis Richard Tucker 12/29/1985(ProvoUT)-
20>1653146482y6 Tyson Ray Tucker 12/29/1985(ProvoUT)-
20>1653146482x Teddy Lee Tucker 11/09/1951(FlorenceAZ)-
_a 1989 Peace Corps Francistown, Botswana AFR
_o business administrator for garment & fabric manufacturer
+m1 09/12/1971 Joyce Smith 02/13/1948-06/??/1977(CoolidgeAZ)
+m2 01/01/1982 Patricia Davis 02/02/1950-04/29/1985
20>1653146483 Sylvia Louise P- 06/28/1924(Wby)-29jl2012(Wlct) [PFA98-99]
_b photo (in theatrical group) from 02/23/1939 in PFA scrapbook
+m 09/07/1946 Vernon Harold Russell 20no1920(BridgeportCT)-05se2006 (Wlct) [PFA98-99]
20>16531464831 Alan Harold Russell 08/15/1948(Wby)- [PFA98-99]
_n email 07/1997
_a1997 ZionsvillePA
_e MichStU BS1969 & MS1971computer sci, MBA1971 production mgm
_e2 Kennedy WesternU PhD1989 mgm info systems
+m 07/17/1971 Donna VanDeCar 07/19/1947(CharlevoixMI)- [PFA98-99]
20>165314648311 Christopher Alan Russell 05/12/1979(
AllentownPA)- [PFM79,99]
+m 10je2000 Pamela Marie Coulter 12oc1979-
20>1653146483111 Aryon Christopher Russell 08oc2004(MtHollyNJ)-
20>1653146483112 Tiernan Fial Russell 25se2006(MtHollyNJ)-
20>1653146483113 Ilyanna Farea Russell 9mar2010(MtHollyNJ)-
20>165314648312 Kimberly Ann Russell 08/19/1980(AllentwnPA)- [PFA99]
+m 17mr2008 Matthew Christman 02no1979-
20>1653146483121 Ethan Marrok Christman 22jun2010(AllentwnPA)-
20>1653146483122 Isaiah Conal Christman 15ja2012(AllentwnPA)-
20>1653146483123 Caleb Taliesin Christman 13ap2013(BethlehemPA)-
20>1653146483124 Asher Bhaltair Christman 18jl2014(AllentwnPA)-
20>16531464832 Beth Louise Russell 12/30/1949(Wby)-
+m1 10/24/1970 Gerald Meskun (dv)
+m2 09/17/1983 Robert L. Rumsey 04fe1938-
20>165314648321 Alissa Beth Rumsey 03/08/1985(TorringtonCT)-
20>165314648322 Benjamin Lincoln Rumsey 05/12/1987(TorringtonCT)-
20>16531464833 Charles Edward Russell 12/15/1954(Wby)-
+m 08/02/1981 Joann Hundt 12no1956-
20>165314648331 Amy Elizabeth Russell 08/09/1988(HrtfrdCT)-
20>165314648332 Hanna Jean Russell 06/01/1993(HrtfrdCT)-
20>16531464834 Dawn Alice Russell 11/11/1956(Wby)-
_a1987 SanJoseCA [PFA dist cup], with 2 dau
+m 01/02/1979 Michael Roberts 04no1957-24ja2000
_n see PFM79 +m in Mill Plain Union ch WbyCT
+m2 11oc2001 George Haskin 09jl1953-
20>16531464834z Laura Haskin 10oc1981-
20>16531464834y Stephanie Haskin 03au1983-

+m 16jl2011 Justin Hensley
20>165314648341 Sara Joy Roberts 02/02/1981(SanJoseCA)-
20>165314648342 Rebecca Lynn Roberts 04/15/1984(SanJoseCA)-
+m 30je2007
Christopher O'Neil
20>1653146483421 Addison Michelle O'Neil tw 10my2008
20>1653146483422 Isabella Grace O'Neil tw 10my2008
20>16531464835 Edward James Russell 01/03/1958(Wby)|-
+m 10/08/1983 Ingrid Engler
20>1653146484 Richard Arthur P- 01my1926-14se2011
_a1998 ProspectCT [@n68][PFA98]
+m 06/19/1946(Wby) Gertrude Phipps Clark [not Clarke] 03mr1927(Prospect)-
20>16531464841 Cynthia Clare P- 09/23/1952(Wby)-
+m 06/09/1973 Christopher Barrere
20>165314648411 Christopher A. Barrere 12/02/1991-
20>16531464842 Ronald Alfred P- 09/20/1954(Wby)-
+m1 ?? Deborah Williams
+m2 02/20/1982 Nadine Ann Steen
20>16531464842z Joseph E. P- 02/20/1969-
20>165314648421 Timothy M. P- 10/06/1983-
20>165314648422 Jennifer L. P- 05/04/1986-
20>165314648423 Nicole T. P- 06/09/1995-
20>16531464843 Patricia S. P- 28oc1957-6fe2016
+m 06{?}/03/1978(PA) Donald Burns (dv)
_n see PFM79 +m in PA
20>165314648431 Joshua Burns
20>165314648432 Stephanie L. Burns
20>1653146485 Violet May P- 12/27/1929- [PFM30][PFA98]
_b photo (in theatrical group) from 02/23/1939 in PFA scrapbook
+m 06/18/1949(MPlnU Wby) Anthony Semeraro 01no1922-09ap2005(Wlct) [PFA98]
20>16531464851 Donna Jean Semeraro 12/11/1963-
+m James Yankofske 12/01/1957-10/03/1992
20>165314648511 Toni Lyn Yankotske 08/17/1992-
20>16531464852 Roger Anthony Semeraro 08/28/1965-
_n adopted as an infant, formalized 03de1965
+m 04/08/1991 Kathryn Magaldi 08/19/1959-
20>165314648521 Josh Tyler Semeraro 04/09/1993-
20>165314648522 Jessica Mae Semeraro 08/01/1997-
20>16531465 Elmer Merritt [or M. Elmer] P- 08/22/1857-11/12/1917
_a1899 30 Hospital Ave Wby CT
_o1899 grocer
+m1 ?? Alice Patten\3 /1855(McKeesport PA)-10/28/1893
+m2 ?? Elizabeth/Eliza A. Lockwood\1
+m3 17oc1899(SpringfieldMA) Cynthia Anna Chipman Birdsall\2 [ag38, dv]
_o1899 nurse [NEHGS marr rec.]
_f William +m Frances E. Johnson
_n marr by [Rv] Robert L. Mathieson, Springfield
+m4 ?? Grace Miller wd
20>165314651 Walter Merritt P- 03/02/1879-12/15/1931 unm
20>165314652 Lena May P- 09/15/1886- [PFM25 CSM350818]
+m 09/22/1906 Ferris R. Turkington 12/14/1882-04/27/1956(Torrington)
_n PFM25
20>1653146521 Alice Patten Turkington 06/04/1907-07/??/1982
+m 07/03/1937 Harold E. Pickard ??-06/22/1989
20>1653146522 Lucy Johnson Turkington 05/05/1909- (Springfield MA)
_a1945 SpringfieldMA [PFA dist cup]
+m 06/15/1936 Raymond A. Connor
20>165314653 Frederick Elmer P- 01/27/1889-07/19/1931(Wby) [PFM25]
_a b WbyCT
_q b 1888?
+m 26ap1909(Wby) May R. Tyrrell\3 24my1890-???? [PFM25]
_a b LongIslandCtyNY, d WbyCT
_q she is "Mrs. Fred Emmons" in PFR 1955
_p Walter Tyrrell +m Amanda Botsford
_n genealogy available from Richard Thorpe (GEDCOM)
[+m2 ]10au1937(PoughkeepsieNY) Frederick Alfred Emmons
_p Walter Tyrrell +m Amanda Botsford
20>1653146531 Elvin Walter P- 18ap1910(Wby)-01oc1997(VeroBchFL)[PFM25]
_a1997 FL
+m 10/19/1935(Wby) Bernice Lee Hurlburt 15au1911-24ap1985 [PFM34]
_a b ThomastonCT, d WbyCT
_q +m 1936?
20>16531465311 Judith Lee P- 02/15/1938(Wby)- [PFM45, PFM2013 SeattleWA]
+m 25je1960(Wby) Donald Hugh Mullins 01de1937- [PFM2013 SeattleWA]
20>165314653111 Tyrell Foster Mullins 29se1967-
20>165314653112 Elizabeth Baker Mullins 19no1972-
20>16531465312 David Foster P- 01/31/1940(Wby)- [PFM83, NwH]
_a1997 Clinton CT 06413
+m /???? Sharon Dunn
20>165314653121 Forrest Anne P- 09je1978-
20>165314653122 Dyan John P- 27no1982-
20>16531465313 Jane Carol P- 12/16/1944(Wby)-
_x not Joan [PFN]
+m1 /???? William Martin Sanchez\2 29jl1938(Wby)-
+m2 /???? Irwin Alexander Prager 1926(BronxNY)-
20>165314653131 Michele Parker Sanchez 05ap1968(Wby)-
20>165314653132 William P- Sanchez 08mr1970(Wby)-
20>1653146532 Frederick Elmer P- 10/10/1916(Wby)-01/07/1997 [PFM25]
_a Thomaston; d TorringtonCT
_o owned P- Village Store
_e Thomaston Rotary Club
_r Torrington Advent Christian ch
_x does not use "jr" [PFM40?,47?,54,56]
_q d 1996?
_n obit: leaves stepson Raymond J. Bauer, stepdau Linda Hadden, 6 grandch
+m1 09/09/1940 Grayce Cookson\3
_x not Calkson
_n PFM40 "Miss Grayce [PFM47,54,56] Cookson" (not a signature)
+m2 ???? Grace DiCiurcio
20>16531465321 Lynda May P- 22no1941(Wby)-23ap1983(Wby)[PFM47,54,56]
+m 18je1961(Wby) David Angel
_q name of Lesser mentioned as husband?
20>165314653211 David Angel jr 14oc1964-
20>16531465322 Frederick Elmer P- jr [PFR] 07/08/1948(Wby)-
_n called "jr" [PFM54,56] and in fathers obit (why not "iii"?)
_a1997 ThomastonCT
+m 24ap1976(ThomastonCT) Susan Landi
20>165314653221 Amy Susan P- 16my1971-
20>16531465323 June Elizabeth P- 09/06/1950(Wby)- [PFM54,56]
_a1997 CheshireCT
+m 30se1978(CheshireCT) Peter Webster 09mr1949(NwBritainCT)-
20>165314653231 Elizabeth Emily Webster 22my1980-
20>165314653232 Bennett R. Webster 18oc1982-
20>165314653233 Andrew P- Webster 30se1986-
20>1653146533 Roger Alan P- 03/25/1926(Wby)-[living1998] (ThomastonCT)
_om USMC ww2
_q d my1983 ??
+m1(??) Ruth Lampshire(??) [PFN]
_q is this accurate information?
+m2(??) 05/29/1948 Ruth Marjorie Millard 01/13/1929(Wby)-01/29/1998
_a1998 ThomastonCT
_l NorthfieldCT Grange
_r Covenant ch ThomastonCT
_p Fred Millard +m Ruth Templeton
_n obit says she leaves 9 grandchildren, two brothers
_g Hillside cem ThomasontCT
20>16531465331 Ruth Ann P- 06/03/1955(Trgtn)-
_a1998 ThomastonCT
+m ??je1977 Kenneth C. Hopkins 1951-
20>165314653311 Matthew P- Hopkins 18je1987-
_q correct year of birth?
+m 04oc2013 Victoria Vold
20>165314653312 Natalie Ann Hopkins 29de1987-
_q correct year of birth?
+m 14je2013 Bryce Adamson
20>16531465332 Helen May P- 20jl1957(Trngtn)-
_a1998 CO [see mother's obit]
+m 29my???? Blake Shaw 20au1948(LongBeachCA)-
20>165314653321 Norah Caitlin Shaw 31ja1984(LongmontCO)-
20>165314653322 Haley Dorin Shaw 13au1987(LongmontCO)-
_h car accident paralysis when age 16
+m 2013 (CO) Michael Siegel
20>16531465333 Joyce Susan P- 31mr1959(Trngtn)- [PFA 2013]
_e nursing program WestCTStColl
_a1998 ThomastonCT
+m 06/20/1981(ThomastonCT) Arthur James Williams jr [PFA 2013]
_a b ThomastonCT
_e WbyStTechColl
_o comput sys analyst Torrington Co
_p Arthur J. Williams +m Marjorie ?? (ThomastonCT)
20>165314653331 Troy Jacob Williams tw 23fe1983-
[PFA 2013]
+m Kate __ [PFA 2013]
20>1653146533311 Troy Williams (c 2011- ) PFA 2013 youngest
20>16531465333111 Elise Mariella Williams
20>165314653332 Alan Michael Williams tw 23fe1983 [PFA 2013]

20>165314653333 Rebecca Lynn Williams 14au1985-
_n athletic [so Carol Scheppard, from personal knowledge]
+m Wilson Pellot
20>1653146533331 Adelina Jade Pellot
20>16531465334 Nancy Jane P- 08ja1964(Trngtn)- [PFA 2013 Madbury, NH]
_a1998 NH
+m 10oc1987(ThomastonCT) Gerard Bruno Pape 17jl1961(DenverCO)-
20>165314653341 Sonja Ellen Pape 11my1993(RochesterNH)- [PFA 2013]
_e UNewHampshire (BS Civil Engineering); NCState
20>165314653342 Serena Noelle Pape 25de1994(DoverNH)- [PFA 2013]
20>1653146534 _m P- ["infant son"] 12/27/1929-01/07/1930 [PFM30n]
20>165314654 Ethel Francis P- /1897 dy
20>165314655 Mildred Anna P- 09/14/1901-04/??/1972 [PFM25]
_n lived with CSMs in youth
+m /???? Arthur C. Bird ??-12/21/1968 (Bristol) [PFM25]
_o owned and ran Bristol Nurseries to 1980s
20>1653146551 Arthur C. Bird jr 11/29/1923- [PFM38]
_om USN ww2
+m 05/28/1949(Bristol) Mary Alice Wood [not Woods]
_p Walter E. Wood +m ?? __ [wedding invit in PFA scrapbook]
20>16531465511 Leslie Ann Bird 04/13/1952-
_q MMNH note mentions Sarah Jane Bird +m Gary Tedesco 06/05/1969
20>1653146552 Kenneth Pierpont Bird 09/17/1926- [PFM38]
_om USN ww2
+m /???? Shirley L__ [PFM58-61]
20>16531465521 Merritt Charles Bird 03/27/1952- [PFM61]
20>16531465522 Candace (Cindy) Bird [PFM58-61]
20>16531465523 Kathleen Bird (dau [PFR] 06/28/1956(Bristol)-??) [PFM58-61]
20>1653146553 Robert Sanford Bird 06/04/1930- [PFM30n]
+m 02/10/1951(Wby) Grace Conway Stokna (Wby)
20>16531465531 Cynthia Louise Bird 04/15/1952(Bristol)-
+m 06/25/1970{?} Joseph Aldrich {??} (NC) [MMNH note]
_q MMNH note mentions Claudia Bird +m John Bryton 1969, dau Tracy 1970
20>165314656 Merritt Elmer P- 06/02/1904- unm [PFM25]
_om USN ww2
20>16531466 Mary Ann P- 09/22/1860-09/15/1938
_b some of her diaries are available on  the internet
_g OldPineGrove CT  cem
+m 11/22/1883(Wby) Charles Somers Miller 09/27/1858-03/14/1943
_n first wedding in old Mill Plain Union Chapel
_o Rogers & Bros factory 1904; blacksmith
_b his journals are available on the internet
_b2 sculpture of him made by Korczak Ziolkowski in 1942

_g OldPineGrove CT cem
 _f Heman Oviatt Miller 04/12/1830-10/14/1909
_fo maker of brass kettles (Wby Brass Co); see obit with photo
_fp Timothy E. Miller +m Betsy Stannard (and adopted Heman O. M.?)
_m +m 09/26/1853 Augusta A. E. Somers 04/15/1834-02/12/1913
_mp David Somers +m 1830 Almira Frisbie 1812-????
_mmn she attended old stone schoolhouse in Wolcott in 1825
_n for further info about ancestry, see PFA materials
20>165314661 Clyde Austin Miller 09/13/1884-11/19/1934
_a MillPlainCT;_a1915 TorringtonCT; _a1930 TorontoCAN
_o civil engineer
+m 09/06/1910 Fritsa (Fritzi/Fritza) Hansen 05/30/1889-
_q MNK gives +m date 10/06
_pf Fritz Anton Siegfred Hanson 16oc1863(LundDEN)- ????
_n he wanted a son, got Fritsa
_pm +m 11ja1887(HorensDEN) Olena Jensine Emilie Hansen 06fe1864-18de1943(CheshireCT)
[+m2] 06/24/1939(MPlU Wby) Harry Clifton Heaton ??-12/28/1950
_a1940 Crestwood, Tuckahoe NY
_a1949 YonkersNY [PFA dist cup]
20>1653146611 Ruth Florence Miller 09/20/1911-03/04/1915
_h MNK reports cancer
20>1653146612 Richard Hansen Miller 01/02/1913-29ap2015 [PFA99-00]
_a1940 Crestwood, Tuckahoe NY; 1979 CheshireCT

_e UToronto (Civil Engineering)
_om 1941-1946 USA ww2 ASFTC Belvoir VA, Maj AUS

_o American Brass, Anaconda Copper, Revere Corporation, Platt Bros & Co (retired 1981)

_b Platt Brothers & Company: Small Buisness in American Manuufacturing (with Matthew W. Roth)

_b2 65 books on bridges (to UToronto, Science & Engineering)
_z? copy of CSM Journals from Todd Kraft ca 1991 $50
_b3 did pictoral history of CSM house at Oak Corners 1993
_q newsclip says b 1912 [MMNH scrapbook]
+m1 04/11/1943 Phyllis M. Wilkens\2 /1918-/1966
+m2 04/04/1970 wd/dv Barbara Welles Smith 01/03/1930- [PFA99]
_n her daughter: Kimberly Smith Gregoire (dv) has 3 children -- Joseph, Cara, Daniel

_a 2015 PlantsvlleCT
_n2 her son: Gregory Ives Smith +m Joanne Baur (SWinsorCT), children Matthew, Andrew, Benjamin (adopted)

_a 2015 WinsorCT
20>16531466121 Dale Charles Miller 12/04/1943-mr2007 (CheshireCT)
_a2004 CheshireCT
+m 08jl1972(NYC) Sheila Evelyn Chaitkin
20>165314661211 Noel Richard Miller 05/25/1979- [PFM79]
_e BostonU Law 2005 (MA bar exams 15de2005)
20>16531466122 Betsy Ann Miller 01/10{not 11}/1949-
_a2004 2015 GilboaNY
20>1653146613 Willard Clyde Miller 02/18/1914-03/24/1995 (TorontoCA)
_a1940 Toronto CAN
_om RCAF Lt ww2 (Shetland Islands)
+m 04/25/1942 Helen Matilda Trowhill 01/30/1917(Toronto)-05de2005(Toronto)
_a2004 Toronto
_h colon cancer
_q MNK has +m date 1943
20>16531466131 Roger Clyde Miller 10/05/1947-
_a1979 suburban Toronto (Oakville; 2004)
+m 10/31/1970 Kathleen Ann Finucan 06/11/1947(Toronto)-
20>165314661311 Kyle Joseph Miller 10/22/1977-
20>165314661312 James David Miller 11/05/1979-
20>165314661313 [third child]
20>16531466132 Paul George Miller 09/22/1953(TorontoCAN)-
_a2004 Mississauga Ont CAN
+m 06/11/1977 Jeannie Alice Allison 11/16/1953-
20>165314661321 Lauren Jennifer Miller 01/23/1981-
20>165314661322 Robert Paul Miller 06/27/1984-
20>165314661322 [third child]
20>1653146614 Robert Pierpont Miller 11/22/1918-25ap2017 [PFA00]
_a1950 AtlantaGA [PFA dist cup], 2000(2004 2015) SavannahGA
_e UnivGA 1948
_om USA cpt ww2
_o Kroger Co (AtlantaGA) 1948-53; Palmer & Cay Ins (Savannah) 1953-82 ret
+m1 06/26/1944(SavannahGA) Edrian Klaire Jones 01/02/1920-04/23/1983
_a b SavannahGA; 2011 Beaufort
_n dv 03/02/1965; [+m2] 1974 Lewis E. Lucie (SavannahGA)
_p Edgar S. Jones +m Inez English (SavannahGA)
+m2 12/07/1968 (FayettevilleGA) Mary Dan Ingram Coleman ????-31oc2009 wd
_o insurance executive [MNK]
20>16531466141 Charles Somers Miller ii 04/26/1945(LawtonOK)-
_e Emory 1966(hist) UGaMBA 1968, TennPhD 1971
_o Prof Hist USCBeaufort 1971-
_n RPM calls him Somers in let 05/01/1950; he signs let thus 11/11/1968
_n2 saw CSM journals in 1984 (acc to MNK letter)
+m 06/21/1969 Alice Calhoun Beeler 08/29/1946(BristolTN)-
_p dr William Wood Beeler +m Alice Lawson Calhoun Cox (HiltonHdSC)
20>165314661411 Alice Lawson Calhoun Miller 08/10/1977(BeaufortSC)-
_e Groton schl MA [1996?]; BA Virginia; MA (Oregon)
_o Montessori School (SanFranciscoCA)
20>165314661412 Paine English Miller 02/28/1979(BeaufortSC)-
_n spelling Paine not Payne, acc to birth announcement, but Payne used by father
_e St Andrews schl DE [1997?]; BA Georgetown; London Schl Economics
_o London bank
+m ???? __
20>1653146614121 [get details]
20>1653146614122 [get details]
20>16531466142 Susan Jane Miller 09/18/1951(AtlantaGA)-
_e QueensCollNC 1973
+m 11/15/1980 cpt Stephen Joseph Wunder 09ja1952- (SavannahGA)
_a1984 NashvilleTN; raised in BrklynNY
_e USMA (West Point)
_o Union Camp Corp (SpartanburgSC)
_p Leonard A. Wunder +m Sheila T. Conroy (BrklynNY)
20>165314661421 Stephen Joseph Wunder jr 01/09/1982(SavannahGA)-
_e BA NotreDame; law degree USouthCarolina
_a 2011 GreenvilleSC
+m 30my2008 (BelmontNC) Kimberly Neel 12je1980
20>1653146614211 Stephen Joseph Wunder iii 26ja2010-
20>165314661422 Jenzy Klaire Wunder 11/06/1986(RichmondTX)-
20>1653146615 Nancy Olga Miller 02/17/1926-08/07/1930(Toronto)
_h spinal meningitis [MNK]
_g obit in MMNH scrapbk; bd Pine Grove cem Wby
20>1653146616 Ronald Franklin Miller 03/07/1933-
_a1940 TuckahoeNY
_a2004 2015 CupertinoCA
+m1 12/23/1955 Anne Conklin /1930-
_n dv, but living with him in 2004 in CupertinoCA
+m2 1992(OlympiaWA) Patricia C. Lally dv1994
_a2004 TakomaWA
20>165314662 Irving Charles Miller 06/21/1886-08/14/1941(MilwaukeeWI)
_a1910 MillPlainCT; 1926 MilwaukeeWI; 1940 TuckahoeNY
_e Pratt School
_o1910 PennRR electric subway
_h died of blood clot on brain (CSM Journal); 1897 kicked in head by horse
_g MilwaukeeWI (obit wrongly calls him Irving Chase Miller!)
_b for brief biography, see CSM Journal for 17au1941
_n very active in genealogical chart preparation
+m 10/29/1910(BrooklynNY) Dorothy Hattersley 06/02/1887-11/20/1958
_e Pratt School
_o1910 taught domestic science in Brooklyn
_r +m in St.Mary's PE Church, noon (newsart details MMNH scrapbook)
20>1653146621 Enid Hattersley Miller 02/25/1912-06je2007(FL)
_a1966 WheatonIL [PFA dist cup], 2000 Carlsbad CA, 2007 FL
_e Wheaton(IL) BA
_o missionary to Sudan (Sudan Interior Mission)
_d (with Malcolm) In Famine He will Redeem Thee (Sudan Interior Mission 1975)
+m 03/14/1935 Malcolm Iver Forsberg 12/14/1908(TacomaWA)-03/13/1991
_e Wheaton(IL) BA, DLitt 1960; courses at DallasTheolSem 1937-8
_o missionary to Sudan (Sudan Interior Mission) 1933-
_a1941 Sudan AFRICA; 1966 WheatonIL
_d author of Land beyond the Nile (Harper 1958),
_d1 Last Days on the Nile (Lippencott 1966),
_d2 (with Enid) In Famine He will Redeem Thee (Sudan Interior Mission 1975)
_h Alzheimer's disease
20>16531466211 Peter Leigh Forsberg 06/05/1937-
_a1994 Orinda CA 94563
_e Wheaton(IL) BS 1959, UIll Med MD 1963, Stanford Radiology 1965|6
_o MD
_n prefers being called Leigh
+m1 08/22/1959 Gertrude (Trudi) Kuhn\3 11/27/1935-
_e Wheaton(IL) BS 1957
+m2 02/??/1978 Nancy Taylor\1 06/29/1945-
20>165314662111 Karen Ann Forsberg 03/10/1964-
+m 07/14/1996(OaklandCA) Brett Wilk
_r Jewish Christian
20>1653146621111 Micah Wilk
20>165314662112 Karl Leigh Forsberg 06/11/1966-
_e BA UCaSB 1989 (interest in genealogy)
+m 08/03/1991 Autumn Pinney 01/15/1965-
_q {marriage date in aug or sept??}
20>1653146621121 Hailey Hannah Forsberg 01/12/1998- tw
20>1653146621122 Claire Ellsdon Forsberg 01/12/1998- tw
20>1653146621123 Brennan Forsberg 30ja2000-
20>165314662113 Anita Lynn Forsberg 06/14/1968-
_e Wheaton College
20>165314662114 Nicole Marie Forsberg 09/18/1976-
_e BrewsterAcad(NH)
20>16531466212 James Robert Forsberg 04/10/1941(KhartoumSUDAN)-
_a1994 SanJose CA 95138
_e Wheaton(IL) BA 1963, UOregon Law 1970(?)
_om Vietnam USA Intell Cpt (nearly killed at Tet)
+m1 09/06/1975 Nancy Leaton 05/24/1950- dv1990
+m2 05/12/1991 Linda Marcus
20>165314662121 Katharine Suzanne Forsberg 09/29/1992-
20>16531466213 Malcolm (Kim) Iver Forsberg jr 09/06/1944-07/22/1985
_a b Tanta EGYPT
_o MD
+m 06/08/1971 Sylvia Swarr 10/25/1940-
20>16531466213z Sibyl Forsberg 04/19/1967-
_n legally adopted dau of Sylvia by prev m
20>16531466214 Dorothy June Forsberg 10/03/1950(KhartoumSUDAN)-
_o missionary/linguistic work in Benin(AFR)
20>1653146622 David Pierpont Miller 01fe1917-01jl2008(WestminsterCO)
_a1940 WaukeshaWI
_a1994 WaukeshaWI; ConoverWI (summer)
_a1997 Covanant Village, WestminsterCO
_h2004 spinal stenosis
+m 02/02/1939 Esther Berquist 10/08/1914-
_h1997 peritoneal dialysis
20>16531466221 David Charles Miller 11/06/1939-
_o MD in Denver (1992)
+m 29se1962 Judith Ringle 03/27/1940-
20>165314662211 Rachel Lynn Miller 11/07/1964-
_x MMNH note incorrectly says b 10/07/1964
20>165314662212 David Pierpont Miller ii 12/07/1965-
_a1994 DenverCO (from 07/01)
_a2004 LititzPA
_e Wheaton
+m 25je1988 Deborah Ruth Little
_e Wheaton
20>1653146622121 Caleb David Charles Miller ca 1991
20>1653146622122 Seth Allan Pierpont Miller ca 1991
20>1653146622123 Esther Deborah Joy Miller ca 1993
20>1653146622124 Naomi Ruth Little Miller ca 1993
20>165314662213 Nathan Charles Miller 04/01/1969-
_n adopted [MNK]
20>165314662214 Michael Verlin Miller 05/30/1970-
20>165314662215 Rebekah Ruth Miller 25se1974-
_n adopted [MNK]
20>16531466222 Mark Ellis Miller 08/22/1943-
_o Delta Air
+m 06/12/1965(Zion IL) Betty Jean Newbury 01/08/1943-
20>16531466223 Mary Beth Miller 06/24/1950-
20>16531466224 Elizabeth (Lisa) Ann Miller 03/20/1958-
20>1653146623 Barbara (Babs) Miller 07/12/1920-08no2002
_a2001 RosevilleCA
_a1941 MilwaukeeWI; 1946 ElginIL [PFA dist cup]
_a1993 OakhurstCA 93644
_e WheatonIL 1945
_o special education teacher
_z received CSM Journals from RAK 05/1993
+m 12/16/1956 Donald Merwyn Hansen 07/14/1919-
_o agronomist
_r Sierra Vista Presby (1995); 1st Presby Roseville (2001); Young Life
20>16531466231 Heidi Ann Hansen 06/09/1958-
_a1995 SanDiegoCA
_o1995 Continental Airlines
20>16531466232 Rebecca (Becky) Lynn Hansen 02/15/1962-
_o taught school in Japan 1986-1991, law firm in SF 1991-93
_e LondonSchlBusiness MBA 1996
20>1653146624 John Howard Miller 10/08/1922-
_a1941 MilwaukeeWI; 1977 Rogers ARK [info supplied 3/1989, 6/1993]
_om USA s-sgt ww2 (pvt 1943)
+m 10/06/1943(MilwaukeeWI) Lorna Gertrude Strachan 04/11/1921-
_p Thomas Strachan [wedding announcement]
20>16531466241 John Thomas Miller 07/26/1944(MilwaukeeWI)-
_o car sales
+m 08/03/1968 Susan Edna Cook 10/09/1949-
20>165314662411 Rachel Elizabeth Miller 06/06/1969-
+m 05/30/1992 Paul Williams 11/01/1961-
20>165314662412 Sarah Ann Miller 05/22/1971-
+m[2] 12/07/1991 John Gasper 05/30/1957-
20>165314662412z Justin Gasper 05/26/1980-
20>165314662412y Travis Gasper 08/30/1982-
20>165314662412x Luke Gasper 08/30/1984-
20>165314662413 Hannah Margaret Miller 10/13/1975-
+m 21je1997 Jonathon Taussig
20>1653146624131 Rebekah Joy Taussig 07je1999-
20>1653146624132 Caleb Robert Taussig 07ja2001-
20>1653146624133 Titus Nathanael Taussig 01my2002-
20>1653146624134 Lydia Grace Taussig 26my2004-
20>165314662414 Abraham Matthew Miller 02/18/1977-
+m 13my2000 Jessica Bass
20>1653146624141 Isaac John Miller 27au2002-
20>1653146624142 Claire Margaret Miller 23ja2004-
20>1653146624143 Madalyn Jeane Miller 11jl2005-
20>16531466242 Robert William Miller 05/10/1947-
_a1994 WI
_om Vietnam USA (?) Transport
+m 03/28/1973 Janet E. Evans 03/18/1954-
20>165314662421 Clinton Irving Miller 05/30/1974-
+m 20fe1997 Heidi Cihlar
20>1653146624211 Kinsey Violet Miller 01my2001-
20>1653146624212 Thomas Carl Miller 20ap2004-
20>165314662422 Nathan Thomas Miller 03/24/1977-
+m 12oc2002 Stacy Rietbrock
20>1653146624221 Carson Thomas Miller 24ja2003-
20>1653146624222 Madison Elizabeth Miller 14ap2005-
20>165314662423 Michelle Lynn Miller 04/02/1978-
+m 16se2005(WasauWI) Brian Severt
20>16531466243 Patricia Ann Miller 05/24/1950-
+m 12/21/1974 David J. Cotrone 04/12/1949-
_q Catrone ? [MNK]
20>165314662431 Naomi Kathleen Cotrone 04/13/1976-
+m 13jl1997 Dean Klockziem\1
+m 14ja2006(FtWayneIN) Phil Hutson
20>1653146624311 Devin Dean Klockziem 20mr1998-
20>165314662432 Elizabeth Lorna (Liz) Cotrone 07/05/1978-
+m ???? Phil Hatson
20>165314662433 Adam David Nunzio Cotrone 05/28/1981-
20>16531466244 James Baxter Miller 04/15/1953(MilwaukeeWI)-
+m 09/01/1973 Constance/Connie Lu Bawden 06/08/1954-
20>165314662441 Amy Ruth Miller 11/04/1977-
+m 21oc2000 Jeff Stempniewski
20>1653146624411 Lucia Rae Stempniewski 28jl2006-
20>165314662442 Laura Beth Miller 05/27/1980-
+m 23oc2005(BrookfieldWI) Austin Schmitt
20>165314662443 Daniel James Miller 07/10/1985-
20>165314663 Margaret Miller 02/24/1889-09/03/1987
_b photo (in theatrical group) from 02/23/1939 in PFA scrapbook
_b2 some of her diaries are being prepared for internet access (2004)
_h colon cancer removed, colostomy
_r MillPlainChapel CT (m by Rev Davenport)
+m1 11/16/1910(Wby) Clifford W. Northrop\4 04/16/1875-10/08/1936 [PFM25]
_o Plume & Atwood Co paymaster
_h "elderly epilepsy" led to early retirement [MNK lett 18se1992]
+m2 05/31/1939(PlgrmCg) George Ransom Hall sr ??/??/1878-02/05/1946
20>1653146631 Marian Augusta Northrop 19mr1912-20au2006 (ConcordNH) [@s79][PFA98-00]
_a Beecher Ave Wby CT; Spindle Hill Rd Wolcott CT 06716; Nottingham Terrace (WbyCT); Heritage Heights (ConcordNH)
_o nurses training, swim instructor, church youth teaching
_h colon cancer removed; anemia late in life
_g Edgewood Cem (WolcottCT); see her memorial
_z copies of CSM Journals in xerox and print ca1989ff
_b her diaries and photoalbums are in the possession of her son Robert Kraft (2004)
+m 11/22/1931(Wby) Howard Russell Kraft 05/10/1911-03/04/2000 [@p79;99]
_f Max Emil Kraft 04/15/1885-02/12/1952
_ff Maxmilian Kraft (1851-1887)
_fm Barbara Binder (1863-1919), from Bickelsberg GER
_m +m (when?) Lillian Peterson 04/29/1889-06/??/1961 (Wby)
_a Waterville CT; Spindle Hill Rd Wolcott CT 06716
_o mech-eng, mill-sup't Scovill Mfg Co (Wby)
_h hip replacement, angioplasty (1993)
_l vol police & fire, sports, church
_g Edgewood Cem (WolcottCT)
_b see his obituary notice for further details
20>16531466311 Charles Howard Kraft 07/15/1932-
_e Wheaton 1953; Hartford Sem 19??; Asbury Sem 19??
_o missionary Nigeria 19??-??; educator MichSU 19??-??; Fuller Sem 19??
+m 06/14/1953(Nappanee IN) Marguerite Elaine Gearhart 11/08/1931-
_e Wheaton 1953; (fill in more??)
_o missionary Nigeria 19??-??; educator (fill in??)
_f Eldon Dervin Gearhart ????-????
_m +m (when?) Marguerite Thelma Brokaw 05/25/1906-
_m2 [+m2 05/27/1938 John Milton Bowman 06/27/1898-03/01/1989 ag90]
20>165314663111 Cheryl Elaine Kraft tw 06/08/1955(AshlandOH)-
_e WestmontCA, PasadenaCityColl, BIOLA (did not graduate)
_o homemaker
+m 06/04/1977(PasadenaCA) Robert Frederick Jewell Martell 05/05/1951-
_n b PhoenixAZ
_e HS TempeAZ (to CA ca 1970)
_o carpenter
_f Willis Jewell ????-
_m +m (when?) Cecilia Katherine Knight, m2(when?) Lynn Martell
20>1653146631111 Robert Jewell Martell 08/15/1981-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/2 not given by RAK??
+m /???? ??
20>1653146631112 Kimberly Elaine Martell 05/02/1984-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/1 given by RAK 1991
20>1653146631113 Stacey Katherine Martell 01/29/1987-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/2 (parade) given by RAK
20>1653146631114 Jeffrey Joseph Martell 10/04/1989-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/2 (crossroads) given by RAK
20>1653146631115 Nathaniel Charles Martell 06/25/1991-
_n 10# 2 oz at birth
_z Hummel Plate #9329/2 (lost sheep) given by RAK
20>1653146631116 Benjamin Thomas Martell 01/21/1993-
_n 9# 3 oz at birth
_z Hummel Plate #9329/2 (playmates) given by RAK
20>1653146631117 Elizabeth Louise Martell 04/10/1996-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/2 (deer) given by RAK 12/1996
20>1653146631118 Melanie Lee Martell 6/14/1999-
20>165314663112 Charles Eldon Kraft tw 06/08/1955(AshlandOH)-
+m 06/08/1979(PasadenaCA) Catherine Marie Andersen 03/29/1955-
_f Stanley Clifford Andersen ????-
_m +m (when?) Catherine Lillian Pontius ????-
20>1653146631121 Clayton Scott Kraft 01/07/1981-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/1 (frog) given by RAK
+m /???? Sophia ?
20>1653146631122 Lindsey Gale/Gail Kraft 01/06/1983-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/1 given by RAK 1991?
20>1653146631123 Natalie Ann Kraft 12/30/1988-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/2 (lamb) given by RAK
20>165314663113 Richard Lee Kraft 10/14/1958-
_e BaylorTX 1980 Law 1982
_o lawyer
+m 07/14/1984(RoswellNM) Tanya Aliene Johnson 05/16/1957-
_e Baylor, NMState
_o teacher (elementary)
_f Jerrold Keith Johnson ????-
_m +m (when?) Janice Elaine Wood ????-
20>1653146631131 Richard Devin Kraft 04/14/1987-
_e Valley Christian Academy (RoswellNM) 2005
_z Hummel Plate #9329/1 given by RAK 1991??
20>1653146631132 Kelsey Brynn Kraft 09/20/1988-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/1 given by RAK 1991
20>165314663114 Karen Louise Kraft 05/22/1961-
_e BIOLA 1983, CAStateFullerton MA1992(Communication Disorders)
_o speech therapist (Africa Kenya??)
_z Hummel Plate #9329/1 given by RAK 1991?
+m 1997 Bruce Schneider 18no1954
20>1653146631141 Andrew James Schneider 6/17/1999-
20>165314663114y Alyssa Joy Schneider 09my2004-
20>16531466312 Robert Alan Kraft 03/18/1934- [PFA98-00]
_a1973 UpperDublinPA [PFA dist cup]; also '81, '92-'94
_e Wheaton 1955, MA1957; Harv PhD1961
_o educator ManchesterENG 1961-63; UPenn 1963-
+m 06/11/1955(Wby) Carol Lois Wallace 12/28/1934- [PFA00]
_e Wheaton 1955; WestchesterPA MSc197?; UPenn (PhD cand)
_o educator-elementary ForestGlenIL, RoslynPA, UpperDublinPA
_f William Deans Wallace 10/28/1908-
_m +m 07/04/1931 Edith Entwistle 03/06/1907-
_b see Entwistle Family History Association information
20>165314663121 Cindy Lee Kraft 01/28/1958(CambridgeMA)- [PFA98]
_o mgr McDonalds restaur; clerical Prudential insur
_e 2008 BEd Chestnut Hill College (PA)
+m 09/12/1987(PhilaPA) Kenneth Allen Shapiro 11/12/1960-
_e BA JamesMason 198?
_o comput prog PhilaNavalBase, etc.; Smith-Kline-Beacham (1993)
_f Bernard Irving Shapiro 11/10/1924-
_m +m (when?) Marcia Kleinman 04/21/1935-11/21/1980
_f +m2 Paula ??
20>1653146631211 Alison Marcia Shapiro 12/27/1989-
_e Springfield (Montgomery Cty) PA HS 2008; McGill Univ (Montreal CAN)
_z Hummel Plates #9330/1 given by RAK 1990-91
20>1653146631212 Jonathan Wallace Shapiro 08/12/1991-
_z Hummel Plates #9330/1 given by RAK 1990-91
20>1653146631213 Kristin Meredith Shapiro 04/08/1994-
_z Hummel Plate(s) #9329/2 given by RAK?
20>165314663122 Scott Wallace Kraft 07/30/1960(CambridgeMA)-
_a1987 & 1989 VeniceCA [PFA dist cup], 1994? ShermanOaksCA
_e Penn 1984(?) English & International Relations; MFA Antioch U Los Angeles 2005
_o modeling & entertainment (acting, directing)
+m 10/28/1990(Philadelphia) Nadine VanderVelde 14my1962-
_o acting & directing
_p Renee VanderVelde +m Claudette ??
_pf ?? VanderVelde +m Nell (Omah) ??-03/2?/1992 (wd +m ?? Krass ????-1987)
20>1653146631221 Gabrielle Wallace van der Velde Kraft 11/13/1997-
_a b Los Angeles CA
20>1653146631222 Beatrice Carol Martine van der Velde Kraft 29de2001-
_a b Los Angeles CA
20>165314663123 Todd Alan Kraft 07/13/1963(AbingtonPA)- [PFA98]
_e Penn[CGS] 1993 Communications
_o comput prg UPenn ; Corporate Technology Ventures
+m 05/27/1990(PhilaPA) Cari Lynne Silverman 16no1963-
_e Penn[WH] 1985?
_o comput consult (firms??) Omicron Consulting
_f Stanley Silverman ????-
_fp ?? Silverman +m Hannah Krulevetsky ??
_m +m (when?) Elaine Fossaner Pierce ??
_mp Ethel Fossaner +m ?? Pierce ??
_mmp Caroline Gerber +m ?? Fossaner/Fossner/Fosner/Focsaner
_mmpn arrived via HobokenNJ in 1913 from Roumania
20>1653146631231 Pierce Alan Kraft 11/06/1995(AbingtonPA)-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/2 given by RAK 12/1995
20>165314663124 Randall Jay Kraft 09/06/1965(AbingtonPA)- [PFA99]
_e Penn(WHE) 1992 Business
_o SoftMart computing consulting 1993- Smith-Kline-Beecham 199?
+m 10/23/1993(PA) Christina Theresa Miksis 05ap1969- [PFA99]
20>1653146631241 Randall Joseph Kraft 12/05/1996- [PFA99y]
_z Hummel Plate #9329/2 given by RAK 12/1996
_a b HolyRedeemer hosp, BrynAthynPA
20>1653146631242 Stephanie Rose Kraft 09ja2002-
_a b HolyRedeemer hosp, BrynAthynPA
20>1653146631243 Natalie Jane Kraft 16je2004-
_a b HolyRedeemer hosp, BrynAthynPA (premature, 3 lb 5 oz)
20>16531466313 David Peterson Kraft tw 03/23/1942(Waterbury)- [PFA99-00]
_a1964 ChicagoIL [PFA dist cup][PFA98]
_e Wheaton 196?; Northw PhD196? MD196?
_o psych services UMass (etc.??)
+m 06/11/1966(WheatonIL) Stephanie Barlett 02/18/1944- [PFA99]
_e Wheaton 196?; Buffalo PhD19??
_o author & journalist (etc.??)
_f John Raymond Bartlett ????-????
_m +m (when??) Jeanette Murphy ????-????
20>165314663131 Claire Elizabeth Kraft 10/03/1971- [PFA99]
_z Hummel Plate #9329/1 given by RAK 1990
_e2004 MA(computers) UNH
_a2005 NC
20>165314663132 Joan Catherine Kraft 11/18/1975 dy
20>165314663133 Paul David Kraft 11/14/1980-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/1 given by RAK 1990
20>16531466314 Daniel Kraft tw 03/23/1942 dy
20>1653146631v Sharon Ann Kraft 08/01/1947-
_a1979 CenterBarnsteadNH [PFA dist cup]; also '88-'91. '93
_e Gallaudet (years, degrees, etc.??)
_o hearing impaired
+m[2] 12/30/1977(WolcottCT) Peer Lund 04/03/1934-
BA 1980 Franklin Pierce College (Anthropology); MA 1986 University of NH (Sociology )

_f Paul Christian Lund ????-04/01/1989
_m +m (when?) Margaret Wilson ????-
_n +m[1] ?? > (1) Kelley Lund 22se1961- [PFM82]
_n2 Kelley +m[1] Jeff Goller > son Cameron Lawrence Goller 06/1994, dau
Brooklyn Margaret Goller 16jl1996(LittletonNH)-
_n3 Kelley +m[2]
Scott Ringland 29oc1965-
_n4 > (2) Christopher Warren Lund 02fe1963-
_n5 Christopher and Christina > dau
Lindsey Christian Lund 20au1990-
_n6 Christopher +m Claudine Lawrence 31mr1969- > son Lucas Paul Lund 30mr2010 (ConcordNH)-
20>1653146631v1 Arianne Kraft-Lund 09/24/1980-
_e Coe-Brown Northwood Acad(HS) 1998
_z Hummel Plate #9329/1 given by RAK 1990
+m 19au2006
Leslie Richard (Rik) Marley III
20>1653146631v11 Violet Anyssus Kraft-Lund Marley 08je2006-
20>1653146631vy Rachel Sharon Kraft-Lund 02/02/1984-
_z Hummel Plate #9329/1 given by RAK 1990
Betty (Elizabeth?) Haverfield Northrop 03/08/1914-15ap2007 (DaytonaBeachFL)
_q perhaps not officially named "Elizabeth" (no name on birth certificate), always known as "Betty"
+m1 08/08/1932 Vincent J. Simons dv
+m2 ?? Arthur Lirot
_h they spent much time sailing on the "Gambinus" on the Atlantic seaboard of USA
20>1653146633 Jean (PeeWee) Miller Northrop 01/30/1916(Wby)-07fe2009(ConcordNH) [@s74;PFA99]
_a SouthPomfretVT [PFA dist cup]
_b photo (in theatrical group) from 02/23/1939 in PFA scrapbook
_b2 http://www.rherald.com/News/2009/0212/obituaries/o04.html
_h hearing loss; 06oc1997 meningitis stroke/aphasia
_z presented CSM Journals copy for 1992 anniversary
+m 05/16/1942 Byron Lisle Fleming [@p74;PFA99]
_om USA ww2 technician3 in Europe
20>16531466331 Byron Lisle Fleming jr 11/25/1943-
_a1996 FeltonCA 95018
_om1963-65 RadioMan3 USN (USS Taluga-AO62) Vietnam Theater
_o North Bay Ford-Lincoln/Mercury, Santa Cruz CA (parts mgr)
_n also uses spelling Lyle on business card
+m1 12/31/1964 Kathy Lee Vaughn\3 dv /1975
+m2 06/19/1982 Kellie Lynn Deaton
_o County of Santa Cruz CA (clerk/courier)
20>165314663311 Steven Lisle Fleming 07/24/1965-
20>165314663312 Wendy Lee Fleming 07/17/1966-
_e BA (acct) 1996
+m 01/09/1988 Bradley Becker
20>1653146633121 Bryce William Becker 09/12/1988-
20>1653146633122 Brandon Christopher Becker 04/25/1992-
20>165314663313 Jenifer Jean Fleming 09/15/1972-
_e BA (graphic computer arts) 1996
_o1996 Silicon Graphics (San Jose CA)
20>16531466332 Bonnie Jean Fleming 03/16/1950-
_a1985 LyndonvilleVT [PFA dist cup]
_e MA Teaching/Technology MarlboroColl 2001
+m /???? Bruce Richardson
20>165314663321 Jared Ames Richardson 08/25/1979-
20>165314663322 Corey Patrick Richardson 06/01/1982- [PFM82,85]
20>1653146634 Nita Pierpont Northrop 02/23/1928-12/13/1932 dy
_o "square dance caller" [MNK]
_h meningitis
20>165314664 Ruth Miller 02/13/1891(Wby)-03/29/1987
_a1943 StorrsCT [PFA dist cup]; Taipei TAIWAN
_o secretary to pres of Conn Agrig Coll (1913-1915)
_r MillPlainUnionChapel (m by Rev Dietz); Storrs Congr ch
_h colon cancer
_g StorrsCT cemetery
+m 06/24/1915(Wby) Augustus Jackson Brundage 08/19/1890-23au1992
_a DanburyCT; _a1915 StorrsCT
_o CT 4-H Club leader to 1948, CT extension service
_n "Gus" in PFM70; family photo in MMNH scrapbk from 1932
_g StorrsCT
20>1653146641 Roger Pierce Brundage 04/11/1917-04/09/1943(Panama,ww2)
_om USA Cpt bomber pilot, body lost in crash at sea ; awarded Gold Star
_b named on obelisk in Battery Park NYC for those lost in Atlantic Ocean
_g also on family marker at Storrs CT
+m 05/30/1941 Marion Elizabeth  [+m2 __]
_q +m 30th (not 31st) at Maxwell Field, Montgomery AB
20>1653146642 Kenneth Pierpont Brundage 10/22/1919-12/12/1996(WashDC)
_a1965 IbadanNIGERIA [PFA dist cup]; also 1970 LAOS
_a1992 Fredericksburg VA 22407 703-786-2593
_a1994 Woodbridge VA 22191
_om USA Lt ww2, then Col in reserves
_h1993 Pulmonary Fibrosis (reduced lung function; oxygen needed); recovered from colon cancer
_g Military Cemetery, Quantico VA
_n sent $5 for chart, $50 for CSM Journals (1994)
+m1 07/17{18}/1942 Margaret Mary Kearney 01/14/1919-09se1978
_q MMNHall listing says +m 18th at Camp Wheeler, Macon GA = MNK
_g StorrsCT cemetery
+m2 ??/??/1981 Jean Elizabeth Ford
_a1997 care facility in WoodbridgeVA (has lost her short memory)
20>16531466421 Diane Elizabeth Brundage 02/11/1945(Wrcst MA)-
_a1992 Alexandria VA 22311
_h 1996 has MS, needs daily companion
+m 02/20/1982 John Henry Ray [PFM81]
20>16531466422 Joyce Margaret Brundage 10/07/1948-
_a1992 Springfield VA 20151
_o1996 executive in a communications firm, travels, golfs
20>16531466423 Ann Miller Brundage 06/28/1951-20de2007 (PFA04)
_a1967 MadridSPAIN [PFA dist cup]
_a1997 Fredovia PA 16124
_n kept name Brundage after marriage
_h d cancer
+m /???? Frank W. O'Malia 13oc1944-
_o engineer; retired 01ap2011
_n tw dau by prev marr: Kelley Kersten O'Malia +m 25my1996 Eric Eugene Eckstein
_n1 (their son Zachary O'Malia Eckstein born 22jl2009)
_n2 and Marne Christine O'Malia (14au1969) +m 05?se1991 Anthony Cario
_n3 (they have 2 dau, Benjamin Patrick Cario 28fe1995 and Gabrielle Nicole Cario 05my1998)
20>165314664231 Carl O'Malia-Brundage 02/27/1978-
_e Lehigh (started 1996)
+m 06jl2002 Molly Witt 25je1979-
20>165314664232 Ryan O'Malia Brundage 09/12/1982-
20>165314664233 Kathleen O'Malia Brundage 04/11/1985-
20>165314664234 Megan O'Malia Brundage 10/01/1987-
20>16531466424 Mary Elizabeth (Ann) Brundage 10/23/1954(MorgantownWV)-
_a1992 Chantilly VA 22021
_r active Methodists
+m 14je1975(ArlingtonVA) Benny Roy Wetzler
_n wedding announcement spellings
20>165314664241 Charles Michel Wetzler 01/04/1990-
_e grad HS je2008
20>165314664242 Christine Wetzler ca1993-
20>16531466425 Janet Ruth Brundage 10/23/1956-
_a1992 Woodbridge VA
_o nurse
_r joined LDS/Mormon church (genealogy interest)
_n born on same date as next older sister
20>1653146643 Granville Pierce Brundage 10/13/1921-11/11/1944(ww2 France)
_om USA 2nd Lt, b US Cemetery, Epinal FR
+m 04/08/1944(StorrsCT) Barbara Catherine Draper [+m2 __]
20>1653146644 Margaret (Peggy) Miller Brundage 12/14/1923-
_a1963 AstoriaOR [PFA dist cup]; also '69, '72, '74, '76, '82-'83, '86
_a AstoriaOR a2000 AstoriaOR
_o 4-h agent
_u updated by let dated 06/19/1990 05/05/1993
_z copy of CSM Journals (from RAK or MNK) 1992
+m 06/14/1952 (Kalamath Falls OR) John Livermore Christie jr 13jl1926(BridgeportCT)-
_e Yale 1950
_p John L. Christie +m Aretta Sherwood Burr (FairfieldCT) [PFM69,78]
_pn John sr Yale 1915, Aretta S.B. grad Sargent Schl (Boston), taught HS PE
20>16531466441 Peter Burr Christie 05/01/1953(CorvalisOR)-
_e UOregon 1978
_o Eugene OR nursing home LPN, and musician (1990)
+m 24ap1999 Suzanne Marie McCallum
20>16531466442 John Pierce Christie 07/11/1954(SalemOR)-

_h colon cancer 2004
+m1 08/11/1974 Wendy Leigh Clune\1 dv
+m2 11/28/1984 Teresa (Tess) Sue Leach\1 dv
_n +m 11/28 acc to 1990 info; 11/24 noted earlier & 1991
+unm Bonnie Stanbaugh\1
_n no formal marriage
+m3 31de2000(SandpointID) Connie Kimble
_n her children David and Margret (grown with children 2001),
_n2 Jonnie, Brendan, and Isaac Dunne (live with Connie and Pierce, 2001)
20>165314664421 Heather Amanda Christie 02/01/1975-
_a2001 lives in Seaside[OR?]
+unm Mike Balesky
20>1653146644211 Christina Balesky 28mr1995-
20>165314664422 Ruth Borgny Christie 12/30/1985-
_e Seattle Pacific Univ (soph, se2006)
_n touching eulogy to aunt, uncle, and cousins who died 08fe2001
_a2001 lives with mother (Tess) and stepfather on CamanoIsWA
20>165314664423 Ponce Henery Christie 01/18/1989-
_a2001 lives with mother (Bonnie) in EugeneOR
20>16531466443 Catherine Amanda Christie 11/21/1955-
_a between Astoria & Eugene OR (1990); 2006 Winston-Salem NC
_o 1979 peace corps Paraguay; 1983-1985 W. Samoa;
+m 05/11/1985 (Apia SAMOA) Omar Pastor Sangueza
_a Bolivian heritage
_o 1985 MD for United Nations, Apia SAMOA
research (skin cancer) & teaching Wake Forest Univ, WinstonSalemNC
20>16531466443z Omar Sangueza 05/16/1984(W SAMOA)-
_o MD for United Nations, Apia SAMOA
20>165314664431 Edith Leonor Sangueza 04/01/1988-
_e Yale (freshman 2006)
20>165314664432 Charles Pastor Sangueza 06/18/1990-
20>16531466444 Aretta Ruth Christie 02/21/1959-
_e Skidmore
_o artist, art conservator, musician
20>16531466445 Robert Livermore Christie 06/13/1965(AstoriaOR)-08fe2001
_a EugeneOR; 2000 ClatskanieOR to be closer to his parents
_e Astoria HS 1983, BA English UOregon 1997, MA Ed PacificUniv 1999
_o sales clerk EugeneOR, Clatskanie HS English teacher
_l music (songwriting, drummer) literature, baseball, gardening, family
_l2 drums for Snakepit, Oswald Five-O, Some Velvet Sidewalk (bands)
_n entire family killed in car crash in ClatskanieOR
+m 06/23/1989(EugeneOR) Denise Marie Hall 20au1965(PortlandOR)-08fe2001
_a1984 EugeneOR
_e Sutherlin HS, BA Linguistice UOregon
_o admin asst Serenity Lane (Eugene), English tutor Lane CommColl, Clatskanie HS
_l photography, art, languages, family
_p David Rust [stepf] +m Mary Hall (SutherlinOR)
_pp L.F.Plummer (SutherlinOR)
_k Jim Hall (BellinghamWA), stepbr Brian Rust (Eugene),
_k2 stepsr Andrea Hughes (Eugene), Kelli Bucolo (CorvallisOR)
20>165314664451 Theodore Williams Christie 01/26/1993(EugeneOR)-08fe2001
_e Patterson Elem Schl (Eugene), Clatskanie Elem Schl
_l Cub Scout, basketball (YMCA)
20>165314664452 John David Christie 29de1999(EugeneOR)-08fe2001
20>165314665 Frank Pierpont Miller 01/10/1893-24mr1978(Kent)
_a1935,40 Kent School Farm, KentCT
_om ready to enlist at end of ww1
_h colon cancer
_n in the CSM Journals, he is often called "Pierpont" (to about 1904)
+m 12/02/1922(StorrsCT) Elsie May Garrigus 06/02/1901-02/28/1988
20>1653146651 Mary Ann Miller 06/13/1923-14de1983 [@s68]
_o secretary
+m 06/24/1950(KentCT) Eugene Durham Whitney (Cheshire) /1922- 27fe1983 [@p68]
_x not +m 06/24/1951 [MNK]
20>16531466511 David Pierpont Whitney 08/10/1952(Meriden)-
20>16531466512 Ann Durham Whitney 05/23/1954(CheshireCT)-
+m /???? Daniel Walsh
20>165314665121 Lindsey Walsh 02/??/1987-
20>1653146652 Bertha Patterson Miller 07/28/1924- [PFA98]
_a1998 ValhallaNY
+m1 06/10/1950(Kent) Charles Robert Hoffman /1925-11/19/1984
_x not +m 06/17/51 [MNK]
+m2 07/03/1988 Anthony Joseph Matranga 03/19/1924- (Valhalla NY)
20>16531466521 Joyce Elsie Hoffman 06/14/1952(WhPlns)-
_a2005 FL
+m1 09/09/1972 Robert Jorgenson 08/26/1948- dv
+m2 07/30/1983 Robert Ferrante 04/14/1932-07my2005(FL)
_g ValhallaNY
20>16531466522 Robert Charles Hoffman 07/18/1955(WhitePlainsNY)-
+m 02/14/1988 Marian Lipka 08/01/1953-
20>165314665221 Charles Robert Hoffman 16mr1992-
20>165314665222 Frederick Robert Hoffman 08/02/1995-
20>16531466523 Craig Richard Hoffman 06/07/1964-
+m 06/12/1992 Carolyn Cooper dv
20>165314665231 Ryan Craig Hoffman 04je1996-
20>165314665232 Jack Riley Hoffman 31de2003-
20>1653146653 Dwight Somers Miller 07/21/1926-02/16/1997 [@p77]
_a1949 KentCT [PFA dist cup]
_om ww2 served in Italy
_o farm mgr
+m 06/01/1963 Florence Brooke Engh wd? [@s77][PFM62]
20>1653146653z Eric William Engh [PFM64]
+m /???? Phylis Susan Kubista
20>1653146653z1 Christian Harold Engh
20>16531466532 Robert Harold Engh [PFM64]
+m 07/??/1977 Barbara Cartin
20>165314665321 Kathryn Elizabeth Miller/Engh 10/??/1984-
20>1653146654 Jessie Garrigus Miller 11/21/1930- [PFM85++]
_x born on 21st, not 25th
_1998 WethersfieldCT
_o phys ed teacher [PFA98]
+m 06/13/1959 Stephen Matthew Linicus dv 31jl1968
20>1653146655 Lois Pierpont Miller 11/21/1932- [PFA98]
_a1998 RenoNV
+m 07/03/1954(NewtonMA) Ralph Wesley Stephens 30ap1934-
_o ophthalmologist
20>16531466551 Cynthia Louise Stephens 04/10/1955(BostonMA)-
+m 28my1982 William Beck (WA) dv au2002
20>165314665511 Canela Victoria Beck 17oc1990-

+m 18je2011 (PortOrchardWA) Willy Zharinov
20>165314665512 Vanessa Elizabeth Beck 19jl1994-
20>16531466552 Mark Randolph Stephens 04/11/1957
+m 09je1983 Margie Worthy (OH)
20>165314665521 McClees Alexandra Stephens 04/21/1987
20>165314665522 Wesley Lorne Stephens 18je1991-
_e 2009
Battle Mountain High School in Vail Colorado
20>165314665523 Bay Worthy Stephens 27no1995-
20>165314665524 Eli Pierpont Stephens 06je1997-
20>16531466553 Julie Anne Stephens 04/29/1960-
_x not named June or Ann [MNK]
+m 05/14/1988 Lelan Eugene Harris 25fe1962-
20>1653146656 Elsie June Miller 07/01/1934- [PFA98]
_a1961 OrlandoFL [PFA dist cup]
+m 04/19/1958 William J. Butler (WhPlns NY) 06je1931-11se1997 [PFM58]
_g QuanticoVA National Cemetery
_x +m 1958, not 1959 [= Mr & Mrs in 6/1958 PFM]
20>16531466561 Elizabeth May Butler 02/04/59
+m 05/05/1990(CentrevilleVA) Edmund Greene
20>165314665611 William Kirkland Greene 16je1991-
20>16531466562 Holly Gay Butler 13de1961-
+m 20fe2000 Jacob Gates\1 dv 2004
+m 12je2005 Finn Pincus
20>165314665621 Laurel Butler Gates 12de1995-
20>165314666 Raymond Henry Miller 08/15/1895-04/21/1954(Wby) dwi
_a1915 DetroitMI;_a1940 124 Capitol Ave. WaterburyCT
_om ww1 enlisted USA 11/06/1917 Quartermaster Dept, in France
_o1 AmBrassCo Wby; hist commissions
_h colon cancer
_b obit in PFA files
_n ran away from home as youth (see CSM Journal 08\29\1911)
_q CSM Journal entry has him born on  the 14th!
+m1 23ap1914 Marguerite Louise Hardy\1 ????-1918
_b info from newsclip MMNH; did she die in 1918 flu epidemic?
_p Louise W. Hardy
_n apparently had one child; he left her "out west" [Detroit?]
_q married on 21st according to CSM Journal entry for 26ap1914
+m2 09/11/1920(Wby) Ruth Woodward Henion 1894- [PFM25]
_r +m 1stMethodist (Rev Winans)
_p William Henion +m ??
_m "Mrs. Loucks" CSM1932/11/24
_n +m[2] 07/30/1955(WbyCT) Horace Frederick Silliman 1906-
_n2 married at Mill Plain Union Church, Wby
20>1653147 _m P- ["infant son"] 1828-12/24/1828(EFrms) [PFN]
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>1653148 Emily Jennet/Jeanette P- 06/15/1830- dwi
+m 24ap1848 Amos J. Beers
_a NewtownCT
20>1653149 William Seabury P- 06/23/1833-11/14/1883 ag50
_g EastFarmsCT cem
 +m1 {c/1854} Mary Grace Beecher /1834-07/25/1854
+m2 {pre/1870} Ann (Aneliza Desdemon{i}a) Pullen 04/10/1848-09/11/1905
_n "crazy"; Ann Eliza (?? so Peg Christie fb91 Anne; email98 Ann)
EastFarmsCT cem (Desdamona, ag57 : so Neal)
20>16531491 William Ezra P- 07/19/1870-07oc1946 dwi
_a1964 SeasideOR & PortlandOR
+m1 ?? Elizabeth Darrow Blakeslee ????-05/10/1951 dv ("Miss")
+m2 ?? Ellen Francis Horn
20>16531492 Russell Benjamin P- 05/30/1873(Wby)-?? (>KS >WA)
_o left home at 15; foreman asst in midwest; Weather/Forest Service in WA
_a 1890 WA, 1943 CanyonCty OR, Lake Cholan/Chelan OR, John Day OR
_n snapshot with wife Ellen (1953) in Margaret Hall album
_b see http://www.rootsweb.com/~wachelan/early.html
+m 12/26/1903 Ellen A. Larson ??(ND)-/1985(?)
20>165314921 Jeannette P- 04fe1904(LakesideWA)-03/10/1998(JohnDayOR)
_o school teacher/admin GrantCoOR
_h cancer of liver
+m1 03/14/1931 Leo E. Gunther [d. ca 1975]
+m2 11/28/1987 Carl Born wd
_a 101 NW 2nd St, John Day OR 97805
_n wd of sr of Leo Gunther
20>1653149211 Ellen Gene Gunther 03/14/1933- [PFM58]
_a1958 MyrtlePointOR [PFA dist cup]
_e OhioSt in 1953
_o teacher
_n new grandson b 02/26/1998 (which dau?)
_n2 old info letter to HRK dated 24au1976
+m /???? Clarence Drtina
_a Rt 1 Box 6, Stanfield OR 97875
20>16531492111 Claire Jeanette Drtina
+m /???? __
20>16531492112 Jane Ann Drtina
+m /???? __
20>1653149212 Kathleen Janet Gunther 10/10/1935-[c/1975]
_q Jeanette (so Peg Christie fb91) not acc. to KJG's sister (1976)
+m /???? Carl Lee Rosier
_o fish and wildlife
20>16531492121 Jeanette Lee Rosier
20>16531492122 Mark William Rosier
20>16531492123 Deidre Marie Rosier
20>16531492124 Caro Jane Rosier
20>165314922 William Francis P- unm
_om USA ww2 [see Archives record for WFP in USAF 1982-after 2004
20>165314923 Delmar P-
20>165314924 Harry Richard P- unm
_om USA ww2
20>16531493 Ruth P- 02/02/1876-10/02/1928 dwi [PFM25,29n]
+m 02/11/1927 Clifford L. Graves
20>16531494 James P- 08/10/1880-?? [PFM29+] (Milford)
+m 01/02/1908 Harriet E. Smith 03/27/1886-?? [PFM29+]
20>165314941 Russell Raymond P- (Milford) {c/1905}-
+m1 ?? Marjorie Bell[PFM29]/Belle Munsell
+m2 06/20/1942 Phylis McElrath [PFM89]
20>1653149411 Russell James P- jr 01/06/1929-????
_n "Russell J. Pierpont jr." in PFM29, above "Russell R. P-" name
+m1 07/??/1950 Ethel Claire Barre\2
+m2 __
20>1653149411z Barbara Batterton P-
_a1996 MilfordCT
20>1653149411z1 Jesse Batterton P- 10/01/1974-
20>1653149411z2 Shaun Batterton P- 06/06/1978-
20>16531494111 Keith Paul P- (@p99)[PFA98]
+m Elena Monique Ramos
20>165314941111 Monique P- [PFA98]
20>16531494112 Ron James P-
_q is he the same as Russell James P- iii?
20>16531494113 Russell James P- iii 01/14/1955-
20>165314941121 Russell James P- iv
_n letter from a Keith P-, son of a Russell James P- of MilfordCT
20>1653149412 Richard John P- 05/13/1943-
_a1996 ClintonCT
+m1 ?? Linda Cummings\2
+m2 07/18/1987 Bonnie Schile\1 07/21/1955-
20>16531494121 Christopher Thomas P- 04/30/1973-
20>16531494122 Alexis Ann P- 06/11/1974-
20>16531494123 Jessica Rae Hunter P- 03/10/1991(NwHavenCT)-
_n youngest at PFA '96 reunion
20>1653149413 Robert Lewis P- 01/20/1947-
_q PFA-Neal notes have b Jan 3
+m /???? Polly Brunell\1
20>16531494131 Bridget M. P- /1970-
20>1653149414 Janet Harriet P- 04/08/1949- [PFM89]
_a1996 WallingfordCT
20>1653149415 Raymond Charles P- 05/28/1952- [PFM89]
20>165314942 James P- jr [PFM29] (Milford) {c/1908}-
+m 11/??/1948 Beverly Bray\2
20>1653149421 Michelle P-
20>1653149422 Stacy P-
20>16531495 Eunice Emily P- 07/23/1883-03/23/1886 dy ag2yr8mo
_g EastFarmsCT cem (no marker : so Neal)
20>1653140 Ellen Maria P- 06/10/1840-05/04/1864
+m 01se1857 (NwH) Alonzo Lorenzo Peck 12/24/1835-02/12/1874(NwH)
_n New York Evening Post marriage notice at NEHGS online
_q NYEveningPost says "Lorenze B. Pack" [transcription typos?]
_m marr by Rv R.H.Littlejohn, StPaul's ch NwH
20>16531401 Jennie P- Peck /1858-04/17/1936 [PFM25]
20>16531402 Ellen Peck /1864-
+m /???? Frederick Burdette
20>165315 Lucy P- 07/26/1793 dy
20>165316 Ezra Stiles/Styles P- ??/??/1796-08/12/1828 dwi [ag 32]
_g EastFarmsCT cem ("Stiles")
20>165317 Joseph E. P- ??/??/1800-11/01/1821 dwi [ag 21]
_g EastFarmsCT cem
20>16532 Joseph P- 04/28/1760-06/30/1833(NrH)
_a 1790 NrH CT Census; head of household 2 0 1 [??]
_q PE has b 04/24
+m 10/26/1789 Esther Bishop 04/02/1767-08/16/1826
_p Abel Bishop +m Chloe Todd
20>165321 Lydia P- 10/30/1790-??
+m /???? __ Heald
20>165322 Dennis P- 12/01/1793-09/29/1794 dy
20>165323 Asahel P- 10/16/1796-03/06/1880(NrH)
+m1 11/19/1823 Lois Thorpe\1 /1800|1-10/21/1826 [ag 25]
+m2 10/24/1830 Mary Thorpe/Thorp\1 /1802|3-08/11/1847 [ag 44]
+m3 11/29/1849 Sarah Ann Coon\1(?) /1811|2-06/22/1853 [ag 41]
+m4 ???? Frances Ann Hall /1813-01/01/1886 [ag 72]
_a CheshireCT
20>1653231 Henry L. P- 1826(?)-10ap1861
+m 11oc1848 Jane M. Shepard 1827(?)-26au1904 ag77
20>1653232 Lucas Alonzo P- mr1833-27ja1837
20>1653233 Sarah Ann P-
+m /???? William R. Tyler
20>165324 _m P- [son] 02/28/1800 dy
20>165325 Mary P- 02/28/1802-??
+m 09/13/1820 John S. Bunnell (North Branford)
20>1653251 Frank Bunnell
20>1653252 Hattie Bunnell
+m /???? __ Darling
20>16532521 Everett S.{M. [PFM27]} Darling ????-[pre-/1951] [PFM27,34 PFL]
+m /???? __ [PFM27,34] (deceased by 1951; PFA address card)
20>1653253 Mary Bunnell
20>1653254 George Bunnell
20>1653255 Minerva Bunnell
20>1653256 Hollis M. Bunnell
20>165326 Belinda P- 12/29/1804-/18??
+m 05/03/1825 Levi Lewis Bigelow 13de1802(NwH)-??
_b see http://www.mandellstreit.com/genealogy/families/bigelows/pafg195.htm
20>1653261 John Seley Bigelow 29mr1826-??
+m Elizabeth Clark
20>1653262 George Willis Bigelow
20>1653263 Hobart Baldwin Bigelow
+m Eleanor Lewis
20>1653263h [3rd son] Walter P- Bigelow [bd 14no1866]
20>1653264 Susan Eliza Bigelow 24mr1836-?? [PFR][PFM50?]
+m /???? Cyrus Cheney [PFR][=? C. Watson Cheney PFM50]
20>16532641 Anna Baxter Cheney 02oc1847-??
+m 11oc1876 George P-
20>16532642 Millie Belinda Cheney 13se1859-??
+m 18au1892 Porter C. Moulton
20>16532643 Myra Belle Cheney 24fe1862-??
+m 04no1896 J. Allan Mix
20>16532644 Susan Bigelow Cheney 20jl1864-??
_q how related to Susan Bigelow Cheney 05/07/1953(NwH)- [PFR]
20>16532645 Harry Percival Cheney 12je1870 -??1945
+m 01se1892 Lottie Edna Stone ????-04/21/1953(WashDep) [PFM 50]
_n "mother of Mr G. Watson Cheney" (on address card)
20>16532645? Susan Cheney ????-/1953 [PFL]
20>16532645? Ruth Cheney
+m /???? __ Mason
_q how does Elvira Stone +m Jesse Williams fit in?
_q2 dau Hattie E. Williams 07au1861(BrklnNY)-05je1909(ForestvlCT)
_q3 +m G. P-re Beech
20>16532646 Josephine Cheney 17de1871-??
+m 18de1890 John Hayden
20>1653265 Henry Morrell Bigelow 08ap1840-??
20>1653266 Lucy Ann Bigelow 21oc1844-??
20>165327 George D. P- 10/15/1808-??

_q possibly the GDP from DarienCT, +m Rachel Elizabeth Clock
20>165328 Lucy P- 12/01/1810-??
20>16533 Russell P- 05/17/1763-12/12/1844
_a HamdenCT
+m 12/03/1790 Sarah Miles Tuttle 02/02/1770-08/25/1841
_p Samuel Tuttle +m Bethia Miles
20>165331 Nancy P- 01/09/1792-07/08/1878 (Centerville) [ag 86]
+m 01/??/1814{csn=23>431} Leonard P- /1789(?)-09/12/1855(NrH)
_q b "about 1791" [PJ]
20>165332 Ammi Miles P- 03/20/1799-06/23/1850(Centerville)
_o farmer
20>165333 Bethia P- 02/02/1805-04/25/1843
+m 11/02/1826 John Thompson (EastHavenCT)
_q +m in oc1826 [PJ]
20>165334 Sally Rosetta P- 11/13/1808-05/09/1893(Centerville)
+m 12/24/1834 Elias Ford [Todd?] 02/02/1803-03/14/1899
_n noone by this name in TD index; PJ has Ford
_q +m 1835 [PJ]
20>165335 Russell P- 06/11/1814 dy
20>16534 Lydia P- 11/18/1766-09/09/1788
_q PE gives b as 10/21/1766 (see Lucy next; who is confused?)
20>16535 Lucy P- 10/20{21}/1771-11/04/1792
_q so also DPB (b 21oc), but PE gives b as 11/18/1771 (see Lydia above; who is confused?)
_q2 PJ has b 10/21
20>16536 Daniel P- 05/16/1775-11/16/1851
_o businessman & succeeded father as town clerk NrH
_d diary from 1824, deeds, churn invention plans
_n papers in Sterling Library at Yale MS641309 (LCCN)
_n2 Bible on sale eBay 13au2016, purchased by Alan Russell [DPB]
+m 09/26/1799 Esther Humiston 05/23/1774-08/17/1864
_q PE and DBP spell name Homeston
_a Hamden CT
_p Samuel Humiston 16my1743-20je1809 (Ag 66) +m Mary Gill [PJ] 1750-06je1820 (Ag70) [DPB]
20>165361 Bede P- 12/10/1800-02/21/1851
+m 06/15/1823{csn=20>165621} Merritt/Meritt Sackett P- 10/08/1799-??
_n for children, see 165621 below
20>165362 Elias P- 04/21/1803-08/12/1883 (NwH) [DPB died Sunday eve ... age 80 years 3 months 22 days]
+m1 09/28/1831{21} Sophronia Lucy Gill\3 07/17/1808|9-10/18/1841 ag32
_n "went to Bridgeport on a visit – she was taken sick with the dysentery on the 12th – Elias went down on the 21st & stayed with [her] until her death – she died October 18th at 6 o’clock in the morning (age 33) – was brot up and interred in the North Haven Oct 19th 1841." [DPB]
_a12oc1831 NewHavenCT [DPB]
_q PE has b 1809 (thus ag32), +m 09/28/1831
_p John Gill +m Lucy Foote
+m2 08/24/1842 Grace Bradley\1 /1806-/1890
_p Beriah Bradley +m Jerusha ??
20>1653621 Oscar P- 09/10/1834-12/08/1834 dy
_bap 08de1834 "died the same day" [DPB]
_x so PE; others give b 1835
20>1653622 "They had another child still born in the month of July 1841, on the 11th of September 1841" [DPB]
20>1653622 Harriet Augusta P- 04/18/1846-02/27/1923 (NwH)
+m 02/11/1868 Austin Brainard Fuller 05/07/1838-06/26/1921 (NwH)
_q Brainerd [PRF] or Brainard [EP]? [DPB not clear; Braswell??]
_e Yale 1866 med1892
_o dentist apprentice c1853, dentist 1855-60 (FergusonvilleNY)
_a NorthbridgeMA, WorcesterMA c1853, FergusonvilleNY, NwH
_n gout for many years, stroke in 1919 [PRF]
_pf Levi Fuller 05/01/1804-03/16/1844 (NorthbridgeMA)
_pm +m 10/29/1828 Lydia Tuel Bacheller 02/05/1810-09/30/1881
_pff Daniel Fuller {c1775-9}(MA)-[d in Cuba of Yellow Fever post 1818]
_pfm +m 08/01/1803(NorthbridgeMA) Elizabeth Winter 10/27/1779-{c09/??}/1817
_pmp Joel Batcheller +m Judith Burden
20>16536221 Pierpont Fuller 06/25/1869(NwH)-03/10/1942 (DenverCO)
_e Yale 1892 LLB1894
_o lawyer
_a NwH, DenverCO
+m /1905(DenverCO) Louise Tyler 1874(KirkwoodMO)-06/25/1958(DenverCO)
20>165362211 Pierpont Fuller jr 09/17/1906-09/04/1983 (Denver)
_e Yale 1929, 1955 Denver LLB1932
_o lawyer
+m 09/17/1934 Frances Walker 08/12/1910(DenverCO)-
_a DenverCO {1991}
20>1653622111 Barbara Louise Fuller 11/01/1935(DenverCO)-
+m 08/18/1962(WashingtonDC) Phillip Gallagher
_a ColumbiaMD (1991)
20>16536221111 Elizabeth Gallagher 06/06/1963(MontereyCA)-
20>16536221112 Paul Gallagher 09/01/1964(SilverSpringsMD)-
20>16536221113 Helen Gallagher 01/06/1966(BankokTHAILAND)-
20>16536221114 Kevin Gallagher 11/03/1967(SilverSpringsMD)-
20>1653622112 Sydney Fuller 06/24/1937-02/14/1938(DenverCO)
20>1653622113 Judith Randolph Fuller 01/03/1939(DenverCO)-
_a DenverCO
+m 08/17/1956(WestcliffeCO) William Eldon Smith
20>16536221131 Dana Smith 02/15/1959(DenverCO)-
20>16536221132 Gregory Smith 04/13/1961(DenverCO)-
+m ??/??/19??(DenverCO) Laura Bauer
20>165362211w Roger Pierpont Fuller (adptd) 12/13/1948(DenverCO)-
_a PflugervilleTX
+m ??/??/19?? Ellen Esburner
20>16536222 Clement Austin Fuller 12/26/1873-04/02/1962 (NwH)
_a1954 StamfordCT [PFA dist cup]
_a NwH, Stamford (1898-1956), NwH
_e Eaton Public (NwH), Hillhouse High, Yale 1896 law1898
_o lawyer; Stamford town counsel, senior judge, etc.
_n death reported PFM62
+m 07/13/1907(MtFreedomNJ) Louise Fuller DeHart 10/26/1874-12/19/1969
_e Barnard 1898
_a NJ, CT, Europe(travel), SeattleWA, StamfordCT, NwH, HalifaxCAN
_o taught at RosemaryHall (WallingfordCT), SeattleWA (1903-06)
_n first cousin (common grandfather on her mother's side)
_pf John Somers DeHart +m 06/??/1868
_pm Lucy Madana Batcheller Fuller 09/04/1840-19??
20>165362221 Clement Austin Fuller jr 04/09/1908(GreenwichCT)-01/28/1982
_a GreenwichCT, 1955 LarchmontNY
_e StevensIT 1929
_o Metropolitan Life Ins engineer (NYC)
+m 05/30/1935(StamfordCT) Urania Bartlett Dayton 11/08/1910-
_p Estey Fuller Dayton +m Lucie Pinckney Lodge
20>1653622211 Madana Pinckney Fuller 05/06/1941(NYC)- (Larchmont NY)
_a ElmsfordNY
+m 12/30/1964 Francis Anthony Cartaina
20>16536222111 Louisa Madana Cartaina 07/31/1966-
20>16536222112 Andrew Clement Cartaina 08/02/1972-
20>1653622212 Urania Bradley Fuller 04/15/1943(NYC)- (Larchmont NY)
_a ElmsfordNY
+m 06/25/1967 James Messing dv 05/??/1979(?)
20>16536222121 Benjamin Austin Messing 10/01/1970-
20>16536222122 Jonathan Eugene Messing 10/15/1973-
20>165362222 Lucy Madana Bacheller Fuller 03/16/1912(NYC)-{post1955}
_e NJCollWom[Douglass] 1934, Yale nur1938
_o nurse
+m 09/14/1940(StamfordCT) Gordon Arthur Riley 06/01/1911-10/07/1985
_a WebbCityMO, MiamiFL, WoodsHoleMA [PFR], 1955 NwH, HalifaxCAN
_o Assoc Dir Bingham Oceanographic Lab at Yale
_p James Arthur Riley +m Georgia Mary Louise Radcliff
20>1653622221 Louise Georgia Riley 10/18/1944(KeyWestFL)- (PFM55; NwH)
_a BeltonMO
+m 06/13/1970 Paul Gemeinhardt
20>16536222211 Todd Riley Gemeinhardt 03/17/1975-
20>16536222212 Stacy Fuller Gemeinhardt 09/16/1977-
20>1653622222 Grace Fuller Riley 04/11/1947(WarehamMA)-
_a HalifaxCAN
+m1 ?? Barry Conacher dv
+m2 01/01/1991(HalifaxCAN) Murray Heffernan
20>1653622223 Mildred Kathryn Riley 01/13/1952(NwH)- (PFM83 Halifax)
_a1983 HalifaxCAN [PFA dist cup]
20>165362223 Henry Martyn Fuller 09/26/1914(NYC)-09/27/1955 (NwH)
_e Yale 1935 MA1937, Columbia MSLibSci1950
_om head of ref dept Yale Libr; USArmy China 1941-1946, d of polio ag 41
_q PE = PRF has b 9/26, some other sources 9/25 or 9/02 [EP]
_x not Harry, but is it Martyn? [PE = EP has Martin several times]
_b newspaper obit in PFA scrapbook
_h died of poliomylitis
+m 06/21/1941(RidgewoodNJ) Helen Carrique Hull
_a PortlandOR, 1955 NewHavenCT
20>1653622231 Daniel P- Fuller 05/26/1950(NwH)-
_a BerkeleyCA
+m 03/24/1990(BerkeleyCA) Maralyn Jones
20>16536223 Grace P- Fuller 06/22/1882-04/24/1965 (Woodbridge) unm
_e Smith 1903 MA1915(hist)
_o Hampton Institute (College Settlement NY), Hartford Social Settlement,
_o2 Yale Libr catalog 1915, serials to retirement 1947
_a NwH, Woodbridge (shared both with Cora Hotchkiss)
20>165363 Esther P- 09/01/1805-09/26/1836
_n d after a severe & distressing sickness which commenced soon after the birth of the said Esther J [daughter]
+m[1] 04/30/1829 Ezra Stiles 07/26/1804-12/28/1891(NrH) [HO#1186]
_a "They moved to the Doc Trumbull House May same year" [1829 DPB]
_a1839 WaterburyCT [DPB]
_p Isaac Clark Stiles +m Eunice Blakeslee (NrH) [HO#454]
_n +m2 /1837 Mary Bristol, +m3 /1854 Frances Elizabeth Johnson
Their first child (a son) was born 14fe1831, lived about 18 hours and died [DPB]
20>1653632 Charles William Stiles 01fe1833-07au1839(WbyCT; bur NorthHaven) [DPB]
_bap by Rev. Charles William Bradley 31mr1833 [DPB]
20>1653633 Esther Josephine Stiles 22mr1836 [DPB]
_bap by Rev H Croswell [DPB]
_n "a few minutes before the death of its mother was a plump bright and apparently healthy child died 28se1836 at ½ past 7 in the morning & was placed in same coffin with its mother and interred together in the afternoon of the same day" [DPB\
20>165364 Harriet P- 02/13/1808-05/04/1886(NrH)
20>165365 Sally P- 12/10/1811-07/27/1831 (20th year) [DPB]
20>165366 Jared P- 06/24/1814-12/19/1846
_a SmithvilleNY [PJ; see also DPB below]
_q b 26je [DPB]
_q sources confuse Jared with his son Jared, saying the former dwi?
+m ??je1840 Frances (Fanny) Tillotson [DPB; see also PJ]
_n " It appears from an Oxford paper of June 5th 1840 that our son Jared Pierpont was married at Smithville Chenango County & State of N.Y. by Elder Miller to Fanny daughter of Abraham Tillotson of the same place." [DPB]
20>1653661 Jared Le Grand P- 16no1842(OxfordNY)-?? dwi(?)
_n "On the 27th of May 1840, Le Grand Adolphus dies" [DPB; presumably person for whom the child was named]
_n PJ refers to legal docs mentioning him and his mother
_n [DPB] "It appears from Jared’s letter dated Smithville March 13th 1843 that his son named Le Grand Adolphus was born (at Smithville where they still reside) on the 16th day of November 1842.Our son Jared, his wife & child all arrived here on the 26th of November 1846 (Thanksgiving Day) intending a visit for the winter. We had never seen his wife and child before – he commenced teaching [at] a school in Hamden on the 1st of December, was then taken sick & got home on the 11th, had taught the school 9 days. He died on the 19th of December 1846 at 8 o’clock in the evening (32-1/2) was buried on the 21st – his wife and child stayed with us until the 21st of January 1847 (except about one week with Elias) when they took a passage on the 6am & returned home.Said child was baptized at our house by the Rev. M Everest on the 12th day of Jan 1847 & called Jared Lagrand,[witnessed by uncle] Elias, his wife, Garnet and Rufus-Shonias"
20>165367 Rufus P- (Cpt) 03/05/1818-07/30{31}/1855
_o started store in 1848
_n [DPB] "
Rufus Pierpont was taken suddenly bleeding at the lungs on Thursday the 26th July & continued bleeding until the 31st July 1855 when he died aged 37 years & 4 months"
_q PJ has d in au1855
_n some papers in Yale Sterling Library
+m 09/14/1847(Wby) Harriet Richards (WestminsterVT) ????-/1918
_s one of 13 children
_p Luther Abijah Richards (VT) +m ?? [PJ]
_fo owned a big store in BellowsFallsVT
20>1653671 Elias Richards P- 11/28/1849-01/29/1850 [PJP] dy
_n [DPB] "
His first child was born November 28th 1849. Said child was sick about one week – was baptized by the Rev. M Everest on the 27 of January 1850 – name Elias Richards. Said child died on the 29 of January 1850"
20>1653672 Daniel Hobart P- 05/08/1851(NorthHavenCT)-05/17/1874 [PJP] dy
_e Yale 1871 (civil engineering) [PJP] [Yale bios]; [DPB] "graduated at the Scientific College New Haven class of 1871"
_h caught pneumonia surveying New Haven harbor, died

20>1653673 Joseph P- 03/11/1853-02/04/1934 [PJP]
_e CheshireCT Academy
_o built and ran store in North Haven CT, with bro George

_c1900 Joseph P- mr1853 (age 47)
_c1910 NorthHaven (age 57)
_c1920 NorthHaven (ag 56/66), wife Harriet (age 66), grandson John P Brockett
_c1930 North Haven census (age 77), no wife, son & dau in law, grandson & dau
+m 05/20/1875(NHavenCT) Harriet (Hattie) Blanch Brockett se1854-1929 ag75
_n her mother died when Hattie was about 15, so she lived with a
_n2= Brockett family in North Haven, about 5 miles from Joseph P-
_o taught elementary school (all grades) in one room school
_b see letters from her son Joseph to his granddaughters, 1974
_b2= especially stories about her Morgan horse, recreation
_b3= he claims to have a diary of hers, ca 1870
wife Harriet B se1854 (age 65 sic!)
_q her son Joseph claims she was born ca 1850 (1974 letter to Pat)
20>16536731 Grace Genevieve P- 11/16/1877-03/19/1943 [PFM34]
_c1900 Grace G Brockett (dau no1877, age 32)
_q letter from her brother Joseph P- says she was b 1876
+m /???? Frank Brockett
20>165367311 John P. Brockett mr1900(NY)- (LngIsl)
John Brockett (mr1900), 1910 (age 10)
20>165367312 Daniel R. Brockett c1903(WVA)-06/07/1934
_c1910 NorthHaven (age 7)
20>165367313 Grace Caroline Brockett c1906(WVA)- [PFM34+]
_c1910 NorthHaven (age 4)
+m /???? Mortimer Stanley (Branford)
20>1653673131 Mortimer Stanley
20>1653673132 Grace Stanley
20>165367314 Mary Laird Brockett /1907(IL)- (Detroit)
_c1910 NorthHaven (age 2)
20>16536732 Richards Brockett P- 11/12/1881-05/07/1951(NrH)
_q letter from his brother Joseph says he was b 1882
_c1900 Richards B P- (no1881 age 18), 1910 (age 27, "grocery story")
+m /???? __
20>165367321 Marium P-
20>1653673211 Joseph P-
20>165367322 Richard P-
20>16536733 Joseph J. P- jr 03/26/1888- [PJP] (NrH)
_e Yale 1910
_c1900 Joseph P- (mr1888 age 12), 1910 (age 22), 1920 NewHaven (age 31)
_b see letters to granddaughters in 1974, about his mother, boyhood, etc.
_n born at time of blizzard of 1888
+m 01/10/1914 Harriet Pearl Goodspeed /1893-/???? [PJP]
_a New Haven CT
_c1920 NewHaven (age 24)
_c1930 North Haven census (age 38), with son & dau
20>165367331 Joseph Richards P- 01/31/1916-03/15/1989 (NrH) [PJP]
_e Yale 1936
_c1920 NewHaven (age 4)
_c1930 North Haven census (age 14)
+m 07/07/1940 Eleanor Veronica Houck 07/08/1917- [PJP]
_a1997 DelrayBeachFL; formerly Brooklyn NY [PFA98]
_o Prudential Life Ins office (19 yrs), North Haven Town Hall (6 yrs)
20>1653673311 Carole A. P- 05/08/1947- [PJP][PFA98]
_a1998 DelrayBeachFL
_e Cortland BA 1969
20>1653673312 Patricia E. P- 04/03/1951- [PJP]
_a1991-97 Coral Springs FL 33065
_e Kentucky BA 1973, Sonoma State MA 1979
+m 10/26/1975 Leonard E. DeRoeck iii 02/15/1950-
20>1653673312? Jacquelynn DeRoeck [PFA98]
_a CoralSpringsFL
20>165367332 Eleanor Pearl P- 03/16/1919-04/01/1986 [PJP]
_c1920 NewHaven (age 8 mos)
_c1930 North Haven census (age 11)
20>1653674 George Rufus P- 09/03/1854-???? [PJP] (WV)
_a moved to Salem VA (bought a brickyard there)
+m /???? Anna Cheney
20>1654 James(2) P- 10/02/1732(NwHvnCT)-12/27/1815
+m /???? Lydia Mansfield /1731(??)-12/15/1814
_p "probably" John Mansfield 02je1704-je1751 & Sarah Brockett 26au1702-?? [PJ]
20>16541 Mary P- /1756|7-06/27/1832(Wallingford) [ag 75]
_g "gravestone at Wallingford" [PJ]
+m1 10/20/1774 cpt Timothy Andrews 27ap1749-27au1789
+m2 01/06/1799 Lent Hough 04ap1750-08oc1837
_a from Wallingford {PJ]
20>16542 Thomas P- /1760[?]-03/28/1795(West Indies)
_q is this the Thomas P- mentioned as a Chorister in 1792 NrH Annals?
_b TD#71
_om prv 6th co 1st reg in 1775 [PJ] (very young!)
_n a Thomas P- (b c 1761, d ag 51) entered USA in 1812 (NY State) [IL8195]
_n1 1790 NrH CT Census; head of household 2 1 3
_n2 diff from Thomas P- of Middletwon, in military in 1776 and 1778-81
+m 12/13/1781 Elizabeth Bishop 10/16/1759-03/21/1829 [+m2 Peter Hall]
_q PJ says "died about 1836"
_p James Bishop +m Patience Todd
20>165421 Hannah P- /1785|6-01/24/1816 [ag 30]
20>165422 Andrew P- 12/13/1788-12/31/1819(NrH)
+m 12/31/1811 Mercy Barnes 05/30/1789-05/20/1840
_p Joshua Barnes +m Mercy Tuttle
20>1654221 Louann P- 23ja1813-29fe1848
+m 24oc1836 John D. Post
20>1654222 Charles Thomas P- 14mr1814-10no1863
+m 24no1836 Grace Todd 1816-1907
20>1654223 Hannah Rebecca P- 13ja1816-25ja1864
20>1654224 Byard Barnes P- 27oc1817-?? dwi
_n PJ notes that he is usually called Byard A(ndrew) P-
+m 21se1851 Eunice Tuttle 19ja1827-15ap1879
_p Zerah P- Tuttle +m Maria Todd
+m2[?] 1883(Boston) Byard A. P- [NEHGS MA vital recs]
20>1654225 Eunetia 11se1819-?? dwi
20>165423 Edward P- /1791(?)-09/05/1794 dy [ag 3]
20>165424 Noyes P- /1793?(bp 03/16/1794)-09/05/1794 dy [ag 1]
20>165425 Thomas P- /1794|5(bp 11/22/1795)-10/20/1812 [ag /17]
_q PJ has d 19se1812
20>16543 John P- /1760(bp 04/04/1762)-12/30/1851 [ag 91]
_n0 NrH Revol War celeb; see article (& NARWPR under "Pierpoint")
_n1 pvt/gunner, Cpt Joseph Thomas' Co, Col Lamb's Regim of NY artillery
_n2 defended NewHaven with cannon, moved them to Hudson River vs ship Vulture
_n3 later served at Yorktown, also was at Monmouth battle in NJ?
_n4 discharge certif 9jun1783; Bounty Land Warrant Record Card 23oct1790
_n5 pension of $8 per month; aged 57 in apr1818 NwH; name Pierpoint
_n6 last living survivor of war of independence?
_g Elm Street cem NewHaven [photo of gravestone by Paul Miserendino]
+m 02/26/1789 Ruth Stiles 04/01/1760-02/02/1847(NrH)
_p Isaac Stiles +m Mabel Clark (NrH) [HO#238]
_k her uncle was Ezra Stiles, pres of Yale
20>165431 Leonard P- /1789(?)-09/12/1855(NrH) [ag 66]
+m 01/??/1814{csn=23>331} Nancy P- 01/09/1792-07/08/1878 [ag 86]
_n somehow related to this complex group are Almira P- Jones 1829-
20>1654311 Sarah Jeannette 15no1815-??
+m 18au1839 James M. Caul
20>1654312 John Russell au1816-20au1874
+m ?? Mercy Elvira Blakeslee
_p Levi Blakeslee
20>165431212 Josephine W P- 6fe1893(NwH)-12jl1956(NwH)
+m 1913 Eugene W Bartholomew 17se1884(NwH)-31Jl1960(OrangeCT)
20>1654312121 Eugene Willet Bartholomew 12se1914-9au1957(EstH)
+m Janice Lavinia Auger 1911-2011
20>16543121211 Barbara Bartholomew
+m Libby
20>16543121212 Eugene H Bartholomew 11ap1937-13de2008
+m Patricia (NrtH)
20>165431212121 Debra Bartholomew (KillingworthCT)
+m Doug Brown
20>165431212122 Gene Bartholomew (ChesterCT)
+m Allison
20>165431212123 Greg Bartholomew (GuilfordCT)
+m Joy
20>16543121213 Bruce G Bartholomew 1944-2004
20>1654312122 Mason J Bartholomew 20my1925(NwH)-29ap1990(SouthingtonCT)
+m Marion
20>1654312123 Barbara Bartholomew 1927
20>165431213 Alice Ella P- 12ja1894
+m Joseph Hilmer Jacobson 19mr1893-1975
20>1654312131 Ella Bena Jacobson 1914(NwH)
+m Thomas Edward Fanning
20>16543121311 son
20>1654312132 Clifford H Jacobson 1915
20>1654312133 Harold P- Jacobson 26jl1916(NorthfordCT)-31mr1994(MeridenCT)
+m Alma Granger 25de1919-28no1999(NorthfordCT)
20>16543121331 Linda Ann P- Granger 13jl1952(MeridenCT)
20>1654312134 Irving R Jacobson 3au1919(NwH)-15jn1991(NwH)
+m 6ja1962 Dorothy J Tierney
20>1654312135 Evelyn M Jacobson 1924
20>165431214 Frank Stiles P- 5fe1896
+m Elizabeth
20>165431215 Frances P- 5se1897
20>165431216 Adah Irene P- 27no1900-oc1979
+m Appleby
+m John Colbert (NwH)
20>165431217 George E P- 1ja1903-28no1967(YoungtownOH)
+m Helen
20>165431218 Edna Edora P- 1906-1985
+m1 Oliver H Abel 7oc1906-10ja1987(GuilfordCT)
20>1654312181 Lillian Abel 1926
20>1654312182 Dorothy Abel 1927
+m2 Benson Meyer
20>165431219 Shepard Julius P- 1909-17ap1956(NwH)
+m Anna Gottstein -1970
20>1654312191 Robert Shepard P- 8se1934(NwH)
+m1 Rose Marie _ (dv)
20>16543121911 Dianne P-
20>165431219111 Garrett P-
20>16543121912 Lynne P-
+m Michael Mahon
20>165431219121 ____
20>165431219122 Cora Mahon
+m2 Diana Jean Signorelli (dv 1970)
20>16543121913 Russell Robert P- 28jl1965(NwH)
+m Tammy J Brewer (dv 2005)
20>165431219131 Nicholas Michael P- 16de1996(HuntingtonNY)
20>165431219132 Robert Shepard P- II 16no1998(SomervilleNJ)
20>165431219133 Michael Todd P- 11ap2000(ElktonMD)
20>16543121914 Michael P- 9fe1967
20>165431219141 Nicole Katherine P- 13no2009
+m3 Greta L Muller
20>16543121915 Eve P- 1997
20>1654312192 Dorothy Ann P- 27fe1936(NrH)-27ja2012 [PFA Reunion 2000]
+m Patrick J Fortier
20>16543121921 Patrick J Fortier Jr -1986
20>16543121922 Kenneth Fortier
+m Valerie
20>165431219221 Krystal Fortier
20>165431219222 Kenneth Fortier Jr
20>1654312193Richard James P- 1939(WstH)
+m Louise _
20>16543121931 Richard P- (NrH)
+m MaryLou
20>165431219311 son
20>165431219312 dau
20>16543121932 Ronald P-
20>1654312194 Betty Jane P- (WstH)
+m Kenneth Ritter
20>16543121941 Karen Ritter
20>16543121a Rob Roy P- 1910

20>1654313 Julia Eliza P- 02jl1820-??
+m 19je1842 Joseph Chipman
20>1654314 Cornelia Rosette P- 1823-??
+m 25no1847 George R. Cooper
20>1654315 Horace P- de1825-06je1863(BatonRougeLA hosp)
_om Civil War, died while in army [g BatonRougeLA; Archives record]
+m 25oc1846 Almira Jones
20>165432 Polly P- 07/??/1791(bp 11/09/1794)-02/19/1888
+m 12/29/1813 Augustus Munson 20au1788-03se1873
_q +m no (not de) [PJ]
20>165433 __ P- [inf] /1793-09/05/1793 dy
20>165434 Alfred P- /1795?(bp 04/05/1795)-09/22/1870 [ag 74]
+m 12/04/1821 Elizabeth {Eliza PJ} Potter 1801-02oc1888 ag87
20>1654341 Almira P- 29oc1823-04no1853 [NEHGS recs NorthfordCT]
+m 03je1844 Bela H. Foote 
b. June 28, 1816-July 8, 1893 [NorthfordCT  cem, NEHGS]
Mary Birdsey, his wife, b. Feb. 5, 1828-May 15, 1912 [NEHGS]
20>1654342 Adaline P-
+m 04je1851 John Henry Frost
20>1654343 Martha P-
+m 07se1853 Samuel F. Potter 11au1825-06je1874
20>165435 Elisa/Eliza P- /1798?(bp 01/21/1798)-1875|6
+m /???? Harvey/Hervey Treat
20>165436 Almira P- /1801?(bp 06/21/1801)-03/12/1880 [ag 79]
+m 02/14/1821 Jabez Turner Potter 17ja1796-01se1871
20>165437 Emilia P- /1802?(bp 07/29/1804)-05/07/1891 ag88/11
+m 02/15/1825 Erastus Robinson
20>16544 James P- /1763[?](bp 07/22/1764)-/1830
+m1 {c/1792} Lucinda Todd\8 04/22/1770-03/24/1804
_b TD#223 "had 7 sons and one dau who +m __ Hart" (NrH) [no details]
_p Gideon Todd +m Prudence Tuttle +m2 06/15/1806 wd Esther Clinton Jacobs 08/05/1760-05/14/1842
20>165441 Noyes P- /1794(?)-09/04/1834 [ag 40]
_n PJ says estate insolvent
_g PJ names of children from family monument in WallingfordCT cem
+m /???? Belinda Parker ??(Wallingford)-02/02/1881 [ag 85]
_q d 02ja1881 PJ
_p Levi Parker
20>1654411 George P- 1824(?)-20au1877
+m Mary E. ?? ??-29jl1851 ag22/6
20>1654412 Lydia R. P- 1826-22my1851
+m Edward Curtis
20>1654413 James N. P- 1832-??
_n in 1851 ag19 chose Edward Curtis as guardian [PJ]
+m1 Celia A. ?? 15se1839-08no1865
+m2 Ella J. ?? 02my1849-09my1868
20>1654414 Maryette 1834-09no1836 dy
20>165442 Delia/Fidelia P- 07/10/1800-08/12/1885
+m /???? James Hart
20>16545 Bede/Bedotha P- /1767(bp 06/26/1767)-06/09/1810(NwH) [ag42]
_q bp 1768 [PJ] also b 03my1768 SBerieis website = LDS file #PT9L-11
_g Montowese cem NwHCT
+m 05/29/1794 Newbury Button 1765{?}-13de1843 [ag78] (Mentowese Cem)
20>16546 Susanna P- /1770(bp 02/24/1771)-11/02/1858 [ag 88]
+m 11/25/1796 cpt Nathan Marks 1772{?}-11my1828 [ag56]
20>16547 Sarah P- /1773(bp 03/28/1773)-03/28/1773 dy
20>16548 Elida P- /1774[?](bp 08/20/1775)-??
_a1803 NrH "conveyed land to Ruth, wife of John P-" [PJ]
_x apparently not Eliada or Elinda (see Julia's gravestone)
_q is he father or grandfather of following group? See Eliad P- of Avon?
+m /???? Julia __ /1805|6[?]-09/17/1842 [GS Wlctt aged 36{not 56}]
_gs Wolcott ctr; calls husband Elida P- (twice); AE 36
20>16548h Adelia A. P- /1827|8-07/30/1843(Wolcott) dy [ag 15]
20>16548i Julia T. P- 04/??/1833-08/31/1835(Wolcott) dy [ag 2yr 4mo]
_gs date of d on gs possibly Aug. 21. 1835, middle initial could be J.
20>16548k Morgan P- 11/??/1841-01/04/1843(Wolcott) dy [ag 2yr 2mo]
20>1655 Dorothy P- 1733- dy
20>1656 Benjamin P- 01/07/1734|5(NrHvnCT)-09/20/1812
_n1 1790 NrH CT Census; head of household 2 1 2
+m 10/17/1765 Sarah Blakeslee 05/13/1738-10se1794
_p Isaac Blakesley +m Mary Frost (NrH) [BL#12: f Ebenezer f Samuel]
20>16561 Benjamin P- 09/04/1766-02/02/1821(NrH) [ag 54]
_n bp St.John's Church (NrH) 1780 [PJ]
+m 11/04/1795 Susanna Brockett /1771|2-05/09/1844 [ag 72]
_q PJ has b about 1770 d 09my1841
_p Benjamin Brockett +m Althea Ray
20>165611 Sarah P- 09/24/1796-06/15/1797 dy
20>165612 Miles P- 12/15/1798-02/02/1878 dwi [ag 79]
_q PJ has d in ja (not fe)
20>165613 David P- 02/23/1801-05/22/1857 dwi [ag 56]
20>165614 Lavinia P- 02/14/1804-09/26/1874 dwi
20>165615 Lois P- 01/13/1806-
+m[2] 11/09/1834 Horace Stiles 05/31/1801-01/06/1840(NrH) [HO#1185]
_n [+m1] 09/26/1826 Harriet Thorp
_p Isaac Clark Stiles +m Eunice Blakeslee (NrH) [HO#454]
20>165616 Eunice P- 01/21/1808-12/06/1808 dy
20>165617 Sala P- 12/25/1809-08/26/1848
+m 10/10/1832 Hannah Smith /1813(bp 01/07/1814)-04/02/1864(NorH) [ag50]
_q PJ has d in au (not ap)
20>1656171 Alice C. P-
20>1656172 Mary Cornelia P-
+m 30de1854 Horace Jones (NorthfordCT)
20>1656173 Croswell E. P-
20>1656174 Franklin W. P-
20>165618 Charlotte P- 01/01/1812-?? dwi
+m 05/01/1834 Henry M. Blakeslee
20>165619 Bela P- 01/01/1815-04/08/1870(NrH) dwi [ag 55]
20>16562 Philemon P- /1779(bp /1780)-02/23/1865(NrH) [ag 85]
_q TD#627 avd [DPB] spell it Phillaman or Philaman
+m1 01/22/1801 Mehitable/Mehetable Sackett\5 08/03/1782-05/16/1834[ag 52]
_q TD#627 spells it Mehitable Sacket
_p Eli Sackett +m Sarah ??
+m2 05/28/1835 wd Bede Blakeslee Brockett /1780?(bp /1780)-03/28/1842
_p Joel Blakeslee +m Elizabeth Sackett
_m [+m1] Thomas Brockett
20>165621 Merritt/Meritt Sackett P- 10/08/1799-23de18?? [DPB] (bow)
_q spelled Merrit [DPB]
_a moved to OxfordNY [PJ] before 15au1826 [DPB]
+m 06/15/1823{csn=23>361} Bede P- 12/10/1800-02/21/1851(OxfordNY)(Ag in 51st yr [sic DPB])
_q d 22fe1851 "after a long and distressing illness produced from the effects of a cancer" [DPB]
20>1656211 Daniel Lorenzo P- 14au1824(OxfordNY)-??no1828? dwi
_q b 15au [DPB]
20>1656212 Bede Eliza P- 10se1826(OxfordNY)-??
+m ?? __ McAlpin (OxfordNY)
20>1656213 Harriet Ann P- 18se1828(OxfordNY)-18ap1855
_n [DPB] "died at the residence of her uncle Elias Pierpont in New Haven on the 18th day of April 1885 age 26 years & 7 months"
20>165622 __ 05/01/1802-07/25/1802 dy
20>165623 Jared P- 01/13/1809-08/13/1872
+m 03/25/1833 Anna Loisa Todd 09/30/1807-12/13/1892
_b TD#623 calls her Anna Louisa, gives b date, not much more!
_q PJ calls her Loiza Todd, with death date and ag88[!]
_g tombstone in NorthHavenCT for "Anna L." gives death date, aged 85
_p Oliver Todd 1764-1847 +m Betsey Smith 1768-1848 [TD#293]
20>1656231 Sarah Mehitabel P- 09mr1835-??
20>1656232 Betsey Loiza P- 01mr1840-21je1852 dy
20>165624 Betsey/Betsy P- 03/01/1813-02/02/1894
_q TD#627 gives "Betsey" [=PJ]; d date as 01/02/1894, in WakemanOH
+m 08/28/1834 George Todd\4 09/25/1810(NrH)-04/06/1853(WakemanOH)
_p Joel Todd +m Mabel Mansfield
_b TD#627
20>1656241 Merritt Edwin Todd dy TD#627
20>1656242 Edgar Merritt Todd TD#1200
20>1656243 Edwin Dennis Todd TD#1201
20>1656244 Ellen Georgiana Todd TD#1202
+m /???? Rv Edward Dencombe Irvine\3
20>165625 Jason (Jessie) P- 09/11/1819-07/06/1890
+m 02/23/1845 Martha A. Crowell\6 05/21/1826-07/10/1891
20>1656251 Ruel D. P- 12/06/1845-01/18/1940 [PFM02(1925) pres]
_o partner & clerk at Spencer & Pierpont provisions store (Wby)
_a old store at Hayden St (east of Mill), new at EMain & Mill
_b WbyAmer 01/20/1940 art
_n 1st President of PFA (1925)
_q PJ spells name Reuel, gives b as 01 (not 06) de
20>1656252 Esther Maria P- 10/31/1849-03/27/1930 [PFM25,30 age80]
+m /???? George Marcellus
20>16562521 Jennie L. Grilley [PFM27-29] (Derby)
+m {c/1900?} David Lee
_q ancestor of Mr & Mrs David Lee Shelton [PFL]? or see? 20>16222114
20>165625211 Edward P- Lee {c/1905}-
20>16562522 Ella E. Grilley [PFM25] ????-05/03/1955(Troy NY) [PFM28]
+m /???? Dr Joseph Scripture Holroyd ??-03/05/1928 [PFM#05]
20>165625221 Normond Scripture Holroyd
_a1938 TroyNY [PFA dist cup]
+m 11/12/1928 Isabell(a) Violet Pickering [PFM29 -bell]
20>1656253 Ellen A. P- 12/04/1851-12/26/1924 [PFM25]
_q called Ellen Bertha in a note in RAK files
+m /???? Frederick J. Chatfield
20>16562531 Frank Chatfield
20>16562532 Ruel Chatfield
+m /???? Ruth Downs
20>165625321 Bernise Chatfield
20>16562533 Bertha May Chatfield 1881-11/0?/1969 [PFM25]
_a1969 49 S Elm, WallingfordCT
_n obit 11/05/69; survived only by a cousin, Alice Myers (NaugtckCT)
_r St. Paul's Episcopal Church
_g Riverside cem (WbyCT)
20>1656254 Sarah Eliza P- 26jl1854-20mr1855 dy 7mo22da
20>1656255 Edwin J. P- 10/19/1858-02/15/1936 [PFM27]
_q PFM27 has "Edward" but not a signature! Edwin is correct.
+m 10jn1897 (MaricopaAZ) Wilna A. Sturgis 26jl1870?-03mr1931 [PFM26 "Mr. & Mrs. E. J. P-; PFM27 "Mr. & Mrs. Edward P-]
_a Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ (1900 Census)
_g Manasota Burial Park FL
_n info from Mileen Hazard Gunther, 24mr2012 [rose2010krg<gmail>]

20>16562551 Mildred Iola P- 17au1898(SantaBarbaraCA)-??mr1985(ErieNY) [PFM26]
+m /?? Seth B. Henshaw ?? [PFL "Mr & Mrs"]
+m2? 1937? Maurice Henry Hazard 18je1903-28no1980 [bro of James Willet Hazard m
16562564 Grace P- ]
_g MapleRestCem PortervilleNY

20>165625511 Willet Edwin Hazard 19no1938-04ap1941[dy -- drowned ag 2; Salamanca Republican Press 04ap1941 pg3]

_n birth announcement & newspaper clippings regarding the drowning in Edwin A. Hazard sr possession

_g Riverside Cem RochesterNY

20>165625512 Edwin Arthur Hazard sr 16jl1944-
_a2012 RochesterNY
+m 03se1966 (Rev) Ida H. Goller 28de1941-15no2009 ag 67
_o Roberts Wesleyan College, First Assembly of God
_g FallsCem GreeceNY
_n (obit lists 9 grandchildren: Ethan, Aidan, Charis, Caleb, Bethany, Faith, Lydia, Joshua, Kaitlin)

20>1656255121 Edwin A. Hazard jr
+m Michelle ??
20>16562551211 Ethan E. Hazard
20>16562551212 Aidan G. Hazard
20>16562551213 Ashton L. Hazard

20>1656255122 Crystal L. Hazard
+m Marty J. Zdrojewski (BarkerNY)
20>16562551221 Charis L. Zdrojewski
20>16562551222 Caleb J. Zdrojewski
20>16562551223 Bethany I. Zdrojewski
20>16562551224 Faith E. Zdrojewski
20>16562551225 Lydia C. Zdrojewski
20>16562551226 Joshua J. Zdrojewski
20>16562551227 Andrew P. Zdrojewski

20>1656255123 Mileen A. Hazard
+m ???? Karl William Gunther iii dv
20>16562551231 Kaitlin R. Gunther
20>1656256 Wilfred Ellis P- 04/30/1863-03/08/1949(Wtwn) [PFM25, PFR]
_n chr of founding committee for PFA (1924)
+m 04/30/1884 Sarah Elizabeth Slater 06/14/1862-02/27/1944 [PFM25+]
_a before marriange WolcottCT
_g for them both, photo in RAK album
20>16562561 Evelyn P- [f] 03/06/1885-11/15/1942 [PFM25?]
_q b 1883 acc to RAK file note; gravestone has 1884
_g photo in RAK album, stone includes Robert P. Jones (1923-1983)[below]
+m /???? William T.[or K.] Nolan
20>16562562 Mabel P- 07/12/1887-02/17/1976 [PFM27]
_n listed in PFM27 as "Mabelle" but PFM68 etc "Mabel"
+m[2] {pre/1923} A. Burton Jones [PFM27]
20>16562562z A. Burton Jones jr
_n child of previous +m of A. Burton Jones
20>165625621 Robert P- Jones 04/04/1923-01/21/1983 (Wby) [PFM27]
_g photo in RAK album; on same stone as aunt Evelyn [above]
20>16562563 Wilfred Ellis P- jr 12/01/1896(Wtwn)-11/22/1977 [PFM26]
_a PFM33 lists as Rochester NY
_om ww1 USA pvt 26th Div
_n PFA29 = 4th pres
+m /???? Josephine Mary Boyle 07/28/1890-09/11/1976 [PFM27+]
_om ww1 RedCross Nurse (Europe)
20>165625631 Wilfred Ellis P- iii 01/31/1920-02/09/1977 [PFM27]
_om ww2 + Korea USN Naval Cadet - Lt
+m1 ?? Ustan Cotton ????-02/08/1949(Wby)
+m2 07/22/1950(Wtwn) Victoria Farnell Benjamin wd?
20>1656256311 Wilfred Ellis P- iv 03/27/1952(NYC)-
20>165625632 Eleanor May P- 08/28/1922- [PFM26][PFA98-00](@p97-98)
+m 04/26/1952(Wtwn) John Irving Suydam 01/29/1926-02oc2003 [PFA99-00]
_a NewCanaanCT; b? JamaicaLINY
20>165625633 Richard Ruel P- 07/03/1925(Wby)-03/21/1998(FalmouthMA) [PFM83-84]
_a1994 FalmouthMA [PFAcup]
_e BA1953 Hartford Art Schl
_om ww2 USN MOMM3/c
_o advertising & sales
_x SPEBSQSA Barbershop Quartet Soc (42 years)
_h brain tumor hemorrhage
_n left stepchld: Stephen Pitschke (WellesleyMA), Hope Adkins (ConcordNH)
_n2 (stepchld) Gail Camden (SoudertonPA), Joan Palmer (NorwellMA)
_g Woodlawn cem WellesleyMA
+m1 03/19/1949(Wby) Barbara Louise Verchot 04ja1928-07ap2005 [PFR]
+m2 05/15/1976 Nancy Bird [PFM83-4][PFA98]
20>1656256331 Richard Ruel P- jr 03/26/1954-
_a1998 RaymondME
+m 05/12/1979 Bonnie McLellen
20>16562563311 Erin P- 12/24/1980-
+m ???? Adam Dunbar
20>165625633111 Gretchen Mae Dunbar 20ap2011-
20>16562563312 Eric P- 05/22/1984-
20>1656256332 Jo-Ann P- 04/26/1957- [PFA83,pr2005-10][PFA 2013]
_a1998 BrooklynCT
_e  BA(psychology, PBK) de1979 UME(Orno); MS (education) my1997 EastCTState
_n "Jo-Ann" is correct, not JoAnn [PFM89], but Jo Ann [PFA95]
+m 04/13/1979 Jeffrey Hayward\2 08/15/1952-  (dv 1991)
_a2004 ME
+m 02oc2004 David Randolph Cope [PFA 2013]
_n dau Sarah Grace Cope graduated Watkinson HS 06je2008
_n2 son Scott Barton Cope graduated Glastonbury High, CT, 22je2011
20>16562563321 Kirstin Hayward 09/17/1981- [PFA04]
_e BA (journalism) 2004 UME(Orno)
20>165625633211 Audrey Joann Hayward 25ma1902(BangorME)-
20>16562563322 Andrew Hayward 05/12/1984-
20>165625634 Joan Elizabeth P- 06/11/1926- [PFM29+,00]
_n PFM33 incorrectly has "Joan Patricia" (should be Joan Elizabeth)
+m 06/01/1946 (NewtwnCT) Michael J. Carosielli (BrdgprtCT) {date?}
_a1996 LancasterPA
20>1656256341 Michael J. Carosielli jr 01/22/1947(BrdgprtCT)-08/12/1994
_a1986 LancasterPA; 1982-86 StroudsburgPA; 1978-82 HarrisburgPA
_e Contestoga Valley HS 1965; Villanova 1969 (marketing)
_i Lancaster New Era 08/14/1994 (obit)
_l Rotary Club, Hamilton Club, Lancaster Jaycees
_o vp & sales mgr Engle-Hambright & Davies; 1982-90 pres Crowe Insur Co
_o2 pres Central PA Chapter of Chartered Property Casulty Insur Agents 1981
_o3 pres Garden Spot Assn of Independent Insur Agents
_o4 vpres Lancaster County Assn of Insur Agents
_r Highland Presby Ch
+m 12/13/1969 Ann Henry 10/14/1947-
20>16562563411 Brian R. Carosielli 09/24/1974- [PFA98]
+m ???? Heather __
20>165625634111 Olivia Carosielli 16my2008-
20>16562563412 Todd M. Carosielli 02/25/1976-
20>1656256342 Richard Anthony Carosielli 07/03/1950(BrdgprtCT)- [PFA99-00]
_a1996 KensingtonCT; 2004  HobeSoundFL
+m 08/02/1969 Susan Schlegel 11/20/1950- [PFA98-00]
20>16562563421 Marc Carosielli 01/28/1970-
+m ?? Sherry __
20>165625634211 Matthew Carosielli tw 02ap1999-
20>165625634212 Michael Carosielli tw 02ap1999-
20>16562563422 Jennifer Lynn Carosielli 10/12/1973-
+m 12fe2000 Gerard Michael Stanke
20>1656256343 Sharon Ann Carosielli 09/26/1951(LvplNY)-
_a1998 SewellNJ [PFA98,00]
+m 06/10/1970 Herbert J. Rife 10/12/1948- [PFA98]
20>16562563431 Julie Ann Rife 04/05/1975- [PFA98,00]
_e oc2007 Doctor of Psychology
+m ???? __ Freese

20>16562563432 Alyson Rife 03/12/1980-

+m ???? Jeffrey Moorer

20>165625634321 Kylee Moorer 15oc2010-
20>165625635 John Boyle P- 12/11/1932- [PFA98-00]
_a1990 Harvey School, Katonah NY [1988]
_a1994 FlemingtonNJ (retired, doing music research and composition)
_a1996 PenningtonNJ (music minister, St. James Church)
_om Korea USAF S/Sgt 5th AirForce
+m1 09/01/1956 Kathleen Donnellon\3 04/24/1933-
+m2 08/24/1985 Anne Parkin\1 02/04/1949- [PFA98-00]
20>1656256351 John Boyle P- jr 04/03/1966- [PFM89]
+m 08/26/1986 Katherine Domilewski 10/03/1967- [PFM89]
20>16562563511 John Boyle P- iii 11/22/1987-
20>16562563512 Robert Bernard P- 08/04/1989-
20>16562563513 Daniel Readey P- 12/03/1991-
20>1656256352 David Kenneth P- 08/12/1967-
+m 11/10/1991 Donna Pisani 08/25/1968-
20>16562563521 Rebecca Marie P- 01/12/1994-
20>16562563522 David William P- 05/29/1996-
20>16562563523 Nicole Elizabeth P- 13se1997-
20>16562563524 Eric Michael P- 14ap2000-
20>1656256353 Matthew Richard P- 04/08/1971- [PFA05]
_a2005 Yonkers NY
+m Audrey __ [PFA05]
20>16562563531 Belle P- [PFA05]
20>16562563532 Brynn P- [PFA05]
20>16562563533 Matthew Hayden P- 10no2004- [PFA05]
20>1656256354 Sarah Anne Goulding P- 07/28/1986- [PFA98-99]
20>16562564 Grace P- 06/03/1900-06/06/1988 (WSpfld MA)
_a1978 LakePlacidFL {?} [PFA dist cup], 1979 WestfieldMA
+m 08/10/1930 James Willet Hazard 15se1901-
_n brother Mr &
16562551 Mrs Maurice Hazard (EAurora NY) [PFL]
20>165625641 Barbara Jean Hazard 10/12/1934- (WSpringf MA)
+m 06/07/1956 Robert Bozenhard
20>1656256411 Lynn Bozenhard 09/22/1957-
+m 05/03/1980 Robert Pagliaro
20>16562564111 Rebecca Lynn Pagliaro 05/17/1984-
20>16562564112 David Andrew Pagliaro 03/21/1988-
20>1656256412 Laurie Bozenhard 10/05/1960-
+m 03/31/1984 Jeffrey Moller
20>16562564121 Andrea Marie Moller 01/19/1986-
20>16562564122 Sandra Moller 09/01/1988-
20>1656256413 William Robert Bozenhard 04/04/1965-
+m 10/08/1989 Leann Jennings
20>165625642 Sandra Louise Hazard 05/16/1937- [PFA98]
_a1998 NAttleboroMA
+m1 12/27/1958 David Quackenbush
+m2 02/15/1986 Roy Juusola [PFA98]
20>1656256421 Cynthia Quackenbush 11/15/1960-
+m 09/07/1985 James Hanifin
_a1998 WalpoleMA
20>16562564211 James John Hanifin 07/18/1989-
20>1656256422 Barbara Quackenbush 02/19/1962-
+m 08/27/1988 Leonard Hall
_a1998 BloomfieldNJ
20>16562564221 Peter Jonathon Hall tw 03/23/1991-
20>16562564222 David Andrew Hall tw 03/23/1991-
20>1656256423 Elizabeth Jean Quackenbush 01/19/1966-
+m 05/18/1991 Donald Malcom Scott
_a1998 PlainvilleMA
20>165625643 James P- Hazard 03/21/1942-
_email haphazard10 AT netzero.net
_om USAF (early 1960s)
+m 03/03/1962 Melodie Sabourin
20>1656256431 Kimberley Hazard 05/06/1963- [PFM81]
+m 09/17/1988 George J. Quinlan jr
20>16562564311 Allison Marie Quinlan 13mr1996- tw
20>16562564312 Bonnie Lynn Quinlan 13mr1996- tw
20>1656256432 Karen Hazard 01/24/1965- [PFM81]
+m 03/14/1992 Daniel O'Brien
20>16562564321 Jennifer Rose O'Brien 18de1993-
20>16562564322 Kathryn Mary O'Brien 03jl1997-
20>16562564323 Jaimee Hazard O'Brien 01ja1999-
20>1656256433 Theresa Diane Hazard 04/12/1972- [PFM81]
+m Daniel Spaulding dv
_a1998 WSpfldMA
+m2 17se2004 Thomas Zarelli
20>16562564331 John Thomas Zarelli 08se2005-
20>16562564332 Christopher P. Zarelli tw 13de2007-
20>16562564333 Michael J. Zarelli tw 13de2007-
_n 20>165625644 Mabel Hazard, etc, are false entries; see 16562562
20>165626 Sue P- ?[?]
20>1657 Hannah P- 11/12/1736(NwHvnCT)-04/16/1816 (NrH)
+m 07/24/1755 Abel Brockett 11au1725-04au1815
_om soldier Fr & Ind war, Revol
_b story of being struck by lightning on 02au1771, along with wife, Joseph P- & wife, Giles P- & wife (& 2 children) [NEHGS newsp]
_p Moses Brockett 1691-???? +m 1712 Lydia Humiston 1689-????
20>16571 Lucy Brockett /1763?(bp 03/1763)
20>16572 Timothy Brockett /1766?(bp 11/10/1766) (>Galway NY)
20>16573 Hezekiah Brockett /1769?(bp 08/20/1769) (>Hamden)
20>16574 Peter Brockett /1772?(bp 01/12/1772)
20>16575 Hannah Brockett /1774?(bp 05/15/1774)
20>16576 Chauncey Brockett /1777?(bp 03/??/1777)
20>16577 Lyman Brockett /1780(bp 09/07/1780)-/1857
+m /???? Hannah Goodsell [AG4.555]
20>16577h Mary Anne Brockett /1820-/1902
+m /1844 Richard Thompson Porter /1819-/1870
20>16577h1 Helen Alice Porter /1845-/1924
+m {c/1860} James L. Edwards
20>16577h2 Mary Grace Porter /1852-????
+m1 ?? __ Hitchcock
+m2 ?? __ Dorman
20>16577h3 Emily Nancy Porter /1854-/1878
+m /???? Walter Irwin
20>16577h4 Mabel Woodruff Porter 08/29/1858(Naug)-???
_b AG4.555,5.592
+m1 ?? Bryant Pitcher
+m2 10/15/1890 Merritt E. Carter 02/14/1856-07/09/1914 (Meriden)
_p Miles Carter (Clinton)
20>16577h5 Albert Richard Porter /1862-????
+m /???? Mary L. Scott
20>16577h6 Frank Harvey Porter /1865-/1892
20>1658 Mary P- 10/20/1738(RoxburyMA)-06/21/1773
+m 03/31{13}/1756 Richard Brockett 09/11/1727-22fe1813 [will 04/13/1813]
_p Moses Brockett 1691-???? +m 1712 Lydia Humiston 1689-????
_mp John Humiston +m Sarah Tuttle
20>16581 Joseph Brockett 01/17/1757(NrHvnCT)-01/17/1820
+m 05/08/1782(NwHvnCT) Rebecca Tuttle
20>16582 Mary Brockett 03/13/1759(NwHvnCT)-
20>16583 Giles Brockett 04/30/1761(NwHvnCT)-06/02/1842(Wby)
+m 11/17/1785 Sarah Smith 07/10/1768-11/27/1841
20>165831 Sarah (Sally) Brockett 01/20/1789-12/09/1859
+m 1807 Samuel Dickerman Castle 11/03/1784-03/01/1872
_f Phineas Castle 03/25/1731(WdbryCT)-09/28/1815(Wby)
_fp William Castle +m Mary Williams
_m +m 02/12/1767 Mary Dickerman 09/02/1743(HamdenCT)-12/20/1817(Wby)
_mp Samuel Dickerman 1716-1760m1739 Mary Alling 1717-1802
20>1658311 Giles Castle 07/01/1814(CT?)-09/17/1883(DaytonMI)
_g Maple Grove cem (FremontMI)
+m 07/31/1836 Samantha Warren 12/16/1805(NY)-11/18/1898(FremontMI)
_p Peter Warren +m __
_g Maple Grove cem (FremontMI)
20>16583111 Warren B. Castle 1837(NY)-????
+m Libbie __ 1838(NY)-??
20>165831111 Myrta Castle 1863(MI)-??
20>165831112 Jennie Castle 1866(MI)-??
20>16583112 Giles (Goliath) Brockett Castle 04/22/1839-01/29/1928
_a b OneidaCoNY d PawPawMI
_g ProspectHill cem (PawPawMI) sec K 129 grave 5
+m 06/05/1859(ReadingMI) Helen Mariah Western Burgess 1843-02/22/1921
_a d PawPawMI
_g ProspectHill cem (PawPawMI) sec K 129 grave 4
_p __ Burgess +m Lydia Myers
20>165831121 Dickerman Henry Castle 12/12/1864-10/20/1945(PawPawMI)
_a b Reading HillsdaleCO MI
_g ProspectHill cem (PawPawMI)
+m 11/25/1886 Nellie Elizabeth Likely 12/28/1861-02/09/1957
_a b JeffersonMI, d GrRapMI, bur PawPawMI
20>1658311211 Carl Newton Castle sr 10/12/1890-10/03/1971
_a b NrAdams HillsdaleCoMI
+m1 06/03/1911(GrRapMI) Lucille Viola Phebus 06/09/1893-04/17/1959
_a b ChatauguaKS, d MuskegonMI
+m2 1940 Betty Booker ????-1962(MuskegonMI)
+m3 03/06/1965 Gertrude Davidson 09/05/1891-07/11/1980(PawPawMI)
20>16583112111 Evelyn Edna Castle 10/17/1912-
_a b GrRapMI
+m 11/14/1934 Bert Nummerdor
20>165831121111 Suzan Nummerdor
20>165831121112 Dan Nummerdor 05/26/1940-
+m 05/01/1965 Nancy Buchanan
20>1658311211121 Rhonda Nummerdor
20>1658311211122 Michael Nummerdor
20>165831121113 Jeffery Nummerdor 11/09/1945-
+m 06/29/1963 Nancy Adams
20>1658311211131 Judy Nummerdor 02/14/1964-
20>1658311211132 Jeffrey Nummerdor jr 01/22/1965-
20>165831121114 Margaret Nummerdor 01/28/1948-
+m 06/05/1965 Charles Plichta
20>1658311211141 Charles Plichta jr 02/14/1966-
20>1658311211142 James Youngo Plichta 10/15/1975-
20>16583112112 Leona Gladys Castle 02/16/1916-07/01/1994
_a b MuskegonMI, d GrantMI
_g AshlandCtr cem GrantMI
+m 06/16/1932(MuskegonMI) Wallace W. Inman 07/11/1913-
_a b GrRapMI
20>165831121121 Nancie Lu Inman 06/08/1933(MuskegonMI)-
+m 02/09/1957 Charles Francis Ake 02/12/1933-
20>1658311211211 Charles Evan Ake 06/28/1958(SanFranCA)-
20>1658311211212 Kevin Lowell Ake 10/18/1961(MuskegonMI)-
20>1658311211213 David James Ake 08/30/1963(NwPortRI)-
20>165831121122 Anita Marie Inman 12/22/1934(MuskegonMI)-
+m 06/16/1959 Harold Manyard Scott 03/28/1933-
20>1658311211221 Melissa Kathleen Scott 04/10/1960-
_a b MuskegonMI
+m 07/08/1985 Michael R. Yell
20>1658311211222 Steven Harold Scott 01/04/1964-
_a b MuskegonMI
+m 06/16/1983 Kitty Lee Jones
20>16583112112221 Kathleen Winter Scott 10/17/1984-
20>165831121122z Tabitha Nicole Scott 02/07|8/1981-
20>165831121123 Viola Ann Inman 07/28/1940(MuskegonMI)-
+m 10/09/1957 Ronald James Scott 01/31/19??-
20>1658311211231 Mathew Wallace Scott 05/25/1958-
_a b MuskegonMI
+m 06/16//1981 Sharon Rodkey
20>16583112112311 Nathan W. Scott 01/04/1982-
20>16583112112312 Joel Rodney Scott 05/08/1985-
20>1658311211232 Rhonda Kay Scott 01/25/1961-
_a b MuskegonMI
+m 11/21/1981 Craig Hiram Gates
20>16583112112321 Jared Hiram Gates 04/15/1985-
20>1658311211233 Amanda Jo Scott 01/28/1962-
_a b MuskegonMI
+m 07/27/1980 Leland Barnett Sapp
20>16583112112331 Tyler Barnett Sapp 01/02/1983-
20>16583112112332 Elissa Janelle Sapp 12/17/1985-
20>1658311211234 Thomas Lyle Scott 10/14/1964-
_a b MuskegonMI
+m 08/09/1986 Stephanie Dix
20>16583112113 Carl Newton Castle jr 09/12/1921-11/25/1970
+m 03/??/1943 Masike Tueling 03/01/1943-05/26/1976
20>16583112113z Janet Marie Castle 12/20/1940-
+m Charles Christmas
20>16583112113z1 Merri Castle
20>16583112113z2 Charles Castle
20>16583112113z3 Michael Castle
20>165831121131 James Carl Castle 01/07/1947-
20>1658311212 Gladys Edith Castle 02/19/1895(MI)-03/13/1977
_a b HillsdaleCo MI, d MolineIL
+m 02/19/1917(RockIslIL) Edward Lee Barnett 05/02/1896-08/14/1977
20>16583112121 Edward Lee Barnett jr 04/13/1924-
_a b PrescottAZ
+m 06/??/1945(MemphisTN) Marjery Patsy McLain 03/06/1924-
20>165831121211 Edward McLain Barnett 02/05/1947-
20>165831121212 Robert Wray Barnett 1949-
20>165831121213 Richard Barnett 1951-
20>165831121214 David Barnett 1953-
20>16583112122 Betty Lou Barnett 02/08/1927-
_a b RockIslIL
+m 02/14/1948 William Charles Kester 04/17/1925-
_a b MolineIL
20>165831121221 Jeffrey Himes Kester 08/11/1950-
_a b BiloxiMS
+m Rhea Schuring 11/04/1939-
20>1658311212211 Narani Kester
20>1658311212212 Gabriel Kester
_a b AustinTX
20>165831121222 Marci Lee Kester 08/25/1952-
_a b BiloxiMS
+m Neil Wayne Brown 07/10/1951(OK)-
20>1658311212221 Wayne Stephen Brown
_a b HoustonTX
20>1658311212222 Melanie Ann Brown
_a b HoustonTX
20>165831121223 Deborah Lynn Kester 10/06/1956-
_a b DaytonOH
+m Edwin Scott Feemster 06/05/1955(DallasTX)-
20>165831122 Frank Dell Castle 03/11/1866-03/15/1849(PerryMI)
_g ProspectHill cem (PawPawMI)
+m1 Ida May Laughlin 11/03/1871(EriePA)-01/06/1918(GoshenIN)
_g MapleHill cem HartfordMI
+m2 11/25/1918 Elizabeth J. (Sophia) Ehler 05/15/1877-09/12/1943
_a b GERMANY, +m WhiteCloudMI, d PawPawMI
_p Joseph Gross +m Barbara Flusman
_n double wedding with sr Laura (Van Tassell)
_o they operated the old Clifton Hotel
_g MapleHill cem HartfordMI
20>1658311221 Wilford Owen Castle 10/20/1890-09/01/1944
_a b HillsdaleCoMI, d PawPawMI
_g Lakeside cem DecaturMI
+m1 10/24/1908(PawPawMI) Pearl Lillie Blood 10/17/1890-04/16/1948
_a b CassCoMI, d DowagiacMI
_g Riverside cem
+m2 12/31/1943 Pearl Lillie Reits Lytle 10/17/1900-07/01/1978
_a b NunicaMI
_g Lakeside cem DecaturMI
20>16583112211 Gladys Frances Castle 08/02/1909-04/27/1983
_a b VanBurenCoMI, d GlendaleCA
+m 12/24/1926 Ira Vanda
20>16583112212 Vivian Marie Castle 02/21/1911-04/28/1987
_a b MattawanMI, d LilbournMO
_g Riverside cem DowagiacMI
+m 09/19/1936 Fred Hoppe 06/09/1907-02/03/1961 dv03/08/1945
_o golf pro, owner of golf course
_p Julius Hoppe +m Pauline __
20>16583112213 Gordon Herbert Castle 01/07/1913-10/25/1983
_a b VanBurenCoMI, d LeesburgFL
+m 06/20/1932 Olive Charlotte Smith 06/01/1915-08/03/1982
_a d LeesburgFL
_p Noel Smith +m Margaret __
20>165831122131 [stillborn] 09/08/1933(PawPawMI) dy
20>165831122132 Jacqueline Kay Castle 12/20/1934-07/22/1993
_a b PawPawMI, d GalionOH
_h d of Lou Gehrig's disease
+m 01/25/1953(WaycrossGA) James V. Guercio jr 01/04/1931-
_a b ChicagoIL
_p James V. Guercio +m Helen V. Babin
20>1658311221321 Michael Vincent Guercio 05/28/1955-
_a b KalamazooMI
+m 06/??/1980(ColumbusOH) Pam __
20>1658311221322 Bruce Carl Guercio 12/10/1958-
_a b OneidaNY
+m 06/??/1979(GalionOH) Kimberly Jordan
20>16583112213221 Jessica Marie Guercio 08/30/1980-
20>1658311221323 Richard J. Guercio 09/11/1961-
_a OneidaNY
20>1658311221324 Elizabeth Ann Guercio 01/09/1963-
_a OneidaNY
+m William Bauer
20>1658311221325 Carolyn Kay Guercio 05/20/1964-
_a OneidaNY
+m __ Wisler
20>165831122133 Gordon Herbert Castle jr 11/20/1936-12/11/1985
_a b PawPawMI, d HuberHtsOH
+m 05/24/1958 Sandra Kay Sage 11/30/1939-
_a b CuyahogaFallOH
_p Cleoa H. Sage +m Nina L. McElheney
20>1658311221331 Gordon Herbert Castle iii 03/13/1959-
_a PawPaw BurenCoMI
+m 12/24/1978(LancasterOH) Belinda Kay Bingham
_a b BeemanOH/PerryOH
20>16583112213311 Gordon Wayne Castle 11/30/1979-
_a b DaytonOH/MontgomeryOH
20>16583112213312 Curtis Scott Castle 11/25/1980
_a b DaytonOH/MontgomeryOH
20>1658311221332 Craig Noel Castle 12/19/1961-
_a b PawPawMI
+m 01/20/1981(VandalliaOH) Lisa M. McGurie 12/26/1961-
_a b ManchesterNH
20>16583112213321 Cory Noel Castle 07/28/1981-
_a b DaytonOH/MontgomeryOH
20>1658311221333 Pamela Kay Castle 10/17/1963-
_a b PawPawMI
20>165831122133z Byron J. Castle (Croew) 03/13/1975-
_a b AllentownPA
_n legally adopted 08/01/1977 (b Croew)
20>165831122134 LeRoy Castle 04/15/1940-10/01/1979
_a b PawPawMI, d ThreeRiversMI
_g Riverside cem ThreeRiversMI
+m 09/14/1962(KOREA) Iris (Sun OKYU) 12/17/1937-
_p Yuchun Man +m Bak Eon Yon
20>1658311221341 LeRoy Castle jr 06/13/1963-
+m 07/30/1993(SBendIN) Mary __
_p Stephen __ +m Alice __
20>1658311221342 Thomas Eugene Castle 08/21/1964-
+m 08/19/1987 Kathy Wilkerson 10/??/????-
20>16583112213421 Austin Thomas Castle 08/19/1989-
20>16583112214 Grace Mae Castle 10/29/1915-02/20/1973
_a b KeelerMI, d DowagiacMI
_g Riverside cem DowagiacMI
+m1 06/07/1934(DowagiacMI) Charles Wentworth 01/12/1903-12/25/1973
_a b DecaturMI d EloiseMI
_g Lakeside cem DecaturMI
_p Harry Wentworth +m Nora __
+m2 05/26/1952(?) Willard J. Hanley 07/24/1903-03/??/1970
_a b ChicagoIL
_g Riverside cem DowagiacMI
_p James Hanley +m Rosalee Florian
20>16583112215 Glenn Hubert Castle 09/08/1917-03/05/1972
_a b KeelerMI, d GalesburgMI
_g VicksburgMI
+m 09/15/1940(BrianOH) Irene Cothran 03/23/1918-12/25/1988
_a b KalamazooMI, d GalesburgMI
_g VicksburgMI
20>165831122151 William Owen Castle 09/12/1941-
_a b KalamazooMI
+m 10/07/1962 Janice Simonton
_n +m in Millwood Meth ch KalamazooMI
20>1658311221511 Laurie Ann Castle 06/06/1964-
_a b KalamazooMI
+m Gary Napier
20>16583112215111 Joseph Napier 08/??/1985-
20>16583112215112 Jonathan Napier 10/??/1986-
20>1658311221512 Bradley Rogger Castle 10/14/1967-
_a b KalamazooMI
20>165831122152 Larry Allen Castle 11/24/1943-06/25/1972
_a b KalamazooMI
+m 08/31/1968 Linda Mackintosh 09/03/1947-
_a b CovingtonGA
_n +m at SelfridgeAFBaseMI
20>1658311221521 Sarah Lynn Castle 02/04/1974-_a b KalamazooMI
_a b KalamazooMI
20>1658311221522 Emily Ann Castle 02/18/1978-
_a b KalamazooMI
20>1658311221523 David Allen Castle 05/06/1980-
_a b KalamazooMI
20>165831122153 Susan Kay Castle 07/26/1945-
_a b KalamazooMI
+m 05/11/1964(GalesburgMI) Clyde (Butch) Millard jr 6/28/1942 dv
_p Clyde Millard +m June Rodman
20>1658311221531 Kimberly Sue Millard 10/31/1964-
_a b KalamazooMI
+m1 __ Jacobs
+m2 1994(KalamazooMI) Rod Hill
20>16583112215311 Heather Jacobs 02/22/1985-
20>16583112215312 Jennifer Irene Jacobs 04/20/1989-
20>1658311221532 Matthew Glenn Millard 01/21/1967-
_a b BattleCreekMI
20>165831122154 Carl Dennis Castle 04/27/1947-
_a b KalamazooMI
+m 05/24/1969(GalesburgMI) Geraldine Boyan
20>165831122155 Mary Lou Castle 12/09/1950-
_a b KalamazooMI
+m 12/28/1972 George Tschupp 11/??/1947-
_a b GalesburgMI
20>1658311221551 Charity Anne Tschupp 01/18/1973-
_a b FtRuckerAL
20>1658311221552 Stoney Glenn Tschupp 02/19/1978-
_a b KalamazooMI
20>165831122156 Danny Lee Castle 04/30/1952-
_a b KalamazooMI
20>16583112216 Vera Castle 10/17/1918-10/17/1920 dy
20>16583112217 Victor Owen Castle 11/01/1920-
_a b DowagiacMI
+m 06/12/1940(PawPawMI) Amelia Burton Birdsall 02/20/1922-
_a b PawPawMI
_n supplied much information on this line [ABC]
_p John Cyrus Birdsall +m Mary Burton Lang
20>165831122171 Victor Owen Castle jr 03/23/1941-
_a b PawPawMI
+m1 11/25/1960 Gloria McCaulley\1 09/27/1941-
_p John Howard McCaulley +m Evelyn __
+m2 11/06/1964 Susan Mary Elizabeth Kidman\1 11/02/1946-
_a b DowagiacMI
_p Terrence Kidman +m Anne Lewandowski
+m3 05/15/1968(BloomingtonIN) Phylis Dausch\1[4] dv
+m4 08/06/1976(MapleRapidsMI) Helen Theodore\0[3]
20>1658311221711 John Howard Castle 09/16/1961-
_a b ManchesterCT
20>1658311221712 Victor Owen Castle iii 09/13/1965-
_a b BloomingtonIN
20>1658311221713 Debbie Dausch 04/29/1962-
_n child of Phylis Dausch; legally adopted?
20>1658311221714 Jummy Dausch 03/13/1964-
_n child of Phylis Dausch; legally adopted?
20>1658311221715 Cindy Dausch 04/24/1965-
_n child of Phylis Dausch; legally adopted?
20>1658311221716 Dena Kay Castle 01/02/1969-
_a b MarinvilleIN
20>165831122171z Charles Martin Theodore 10/03/1963-
_n child of Helen Theodore; legally adopted?
20>1658311221717 Todd Alan Theodore 07/09/1964-
_n child of Helen Theodore; legally adopted?
20>1658311221718 Jeanine Marie Theodore 09/03/1965-
_n child of Helen Theodore; legally adopted?
+m 05/31/1986 George Davis
20>165831122172 Alice Marie Castle 08/16/1942-04/14/1943 dy
_a b DowagiacMI, d SouthBendIN (Memorial hosp)
_g HarwickCem (VanBurenCo, AntwerpTwp)
20>165831122173 Carol Janneth Castle 04/30/1944-
_a b PawPawMI
+m1 01/18/1964(IndianapolisIN) Bernard J. Hartman 08/12/1943- dv1970
_n +m in St Pauls Episcopal ch
_p William James Hartman +m Dorothy Frances
+m2 03/31/1990(SanDiegoCA) Charles Michael Waters 03/03/1953-
_a b DallesWascoCoOR
_p Everleigh Heritage Waters +m Neva Atha McMillan
20>165831122174 George Eugene Castle 09/03/1946-
_a b DowagiacMI
+m1 05/24/1969(BloomingtonIN) Mona Rose Lawson\1 09/18/1951- dv1982
_a b BloomingtonIN
_n +m in BlockChapel, IndUniv
+m2 07/28/1984(PhoenixAZ) Sylvia Marie Marik\1 06/08/1954-
_n +m by Carol Hartman
_p Louis Marik +m Lee __
20>1658311221741 Cathy Ann Castle 10/16/1969-
_a b BloomingtonIN
+m 12/31/1987(BromfieldCoIN) David Leslie Brown 09/10/196? sp1993
_a b CO (adopted)
20>16583112217411 Nathan Anthony Brown 06/16/1988-
_a b PhoenixAZ
20>16583112217412 Bailey Maree Brown 07/16/1991-
_a b PhoenixAZ
20>1658311221742 Andrea Castle 03/08/1982-
_a b PhoenixAZ
20>165831122175 Ruth Ellen Castle 03/02/1956-
_a b MillburgMI
+m1 11/14/1972(DowagiacMI) Carlysle Burdie Brown\1 08/22/1953- dv1974
_a b BristolIN
_p Burdie Franklin Brown +m Olive Lona Miller
+m2 09/26/1974 Gale Wright
+m3 12/11/1976 John G. Burch\4 02/14/1953-
_p Donald Burch +m Doris Pethick
+m4 10/28/1984(CasperWY) David A. Gohl\1 03/21/195- dv
+m5 01/??/1993(DowagiacMI) Otis John Preston Hill 06/17/1954-
20>1658311221751 Michael Emery Brown 01/27/1974-
_a b DowagiacMI
_om USNavy (1993- ); GreatLakesIL, OaklandCA (USS San Jose)
20>1658311221752 Jason John Burch 10/31/1977-11/12/1977 dy
_a b NilesMI, d KalamazooMI
_g Riverside cem (DowagiacMI)
20>1658311221753 [unnamed] 01/17/1979 dy ("misabortion")
20>1658311221754 James Clayton Boht jr 09/21/1981-
_a b GilletteWY
20>1658311221755 Amelia Kay Burch 05/28/1983-
_a b CasperWY
20>1658311221756 Mary Louise Gohl 08/06/1984-
_a b CasperWY
20>165831122176 Patty Lynn Castle 08/07/1957-
+m1 03/08/1975 Marvin Mitchell
+m2 08/28/1979(DowagiacMI) George Elwin Myrkle\6 02/28/1954-
_a b PawPawMI
_n +m in Silvercreek United Methodist ch
_o machinist
_p Lawrence Osborn Myrkle +m Leah Bonita Schram
20>1658311221761 Jared Edward Myrkle 12/09/1980-
_a b StJosephMI
20>1658311221762 Jonathan George Myrkle 06/16/1983-
_a b NilesMI
20>1658311221763 Jessica Marie Myrkle 03/25/1985-
_a b BerrienSpringsMI
20>1658311221764 Angel Ann Myrkle 10/29/1986(?)-
_a b FlintMI
20>1658311221765 Robert Paul Myrkle 12/19/1987-
_a b FlintMI
20>1658311221766 Karilynn Marie Myrkle 01/10/1989(?)-
_a b FlintMI
20>165831122177 Mark Allen Castle 09/22/1958-
_a b PawPawMI
+m 08/20/1977(DowagiacMI) Brenda Ann Starkey 01/07/1959-
_n +m United Methodist chf
_p George Starkey +m Roxine Ann McOmber
20>1658311221771 Joshua Allen Castle 10/21/1988-10/21/1988 dy
_a b & d SanDiegoCA (stillborn; cremated)
20>16583112218 Claude Charles Castle 10/14/1923-
_a b DowagiacMI
+m1 08/29/1944(LeonidasMI) Madeline Marie Patterson\4 03/10/1926- dv1971
_a b DowagiacMI
_p Jay Patterson +m Edith Sidler
+m2 Lillie Mae Owen dv1971
20>165831122181 Michael Terry Castle 12/15/1944-
_a b DowagiacMI, d bur StPauls (DowagiacMI)
+m 01/08/1965(WatervlietMI) Barbara Michael 04/17/19??
20>1658311221811 Michelle Renee Castle 07/23/1967-
_a b WatervlietMI
+m Todd Harvey
20>16583112218111 Lucresia Harvey 10/??/1986-
20>1658311221812 Michael Todd Castle 09/10/1970-
20>165831122182 Gary Warren Castle 07/03/1949-
_a b DowagiacMI
+m1 07/19/1969 Patricia Ann Owen 08/11/1948-
_p Robert G. Owen +m Lillie Mae __ dv
+m2 09/14/1985 Kelly Louise Krueger 10/13/1961-
_p Jerry David Krueger +m Susan Mack Moon
20>165831122183 Diana Lynn Castle 06/27/1951-
_a b DowagiacMI
+m [unknown or unmarried?]
20>1658311221831 Candice Marie Castle 10/24/1968-
_a b KalamazooMI
+m __ Parmley
20>16583112218311 Derick Parmley 12/12/1986-
20>16583112218312 Amanda Parmley 01/10/1988-
20>165831122184 Janeda Louise Castle 06/10/1958-
_a b DowagiacMI
+m 07/??/1975(KalamazooMI) Darwin __ dv
20>1658311221841 Shawn/Shaun Castle 01/14/1975-
20>1658311221842 Holly Castle 04/??/1977-
20>16583112219 Franklin Forrest Castle 03/28/1925-
_a DowagiacMI
+m1 08/29/1948 Jeanette Smith\1 dv1951
_n dv 07/10/1951 CassCo court house
+m2 12/15/1954 Maxine White\2 08/31/1926-
_a b FolsomOK
_p James Aud White +m Artie Lawley
20>165831122191 Clarice Jean Castle 02/16/1950-
_a b DowagiacMI
+m 07/16/1966 Albert Lee Cole 06/10/1936-
20>1658311221911 Angela Cole 07/10/1968-
20>1658311221912 Jerry Cole 05/06/1970-
20>165831122192 James Hugh Castle 12/09/1955-
_a b PortHuenemeCA
+m 04/07/1979(PortHuenemeCA) Sharon Liegh Mackowiak
_p Robert Mackowiak +m Darlene Ramsey
20>165831122193 Thomas David Castle 06/22/1959-
_a b PortHuenemeCA
+m Sandra __ 06/11/1962-
20>1658311221931 Sarah Castle 10/30/1989-
20>1658311221932 Aaron Thomas Castle 04/25/1992-
20>1658311222 George A. Castle 07/??/1982-
20>1658311223 Emil Harold Castle 08/29/1894-
20>1658311224 Stanley Castle 10/10/1900-05/16/1967
_a b TustinMI, d VanderbiltMI
+m 03/??/1936 Emma Neuman
_p John Neuman +m Julia Stermer
20>16583112241 Frank Castle 03/11/1926(?)-03/15/1949
_a b HillsdaleMI, d PerryMI, bur HartfordMI (Maple Hill)
+m __ __
20>165831122411 Robbin Castle
20>165831122412 Sally Castle
20>165831122413 Frank Castle jr
20>1658311225 Zelma Castle 08/09/1905-10/??/1972
_a b PawPawMI, d UnionvilleMI
+m 03/18/1923(PawPawMI) Lloyd LaDuke 07/13/1901-11/??/1971
_a b BayCityMI, d CheboyganMI
_p Frank LaDuke +m Emma Kiester
20>16583112251 [boy]
20>16583112252 [boy]
20>16583112253 [boy]
20>16583112254 [boy]
20>16583112255 [girl]
20>1658311226 Ralph Burton Castle 05/12/1907-01/28/1984
_a b LawrenceMI, d BonitaSpringsFL
+m Ruth Fern Mosher 1907-
20>16583112261 Shirley Fern Castle 1930-
+m1 __ Lyon\4
+m2 Rex Lane\1 1923-
20>165831122611 Michael Lyon 1950-
20>165831122612 Mitchel Lyon 1952-
20>165831122613 Marla Lyon 1955-
20>165831122614 Mary Lyon 1957-
20>165831122615 Dianne Kay Lane 1971-
20>16583112262 Evelyn Castle 12/03/1931-
+m1 __ Hevener\1
+m2 Harold Lee Sheffer\1 1928-
20>165831122621 Dianna Christine Hevener 1950-
20>165831122622 Janet Lee Sheffer 1954-
20>16583112263 Donald Castle 12/17/1933-02/16/1936 dy
20>16583112264 David Allen Castle 01/30/1938-11/14/1962
+m 1957 Wanda Craig
20>1658311227 Kenneth Castle 06/30/1908-01/26/1931
+m Margaret Drake
20>1658311228 Merton B. Castle 11/18/1896(Gobleville)-1960(FL)
_g FL
+m Lou Ann Hamilton
20>165831123 Laura Castle 1872
+m __ Locker
20>165831124 Carrie Castle 1874-12/23/1950(BangorMI)
+m 11/25/1918(WhiteCloudMI) Leland Van Tassell
_n double wedding with bro Frank
    20>165831125 Edith Castle 1881-??
+m Henry Hershburger
20>16583113 Julius Castle 04/08/1842(ReadingMI)-01/10/1923(GrRapMI)
_om 1st MI Lancers 1861-65(?)
_g Maple Grove cem (FremontMI)
+m 07/26/1863 Laura A. Palmer
20>16583114 Paleman S. Castle 01/10/1844-09/23/1930
_o treas of mining co.
_a b HillsdaleCoMI d MuskegonHtsMI
_g Maple Grove cem (FremontMI)
+m1 10/20/1867 Margaret J. Misner dv
+m2 02/14/1902(NewagoMI) Elizabeth Mee c.1877-????
+m3 10/14/1915 Luella Pershing
20>16583115 Owen Castle 1849-??
+m Libbie __
20>1658312 Harriet C. Castle
+m 10/24/1836(Wy) Philander Hine
20>1658313 Chloe S. Castle
20>1658314 Lovido Castle
20>1658315 Grace Angeline Castle
20>1658316 Almira Castle
20>1658317 Samuel Castle
20>1658318 Orson Castle
20>1658319 Elmira Castle
20>1658310 Flora Castle
20>165831a Sally Castle
20>165831b Polly Castle
20>16584 Lydia Brockett 11/29/1763(NwHvnCT)-
+m 02/22/1787 Phileman Blakeslee
20>16585 Richard Brockett 01/09/1768-
20>16586 Jesse Brockett 01/16/1770-01/17/1770 dy
20>16587 Jesse Brockett(2) 02/10/1772-02/13/1772 dy
20>1659 Giles P- 06/04{14}/1741-01/16/1832{|31 M}
_om [Minute Man in Revol] "sgt in the militia" [PJ]
_b story of being struck by lightning on 02au1771, along with wife (& 2 children), Abel Brocket & wife, Joseph P- & wife  [NEHGS newsp]
_a 1790 NrH CT Census; head of household 1 2 4
+m 01{02}/22/1766 Elizabeth Cooper\6 20mr1743|4-01no1832
_p Jude Cooper +m Mehitabel Brockett
20>16591 Lucinda P- 12/01/1766-01/15/1841 [ag 74]
_n "Tuttle geneal p.697 erroneously states that she +m __ Todd" [PJ]
20>16592 Joel P- 10/09/1768-05/21/1815
_n1 1790 NrH CT Census; head of household 1 0 1
+m1 09/20/1790 Hannah Clinton\2 /1772(bp11/01/1772)-01/15/1861 dv/1802
_g [ag 88]
_w 10se1857 names grdau Mary Elizabeth and dau Lewey (wife of John Todd) [PJ]
_p Lawrence Clinton +m Elizabeth Todd
+m2 09/09/1804 wd Mehitabel Broughton Talmadge\1 /1767-08/16/1826[ag59]
_n (bp 10/25/1767)
20>165921 Lewis P- /1792[?]-summ/??/1841
_a LanesboroughMA; 1833 leased land in NrH to son Lewis [PJ]
+m /???? Rosetta ?? __ {see son's wife -- confusion here}
20>165921h (Cpt) Lewis P- ??-05/11/1857 (lost on Charlestown Bar)
_n father leased him land in NrH in 1833
+m 10/07/1838 Rosetta E. Jacobs /1819|20-01/18/1903 [ag 83]
20>165921i Mary Elizabeth
_n living unm in NrH 1845, conveyed property to Lewis P-
20>165922 Lewey P- 04/05/1795[TD]-03/10/1887 [ag 92]
+m 11/29/1813 John Todd 02/04/1791-04/09/1861
_o kept toll gate of NorthfordCT turnpike for many years
_b TD#229 also lists the 3 children
20>1659221 George Clinton Todd 12/01/1816-10/31/1825
20>1659222 Lawrence P- Todd 07/07/1822-??
+m /???? Maria Antoinette Baldwin\0 /1831-06/13/1874
20>1659223 George Henry Todd 01/24/1828-??
+m 05/11/1858 Lydia C. Chapman 10/04/1842-[post /1913] (NwH)
20>165923 Lucy P- /1814[?]-/18??
_n chose a guardian in 1833 ag19 [PJ]
+m 05/01/1834 Nathan Beach (Wallingford)
20>165923j Joel P- Beach (Wallingford)
+m /???? Elsie Baum (Cicero NY)
20>165923jj Joel P- Beach ii 10/02/1889(NrH)-??/??/1956
+m /1935 Frances Meyer
20>165923jj1 Joel P- Beach iii
20>165923jj2 Martha Beach (NrH)
20>165923jj Mrs. Elmer Satterlee [PFR] [PFL] (NrH)
20>165923jj Mrs. T. Ernest Clapp (Hamden) [PFR]
20>165923k (?) Zerah P- Beach 11/07/1845-?? (Wallingford) [AG1.]
+m 06/03/1873 Sarah Maria Beard 07/14/1853-11/28/1896
_n children listed in AG1. [? CD1.Beard#329]
20>16593 Esther P- 10/27/1771-11/11/1857(NrH) [ag 86]
+m 09/30/1795 Jesse Tuttle 03mr1771-26oc1847
20>16593h Zerah P- Tuttle 10/02/1800-[post1861]
+m1 04/07/1824 Maria Todd\4 02/24/1797-04/28/1860
_b TD#620
_p Oliver Todd 1764-1847 +m Betsey Smith 1768-1848
+m2 10/28/1861 Mary Cook (NwH)
20>16593h1 Newton Tuttle TD#620 with +m and children
20>16593h2 Eunice Tuttle 01/19/1827-04/15/1879
_b TD#620
+m 09/21/1851 Bayard A. P-\0 {csn?} (NrH)
20>16593h3 Eliza Maria Tuttle TD#620 details
20>16593h4 Caroline Tuttle TD#620 details
20>16594 Eunice P- 02/24/1775-08/03/1807 [ag 33{sic}]
20>16595 Zerah P- 07/20/1779-11/10/1802 [ag 24{sic}]
20>16596 Giles P- 05/31/1783-12/28/1842
+m1 10/26/1808 Eunice Munson\2 /1792?(bp 06/03/1792)-06/23/1814(NrH) [ag 23]
_p Jonathan Munson +m ??
+m2 12/13/1814 Sarah Bassett\7
_p Jesse Bassett +m Esther Bassett [PJ]
20>165961 Sarah (Sally) P- 08/21/1810-06/14/1893(NrH) dwi
20>165962 Munson Edwards P-/P-re 03/04/1813(NrH)-03/06/1892(NYC) [PM 394]
_e Yale BA 1837 MA (LLD 1873), tutor Yale 1840-41,
_e1 LLD Columbia U Wash DC 1871; DCL Oxford 1878
_o lawyer ColumbusOH, 1845 to NYC (1857-60 judge Superior Court)
_o1 NY Const Convention 1867; US Atty appt pres Grant 1869
_o2 Committee of 70 (against Tweed ring); 1875 Atty General (pres Grant)
_o3 1876-78 ENG ambassador; retruned to NYC law practice
_n baptized Munson Edwards P-, but dropped 1st name and changed to P-re
_b extensive note in PM#394(75f)
_d Letter to William M. Evarts dated 02/14/1864 (RLIN)
_d+ two letters to William Evarts dated 08/20/1863 & 09/13/1866 (RLIN)
_d1 Speech of Hon E P-re ... opposed to the Chicago Platform (1864)
_d2 Speech of Hon E P-re ... in Union Square, Mar 6 1865 (1865)
_d3 A Review by Judge P-re of Gen Butler's Defense (1865) 21 1868 (1868)
_d4 Argument of the Hon E P-re to the Jury ... Surratt (1867)
_d5 Speech of the Hon Edwards P-re in favor of the Election of Gen (1868)
_d6 Speech of Judge P-re at ... Cooper Institute, ... Oct 21 1868 (1868)
_d7 Speech of the Hon Edwards P-re ... Oct 11 1872 (1872)
_d8 Letter of Judge P-re to Senator Sherman on the Finances (1874)
_d9 Speech of the Hon Edwards P-re ... (1879)
_q b 11/04/1813 in PJ; 1817 in some others [impossible]
+m 05/27/1846 Margaretta Willoughby
_m by Rv George Duffield [NYEP]
_p Samuel Augustus Willoughby +m Margaretta Duffield (Brklyn)
20>1659621 Margaretta Willoughby P-re 20my1847(Brkln)-?? (Garrisons NY)
_q called Margaret in m notice NYEP
+m 06/01/1871 Leonard Forbes Beckwith\4 07/16/1844-11/18/1895
_m at Calvary ch, by Dr. Washburn [NYEP]
20>16596211 Marguerite Beckwith
+m 06/01/1894 Rudolph E. Brunnow
20>16596212 Edwards P-re Beckwith 04/27/1877(NYC)-
20>16596213 Mary P-re Beckwith
20>16596214 Sidney Forbes Beckwith 02/05/1884(NYC)
20>1659622 Edward Willoughby P-re 30je1860(NYC)-16ap1885(Rome,IT) dwi
_e BA Oxford (Christ Ch Coll) je1882; Columbia Univ law
_o Sec US Legation at Rome (acting charge/ d'affaires at death)
_b Fellow of Royal Geographical Society of England
_d book From Fifth Avenue to Alaska (NY: Putnam 1884) [my1883 trip]
_d2 Edward P-re, book about him by R.L.{E.?}Brunnow (Vevey,SWTZ: 1885)
_n see http://www.famousamericans.net/jamespierrepont/ (last part)
_x apparently not "Edwards"
20>165963 Elmon P- 01/19/1816-03/19/1816 dy
20>165964 Zerah P- 02/25/1817-11/30/1842(NrH) dwi [ag 26{sic}]
20>165965 Guy P- 04/23/1820-??/1870[?] (Rockford IL)
+m 05/21/1845 Jerusha Gaylord\3 (Cheshire)
_n PJ lists the children in opposite order
20>1659651 Watson T. P- ?[connection?]
20>1659652 Theron G. P- ?[connection?]
+m 25oc1878 Helen M. Blakeman
20>1659653 Lena P- [dau] ?[connection?]
+m Samuel N. Jones
20>165966 Eunice P- 03/23/1822-10/17/1851
+m 05/01/1844 Samuel Anson Tuttle
20>165967 Sylvia P- 03/17/1824-03/29/1853
+m 11/13/1843 Henry M. Bradley 31my1819-11my1875
20>165968 Laura P- 08/12/1826-01/03/1843(NrH)
20>165969 Elmon P- 12/03/1828-03/29/1902 (NwH>1871 KANSAS)
_g bd. Ossawatomie KS
+m 10/26/1855(CT) Caroline S. Warner 11/28/1831-01/23/1903(NormanOK)
_n owned "P- Farm" with the small "P- Cemetery" in east WichitaKS
_n2 see letter from Mrs. F. G. Higley 07/1992: "1 or 2 graves [=]
_n3 [=] marked only by a concrete block with no name or information."
_n4 1 mi e of Beech Aircraft on Central Ave, 1/2 mi n on Greenwich Rd
_n5 identified by Herb Strange to Wm P- (PI line) of Wichata 08/1992
20>1659691 Elbert Wallace P- /1859-/1872
_g bd in small WichitaKS P- cemetery (according to Herb Strange)
20>1659692 Nathan Dudley P- 09/29/1860-/10/30/1930(MarshallTX)
+m 07/11/1881 Mary (Mamie) Salisbury/Saulsury
20>16596921 Charles Warner P- 06/01/1888(IvanhoeKS)-
+m 09/23/1911(MarshallTX) Mary/Myrtle Lee Coaker
20>165969211 Mary Adaline P- 01/11/1913(MarshallTX)-
20>165969212 Myrtle Louise P- (MarshallTX)-
20>16596922 Nathan Dudley P- 09/12/1889(IvanhoeKS)-03/19/1961
_q names Dudley Nathan +m W. Smitzer [PSC] ?
+m 11/01/1914(MarshallTX) Winnifred Schmitzer
20>165969221 Dorothy P- 07/24/1916(MarshallTX)-
+m 10/11/1940 Charles Clifton Clark
20>1659692211 Charles Clifton Clark iii 05/29/1947-
+m Suzanne Honeycutt
20>16596922111 Barrett Austin Clark 01/25/1973-
20>16596922112 Holly Ann Clark 09/12/1976-
20>165969222 Grace P- 12/29/1918-
+m 10/11/1940 James Raymond Rogers
20>1659692221 James Raymond Rogers iii
+m Daria Pugh
20>16596922211 Jason Allen Rogers
20>16596922212 Liza Marie Rogers
20>1659692222 Patty Rogers
+m Ellis Parthuis
20>16596922221 Scott Allen Parthuis
20>165969223 May Francis P- 01/03/1924-
+m William Hardy Hartley
20>1659692231 Constance Hartley
+m Lynn Press
20>16596922311 Tracy Lynn Hartley
20>16596922312 Kristi Hartley
20>16596923 Hugh Wellington P- 05/20/1891(SantaFeKS)-
+m 08/26/1913(MarshallTX) Hazel Frances Lansing
20>16596923 Hugh Wellington P- 05/20/1891(IvanhoeKS)-05/20/1974
_a d ShreveportLA
+m 08/26/1918(MarshallTX) Hazel Yost Lansing 02/12/1894-12/26/1974
_a b AberdenSD d ShreveportLA
20>165969231 Alice Clarice P- 03/31/1915(MarshallTX)-12/26/1985
+m 02/02/1934 Milton J. Gehlin 12/15/1913(MarshallTX)-08/16/1975
_a d KilgoreTX
20>1659692311 Michael Pierrepong Gehlin 10/08/1934-12/14/1988
+m 1967 Freeda Foote 09/14/1938-
20>16596923111 Michael Kurt Gehlin 09/15/1961-
20>16596923112 Patrick Gehlin 07/08/1971-
20>1659692312 Sandra Faith Gehlin 11/11/1928(MarshallTX)-
+m1 1963 Charles Ronshausen
+m2 06/19/1971 Robert Dabney Lipscomb
20>16596923121 Michele Gehlin Ronshausen 07/30/1964-
20>16596923122 Lacy Lynn Lipscomb 10/16/1972-
20>16596923123 Ashley Gehlin Lipscomb 11/08/1976-
20>165969232 William Green P- 03/26/1918(MarshallTX)-02/06/1972(MarshallTX)
+m 02/02/1945(ShreveportLA) Dorothee Smith Carpenter 08/18/1922-
_a b MarshallTX (Dorothy? b 1921? +m 1947?)
20>1659692321 William Green P- jr 02/07/1950(MarshallTX)-
_q b 02/08 [PSC] ?
+m 06/25/1971(HoustonTX) Glenna Gail Gindorf 03/21/1950-
20>1659692322 Hugh Philip P- dr 04/17/1952(MarshallTX)-
+m 07/13/1972(HoustonTX) Ruth Ann LeBouf 12/07/1952-
_q +m 1974 [PSC] ?
20>16596923221 Kristin Rae P- 11/24/1989(HoustonTX)-
_q b 1988[PSC] ?
20>16596923222 John William P- 07/05/1992-
20>1659692323 Sandra Faith P- 01/13/1962(MarshallTX)-
_n submitted geneal info 06ap1998 via Jack/John P- (PFA)
_n2 some conflicts with PSC noted
+m 05/10/1991(LakeTahoeNV) Charles William Mauerhan
20>165969233 John Howard P- 05/16/1921(MarshallTX)-
20>165969234 Barbara Joyce P- 05/18/1929(MarshallTX)-
+m 08/14/1964(ShreveportLA) Abbie Lloyd Edwards 10/29/1923-
20>16596924 Mary May P- 04/20/1894(IvanhoeKS)-
+m 11/28/1912(MarshallTX) Herman Lambright
_qx +m ?Adjutor H. Theroux {?? cf PFM47}
_qx2 Albert H., Grace R., Adjutor H., May P-/P-i Theroux (PFM47; NYC)
_qx3 +m /???? Grace R. Le?__ [see PFM47,48]
20>165969241 Herman Dudley Lambright 11/24/1913-
20>1659692411 James Dudley Lambright 03/18/1943-
20>1659692412 David Joe Lambright 10/19/1945-
+m 09/16/1968 Betty Lake
20>16596924121 Kyle Lambright tw 08/31/1970-
20>16596924122 Keven Lambright tw 08/31/1970-
20>16596924123 Blake Lambright 02/14/1979-
20>1659692413 Laurie Ellen 11/24/1957-
+m 12/09/1978 Tony C. Overhultz
20>16596924131 Casey C. Overhultz 10/05/1980
20>16596924132 Katie Michelle Overhultz 03/09/1988-
20>165969242 Mary Elizabeth Lambright 05/26/1935-
+m 07/09/1960 Norman S. Bynum
20>1659692421 Keith Allen Bynum tw 06/15/1964-
20>1659692422 Kent Michael Bynum tw 06/15/1964-
20>16596925 Florence P- 02/17/1896(MarshallTX)-08/29/1896 dy
20>16596926 Gertrude (Gertie) P- 08/29/1897(MarshallTX)-06/03/1934
_a d MarshallTX
+m 07/16/1916 Henry Owen
20>165969261 John Pierpont Owen
20>165969262 Ella Marie Owen
20>1659693 Charles Guy P-re 09/03/1869-02/07/1956(Dallas)
_a b NorthHavenCT; d 02/09 [PSC]
_o optometrist MD, Texarkana; Baptist
+m 05/31/1894(WichitaKS) Frances M. Pinkney 02/07/1870-06/24/1956
_pf Merrikan C. Pinkley 06/12/1835(SweetSprgs WV)-07/20/1910(EnidOK)
_pm +m 04/16/1867(IL) Sarah C. Piper 02/09/1842(PicquaOH)-02/02/1886
_n news clipping of 50th anniv in PFA scrapbook
_n2 PFM44n send congratulations on 50th
20>16596931 Irene P-re 01/26/1896(WichitaKS)-/1972(DallasTX) [PFM39]
_a1939 & 1948 DallasTX [PFA dist cup]
+m 10/30/1917(FtWorthTX) Thomas Mack Harrell 02/06/1887-03/09/1963
_a d (DallasTX) [PFM39]
20>165969311 Thomas Mack Harrell jr 01/06/1919(SulpherSprsTX)-
_om USA ww2 Bomber pilot B-24 Liberator based in Norfolk England
+m 07/14/1941 Jean McDougald 02/01/1920(KempTX)-
20>1659693111 Lynn Harrell 04/01/1943-
+m Robert Brossard
20>1659693112 Nell Harrell 11/24/1944
+m Phillip Pemberton
20>16596931121 Amy Lynn Pemberton 02/16/1968-
20>165969312 P-re Harrell 01/22/1921(SulpherSprsTX)-
_om USN ww2
+m1 09/23/1941 Hazel Maurice Bass\4 07/13/1924(BurkTX)-
+m2 08/20/1963 Billy Honeycutt
20>1659693121 Donald P-re 05/01/1945-
20>1659693122 Douglas Ray P-re 12/05/1946-
20>1659693123 Barb Ellen P-re 07/30/1951-02/24/1955
_n death by accident
20>1659693124 David Mack P-re 04/30/1957-
20>16596932 Lois Helen P-re 05/30/1898(WichitaKS)-02/15/1987 [PFM39]
_g bd. Forest Lawn/LA CA
_n "Lois P-re Strange" in PFM39 list (not a signature)
+m 11/17/1918 William Jennings Bryan Strange 07/28/1897-06/09/1956 (Chicago)
_a b BlueRapidsKS
_g bd BlueRapidsKS Col. Strange was bd with full military honor guard.
_om USA ww2
20>165969321 Walter P-re Strange 04/09/1921-
_om USA ww2
+m 09/18/1947(EvanstonIL) Marlyn Lelia Davis
_p George Davis +m Candice __
20>1659693211 Craig P-re Strange 01/09/1949(LkForestIL)-
+m 09/06/1970 Lynnette Linton 04/25/1949(DalhartTX)-
_pf Russell Linton
20>16596932111 Alyson I. Strange 03/02/1977(KnoxvilleTN)-
20>16596932112 Russell P-re Strange 01/16/1981(KnoxvilleTN)-
20>16596932113 Blair Lynn Strange 09/21/1987(KnoxvilleTN)-
20>1659693212 Chris L. Strange 10/02/1950(LkForestIL)-
+m1 /1972 James Johnson
+m2 /1983 Robert LaGuardia
+m3 /Ron J. Gant \2
20>16596932121 Tealer Erick Gant 11/08/1990(SeattleWA)-
20>16596932122 Grayson Pierrepont Gant 11/25/1991(SeattleWA)-
20>165969322 Herbert Franklin Strange 11/08/1932(Chicago)-
+m1 1955 Carol Anderson\3
_pf Carl Anderson
+m2 02/11/1963 Nancy Knudson\1 /1941-
_p Clifford Knudson +m
_q Knutson? [PSC]
+m3 10/15/1983 Karen Marie Kolesar 11/10/1942-
_p John Kolesar +m
20>1659693221 Shaun P-re Strange 09/04/1956(LkForestIL)-
+m 04/03/1982(ClintonWI) Cindy Risseeuw 10/18/1960(ElkhornWI)-
_p Harlin Risseeuw +m Janice Van Hees
20>16596932211 Troy P-re Strange 04/08/1985(McHenryIL)-
20>16596932212 Erin C. Strange 03/26/1987(McHenryIL)-
20>16596932213 Colin Shaun Strange 06/06/1990(McHenryIL)-
20>1659693222 Scott Colvey Strange 12/01/1957(LkForestIL)-
+m 05/12/1979(WonderLkIL) Catrin Tetzner 04/17/1958-
_p Siegfried +m Charlotte (Sobe) Tetzner
20>16596932221 Ryan P-re Strange 04/03/1984(McHenryIL)-
_q PSC has b 04/18
20>16596932222 Lauren Ashley Strange 05/10/1986(McHenryIL)-
20>16596932223 Kirstin Alexandra 01/05/1995-
20>1659693223 Tammi Lynn Strange 08/30/1959(LkForestIL)-
_q PSC has b 08/31
20>1659693224 Sherri Lynn Strange 08/30/1964(DesPlainesIL)-
_q PSC has b 08/31
20>1650 Abigail/Abagail P- 06{07}/06/1743-02/13/1815
+m 12/23/1762 Noah Ives 04de1730-15oc1800
20>165a Hezekiah P- 09/27/1745-??[after 1796]
_a 1790 NrH CT Census; head of household 1 1 3 [??]; ca 1780, with John P-
_a1796 (05de) RoweMA (NrH deeds vol 2, 118) [PJ]
+m 09/26/1771(NrH) Mehitabel Cooper 12jl1750-????(Rowe MA /1796)
_p Jude Cooper and Mehitabel Brockett
20>165a1 Sarah P- /1773[?](bp 07/11/1779)-/1779(NrH) dy
20>165a2 Hannah P- 07/??/1775-09/14/1776 dy
20>165a3 Isaac P- /1777|8(bp 07/11/1779)-??
20>165a4 Azubah P- /1779[?](bp 03/05/1780)-??
20>165ah Hezekiah B. P- (NwH) [RE]
+m /???? Mary Meloy
20>165b Sarah P- 07/31{30}/1747-06/21{12}/1829{PSC PJ PNH /1801}
+m /???? cpt Peter Eastman 07/25/1746(Ashford)-06/12/1829(NrH)
20>166 Benjamin P- 07/18/1706-12/17/1706 dy
20>167 Benjamin P- 10/15/1707(NwH)-/1736(?) dwi in West Indies
_e Yale 1726 theol (biog 1.335)
_a 11/1730 NorthamptonMA; 04/1732 NwH land granted; d Virgin Gorda
_w 11/27/1733 NwH, prob 11/30/1736 BostonMA (SuffolkCo)
_n records confused: d 1733[PNH]|1737|1786{=36}, dwi or "with issue"
_d info from Yale biog is accepted above
_b based on Grosart, Selections from unpubl works of Jon. Edw., 58
_q SD 4.695 has b 10/17/1707
20>168 Sarah P- 01/09/1709|10(NwH)-10/02/1758(Phila) 49yr
_b excerpt from husbands biogr [PM30]; portrait by Smybert at Yale
_g PrincetonNJ
_q SD 4.695 has b 06/09/1709 ["jan" // "jun"]
+m 07/20{26}/1727 Rv Jonathan Edwards\11 10/05/1703(EWndsr)-03/22/1758
_f 5th of 11, only son of Rv Timothy Edwards 1669-1758
_fe Harv 1691 (see details there)
_mx not Esther Warham Mather (his mothers mother) as in some sources
_m +m 1694 Esther Stoddard 1672-1761 [=EDp3, NJHistSoc, EM, Yale1620]
_mf Solomon Stoddard 1643-1729
_mfe Harv 1662 (see for details)
_mm +m1 1670 wd Esther Warham Mather 1644-1736
_mmf Rv John Warham
_ff Richard Edwards 1647-1718
_fm +m 1667 Elizabeth Tuthill/Tuttle dv 1691
_fff William Edwards 1620-? &lt; Rv Richard Edwards
_ffm +m Agnes Spencer
_mfp Rv Anthony Stoddard ??-02/11/1729 {sic} +m Mary Downing
_mfpq Harv1662 claims Anthony S. d 1647 (shopkeeper) +m1?? Lucy D. {!}
_mfmp Emmanuel Downing +m Anne Ware
_q EDp6 gives date of +m as 26 July, EDp7=Yale1720 says 28 July
_a NY (Prsby Ch), Nrthmptn MA 1726-1750; Stckbrdg MA 1751-1757 (Indians)
_e Yale 1720; became 3rd pres of Princ C[=C of NJ=Nassau Hall] 1757
_g died of smallpox after being innoculated, bd PrincetonNJ
_d Yale1720 list; works ed Sereno Edwards Dwight in 10 vol (1829)
_b NEHGS*EDW 1931
20>1681 Sarah Edwards 08/25/1728(Nrthmptn MA)-05/15/1805(Goshen MA)
+m 06/11/1750 Elihu Parsons 1719-08/22/1785(Stockbr MA)
_p Ebenezer Parsons, son of Joseph Parsons, son of Joseph Parsons
20>16811 Ebenezer Parsons /1751 dy
20>16812 Esther Parsons 08/17/1752-11/14/1774
20>16813 Elihu Parsons 12/09/1753-08/??/1804
20>16814 Eliphalet Parsons 06/??/1756-/1813
20>16815 Lydia Parsons 06/15/1757-??(Lee MA)
+m /???? Aaron Ingersoll
20>16816 Lucretia Parsons 08/03/1759-?? (Pittsf VT)
20>16817 Sarah Parsons 09/08/1760(Stockbr MA)-/30au1837 (Lee MA)
+m 12/13/1781 "Deacon" David Ingersoll 01de1759(GrBarrMA)-26ja1839 (Lee MA)
_q m date 18de? _p William Ingersoll +m csn Lydia Ingersoll
_n had 13 children, of whom Moses is 12th [EM] {conflicts with info from C.F.Wells}
20>168171 ERASTUS INGERSOLL 09no1782 (LeeMA)-19ja1851 (LansingMI)
+ m ??mr1806 (VictorNY) Sallie Smith\12 1783-02oc1845(Lansing MI)
20>1681711 [12 children]
20>1681717 ALEXANDER INGERSOLL 06ja1820(Victor, Ontario, New York)-04mr1890
20>16817176 MINNIE GAZELLE INGERSOLL 20mr1858(Delta, Eaton CO, MI)-21ja1934
20>168171764 FORDYCE ELY 25ja1899(St. Croix Falls, WI)-20no1968(Columbus, Franklin County, OH)
20>1681717641 DIKKA JANE ELY 15fe1939(Lexington, KY)-
+ m 28de1962 (ColumbusOH) Charles Frederick Wells 04my1937 (DeKalbCntyGA)-
20>168172 LUCINDA INGERSOLL 02je1784-before1878.
20>168173 THEODORE SEDGWICK INGERSOLL 26ap1786-before1876
20>168174 Lucretia Ingersoll 02/09/1788-06/21/1863 [AG4.505,5.655]
+m 10/27/1806 Josiah Todd\9 07/12/1781-04/10/1865
_b TD#250
_p Abner Todd 1738-1805 +m 1761 Mary Tuttle 12/26/1742-1834
20>1681741 Sidney Smith Todd TD#494
+m /???? Abbie Hamilton\5
20>16817411 Mary Adelaide Todd TD#1058

20>1681742 Henrietta Todd 09/06/1810-02de1882{1880?}
_b TD#495 AG2.204,5.655
_n information on this line provided by Bob and Becky  Brown [BBB] <threearrows@netscape.com> 28no2006 (and 02ja2007 hardcopy)
+m 10/12/1830 Walter Goodyear Bradley 12{11?}/16/1808-25au1882 (KgsFrry NY)
_q born in Nov? [BBB]
20>16817421 Jabez Bradley 05se1832-24au1867 unm TD#495
20>16817422 Dan Bradley 21je1834-04mr1928 TD#495
+m 21oc1860 Emily King 20ap1841-25my1924
_p Calvin King and unknown
20>16817423 Antoinette Bradley 20no1836-26jl1872 TD#495 [AG5.656]
+m 14my1863 George Ashbridge Sheppard
20>168174231 Walter Bradley Sheppard 11/22/1865(PennYan NY)-??(DanverCO) [AG5.656]
_e BA Yale 1887; AG5.655f
+m 01/29/1889 Margaret Reliance Lapham [AG2.204]
20>16817424 Victoria Bradley 09jn1838-14ap1910 TD#495
20>16817425 Samuel Carlyle Bradley 28fe1842-04je1932 TD#495
_om enlisted as a Private 7/20/1862, Company K, 111 th NY State Volunteers.  Made 1st Sgt. 8/20/62. Captured at Harpurs Ferry 9/15/62 Exposed to severe cold in November riding from Baltimore to Washington DC in open cars.  Hospitalized 3 months Jan-Mar 1863 with pneumonia.  Prisoner at Andersonville? Prison.  Was part of a prisoner exchange program, and not allowed to fight for a year.  Then he raised another regiment.
_om2 July 3, 1863:  fought in the battle of Gettysburg as a Lieutenant, wounded in left leg below the knee?  He returned home to recover, then returned to the fall campaign.
_om3 Battle of Wilderness May 5-6, 1864.
_om4 June 16, 1864: Battle of Petersburg, 1st. Lt. in command of a regimental division, severely wounded in right knee.  He spent 3 months in the hospital,  then returned to duty.  He later took part in the siege of Richmond.  He was in the Hospital with pneumonia when the war ended at Appomattox.
+m 01ap1864 Julia Gertrude Bush 29ja1845(Kings Ferry NY)-13se1903
_p Wynans Bush and Julia Anne Loomis
20>168174251 Dora Bradley 19ja1866(MO)-17se1912
+m 14oc1883 Dan Beckley  06se1860-15no1941
_p Dan Beckley and Unknown
20>1681742511 Albert Beckley b. 10 Jul 1885-1935
+Mae Ashberry , m. 25 Jun 1907
20>16817425111 Loretta Mable Beckley b. 3 Mar 1910
+Earl Benson , m. 22 Nov 1929
20>168174251111 Earl Raymond Benson b. 16 Sep 1935
+Judith-Margaret Treat , m. 19 Jul 1957
_p Unknown and Unknown
20>1681742511111 Jeffry Raymond Benson b. 22 Aug 1958
20>1681742511112 Lynne Marie Benson b. 16 Oct 1959
20>1681742511113 Richard Allen Benson b. 21 Apr 1962
20>168174251112 Lora Lee Benson b. 19 Mar 1940
+Paul Downer , m. 13 Jul 1963
_p Ralph Downer and M.
20>168174251113 David Glenn Benson b. 23 Mar 1943
20>16817425112 Dorothy Emma Beckley b. 23 Jun 1912
+Joseph Mosack , m. 03au1936
20>168174251121 Gerald Wayne Mosack
+Barbara Lovett , m. 07 May
20>1681742511211 Deborah Ann Mosack b. 26 Dec 1963
20>1681742511212 William Robert Mosack
+Linda Willett , m. 25 Jun 1964
_p Donald Willett and Mrs. Willett
20>16817425113 William D. Beckley b. 12 Jun 1917
+Kathryn Eastland , m. 24 Feb 1943
20>168174251131 Roger William Beckley b. 30 Apr 1947
20>168174251132 Phyllis Anne Beckley b. 28 Mar 1950
20>168174251133 Virginia Lee Beckley b. 1 Jul 1951
20>168174251134 Cheryl Lynne Beckley b. 9 Oct 1952
20>168174251135 Kenneth Albert Beckley b. 10 May 1955
20>16817425114 Robert Harvey Beckley b. 12 Sep 1920
+m 03ja1942 Margaret Kinney
20>168174251141 Rita May Beckley b. 17 May 1942
20>168174251142 Robert Edward Beckley b. 29 Nov 1945
20>16817425115 Glenn Raymond Beckley b. 4 Jul 1929
+Patricia Anne Hoadley
20>168174251151 Daniel Howard Beckley b. 29 Mar 1950
20>168174251152 Earl Reed Beckley b. 27 Sep 1951
20>168174251153 Linda Mae Beckley b. 28 Jan 1954
20>1681742512 Esther Ruth Beckley b. 24 Jan 1887
+m1 John Willis , m. 29 Dec 1909
+m2 Tom Hopkins 
+m3 Mr. Seamons
20>16817425121 Doris Lillian Willis b. 22 Sep 1913
+Clyde Wintermute , m. 4 Oct 1931
20>168174251211 John Martin Wintermute b. 3 Mar 1936
+Janet Eckland , m. 1962
20>168174251212 Neil Bradley Wintermute b. 30 Nov 1938
+Jacqueline Smith , m. 25 Dec 1963
20>16817425122 Barbara Jean Willis b. 15 Jun 1919
+Lester H. Baldwin , m. Jan 1937
20>168174251221 Sue Ellen Baldwin b. 30 Jul 1937
+Richard Buchanan
20>1681742512211 Deborah Buchanan
20>1681742512212 Linda Lee Buchanan b. 12 Apr 1958
20>168174251222 Jerry James Baldwin b. 18 Apr 1939
+Barbara Coulter
20>168174251223 Lester H. Baldwin 3rd b. 7 May 1942
+Judith Wooleston
20>168174251224 Gail Louise Baldwin b. 20 Sep 1945
+James Coulter , m. 1964
20>1681742513 William Beckley b. 4 Oct 1888-30 Nov 1944
+Pearl Lincoln d. 8 Oct 1962, m. 27 Dec 1911
20>16817425131 Albert William Beckley b. 22 Jan 1913-26 Nov 1957
+Stella Pike
20>168174251311 William Peter Beckley b. 26 Jan 1939-26 Nov 1957
20>168174251312 Terry Albert Beckley b. 22 Sep
20>16817425132 Helen Beckley b. 25 May
+Ralph Godley
20>168174251321 Betsey Ann Godley b. 16 Dec 1936
20>168174251322 Susan Pearl Godley b. 30 Jun 1943
20>1681742514 Mable Gertrude Beckley b. 11 Jan 1893-17 Mar 1980, SanAntonio, TX
+Frederick Hartwell Millen b. 4 Jul 1891-5 May 1954, m. 5 Jun1915
20>16817425141 Frederick Newton Millen b. 26 Jun 1918
+Leila M. Dryden b. 16 Jun 1925, m. 21 Aug 1943
20>168174251411 Frederick Newton Millen Jr. b. 20 Mar 1945
20>168174251412 Philip Dryden Millen b. 24 Dec 1947
20>168174251413 Duncan Christy Millen b. 3 Jun 1951
20>168174251414 Cynthia F. Millen b. 2 Apr 1959
20>16817425142 David M. Millen b. 27 Sep 1920
+unknown , m. Dec 1942 dv 1945
+Burnette Barteaux , m. 21 Apr 1951
20>16817425143 Gertrude Millen b. 28 Nov 1925
+Stanley Litz , m. 22 Apr 1950 dv 1957
+Clifton Story , m. 11 Jul 1959
20>16817425144 Esther Ruth Millen b. 17 Apr 1931
+m1 29 Jul 1950 Frederick Alger  29 Oct 1927-
+m2 26 Oct 1963 Steve Gilchrist  5 Apr 1934-
20>168174251441 Mark Philip Alger b. 11 Jun 1954
20>168174251442 Matthew David Alger b. 26 Oct 1956-13 Dec 1958
20>168174251443 Shawn Rissa Alger b. 30 Dec 1959
20>168174251444 Jessee Ross Gilchrist b. 2 Aug 1964
20>1681742515 Lillian Victoria Beckley b. 28 Aug 1895
+m1 Benjamin H. Cameron
+m2 John Soule
+m3 Forest
+m4 Frank Hudgin
20>16817425151 Donald Benjamin Cameron b. 20 Jun 1920
+Faire Carpenter , m. 22 Jun 1941
20>168174251511 Dawn Mary Cameron
+Gary Ballard , m. 19 Jun 1966
20>1681742516 Harry Bradley Beckley b. 16 Jul 1901-21 Nov 1989
+Anne B. Couch , m. 24 Aug 1921
20>16817425161 Carol Anne Beckley b. 19 Jan 1940
20>168174252 Wynans Bradley 30se1867-13je1892
20>168174253 Edward Grant Bradley 29no1869-16 Apr 1932
+Clara Mable (Cad) Hussey b. 26 Feb 1868-13 Dec 1947, m. 17 Feb1897
_p Lemuel Durfee Hussey and Helen Squires
20>1681742531 Anna Hussey Bradley b. 20 Dec 1898-24 Feb 1933
+Wilson Snusshall Mitchell Sr b. 22 Apr 1896-1991, m. 17 Mar1917
_p Charles R Mitchell and Anna Snusshall
20>16817425311 Wilson Snusshall (Mitch) Mitchell Jr b. 2 Mar 1918
+Elizabeth Lewis b. 30 Dec 1918, m. 18 Apr 1942
_p Morgan H. Lewis and Marian Dawley
20>168174253111 William Morgan Mitchell b. 30 Mar 1943
20>168174253112 Wilson Earl Mitchell b. 23 Mar 1944
20>168174253113 Lewis Edward Mitchell b. 14 Jan 1949
20>16817425312 Charles Edward Mitchell b. 17 Dec 1919
+Clara Huff
_p Charles Huff and Florence Nettleton
20>168174253121 Barbara Anne Mitchell b. 24 Jul 1945
20>168174253122 Charles Keith Mitchell b. 26 Aug 1947
20>168174253123 Virginia Huff b. 25 Mar 1949
20>16817425313 Helen Anna Mitchell b. 19 Jul 1922
+Leonard P. Jordan b. 13 Feb 1919, m. 6 Apr 1946
20>168174253131 Leonard Pearce Jordan b. 7 Jun 1948
20>168174253132 Anna Karen Jordan b. 19 May 1951
+Mr. Corcoran
20>168174253133 Mark Bradley Jordan b. 1 Jun 1954
20>168174253134 Kathleen Ellen Jordan b. 11 Dec 1961
+Alan L Boardway , m. 30 Aug 198 ?
20>16817425314 Bradley Mitchell b. 1 Dec 1924
20>16817425315 Eunice Clara Mitchell b. 5 Oct 1926
+Wilbur Hicks d. 1974, m. 1950
_p Harry Hicks and Ethel Pope
20>168174253151 Judith Ann Hicks b. 20 Apr 1952
20>168174253152 Brian Lewis Hicks b. 12 Jul 1954
20>168174253153 Diane Louise Hicks b. 1 May 1956
+Rev. Grant S. Miller b. 1908-11 Aug 1998, age 90
20>1681742532 Helen Gertrude Bradley b. 25 Feb 1901-20 Dec 1993,Scipioville, NY at home
+Russell F. Pattington b. 24 Aug 1896-1977, m. 3 Jul 1937
20>16817425321 Bradley Watkins Pattington b. 13 Jul 1946
+Alice Grow b. 24 May 1948, m. 14 Aug 1976
_p Emery Grow and Helen Johncox
20>168174253211 Lori Ellen Pattington b. Aug 1977
+Anton Burkett b. 1 Jan 1969
_p James Burkett and Kay
20>1681742532111 Anona Terra Pattington b. 11 Oct 2002
20>168174253212 Russell W. Pattington b. 30 Aug 1980-21 Oct 1985
20>1681742533 Samuel Carlyle Bradley b. 28 May 1904, Ledyard Town, Cayuga
Co., NY-18 Aug 1968, Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY
20>1681742534 Cornelia Kathryn Bradley b. 2 Jun 1908
+Willard Nettleton Huff b. 11 Jan 1908-7 Oct 1990, Hornell, NY, m. 28 Jun 1935, Aurora, NY
_p Charles Huff and Florence Nettleton
20>16817425341 Gale Bradley Huff b. 11 Jun 1940
+Hari Ellen Rabin b. 28 Mar 1945, m. 16 Jun 1963
_p Abraham Raben and Bethel Tackette
20>168174253411 Amy Eileen Huff b. 30 Apr 1967
+Jess Ruan
20>168174253412 Jenny  Kathryn Huff b. 19 Jan 1975
+Patrick Dean
20>16817425342 Carlyle Craig Huff b. 24 Nov 1944-23 Oct 1994, Indianapolis, , IN
+Sueellen Gable , m. 10 Jul 1971, Marion, , IN
20>168174253421 Jason Eric Huff b. 7 Jan 1974
20>16817425343 David Nettleton Huff b. 21 Feb 1952, Boonville, NY
+Carol Sankey , m. 4 Sep 1982
20>168174253431 Lindsay Nettleton Huff b. 11 May 1984, Pittsburg, PA
20>168174253432 Garrett Sankey Huff b. 22 Mar 1990, Pittsburg, PA
20>168174254 Henry (Harry) Bradley 07je1871(MO)-22ja1961
+m1 Bertha Post
+2 Edith VerPlanck
20>168174255 Henrietta Bradley 04se1873-30oc1880, epidemic
20>168174256 Robert Bradley 08mr1875-13no1880, epidemic
20>168174257 Samuel Carlyle Bradley 28mr1876-22oc1880, epidemic
20>168174258 John Ruskin Bradley 02se1879-03my1948
+m1 Edith M. Frost
+m2 Nettie I. Mattison
20>168174259 Harlan Hopkins Bradley 25de1882-04se1964
+m. 10de1906 Frances Estella ("Stella") King  17mr1888-01au1980, age 92
_p Arthur King and Jennie Peckham
20>1681742591 Henry ("Hank") Bradley b. 31 Dec 1907-12 Dec 1995
+Marion Davies b. 12 Feb 1912, Hamilton, ON, Canada-18 Mar1988, m. 3 Jul 1937
_p William Davies and Ruth Jackson
20>16817425911 Lynne Elizabeth Bradley b. 15 Nov 1946
20>16817425912 Ruth Estelle Bradley b. 13 May 1953
20>1681742592 Arthur King Bradley b. 23 Jan 1910
+Erdien Giddings b. 10 Jul 1910, m. 22 Dec 1933
_p Eugene Giddings and Ruth Hubbard
20>16817425921 Beth Giddings Bradley b. 8 Aug 1938
+Robert F. Taylor , m. 6 May 1961
_p Robert Taylor and Janet Fowler
20>168174259211 Margaret Elizabeth Taylor b. 30 Nov 1962
20>168174259212 Mary Bradley Taylor b. 4 May 1965
20>16817425922 Janet Erdien Bradley b. 24 May 1942
+Ralph Alexander Jr. , m. 4 Sep 1965
_p Ralph Alexander and Gladys Robin
20>1681742593 Robert Bush Bradley b. 20 Dec 1912-5 Mar 1960
+Charlotte Lunt , m. 29 Oct 1942
_p Walter Lunt and Pearl Peterkins
20>16817425931 Delane K. Bradley b. 7 Aug 1943
+Francis W. Masher , m. 25 Jun 1966
_p Harris W. Mosher and Mrs. Mosher
20>16817425932 Robert Bush Bradley b. 6 Aug 1947
20>1681742594 Harlan Hopkins (Babe) Bradley b. 14 Mar 1919
+m1 12 Aug 1945 Claire Davis 26 Jan 1923-
_p Elbert Davis and Vera Lemming
+m2 07 Apr 1972 Jane Lee
20>16817425941 Samuel Arthur Bradley b. 4 Jul 1946
20>16817425942 Margaret Lue Bradley b. 22 Nov 1948
+Stephen DeForest , m. 23 Feb 1968
20>16817425943 Edward Walter Bradley b. 16 Oct 1949
+Nancy Pryzwara , m. 2 Oct 1971
20>16817425944 Victoria Bradley b. 24 Aug 1953
20>16817425945 Jane Lucille Bradley b. 23 Aug 1955
20>168174250 Grace Esther Bradley 16au1886-31mr1967, (Glen Hope Cemetery, Town of Newark Valley, NY)
+m 15se1909 Laverne Dewain Palmer  22jl1883-19au1970
_g Glen Hope Cemetery, Town of Newark Valley, NY
_p John D. Palmer and Ella Gertrude White
20>1681742501 Julia Evelyn Palmer b. 26 Dec 1910-13 Jan 1969, Jenksville, Tioga Co., NY
+Harry James Brink Jr. b. 13 Aug 1901, West Newark, Tioga Co., NY at home-13 Mar 1990, Punta Gorda, FL, m. 1 Jan 1929
_p Harry James Brink and Clara M. Borthwick
20>16817425011 Carl Borthwick Brink b. 10 Jan 1930
+m1 22 Sep1951 Dolores Althea Greene 29 Nov 1933-2 Dec 1990,
_p Pierre Green and Mary
+m2 29 Jun 1991 Doris Pearl Parker 16 Sep 1934-
_n m at Christian Missionary Alliance Church. Owego, Tioga CountyNY
_p Elijah Theodore Parker and Isiadora Hill
20>168174250111 Yvonne Marie Brink b. 18 Aug 1952, Robert Parker Hospital in Sayre, PA
+Brian Edwin Benjamin b. 6 Sep 1948, m. 5 Sep 1970, Jenksville, NY  picture dated Sep 1970
20>1681742501111 Jason Benjamin b. 18 Apr 1971
+Julie M. Walker , m. Bef 15 Oct 2005, date of party recognizing marriage
20>16817425011111 Gabrille Alabaster Benjamin b. 23 Apr 2006
20>1681742501112 Aaron Benjamin b. 21 Nov 1972
20>16817425011121 Samantha Lee Benjamin b. 30 Jan 1997
+Michelle McNamee , m. 13 Sep 2003
20>16817425011122 MacKenzie Lynn Benjamin b. Apr 2006
20>1681742501113 Christopher Michale Benjamin b. 28 Jan 1979
+Bobbie Lynn Guiles , m. 1 Dec 2001, Berkshire, Tioga Co., NY at First Congregational Church of Berkshire
20>16817425011131 Kayla Marie Benjamin b. 4 Jun 2002
20>16817425011132 Isaiah Bemjamin b. 29 Sep 2003
20>168174250112 Mary Julia Brink b. 27 Aug 1953, home in Jenksville, NY-27 Feb 1954
20>168174250113 Carl David Brink b. 26 Jan 1955, Tioga General Hospital in Waverly, NY
+Penny #1
20>1681742501131 Stacy Brink b. 8 Feb 1979
20>1681742501132 Carl James Brink b. 5 Apr 1981
20>1681742501133 Amanda Brink b. 19 Feb 1983
+Penny #2 , m. 15 Aug 1999
20>168174250114 Ruth Anne Brink b. 11 Jul 1956
+Jack E. Manzer b. 2 Aug, m. 12 Oct 1973
20>1681742501141 Nathan Manzer b. 11 Feb
+Brandi , m. 13 Aug 1994
20>16817425011411 Gwendolyn Olivia Manzer b. 17 Mar 2000
20>16817425011412 Corrine Leigh Manzer b. 15 Nov 2002
20>1681742501142 Joshua Elwood Manzer b. 18 Jan 1976
+Heather Renee Evans , m. 1 Aug 1998, Lansing, NY at Lansing Park, Myers Point
_p James R. Evans and Unknown
+Tania , m. 9 Sep 2002
20>1681742501143 Jeremiah Manzer b. 7 Nov 1977
20>1681742501144 Naomi Manzer b. 27 Jun 1979
20>168174250115 Lorrie Lynn Brink b. 11 Oct 1957
+Matthew Russo b. 12 Jul, m. 27 Aug
20>1681742501151 Hanna Russo b. 11 Jun 1986
20>1681742501152 Melissa Lynn Russo b. 2 Dec 1993
20>168174250116 Rebecca Evelyn Brink b. 30 Mar 1961
+Tim Quinlan b. 1 Nov 1958
20>1681742501161 Jacob Quinlan b. 17 May 1987
20>1681742501162 Siobhan Quinlan b. 7 Sep 1089
20>168174250117 Yvette Marie Brink b. 27 Mar 1967
+Bryan Lewis , m. 3 Jun 1993, Lakewood, CO at Green Mountain Presbyterian Church
20>1681742501171 Delores Lynette Ellie Lewis b. 4 Jul 1997
20>1681742501172 Bradley Lewis b. Mar 2002
20>16817425012 Harold Lee Brink b. 26 Sep 1931-11 Nov 1981
20>16817425013 Richard Palmer Brink b. 29 Jul 1933, West Newark, Tioga Co., NY at home
+Marlene Mae Ott b. 27 Apr 1937, m. 14 Aug 1954, Owego M. E. Church dv
+Patrica Fay Post b. 15 Sep 1940, Hobart, Delaware Co., NY at ?, m. 14 Jul 1962, Hobart, Delaware County, NY at Hobart Methodist Church
_p Donald Post and Helen Hamilton
20>168174250131 Gary Lee Post Brink b. 15 Aug 1963, Endicott, NY at Ideal Hospital
+Carolyn Marie Klett b. 11 Sep 1963, m. 2 May 1987, Owego, Tioga Co., NY at Zion Lutheran Church
_p Carl Klett and Marien Friedrichsen
20>1681742501311 Patrick Gary Brink b. 9 Feb 1988, Sayre, PA at Robert Packer Hospital
20>1681742501312 Justin Ryan Brink b. 18 Jan 1990, Binghamton, NY at Lord's Hospital
20>1681742501313 Dylan Russell Brink b. 20 Jun 1993, Sayre, PA at Robert Packer Hospital
20>168174250132 Renee Elaine Brink b. 25 Sep 1965, Endicott, NY at Ideal Hospital
+Scott Thomas , m. 5 Aug 1989, Jenksville, Tioga Co., NY at Jenksville United Methodist Church
_p Don Thomas and Beverly Hover
20>1681742501321 Sherilyn Ann Thomas b. 3 Apr 1991, Sayre, PA at Robert Packer Hospital
20>1681742501322 Colleen May Thomas b. 5 May 1993, Sayre, PA at Robert Packer Hospital
20>168174250133 Keith Eric Brink b. 10 Feb 1970, Endicott, NY at Ideal Hospital
+Tami Webster , m. 3 Feb 1990
_p Frank Webster and Carol Barr
20>1681742501331 Bradley Bryan Brink b. 22 Jan 1991
20>1681742501332 Leandra Marie Brink b. 21 Mar 1993
20>1681742501333 Kegan Doyle Brink b. 30 Jul 1995
20>16817425014 Priscilla Evelyn Brink b. 1 Feb 1936
+Sigmund A. Smith b. 18 Jun 1934-22 Jul 1999, m. 2 Sep1961, Jenkskville, Tioga County, NY at Jenksville Methodist Church, NY
_p William Smith and Mrs. Helen Smith
20>168174250141 Debra Marie Smith b. 24 Nov 1963
+Richter Voight b. 9 Sep 1948
20>168174250142 Sigmund Todd Smith 19 Sep 1965-31 Dec 2003
+m 07se1991 Ingrid Smith d. 3 Jun 1998,
+m 09oc1999 Erin ,  dv 2000
20>1681742501421 Drake Smith 01de1989-
_m mother of Drake is Gretchen Unk (unm)
20>16817425015 Ella Rebecca Brink b. 2 Mar 1940, West Newark, Tioga
County, NY
_e Hartwick College, BS in Nursing 1962.
_o Nurse and Mother
+Robert Daniel Brown b. 13 Oct 1938, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA, m. 22 Jun 1963, Jenksville, Tioga County, NY at Jenksville Methodist Church
_e UPenn, BSc in Chemistry 1960.  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, PhD in Chemistry 1967
_o Chemist and Father.
_p Daniel Foster Brown and Frances Ruth Underwood
20>168174250151 Brian John Brown b. 16 Dec 1964, Troy, Rensselaer County, NY
+Trinh Thi Tuyet Roe b. 10 Feb 1967, Viet Nam, m. 29 Mar1989, VA
_p Roger Thomas Roe and Suong
20>1681742501511 Douglas Foster Brown b. 20 Oct 1990, San Diego, San Diego County, CA
20>1681742501512 Leah Rebecca Brown b. 6 Jul 1992, San Diego, San Diego County, CA
20>1681742501513 Nathan David Brown b. 25 Dec 1994, Augusta, Richmond County, GA-24 Jan 1997, Augusta, Richmond County, GA
20>1681742501514 Steven Robert Brown b. 7 Jun 2004, Augusta, GA at 12:34 AM
20>168174250152 Kurt Edward Brown b. 13 May 1966, Wilmington, New Castle Co., Delaware
+Brenda Jo Hartman b. 24 Feb 1968, m. 1 Jan 1989, Houghton, Allegany Co., NY in Houghton Wesleyan Church
_p John Hartman and Joanne Unk
20>1681742501521 Micah Daniel Brown b. 9 Dec 1990, St. Joseph's  Hospital, Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY
20>1681742501522 Kendra Lucille Brown b. 6 Jul 1992, St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY
20>1681742501523 Lydia Joelle Brown b. 11 Mar 1997, St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY
20>1681742501524 Tessa Marie Brown b. 31 Aug 1999, St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY
20>1681742501525 Adam Edward Brown b. 11 Feb 2001, St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY
20>168174250153 Eric Jonathan Brown b. 4 Jul 1970, Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY
+Erica Heather Hudgins b. 7 Mar 1972, Newport News, VA, m. 01 Sep 1991, Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., VA in Blacksburg Christian Fellowship
_p Everett Way Hudgins III and Cynthia Jean Eltringham
20>1681742501531 Zachary Amiel Brown b. 3 Apr 1992, Radford, Bedford County, VA at Radford Community Hospital
20>1681742501532 Ian Alexander Brown b. 12 Mar 1993, Radford, Bedford County, VA at Radford Community Hospital
20>1681742501533 Duncan Cassidy Brown b. 11 Mar 1995, Radford, Bedford County, VA at Radford Community Hospital
20>1681742501534 Cameron Jae Brown b. 18 Feb 1997, Radford, Bedford County, VA at Radford Community Hospital
20>1681742501535 Schuyler Freeman Brown b. 19 Nov 1999, Radford, Bedford County, VA at Radford Community Hospital
20>1681742502 Dewain Bradley Palmer b. 20 Aug 1912-23 Feb 2000
+Ruth Eloise Walker b. 6 Aug 1915, Candor Twp., Tioga Co., NY, m.15Oct 1936
_p Frank Walker and Maude
20>16817425021 Daryl Marie Palmer b. 23 Apr 1940
+Robert Reginald Beffie b. 5 Dec 1925
20>168174250211 Laura Mimi Beffie b. 7 Oct 1971
+James McLarmon Jr. , m. 13 Oct 1996
20>1681742502111 Jack Matthew McLarmon b. 7 Aug 1998
20>1681742502112 Charles Henry McLarmon b. 13 Dec 2001
20>1681742502113 Henry James McLarmon b. 22 Aug 2005
20>16817425022 Gregory Dewain Palmer b. 11 Aug 1945-3 Apr 1999, (Glen Hope Cemetery, Jenksville, Tioga Co., NY)
+Dale R. Brown b. 4 Aug 1947
_p Richard L. Brown and Unknown
20>168174250221 Anne Palmer b. 1966
+Wayne Schreffler
20>1681742502211 Adalyn Ruth Schreffler b. 1991 or 1992
20>1681742502212 Kaitlen Louise Schreffler b. 1994 or 1995
20>168174250222 Edward Dewain Palmer
20>1681742503 Winifred Ruth Palmer b. 4 Feb 1916
+Richard LaMont Snow b. 14 Dec 1914-1992, m. 7 Aug 1935
_p LaMont Snow and Frances Whittaker
20>16817425031 Virginia Ann Snow b. 21 Aug 1936, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY
+Don Watson Trasher b. 1 Nov 1937, Lynbrook, Nassau Co., NY, m.20Jun 1959
_p Fred Trasher and Ethel
20>168174250311 Laura Lynn Trasher b. 19 Sep 1964, Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY
+Daniel Michael Bernhofen b. , Ulm, Germany, m. 29 Dec 1989, Geneseo, NY at Geneseo Baptist Church
20>1681742503111 Mark Bernhofen b. 23 Sep 1994, Worcester, Worcester Co., MA
20>1681742503112 Sonja Bernhofen b. 1 Dec 1996, Worcester, Worcester Co., MA
20>168174250312 Diane Marie Trasher b. 9 Apr 1967, Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY
+Michael Craig Broberg b. , Puyallup, WA, m. 23 Jun 1990, Geneseo, NY at Geneseo Baptist Church
20>1681742503121 Morgan Broberg b. 23 Mar 1995, Rochester, Monroe Co.,  NY
20>1681742503122 Alyssa Broberg b. 1 Mar 1999, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY
20>168174250313 Steven Trasher b. 14 Sep 1968, Bloomington, IN
+Amy Jo Lubanski
20>1681742503131 Madison Trasher b. Dec 1996
20>1681742503132 Jacob Trasher b. 3 Apr 1998, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY
20>1681742503133 Kristen Trasher b. 27 Feb 2001, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY
20>168174250314 James Trasher b. 9 Feb 1975
+Amy Marie Mullen , m. May 1999
20>1681742503141 Evan Trasher b. Feb 2004
20>1681742503142 Alex Trasher b. Nov 2005
20>168174250315 Dennis Kenyon
+Patty Myles , m. Unknown
20>1681742503151 Matthew Kenyon b. 1985, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY
20>1681742503152 Richard Kenyon b. 1985, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY
20>1681742503153 Bethany Keynon b. 1987, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY
20>16817425032 David Vermont Snow b. 27 Jan 1938
+Joyce Sandidge b. 27 Jan 1938, m. 2 Jul 1960
_p Eulas Sandidge and Dorothy
20>168174250321 Sandi Elizabeth Snow b. 14 Sep 1961
+Randi Brown
20>1681742503211 Kara Jay Brown b. 10 Jun 1989
20>1681742503212 Kellie Grace Brown b. 16 Jul 1991
20>1681742503213 Jackson Lloyd Brown b. 13 Dec 1993
20>1681742503214 Julie Elizabeth Brown b. 26 Jan 1996
20>168174250322 Susan Elaine Snow b. 11 Apr 1963
+Michael Curnalia
20>1681742503221 Kristin Nicole Curnalia b. 11 Sep 1986
20>1681742503222 Jason Michael Curnalia b. 1 Oct 1988
20>1681742503223 Jeremiah David Curnalia b. 26 Aug 1997
20>168174250323 David Vermont Snow Jr. b. 21 Jul 1965
20>1681742503231 Samuel David Snow b. 27 Jun 2002
20>1681742503232 Shelby Faith Snow b. 27 Jun 2002
20>168174250324 Amy Lynn Snow b. 8 Jan 1971
20>16817425033 Richard John Snow b. 24 Mar 1941
+Lucille Kay Amstutz b. 11 Oct 1943, Bluffton, OH, m. 28 Mar1964
_p Willis Joseph Amstutz and Odessa Bixel
20>16817425034 Calvin Snow b. 27 Aug 1951
+Jean Myles b. , OH
20>168174250341 Jonathan Snow b. 1981
20>168174250342 Branden Snow b. 1983
20>168174250343 Aaron Snow b. 1985
20>1681742504 Gertrude Amy Palmer b. 3 Apr 1919-1 Aug 2005, San Diego,CA
+Richard Theodore Hukill b. 15 Jun 1917, Massillon, OH-8 Oct1998, San Diego, CA, m. 11 Nov 1945, Sacramento, CA
_p Charles Hukill and Gertrude Giesy
20>16817425041 Vivian Lee Hukill b. 5 Jun 1947, Ithaca, NY
+Jan David Meermans b. 16 Sep 1948, Pittsburgh, PA, m. 10 Apr1971, Arlington, VA in Cherrydale Baptist Church
_p James Roger Meermans and Altha Jane Gallagher
20>168174250411 Megan Elizabeth Meermans b. 21 Dec 1976, Salem, Columbiana Co., OH
20>168174250412 Eric Schuyler Meermans b. 22 Jun 1979, Salem,
Columbiana Co., OH
20>16817425042 Cheryl Elaine Hukill b. 31 Aug 1951, Ridgecrest, CA
20>16817425043 Lorraine Grace Hukill b. 28 Feb 1954, Ridgecrest, CA
+Donald Dale Claeys b. 30 Apr 1954, Great Lakes, IL, m. 28 Jul1979, Waukegan, IL at Immanuel Baptist Church
_p Donald Gene Claeys and Marion Sheryl Jones
20>168174250431 Justin Michael Claeys b. 21 Oct 1982, Fairfax, VA
+Elizabeth Barnett Pinckney , m. 3 Jun 2006, Blacksburg, ,VA at Harvest Baptist Church
_p Francis Douglas Pinckney and unkn
20>168174250432 Jonathan Edward Claeys b. 15 Feb 1985, Fairfax, VA
20>168174250433 Kristin Marie Claeys b. 3 Mar 1987, Fairfax, VA
20>168174250434 Kathryn Elizabeth Claeys b. 22 Aug 1989, Fairfax, VA
20>16817425044 Priscilla Ann Hukill b. 27 Feb 1958
+Bill Wells
+John Frederick Lack , m. IL?
20>168174250441 Corinna Ann Lack b. 31 Dec 1982, IL

20>16817426 Cornelia Esther Bradley 06fe1851-28se1918 TD#495
+m 27se1870 Charles Slocum
20>1681743 Carlista Todd TD#496
+m /???? Timothy Lawrence\2
20>1681744 Sophia Todd TD#497
+m /???? Isaac Bowers\3
20>1681745 Mary Tuttle Todd TD#497
+m /???? Abel Fletcher\1
20>1681746 Harriet Newell Todd TD#497
+m /???? David Wood\3
20>1681747 Sereno Edwards Todd 06/03/1820-?? [AG4.505]
_o editor & writer on agriculture
+m1 06/26/1844 Rhoda Peck\3
+m2 03/19/1888 Dorcas Amanda Peterson\2
20>16817471 Naomi Myrtilla Todd TD#1063
20>16817472 Sereno Edwards Todd TD#1064
20>16817473 David Peck Todd 03/19/1854{1855 AG4.505}-??
_b TD#1065
+m /1879 Mabel Loomis
20>16817474 Theodore R. I. Todd TD#1066
20>16817475 Victor Hugo Todd TD#1067
20>1681747hh Millicent Todd 02/05/1880(WashDC)-?? [4.505]
_e MA Radcl 1917 PhD 1923
+m 12/04/1920 Lt Col Walter Van Dyke Bingham
_b AG 4.505
20>1681748 Lucretia Ingersoll Todd TD#501
+m /18?? Isaac L. Smith\2
20>1681749 Josiah Todd TD#502
+m /18?? Amy E. Peck\3 (sr of Rhoda)
20>168175 Moses Ingersoll 15fe1790-?? [AG]
+m {c/1808} Charissa Hooker
_n 4 sons, 4 dau
20>1681751 Rachel Ingersoll [AG]
+m 09/10/1834 Elihu Ward
_n 7 children
20>16817511 Cordelia Harriet Ward 01/09/1838-
+m 10/25/1859 John Patch
20>168175111 Fred Herbert Patch 09/29/1860-
20>168175112 Mary Josephine Patch 06/19/1867-
20>168175113 Chellis Arthur Patch 10/01/1871-
20>16817512 Henry Marshal Ward dy
20>16817513 Mary Charissa Ward 07/06/1842-/1925 [AG]
+m /1866 Charles Robertson Watt /1841-/1891
_a DundeeSCOT
20>168175131 Addie Louise Watt 08/18/1867-/1914 [AG]
+m 01/19/1886 Francis Marion[EM]{Merion} Edwards Ferris 05/17/1860-
_f only s of William Henry Edwards (SalemIA) ??-05/28/1862(TN)
_fp Alfred Edwards (HaysCtyKS)
_p adopted by George E. Ferris and Sarah C. in 1865 (MtPleasantIA)
20>1681751311 Lillian May Ferris 11/16/1886-07/10/1887 dy
20>1681751312 Charles Francis Ferris 11/27/1887-
+m /???? Alpha Mildred Williams
_p William R. Williams +m Mary Jane Stalker
_pp see EM chart for ancestors
20>1681751312h Lillian May Ferris
+m /???? Edwin Harry Morrison
_p Harry G. Morrison +m Carrie Extrum
20>1681751312hh Alan Ferris Morrison
+m /???? Marcia Ford
20>1681751312hhh Scott Kenneth Morrison
20>1681751312hi Jean Marie Morrison
+m /???? Patrick Paquin
20>1681751312hi? Julie Anne Paquin
20>1681751313 Marion Raymond Ferris 12/05/1889-03/09/1964
20>1681751314 Francis Edwards Ferris 05/30/1891(?)-
20>1681751315 Adelaide Louise Ferris 02/05/1898-
20>1681751316 George Ward Ferris 12/05/1899-11/12/1959
20>168175132 Chauncy Ward Watt 01/14/1872-???? [AG]
+m /???? Antoinette Ricketts
20>168175133 Elihu DeForest Watt 06/07/1874(Galva IL)-???? [AG]
_b AG2.311
+m 09/12/1899 Florence Starr Rockwell 05/13/1876(Lansing IO)-
_p Starr A. Rockwell (CedarFalls IO)
20>1681751331 Richard Rockwell Watt 01/27/1903(Rckwll IL)-???? [AG]
+m 09/25/1926 Gertrude LeBoutillier Martin
20>1681751332 Margaret Watt 05/26/1905(Rckwll IL)-???? [AG]
20>1681751333 Charles Robertson Watt 08/29/1914(Rckwll IL)-???? [AG]
20>168175134 Jessie Watt 06/30/1878-??
+m 06/13/1899 Ela Bliss Moyer 02/11/1869(Peru IL)-??
_b AG2.311
20>16817514 Henry(2) Ward dy (2 1/2 yrs)
20>16817515 Florence Ward dy
20>16817516 Kate Arleine Ward 05/05/1854-
20>16817517 Frank Curtis Ward 03/15/1860-
20>168176 SOPHIA INGERSOLL, b. Mar 1, 1792; d. Bet. 1793 - 1886
20>168177 DAVID INGERSOLL, b. Mar 3, 1795; d. Bet. 1796 - 1885
20>168178 SALLY INGERSOLL, b. Mar 3, 1795; d. Bet. 1796 - 1889
20>168179 ELIZABETH INGERSOLL, b. Jun 21, 1797; d. Bet. 1798 - 1891
20>168170 LUCY INGERSOLL, b. Jun 6, 1799; d. Bet. 1800 - 1893
20>16817a Rv ALVAN HYDE INGERSOLL 22de1801 (Lee MA)-23de1864 (Rochester NY)
+ m ??ja1824 Hannah Lyman\6 07oc1802(TorrngtnCT)-01my1887(ClevelndOH)
20>16817b WILLIAM INGERSOLL, b. Dec 22, 1801; d. Bet. 1802 - 1891
20>16817b1 [6 children]
20>16817b3 GEORGE LYMAN INGERSOLL, b. Feb 13, 1830, Buffalo, New York; d. Jul 28, 1910, Cleveland, Ohio
20>16817b35 ALBERT CONVERSE INGERSOLL, b. Mar 15, 1879, Wickliffe, Ohio; d. 1953, Ohio
20>16817c ELIHU PARSONS INGERSOLL, b. Sep 20, 1804; d. Bet. 1805 - 1894
20>16818 Lucy Parsons 10/14/1762-??
+m /???? Joshua Ketchum
20>16819 Jonathan Parsons /1764 dy
20>16810 Jerusha Parsons /1765? dy
20>1681a Jerusha Parsons 05/??/1766-??(Victor NY)
+m /???? Ira Seymour
20>1682 Jerusha Edwards 04/26/1730-02/14/1748(Nrthmptn MA)
_n was engaged to Rv David Brainard, nursed him in final illness
_q EDp15 gives date of d 1747 [=EM]
20>1683 Esther Edwards 02/13/1732-04/07/1758(Princeton NJ) ag26
_n died of smallpox just after her father
_b1 "beautiful, accomplished, pious and learned...." [PM71]
_b2 "eloquent and fascinating, and wrote with genius and facility" [PM71]
_b3 her aunt Esther E. left a diary covering about 50 years EDp144
_b4 see Karlsen & Crumpacker _The Journal of EEB 1754-57_ (Yale 1984)
+m 05/29/1752(NewarkNJ) Rv Aaron Burr 01/04/1715|6(Frfld)-09/24/1757 ag41
_p Daniel Burr +m Elizabeth (FairfieldCT)
_pp progenitors of the John Christie line +m Margaret Miller Brundage 25>746632
_e Yale 1735; theol studies
_o pastor NewarkNJ ch 1736; 2nd pres CollNJ[=Princ C] 1747-1757
_d Yale1735 list
_w Yale1735 excerpt (no frills; give equiv $$ to pious and needy)
_b Yale1735 obits, etc
_n CollNJ met in their house in Newark until moved to Prnctn in 1756
_q EDp15 has d Oct, Yale1735 etc say Sep; +m Jun [Yale1735]
20>16831 Sarah Burr 02/06/1754-??
_q EDp16 gives date of b as 05/03/1754
+m 06/24/1772 Tapping Reeve
_e CollNJ (Princ) 1763
_o Chief Justice Supreme Court of CT, founder Law Schl at Ltchfld
20>16832 Aaron Burr 02/06/1756(Newark NJ)-09/14/1836(Staten Isl NY)
_e CollNJ (Princ) 1772
_o NY legislature, attny gen NY, US senator NY, VP US 1801-1805
_n killed Alexander Hamilton in duel at Weehawken NJ while still VP
+m1 07/02/1782(Paramus NJ) wd Theodosia Bartow\1 12/??/1746-04/08/1794
_p Theodosius Bartow +m Ann Stillwell (Shrewsbury NJ)
_n wd of Col Mark Prevost ??-1779 (British Army), 2 children (m 1763)
+m2 07/01/1833(HarlemHts NY) wd Eliza Bowen 04/02/1777-07/16/1865
_q b 1775? ProvidenceRI (Art & Antiques article, 1991)
_p John Bowen (sailor?) +m Phoebe Kelly (prostitute in ProvidenceRI?)
_n wd of Stephen Jumel ??(FRANEM)-05/28{?}/1832 (m /1804)
_n2 she had illegit son George Washington Bowen 1794-
_n3 tricked paramour Jumel (rich French merchant) into marrying her
_n4 they moved to Paris in 1815, she returned to NYC in 1826, he d 1830(?)
_n5 she and Burr were dv fairly soon? She "went mad" later in life.
_a Jumel Mansion, 160th between St.Nicholas & Edgecomb Aves, open to publ.
_b "Heartbreak House: The Story of the Morris-Jumel Mansion, a Colonial
_b2 Landmark Built on Broken Dreams," Art & Antiques (Jan 1991) 59ff.
20>168321 Thodosia Bartow Burr 06/21/1783(Albany NY)-01/??/1813
+m 02/02/1801(NYC) Joseph Alston /1778-09/10/1816(Charleston SC)
_o gov of SC
20>1683211 Aaron Burr Alston /1801(Charleston SC)-06/30/1812 dy
20>1684 Mary Edwards 04/07{04}/1734(Northampton MA)-02/07/1807
_q Yale1744 has d 02/28 73yr
+m 11/08/1750 Maj Timothy Dwight\13 05/27/1726-06/10/1777(NatchezMI)
_a FtDummer [=Brattleboro] VT
_e Yale 1744
_p only surviving son of Col Timothy Dwight +m Experience King
_fp Nathaniel Dwight +m Mehitabel Partridge (NorthamptonMA)
_mp Lt John King +m Mehitabel Pomeroy (NorthamptonMA)
_n 9 sons, 4 dau; 12 children in Northampton ca 1778 [Yale1769.322]
20>16841 Rv Timothy Dwight 05/14/1752(Nrthmptn MA)-01/11/1817(NwH)
_e Yale 1769 (entered at 13 yrs), tutor, law student, theology, education
_e2 hon DDiv 1787 Princ, DLaws 1810 Harv
_o rector of Hopkins Grammar Sch (NwH) 1769-71; tutor Yale 1771-77
_om2 army chaplain 1777; MA Gen Court 1781-2; pastor, fnd Frfld Acad 1783;
_o3 8th Pres Yale 1795; Yale Coll Preacher; 1805 Prof Div
_n affected with poor eyesight
_q date of d Jan or Feb [Yale1769.324]?
_q2 probably not the Dr Timothy Dwight Harv class of 1774 [Sibley's]
_d poems, sermons, theology, etc [details in Yale1769]
_v portrait at Yale, by John Trumull in 1804|5, another in family
_b PM198; 78 p memoir by Sereno E. Dwight (1818); LibrAmBiog
+m 03/03/1777(NwH) Mary/Margaret Woolsey\8sons 11ap1754(LI)-10/05/1845(NwH)
_n +m by uncle Jonathan Edwards at house of uncle P- Edwards
_q 8 sons, or 7 [Yale1769.324] -- 5 graduated Yale!
_p 2nd dau of the late Benjamin Woolsey (DosorisLI)
_fn former roommate/classmate of Timothy jrs father
_q2 did she remarry George Hoadly after Timothy Dwight's death in 1817?
-q3 a George Hoadly jr was born in 1825/26-1902, and active in Ohio politics
20>168412 Benjamin Woolsey Dwight 02/10/1780-05/18/1850(ClintonNY) 71yr
_a NorthamptonMA, GreenfieldHill, PhilaPa, CatskillNY, NwH, NYC
_e Yale 1799; med studies
_o crockery, hardware, farmer, treas Hamilton coll
_b+c Yale1799.351 list
_n 2nd son
+m 05/07/1815 Sophia Woodbridge Strong 1792(?)-12/03/1861 ag69
_p Rv Joseph Strong 1756-1823 (HeathMA) +m Sophia Woodbridge 1761|2-1832
_pn she was adopted by uncle Col Benjamin Woodbridge [Yale1799]
_fe Yale 1784
_fp Rv Joseph Strong (Yale 1749)
_mp youngest child of Rv John Woodbridge (Yale 1726) (SHadleyMA)
_e Herrick schl (NwH)
_n 3 sons, 3 dau
20>1684121 Benjamin Woodbridge Dwight 05ap1816(ClintonNY)-/1888
_n oldest son
_e Hamilton 1835, PhD, LLD
_o educator, teacher, author, genealogist
_b AG1.835
+m1 /1846 Wealthy Jane Dewey\4 20ap1823-23au1864
_p Harvey Dewey
+m2 /1865 Charlotte Sophia Parrish\1
_p Townsend Parrish
20>16841211 Eliza Dewey Dwight /1850-/1880
+m /???? Richard Smith Dewey
20>16841212 Sophia Edwards Dwight /1853-/1913
20>16841213 Francis Edwin Dwight /1856-/1885
20>16841214 Isabelle Jane Dwight 11/11/1861(Clinton NY)-
_b AG1.835
+m 11/11/1884 Charles Sprague-Smith /1853-/1910
_p Rv Charles Smith +m Caroline Sprague (Salem MA) [AG1.835]
20>168412141 Hilda Sprague-Smith 09/18/1885(NYC)-
+m 11/01/1915 Victor Starzenski 07/20/1886(KS)- [AG1.835]
20>16841215 Bertha Woolsey Dwight /1867-
+m /???? Charles B. Cole

20>1684122 Sophia Dwight 08fe1818-18jl1863
+m /???? Eliott Anthony
_e Hamilton 1850 (m two Dwight sisters in succession)
20>1684123 William Theodore Dwight [son 2]
_e Hamilton 1840; prof of law at Columbia
20>1684124 Mary Dwight [dau 2 of 3]
+m /???? Eliott Anthony
_e Hamilton 1850 (m two Dwight sisters in succession)
20>1684125 Edward Woolsey Dwight [son 3 of 3]
+m /????
20>1684126 Elizabeth Dwight [dau 3 of 3]
20>168413 James Dwight {tw?} ca1782|3|4
_o merchant of Petersburg VA & NYC
+m 08au1815(NwH) Susan Breed
_p John McLarch Breed (Nrwch)
20>1684131 Aurelia Dwight
20>1684132 Timothy Dwight 20je1820-11au1822 dy
20>1684133 John Breed Dwight
20>1684134 James McLaren Breed Dwight
20>1684135 Timothy Dwight 11/16/1828(Nrwch)-/1916
_e Yale 1849, tutor & theol stud, 1856-1858 Berlin & Bonn stud,
_o2 prof YaleDS 1858-1886, pres Yale C 1886-1899(resigned)
_e hon DDiv 1869 ChiThSem 1886 Yale, DLaws 1886 Harv 1888 Princ
_b PM198b
+m 31de1866(NYC) Jane Wakeman Skinner\2 03ap1832(NYC)-
20>168414 John Dwight tw 09/01/1784(GreenfieldHillCT)-07/25/1803(HadleyMA)
_e Yale 1802; planned to study for ministry
_n engaged to Mary Kellogg, who died soon after him
_g HadleyMA
20>168415 Sereno Edwards Dwight 05/18/1786-11/30/1850(PhilaPA) 65yr
_a Greenfield Hill (Fairfield) CT, NwH 1795; ClintonNY; NYC 1838
_n 5th son, named after his late uncle; health problems
_e Yale 1803 MA1806; tutor & law student; honDD1833
_o lawyer; minister 1816, USSenate chaplain; ParkStCong Boston; educator
_o2 Pres Hamilton coll 1833-35
_d biographer of Jonathan Edwards; other publications listed Yale1803
_b see list in Yale1803
_g NwH
+m 08/28/1811 Susan Edwards Daggett 1788(?)-08/18/1839 52yr dwi
_p Hon David Daggett 1764-1851 +m 1786 Wealthy Ann Munson 1766|7-1839
_fe Yale 1783
_fp Thomas Daggett +m Elizabeth Blake
_k of 19 children, 2 dau & 3 sons survived inf (Yale 1807, 1808, 1828)
_n she was eldest surviving dau; her only child died at birth
20>168416 [??] Dwight {betw 1786|1795 !}
20>168417 Rv Dr William Theodore Dwight 06/15/1795-10/22/1865 71yrr
_e Yale 1813 MA1816; tutor, law student; religion; Bowdoin honDD1846
_n 7th of 8 sons
_d listed in Yale1813.557-59
_v portrait in CongQuart 11
+m 10/12/1831 Elizabeth Loockerman Bradford 1810(?)-10/02/1863 ag53
_p Thomas Bradford +m Elizabeth Loockerman (PhilaPA)
_n 3 sons (3rd dinf), 2 dau
20>1684171 _m Dwight [son]
_e Yale 1852
20>1684172 _m Dwight [son]
_e Yale 1859
20>1684173 _f Dwight [dau]
+m /???? Rv Dr Egbert C. Smyth
_e Bowdoin 1848
20>1684174 _f Dwight [dau]
20>16842 Sereno Edwards Dwight 12/19/1754-/1783
_x not Serano [PHC]
+m /???? Cynthia Lyman
20>16843 Erastus Dwight 09/03/1756-/1825
20>16844 Jonathan Edwards Dwight 01/19/1759-/1800
20>16845 Maurice William Dwight 12/15/1760-08/11/1796
_q AG3.123 has b 1766
+m /1789 Margaret DeWitt
_p Garrett DeWitt +m Margaret Van Horn
20>16845h Margaret Van Horn Dwight /1790-/1834
_d Diary published by Yale Press [AG3.123]
+m /???? William Bell (Pittsbrg PA)
20>16845hh Margaret DeWitt Bell /1820-/1873
+m /1844 John Logan Blaine /1807-/1865 (KY > MO)
20>16845hhh Emma Bell Blaine /1848-/1871
+m /1871 Edward Spalding Churchill /1846-/1915
20>16845hhh1 Winston Churchill 11/10/1871(StLouis)
_e USNA 1874, novelist author; AG3.123
+m 10/22/1895 Mabel Hall 09/06/1873(NwH)-??
_p George Duffield Hall +m Lucretia Allen
20>16845hhh11 Mabel Churchill 07/12/1897(Bolton NY)-??
+m 06/25/1921 Allan M. Butler
20>16845hhh12 John Churchill 12/21/1903(Boston)-??
20>16845hhh13 Creighton Churchill 10/01/1912(Cornish NH)-??
20>16846 Sarah Dwight 05/29/1761-03/07/1805
+m /???? Nathan/Seth Storrs
20>16847 Mary Dwight 01/09/1763-??
+m1 ?? Lewis Richard Morris
+m2 ?? William Hale
20>16848 Hon Theodore Dwight 12/16/1764-12je1846
_e Yale honMA1798
_o journalist, mem Congress [AG1.]
+m 09se1792 Abagail/Abigail Alsop\4 18no1765-02ap1846
_p 3rd dau Richard Alsop +m Mary Wright
20>168483 Theodore Dwight 03/03/1796-10/16/1866(BrklynNY) 71yr
_q died 6th or 16th oc?
_e Yale 1814
_o author, journalist, editor
_d see Yale1814
+m 04/24/1827 Eleanor/Ellen Boyd\7 1802|3-04/15/1870 68yr
_p Samuel Boyd +m Eliza Pierson (NY)
_fo lawyer
_n 6 dau, son
20>1684831 Maria Bayard Dwight
20>1684832 Ellen Boyd Dwight
20>1684833 Theodore Dwight
20>1684834 Mary Alsop Dwight
20>1684835 Anna Maria Dwight
20>1684836 Augusta Moore Dwight
20>1684837 Rebecca Jaffray Dwight 01mr1842(BrooklynNY)-
+m 04/23/1867(BrooklynNY) Fenton Rockwell 23ap1838(BrooklynNY)-
_q date of marr 08oc1867 by Rev Samuel T. Spear ["King book" web]
_o(1888) "Commodore"
_a(1867) MinneapolisMN
_a(1888) 560 Monroe St, BrooklynNY, with Miss Anna Dwight
20>16848371 Benjamin Fenton Rockwell 09/17/1868(BrooklynNY)-
_n probably first child
+m ???? [abt 1895]
20>16848371h Dwight Rockwell
+m ???? [abt 1920]
20>16848371hh Dwight Rockwell ????-1993(NYC) 72yr
+m1 ???\2
+m2 Ramona Thorson\3
20>16848371hhh Thorson Rockwell 04/23/1961-
+m 02/08/1990 Melinda De Wees Bobst Highley
20>16848371hhh1 Annabella Pierpont Campbell Rockwell 01de1992(NYC)-
20>16848h William R. Dwight /1798-/1864
+m /1826 Mary Warren Fiske
20>16848hh Mary Edwards Dwight /1838-/1915
+m /???? William Atherton /1820-/1891
_b AG sub Frederick Atherton
20>16848hhh Percy Lee Atherton 09/25/1871(Roxbury MA)-??
_e AB Harv 1893, composer
20>16849 Fidelia Dwight 08/07/1768-??
+m 01/16/1793{csn=23>73} Jonathan Edwards Porter /1766-/1821
20>16840 Nathaniel Dwight 01/31/1770-??
+m 06/24/1798 Rebecca Robbins
20>1684a Elizabeth Dwight 01/29/1772-12/08/1813
+m 04/02/1792 William Walton{not /-er} Woolsey /1766-/1839
_d Woolsey papers to Yale libr by Edith Woolsey and Laura Heermance
_o NYC merchant; AG6.664
20>1684ah Theodore Dwight Woolsey 10/31/1801(NYC)-07/01/1889
_d Woolsey papers to Yale libr by Edith Woolsey and Laura Heermance
_e BA Yale 1820 (valedict), law, theol (Princ), stud abroad
_o prof Greek Yale 1831-1845, pres Yale 1846-1871(resign)
_e hon DLaws Wesleyan C 1845, DDiv Harv 1847, DLaws Harv 1886
+m1 /1838? Elizabeth Martha Salisbury\9 /1812-/1852? [AG6.664]
+m2 /1854? Sarah Sears Prichard\3 /1824-/1900 [AG6.664]
20>1684ah1 Edward Salisbury Woolsey /1834-/1843?
20>1684ah2 Elizabeth Woolsey /1835-/1843
20>1684ah3 Agnes Woolsey /183?-/1919? [cf PFR][AG6.664]
+m /???? Edgar Laing Heermance [cf PFR]
20>1684ah3h Edgar L. Heermance ????-05/16/1953(Hamden) [cf PFR,PFM44]
_a NewHavenCT
+m /???? Nora K. Livingston ????-12/18/1954(NwH) [PFM44]
_q how does "Miss Laura" (NwH) [PFL] fit in?
_q2 Woolsey papers to Yale libr by Edith Woolsey and Laura Heermance
_q3 PFA address card ca1955 lists children as Edith, Theodore, Robert, Laura, and Louise (+m Charles Vaught Tallman)
20>1684ah3hh Edith Heermance
+m Halsey M. Hicks
20>1684ah3hh1 Evelyn L. Hicks
_a 1955 BrattleboroVT
20>1684ah3hh Theodore Woolsey Heermance [PFM ww2 list]
_om USA ww2
20>1684ah3hh Robert Livingstone Heermance [PFM ww2 list]
_om USAF? ww2
+m /???? Florence Randall
_om USA Nurse ww2
20>1684ah4 Willaim Walton Woolsey /1840-/1843 dy
20>1684ah5 Laura Woolsey /1842-/1861
+m /???? John Endicott
20>1684ah51 Harriet Mitchell Endicott
20>1684ah6 Catherine Woolsey /1845-/1845 dy
20>1684ah7 Martha Woolsey /1847?-/18?? [AG6.664]
20>1684ah8 Helen Woolsey /1849-/1870 [AG6.664]
20>1684ah9 Theodore Salisbury Woolsey /1852-/1929 [AG6.664]
_d Woolsey papers to Yale libr by Edith Woolsey and Laura Heermance
+m /???? Annie Gardiner Salisbury
20>1684ah0 Mary Prichard Woolsey /185?-/1931? [AG6.664]
+m /???? Alfred Terry Bacon
20>1684aha John Muirson Woolsey /185?-/1861 [AG6.664]
20>1684ahb George Woolsey 05/02/1861(NwH)-
_e BA Yale 1881 MD Colum 1885; AG6.664
+m 05/12/1892 Jean Paul Ellinwood 02/18/1863(Rchstr NY)-
_p Frank Field Ellinwood
20>1684ahb1 Marjoria Ellinwood Woolsey 07/13/1894(NYC)-
+m 05/28/1924 John Caspar Kittle
_p Jonathan Gosman Kittle (SanFr)
20>1684ahb11 Jonathan Gosman Kittle
20>1684ahb12 George Woolsey Kittle
20>1684ahb13 Andrew Caspar Kittle
20>1684ahb2 George P- Woolsey 05/15/1897-12/14/1903? dy
20>1684ahb3 Laura Hurd Woolsey 01/20/1904-
20>1684ahb3 Laura Hurd Woolsey 01/20/1904-
20>1684ahc Edith Woolsey /18?? [AG6.664]
_d Woolsey papers to Yale libr by Edith Woolsey and Laura Heermance
20>1684b Cecil Dwight 06/20/1774-11/26/1859
+m 06/??/1798 Mary Clapp
20>1684c Henry Edwin Dwight 09/20/1776-05/??/1824
+m /1802 Electra Centre
20>1685 Lucy Edwards 08/31/1736(Nrthmptn MA)-09/18/1786(Stockbr MA)
_q died 17th or 18th?
+m 06/07/1764 Jahleel Woodbridge /1738-03au1796
_e CollNJ 1761; judge (Stockbridge); AG6.291
20>16851 Stephen Woodbridge 03/12/1765-
20>16852 Jonathan Edwards Woodbridge 01/24/1767-08fe1808 (Wrthngtn MA) [AG6.291]
+m /1795 Sarah Meech /1770-12mr1854(AlbanyNY)
_q marr date 1795 or 1793?
20>16852h Lucy Edwards Woodbridge /1796-/1876
+m /1820 Edmund Scudder Herrick /1795-/1864 (Albany NY)
20>16852hh Jonathan Woodbridge Herrick /1832{1828}-/1908 (Albany & NYC)
_n AG7.207 b 1828
+m /1852? Frances Cornelia Walker /1832-/1884
_p Samuel Lyon Walker (Poughkeepsie) +m Mary Follette
20>16852hhh Edmund Platt Herrick /1853-/1888 (NYC)
_o Asst Mgr Tiffany's [see AG6.???]
+m /1882 Emily Louise Dayton /1854-/1918
_p William Hedges Dayton (Orange NJ) +m Emily Byrne
20>16852hhh1 Dayton Edwards Herrick 10/05/1883(MtVrnon NY)-??
_b AG6.291 AG7.207
+m 02/07/1918 Linda Faile Browning 08/11/1888(NYC)-??
_p John Aaron Browning
20>16852hhh11 Jane Browning Herrick 01/09/1919(NYC)-??
20>16852hhh12 Ruth Browning Herrick 03/02/1921(Lrchmnt NY)-??
20>16852hhh13 Dayton Browning Herrick 04/26/1924(Lrchmnt NY)-??
20>16852hhh2 Maude Frances Herrick /1885-??
+m /???? Edward J. Kirkpatrick /1879-/1929
20>16852hhh3 Archibald Campbell Herrick /1886-??
+m /???? Loraine Heyer /1880-??
20>16852i George Woodbridge
 _g died in RichmondVA
+m 22oc1835(RichmondVA) Rebecca Nicolson /1806-19je1880 (RichmondVA)
20>16852ih George Nicolson Woodbridge fe1841(RichmondVA)-12de1892(RichmondVA)
+m 24no1870(RichmondVA) Martha Allen Edmond 12je1847(RichmondVA)-14je1931(BrevardNC)
20>16852ihh Rebekah Nicolson Woodbridge 22se1873(RichmondVA)-03my1937(BrevardNC)
+m 02fe1896(AshevilleNC) William Edmond Breese jr [??]
20>16853 Lucy Woodbridge 04/14/1769-??
+m 11/02/1788{csn=23>63} Jonathan Edwards [PM222]
20>168537 Richard Edwards 01/01/1803-04/18/1884 (PittsburghPA)
+m 10/03/1828 Catherine Pond May\11 ????-04/01/1883
20>1685376 George Breed Edwards 01/03/1842-05/19/1887
+m 10/20/1864 Eliza Thaw\8
20>16853761 Richard Edwards 11/07/1865-10/08/1887
20>16853762 William Thaw Edwards 08/15/1867-??
+m 04/14/1891 Lilian B. Bradley\2
20>168537621 Virginia Bradley Edwards 06/06/1893-??
20>168537622 George Blair Edwards 09/10/1896-??
20>16853763 Burd Blair Edwards 06/22/1869-??
+m 12/07/1893 Charles E. Dickson
_x ED incorrectly has Dickinson (p.78, index) but correctly elsewhere
20>168537631 Mary Belle Dickson 10/19/1894-??
_x ED index has May {sic!}
20>168537632 Eliza Thaw Dickson 05/02/1898-??
_x ED index has Ellen {sic!}
20>16853764 Katharine May Edwards 05/23/1873-??
20>16853765 George Benjamin[ED]/Blair[PHC] Edwards 02/26/1875-07/17/1876 dy
_q PHC source = NatEncyBiog; note other Blair names in family
20>16853766 Eliza Thaw Edwards 03/12/1878-
20>16853767 Mary Louisa Edwards 04/13/1881-
20>16853768 Margaret Alice Edwards 08/30/1887-12/16/1888 dy
20>1685378 Rv Maurice Dwight Edwards 04/29/1847-??
+m 10/03/1877(MINN) Anna[ED]/Annie[PHC] Louise Deane\4
_q PHC says GS has Annie
20>16853781 Anna[ED]/Annie[PHC] Deane Edwards 09/04/1878-??
_q PHC says GS has Annie
20>16853782 Dwight Woodbridge Edwards 03/25/1883-??
+m /???? Mary E. Vanderslice [PHC]
20>168537821 Maurice D. Edwards /1916- [PHC]
20>168537822 Anne Louise Edwards /1917- [PHC]
20>168537823 Dwight Woodbridge Edwards jr /1919- [PHC]
20>16853783 Deane Edwards 03/31/1885-??
+m /???? Margaret J. Dulles [PHC]
20>168537831 Robert L. Edwards /1915- [PHC]
20>168537832 Richard Edwards /1916- [PHC]
20>168537833 Edith Foster Edwards /1919- [PHC]
20>168537834 Mary Parke Edwards /1922- [PHC]
20>16853784 George Breed Edwards 10/03/1890-??
20>168537a Ogden Matthias Edwards 11/22/1843-??
+m 10/22/1869 Sarah Anderson Herron\4
20>168537a1 Ogden Matthias Edwards jr 12/23/1869-?? (PittsburghPA)
_e Princ 1893 NY Coll of Physicians & Surgeons 1896
+m 12/29/1898 Lela Harkness\4
20>168537a11 Maritia[ED]/Martha[PHC] Harkness Edwards 09/07/1899-
+m /???? John McKelvy Lazear [PHC]
20>168537a12 Lela H Edwards [PHC]
+m /???? Harry Cook [PHC]
20>168537a13 Harkness Edwards [PHC]
20>168537a14 Katherine H. Edwards [PHC]
+m /???? Harold W. Nichols [PHC]
20>168537a2 George Dickson Edwards 06/28/1873-?? (PittsburghPA)
_e Princ 1894
20>168537a3 Louisa Edwards 03/11/1877-05/29/1902 (PittsburghPA)
20>168537a4 Ruth Edwards 07/20/1889-??
20>16854 Joseph Woodbridge 07/22/1771-??
20>16855 Elizabeth Woodbridge 04/14/1773-??
20>16856 Sarah Edwards Woodbridge 06/17/1775-??
20>16857 John Eliot Woodbridge 06/24/1777-??
20>16858 Ann Woodbridge 11/06/1779-??
20>16859 Timothy Woodbridge 11/23/1783-??
20>1686 Timothy Edwards 07/25/1738(Nrthmptn MA)-10/27/1813(Stockbr MA)
_b ED, Memoirs of his son William
_e grd Princ 1757, legal training
_o1 JP EssexNJ, trade & farming, probate judge of Berkshire Cnty, etc.
_o2 mem State Council of MA during Revol, commiss to Indians & army
_a1 NrthmptnMA, StockbrMA 1760, ElzbthtwnNJ 1762 [ES],
_a2 StockbrMA 1771{1770 PM}
_n took in sr Eunice to raise in 1760 [ES]
+m 09/25/1760 Rhoda Ogden\15 [ca1741]-12/22/1822 (Ltchfld)
_p Robert Ogden (1716-1787{|9}) +m Phebe Hatfield (Elizabethtown NJ)
_b EDp17-20 (with profile cutting); Descds of Rbt Ogden 2 by E. D. Halsey
20>16861 Sarah Edwards 07/11/1761(Elizbthtwn NJ)-04/25/1841{|43}
_n EDp138 claims 142 offspring
+m1[2] 01/05/1783 Benjamin Chaplin\4
+m2[2] ?? Cpt Daniel Tyler\4 /1750-04/20/1832
_e Harv 1771, served at Bunker Hill
_n [+m1] Mehitable Putnam dau Gn Israel Putnam
20>168611 Mehitable Chaplin 07/28/1784-/1847
+m /1803 Gn Seth Cushman\5 05/15/1782-03/18/1845
_b Cushman Genealogy
20>1686111 Charles Chaplin Cushman ??/??/1804-11/25/1849
+m 09/18/1833 Hannah Whittier Sleeper\4 ????-09/17/1861
_a Belfast ME
_n children in EDp36
20>16861111 Mary Chaplin Cushman 08/31/1834-09/27/1874
+m ??/??/18?? Cpt Arthur Child\1 ????-05/19/1882
_o seaman
20>168611111 Marion Cushman Child 10/25/1865-??
+m 06/16/1886 Herbert B. Ray\2 ????-????
20>1686111111 John Charles Ray 06/30/1888-????
20>1686111112 Herbert Benjamin Ray 12/22/1894-????
20>16861112 Charles Seth Cushman 03/25/1837-01/09/1883 (WI)
+m 07/16/1862 Helen Mills Wilson\2 ????-????
20>168611121 Seth Wilson Cushman 09/06/1864-???? (NY)
+m 06/16/1897 Olive Reed\1 10/17/1869(OaklandCA)-????
20>1686111211 Prudence Cushman 09/17/1901(NwrkNJ)-????
20>16861113 Sarah Maria Cushman 01/15/1841-????
+m 03/25/1863 Cpt Howard L. Higgins\3 ????-????
_o seaman
20>168611131 Mary Alice Higgins 01/24/1864-????
20>168611132 Howard C. Higgins 06/01/1865-????
20>168611133 Eleanor C. Higgins 12/31/1873-07/24/1890
20>16861114 Frances Eleanor Cushman 04/25/1843-????
+m 10/16/1866 Cornelius B. Payne\3 ????-11/12/1896
20>168611141 Alice Cushman Payne 07/31/1867-02/19/1891
20>168611142 Cornelia Bicknell Payne 02/23/1875-????
20>168611143 Charles Cushman Payne 03/07/1877-????
20>1686112 Sarah Cushman ??/??/18??-03/31/1878
+m 03/22/1844 Cpt John McNab\1
20>16861121 Charles McNab ??/??/18??-??/??/1863
_n lost at sea
20>1686113 Maria Cushman ??/??/18??-06/15/1876 dwi
+m 03/10/1834 Russell G. Hopkinson\0 ????-10/31/1865 (Salem VT)
20>1686114 Betsy Cushman 09/??/1822-02/21/1852
+m 03/22/1844 John Nichols\3 ????-06/25/1898
_o Wms 1839 lawyer (Janesville WI)
_n children in EDp37
20>16861141 Mary Nichols 11/23/1844-01/03/1845 dy
20>16861142 Helen Nichols 01/28/1846-????
+m 12/06/1866 John Webster Manning (JanesvilleWI)
20>16861143 Jonathan Edwards Nichols 02/09/1852-09/??/1852 dy
20>1686115 Mary Cushman ??/??/18??-??/??/18?? dwi ag /14
20>168612 Benjamin Chaplin jr 03/13/1786-/18??
+m /???? Susanna C. Soule\1 07/12/1785-07/26/1867
20>1686121 Mary L. Chaplin 10/15/1824-10/27/1824 dy
20>168613 Timothy Edwards Chaplin 08/18/1787{?}-/18?? unm
_n died at Acapulco MEX
_x EDp31 has b 1781
20>168614 Jonathan Edwards Chaplin 04/30/1789-09/15/1846
_b EDp31
+m1 /1820(OH) Harriet Hoisington\2 01/05/1798-01/27/1840{??}
+m2 /1831(OH) wd __ Hunt Snelling\0 {??}
_n children in EDp33f, grchildren in EDp37f
20>1686141 Edwards Hastings Chaplin 03/21/1822-02/12/1873
_a OH, SwanIL, OmahaNE 1856
+m {winter}1850|51 Helen Constance Stillman\5 ??-04/09/1872
_a Peoria County IL
20>16861411 Harriet Eunice Chaplin 12/17/1851-??
_a SwanIL, PuebloCO
+m1 12/24/1875 N. H. Johnson ??-05/21/1876 (LaramieWY)
+m2 05/20/1882 Enos A. Shade ??-?? (LeadvilleCO)
20>16861412 Benjamin Asel Chaplin 07/15/1853-12/28/1887 dwi
_a LaramieWY
+m 12/25/1875 wd Sarah D'Oyley
20>16861413 Harvey Stillman Chaplin 05/11/1855-??
_a SwanIL{?? ED}, WheatlandWY
+m 10/29/1879(LaramieWY) Laura Reynolds\1
20>168614131 Bessie Helen Chaplin 12/14/1882-??
20>16861414 Emma Maria Chaplin 04/28/1857-03/03/1859 dy
20>16861415 William Edwards Chaplin 02/25/1860-??
_a OmahaNE, CheyenneWY
_o editor Laramie Daily Republican, register US Land Office
+m 02/14/1882(LaramieWY) May Ralston\2
20>168614151 Thomas Edwards Chaplin 12/22/1882-??
20>168614152 May Chaplin 10/05/1884-??
20>1686142 William Rapier Chaplin 12/26/1839-12/21/1886
_a TiffinOH, 1846 SwanIL, 1853 GlaesburgIL, 1855 IL Vols, 1864 LewsibKS
_e Lombard(IL) Univ 1855-58
_om soldier in IL Vols 1855-58, law ca 1864
_n raised by aunt Eleanor D. H. Thomas
+m 12/29/1864 Susan E. Lewis\4 ??-??
_a Berwick, Warren County IL
20>16861421 David Chaplin ??-??
20>16861422 Eliphalet Lewis Chaplin ??/??/1867-10/18/1877 dy
_a HarrisonvilleMO
20>16861423 Mary Chaplin ??/??/18??-??
20>16861424 Harriet Chaplin ??/??/18??-??
_a LewisburgKS
20>168615 Sarah P- Tyler 04/22/1791-11/07/1857
+m 11/21/1817 Rv Samuel Porter Williams\6 (Newburyport MA)
_n children in EDp34, grchldrn EDp38
20>1686151 Septimus Tyler Williams 12/22/1818-12/02/1901(NYC) unm
20>1686152 Edwards C. Williams 03/02/1820-??
+m1 ?? Susan A. Harrower\1 ??-05/30/1856
_a LawrencevillePA
+m2 03/01/1859 Mary F. Cushman\3
_a TroyNY
20>16861521 Benjamin Harrower Williams 12/13/1855-??
+m 04/29/1885 Adelia Emma Decker\2
_a TiogaPA
20>168615211 Lucella Williams 09/21/1886-??
20>168615212 Amy Williams 10/31/1887-??
20>16861522 Maria Tallmadge Williams 01/26/1860-??
+m 09/26/1900(OaklandCA) Rv Reed Brown Cherrington (KenwoodCA)
20>16861523 Sarah P- Williams 12/12/1862-12/22/1863 dy
20>16861524 Mary Floyd Williams 03/23/1866-??
20>1686153 Josiah Dwight Williams 04/02/1821-09/22/1822 dy
20>1686154 William P- Williams 11/17/1822-01/05/1870
+m 12/08/1851 Julia Woodbridge Lanman\2
_a NorwichCT
20>16861541 Thomas Scott Williams 12/01/1852-??
_a StLouisMO
+m /???? Margaret Nevill(e)\2
20>168615411 Julia Williams
20>168615412 Scott Williams
20>16861542 Charles Lanman Williams 08/22/1856-05/??/1857 dy
20>16861543 William P- Williams jr 04/11/1858-?? unm (NYC)
_o lawyer
20>1686155 Sarah Williams 06/02/1824-03/12/1826 dy
20>1686156 Mary Elizabeth Williams 02/27/1826-??
_a DanielsonCT
+m 06/06/1849 csn Richard Cunningham Edwards\0 ??-/1903
20>168616 Edwin Tyler 11/24/1793-08/04/1838(Phila)
+m1 ??/??/1821 csn Alla Mary Edwards\2 ????-/1833(Brklyn CT)
+m2 ?? wd Charlotte Musgrave Wharton ????-/1852
20>1686161 Sarah Edwards Tyler 09/18/1822-08/30/1894
+m 03/08/1849 Edward Carrington Henshaw\7 ??-10/16/1872
20>16861611 Edward Tyler Henshaw 12/04/1849(OttawaIL)-10/14/1901
+m /???? Mary Ranlett\3
20>168616111 Mary Edwards Henshaw 07/20/1879-02/05/1897
20>168616112 John Cory Henshaw 03/17/1883-
20>168616113 Thomas Dale Henshaw 11/30/1891-
20>16861612 Charles Edwards Henshaw 1854-1858 dy
20>16861613 Stanley Henshaw 1856-1864 dy
20>16861614 Frederick William Henshaw 05/24/1858(OttawaIL)-
+m /???? Grace Susan Tubbs\4
20>168616141 Tyler Tubbs Henshaw 11/03/1889-
20>168616142 Stanley Tubbs Henshaw 07/08/1891-
20>168616143 Frederick Tubbs Henshaw 03/26/1893-
20>168616144 Stuart Tubbs Henshaw 10/10/1897-
20>16861615 William Griffith Henshaw 03/28/1860(OttawaIL)-
+m /???? Hettie Stuart Tubbs\3
20>168616151 William Griffith Henshaw jr 10/10/1883-
20>168616152 Alla Sarah Henshaw 06/14/1887-
20>168616153 Florence Adams Henshaw 11/12/1889-
20>16861616 Tyler Henshaw 02/06/1862(OttawaIL)-
+m /???? Ida Harrington\2
20>168616161 Ransom Henshaw 03/11/1895-
20>168616162 Ida Tyler Henshaw 07/27/1897-
20>16861617 Charlotte Henshaw 1851 dy
20>1686162 Edwin Tyler ??/??/1827-?? unm
_e Yale 1848
20>168617 Frederick Tyler 05/07/1795-08/03/1880(Hrtfrd)
+m 02/16/1816 Sophia Sharpe\7 ????-06/19/1861
20>1686171 Edwin Tyler 11/16/1816-02/10/1818 dy
20>1686172 Sarah Sophia Tyler 06/29/1820-06/24/1887
+m 06/02/1840 Sidney Joseph Cowen\2 ??-09/10/1844(at sea)
_o lawyer
20>16861721 Catherine Berry Cowen 02/17/1841-02/27/1883
+m 06/20/1860 Henry Cleveland Pratt\3
20>168617211 Kate Cleveland Pratt 02/24/1861-
+m 10/06/1880 W. W. Perry
20>168617212 Henry Edwards Pratt 12/16/1865-
20>168617213 Sidney Cowen Pratt 03/31/1871-
20>16861722 Sophia Tyler Cowen 06/29/1843-
+m 02/09/1876 Hon Elisha Carpenter\2 ??-03/22/1897
20>168617221 Sidney Cowen Carpenter 10/18/1879-
20>168617222 Helen Edwards Carpenter 12/??/1885-
20>1686173 George Frederick Tyler 08/04/1822-09/24/1896(PhilaPA)
+m 08/25/1845 Louisa Richmond Blake\5 ??-11/26/1883
20>16861731 George Frederick Tyler jr 10/04/1848-08/22/185? dy
20>16861732 Helen Beach Tyler 05/26/1849- (PhilaPA)
20>16861733 Sidney Frederick Tyler 12/23/1850- (PhilaPA)
+m1 02/16/1880 Mary Woodrow Binney\2 ??-12/19/1884
+m2 03/08/1888 Ida A. Elkins
20>168617331 Charlotte Hope Binney Tyler 01/05/1881-
+m 02/24/1902 Robert Leeming (MontgomeryPA)
20>168617332 George Frederick Tyler 08/10/1883-
20>16861734 Harry Blake Tyler 03/20/1852-
+m 01/31/1898 Eleanor O'Donnel
20>16861735 Mary Louise/Louisa Tyler 07/05/1857-
+m 11/12/1879 John W. Brock\6 (PhilaPA)
20>168617351 George Tyler Brock 10/01/1880-01/22/1884 dy
20>168617352 John W. Brock jr 02/14/1883-
20>168617353 Sidney Brock 05/05/1885-
20>168617354 Arthur Brock 01/12/1889-
20>168617355 Norman Hall Brock 04/23/1890-
20>168617356 Louise Blake Brock 09/29/1894-
20>1686174 Jane Gray Tyler /1826(HunterNY)-07/31/1828 dy
20>1686175 Helen Edwards Tyler /1828(HunterNY)-07/13/1860(PhilaPA)
+m 04/28/1852 Ciprian Nichols Beach
20>1686176 Robert Ogden Tyler 12/22/1831(HunterNY)-12/01/1874 unm _b EM35
20>1686177 Edwin S. Tyler 10/10/1834(HunterNY)-
+m 03/08/1860 Camilla A. Treadwell\7
20>16861771 Robert Ogden Tyler 04/18/1861(HartfrdCT)-
+m 12/22/1890(ChiIL) Elizabeth Roberts\1
20>168617711 Robert Ogden Tyler jr 06/01/1893(ChicagoIL)-
20>16861772 Edwin S. Tyler jr 07/17/1862-
20>16861773 Sarah Sophia Tyler 05/26/1865-12/23/1886(HartfordCT)
+m 10/21/1885 George Lockwood Plummer\1
20>168617731 Sarah Tyler Plummer 12/13/1886(HartfordCT)-
20>16861774 Camilla/Camille Matilda Tyler 11/18/1870-
+m 11/26/1892 George Pettigrew Bryan\1
20>168617741 Camille Elizabeth Bryan 04/18/1899-
20>16861775 Julie Treadwell Tyler 05/31/1869-01/18/1895
20>16861776 Louisa Blake Tyler 10/23/1876-
20>168618 Gn Daniel Tyler 01/07/1799(BrklynCT)-11/30/1882
_b EDp32 AG1
+m 05/28/1832 Emily Lee\5 ????-03/09/1864
_n children in EDp36
20>1686181 Alfred Lee Tyler 05/19/1834-/19?? (Anniston AB)
+m 05/25/1859 Annie Scott\3 /18??-/19??
20>16861811 Caroline Tyler 01/20/1860-
20>16861812 Alfred Lee Tyler jr 07/13/1866-
20>16861813 Emily Lee Tyler 11/26/1875-
20>1686182 Gertrude Elizabeth Tyler 02/16/1836-/1896 [AG1]
+m 06/08/1859 Charles Carow\5 /1825-/1883
20>16861821 Edith Kermit Carow 08/06/1861-????
_b see AG1 for details; EDp41
+m[2] 12/02/1886 Theodore Roosevelt\5 /1858-/1918
_o 26th President of US 1901-
20>168618211 Theodore Roosevelt jr 09/13/1887-
20>168618212 Kermit Roosevelt 10/10/1889-
20>168618213 Ethel Roosevelt 08/13/1891-
20>168618214 Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt 04/07{09}/1894(WshDC)-
_q b 04/09 [ED]
+m 04/14/1917 Grace Stackpole Lockwood
_p Thomas St.John Lockwood (Boston)
20>1686182141 Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt jr 02/18/1918-
20>1686182142 Theodora Roosevelt 06/30/1919-
20>168618215 Quentin Roosevelt 11/19/1897-
20>16861822 Emily Tyler Carow 04/18/1865-
20>16861823 Robert Kermit Carow 02/20/1860-08/25/1860 dy
20>1686183 Edmund Tyler 05/02/1838- unm
20>1686184 Mary Lee Tyler 03/02/1840-
+m 04/01/1875 Alexander Moore\1
20>16861841 Daniel Tyler Moore 02/09/1877-
20>1686185 Augustus Cleveland Tyler 05/02/1851-
+m 06/03/1878 Nellie Osgood\3
20>16861851 Ednah Leighton Tyler 01/13/1879-
20>16861852 Sallie Larned Tyler 01/22/1880-
20>16861853 Frederick Osgood Tyler 11/14/1883-
20>16862 Edward Edwards 01/20/1763(Stockbrdg MA)-02/03/1845(MI)
_n EDp138 claims 251 offspring
_n AG7.547 "of Lisle NY" (son of Timothy & Rhoda Edwards)
_q ED gives b in MA, other source says Elizabethtown NJ
+m 09/04/1783 Mary[ED]/Mercy Ballard\10 01/11/1764-02/12/1824(NY) _p Joshua Ballard +m Mary __ (Hadley MA)
20>168621 John King Edwards 08/13/1784(StockbrdgMA)-01/28/1866(UnionNY) unm
20>168622 Robert Ogden Edwards 04/17/1786(StockbrdgMA)-12/11/1861(NY)
+m /???? Caroline Keeler ??-04/07/1828
_n 10 children [ED45]
20>168623 George Cunningham Edwards 09/28/1787(StockbrdgMA)-11/18/1851(NY)
+m 05/21/1812 Hannah Carpenter 01/21/1791-06/29/1875
_n 8 children
20>168624 Frederick Edwards 09/22/1789(StockbrdgMA)-04/06/1870(CT)
+m 10/25/1818 wd Dorcas Hoyt Hodge 10/14/1790-07/28/1856
_n one child
20>168625 Mary Edwards 10/22/1792(StockbrdgMA)-03/18/1860(MI)
+m 08/30/1832 James McKinney ??/??/????-09/14/1837(MI)
_n one child
20>168626 William Edwards 07/28/1794(StockbrdgMA)-01/30/1876(LisleNY)
_b [AG7.547]
+m 08/20/1815 Betsy Fay 04/18/1795-01/30/1876
_p David Fay +m Polly Burbank
_n 12 children
20>1686263 Franklin Burbank Edwards [AG7.547]
+m /???? Mary Barnes
20>16862632 Mortimer Burr Edwards [AG7.547]
+m /???? Harriet Louise Boyd
_p Jacob Bacon Boyd (Cincinnatus NY) +m Lucia Halbert [AG7.547]
20>168626321 Rv Franklin Boyd Edwards 05/05/1876 [AG7.547]
_o Cong Rv (Brklyn, Ornge NJ), teach Hill Schl (Pottstown PA), auth
_e BA Williams 1900 DD Union 1920; AG 7.547
+m 05/24/1904 Frances McCarroll 02/14/1880(Brklyn)-
_p William McCarroll
_e AB Smith 1903; AG7.547
20>1686263211 Beatrice Clyde Edwards 12/30/1905- [AG7.547]
_e Smith 1928; AG7.547
+m 06/28/1928 David Richardson Fall
_p J. Horton Fall jr (Evanston IL) +m Reeves Rutledge (Asheville NC)
20>168626322 Louis Burr Edwards ??/??/1878- [AG7.547]
+m /???? Elizabeth Guernsey
20>168626323 Grace Louise Edwards ??/??/1880- [AG7.547]
20>168626324 Lucia Halbert Edwards ??/??/1882- [AG7.547]
+m /???? Rv Floyd E. Terwilliger
20>16863 Jonathan Edwards 10/16/1764(Elizbthtwn NJ)-09/??/1832(Bnghmtn NY)
_n EDp138 claims 182 offspring
+m 11/20{02}/1788{csn=23>53} Lucy Woodbridge\11 04/14/1769-/1848(OH)
_p Jahleel Woodbridge +m Lucy Edwards (Stockbridge MA)
20>16864 Richard Edwards 03/05/1766{|7}(Elizbthtwn NJ)-/1805(Cooprstwn NY)
_n EDp138 claims 68 offspring
_o lawyer Albany NY then Cooperstown NY
+m /???? Allavisa{Alla Visa[ED24]} Griffin ????-/1811(Stockbrdg MA)
20>16865 Phebe Edwards 11/04/1768(Elizbthtwn NJ)-01/21/1848
_n EDp138 claims 67 offspring
_b ED24f
+m1 06/11/1792 Rv Asahel Hooker\4 ????-04/19/1813
_e Yale 1789
+m2 ?? Samuel Farrar 12/13/1773-????
20>16866 William Edwards 11/11/1770(Nrthmptn MA)-12/29/1851(Brkln NY)
_q ED25 says b Northampton MA, moved to Elizabethtown NJ at age 14
_n inventor of modern system of tanning leather
_d "Memoirs" pub 1898, summary in ED25f
+m 11/11/1793 Rebecca Tappan\11 07/14/1775-03/27/1857(Brkln NY)
_q ED25 says +m 1793, but ED26 1795
_n EDp138 claims 122 offspring
20>16867 Robert Ogden Edwards 09/13{30}/1772(Stckbrdg MA)-05/23/1773 dy
20>16868 Timothy Edwards 07/12/1774(Stckbrdg MA)-??
_o sea captain (Charleston/Savannah Liverpool), cottonbroker, tanner
_a Augusta GA, Lexington NY (1829), Jersey City NJ (1835) Justice of Peace
_b ED28 description
+m /1820(London) Sarah Haigh\5 ????-/1840(?)(Nrthmptn MA)
_n EDp138 claims 63 offspring
20>16869 Mary Ogden Edwards 04/09/1776(Stckbrdg MA)-02/13/1777 dy
20>16860 Rhoda Edwards 05/07/1778(Stckbrdg MA)-11/13/1864
+m 03/01/1798 Josiah[ED]/Jonah Dwight\15 ??-/1822(?)
_q d 1821 [Yale?.165]
_o [Yale?.165] "Hon. Josiah Dwight (Harv 1786)" StockbridgeMA
_n EDp138 claims 119 descendants; Yale?.165 says 17 children (note tw, tr)
20>168601 Caroline Williams Dwight 1799- 1813 dy
20>168602 Timothy Edwards Dwight[1] 1800-1807 dy
20>168603 Elizabeth Buckminster Dwight 1801-1864
+m /1819 Charles Sedgwick\5
20>168604 Robert Ogden Dwight 1802-1844
+m /1835 Mary Billings Williams\4
20>168605 Margaret Dwight 1804-1845 unm
20>168606 __ Dwight [name??]
20>168607 Amelia Dwight tr 1806-?? (NY)
+m /1824 Joseph Henshaw Flint md\8
20>168608 Mary Ann Dwight tr 1806-1858 unm
20>168609 Susan Edwards Dwight tr 1806-1883
+m /1834 Lewis Williams\2
20>168600 __ Dwight [name??]
20>16860a Timothy Edwards Dwight 06/05/1808(Stckbrdg MA)-05/29/1833 unm
_e Yale 1827; law studies RaleighNC with cousin Thomas Devereux
_o taught in Academy in RaleighNC, tutor in Coll there 1829
_n [Yale?.165] died of consumption at mother's house in StockbridgeMA
_q [Yale?.165] says age 27 {sic!}; thus b 1806 or d 1835 ??
20>16860b Thomas Dwight 1810-1815 dy
20>16860c Hannah Buckminster Dwight tw 1811-1814 dy
20>16860d Hannah Worthington Dwight tw 1811-1827 dy
20>16860e Caroline Williams Dwight 1813-1881
+m /1832 Rv Samuel Hopkins\5
20>16860f Josiah Dwight jr 1815-1878
+m /1839 Amanda Leonard Griffing\7 (HartlandIL)
20>16860f1 Josiah Dwight 10de1855-04jl1934
+m19ja1882 Helen Foster Stearns 12ja1853-01fe1918
20>16860f11 Charlotte Pierpont Dwight 04jl1883-1952
+m 1908  Frank Boring Wilcox
20>16860f111 Judson Dwight Wilcox 06no1910-fe1987
_a zip code 78209 San Antonio, Bexar, TX
_om colonel+ in the US Army - career military [ss# 107-12-5690 issued in NY]
+m 06jl1939 (Ithaca, NY) Ruth Ferrin Rogers 29de1916
_o accomplished artist, oils, mostly of the WWII era (her husband handmade the frames)
_k brother Pliny Rogers +m Elizabeth W.
20>16860f1111 Sue Rogers Wilcox 05je1940(NYC)-
20>16860f1112 Jonathan Rogers Wilcox 31jl1942(IthacaNY)-
_e Cornell University1964 (hotel & restaurant management)
_om captain in the artillery in the US Army
_o(since 1970) Realtor/Broker insurance sales, Farmers Insurance, and artist
+m  25my1968(St. Joseph, MI) Kim Marie Kenney\3 09de1948(South Bend, IN)-
_n birth name Eleanor Lynn Boyer
_k Carol Jean, Delores (Lori), Dan.
_k2 adopted siblings (at age 12):  Kevin & Vicky
20>16860f11121 Lisa Kenney Wilcox 06de1970(HinsdaleIL)-
+m  Daniel Rowley
20>16860f111211 Isaac Rowley
20>16860f111212 Nathan Rowley
20>16860f11122 Maria Kenney Wilcox 04mr1972(HinsdaleIL)-
+m Eric Wold
20>16860f111221 Elyssa Wold
20>16860f111222 Lucas Wold
20>16860f11123 Aaron Judson Wilcox 02se1974(HinsdaleIL)-
_e MEd 2009 RooseveltU
_o mason, elementary & middle school teacher
_l (2017) Past Master of Hinsdale Masonic Lodge AF&AM, Past District Deputy Grand Master
+m 23se2006 (
RockfordIL; Klehm Arboretum) Sara Lynn Hain 19ap1979(ElkGroveVillageIL)-
_e MEd 2007 National-LouisU
20>16860f111231 Lucius Augustine Wilcox 14se2010(ElginIL)-
_b Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Illinois
20>16860f111232 Lyre Athena Wilcox [c2013]-
20>16860f1113 Patricia Rogers Wilcox 29fe1944(FtKnoxKY)-
20>16860f1114 Rhoda Rogers Wilcox 04jl1948(FtSillOK)-
20>16860g Clarissa Dwight 1817-1820 dy
20>1686a Elizabeth Edwards 10/20{15}/1780(Stckbrdg MA)-07/12/1855 unm
_n ED28 says b at Northampton MA
20>1686b Mary Edwards 10/21{15}/1780(Stckbrdg MA)-01/23/1873
+m 04/26{|5}/1800 Mason Whiting\8 05/08/1774-01/11/1849(Bnghmtn NY)
_o lawyer from Great Barrington NY
_n EDp138 claims 148 offspring
20>1686c Anna Edwards 02/02/1784(Stckbrdg MA)-/1835(?)
+m /1830 Ashley Williams (Hadley MA)
20>1686d Robert Burr Edwards 09/14/1786{|7}(Stckbrdg MA)-/1823(SC)
_n d of yellow fever in Charleston SC
+m 01/13/1813 Hannah Pomeroy\1 02/08/1795-01/04/1867 (Northampton MA)
[+m2] John Tappan (Bstn)
_p Asahel Pomeroy +m __ (Northampton MA)
_n EDp138 claims 1 offspring
20>1686d1 Pomeroy Edwards ??/??/1822-/1850(??) (OR) unm
20>1686e [unnamed] Edwards ??/??/1788 dy
20>1687 Susannah Edwards 06/21{20}/1740(Nrthmptn MA)-05/02/1803 63yr
_q b 06/20, d 1802 [ED]; d 1803 [Yale1748.179]
+m[2] 09/17/1760|1 wd Eleazar Porter jr 06/25/1728-05/27/1797 ag69{sic}
[+m1 08/06/1754 csn Anna Pitkin\2(dau) 1735(?)-11/07/1758 24yr]
_a HadleyMA
_e Yale 1748
_o lawyer
_q born 1725 in one source; +m 1761 in one source; "Eleazer" [EM]
_p Col Hon Eleazar Porter +m Sarah Pitkin
_fp Samuel Porter +m Joanna Cook
_mp Hon William Pitkin jr +m Elizabeth Stanley (E.HartfordCT)
_n 6 sons of Susannah & Eleazar
20>16871 Eleazer Porter 06/14/1762-03/02/1849
+m /1783 Mary Keyes
20>16872 William Porter 12/09/1763-11/06/1847
_o physician (Hadley MA)
+m1 12/09/1788 Lois Eastman /1764-/1792
_p John Eastman +m ??
+m2 06/10/1794 Charlotte Williams
20>16872h John Porter
_b AG7.478
+m /???? Abigail Mumford Phillips
20>16872hh Anna Phillips Porter [AG7.478]
+m /???? Alonzo Glover Beardsley
_p John Beardsley
20>16872hhh Caroline Porter Beardsley /1850-???? [AG7.478]
+m /1872 John Hermon Woodruff /1843-/1926
_b AG7.478
20>16872hhh1 Anna Beardsley Woodruff /1875-
20>16872hhh2 Carlton H. Woodruff /1877-????
+m /???? Mary Muir Rice
20>16872hhh3 Hermione Woodruff /1878-/1878 dy
20>16872hhh4 Carrie Belle Woodruff /1880-????
+m /???? William Stickney Ewell
20>16872hhh5 Douglas Woodruff 02/06/1882(Auburn NY)-????
_b AG7.478
+m 12/29/1917 Mildred Hansell Lane 10/22/1887(Grmntwn PA)-????
_p Alexander Henry Lane +m Elizabeth Pennock Selden
_b AG7.478
20>16872hhh51 John Hermon Woodruff ii 10/03/1918(Auburn NY)-????
20>16872hhh52 Elizabeth Selden Woodruff 12/01/1919(Auburn NY)-????
20>16872hhh53 Douglas Woodruff jr 06/28/1922(Auburn NY)-????
20>16872hhh6 Hope Woodruff /1884-/1884
20>16872hhh7 Dorothy Woodruff /1887-????
+m /???? Lemuel Serrell Hillman ????-/1930
20>16872hhh8 Mildred Woodruff /1888-????
+m /???? Rv Harris Bates Stewart
20>16873 Jonathan Edwards Porter 05/17/1766-03/24/1821
_e Harv 1786 (via Yale; see Yale1748.179)
+m 01/16/1793{csn=23>49} Fidelia Dwight /1768-??
20>16873h Timothy Dwight Porter
_e Yale 1816 (distinguished benefactor of Yale; Yale1748.179)
20>16874 Moses Porter 09/19/1768-05/24/1854
+m 08/30/1791 Amy Colt
20>16875 John Porter 07/27/1772-08/07/1772 dy
20>16876 Pierpont Porter 06/12/1775-01/15/1805
+m /1796(EWndsr) Hannah Higgins
20>1688 Eunice Edwards 05/09/1743(NrthmptnMA)-08/11/1822(NewBernNC)
_b ES90
_a with sr Sarah 1758, br Timothy 1760; NC 1764, ElzbthtwnNJ, NewBernNC
_n1 engaged to John Brainerd (br of David), forbidden by br Timothy
_n2 pressured to marry Thomas Pollok iii, claimed not to love him
_x date of death given as 09/09/1822 in NewberneNC [PM]
+m1 01/05/1764(ElzbthtwnNJ) Thomas Pollok iii\9 01/05/1730-12/22/1777
_q ED (PM) spell it Pollock, ES has Pollok
_e England and Scotland [ES]
_a b Belgra Plantation, Chowan County, NC; d ElzbthtwnNJ
_p Chief Justice Thomas Pollok jr +m Elizabeth Sanderson (wd Crisp)
_ff grands of Gov Thomas Pollok 1654(Scottish nobility) of NC [PCB]
_n four children dinf [ES]
+m2 03/21/1780(ElzbthtwnNJ) Robert Hunt\1 /1745{?}-03/??/1816
_a b RehobothMA{?}; d NewBernNC
_p Benjamin Hunt +m Abijah __
_n descendant of Peter Hunt 1610-1692 of Plymouth Colony, RehobothMA
20>16881 Elizabeth Pollok 08/31/1765(NewBernNC)-??
+m 06/18/1785 Thomas Williams\0
20>16882 Esther[DS]{Helen [PM]} Pollok /1767(NewBernNC)-?? dy
20>16883 Thomas Pollok 09/08/1769(NewBernNC)-09/14/1803(ITALY) unm
_e CollNJ {Princ} 1786
_a NYC
_g d in Lucca, Tuscany ITALY on visit, bd there in Leghorn [ES]
20>16884 Frances Ann Pollok 03/18/1771(NewBernNC)-06/03/1849(RaleighNC)
+m 04/08/1790(NewBernNC) John Devereux\6 03/12/1761(IRELAND)-07/07/1844
_x spelled Devereaux in PM
_fp John Devereux +m Honoria __
_e trained for RC priesthood in France
_o seaman, inherited some of br/law George Pollok estates
_b ES91
20>168841 John Devereux 02/10/1791(NewBernNC)-09/18/1807
20>168842 Elizabeth Devereux 09/06/1792(NewBernNC)-10/10/1799
20>168843 Thomas Pollok Devereux 12/17/1793(NewBernNC)-??
_e Yale 1813
_n cousin Timothy Edwards Dwight studied law with him ca 1829
20>168844 George Pollok Devereux 01/30/1796(NewBernNC)-??
20>168845 William Gaston Devereux 08/04/1797(NewBernNC)-10/04/1799 dy
20>168846 Frances Ann Devereux 03/22/1807(NewBernNC)-??
20>16885 George Pollok 03/16/1772(NewBernNC)-/1839 unm
_o plantation "Conacanarra" owner, very rich, Halifax County NC
20>16886 Sarah P- Hunt 05/07/1789(NewBernNC)-??
_b PCB information starts here (also RS; some taken from ES)
+m /???? John Fanning Burgwyn (WilmingtonNC NewBernNC)
20>168863 Henry King Burgwyn 01/08/1811-02/02/1877
_a New BernNC
+m 11/29/1838 Anna Greenough (Boston)
_n 6th generation descent from Cpt William Greenough (to America 1642)
_n 8th generation descent from Stephen Hopkins (1580-1664; Mayflower)
20>168863h Henry King Burgwyn jr ??/1842-07/01/1863(GettysburgPA)
_e VMI 1861(FirstCpt)
_om col of 26th NC Regiment
_n d as colorbearer at Gettysburg for 26thNC vs 24thMI [RS]
20>1688636 George Pollok Burgwyn 05/16/1847-01/05/1907
_a b at "Hillside" plantation on the Roanoke River NorthamptonCoNC
_e UNCChapelHill 1863-64, VMI 1864
_om with Cadets at RichmondVA when corps was disbanded 02ap1865
_n ES now uses spelling Pollock, not Pollok as previously; RS has b 5/19
+m 05/27/1869("BonnieDoon"VA) Emma Wright Ridley 03/09/1846-01/26/1893
_a b SouthamptonCoVA "Bonnie Doon"; d NorthamptonCoVA "Hillside"
_i photo in RS p33
_n also had son {??bro??} named Collinson P-re Edwards Burgwyn (I)
_q C. P. E. Burgwyn 1852-1915 (author)
_qc _The Lost Diamond: a Play..._ (Richmond: Randolph 1894)
_q2 P-re Edwards (author)
_q2c _The Romance of a Poor Young Man: a Drama..._ (NY: French 1859)
_q2c2 (alternate title) _Honor Before Wealth_
20>16886361 Thomas Ridley Burgwyn 05/27/1871-08/07/1908
_a b at "Hillside" plantation on the Roanoke River NorthamptonCoNC
_h hemorrhagic malaria led to blindness (NC Schol for the Blind)
20>16886362 Anna Greenough Burgwyn 03/18/1874-08/30/1875
20>16886363 Henry King Burgwyn iii 06/19/1875-02/01/1939
_a b & d JacksonNC
_e Horner Military Acad (OxfordNC) StColNC
_o planter, owner of "Thornbury" plantation to 1930
+m 06/06/1906(TappahannockVA) Frances Page Cauthorne 01/21/1884-07/16/1957
_a b TappahannockVA, d RichmondVA
_e Chatham Hall
_p Robert Thomas Cauthorne 1842-1919 +m Frances Belle Brooke 1849-1916
20>168863631 Frances Page Burgwyn 07/24/1909-
_a b NorfolkVA
_e Wm&Mary
+m 08/09/1930(TappahannockVA) Mann Quarles Brown 06/01/1902-
_a b RichmondVA
_e Cornell
_o special agent for VA Rating Bureau (RichmondVA)
_p William Horatio Brown jr +m Mary Lewis Quarles
20>1688636311 Mann Quarles Brown ii 04/18/1931-
_a b TappahannockVA
_e Urichmond
_om Army and Navy
+m1 12/25/1955 Eugenia Lou Adams dv
_a b PomonaCA
+m2 1974 Elizabeth White Bramble
_n she had 4 sons by prev marriage
20>16886363111 Gena Page Brown 01/28/1957-
_a b RichmondVA, 1992 MechanicsvilleVA
_o paralegal
+m 06/25/1956(Rchmnd) Elwood Franklin Hall 12/06/1956-
_o machine shop foreman
20>168863631111 Chrystal Frances Brown {?} 11/08/1979-
_a b RichmondVA
20>168863631112 Justin Brown {?} tw 11/01/1981-
_a b RichmondVA
20>168863631113 Jason Brown {?} tw 11/01/1981-
_a b RichmondVA
20>16886363112 Lisa Adams Brown 27de1957-
_a b RichmondVA
_o title insurance agency
+m 15my1989(RichmondVA) William Richard Elliott 16my1951-
_e VPI MA civil eng
_o pres VA Realty & Development Co
20>168863631121 Colin Mann Elliott 20my1991-
_a b RichmondVA
20>16886363113 Mann Quarles Brown iii 05my1962-
20>1688636312 Henry King Burgwyn Brown 16mr1933-
_a b RichmondVA
_e UVa 1951-53, Urichmond BA1955 history
_om USNavy 1955-57
_o insur Bituminous Casualty Corp
_n he legally added "King" as middle name
+m 1960 Marilyn Kay Boatright 19ap1935- dv
_a b KingsportTN
_e Uva DEd
_p Kyle T Boatright +m Eula Hodges
20>16886363121 Kyle Burgwyn Brown 15my1968-
_a b RichmondVA
_e RandolphMaconCol BA1991 polysci
20>168863632 Ann Mason Greenough Burgwyn 06fe1921-
_a b RichmondVA
_e StMargaretsSch - LongwoodCol
+m 21je1947(TappahannockVA) Franklin Y. Hundley 02ap1915-
_a b DunnsvilleVA
_e RandolphMaconCol
_om ww2 pacific theater
_o general insurance
_p Deane Hundley +m Lucy Hart
20>168863631211 Franklin Young Hundley jr 06my1948-
_a b RichmondVA, NashvilleTN
_e UTenn
_o stockbroker J.C.Bradford & Co (NashvilleTN)
+m 17je1972(KnoxvilleTN) Jeannette Mandle Dick 09my1950-
_a b KnoxvilleTN
_p James Allen Dick +m Marylin Mandle (ParisTN)
20>1688636312111 Franklin Young Hundley iii 13ap1977-
_a b NashvilleTN
20>1688636312112 James Mason Hundley 20mr1980-
_a b NashvilleTN
20>168863631212 Henry Burgwyn Hundley 05ja1951-
_a b RichmondVA
_e UVa, grad work in langs
_o advertising
20>168863631213 Deane Hart Hundley 19au1954-
_a b RichmondVA
_e VaTech
_o general insurance
20>168863631214 Ann Page Hundley 13se1958-
_a b RichmondVA, PlymouthNC
_e ConverseCol, ClemsonU MBA
_o CPA
+m 04se1982(TappahannockVA) Lee Allen Sensibaugh 01mr1947-
_a b WarsawIN
_e FranklinU eng
_om USNavy 1969-73
_o computer designer for Weyerhauser
_p Firman Lee Sensibaugh +m Frances __
20>1688636312141 Lee Allen Sensibaugh jr 23ja1986-
_a b GreenvilleSC
20>16886364 George Pollok Burgwyn ii 07/10/1878-10/05/1930
_a b "Hillside" plantation NorthamptonCoNC, d JacksonNC
_e VaMechanicsInst(Richmond) 1991-93, UNCChapelHill 1893
_o Petersburgh ironworks, farmer, town commissioner (JacksonNC)
_r Episcopalian Ch of the Savior (JacksonNC)
_i photo in RS p.37
_n ES now uses spelling Pollock, not Pollok as previously
+m 10fe1904(PetersburgVA) Emily Bartlett Roper 31de1880-06ap1956
_a b+d PetersburgVA
_p Bartlett Roper +m Elizabeth Paul
20>168863641 Emily Roper Burgwyn 10ja1905-20je1984 dwi
_a b PetersburgVA, d RichmondVA
_e StMarysSch(RaleighNC) 1925, LongwoodCol & DukeU grad work
_o taught school 1925-73, public (RoanokeRapidsNC) and private=
_o2= at StMargarets (TappahannockVA) & StChristophers (RichmondVA)
_h genealogy societies (DAR, etc)
+m 04se1943 Jackson Marion Sneed 04ap1903-04fe1970
_a MecklenburgCoVA
_p John Roland Sneed +m Willis Virginia Jeter
20>168863642 George P. Burgwyn iii 03jl1906-27ja1978
_a b PetersburgVA, d JacksonNC
_o clerk of Superior Court, NorthamptonCo (16 yrs)
_h outdoorsman, mason
+m 03jl1934(Windsor) Mary Virginia Barrow 15je1912-
_a b BarrowsStore (near McKenny BrunswickCoVA)
_e FarmvilleStTeachCol (now Longwood)
_o legal secretary (50 yrs)
_r Jackson Episcopal Ch sec-treas (20 yrs)
_p Leonard Barrow +m Daisy Doyle
20>1688636421 Mary Barrow Burgwyn 26jl1935-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
_e StMary'sColl (RaleighNC), UNCChapelHill
+m 2jl1957(JacksonNC) Albert Ray Newsome md 27de1935-
_a b WinstonSalemNC
_e UFla, Duke, UNC MD
_pf Henry Clay Newsome 21jl1895-27ap1953(Winston-SalemNC)
_pm Jennie Wells (Vaughan) 29au1898-13my1986(Winston-SalemNC)
20>16886364211 Albert Ray Newsome jr 15ja1960-
_a ChapelHillNC
_e UNCChapelHill, WakeForest MBA
+m 25au1984(DurhamNC) Sheridan Pratt Townsend 29no1960-
_pf William Linwood Douglas 26no1928-
_pm Frances Sheridan (Pratt) Townsend 27ja1934-
20>168863642111 Albert Ray Newsome iii 23de1986-
20>168863642112 Mary Cabell Newsome 15my1989-
20>16886364212 George Burgwyn Newsome md 01my1963-
_a b GainesvilleFL
_e UNCChapelHill, WakeForestUniv MD
+m 27my1989(Winston-SalemNC)Margery Ann Noah 19no1962-
_e ConverseColl
20>168863642121 Jordan LeWynn Newsome 25jl1991-
_a b GainesvilleFL
20>168863643 Bartlett Roper Burgwyn 29my1909- unm
_a b JacksonNC
_e Wm&Mary
_o accountant, farming and insurance
_om Quartermaster cpt Fort Jackson and CharlestonSC
20>168863644 Nathaniel Thomas Ridley Burgwyn tw 10/12/1925-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
_om AirCorps sgt radar observer/gunner 509th composite group
_e UVa 1950
_o savings & loan (ret 1984), builder
+m 30ja1950 (HendersonNC) Margot Couzens Yaw 25fe1929-
_a b DetroitMI
_p William Rumer Yaw +m Madeline Marie Couzens
_mf James Couzens 1872-1936 (auto mfg, mayor Detroit, US Senate)
20>1688636441 George Pollock Burgwyn iv 25ap1951-
_a b PetersburgVA
_e UVa
_o banker
+m 29de1973(LititzPA) Eileen Louise Roth 17je1952-
_p Miles Eugene Roth +m Mary Lucille Snavely
20>16886364411 Nathaniel Thomas Ridley Burgwyn ii 29no1978-
_a b WarrentonVA
20>16886364412 William Clayton Andrew Burgwyn 25ap1984-
_a b WarrentonVA
20>1688636442 Margaret Couzens Burgwyn 14my1953-
+m1 Thomas Joseph Grubbs dv
+m2 Thomas Sampson
20>16886364421 Thomas Joseph Grubbs jr 17ap1974(RichmondVA)-
20>1688636443 Emily Roper Burgwyn 14je1955-
_a b ParkersburgWV
20>1688636444 John Fanning Burgwyn 15ja1958-
_a b RichmondVA
_e VaPolyInst
_o banker
+m 10jl1982(NellysfordVA) Carolyn Maki 13my1959-
_a b WestGermany
_p William R. Maki and Jane M.
20>168863645 Collinson P-re Edwards Burgwyn ii md tw 10/12/1925-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
_e Wm&Mary, MedCollVA MD
_om Lt jg USNR med off on USS Leyte off Korea
_o ob/gyn PetersburgVA & NewportNewsVA 1957-80, FtCampbell hosp
_l genealogy, restoration
_n ES uses spelling P- [RS has P-re]
+m 02se1950(PortsmouthVA) Emily Nimmo Trant 22oc1929- dv1978
_e MaryWashColl
_p James Parrish Trant +m Catherine Sue Butt (PortsmouthVA)
20>1688636451 Collinson P-re Edwards Burgwyn iii 08/12/1952-
_a b PortsmouthVA, LexingtonVA
_e VMI tr LynchburgColl 1977
+m 12jl1975(WoosterOH) Katherine Els Kauffman 01jl1954-
_a b CantonOH
_p Richard Kauffmann +m Patricia Kathryn Beck
20>16886364511 Collinson P-re Edwards Burgwyn iv 01ap1986-
_a b RichmondVA
20>1688636452 Bartlett Roper Burgwyn ii 24je1955-
_a b Winston-SalemNC, ChesterVA
_o auto sales mgr
+m 09je1986(PetersburgVA) Vivian Lee Higgins 31jl1955-
_a b HopewellVA
_p Adolph M. Higgins +m Patricia Passagaluppi
20>16886364521 Bartlett Roper Burgwyn iii 08au1986-
_a b RichmondVA
20>1688636453 Nancy Page Burgwyn 18my1959-
_a b PetersburgVA, FL
20>16886365 William Hyslop Sumner Burgwyn ii tw 22ja1886-23ja1977
_a b JacksonNC, 1911 WoodlandNC, d RaleighNC
_e grammSch WarrentonNC, EpiscHS (VA), Georgetown, UNCLaw 1908
_o lawyer, NC senate (1917-21, 1925) & house (1923)
_o2 Farmers Bank (WoodlandNC) dir (1918), pres (1934)
_o3 special superior court judge (1937-53)
+m 02ja1911(NorfolkVA) Josephine Bryan Griffin 17au1883-
_pf John Bryan Griffin 26no1848(WoodlandNC)-17my1918(=)
_pm Mary Elizabeth Beale 15my1859(WoodlandNC)-27no1929(=)
20>168863651 John Griffin Burgwyn 24ap1913-
_a b WoodlandNC
_e UNCChapelHill & GuilfordColl
_o farmer "Little Hermitage" (RoanokeRiver), OcconeecheeNeckNC
+m 17au1935(RichSqNC) Linda Mebane Holoman 10de1914-
_e UNCGreensboro BA1935, ECarolinaState MA1961
_d author of numerous Children's books
_p Henry Dorsey Holoman +m Pattie Vaughn White
20>1688636511 John Griffin Burgwyn jr 08jl1936-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
_e UNCChapelHill indust rels (baseball co-capt)
_om USArmy
_o airline pilot & mechanic, sr vp for aviation Guardian corp
_l ham radio
+m1 24de1960(BuckhornNC) Mary Elizabeth Bailey 10au1938- dv1975
_a b RaleighNC
_e MA ed
_o dir adult ed RoanokeRapidsNC
_pf Rex Alfonso Bailey 22au1907(WilsonNC)-17mr1987(=)
_pm Eunice Atkinson 25se1914(WilsonNC)-
+m2 29ja1982(NashvilleNC) Beverly Kay Matkins 29je1943-
_o purch agent pharmaceutical co
_n she had dau by prev marr, Lisa Caryl Wiley Keel 11au1962-
_pf Russell Edwin Matkins 25oc1917(RoanokeRapidsNC)-
_pm Rachel Wood 071u1916(LittletonNC)
20>16886365111 Elizabeth Josephine Burgwyn 07no1961-
_a b WilsonNC
_e EastCarolinaU
_o school teacher (RoanokeRapidsNC)
+m 05ap1986(RoanokeRapidsNC) John Mike Anderson 09no1959-
_a b GoldsboroNC
_pf John Anderson
20>16886365112 John Griffin Burgwyn iii 14fe1964-
_a b WashingtonNC
_e EastCarolinaU
_o insur sales mgmnt
+m 30je1991(RoanokeRapidsNC) Lisa Inge 05au1966-
_p Earl Inge +m Sandra __ (RoanokeRapiesNC)
20>16886365113 Benjamin Bailey Burgwyn 24my1971-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
20>1688636512 Josephine Mebane Burgwyn 02ap1940-
_a b RockyMountNC, TequestaFL
_e UNCGreensboro
+m 1961(JacksonNC) James Dallas Pratt 21my1937-
_a b WashingtonDC
_e Duke 1959
_om USAirforce 1960-63
_o marketing consultant
20>16886365121 James Glenn Pratt 12mr1969-
_a b MediaPA
_e ElonCol
20>16886365122 Stephen Dallas Pratt 04oc1972-
_a b NorwalkCT
_e RollinsColl
20>1688636513 Henry Holoman Burgwyn 04de1944-
_a b RockyMountNC (ParkView hosp)
_e UNCChapelHill, SamfordU Law
_o attorney
+m 14se1967(ChapelHillNC) Michele Millichap dv1983
_a b BethesdaMD
20>16886365131 Nichole Burgwyn 03ap1970-
_a b ChapelHillNC
20>1688636514 Stephen White Burgwyn 16se1946-
_a b RockyMountNC
_e UNCChapelHill BS polySci
_om Lt USArmy 1969-71
_o farmer
+m1 Anne Marie Kitchin 05oc1946- dv
_a b TarboroNC
_e UNCChapelHill
+m2 31mr1982(RoanokeRapidsNC) Josephine Hannah Jirva 12ja1955-
_a b WashingtonDC
_e EastCarolinaU SocialWork
_o Halifax County Mental Health Ctr
20>16886365141 Stephen White Burgwyn jr 16de1968-
_a b ChapelHillNC
20>16886365142 Walton Kitchen Burgwyn 01mr1970-
_a b TarboroNC
20>16886365143 Louisa Holoman Burgwyn 22se1991-
_a b RockyMountNC
20>168863652 William Hyslop Sumner Burgwyn iii 21jl1916-
_a b WoodlandNC
_e GuilfordColl, WakeForestU LLB
_om USArmy AirCorps
_o DA 1958-1980, NC Senate 1953
+m1 08se1945() Anna Lucille Poole 07fe1920-10my1988
_a b IndependenceVA, d WoodlandNC
+m2 15ap1989(ElizabethCityNC) Emerald Taylor (Dahl) wd 27se1915-
_a b ScotlandNeckNC
_n her son by prev +m is Tyrus Vance Dahl jr 23jl1949
20>1688636521 Margaret Elizabeth Burgwyn 08je1947- unm
_a b RockyMountNC
_e StMarysColl(RaleighNC) & UNCChapelHill, AppalacianU MA
_o school counselor (WoodlandNC)
20>1688636522 Anna Poole Burgwyn 20my1950- unm
_a b RockyMountNC
_e StMarysColl(RaleighNC) & SalemColl(Winston-SalemNC)
_o teaches English (WoodlandNC)
20>1688636523 Mary Ridley Burgwyn 05no1955- unm
_a b RockyMountNC
_e ElonColl
_o travel agent (WilmingtonNC)
20>168863653 Margaret Elizabeth Burgwyn 03de1919-
_a b WoodlandNC
_e StMarysJrColl 1938, ConverseColl 1941
+m 06je1942(WoodlandNC) Tillman Webb Cooley 03de1913-
_a b SuffolkVA
_om ww2 military service
_o vp Peoples Bank & Trust (JacksonNC)
20>1688636531 Tillman Webb Cooley jr 15my1943-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC, DallasTX
_e UNCChapelHill 1970 PhD geology
_o Mobile Research (DallasTX)
+m 01mr1964(ChesterfieldSC) Margaret Harmon Beale 30jl1944-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
20>16886365311 Tillman Webb Cooley iii 26de1964-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
_e TXStateTechInst 1984
20>16886365312 Charles Hobbs Cooley 24au1966-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
_e TXTechU BS1989 hotel mgmt
+m je1990 Beth Ann Curry 1969-
_a b DecaturTX
20>16886365313 Nell Margaret Cooley 08au1972-
_a b NewOrleansLA
_e MeredithColl(RaleighNC)
20>1688636532 David Edgar Cooley 21de1947-
_a b RockyMountNC
_e GuilfordColl 1969
_o founder & co-owner Hickory Bedding Co (RandlemanNC)
+m 25my1969 Carolyn Patricia Hartsfield
_a1969 GreensboroNC
20>16886365321 William David Cooley 24fe1969-
_e GuilfordCoCommColl
20>16886365322 Bryan Hartsfield Cooley 08no1970-
_e GuilfordCoCommColl
20>1688636533 William Burgwyn Cooley 18mr1951-
_a b RockyMountNC
_e Gardner-WebbColl 1973
_o agent with NCFarmBureauMutualIns
+m 18au1973(AsheboroNC) Kay Cagle 02my1951-
_a b RandolphCoNC
_o teacher in NorthamptonCo school system
20>16886365331 William Burgwyn Cooley jr 19ap1975-
_a b RockyMountNC
20>16886365332 Seth Griffin Cooley 17ja1978-
_a b RockyMountNC
20>16886365333 Anna Cagle Cooley 03de1981-
_a b RockyMountNC
20>1688636534 Margaret Burgwyn Cooley 03ja1961-
_a b RockyMountNC, RaleighNC
_e StMarysColl 1981, UNCChapelHill 1983
+m 1986 James Gary Pearce
_o public relations and political consultant
20>16886365341 James Burgwyn Pearce 17je1989-
20>168863654 Henry King Burgwyn iv 01oc1921-30ap1983
_a b HamletNC, d WoodlandNC
_e UNCChapelHill
_om USNavy ww2
_o banking
+m 12de1944 Helen Weaver Gibbons 29fe1920-11de1984
_a1944 HamletNC, d AhoskieNC
_e Duke
_o teacher ChowanColl (business)
20>1688636541 Henry King Burgwyn v 15fe1946-
_a b HamletNC
_e NCState MA architecture
_om USArmy 1970-71
_o real estate developer, finance (DenverCO)
+m 04fe1978(DenverCO) Kathleen Ann Butler 15se1950-
_a b PuebloCO
_pf Robert Earl Butler 17je1924(PuebloCO)-
_pm Marilyn Ruth __ 14jl1927(WichitaKA)-
20>16886365411 Grace Ann Burgwyn 25mr1983-
_a b DenverCO
20>16886365412 Henry King Burgwyn vi 25se1987-
_a b SanFranciscoCA
20>1688636542 Charles Buxton Burgwyn 07mr1949-
_a b RockyMountNC, MurrellsInletSC
_e StAndrewsPresbyCol
_om NC NatGuard
_o businessman, realtor
+m 21jl1973(HamletNC) Mary Dodd 28mr1949-
_a b JacksonvilleFL
_p William Rakes [Dodd?] +m Mary Williams
20>16886365421 Helen Elizabeth Burgwyn 16ap1974-
_a b GreenvilleNC
20>16886365422 Charles Buxton Burgwyn jr 08ja1977-
_a b GreenvilleNC
20>16886365423 Brian Burgwyn 04ap1980-
_a b MurfreesboroNC
20>1688636543 William Hyslop Sumner Burgwyn iv 04ap1957-01fe1990
_a b AhoskieNC, d CharlotteNC
_e UNCChapelHill BA1979, BostonU MA1982
_o maker of documentary films, musician (Skatfish blues band)
_d 1982 Redstone Award for best student film of the year (BostonU)
+m 14je1980(RaleighNC) Elaine Celeste Otto 08mr1957-
_a b RaleighNC
_e UNCChapelHill BA1979, BostonU MA urban affairs
_e1992 UNCChapelHill PhD cand (psychology)
_o city planner, freelance writer
_pf John Richard Otto 31jl1924(JerseyCtyNJ)-
_pm Phyliss Conrad 08se1927(ArkansasCtyKA)-
20>16886365431 Hannah Marie Burgwyn 10ja1988-
_a b CharlotteNC
20>16886366 Maria Greenough Burgwyn tw 22ja1886-16ja1946
_a b JacksonNC, d RoanokeRapidsNC
+m 07de1910 Thomas Williams Mason Long 14ja1886-03fe1941
_a b "Longview"GarysburgNC, RoanokeRapidsNC, d RaleighNC
_e UnivCol of Medicine(RichmondVA) 1908
_o MD (RoanokeRapidsNC)
_o2 director of banks & companies, political positions
_n established industrial med system that became Blue Cross/Blue Shield
_p Lemuel MacKinnie Long +m Betty Gray Mason
20>168863661 Betty Gray Long 15se1912-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
+m 30au1941 Henry Charles Zouck dv1954
_a BaltimoreMD
20>1688636611 Elizabeth Gray Mason Zouck 24se1942-
+m Norwood Pratt
20>168863662 Maria Greenough Burgwyn Long 05jl1915-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
+m 08de1934() Frank Patterson Hunter jr 21fe1908-23ja1945
_a b PortsmouthVA, +m RoanokeRapidsNC, d NeuseGER
_e USMilitaryAcad 1933
_om USAirForce col killed in action over NeuseGER
_p Frank Patterson Hunter +m Cora Wilcox Gayle
20>1688636621 Maria Burgwyn Hunter 15no1935-
_a b AnconPanamaCanalZone
+m1 18je1961 Donald Hugh MacDonald 21ap1933- dv1989(oc)
_a b PhiladelphiaPA
_e AmherstCol
_om USNavy
_p George B. MacDonald +m Anna Stinzenburger
+m2 15no1986 John Lyman Kiser 20fe1932-
_a b RaleighNC
_om USArmy
_e DavidsonCol 1954
_o insurance agent (NW Mutual Life)
20>16886366211 Kathryn Margaret MacDonald 08fe1962-
_a b SeattleWA
_e AppalacianStU
_o merchandising
20>16886366212 Frank Hunter MacDonald 18au1963-
_a b SeattleWA, TacomaWA
_e UPugetSound LLD1992
_o lawyer
20>16886366213 Sally Elizabeth MacDonald 25ja1965-
_a b SeattleWA
_e NCState 1987
+m 12my1990 Robert Andrew MacKie
_p David MacKie +m Ann __
20>1688636622 Sarah Gayle Hunter 20ap1940-
_a b NewportNewsVA
_e VACommonwUn BS MA
_o marketing education coord
+m[2] 29je1985 John Hager Randolph jr 27jl1921-
_e VMI
_om 1942-45 USArmyAirForce cpt (DistingFlyCross, AirMedal)
_o banker, chair of VA FedSavLoan
_n 2 ch (b RichmondVA) by +m[1] = Beverly Langhorne Randolph 25ap1947-
_n= and Rebecca Hutter Randolph (Boyers) 22au1948-
20>168863663 Margaret Ridley Long 26mr1917-30mr1991
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC, d "Oaklana" near RoxobelNC
_e StMarysSch (Raleigh), UNCChapelHill BA1938 engl & libsci (PhiBetaKappa)
_o teacher 7 librarian, BertieCo school system (30 yrs)
_h volunteer at Historic Hope Plantation (26yrs)
+m 12je1941(RoanokeRapidsNC) John Edward Tyler ii 02je1918-
_a b WindsorNC
_e VMI - UNCChapelHill
_om USNavy ww2 ltjg
_o manged family farms in BertieCo, ran Tyler's antiques (Roxobel)
_h antiquarian, restoration, Historic Hope Plantation, etc.
_p Ernest Rudolph Tyler +m Eghel Leigh Pierce
20>1688636631 Margaret Ridley Tyler 23ja1942-
_a b CharlestonSC, GreensboroNC
_e UNCGreensboro BA english & year of grad studies
_o antiques, lecturer
+m 10je1961 James Edward Smith 26oc1938-
_a b GreensboroNC
_e GuilfordCol history
_o jointly run Tyler-Smith antiques
_pf James Theophilus Smith 22de1901-10ap1950
_pfa b SmithStnAL, d AlligatorRiverNC
_pm Julia Carolyn Poole (Barbour) 01se1911(SalemAL)-
20>16886366311 Edward Moreland Tyler Smith 05de1969-
_a b GreensboroNC
20>16886366312 Julia Ridley Smith 07de1972-
_a b GreensboroNC
20>1688636632 John Cotten Pierce Tyler 07au1945-
_a b RockyMountNC
_om 1965-68 USArmy
_e UNCChapelHill, CampbellUn BA1972
_o clerk of Superior Court BertieCo
+m 17au1974(KnoxvilleTN) Marjorie McDonald Neblett 25je1950-
_a b KnoxvilleTN
_e Webb School & UTennKnoxville
_o dir development, RidgecroftSchool AhoskieNC
_pf James Leroy Neblett 21je1913(PalmyraTN)
_pm Marjorie Pauline McDonald 27fe1921(HuntsvilleTN)-09no1974
_pma d KnoxvilleTN
20>16886366321 Ernest Rutland Tyler 27ja1977-
_a b AhoskieNC
20>16886366322 Marjorie McDonald Tyler 07se1980-
_a b AhoskieNC
20>1688636633 Ethel Leonard Gregory Tyler 30au1953-
_a b RockyMountNC
_e UNCGreensboro BA1989(cum laude) art hist
+m1 23mr1974(RoxobelNC) Wayne Edward Reynolds\2 28je1950- dv1987
_a b GreensboroNC
_e GuilfordCol/NCSt BS1981(summa cum laude) mech engin
_p Amos Ray Reynolds +m Dorothy Inez Redding (RandolphCo)
+m2 22my1987(GreensboroNC) Phillip Wade Hand \1 22jl1950-
_a b RockyMountNC
_e Nash CommunityCol business admin
_om 1960-73 USArmy sgt GreenBerets (FtBragg, 7th SpForces)
_o salesman
_r +m StBarnabas EpiscopCh
_n dau by prev +m = Julie Elizabeth Hand 15no1958-
_p George Albert Hand +m Lottie Marie Batts (NashCo)
20>16886366331 Margaret Redding Reynolds 12de1974-
_a b GreensboroNC
20>16886366332 Nicholas Wendlock Reynolds 17mr1978-
_a b GreensboroNC
20>16886366333 Phillip Tyler Hand 11ja1989-
_a b GreensboroNC
20>168863664 Thomas Williams Mason Long jr 02au1918-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC(HalifaxCo)
_e UNCChapelHill AB1940 LLB1942
_om USNavy lt ww2 Europe
_o lumberman, shortline RR operator, real estate, RR equip sales
+m1 13se1941(ShreveportLA) Margaret Ewing Johnson 23fe1920-31de1982
_a b+d ShreveportLA (bd Forest Park cem)
_e UNCChapelHill AB1942
_p Henry Ben Johnson +m Eleanor Ewing
+m2 21ja1984 Mattie Hulon Snipes (Garner) wd 25se1919-
_a b RipleyMS
_n +m[1] David Trone Garner
_p Luther Snipes +m Lucy Randle
20>1688636641 Thomas Williams Mason Long iii 16se1944-
_a b ShreveportLA
_e UNCChapelHill 1966
_om USNavy in Vietnam
+m 08jl1972(DallasTX) Linda Sue Grounds
_r +m StMichael & AllAngelsEpiscopCh
_o trains casualty insurance agents
20>16886366411 Thomas Williams Mason Long iv 20de1976-
_a b PlanoTX
20>16886366412 Sarah Durham Long 07oc1982-
_a b PlanoTX
20>1688636642 Eleanor Ewing Long 03my1947-
_a b ShreveportLA, AustinTX
_r +m StMark's EpiscopCh
+m 01se1967(ShreveportLA) Bryan Cooper Simmons
_e UTexas
_o vp & trust officer in an Austin bank
20>16886366421 Bryan Cooper Simmons jr 09l\jl1969-
_a b ShreveportLA
20>16886366422 William Clifton Simmons ii 14se1973-
_a b ShreveportLA
20>1688636643 Mary Daniell Long 07je1952-
_a b ShreveportLA, HoustonTX
_o real estate broker
+m 03se1977(ShreveportLA) Michael Douglas Bryant
_r +m StMark's EpiscopCh
20>16886366431 Margaret Ewing Johnson Bryant 22my1981-
_a b HoustonTX
20>16886366432 Michael Douglas Bryant jr 14oc1983-
_a b HoustonTX
20>1688636644 Jonathan Edwards Burgwyn Long 31de1953-
_a b ShreveportLA, NagoyaJAP
_e OregonSt BA1976 history, FresnoSt MA1989 linguistics
_o missionaries EvangFreeCh (ClovisCA)
+m 15au1981(FresnoCA) Katherine Ann Crider
_r +m in Calvary Presby Church
20>16886366441 Rebecca Katherine Long 21jl1983-
_a b Chikusa-Ku, NagoyaJAP
20>16886366442 Eleanor Ewing Long 11je1986-
_a b Chikusa-Ku, NagoyaJAP
20>16886366443 Caroline Elizabeth Long 11de1989-
_a b FresnoCA
20>168863665 Nicholas Long 23se1923-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC(HalifaxCo)
_om USNR lt
_o Chief 6th Dist Court Judge
+m 13no1954 Kathleen Davis
_a WeldonNC
_p Wilfert Davis and Kathleen Sessions
20>1688636651 Nicholas Long jr 01oc1956-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
_e UNC Law
_o lawyer (1981- Zollicoffer & Z" [HendersonNC])
+m 16mr1985(HendersonNC) Sharon Kay Southerland 05de1955-
_a b HendersonNC
_p Samuel Eugene Southerland +m Mary Bowen
20>16886366511 Nicholas Long iii 12fe1986-
_a b DurhamNC
20>16886366512 Mary Mackinne Long 12se1988-
_a b DurhamNC
20>16886366513 Kathleen Southerland Long 20oc1989-
_a b DurhamNC
20>1688636652 Maria Greenough Burgwyn Long 24je1961-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC
_e UNCChapelHill Law1991 (Davis Scholar)
20>1688636653 Wilfert O'Dell Davis Long 07ja1964-
_a b RoanokeRapidsNC, 1992 GarysburgNC
20>1689 Jonathan Edwards jr 05/26/1745(Nrthmptn MA)-08/01/1801
_e grd Princ 1765, 2nd Ch NwH 1765-1795; pres Union C (Schnctdy NY) 1799
+m1 10/04/1770 Mary Porter ??-06/10/1782(NwH, drowned)
_p Eleazer Porter +m Sarah Pitkin (Hadley MA), sr of Eleazer Porter jr
+m2 12/18/1783 wd Mary Sabin(s)
20>16891 Jonathan Walters Edwards 01/05/1772(NwH)-??
+m 11/29/1797 Elizabeth Lyon
20>16892 Mary Edwards 06/23/1773(NwH)-??
+m 12/01/1800(Schnctdy NY) James J. Hoyt
20>16893 Jonathan Edwards 02/20/1775-02/21/1775(NwH) dy
20>16894 Jerusha Edwards 01/03/1776(NwH)
+m 02/02/1795 Rv Calvin Chapin (RockyHill)
20>1680 Elizabeth Edwards 05/06/1747-01/01/1762{1761}
20>168a Pierpont Edwards 04/08/1750(Nrthmptn MA)-04/14{05}/1826(Brdgprt)
_q probably the Pairpoint Edwards mentioned in 1779 census WoodburyCT
_e Princ 1768
_o1 lawyer NwH, admin to Benedict Arnold estate, Revol soldier
_o2 Cont Cong 1787-1788, delg to const ratific, judge US Dist Court CT
+m1 05/??/1769 Frances Ogden c1749-07/07/1800 (NewHavenCT) ag 51
_b obit 17jl1800 "aged 51" [NEHGS newsp]
_p Moses Ogden +m __ (NJ)
+m2 01oc1818 (BridgeportCT) Mary (Polly) Tucker
_n New York Evening Post marriage notice at NEHGS online
20>168a1 Mary Edwards /1770-/1775
20>168a2 Susan Edwards /1771-??
+m /1791 Samuel William Johnson (Stratford)
20>168a3 Henry Waggaman Edwards /1773 dy
20>168a4 Mary Edwards /1775 dy
20>168a5 John Stark Edwards /1777-??
_e Princ 1796
+m ??/??/????{csn=???} Louisa Morris
20>168a6 Henry Waggaman Edwards /1779-/1847
_e Princ 1797
_o US Senator ca 1825
+m /???? Lydia Miller (NwH)
_n Yale?.165 calls Henry "4th son" and refers to a daughter as well
20>168a6h _m Edwards [son]
_e Yale 1824
20>168a6i _m Edwards [son]
20>168a6k _m Edwards [son]
20>168a64 Henry P-re Edwards 04/20/1808(NwH)-02/27/1855(NYC) unm
_e Yale 1827 [Yale?.165]
_o lawyer NYC 1831/32; Justice of Supreme Court 1847-1853
_g died as Judge in Court of Appeals, of fever; bd in NwH
20>168a6h _f Edwards [dau]
+m /???? Dr Worthington Hooker
_e Yale 1825
20>168a7 Moses Ogden Edwards /1781-1862 [AG1. "Ogden"]
_o Judge, supreme court of NY [AG1.]
+m /???? Hannah [AG1. "Harriet"] Penfield
20>168a7h Jonathan Edwards /1821-1882 [AG1.]
_o Lawyer, pres. Equitable Trust NJ [AG1.]
+m1 /???? Mary Pyne Morris 1836-1857
+m2 /1861 Mary Jay Jay /1837-/??
20>168a7h1 Mary Morris Edwards
+m Charles Ferdinand Ostrander
20>168a7h2 Laura Jay Edwards
20>168a8 Henry Alfred Pierpont Edwards /1784-??
+m /???? Deborah Glover
20>168a9 Henrietta Frances Edwards 06/28/1786-ap1870
_q b 1790 http://www.whitneygen.org/archives/extracts/cutter2.html
+m 06ja1817 (BridgeportCT) Eli Whitney 08de1765-08ja1825 (NwH)
_n New York Evening Post marriage notice at NEHGS online
_o inventor (cotton gin)
_pf Eli Whitney
20>168a91 Frances E. Whitney 23no1817-07my1859
+m 1842 Charles L. Chaplain
20>168a92 Elizabeth F. Whitney
20>168a93 Eli Whitney 24no1820(NwH)-17au1895
+m 17je1845(UticaNY) Sarah Perkins Dalliba ??-12ja1909
_p __ Dalliba +m Susannah Huntington
_mf Judge Benjamin Huntington (NorwichCT)
20>168a931 Eli Whitney 22ja1847(NwH)-??
+m 22oc1873 Sarah Sheffield Farnam 27se1850-??
20>168a9311 Anne Farnam Whitney 20se1874-??
+m 06de1898 Thomas M. Debevoise
20>168a93111 Eli Whitney Debevoise 14de1899-??
20>168a93112 Catherine Debevoise 18je1901-??
20>168a9312 Henrietta Edwards Whitney 27fe1876-??
+m 02jl1904 Dr. Leonard C. Sanford
20>168a93121 William Farnam Sanford 18au1905-??
20>168a93122 Leonard J. Sanford 14jl1910-??
20>168a93123 Sarah Tracy Sanford 18se1877-19fe1901
+m 26ap1900 Dr. Leonard C. Sanford [sic! see above]
20>168a931231 Sally Whitney Sanford 06fe1901-??
20>168a93124 Elizabeth Fay Sanford 03ap1879-??
20>168a93125 Louise Huntington Sanford 20fe1881-??
+m 09jl1908 Gourdin Y. Gaillard
20>168a93126 Susan Brewster Sanford 16mr1885-??
20>168a93127 Frances P- Sanford 19au1891-??
20>168a932 Susan Huntington Whitney 01au1849-25my1885
+m 1873 Rv Chauncey Bunce Brewster
20>168a933 Henrietta Edwards Whitney
20>168a94 Susan E. Whitney ja1821-1823 dy
20>168a0 Horace Edwards
20>168aa Sally Edwards
+m /???? William Bristol (Judge, US Dist Court)
20>169 Hezekiah P- 05/26/1712(NwH)-09/22/1741(NwH) [ag29]
_q d 09/29/1741 [notes on gravestone]
+m 02/09/1736|7 Lydia Hemingway 09/02/1715|6(NwH)-05/27/1779(KillingworthCT)
_p Rv Jacob Hemingway 06de1683-07oc1754 +m 03my1711|12 Lydia Ball 30ja1681-06mr1738
_n spelling varies: also Hemenway/Hemmenway
[+m2] 03/02/1745 Theophilus Morgan
20>1691 Jacob P- 02/11/1737|8-04/01/1760|61 unm in Army at Crown Point
_om French and Indian War rolls
20>1692 John P- 05/21/1740(NeH)-10/07{08}/1805(NwH)
+m 12/29{26|28}/1767{66}(NwH) Sarah Beers 01{10}/29/1744-04/15/1835(NwH)
_a b StratfordCT
_q date of b given as ja in some sources, oc in others
_b Account of the Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Wedding
_b2 of John P- and Sarah Beers, Dec 29 1867 (NwH:Tuttle-, 1868)
_pf Nathan Beers 23au1718-10jl1779(CT)
_pm +m 27ja1741 Hannah Nichols 26je1716-12fe1764 (Stratford & NwH)
_mp Jonathan Nichols +m Sarah Beach
_fp Nathan Beers (1691-????) +m __ (Mddltwn)
_ffp Barnabus Beers (1658-????) +m Elizabeth Wilcoxson (1666-1694)
_ffmp John Wilcoxson +m Elizabeth Curtis
_fffp Anthony Beers (????[Gravesend ENG]-1676) +m Elizabeth __ (????-1676)
20>16921 Hezekiah Beers P-re 11/03/1768(NwH)-08/11/1838(Brkln)
_a 1790 moved to NYC; 1801 to Brooklyn
_o 1790 Customs House clerk; 1793 mercantile partnership Lefingwell and P-
_o2 1801 purchased Philip Livingston's brewery, distillery for Anchor Gin
_o3 1802 purchased land in Brooklyn Heights; 1814 Fulton Ferry support
_o4 1819 retired, closed distillery (sold it 1824)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
_n adopted French (not necessarily "original") spelling of name for family; mentioned as "my friend Hezekiah B. Pierpont of Brooklyn" (appt exec for $100) in 1809 will (online) of James Constable in Schenectady
_d New-York Canal Lands on Sale (Brooklyn: sn, 1823) [under P-]
_d2 archives in Brooklyn Historical Society online 1999 (39.6 linear feet!)
_w online -- "Lands in Oswego, Jefferson, Lewis, St Lawrence and Franklin Counties to be sold to actual settlers" http://www.newenglandancestors.org/research/database/ny_probate/default.asp?vol=1&pg=Kings_0231.gif&page=1&cnt=2
+m 01/21/1802(NYC) Anna Maria Constable\12 03/10/1783(Phila)-11/07/1859
_p William K. Constable (Phila) m Anna White
_n 1814 she/they inherited & purchased 150,000 acres in upstate NY
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>169211 William Constable P-re 10/03/1803(NYC)-12/20/1885(P-re Mnr)
_a 62 Greenwich St, then to BrkylnNY, 1838 P-re Manor JffCnty NY
_n father owned Macomb's purchase (from Wm Constable estate)
_n2 which included Franklin, St.Lawrence, Lewis & part of Oswego Cntys
_o 1820 opened Jefferson Cnty land office, later built P-re Manor
_o ran family estates in Jefferson & Oswego Cntys
_d papers in Railway Hist Soc of Northern NY (RLIN)
_d2 newspaper reprint of diary for 1823 (RLIN, scrapbook collection)
_d3 Hist Assoc of S Jefferson NY
_d4 letters to Mary D. Devereux in Cornell U archives (RLIN)
_b his 1826 journal being published by Inez McConnell (c 1994)
_b2 entitled The Taming of the Wilderness, re North Country NY
_b3 proficient in math & drafting, study of the Great Pyramid
+m 06/02/1830(Utica) Cornelia Anne Butler 03/01/1806-12/10/1871
_p Dr Benjamin Butler and Hannah Dolbeare Avery (NYC>OxfordNY)
20>1692111 Robert Devereux P-re 07/14/1831-12/10/1834(P-re Mnr)
_n born at P-re Manor [M] or Brkln ??
20>1692112 Sarah Evelyn P-re 07/21/1833-10/20/1910(Pulaski NY)
_n born at P-re Manor [M] or Brkln ??
+m 02/19/1861 William Hawkins Hill 01/14/1810-06/24/1883(Pulaski NY)
_n +m at P-re Manor, b in Westernville NY
_a PulaskiNY
20>16921121 Mary P-re Hill 10/07/1862(Pulaski NY)-[Salem MA /1912]
+m 10/08/1891 John Burt Etheridge 11/21/1867(Rome NY)-[Salem MA /1912]
20>169211211 John P-re Etheridge 09/18/1892-02/20/1893(Rchstr NY) dy
20>169211212 Sarah Harrington Etheridge 07/06/1894(Rchstr NY)-
20>169211213 William Hill Etheridge 07/05/1896(Rchstr NY)-
20>169211214 Hugh P-re Etheridge 07/24/1902(Salem MA)-
20>16921122 William P-re Hill 11/03/1866-09/19/1910(Merrickville ONT) unm
20>1692113 Julia Emily P-re 11/17/1835(Brkln??)-??(Utica /1912)
+m 12/14/1871 Dr Samuel G. Wolcott 01/01/1820-06/03/1883(Utica NY)
_o MD, b Hanover MA
_a UticaNY
20>1692114 Mary Devereux P-re 09/28/1837-10/14/1890(Utica) unm
20>1692115 Cornelia Butler P-re 05/20/1840-09/11/1885(Rye NY)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 10/21/1860 csn Gerrit Hubert Van Wagenen 02/27/1838-03/29/1893
_n csn = 25>22
_a BrklynNY
_m notice in NYEP on 25oc, by Rv William Paret at P-re Manor, Jefferson CO NY
[+m2] /1888 Gertrude Louise Abbot /1836(NYC)-/1908(Atlantic City NJ)
20>16921151 Anna P-re Van Wagenen 11/26/1861-10/08/1927 unm
_a Willsborough Point NY
_n = 25>221
20>16921152 Hubert P-re Van Wagenen 02/08/1871-01/28/1938(Utica NY) unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) b "8 Jan 1871" [BM Feb]
_n = 25>222
20>1692116 Anna Maria P-re 10/04/1841-09/22/1884(Utica)
+m 01/22/1863 William Mansfield White 07/08/1833-01/02/1896(Utica)
_n b Waterford NY
_a Livingston Cnty & UticaNY
_m at P-re Manor NY by the Bishop of Western NY [NYEP]
20>16921161 Hugh White 08/29/1865(Canaseraga NY)-10/13/1940
_a d NwHrtfrdNY
+m 06/14/1904(PittsfieldMA) Theodora Miller 11/10/1880(Utica NY)-??
_n alive in 07/1962, NwHrtfrdNY [PMU]
_p Addison Charles Miller and Cynthia Jervis Brayton
20>169211611 Theodora White 12/05/1905(UticaNY)-05/23/1946 unm
_a d NwHrtfrdNY
20>169211612 Hugh White 08/05/1907-
20>169211613 Emily P-re White 02/20/1910-
20>169211614 Addison Miller White 07/12/1912-
20>169211615 John Canvas White
20>16921162 William P-re White 04/05/1867(Canaseraga NY)-07/08/1938
_a d ClintonNY
_q PMU gives b 04/08
+m 06/03/1908(NorthportNY) Mary Antoinette Wheeler 01/07/1878(=)-06/07/1942
_a d UticaNY
_p George Washington Wheeler and Catherine Amelia Robertson (Northport NY)
20>169211621 William P-re White 03/22/1910(Utica NY)-
_a1962 ClintonNY
+m ??
20>1692116211 William P-re White 07/02/1942(UticaNY)-??
20>1692116212 Sammis Brownell White 11/26/1943(UticaNY)-??
20>1692116213 Sarah Sheffield White 05/01/1946(UticaNY)-??
20>169211622 William Mansfield White 05/12/1913(UticaNY)-08/02/1962
_a d WebsterNY
+m 11/15/1941(UticaNY) Evelyn Jennie Hunter 04/02/1913-[post 1962]
_a b RochesterNY; living WebsterNY
_p Guy Raymond Hunter +m Cora Mae Bailey
20>1692116221 Deborah Hunter White 12/03/1947(RochesterNY)-
20>16921163 Anna Maria White 08/14/1868-04/21/1911(Utica NY) unm
20>16921164 Hubert Laurence White 10/12/1869(Canaseraga NY)-11/15/1953
_a d SantaMonicaCA
+m 10/28/1912(Chicago) Emma (Ruth) Decker 06/27/1880(BrklnNY)-
_n living 7/1962 in MyrtleBeachSC, no children [PMU]
_p Peter Decker +m Anna Geiger
20>16921165 Florilla Mansfield White 09/07/1871-/19??(Utica NY) unm
20>16921166 Mary P-re White 07/14/1873-10/29/1947(Utica) unm
20>16921167 Cornelia Butler White 07/02/1874(Utica)-??(PalmSprsCA)
20>16921168 Isabel White 04/18/1876(Canaseraga NY)-09/30/1962(PalmSprsCA)
+m 04/17/1917(PasadenaCA) Joseph Smeaton Chase 04/08/1864-03/29/1923
_a b LondonENG, d BanningCA; no children
_p Samuel Chase +m Jane Evans
20>16921169 DeLancey P-re White 06/12/1878(Canaseraga NY)-12/07/1948
_a d ClintonNY
+m1 08/04/1909(NiagraFallsNY) Maud Mather\2 01/25/1879(UticaNY)-[pre1946]
_p Charles Wellesley Mather +m Ida Florence Craine
+m2 Mary Elizabeth Fechtig
20>169211691 Mary P-re White 05/21/1910(WatertwnNY)-[post1962]
_a1962 CottonwoodAZ
+m1 05/11/1938(YumaAZ) Delton D. Smith 07/02/1911(FtCollinsCO)-
_n he remarried
_p William F. Smith +m Mattie Beeman
+m2 12/29/1954 (YumaAZ) Chester Albert McCarty 01/22/1910(BoweWA)-
_n he had been married
_p John McCarty +m Mary Adaline Patton
20>169211692 Ida Katherine White 07/25/1912(ClintonNY)-[post1962]
_a1962 CazenoviaNY
+m 12/13/1935(CamillusNY) Henry Herbert Crumb 11/13/1911-
_a b AnnvilleNY
_p Henry Herbert Crumb +m Mary Lydia Hughes
20>1692116921 Henry DeLancey Crumb 03/05/1941(AuburnNY)-
20>1692116922 Katherine Mather Crumb 05/31/1944(AuburnNY)-
20>1692116923Richard Norman Crumb 11/06/1947(AuburnNY)-
20>16921160 Charles Carroll White 06/03/1880(CanaseragaNY)-06/19/1961
_a d NatickMA [PMU], or Montmagny PQ ?
+m 06/14/1911(IsleAuxGruesPQ) Edith LeMoyne 04/08/1884-03/11/1955
_a b BostonMA, d WalpoleNH
_p McPherson Le Moyne +m Mary Brooks Brigham
20>169211601 LeMoyne White 09/24/1914(PasadenaCA)-12/09/1958(BostonMA)
+m 11/03/1945(WellesleyMA) Alice Patricia Farley 05/24/1917-
_a b DedhamMA; 1962 ChestnutHillMA
_p Eliot Farley +m Helen Grozier
20>1692116011 Wendy P-re White 09/23/1947(BostonMA)-
20>1692116012 Benjamin LeMoyne White 11/26/1948(BostonMA)-
20>1692116013 Stephen Eliot White 06/30/1951(BostonMA)-
20>1692116014 Cornelia Farley White 12/28/1952(BostonMA)-
20>1692116a John Dolbeare White 08/26/1883(Canaseraga NY)-01/02/1956(Utica)
+m 12/06/1919(BayCtyMI) Dorothy Handy 03/23/1893(=)-????
20>1692116a1 Patricia Emery White 12/11/1920(UticaNY)-????
+m 06/22/1944(UticaNY) Alexander Walter Godard 06/11/1919-
_a b OttawaOnt
20>1692116a11 Adrean White Godard 08/04/1946(UticaNY)-?? unm
_a1997 EldersbergMD
+m Walter L. Clawson
20>1692116a111 Donald Patrick Clawson 12/06/1968-
20>1692116a112 Deborah Clawson 10/19/1974-
20>1692116a113 Michelle Clawson 02/12/1978-
20>1692116a12 Deborah Dolbeare Godard 07/15/1949(SchenectadyNY)-??
_a1997 HerndonVA
+m James N. Dean
20>1692116a121 Sanderson James Dean 1970-
_a1997 YonkersNY
+m Lorna __
20>1692116a122 Sarah Emery Dean 04/25/1977-
20>1692116a123 Daniel White Dean 02/26/1980-
20>1692116a2 Maureen Pierrepont White 04/01/1922(UticaNY)-????
_a NorwichNY
+m 08/06/1944(UticaNY) Robert Tarr Edmunds 03/06/1921(LeadvilleCO)-??
_p Robert Carlos Edmunds +m Catherine Tarr
20>1692116a21 Diana Godfrey Edmunds 06/07/1946(RadfordVA)-04/23/1952 unm
_a d NorwichNY
20>1692116a22 Robert Tarr Edmunds 01/31/1955(NorwichNY)-??
+m Linda __
20>1692116a221 Heather Ann Edmunds 02/??/1990-
20>1692116a222 Christopher Edmunds 1993-
20>1692116a3 John Dolbeare White 07/19/1924(UticaNY)-09/25/1983
+m 01/15/1955(SOrangeNJ) Barbara Tiers Myers 03/25/1927(EOrangeNJ)-
_a WGranbyCT
_p Francis William Myers +m Gertrude Selma Gaus
20>1692116a31 David Dolbeare White 11/13/1955(SOrangeNJ)-
_a1997 CapeElizabethME
+m 09/11/1982(NewCanaanCT) Brigid Marie Prosser 08/11/1957
_a b Moynalty COKells IRE
_p James Brendan Prosser +m Ellen Lane
20>1692116a311 Catherine P-re White 08/29/1984(BostonMA)-
20>1692116a312 Thomas Dolbeare White 05/21/1997(HrtfrdCT)-
20>1692116a32 Marilyn P-re White 01/13/1957(NewarkNJ)-
+m 12/28/1981(NewCanaanCT) John Kenneth Sowles 02/??/1957
_a b ColchesterVT
_p John Sowles +m Barbara __
20>1692116a321 Kara Myers Sowles 05/24/1988(ColchesterVT)-
20>1692116a322 John P-re Sowles 10/07/1990(ColchesterVT)-
20>1692117 William DeLancey P-re 02/26/1846-09/06/1863(Canaseraga NY)
Parish Record Book of Trinity Church, (Episcopal)Canaseraga (Allegany Co.,) N.Y., p. 7, FHL 1420093, item 9): On the 6th of September 1863, William Delancey PIERREPONT, the only son of William C. PIERREPONT of Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson Co., N.Y. (a christian youth of seventeen summers and a member of the church.) Staying with his brother in law William M. WHITE, was stricken with disease and died. Having said, "the Lord gave, The Lord taketh away"--- His father, "blessing the Hand that smote him,"-- hath given freely towards the erection of the present church-- making it (as far as necessary) A Memorial to his "well-beloved-son."
20>169212 Anna Constable P-re 03/17/1805(Brkln)-05/16/1839
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 03/17/1835 Gerrit Gansevoort Van Wagenen 11/20/1800-08/29/1858
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) d "27 Sep 1858" [vs BM]
20>1692121 Anna Maria Van Wagenen 08/17/1836-09/29/1837 dy
20>1692122 Gerrit Hubert Van Wagenen 02/27/1838(Brkln)-03/29/1893(NYC)
+m1 10/21/1860 csn Cornelia Butler P-re 05/20/1840-09/11/1885(Rye NY)
_n csn = 25>15 b P-re Manor
+m2 02/02/1888 Gertrude Louise Abbot 01/14/1836(NYC)-07/13/1908(AtlCty)
_p John Dearborn Abbot and Mary Elizabeth Bartlett
20>16921221 = 25>151 Anna P-re Van Wagenen
20>16921222 = 25>152 Hubert P-re Van Wagenen
20>1692123 Henry P-re Van Wagenen 04/20/1839-07/27/1839 dy
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>169213 Caroline Theresa P-re /1807-/1823(Schenectady) dwi
20>169214 Henry Evelyn P-re 08/08/1808(Brkln)-03/28/1888
_a stayed in Brooklyn, older brother went to upstate NY lands
_e NYC
_o 1844 with Jacob R. Leroy combined 5 ferries into Brooklyn Union Ferry Co
_o2 monopolized transport to NYC until Brooklyn Bridge 1883
_o3 1857 with William P-re founded P-re Stores warehouse (esp sugar, molasses)
_o4 continued to be operated by P-re sons to 1888, then leased to Empire Warehouse Co
_o5 Trustee Brooklyn Hosp, or Green-Wood cem, Dir Acad Music & Brooklyn Club =
_o5 Dir Long Island Historical Soc
_r founding member and senior warden at Grace Church
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) Civil War Monument
_d archives in Brooklyn Historical Society online (38.6 linear feet!)
_d2 including his diaries 1877-1888
+m 12/01/1841 Anna Maria Jay\6 09/12/1819-01/02/1902(Brkln)
_m by Rv P. S. Chauncey {NYEP}
_p Peter Augustus Jay m 30jl1807 Mary Rutherford Clarkson (NYC) [NYEP]
_k Marwa R. Jay m 30ap1829 Frederick Prime [NYEP]
_k2 Catherine Helena Jay m 17de1835 Henry Augustus DuBois, MD [NYEP]
_k3 Susan Matilda Jay m 14ap1852 Matthew Clarkson (her f dead)
_mpp John Jay, gov NY (1795-1801), 1st chief justice of USA
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692141 Mary Rutherfurd P-re 08/25/1842(Brkln)-12/31/1879(NYC)
_a BrooklynHeightsNY [NYEP], spelling Rutherford (also for her husband)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) "Rutherford" [vs BM]
_x one NJHistSoc card has b 2Ag1842, another is correct
+m 10/13/1863 Rutherfurd Stuyvesant 09/02/1842-07/04/1909(Paris)
_p Lewis Morris Rutherfurd +m Mary Stuyvesant Chauler [NJHistSoc]
_n apparently "Stuyvesant" was adopted as his last name from his mother
[+m2] 06/16/1902(London) wd/dv Mathilde Elizabeth Loewenguth
_n formerly wife of Count Wassenaer-Stavrenburg of Holland
20>1692142 Henry Evelyn P-re ii 12/09/1845(Brkln)-11/04/1911(Brkln)
_e Columbia BA 1867
_o with brother John Jay P-re, operated P-re Stores (with Ferdinand N. Massa)
_o2 retired in 1888 after selling P-re Stores
_r senior warden at Grace Church
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) "jr" [BM omits]
+m 12/09/1869 Ellen Almira Low\6 06/30/1846-12/30/1884(Brkln)
_m at Grace ch BrooklynNY, by Rv Benjamin H. Paddock [NYEP]
_p Abiel Abbot Low +m Ellen Almira Dow (Brkln)
20>16921421 Anne Low P-re 09/23/1870(ENG)-06/08/1948(MtKiscoNY)
_a (b)VentnorIslWightENG
+m 12/01/1896(BrklynNY) Lea McIlvaine Luquer 09/04/1864(=)-01/30/1930(NYC)
_e Columbia CE1887 PhD1894
_o Assc Prof Minerology, Columbia
_a Pine Lodge, Mt.Kisco NY; Eagle Cliff, Bar Harbor ME
_p Lea McIlvaine{?} Luquer 1833-1919 +m Eloise Elizabeth Payne [AG1.701]
_fo Rector of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Bedford Hills NY
_q b 08/04 ? AG1.
20>169214211 Lea Shippen Luquer 09/21/1897(BrklnNY)-07/04/1981
_a BrooklineMA (1950); 1962 ChestnutHillMA
_e StPaul's Schl, ColumbiaUniv, EpiscopalTheolSem(VA)
+m 09/08/1928(BrklneMA) Grace Hamilton Parker 01/15/1900(=)-02/07/1984
_e MissMay's Schl (Boston), Vassar
_g cemetery at CotuitMA
_p Philip Stanley Parker +m Eleanor Payson
20>1692142111 Grace Train Luquer 07/01/1929(BostonMA)-
_e Winsor Schl (Boston), MissHall's Schl (PittsfieldMA),
_e2 Garland Coll Art (Boston)
+m 10/13/1956(GermantownPA) Edward W. Madeira jr (Devon PA)
_e PennCharter (Philadelphia), UPenn, UPenn Law
_f Edward W. Madeira 03/23/1892-06/08/1956
_m +m Alice Chapman Thompson 08/31/1896-
20>16921421111 Martha Lea Madeira 10/08/1959-
20>16921421112 Melissa Parker Madeira 01/23/1961-
+m 09/10/1988(DoverMA) Christopher D. Gormley
20>169214211121 David M. Gormley 01/06/1990-
20>169214211122 Alice Madeline Gormley 10/01/1992-
20>16921421113 Amanda Thompson Madeira 04/25/1963-
20>1692142112 Lea Shippen Luquer jr 06/27/1931(BostonMA)-???? (MilanIT)
20>1692142113 Peter Cowenhoven Luquer 05/14/1934(BostonMA)-
20>169214212 Evelyn P-re Luquer 10/20/1900(NYC)-
_a1962 NYC
+m 02/16/1935(SavannahGA) Frances Noble M. Jones 07/15/1905- [PM+]
_p George Noble Jones +m Frances Casey Meldrim
20>1692142121 Anne P-re Luquer 01/22/1939(NYC)-
_a1994 Hanover NH
+m 06/24/1961 John Boswell (Hanover NH)
20>16921421211 Thomas Iverson Boswell ??/??/1965-
_a1994 Vancouver BC/CAN
+m ??/??/1988 Margaret Van
20>16921421212 Frances Meldrion Boswell ??/??/1967-
_a1994 NYC
20>16921421213 Charles Meigs Boswell ??/??/1970-
_a1994 Putney VT
20>169214213 Thatcher Payne Luquer 07/20/1905(BarHarbME)-
_a ChestnutHillMA (1950)
_n had an Uncle, Thatcher Taylor Payne [AG1.701]
+m 06/06/1932(NYC) Elizabeth Roome 06/06/1908(NYC)-
_p William Harris Roome +m Louise George
20>1692142131 Anne-Louise Luquer 03/23/1933(BostonMA)-
_a  Phila PA; 2003 El Cajon CA; 2007 LaMesaCA
_n attended PFA reunion with companion Ken Barnett in 2005[?]
+m /???? Donald Leroy Clinton ca /1920-ca2000
_f Leroy Clinton (PondHill CT)
_ff Evelyn Blakeslee Clinton (br Friend and Elbert)
_n cousin Olive Benjamin ca 1903 (Bridgeport Rutland Rd) geneal
20>1692142132 Lilla Roome Luquer 01/10/1938(BostonMA)-
_a 2009 DuxburyMA
_o2007 WeymouthMA health care facility
+m /???? Leeson Campbell
+m/???? James Kincaid  ????-jl2006

_h died of cancer
20>1692142132h Barbara Campbell
_h Lupus
+m 09/08/1990(LakeportNH) Barry R. Corson
_n wed invit 07/1990
20>1692142132i William Leeson Campbell
+m ??/??/1991 Elizabeth Jordy
20>1692142132j Lowrissa Campbell
_a2007 LancasterMA
+ David Hovasse
20>1692142132i1 Shaynna Aleesa Hovasse
20>1692142132i2 Kendall Marie Hovasse
20>1692142133 Brenda Payne Luquer 04/06/1943(BostonMA)-
20>169214214 Ellen P-re Luquer 07/28/1909(BarHarbME)-02/04/1984
_a NYC (1950)
+m 11/11/1930 Thomas Lyon Purdy jr 10/26/1909(PurdysNY)-
_r +m at St.Matthews ch Bedford NY
_f Thomas Lyon Purdy sr 10/17/1854-04/04/1923(NYC)
_m +m 06/18/1902(NilesMI) Anne Lewis Beeson 09/24/1870(=)-10/11/1956
_a d (Purdy'sNY)
_n let from him with info 07/1990
20>1692142141 Thomas (Tim) Lyon Purdy iii 06/28/1936- [PFA98]
_a b GreenwichCT
_a1994 PurdysNY (letter requesting piergen file)
_e UNH
+m1 12/16/1973(PurdysNY) Eve Chamberline Johnston\2 12/05/1941- dv
_a b Mobile AL
+m2 05/27/1989(PurdysNY) Mary Ellen Poque Purcell 05/03/1989(NYC)- dv
20>16921421411 Sophia Lyon Purdy 01/18/1977(MtKiscoNY)-
20>1692142142 Ellen Low Purdy 10/09/1938(GreenwichCT)-
_e CT Coll
+m 12/19/1959 John Crosby Brown Webster 07/14/1935(NYC)-?? dv04/1987
20>16921421421 Elizabeth Low Webster 06/06/1962(MtKiscoNY)-
+m 06/21/1986 John Wesley Shillington 05/17/1961(ColumbusOH)-
20>169214214211 Giancarlo Salvador Shillington 03/27/1990(GUAT)-
_a born in Jalpatagua, Jutiapa, Guatemala
20>169214214212 Breta Mogdalen Shillington 02/14/1993 (GuatemalaCityGUAT)-
20>16921421422 Marilyn White Webster 06/24/1964(MussoorieINDIA)-
20>16921422 Ellen Low P-re 04/15/1872(Brkln)-01/03/1960(NYC)
_a1950 NYC
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 06/05/1895 Reuben Burnham Moffat 01/07/1861(Brkln)-06/21/1916
_a d PlainvilleCT
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) "R. Burnham Moffat"
_d The Barclays of NY (Microform; Cooke, 1904)
_d2 Moffat Genealogies ... Rv John Moffat (Middleditch, 1909) 158 pp.
_d3 P-re Genealogies from Norman Times to 1913 (1913)
_p Reuben Curtis Moffat +m Elizabeth Virginia Barclay
20>169214221 Jay P-re Moffat 07/18/1896(Rye NY)-/1943
_d The Moffat Papers (Harvard U.P., 1956) [cover 1919-1943]
+m /???? Lilla Cabot Grew
20>1692142211 Edith Alice P-re Moffat
20>169214221h Jay P-re Moffat 01/17/1932(NYC)- [PHC]
+m 12/28/1953 Pamela Mary Dawson [PHC]
20>169214221h1 Sarah Moffat [PHC]
20>169214221h2 Matthew Moffat [PHC]
20>169214221h3 Nathaniel Moffat [PHC]
20>169214221hh Bennett Moffat [TLP]
_n Tim Purdy refers to "Jay's dau Bennett (Mrs. Jordan P. Jack)" email 8/1/1994
+m /???? Jordan T. Jack [probably not; his wife was J.Bennett P-re]
20>169214222 Elizabeth Barclay Moffat 06/26/1898(Rye NY)-
+m /???? John Campbell White [PM+]
20>1692142221 Margaret Rutherfurd White
20>169214223 Abbot Low Moffat 05/12/1901(NYC)-
_a Meadow Lakes Apt 17-04U Hightstown NJ 08520
_d Mongkut, the King of Siam (Cornell U.P. 1961)
_d2 Low Genealogy ... Seth Low & Mary Porter (Microform, 1932)
_d3 The Pierreponts (Hezekiah Beers P-re) (1962)
_d4 A Moffat Family Record (Princeton, 1982) 80 pp.
+m /???? Marion Adams [PM+]
20>1692142231 Burnham Moffat
20>1692142232 Anne Adams Moffat
20>1692142233 Jane Kerin Moffat
20>16921423 Henry Evelyn P-re iii 09/07/1873-03/03/1903 unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
_q is this where the Giella line fits [see notes below]? disinherited?
20>16921424 Robert Low P-re 08/22/1876(Luzerne NY)-01/18/1945(NYC)
_q PMU has b 08/12
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 11/22/1900(BrklynNY) Kathryn Isabel Reed 05/18/1879-04/08/1960
_a b SWeymth MA
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
_p Josiah ("Deacon") Reed +m Helen Maria Flanders Matson (3rd wife)
_pmq PMU has Helen Marie Flanders
_b The Reed Genealogy by John Ludovicus Reed (Baltimore 1902)
_q Katharyne Isabelle in Reed Geneal #2578
_n +m by Bishop Chauncy Brewster of CT (Reed Geneal)
20>169214241 John Jay P-re (Cmdr USN) 03/15/1902-10/15/1950(Norwalk)
_a1950 RidgefieldCT
_e Annapolis 1922
_o USN retired 1946, a director of Home Life Insur Co
_h d stroke
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
_p g-g-g-gson of John Jay, g-nephew of Seth Low (NYC Mayor)
_n 3 daughters survived him (not named in obit notice)
_q Tim Purdy refers to "Jay's dau Bennett (Mrs. Jordan P. Jack)" email 8/1/1994
_q2 Jordan T. Jack refers to his wife as the former J. Bennett P-re
+m /1929 Mary Adelaide Scott 01/01/1904-07/30/1978 [PM+]
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>169214241h Kathryn Reed P-re {c 1935}
_n grandd of Robert Low P-re, but by which son?
_e AB Harv 1957
_a (1988) Erlenbach SWITZ
_n on ballot for Harvard Overseers 1988
+m /???? Ralph Alan Winter (ZurichSWITZ)
20>169214242 Samuel Duryea P-re tw 07/20/1909(BayShore NY)-07/21/1909 dy
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>169214243 Henry Evelyn P-re iv tw 07/20/1909(Bay Shore NY)-07/21/1909 dy
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>16921425 Rutherfurd Stuyvesant P-re 07/05/1882-12/14/1950(FarHills NJ)
_a b LuzerneNY; PMU has d NYC (obit says d at home, FarHillsNJ)
_e StMarksSch; Columbia 1905 (crew, Delta Psi)
_o Keokee Consolidated Coal & Coke Co (VA), etc.
_o2 dir Franklin Trust > Bank of America (BrooklynNY), etc.
_om USArmyAir 1stLieut > cpt (ww1; balloon observer)
_r StLukesProtEpiscopChurch (GladstoneNY), BethesdaChurch (PalmSpringsFL)
_n survived by 7 grandchildren (obit notice)
+m 12/05/1911(RoslynNY) Nathalie Leon deCastro 08/02/1885(NYC)-[post1962]
_a1962 PrincetonNJ
_p Alfred deCastro +m Annie Godwin
20>169214251 Mary Rutherfurd P-re 12/06/1912(NYC)-
_a1950 BoiseID
+m /???? Fentress Hill Kuhn [PHC]
20>169214252 John P-re [PM+]
_a1950 FarHillsNJ & NYC
20>169214253 Rutherfurd Stuyvesant P-re jr ????-????[PM+]
_a1950 OldWestbury LI/RI{??}
+m /???? Mary Dugan [PHC] Shriver [PM+]
20>1692142531 Rutherfurd P-re /1954- [PHC]
+m /???? Virginia L. Crawford
20>16921425311 Alisa H. P-re [PHC]
20>16921426 Seth Low P-re 12/25/1884(Brkln)-03/31/1956(NY) [PFM31]
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
_a PFM31 Ridgefield CT (still in 1950)
+m 06/02/1909 Nathalie Elisabeth H. Chauncey 07/14/1887-02/28/1960
_n [PFM31]
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692143 John Jay P-re 09/03/1849(Rye NY)-09/25/1923(Brkln)
_a One Pierrepont Place, Brooklyn [photo Brkln Hist Soc]
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 04/26/1876 Elise de Rham\1 07/18/1850-10/14/1879(NYC)
_q PHC has Derham, NJHistSoc has Eliza DeRham (one card; other ok)
_q2 death date given as 17oc in online Brkln Hist Soc material
_p Charles de Rham +m Laura Schmidt (NYC)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) "Elise De Rham"
20>16921431 John Jay P-re 03/19/1877-01/06/1878 dy
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692144 William Augustus P-re 07/16/1855(Brkln)-01/06/1902 unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692145 Julia Jay P-re 09/14/1857(Newport RI)-02/08/1937 unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692146 Anna Jay P-re 01/01/1861-11/17/1940 unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>169215 Emily Constable P-re 02/10/1810(Brkln)-04/17/1881(BayRdge NJ)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 05/22/1834(BrooklynNY) Joseph Alfred Perry 05/19/1807-08/26/1881
_m StAnne's ch, by Rv B[enjamin] C.Cutler [NYEP]
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692151 William Alfred Perry 04/22/1835-02/16/1916(NYC)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 01/07/1868 Emma Constance Frink 11/19/1848-02/26/1926(NYC)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>16921511 Bertha Constance Perry 11/27/1873(BayRdge NY)-02/03/1963
_a Paris
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 06/26/1895 Pierre Lorillard Ronalds 04/10/1864- (Paris)
20>16921512 Henry P-re Perry 06/12/1878(BayRdge NY)-12/23/1966 (NYC)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m1 02/06/1906 Edith Lounsbery 08/17/1886(Seabright NJ)-
_p Richard Purdy Lounsbery +m Edith Haggin
+m2 ?? Brenda W. (Taylor) (Frazier) Watress [PM+]
20>169215121 Richard P-re Perry 11/23/1906(NYC)-
20>169215122 William Haggin Perry 12/05/1910(NYC)-
+m /???? Elizabeth Crofton [PM+]
20>1692152 John Ten Broeck Perry 08/15/1836-08/16/1836(Brkln) dy
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) d "15 Aug 1836" [vs BM]
20>1692153 Emily Frances Perry 09/06/1837-05/04/1843 dy
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692154 Julia Perry 02/08/1839-02/09/1839 dy
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692155 Henry P-re Perry 01/21/1840-05/13/1843 dy
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692156 Mary Montague Perry 02/16/1842-07/26/1842 dy
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692157 Anna Maria Perry 04/02/1844(Brkln)-03/28/1908(Hartford) unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692158 Fannie Perry 04/22/1846-02/22/1928(Hartford) unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) b "27 Apr 1847" [vs BM]
20>1692159 Charles Montague Perry 03/02/1848(Brkln)-/19??(Rdgfld)
+m 10/08/1885 Alice Maud Green 04/07/1858(London)-/19??(Rdgfld)
_p Frederick Green +m Elizabeth Fletcher (London)
20>1692150 Frederick Wiley Perry 06/23/1850(Brkln)-/19??(Paoli PA)
+m 11/04/1886 Caroline Neilson Watts 02/21/1865(NYC)-/19??(Paoli PA)
_p George Burghall Watts +m Helen Wood (NYC)
20>169215a Mary P-re Perry 10/02/1854(Bay Ridge NY)-/19??(NYC)
+m 03/14/1882 James Henry Gould 10/21/1844(SenecaFlls NY)-12/30/1896
_m at CedarLawn, Bayridge [NY], by Rv H. Dyer [NYEP]
20>169215a1 Frederick Seabury Gould 12/24/1882-10/17/1904(Asheville NC) unm
20>169215a2 Emily P-re Gould 03/24/1884(Sen.F NY)-/19??(Albany NY) [PM+]
+m /???? Rv George Ashton Oldham [PM+]
20>169215a3 Anna Montague Gould 03/29/1886-10/26/1886(Sen.F NY) dy
20>169216 Frances Matilda P-re 07/06/1812(Brkln)-09/21/1892(NYC)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 10/23/1849 Rv Frederick S. Wiley 03/18/1819-01/20/1864(Flrnce IT)
_o Rector Grace ch, Honesdale [NY] (NYEP]
_m at StAnn's ch [BrooklynNY] by Rv Dr Benjamin C. Cutler
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>169217 Robert Fulton P-re 03/07/1814-10/27/1814(Brkln) dy
20>169218 Harriet Constable P-re 07/17/1818-07/06/1855(Brkln)
+m 11/13/1838 Edgar John Bartow 04/29/1809(Fshkl NY)-09/06/1864(MrstNJ)
_m at StAnne's ch, Brooklyn NY, by Benjamin C. Cutler DD [NYEP]
20>1692181 Harriette Emma Bartow 01/09/1840(Brkln)-/19??(Lakewood NJ)
+m 10/30/1862 Dr Henry Laurence Sheldon 07/19/1831(Hrtfrd)-09/23/1906
_n d Lakewood NJ
20>16921811 Laurence Henry Sheldon 07/14/1863(WPnt NY)-05/05/1864(NOrl) dy
20>16921812 Eveline P-re Sheldon 10/01/1865(NOrleans)-11/15/1874(NYC) dy
20>16921813 George Cornell Sheldon 01/19/1867(Hrtfrd)-11/20/1874(NYC) dy
20>16921814 Emma Bartow Sheldon 01/12/1869(NYC)-11/25/1874(NYC) dy
20>16921815 Henry Edgar Sheldon 08/28/1870(Yonkers)-11/22/1874(NYC) dy
20>16921816 Charles Laurence Sheldon 09/29/1874(NYC)-/19??(Lakewood NJ) unm
20>16921817 Bartow McVickar Sheldon 02/22/1876(NYC)-09/20/1887(BarHarb ME)
20>1692182 P-re Bartow 05/17/1842(Brkln)-/1913(Utica NY)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 02/23/1886 Emma Cornelia Sweet Smith 09/19/1853(Utica)-/1934
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
_p Gilbert Smith +m Sophia Ann Jones (Utica NY)
20>16921821 William Edgar Bartow 12/20/1886(Utica)-/19?? unm
20>16921822 Frances P-re Bartow 06/20/1890(Rahway NJ)-/19??(Utica) unm
20>1692183 Rv Evelyn P-re Bartow 06/13/1846(Brkln)-10/17/1902(Utica NY)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 01/20/1892(Grmntwn PA) Mary Hurst 09/25/1850(Pnscl FL)-10/24/1894
_p William Decatur Hurst (USN) +m Mary Gamble
_n d Providence RI
20>169219 Mary Montague P-re 06/18/1821(Brkln)-02/17/1853 unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) b "28" d "16" [vs BM]
20>169210 Maria Theresa P-re 06/07/1823(Brkln)-03/25/1874(Riverdale NY)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
_n called simply Theresa in father's will
+m 05/17/1848 Joseph Inglis Bicknell 07/12/1818(Phila)-07/25/1899
_n d Riverdale NY
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692101 Henry P-re Bicknell 05/15/1849(NYC)-05/14/1929 unm (Bridgeport)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692102 Josephine Theresa Bicknell 07/18/1850(NYC)-/19??(NwH)
+m 07/01/1875 csn John P-re Codrington Foster 03/02/1847-04/01/1910(NwH
_n csn = 24>744 d NwH
20>16921021 Margaret Codrington Foster 06/02/1876(NwH)-/19??(Fitchburg MA)
+m 02/08/1899 Rv George Herbert Thomas 03/29/1872(Prv RI)-??(Ftchb MA)
20>169210211 Margaret Thomas 10/08/1900(Mnnpls MI)-??(Ftchb MA)
20>169210212 Arthur Abbot Thomas 09/22/1906(Mnnps MI)-??
20>169210213 Allen Foster Thomas 10/25/1910(Ftchb MA)-??
20>16921022 John P-re Codrington Foster 12/05/1877(NwH)-08/30/1882(Rvrdl NY
20>16921023 Josephine Bicknell Foster 02/28/1883(NwH)-/19??(NwH) unm
20>16921024 Allen Evarts Foster 02/18/1885(NwH)-/19??(NYC) unm
20>16921025 William Edward Foster 04/22/1887(NwH)-/19??(NYC) unm
20>1692103 Emmeline Inglis Bicknell 07/18/1851-11/06/1935 unm (NYC)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692104 P-re Constable Bicknell 07/07/1852-03/31/1904(Prescott AZ) unm
20>1692105 George Augustus Bicknell 08/27/1854(Astoria NY)-08/01/1926(NYC)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 02/28/1889 Sarah Leoboldti 05/24/1863(NYC)-05/22/1932
_p Cpt Jacob Leoboldti +m Rosalie Warum (NYC)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>16921051 Theresa P-re Bicknell 01/12/1890(NYC)-?? (Hackensack NJ)
+m 02/03/1910 Frederick Conklin Zabriskie 11/21/1882-??(Hackensack NJ)
20>169210511 Constance P-re Zabriskie 02/28/1911(Hackensack NJ)-
+m /???? R. Draper Richards [PM+]
20>16921052 Fannie Constable Bicknell 04/09/1892-??(NYC)
+m 10/12/1910 John McKeon Hecker 01/30/1883-??(BeverlyHills CA)
20>169210521 Elizabeth Bicknell Hecker 10/15/1911-??(NYC)
20>169210522 Neva E. B. Hecker [PM+]
20>169210523 Margaret S. Hecker [PM+]
20>1692106 Joseph Inglis Bicknell 05/02/1856-??(Long Beach CA) unm
20>1692107 Evelyn Montague Bicknell 07/14/1857(RvrdleNY)-03/05/1936 unm (NY
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692108 Eugene Pintard Bicknell 09/23/1859(RvrdleNY)-02/09/1925
_a HewlettNY
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 10/09/1901 Edith Babcock 04/29/1868(Riverdale NY)-10/11/1943
_p Charles Henry Phelps Babcock +m Cornelia Fulton Franklin (Rvrdle NY)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>16921081 Eleanor Franklin Bicknell 08/28/1903(Woodmere NY)-/19??
20>16921082 Edith Evelyn Bicknell 09/11/1906(Woodmere NY)-/19??
20>1692109 Maria Theresa P-re Bicknell 07/23/1861-12/08/1900(Mntclr NJ) unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>1692100 Mary Isabel Bicknell 02/21/1863-10/06/1957(NYC) unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>169210a William Alfred Perry Bicknell 12/05/1865-08/06/1887(Rvrdle) unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>16921a Julia Evelyn P-re 03/14/1825(Brkln)-10/02/1898(Constableville NY)
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 07/09/1844 John Constable 04/23/1813(Blmngdle NY)-04/04/1887(NYC)
_a Constableville, Lewis County NY [NYEP]
_m at StAnn's ch (BrooklynNY) by Rv Benjamin C. Cutler [NYEP]
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>16921a1 Casimir Constable 09/04/1845(Brkln)-02/06/1905(NYC)
+m 01/11/1882 Jane Constable 01/12/1837(NYC)-/19??(Constableville NY)
_p William Constable +m Mary Lent (NYC)
20>16921a2 James Constable 05/02/1847(Cnstblv NY)-08/23/1898(Trntn Flls NY)
+m 11/24/1885 Lizzie Wilhelm Cook 10/23/1861(Phila)-/19??(Utica)
_p James Hendshaw Cook +m Catherine Elizabeth Wilhelm (Phila)
_q AG1. calls father James Condict Cook
20>16921a21 John P-re Constable 11/11/1888(Utica NY)-/19??
_e BS MIT 1913; AG1.
_q AG1. says b 12/11/1888
+m 04/16/1913 Wanda Gladys Michalis 05/31/1888(NYC)-?? [PM+,AG1.]
_p E. Martin Michalis (NYC)
20>16921a211 Wanda Michalis Constable 02/18/1914(Bstn)-??
20>16921a212 John P-re Constable jr 08/27/1916(Orange NJ)-??
20>16921a213 Anna Constable 07/15/1919(Orange NJ)-??
20>16921a22 Elizabeth Cook Constable 04/02/1894(Utica NY)-/19??
+m /???? Hubert D. Kernan [AG1.]
20>16921a3 John Constable 11/22/1854-08/01/1856(Constableville NY) dy
20>16921a4 Henry P-re Constable 11/13/1860(Cnstblv)-08/22/1864(LngBrnch NJ)
20>16921b Ellen Josephine P-re 05/02/1828(Brkln)-05/04/1879(NYC)
_n called "Ellen Isaphew Pierrepont" in fathers will
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
+m 10/21/1847 James Monroe Minor 11/07/1815(Frdksbg VA)-03/23/1879(NYC)
_om surgeon USN to 1848, physician in Brooklyn
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) [b 1815]
_q AG1.189 says b 1816
20>16921b1 Lucy Landon Minor 02/20/1849-04/01/1887{|86[AG1.189]}(NYC) unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>16921b2 Anna P-re Minor 05/03/1850-09/29/1898(Brkln) unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>16921b3 P-re Minor 08/04/1852(Brkln)-/1920(Phenix AZ)
+m1 01/02/1882 Eliza Isabel (Kate) Lynch 12/06/1858(ARK)-04/09/1896
_m in PhoenixAZ on 22ja by Rv G. C. Cox (to "Kate Lynch") [NYEP]
_p John Finis Lynch +m Elizabeth Davis
+m2 04/20/1896(LosAngls) Adelaide S. Rankin 12/07/1869(CAN)-06/20/1896
+m3 12/22/1896(Racine WI) Sadie Rankin 04/18/1868(Nephanie CAN)-/19??
_n older sister of 2nd wife
20>16921b31 Ellen Josephine Minor 01/14/1883(Phenix)-/19??(ARK) unm
20>16921b32 Elizabeth Davis Minor 08/20/1884(Hayns AK)-/19??(Chrltv VA) unm
20>16921b4 Mary Montague Minor 05/01/1855(Brkln)-10/04/1862 dy
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
_x AG1.189 says 1852-59
20>16921b5 Virginia Carter Minor 01/21/1857(Brkln)-12/29/1899(NYC) unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
20>16921b6 Helen/Ellen[AG] Willis Minor 09/14/1859(Frfld)-/19??(ENGL)
+m 12/28/1882 Rv Nathaniel Castleton Stephen Poyntz 10/19/1846-/19??
_a born England
_n b Tidenham, Gloustershire, ENGL (Dorchester, Wallingford, OXON, ENGL)
_q AG1.189 says Surrey ENGL
20>16921b61 Richard Stephen P-re Poyntz 11/25/1883(ENGL)-/19??
20>16921b62 Helen Romola Poyntz 01/28/1885(ENGL)-/19?? unm
20>16921b63 Alban Rahere Castleton Poyntz 07/22/1886(ENGL)-/19?? unm
20>16921b64 John Michael Poyntz 08/13/1891(ENGL)-/19?? unm
20>16921b7 Katherine Berkeley Minor 04/17/1862-12/22/1910(Markham VA) unm
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92)
_q Katharine spelling in one source
20>16921b8 Charles Lancelot Minor 05/10/1865(Brkln)-12/26/1928
_a AshevilleNC
_g Green-Wood Cem. BrklynNY (Howley notes 2/92) b "10 Mar 1865" [BM omits]
_o MD [see AG1.189 for details]
+m 12/10/1890 Mary McDowell Venable 08/27/1861(VA)-02/10/1942
_p Charles Scott Venable +m Margret Cantey McDowell (VA)
20>16921b81 Lucy Landon Minor 08/25/1892(London)-/19??(Asheville NC) unm
+m /1917 Paul Brandon Barringer jr [see AG1]
20>16921b82 John Minor 10/25/1893(Wash DC)-/19??(Asheville NC) unm
+m /???? Mildred Truslow
20>16921b821 Charles L. Minor ii
20>16921b83 Margaret Cantey Venable Minor 08/17/1895(Ashv NC)-12/04/1897 dy
20>16921b84 Mary McDowell Venable Minor 11/22/1898(Ashv NC)-/19??
+m /1923 T. Fauntleroy Ball (VA)
20>16922 Sarah/Sally P- 06/22/1770-11/11/1772(NwH) dy [ag3 !]
20>16923 Sarah/Sally P- 02/28/1773-03/03/1773(NwH) dy
20>16924 Sally[PM7]/Sarah P- 04/03/1774-02/12/1788 dy [ag4 !?]
20>16925 Hannah P- 02/13/1776-07/10/1859(NwH) tw ag83
+m 03/17/1802(NwH) Rv Claudius Herrick 02/24/1775(LI)-05/26/1831(NwH) ag 56
_a b Southampton, Suffolk Cnty LI
_e Yale 1798
_p Henry Herrick +m Jerusha Foster
_b [NEHGS*HER {=HE} 1950] b Southampton LI
20>169251 Rv Henry Herrick 03/05/1803(Wdbrdg)-03/11/1895(N Wdstck) ag92
_e [HE] Phlps Andover 1818, BA Yale 1822, Andover Sem, Yale Sem
_a moved around -- MA, CT, IL, MA, TENN-AL(1835-1842), NY(1845- ), PA
+m 02/19/1835 Sarah Maria Wright 07/29/1814(MA)-09/09/1905(Wllsly MA)
_q AG1. lists her as simply Maria; HE has full name and ancestry, d ag91
_p Dr Asahel Wright +m Lydia Worthington (Windsor/Dorchester MA)
20>1692511 Henry Dutton Herrick /1838(Knoxville NT) dy [ag 6 mos]
20>1692512 Lydia Worthington Herrick 01/15/1841(Smrvl AL)-04/11/1908(MA)
+m1 07/23/1862 Rv Thaddeus Howe Brown 06/17/1838(MA)-10/19/1868(Wdstk)
+m2 01/05/1887 George Gould 05/30/1830(Andvr MA)-?? (Wllsl MA)
20>16925121 Edward Herrick Brown 05/14/1864(Andvr MA)-?? (HAWII)
+m 06/26/1890 Elsie Louise Gilbert 06/21/1867(VT)-?? (HAWII)
_p Charles Henry Gilbert +m Sarah Louise Hale (St. Johnsbury VT)
20>169251211 Ralph P- Brown 08/26/1891(Melrose MA)-?? (HAWII)
20>169251212 Herrick Crosby Brown 02/21/1893(Mlrs MA)-?? (HAWII)
20>169251213 Gilbert Hale Brown 04/18/1894(Mlrs MA)-??
20>169251214 Gordon Denny Brown 04/06/1896(Mlrs MA)-??
20>169251215 Donald Stone Brown 08/28/1897(OkPk IL)-?? (HAWII)
20>16925122 Henry Champion Brown 07/13/1867(NrWdstk)-?? (HAWII)
+m 08/22/1894(Mlrs MA) Edith Amelia Healy 09/04/1867(Clntn NY)-?? (HA)
20>16925122z Anita Belle Brown 05/30/1909-?? (HA)
20>16925123 Grace Isabel Brown 02/23/1869(NrWdstk)-04/04/1873 dy
20>1692513 Charles Claudius Herrick 06/23{24HE}/1843(NwH)-01/07/1943(Nwrk)
+m 05/20/1868 Julia Anna Peck 11/18/1843(NwH)-/1943 (Nwrk NJ)
_p Horace C. Peck +m Julia Anna Hayes/Hays (NwH) [HEp76]
20>16925131 Mabel Herrick 05/01/1869(NrWdstk)-?? (Nwrk NJ)
+m 04/27/1892 William Edward Howell 06/23/1859(Mddltwn NY)-?? (Nwrk NJ)
20>169251311 Katharine Herrick Howell 03/15/1897-??
20>169251312 Mabel Louise Howell 11/18/1898-??
20>169251313 Julia Howell 04/01/1900-??
20>16925132 P-re Foster Herrick 11/13/1871(Blmfld NJ)-?? (ForestPk IL)
+m 06/18/1902 Wilhelmina Henrietta Helena Ness 04/27/1875(OkPk IL)-??
_p Jacob M. Ness +m Wilhelmina Klaugus (OkPk IL)
20>169251321 Earl P-re Herrick 04/02/1903(Chi)-??
20>16925133 Julia Anna Herrick 09/27/1875-?? (Nwrk NJ)
+m 10/23/1901 Alfred Walters 07/29/1865(Tipton Staffdsh ENG)-??
20>169251331 Elizabeth Julia Walters 02/15/1904(Nwrk NJ)-??
20>169251332 Mabel Herrick Walters 07/19/1905-?? (Nwrk NJ)
20>16925134 Charles Claudius Herrick 09/07/1878(Nwrk NJ)-?? unm
20>1692514 Rv Edward Pierpont Herrick 02/12/1846(Clntnvl NY)-01/27/1923
_e BD Yale 1871 [AG1.]; missions, CUBA (1899-/1917)
_q d in CUBA [AG1.?] or Sherman CT [HE#40] ag76
+m 05/25/1871(NwH) Amelia Goodrich Wheeler 07/10/1843-01/10/1938(Shrmn)
_q called Pamela Wheeler in newsclip 20au1949 [MMNH]
_p James Wheeler +m Eunice Dickerman (NwH)
20>16925141 Edward Claudius Herrick 04/25/1872-01/10/1877(Shrmn) dy
_n d with siblings in epidemic
20>16925142 Agnes Linda Herrick 08/02/1873(NwH)-01/04/1877(Shrmn) dy
_n d with siblings in epidemic
20>16925143 Ellen Elizabeth Herrick 08/09/1876(NwH)-01/08/1877(Shrmn) dy
_n d with siblings in epidemic
_q AG1. lists b 1875, HE 1876
20>16925144 James P- Herrick 05/28/1877(Shrmn)-12/19/1928(Mlfrd) ag51
+m 09/25/1900(NY) Minnie Treat Hungerford 10{HE}/05/1878-{post50}
_q b 10[HE#60] or 01[rell]
_p Linus Watson Hungerford +m Elizabeth Treat (Millbrook NY)
20>169251441 Edward Linus Herrick 11/13/1905(Mlfrd)-{post50}(NJ)
_e HE#91; linguist BA Brown 1929 (FIJI)
20>16925145 William Worthington Herrick 02/19/1879(Shrmn)-01je1945(NYC)
_a b SharonCT, owned "Skiff Mt Farm" LitchfieldCT, d NYC
_e BA Yale 1902 MD 1905 [AG1]
_o Prof of clinical medicine, ColumbiaU, pres NYAcadMedicine
+m 06/15/1910 Emily Elizabeth {Amo} Schwab 01/10/1878(NYC)-?? (NYC)
_p Gustav H. Schwab +m Caroline Ogden Wheeler (NYC)
20>169251451 William Worthington Herrick jr 11/22/1911(NYC)-{post50}(CT)
_a1949 BuffaloNY
_b HE#92
+m1 06/10/1935(NYC) Ruth Talcott Kenyon 06/06/1911-{post50}(Dnvr) dv
_p Dr James Henry Kenyon +m Josephine Hemenway (NYC)
+m2 04/08/1943(MN) Mary Katherine Hammerel 10/15/1916-{post50}(CT)
_p William Hammerel +m Lucille Coates (Minneapolis MN)
20>1692514511 Josephine Kenyon Herrick 10/01/1936(NYC)-{post50}
20>1692514512 Elizabeth Talcott Herrick 06/12/1938(NYC)-{post50}
20>1692514513 Caroline Coates Herrick 10/18/1946(MN)-{post50}
20>1692514514 Suzanne Wheeler Herrick 12/17/1948(Shrn)-{post50}
20>169251452 Eunice Wheeler Herrick 11/15/1916(NYC)-{post50}(NwBrtn)
_a1949 NewBritainCT
_b AG1., HE#94
+m 09/04/1939(Shrn) Thomas Rutherford Trowbridge jr 02/20/1908-{post50}
_p Thomas Rutherford Trowbridge +m Christine Rau (Milwaukee WI)
20>1692514521 Emily Ogden Trowbridge 06/04/1940(NYC)-{post50}
20>1692514522 Thomas Rutherford Trowbridge jr 03/21/1942(NYC)-{post50}
20>1692514523 William Worthington Herrick Trowbridge 08/12/1945(Shrn)-{po
20>1692514524 David P-re Trowbridge 09/23/1949(NwBrtn)-{post50}
20>16925146 Seymour Morton Herrick 01/15/1882(Shrmn)-/1918 (Shrmn) unm
20>16925147 Amy Cordelia Herrick 10/24/1884(Shrmn)-?? (CUBA) unm
_a1949 GaylordsvilleCT/NY{??} [newsart on trust left by her brother Wm]
20>1692515 George Lucius Herrick 03/28/1848(Clntnvl NY)-?? (Phila)
+m 09/13/1877 Elmira Jane Thomas 05/12/1856(Boonevl NY)-?? (Phila)
20>16925151 Edward P- Herrick 12/03/1879-06/18/1880(NYC) dy
20>16925152 Ethel Herrick 01/07/1885(NYC)-?? (Phila)
+m 06/19/1912 Edward Warwick 12/10/1881(Phila)-??
20>1692516 Sarah Maria Herrick 08/15/1850(EWhitehl NY)-01/20/1906(Bstn) unm
_b HE; one hand crippled by medical accident
20>1692517 Lewis Herrick /1852(Ticonderoga NY) dy [ag 6 da]
20>1692518 Anna Caroline Herrick 10/15/1855(Archbald PA)-?? (Meadvl PA)
+m 10/15/1891 Rv John Thomas Nichols 02/13/1861(Assonet MA)-??
20>16925181 P-re Nichols 01/27/1893(PatahaCty WA)-?? (Meadvl PA)
20>16925182 Dorothy Winslow Nichols 10/04/1896(Seattle WA)-??
20>1692519 William Wright Herrick 02/23/1857(Dwnsvl NY)-?? (RvEdg NJ)
+m 03/29/1882(NYC) Emma Elizabeth Yost 09/01/1861(NYC)-??
_p Daniel Yost +m Anna Sybella Christina Goettlemann (NYC)
20>16925191 Anna Bertha Herrick 07/05/1883-??
20>16925192 Henry Frederick Herrick 01/09/1887(jrsyCty NJ)-06/29/1887 dy
20>16925193 Arthur Walter Herrick 05/29/1890(JrsyCty NJ)-??
20>16925193? Marjorie Hope Herrick
+m __ Fischer
20>16925193?? David R. Fischer
_a2005 Martinez CA
20>16925194 Frank Howard Herrick 01/28/1893-??
20>16925195 Edwin Crocker Herrick 06/12/1896(RvrEdg NJ)-??
20>16925196 George Lucius Herrick 05/01/1904-?? (RvrEdg NJ)
20>169252 John P-re Herrick 02/15/1805(Wdbrdg)-01/28/1848(Southamptn NY)
_e Yale 1824
_a Southampton LI
_o MD
+m 11/26/1836 Esther Post Foster 07/05/1813{HE}-11/10/1895(Denver)
_p James Foster +m Phebe Cook (Southampton NY)
20>1692521 James Claudius Herrick 10/23/1837-02/22/1842 dy (Sthmptn NY)
20>1692522 Louisa Phebe Herrick 03/18/1842-05/25/1871 unm (Sthmptn NY)
_b HE#47
20>1692523 John Claudius Herrick 11/14/1844-09/30/1898{HE}(Denver)
_e MD Yale 1865 [HE#48]
+m 06/19/1872 Ellen Louisa Topping 01/29/1847(LI NY)-11/24/1921(Dnvr)
_p Dr Nathaniel Topping +m Mary Sayre (Sagaponack NY)
20>16925231 Selden Foster Herrick 09/30/1873(Pssic NJ)-07/07/1899(Dnvr) unm
_q HE#74 d 06/07 ag25
20>16925232 John Claudius Herrick jr 05/07/1878(Pssic NJ)-{post /1950}(CA)
_om MD Denver & Gross Coll Med 1903; Army Med Crp 1917-1919
+m 11/20/1912(Dnvr) Amy Ida Simms 01/23/1883(MO)-{post /1950}(CA)
_o RN St Lk (Dnvr) 1906
_p James McGraw Simms +m Ida Ellis Nordyke (Bethany MO)
20>16925233 Anita Louisa Herrick 07/19/1883(Pssic NJ)-{post /1950}(Dnvr)
+m 06/17/1927(LI NY) Alexis Rudolph Krause 10/23/1880-12/23/1933 ag53
_p Max L. Krause +m Wilhelmina Kahrau (Cohoes NY)
20>1692524 Henry Foster Herrick 02/02/1847-03/27/1910(Sthmptn NY) ag63
+m 10/13/1881(Bstn) Mary Ann Herrick 03/23/1846-09/15/1927 (Sthmptn NY)
_p Cpt Austin Herrick +m Mary Wells Jagger (Sthmptn NY) [4th csn]
20>16925241 Esther P-re Herrick 04/13/1884-06/16/1884(Sthmptn NY) dy ag3mo
20>16925242 John Austin Herrick 07/07/1885(Sthmptn NY)-{post /1950}
+m 09/24/1912 Nancy Ann Huntting 01/01/1888-{post /1950}(Sthmptn NY)
_p Edward Payson Huntting +m Mary Frances Jessup (Sthmptn NY)
20>169252421 Nancy Ann Herrick 08/18/1913(Sthmptn NY)-{post /1950}(HA)
+m 06/27/1935(Sthmptn NY) Alfred Stedman Hartwell 04/24/1910-{post1950}
_p Charles Atherton Hartwell +m Cordelia Judd Carter (Honolulu HA)
20>1692524211 Mary Foster Hartwell 04/30/1936(Bstn)-{post /1950}(HA)
20>1692524212 Cordelia Carter Hartwell 10/23/1938(Hrtfd)-{post /1950}(HA)
20>1692524213 Alfred Stedman Hartwell jr 11/01/1940(Bstn)-{post /1950}(HA)
20>1692524214 Julie Hartwell 03/02/1946(HA)-{post /1950}(HA)
20>169252422 John Huntting Herrick 11/30/1915(Sthmptn NY)-{post /1950}(MA)
+m 08/01/1942(Carthage NY) Doris Elaine Dingman 09/04/1919-{post /1950}
_p Harley Spencer Dingman +m Viola Lucille Robbins (Houndsfield NY)
20>1692524221 Nancy Huntting Herrick 06/04/1944(BayShre NJ)-{post/1950}(MA)
20>1692524222 John Schuyler Herrick 09/19/1947(Teaneck NJ)-{post/1950}(MA)
20>1692524223 Robin Herrick 04/22/1950(Nwtwn MA)-{post /1950}(MA)
20>169252423 Samuel Foster Herrick 06/25/1920(Sthmptn NY)-{post/1950}(NY)
+m 05/29/1943(SanMateo CA) Constance Marie Edwards 10/04/1921-{post'50}
_p Frank Elmore Edwards +m Frances Grant (Sthmptn NY)
20>1692524231 Samuel Foster Herrick jr 02/22/1945(Sthmptn NY)-{post50}(NY)
20>1692524232 Melissa Herrick 11/01/1946(Sthmptn NY)-{post50}(NY)
20>169252424 Margaret P-re Herrick 06/04/1923(Sthmptn NY)-{post/1950}(HA)
+m 06/18/1949(Honolulu) Dunlap Castle Shannon 01/02/1923-{post50}(HA)
_p MacKenzie Shannon +m Fern Wagner (LA CA)
20>169253 Sarah Mariah Herrick ??/??/1810(NwH)-09/18/1813(NwH) dy ag3
20>169254 Edward Claudius Herrick 02/24/1811(NwH)-06/11/1862(NwH) dwi
_o Librarian & scientist at Yale
20>16926 Mary/Polly P- 02/13/1776-09/20/1776 tw dy [ag 7mo]
20>16927 Mary Polly P- 04/03/1778(NwH)-01/29/1852(NwH)
+m1 11/11/1796 Edward J. O'Brien\2 ??-05/18/1799(WestIndies)
_o printer in New Haven
+m2 01/12/1806(NwH) Eleazer Foster\6 06/06/1778(UnionCT)-05/01/1819(NwH)
_q date of +m2 is 17ja1806 in some sources
_p Edward Foster 14my1749-01mr1818 +m 04no1773 Rachel Newell 24my1747-06je1835(CT)
_pa SturbridgeMA and UnionCT
_pfo Deacon and/or Rev
20>169271 Henry Edward O'Brien 01/15/1797(NwH)-/1822(lost at sea) unm
20>169272 Eliza Maria O'Brien 11/25/1799(NwH)-04/15/1876(NwH)
_q AG1.37=3.233=4.259 has Maria Eliza, AG3.73=4.720 has E +m born 1800
+m 07/08/1822 Eli Whitney Blake 01/27/1795(Wstbro MA)-08/18/1886(NwH)
_n a chart of the Blake ancestry was supplied by Igor R. Blake (1998)
20>1692721 Mary Elizabeth Blake 04/23/1823(NwH)-/1916 (PeaceDale RI)
+m 05/21/1851 Rv George Bushnell 12/13/1818(NwPrstn)-04/05/1898(NwH)
_b AG1.37 has further details
20>16927211 George Ensign Bushnell 09/23/1853(Wrcstr MA)-?? (FtBayard NM)
_om Col US Medical Corps
+m1 08/22/1881 Adra Virgilia Holmes 08/22/1857(NJ)-06/27/1896(Prtld ME)
_p Isaac Virgilius Holmes +m Sarah Buzzell
+m2 12/25/1902 Ethel M. Barnard 10/15/1873-?? (FtBayard NM)
_p John Fiske Barnard +m Julia Boswell Keefer
20>169272111 Mary Elizabeth Bushnell 10/29/1882(Bloit WI)-?? (SFe NM)
+m 01/01/1903 Cpt Albert Sydney Brooks 08/14/1870(ARK)-?? (SFe NM)
_om Cpt in US Army
20>1692721111 Albert Sydney Brooks 10/31/1903(FtLogan CA)-??
20>1692721112 Adra Brooks 01/05/1906 (FtBliss TX)-10/15/1909(SFe NM) dy
20>1692721113 Mary Elizabeth Brooks 09/17/1911(SFe NM)-??
20>16927212 Eliza Skinner Bushnell 07/01/1857(Wrcstr MA)-?? (PeaceDale RI)
+m 09/12/1882(Bloit WI) George Spencer Merrill 03/15/1857(Bloit WI)-??
20>169272121 Robert Taylor Merrill 07/22/1888(MO)-??
_om US Navy
20>169272122 George Bushnell Merrill 11/09/1890(MO)-?? (Detroit)
20>169272123 Dotha Merrill 08/19/1893(MO)-?? (PeaceDale RI)
20>16927213 Mary P-re Bushnell 04/10/1859(Wby)-?? (PeaceDale RI)
_b AG1.87 AG3.233 AG4.259
+m 11/16/1880(Bloit WI) Rowland Gibson Hazard 01/22/1855(Phila)-/1918
20>169272131 Rowland Hazard 10/29/1881(PeaceDale RI)-??
_b AG1.37
+m 10/05/1910(Chi) Helen Campbell 04/08/1890(Chi)-
_p Augustus Scott Campbell +m Abbie Josephs Hamilton (Chi)
20>1692721311 Caroline Campbell Hazard 04/25/1913(PeaceDale RI)-??
20>1692721312 Rowland Gibson Hazard 02/17/1917(PeaceDale RI)-??
20>1692721313 Peter Hamilton Hazard 06/27/1918(PeaceDale RI)-??
20>1692721314 Charles Ware Blake Hazard 04/10/1920(PeaceDale RI)-??
20>169272132 Elizabeth Hazard 04/27/1883(PeaceDale RI)-?? (Prvd RI)
_q AG3.233=4.259 has b 1884 (wrongly; see next sibling birthdate)
+m 01/01/1908 Rush Sturges 08/19/1879(Prvd RI)-??
20>1692721321 Benjamin Rush Sturges 12/04/1908-?? (Prvd RI)
20>1692721322 Elizabeth Peace Sturges 05/11/1910-?? (Prvd RI)
20>1692721323 John P-re Sturges
20>1692721323 Rowland Sturges
20>1692721324 Alice Knight Sturges
20>169272133 Margaret Hazard 01/25/1885(PeaceDale RI)-?? (Prvd RI)
+m 07/15/1908 Robert Hale Ives Goddard jr 02/12/1880-?? (Prvd RI)
_b AG1.37
20>1692721331 Robert Hale Ives Goddard iii 12/09/1909-?? (Prvd RI)
20>169272134 Mary Bushnell Hazard 04/11/1890-?? unm (PeaceDale RI)
+m 01/01/1916 Wallace Campbell
20>1692721341 Wallace Campbell jr 08/03/1917-
20>1692721342 Mary Campbell 11/18/1919-10/16/1922
20>1692721343 Margaret Anne Campbell 03/03/1923-??
20>1692721344 Jane Campbell 10/07/1924-??
20>1692721345 Hugh David Campbell 02/20/1930-??
20>169272135 Thomas P-re Hazard 10/26/1892-?? (PeaceDale RI)
_e BA Yale 1915, Cavalry 1915-/1919; AG3.233=4.259
+m 05/20/1922 Anne Francis Cope
20>1692721351 Sophia Francis Hazard 03/10/1923-??
20>1692721352 Thomas P-re Hazard jr 05/31/1925-??
20>1692721353 Mary P-re Hazard 04/12/1927-??
20>1692721354 Anne Francis Hazard 12/05/1929-??
20>16927214 Dotha Bushnell 12/13/1861(Wtwn)-?? unm (PeaceDale RI)
20>1692722 Henrietta Whitney Blake 01/25/1825(Whtnyvl)-06/02/1901(ITALY)
+m 09/05/1859 Alexander MacWhorter 01/01/1822(Nwrk NJ)-06/29/1880(NwH)
20>1692723 Charles Thompson Blake 10/21/1826(Whtnyvl)-12/26/1897(Brkly CA)
_b AG4.720
+m 10/19/1868(SanFr) Harriet Waters Stiles 11/24/1840(Mllbry MA)-1928
20>16927231 Jane Blake 08/10/1869-08/18/1869(SanFr) dy
20>16927232 Anson Stiles Blake 08/06/1870(SanFr)-1959 (Brkly CA)
_e AB UCal 1891; AG 4.720
+m 05/17/1894 Anita Day Symmes 03/09/1872-1962
_p Frank Jameson Symmes +m Annie Day (SanFr)
20>16927233 Eliza Seely Blake 08/03/1872(SanFr)-1946(Nordhoff CA)
_b AG1.439
+m 06/24/1896 Sherman Day Thacher 11/06/1862(NwH)-1930
_q Blake chart has b 1861
20>169272331 Elizabeth Thacher 06/13/1897(Nrdhf CA)-??
20>169272332 George Blake Thacher 02/26/1903(SanFr)-??
+m Helena Duryea 1906-
20>169272333 Anson Stiles Thacher 03/29/1905-??
+m Margaret Pascoe
20>169272334 Helen Sherman Thacher 12/23/1906-??
+m Richard Griggs
20>169272335 Harriet Janet Thacher 04/21/1912-??
+m Newbold Laurence Herrick
20>169272336 Eleanore Thacher
_q not clear on Blake chart, but probable
20>16927234 Edwin Tyler Blake 06/25/1875(SanFr)-1948 (Brkly CA)
+m 01/12/1904 Harriet Whitney Carson 04/18/1884(SnJse CA)-1936(Brkly CA)
_p George Van Byckman Carson +m Eleanor Alicia Carter (SnJse CA)
20>16927235 Walter Whitney Blake 10/16/1876-02/06/1879(SanFr) dy
20>16927236 Henrietta MacWhorter Blake 11/22/1881-07/16/1883(SanFr) dy
20>16927237 Robert P- Blake 11/01/1886(SanFr)-1950 (Brkly CA)
+m /???? Nadjesda Kryzanofsky [AG4.720] 1899-??
_n spellings of her name vary: Nadezhda Nicholosona Kryzhanovskays (Blake chart)
20>16927237h Igor Robert Blake 1928-
_a1998 LafayetteCA
_n supplied the Blake chart (1998)
+m Mary Elizabeth Denton 1923-
20>1692724 Henry Taylor Blake 04/17/1828(Whtnyvl)-/1922 (NwH)
_e BA Yale 1848; AG3.73
+m 05/31/1860 Elizabeth Coit Kingsley 08/27/1830-/1914 (NwH)
_p James Luce Kingsley +m Lydia Coit (NwH)
_b AG3.73
20>16927241 Jane Kingsley Blake 10/15/1861-08/01/1862(NwH) dy
20>16927242 Edward Blake 11/03/1862-10/10/1893(NwH) unm
_e AG3.73 has 1863-1891; PhB {sic} Yale 1884
20>16927243 Henry William Blake 12/07/1865(NwH)-?? (Englewd NJ)
_e PhB Yale 1886; AG3.73
+m 06/01/1891 Ida Jewett 02/04/1864-??
_p Charles Henry Jewett +m Mary Adelaide Hull (NYC area)
20>169272431 Henry Kingsley Blake 12/10/1894-?? (Englewd NJ)
_e BA Yale 1916, MD 1921; AG3.73
+m 09/07/1921 Elizabeth Palmer Jessup
_p Rv William Jessup +m Faith Jadwin (Beirut SYR)
20>169272432 James P-re Blake 09/10/1896-04/01/1912(NYC)
20>169272433 Mary Adelaide Blake 04/07/1907-??
_e Vassar 1930; for name Mary see AG3.73
20>16927244 James Kingsley Blake 09/17/1870-08/28/1911(NwH)
_e BA Yale 1891
+m 11/06/1897 Helen L. Putnam 01/18/1872(Brkln)-?? (NwH)
_p Rv Alfred Porter Putnam +m Eliza King Butterick
20>169272441 Eunice Putnam Blake 04/19/1904-?? (NwH)
20>169272442 Elizabeth Kingsley Blake 06/09/1906-?? (NwH)
20>1692725 Robert P-{sic} Blake 01/03/1830(Whtnyvl)-01/17/1836(NwH) dy
20>1692726 George Augustus Blake 01/02/1832(NwH)-01/01/1882(NwH) unm
20>1692727 Eliza Maria Blake 05/19/1833(NwH)-03/13/1836(NwH) dy
20>1692728 Frances Louisa Blake 01/15/1835-12/21/1893(NwH)
+m 08/02/1858 Arthur Dimon Osborne 04/17/1828-?? (NwH)
20>16927281 Thomas Burr Osborne 08/05/1859-?? (NwH)
+m 06/26/1886 Elizabeth Annah Johnson 09/15/1862-?? (NwH)
_p Samuel W. Johnson +m Elizabeth Erwin Blinn
20>169272811 Arthur Dimon Osborne 04/15/1887-?? (NwH) unm
20>169272812 Francis Blake Osborne 02/21/1898-08/17/1900(Holdrnss NH) dy
20>16927282 Arthur Sherwood Osborne 01/11/1861-?? (NwH) unm
20>1692729 Eli Whitney Blake 04/20/1836-09/30/1895(Hmptn)
+m1 03/25/1860 Helen Mary Rood 03/27/1832(Dnbry)-02/11/1869(Prvd RI)
_p Rv Anson Rood +m Alida Gouverneur Ogden (Dnbry)
+m2 06/09/1881 Elizabeth Almy Ellery Vernon 01/05/1840-09/19/1906(LosA)
_p Samuel Brown Vernon +m Sophia Peace (Newport RI)
20>16927291 Alida Gouverneur Blake 05/10/1861(NwH)-?? (Newport RI)
+m 02/24/1881 Barclay Hazard 12/03/1852-?? (Newport RI)
20>16927292 Eli Whitney Blake 02/13/1867(NwH)-08/31/1903(NYC) unm
20>1692720 Edward Foster Blake 11/25/1837(NwH)-08/09/1862(VA) unm
_n d in battle Cedar Mt VA
20>169272a James P- Blake 03/08/1839(NwH)-12/25/1865 unm
_n drowned at Beaufort SC
20>169272b Eliza Maria Blake 03/20/1841(NwH)-?? (Nrthmptn MA)
+m1 09/08/1863 John Franklyn Seely 10/01/1836(OH)-10/19/1865(DsMoin IO)
+m2 09/18/1873 John Rice 09/18/1831(MA)-12/22/1897(Berlin GER)
20>169272b1 Edward Blake Seeley 11/19/1864(DsMoin IO)-?? (Brkly CA)
+m 01/27/1896(SanFr) Ella Boardman Farr 07/13/1871(NEB)-??
20>169272b11 John Franklyn Seeley 09/06/1899-?? (Brkly CA)
20>169272b12 William Wallace Seeley 09/13/1903(Brkly CA)-??
20>169272b13 Helen Seeley 02/26/1906-?? (Brkly CA)
20>169272b2 Eliza Maria O'Brien Rice 09/13/1876(NwH)-?? (Nrthmptn MA) unm
20>169272b3 John P-re Rice 03/22/1879-?? (Wlmstwn MA) unm
20>169273 P-re Beers Foster 09/08/1809(NwH)-08/04/1886(NwH)
+m1 07/16/1838(ChshrCT) Stella Law Bishop\1 09/21/1814-04/11/1845(NwH)
_p Abraham Bishop +m Betsy Law (NwH)
+m2 12/20/1849 Cornelia Augusta Miller\0 /1821(Stratford)-09/29/1860
_p Robert Miller +m Elizabeth __ (Stratford)
+m3 10/22/1863 wd Elizabeth Arthur Lynde Huggins 11/04/1816-04/03/1886
_p John Hart +m Elizabeth Deal Nicoll (wd of Henry T. Huggins)
20>1692731 William Law Foster 04/26/1841-06/24/1881(NwH)
+m 10/12/1870 Mary Elizabeth Board\2 01/19/1844(BoardvilleNJ)-15no1940(NwH)
_p Edmund Kingsland Board 1816-1891 +m Abigail Thompson Heard (Boardville NJ)
[+m2] 06/13/1888 Albert McClellan Mathewson 1860-1944
20>16927311 Stella English Foster 07/24/1871(NwH)-08/26/1872(Wllngfrd) dy
20>16927312 P-re Beers Foster 12/09/1878(NwH)-23my1960(HamdenCT)
+m1 06/27/1903(PlnfldNJ) Elizabeth Plummer Bowen 03/02/1883(NetherwdNJ)-05jl1950(ArdmorePA) dvno1914
[+m2 1924\1 Frederick D. Guyer 1887(NwBrnswkNJ)-1970(ArdmorePA)
_n dau Virginia Guyer 1925- [living in BaltMD 2002, 3 chld and 6 grchld]
_pf Henry Elliott Bowen 31mr1845(BrklynNY)-15je1919(PlnfldNJ)
_pm +m 14de18??(BrklynNY) Elizabeth White Plummer 05mr1848(RoxbryMA)-27je1922(PlnfldNJ)
_fp Henry Chandler Bowen +m Lucy Mana Tappen
_mp John Lincoln Plummer +m Susan Rand White
+m2 21ja1915 Gertrude Rose Dowe\2 02my1882(ENG)-13no1970(HamdenCT)
20>169273121 Elizabeth P-re Foster 08/01/1905(NwH)-29au1947(ScituateMA)
_a Plnfld NJ (grandparents) with mother after 1914
+m 23mr1929 William Eaton jr 03jl1899(NewtonCtrMA)-22au1967(ScituateMA) dv
_a to BrooklineMA after birth of sr
_pf William Eaton sr 23my1859(BostonMA)-10jl1943(ScituateMA)
_pm +m 19je1898(RivertonNJ) Lydia Atherton Wright 08je1861(PhilaPA)-12oc1953(BostonMA)
_fp William Eaton +m H. Augusta Pattan
_mp David Henry Wright/White +m Isabel Elizabeth Marten
_a1953 JamaicaPlainsMA
20>1692731211 William Henry Eaton 12my1932(BostonMA)- unm
_a raised in NatickMA, then Scituate MA (1941), Boston, Scituate (1954)
_a1990 Scituate MA
_o various, incl church custodian
_h genealogy
_n (let 05/29/1990) "I remember my grandparents very well. They were
_n2 divorced in 1914, and the next year, my grandfather remarried and
_n3 16 months later became the father of twin girls. They are living
_n4 in Hamden CT. My grandmother also remarried and had a daughter
_n5 who is 6 1/2 years older than me!"
20>169273122 Marion Foster 10/28/1909(NwH)-08/19/1912(MrblhdNck MA) dy
20>169273123 Phyllis Foster tw 03my1916-?? (HamdenCT) dwi
_a2002 HamdenCT (with twin sr)
+m oc1941 Henry James Harmon dv
20>169273124 Patricia Beers Foster tw 03my1916- (HamdenCT)
_a2002 HamdenCT (with twin sr)
+m 26de1941 Thomas Stephen Sisk 1913|14-14au1975 (CT)
20>1692731241 Thomas Stephen Sisk jr 18ap1946-
20>16927312411 Thomas Stephen Sisk iii
20>1692731242 P-re (Peter) Foster Sisk 11je1950-
_a2002 Pompano Beach FL
+m 1990 __
20>169274 Eleazer Kingsbury Foster 05/20/1813-06/13/1877(NwH)
+m 01/02/1838 Mary Codrington 02/09/1818(Jamaica)-09/25/1872(NwH)
_p William Collins Codrington +m Sarah Smith King (Jamaica WstInd)
20>1692741 William Edward Foster 06/04/1839(NwH)-?? (Buffalo NY)
+m 08/14/1862 Sarah Elyot Betts 01/07/1841-?? (Buffalo NY)
_p Frederic Joel Betts +m Mary Ward Scoville (Newburgh NY)
20>16927411 May Husted Foster 10/21/1870(NwH)-05/17/1890(Bfflo NY) unm
20>16927412 Frederic Betts Foster 04/24/1873(Bfflo)-05/18/1888(Bfflo) dy
20>16927413 Louise Holbrook Foster 10/30/1877(Bfflo)-?? (Bfflo)
+m 11/19/1901 Albert Steel Thompson 10/13/1874-?? (Bfflo)
20>169274131 Augustus Porter Thompson 11/23/1902-02/18/1904(Bfflo) dy
20>169274132 Elyot P-re Thompson (f) 12/13/1905-?? (Bfflo)
20>169274133 Albert Porter Thompson 12/01/1907-?? (Bfflo)
20>1692742 Eleazer Kingsbury Foster 10/31/1841-12/08/1899(NwH)
+m 11/19/1874 Mary Gray Benedict 07/22/1850-?? (Phila)
_p Nathan Dow Benedict (MD) +m Emma Ewing Harris (Utica NY)
20>16927421 Eleazer Kingsbury Foster 09/24/1875(Sanfrd FL)-?? (PrtTmpCty FL
+m 06/13/1905 Eugenia Louise Noyes 04/10/1882-??
_p Charles Albert Noyes +m Anna Lois Taylor (Fernandina FL)
20>169274211 Eleazer Kingsbury Foster 09/04/1906-??
20>169274212 Robert Eugene Foster 06/04/1908-??
20>16927422 Mary Benedict Foster 05/31/1880(FL)-?? (Phila)
+m 11/22/1911(Phila) William Channing Russel 05/09/1859(NJ)-?? (Phila)
20>16927423 Emma Harris Foster 07/28/1882(FL)-?? (London)
+m 08/12/1911(ENG) Clifford James Wheeler Hosken 08/29/1882(ENG)-??
20>1692743 Mary Thomasina Foster 03/09/1844-12/12/1864(NwH) unm
20>1692744 John P-re Codrington Foster 03/02/1847-04/01/1910(NwH)
_o MD
+m 07/01/1875{csn=24>102} Josephine Theresa Bicknell 07/18/1850-??
_p Joseph Inglis Bicknell +m 20>169210 Maria Theresa P-re (NYC)
20>16927441 = 24>1021
20>16927442 = 24>1022
20>16927443 = 24>1023
20>16927444 = 24>1024
20>16927445 = 24>1025
20>1692745 Margaret Frazer Foster 03/28/1853(Mddltwn)-07/19/1855(NwH)
20>169275 Edward William Foster 03/28/1819(NwH)-03/13/1896(Potsdam NY)
+m 11/16/1843 Harriett Maria Partridge 02/12/1822(Ptsdm NY)-06/18/1897
_p Samuel Partridge +m Abigail Ladd (Potsdam NY)
20>1692751 Henry P-re Foster 02/14/1846-?? (Potsdam NY) unm
20>1692752 Mary P-re Foster 12/28/1849-12/27/1899(Potsdam NY) unm
20>169276 Mary Anne Foster 10/24/1806(NwH)-07/30/1888(NwH) unm
20>169277 Jane Newell Foster 08/16/1811-04/11/1884(NwH) unm
20>169278 Harriet Smith Foster 03/04/1815-04/16/1893(NwH) unm
20>169279 Caroline Hooker Foster 04/02/1817-03/31/1900(NwH) unm
20>16928 John P- 08/08/1780(NwH)-04/12/1836 unm [ag 57]
_g Grove St. cem NwH
20>16929 Nathan Beers P- 10/18/1782(NwH)-01/12/1803 unm
20>16920 Henry P- 01/18/1785-08/08/1790 dy [ag6]
20>17 Ebenezer P- 12/21/1660{1661[AG PHD PRU]}(Roxbury MA)-12/16/1696??
_n MP: "bapt. 22 (10) 1661"; Harv1715.98 d 1697; [SD] 3.432 d. 12/11/96 [=PHD]
_qd PHD has d Roxbury 12/11/1696 (Roxbury Recs, Farmers Register)
_w left Ebenezer jr 1/4 share in a malt house [Harv1715.98]
+m 10/20/1692{1691[AG]} Mary Ruggles\3 11de1666-1741(??) (RoxburyMA)
_x PWW (which is very confused here) has +m 1690
_p Samuel Ruggles +m Hannah Fowler
_w she is named as widow in brother-in-law Benjamin's will of 1697|8 [PHD]
_w2 also named in settlement of estate 12/13/1735 sold to Richard Gardner [PHD]
[+m2] 11/03/1702 Isaac Morris 16se1656-21oc1715 (RoxburyMA)
_b NEHGR 146 (1992) 277b on the Morris line
20>171 John P- 09/20/1693(Roxbury MA)-??(England) dwi{??}
_o PHD he is "stiled gentleman in the deed" with bro Ebenezer 1735
+m /???? Elizabeth [PHD] Bailey (Roxbury MA)
20>1711 Hannah P- 01/15/1723[PHD]-????
20>172 Ebenezer P- 09/14/1694(RoxburyMA)-01/??/1755(Roxbury)
_e Harv 1715; denied chance to do 2nd degree (MA), sued, lost
_o Headmaster at Roxbury Latin Schl 1716-, 1726- (financial problems);
_o2 sometime preacher, miller and surveyor, baker, justice of peace
_b History of Roxbury Latin School [UPa 373.73 R813]
_r admitted to Roxbury church fellowship 1717 [PHD]
_n probably the Ebenezer P- listed in 1737 census [AAI CD]
_n2 probably also Suffolk Deeds [PHD] transaction, with John P-,
_n3= sold to Richard Gardner (Cambridge) for L444, a house and barn
_n4= with land in Roxbury (Town St), with wife Ann relinquishing dower
_b0 obit 23ja1755 "died last week at Roxbury, Eb.P- Esq, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Suffolk" [NEHGS newsp]
_w d intestate, admin of estate to son Ebenezer, 02/21/1755 [PHD]
_w2 left gristmill, bakerhouse, & other real estate at Roxbury
+m1 02/19/1723 Anne/Ann[AG PHD] Hilton\9 ??-07/12/1743
_r admitted to Roxbury church fellowship 03/03/1727|8 [PHD]
_qm PHD has +m 1722 (Roxbury Recs) [=PWW]
_qd so Harv1715.102; date of d given elsewhere as 1745
_p Col Winthrop Hilton +m Ann Wilson (dau Edward W. +m Ann Dudley [AG])
_qp PHD suspects dau of Edward Hilton (ExeterNH) & Ann Dudley (herself dau
_qp2= of Samuel Dudley (d 1683), eldest bro of Gov. Joseph Dudley
_n Ann Hilton was living with wd of Joseph Dudley when married [PHD doubtful]
_n2 mentioned above in 1735 sale, wife Ann relinquished dower
+m2 09/10/1746 wd Hannah Wiswall("Witzel")\1son ??-10/10/1747
_a DorchesterMA
_q PWW (generally confused) has her d 1746 or 1748, no children
_n Harv1715.102 "the "Widow Witzel" mentioned in the family genealogy"
+m3 08/16/1750 Sarah Cushing\2sons ????-1795[PHD]
_n PWW (generally confused) gived d 1755
_q PHD doubts that this is the Ebenezer that Sarah Cushing married.
[+m2 10/17/1765 Daniel Leonard (SuffieldCT)]
_p Col John Cushing (Scituate MA), 2nd dau
20>1721 Mary P- 11/19/1723-07/22/1724 [PHD {not mentioned elsewhere}]
_n PWW gives b 07/22/1723 (see date of d)
20>1722 Ebenezer P- 07/25/1725(Roxbury MA)-10/24/1767 ag42
_a 1767 Roxbury real estate, mills, etc. [PHD]
_o 1755 trader, owned mills in Roxbury [PHD]
_r admitted to Roxbury church fellowship 02/17/1760 [PHD]
_w he was named admin of father's estate 02/21/1755 [PHD]
_w1 made 09/23/1767, proved 11/13/1767; bros Benj and Wm executors
_w2 names wife Hannah, daus Hannah, Ann, Mary; sons Ebenezer & Charles
+m 06/01/1749 Hannah Gridley /1728-05/22/1804
_n m2{?} 02/22/1770(Roxbury) Samuel Williams [see PHD conjecture]
20>1722h John P- [not in PHD]
20>17221 Hannah P- 06/26/1750-08/15/1787
_r admitted to church fellowship 02/07/1768 [PHD]
_q was she dau of this Ebenezer [AG PHD] or sister [PM; see below 1727]?
+m 03/13/1770(Roxbury) Moses Davis 04/29/1744-06/02/1823
_n minuteman at Lexington [AG]
20>172211 William Davis 11/18/1770-/1850 [AG]
_n perhaps the author of PWD, Roxbury 1845
+m2 /1800 Sally Smith /1780-/1859
20>172211h William Davis /1801-/1865 [AG]
+m2 ?? Maria Davis /1817-/1870
_p Charles Davis s of Capt Aaron Davis s of Col Aaron Davis [AG]
20>172211hh Joseph Davis /1840-???? [AG]
+m /1874 Sarah Augusta /1853-????
_p Abijah Davis +m Elizabeth Ann Riggs [AG]
20>17221hhh1 Joseph Swallow Davis 09/10/1875(Trinidad CO)-???? [AG]
_b AG2.49
+m 06/06/1900 Edith Wight 09/09/1877(Trinidad CO)-
_p Frederick Dearborn Wight (Denver CO)
20>172211hh11 Edith Davis 10/09/1901(Denver CO)-???? [AG]
20>172211hh12 Joseph Wight Davis 11/21/1903(Denver CO)-???? [AG]
20>172211hh13 Dudley Dearborn Davis 04/03/1906(Denver CO)-???? [AG]
20>172211hh14 Virginia May Davis 10/12/1907(Denver CO)-???? [AG]
20>172211hi Fellowes Davis /1848-/1920 [AG1]
+m /1871 Marie Antoinette Baker /1848-/1909
20>172211hi1 Fellowes Davis jr md /1872-???? [AG1]
+m /???? Gertrude Agostini
20>172211hi2 Marie Antoinette Davis /1875-???? [AG1]
+m /???? Ralph Miller Johnson
20>172211hi3 Pierpont Davis /1878-???? [AG1]
+m /???? Josephine Ogden
20>172211hi4 Dudley Davis 12/21/1883-???? [AG1]
_b AG1.
+m 04/31/1908 Alice Mason Grosvenor 08/06/1883(Prv RI)-??
_p Gov William Grosvenor
20>172211hi41 Dudley Davis jr 06/13/1909(NYC)-?? [AG1]
20>172211hi42 Rose Grosvenor Davis 04/14/1911(NYC)-?? [AG1]
20>172211hi43 William Grosvenor Davis 10/30/1913(NYC)-?? [AG1]
20>172211hi44 Fellowes Davis iii 01/10/1920(NYC)-?? [AG1]
20>17222 Ann P- [so PHD]
_r admitted to church fellowship 10/09/1774 [PHD]
20>17223 Mary P- [so PHD]
_r admitted to church fellowship 10/09/1774 [PHD]
m{?} 10/13/1778 Nathaniel Sparhawk (Roxbury) [cj this Mary PHD]
20>17224 Ebenezer P- 1761-???? [so PHD]
_n1 the 1790 Roxbury MA Census; shows Ebenezer P- head 1 0 2
_n2 the 1790 Roxbury MA Census; shows "Mrs. P-" head 6 1 8 [!]

+m Rebecca Wait 1763-????
20>172241 Emily Montague Pierpont 1785(RoxburyMA)-01jl1865 (NewtonCtrMA)
+m 01de1805(RoxburyMA) Samuel Langley Jr. 1778-1818
20>172241 Samuel Langley III 1806-1882
+m Mary Sumner Williams 1811-1901
20>1722411 Samuel P- Langley 22au1834(Rxbry MA)-22fe1906(Aiken SC)
_e Boston Latin School, English High School of Boston
_n1 American astronomer physicist and pioneer of aviation
_n2 Founder of Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
_n3 Langley Air Force Base and NASA Langley Research Center named after him
20>1722412 John Williams Langley 1841-1918
20>1722413 Annie W Langley 1847-1931
20>172242 Emily Adeline Langley 1811-1892
20>172243 Rebecca Wait Langley 1813-1896
20>172244 Anna P- Langley 1815-1896
20>172245 Julia H Langley 1815-1908
20>17225 Charles P- 03/21/1765-???? [so PHD]
20>1723 John P- 07/24/1727-02/14/1790 dwi
_qb some say 08/1727; PHD has as above
_r admitted to Roxbury church fellowship 04/30/1769 [PHD]
20>1724 Ann P- 11/13/1728-???? [mentioned only in PHD]
_r admitted to Roxbury church fellowship 04/20/1759 [PHD]
_q is this the Ann P- who +m 06/13/1761 Robert P- (Roxbury Recs PHD)?
_q2 so also PWW
20>1725 Benjamin P- 11/22/1730(Roxbury MA)-06/10/1797(Boston) ag66
_qb PHD as above; others give b 12/03/1730
_o silversmith (goldsmith PHD) and jeweller in Boston; alive 1792
_o2 owner of P- Mfg (H. Strange purchased piece by him ca.1989)
_a corner of South School Street, Boston [PMp154 letter]
_n PMp154 letter from Robert P- dated 05/28/1786 refers to him
_r admitted to Roxbury church fellowship 02/10/1760 [PHD]
_n1 the 1790 Boston MA Census shows "Benjamin P-" head 2 0 4 [??]
_w made 06/05/1797, proved 06/13/1797; names dau Elizabeth Pope, Mary,
_w2 grandch Wm Taylor jr and Henry Taylor (by late dau Sarah), son Wm
_g obits in NEHGS newsps (no details beyond funeral site)
+m 03/29/1759 Elizabeth Shepard Church ????-(before 1797 will?)
_n PHD cites PWW "m Eliza Shepherd of Boston"
Benja. Pierpoint & Eliza. Shepard Married on Dec. 14, 1758 [NEHGS web Boston marriages]
_s2 Benjamin Pierpoint & Eliz. Shepherd Int. reads [Benja.] [Eliza. Shepard] Married on Mar. 29, 1759 [NEHGS web Boston marriages!]
_b see obit for a "Mrs. Elizabeth Pierpont" se1793 ag52 at Boston [NEHGS newsp]
20>17251 Benjamin P- 02/04/1760[bible record NEHGS]-
_q is this the Benj.P- who was a private in Cpt Lemuel May's Co, Col
_q2 McIntosh's Rgt, from 03/23-04/05/1778 at RoxburyMA ? [PSW]
+m /???? Elizabeth Pope 08/17/1761[bible record NEHGS]-
20>17252 William P- 05/10/1763[NEHGS bible]-
_w is named executor of father's will in 1797[PHD]
20>17253 Elizabeth P-
_w is named in fathers 1797 will, as Elizabeth Pope
_q probably confused with Benjamin's wife, Elizabeth Pope!
_n there is no listing of a daughter Elizabeth in the NEHGS bible
+m 03my1787 Joseph Pope (Boston)
_s NEHGS web Boston marriages:
Joseph Pope & Elizabeth Poirpoint Married on May 3, 1787
20>17254 Sarah/Sally P- 09/07/1765[NEHGS bible]-{before 1797}
_w her children Wm jr and Henry are named in her f's 1797 will [PHD]
+m 03jl1791(Boston) William Taylor
William Taylor & Sarah Pierpont Int. reads [Taylor] [Pierpoint] Married By Rev. Peter Thacher on July 3, 1791 [NEHGS web]
20>172541 William Taylor jr {living 1797}
20>172542 Henry Taylor {living 1797}
20>17255 Mary P- 08/18/1767[NEHGS bible]-
_w named in father's will in 1797 (unm.?)
20>1726 Mary P- 06/03/1732-???? [mentioned only in PHD PWW]
_r admitted to Roxbury church fellowship 04/20/1759 [PHD] (
_q is this the Mary P- who +m 12/24/1766 (Roxbury) Joseph Muncrief [PHD]?
_n PHD cites PWW that John P- and Mary P- died unm
20>1727 William P- 06/10/1735(Roxbury MA)-28ap1769 [PWW 1768 ag33] [NEHGS ag34]
_qd PHD first has 1768 age 33 (Mr. Whiting) but later 1769
_r admitted to Roxbury church fellowship 07/09/1757 [PHD] (
_w made 02/14/1769, proved 05/05/1769 (Suffolk Prob Recs in PHD)
_w= names bro Benjamin as executor, refers to wife Mary & s James Harvey
+m /???? Mary Davis (of Brookline) [PWW in PHD] ????-{bef 1775?}
20>17271 James Harvey P- {ca 1762}-????
_e Harv 1789, MA{?} 1802, Dart MD 1817 (spelled P-re)
_w named in father's 1769 will; in 1775, David Weld appointed guardian
_w2 since James Harvey P- was a minor under 14 [Suffolk Prob Recs in PHD]
20>1728 Sarah P- 06/24/1736(Roxbury)-1759 unm [only in PHD]
_n PHD cites PWD that Sarah P- died of measles," ag 22+
_n2 PWW has d ag22 in 1758, but PWD (presumably his source) has 1759
20>1729 Samuel P- dwi [this order in PHD details; PWW +m in Providence]
20>172?? William P- [RE confused?] [not in PHD]
20>172??1 Elizabeth P- [RE confused?] [not in PHD]
20>172??2 James P- [RE confused?] /1768-???? [not in PHD]
_n [no other James P- born in 1768 in current records 9/1988]
20>172??3 John P- [RE confused?] [not in PHD]
+m /???? Mary Shelton Lord [prob RE is confused! cf /16232] [not in PHD]
20>172?? Elizabeth P- [RE confused?] [not in PHD]
20>172? James P- dy [not in PHD or PWW]
20>1720 Hannah P- /1750-08/15/1787 [possibly here in PHD detail note]
_q was she dau of this Ebenezer [AG] or sister [PM; see above 1721?]?
_b obit 17au1787 "Mrs Hannah Davis, consort of Mr Moses Davis and dau of the late Mr Ebenezer P-" [NEHGS newsp]
+m /1770 Moses Davis 04/29/1744-06/02/1823
20>1720h Joseph Davis [not in PHD]
20>1720i ["and others" PM86] [not in PHD]
20>172a Nathaniel P- 12/10/1751(Roxbury MA)-?? [this order in PHD details]
_n1 1790 Roxbury MA Census; head of household 1 1 5
_n2 Census = self, John, wife & 4 dau
_n3 so PHD note, 2 sons and 5 dau, living in Roxbury in 1792
+m /???? Elizabeth Smith [PWW]
_b see obit for a "Mrs. Elizabeth Pierpont" se1793 ag52 at Boston [NEHGS newsp]
20>172a1 Lucy P- /1776-??
_n bp 28ap1776 WSpringfieldMA [?NEHGS births]
20>172a2 Betsy P- /1779-??
_q is this the "Eliza P-" who m
18je1802 (Boston) Thomas Wilkinson
20>172a3 Sally Cushing P- /1780-??
+m 1804 William Taylor [??]
20>172a4 John P- /1783-??
20>172a5 Nathaniel P- 04/09/1785-04/19/1785 dy
20>172a6 Charlotte P- /1787-??
20>172a7 Hannah P- /1789-??
20>172b Joseph P- 03/06{?}/1754(Roxbury MA)-?? [in this order in PHD detail]
_q PWW has b 03/13/1754 [possibly a PHD note]
+m /???? Clarissa Granger (Springf MA) [?NEHGS births]
Capt. Joseph Pierpoint of Boston & Mrs. Martha Starr of Dedham Married By Rev. Mr. Jason Haven on May 23, 1779 [NEHGS web]
20>17291 William Cushing P- 27de1785-?? [?NEHGS births]
20>173 Mary P- 09/21/1696(Roxbury MA)-07/22/1724
_q [SD] 3.432 "d. Feb. foll." birth !

20>18 Jonathan "d. 23 (8) /1663" [MP] = 23oc1663
_x undoubtedly confused with 20>24 (see date of next sibling!)
_q not found in PHD list or PWW or PRU

20>19 Thankful(2) P- 11/18/1663{"bapt. 27 (10) /1663" [MP]}-11jl1664(RoxburyMA) ag 9mo (buried there)

20>10 Joseph P- 08{04}/08/1666-02/25/1686{1687}(Cambridge MA) dwi
_n MP: "bapt. 12 (6) 1666"; PHD has born 08ap1666[PWW], d 1686, in 21st year
_g buried at Harvard Square [PRU]
_e probably student at Harvard at death [PRU]
_w guardian uncle Robert P-, will settled 03je1691 with James, Ebenezer, Benjamin, & John Hayward (John & Experience Hayward sold their share to brother James, 09je1693)

20>1a Rv Benjamin P- 07/26/1668-01/03/1697|8(CharlestonSC[PRU]) dwi
_n MP: "bapt. 2 (6) 1668"; WC: "Adm. church 23 (12) 1689-90" {this Benj.?}
_a died at Charleston SC [PD PM Harv3.429 PHD], of smallpox [PHD]
_e Harv 1689 MA
_sx PD d 1680; others have 1690; Harv3.429 "aged 29"; PHD 1697|8
_w extract in Suffolk Probate Records 17.248 [PHD], names bro James as executor
_w1 also names sr Experience Hayward & sr (widow of bro Ebenezer) Mary
_w2 estate not settled until 15jl1724 by nephew James (Suffolk Prob Rec 23.156)
_n details on will, etc., in PRU

20>2 Robert P- /1621(London)-05/16/1694(RoxburyMA)
_o mill for malting and milling ("malster" [MP]) ; "yeoman" (wd Sarah)
_a moved from Ipswich to Roxbury after 1648, as did brother & father
_a2 "admitted as freeman in 1675" (Farmer apud PHD); 21fe1675 census CD
_b PM8 excerpts from Ipswich records; also PRU
_w MP: "admin. of his est. was gr. 12 July 1694 to Sarah & Jonathan P."
_x PSW gives death as 1694 {=SD PHD 05/16/1694} despite PM, etc. 1696
_x2 Suffolk Co Probate Records 14.2157 (05/11/1699) say d "May 1694"
_n WC: "Peare Poynt"; PHD (for wife Marie) "Pierrapoint"
+m1?? {02/18/1656|7} Maria/Marie __ [MP]
_n MP: "wife Maria adm(itted) chh. 20 (6) 1665" [=PHD, error for Sarah?]
_n2 this date of +m is identical to that claimed for Sarah Lynde!
_q probably this is another Robert P- and his wife Maria ??
_q2 otherwise how reconcile with solid evidence from wills & depositions??
_q3 Savage suspects that the father James may have had a brother Robert
+m2 02/18/1656|7 Sarah Lynde 04/04/1639(CharlestownMA)-{post /1725??}
_q b 04ap1639(CharlestownMA) [Anne Willis chart], or before bp on 14ap1639 (NEHGS info [ChChR 48]), not 1641 as elsewhere
_x the 1641 b date is probably based on error in deposition age (83 for 85)
_q1 PHD has b 16ap1639 (Lynde Records & Charlestown Recs) =? bp ?
_q2 PHD has +m 02/18/1656|7 (Charlestown marr, in Middlesex Probate Recs)
_n MP: "b. 16 (2) bapt. 14 (2) 1639"; not alive in 12/30/1671 ??! see _fw
_x2 the cj that she d bef 1671 is based on silence/wording of her father's will
_x3 she is mentioned in her husband's will several times (he d 1694)
_n1 SD gives +m at Charlestown 18 [=SD] Feb. 1657; WC has Feb. 18, 1656-7 [=NEHGS info from ChVR 1:20], thus not 28fe1657 as in PSW
_n2 Frothingham gives date of +m 1666 [PSW][SD], which seems impossible
_f Thomas Lynde 1593|4|5|6|7-12/30/1671 [SD] Charlestwn MA 1634, CT 1636-1652  [see NEHGS info; aka Line, Linde]
_fn deacon & malster, married 3 times, from
Dunstable, Bedfordshire [NEHGS info] or KentENG [PSW]
_f +m1 c1622 (cj Hannah? ??-11de1631(Dunstable, Bedfordshire ENG))\5
_m +m2 no1632 (ENG) wd Margaret/Margerite Martin (Jordan)\6[9?] ??-08/23/1662
_mf John Martin, merchant of Charlestwn [PHD]
_m +[m1] Henry (not Thomas?)  Jordan
_f +m3 12/06/1665 wd Rebecca ?? (Trerice) ????-12/08/1688
_fw (1671) MP: "beq. to ... son-in-law Robert Pierpont in right of his wife..."
_fw1 and mentions by name two other married daughters (in 1671) !
_fw2 [but does this necessarily mean Sarah is dead?] PMp134 gives two
_fw3 depositions from wd "Sarah P-" on 06/09/1724 and 09/03/1725 concerning _fw4 her memories of her husband Robert and his brother John +m Thankful !]
_fw5 she is also named in 11/14/1717 settlement as grandm. of Jonathan[PHD]
_q3 PHD "Farmer states her age, 1724, to have been 83, and so also it appears
_q4 PHD =in the record of her deposition at Roxbury; but this is an error,
_q5 PHD =the 3 should have been a 5" [thus the confusion re her birthdate!]
20>21 James P-(1) 11/30/1657-{"d. very soon" [SD], at birth PRU} dy
_q PHD has "died Sept 30 1657" which is impossible; perhaps Nov or 1658?
20>22 Margaret P-(1) 03/13/1659-03/24/1659[PHD]{"d. in few days" [SD]} dy
20>23 Margaret P-(2) 03/14/1661-03/28/1661[PHD]{"d. in few days" [SD]} dy
_q PRU claims birth recorded as 13mr1659 (twin? or miscopied?)
20>24 Jonathan P-(1) 10/08/1663-10/23/1663{"d. 23 (8) /1663" [MP]} dy
_qd PHD has d 10/24/1663; PRU has either "23 or 24 Oct. 1663"

20>25 Rv Jonathan P-(2) 06/11/1665-06/03/1709(ReadingMA)
_qb PHD has b 06/10/1665, d 06/02/1709, age 44
_e Harv 1685, MA1688; ordained in Redding/ReadingMA 06/26/1689
_e2 1688: An Pneumatica sit Scientia a Metaphysica et Theologia distincta
_n studied with J. Cotton, starting 07/10/1682; spelled name Peirpont
_n2 see example of signature in NEHGR 13.255-258 diary article
_o schoolmaster 1686; itinerant preacher; to Reading 1688/89 (20 yrs)
_o2 [SD] 3.433 "4th min. of Reading, ord. 26 June 1689" Church of Christ
_a Roxbury; Dorchester; Sandwich; Charlestown; Main & Albion, ReadingMA
_a2 1717 settlement of Roxbury estate, on Cambridge Road near Stony river
_a3 1717 = house, barn, malt house, 10 acres [PHD]
_g dates death 06/02/1709 [=SD] ag44; inscr in Harv1685.351f [=PHD]
_b Harv3.349-352, with bibliog; diary in NEHGR 13.255 (diary)
_d PSW quotes from his Journal/Diary [excerpts in GHTR]
_w summary in PHD: property also in Roxbury, assigned 11/14/1717 to son
_w2= Jonathan, with life estate to Jon's grandmother Sarah P-
+m 10/29/1691 Elizabeth Angier /1667-/1753
_n bap 09/22/1667 [Harv3.351]; Harv lists 3 children Jon. Jos. Mary
_n1 bap 05/02/1667 [SD]
_x Angies [R list]
_f Edmund Angier 1611|2-03/04/1692 +m1 Ruth Ames ??-07/03/1656
_q Jonathan P- diary says he died in March 1692
_fx Edm. Angier d 03/04/1693 [SD]
_m +m2 06/12/1657 Anne Batt {not Pratt} 1630-1688 (CambridgeMA)
_s1 MP lists 3 ch of Anna Batt, not incl Eliz -- Edm., Hannah, Mary
_s2 Ann Batt > Edmund, Hannah, Mary, John (dy), Nathaniel, Elizabeth [SD]
_k sr Mary Angier +m 1770 John March (NewburyMA)
_k2 sr Sarah Angier +m Rv Christopher Toppan (NewburyportMA)
_fp John Angier (DedhamENG), Edmund youngest of four sons [PSW]
_mp Christopher Batt (SalisburyENG>Boston)
20>251 Elizabeth P- [R list, order?] 02/25/1693-{aft 11/14/1717} [NEHGS marr]
_x PSW says b 1693 (based on Journal), others have 1692 [Journal entry ambiguous, follows March 1692 entry]
+m 15mr1716 Tobijah Perking/Perkins (TopsfieldMA)
_a marr record Wakefield (also Reading!), but "of Topsfield"
20>252 Rv Jonathan P- jr 09/14/1695-01/12/1758 dwi (Newburyport MA)
_a ReadingMA; FalmouthME 01/1721; ManchesterMA 1729; FtRichmondME 1739;
_a2 NewburyMA 1746; d HampsteadNH.
_e Harv 1714 (Webb scholarship), MA1716
_e2 MA: An Textus Hebraicus Veteris Testamenti sit adeo ab omni
_e3 corruptela immunis, ut sit Norma completa, ad quam omnes versiones
_e4 conformari debeant? (argued affirm)
_om schoolmaster 1715-16 (40 pounds per year), army chaplain & surgeon
_b Harv1714.69-71
+m /???? Margaret Drummer(?) ??-06/03/1781(HampsteadNH) in 80th year [NEHGS deaths]
_h died of fever at Hampstead, buried at Newbury [NEHGS]
_k possibly sr of Lt Gov William Drummer
20>253 Sarah P- /1697-03se1773(NewburyportMA) ag 76 [NEHGS deaths]
_q she is not mentioned in the NEHGS diary of Johathan P-
+m 09/29/1721(Redding) Dr Enoch Sawyer 06/22/1694-(before 1773) [NEHGS marr]
_a Newbury(port)MA ; Wakefield marr record
_p Stephen 04/25/1663-???? +m Ann Sawyer/Sayer
_b Enoch Sawyer does not appear in AG indices
20>2531 [child] Sawyer 05/12/1722-05/14/1722 dy [PHD]
20>2532 Enoch Sawyer 04/19/1723-????
20>2533 Mary Sawyer 09/11/1725-????
20>2534 Anna Sawyer 09/15/1727-????
20>2535 Edmund Sawyer 04/28/1730-????
20>2536 Micajah Sawyer(1) 09/23/1733-{bef 1737}
20>2537 [daughter] Sawyer 10/18/1735-????
20>2538 Dr Micajah Sawyer(2) 07/13/1737(NewburyMA)-09/29/1815
_q PHD has b 05/06/1737 (Newbury Records)
_e Harv 1756, MA17?? (passions link matter and comprehension)
_e2 unable to pursue med stds in Europe, read avidly; Harv Hon MD1793
_k Harv1756.84: 4th son of Dr Enoch Sawyer +m Sarah P-
_o schoolmaster, physician & surgeon, just peace, humanitarian
_r First Presby ch, liberal views (politically libertarian too)
_g Old Hill Burying Ground, NewburyMA
+m 11/25/1766 Sibyll Farnham ??-07/08/1842(NewburyportMA)
_p Daniel Farnham (Harv 1769) +m Sibyll Angier
20>25381 Joseph Sawyer 12/09/1767-01/??/1795
20>25382 William Sawyer 02/01/1771-04/18/1859
_a1847 Mt. Vernon St, Boston
_e Harv 1788
_n PHD has him about 72 years old in 1847, batchelor
20>25383 Micajah Sawyer {bp 01/24/1773}-07/??/1888
_b Essex Journal 07/16/1788, 3-4 (obit)
20>25384 Sybill Sawyer {bp 07/30/1775}-08/10/1793
20>25385 Joseph Sawyer 12/09/1777-??/??/1795(enroute to LondonENG)
20>25386 Hannah Farnham Sawyer 11/05/1780-??
_a1847 living with batchelor brother William in Boston
_o described as "the authoress" in PHD
+m 01/20/1807 George G. Lee [dbl wedding?]
_e Harv 1792
20>25387 Mary Ann Sawyer {bp 09/03/1781-??
+m 01/20/1807 Philip J. Schuyler [dbl wedding?]
20>25388 Thomas Sawyer {bp 05/18/1783-??
20>2538 Sarah Sawyer /1740-
+m /???? Cpt Thomas Parsons
20>2538h Anna Parsons
+m /???? Fitzwilliam Sargent (GloucesterMA)
20>2538hh Sarah Sargent
+m /???? Rv Samuel Worcester
20>254 Thomas P- 10/09/1700(ReadingMA)-04/04/1753(DanversMA) dwi [NEHGS births]
_n he is not mentioned in the NEHGS diary of Jonathan P-
_e Harv 1721 (with much trouble!), MA1724; hung around Harv some
_e2 MA: An ante Diem Judicii, Christus perfectus sit Salvator ["no"]
_o already teaching 1715 at Woodend, ReadingMA [PSW]; itinerant preacher
_b Harv1721.547-49; corrects PM -- was not a tutor & prof at Harv!
_q PHD cites the 1717 estate settlement with an Edmund betw. Thom and Anna
20>255 Anna P- {ca 1703|4}- {aft 1731}
_n she is not mentioned in the NEHGS diary of Jonathan P-
+m1 12/09/1731(ReadingMA) Edmund Gale (MarbleheadMA) [NEHGS marr]
+m2 ?? __ Ring (MarbleheadMA)
20>256 Joseph P- 10/13/1706-se1794 (DanversMA) unm ag88 [NEHGS births newsp]
_n "born about one in morning" (Jonathan P- diary in NEHGR)
_o merchant at Salem MA
_b obits Danvers [NEHGS recs] at 88 yrs 23se1794
20>257 Mary P- 02/11/1707|8(ReadingMA)-?? [NEHGS births]
_n Harv3.351 has b "21 Feb. 1707" (PSW Feb. 11) but that is impossible
_n2 Feb 11 1707  is the date given in the diary of Jonathan P- (NEHGR)
+m 12/04/1727(ReadingMA) Jonathan Bancroft
_q June Methot chart says Jonathan (not Joseph) Bancroft; so also NEHGS marr record
20>258 Edward P- dwi
_q is this the Edmund mentioned betw Thomas and Anne in the 1717 estate
_q2= settlement?
_g d at age 20 of smallpox
+m /???? Elizabeth __

20>26 Thomas P- 07/07/1667-?/?/1690 dwi (Canada)
_q b 11/06/1667 (perhaps bapt then) PSW alternative; d 1710 [=1701?] in some sources!
_q2 bap 11au1667 [PRU]
_g died on "Expedition of 1690 to Canada" [PRU]
_w bro James granted admin on 05de1701, with consent of bro Jonathan
20>27 Ezra P- 07/30/1669-10/10/1669[PHD]{"d. 21 (9) /1669" [MP]}
_q PRU has born 10jl1669 (Vital Records Roxbury 1.280)
_g buried Roxbury 21se1669 [PRU "sic"]
20>28 Sarah P-(1) 11/29/1671-11/29/1671[PHD]{"d. very soon" [SD]} dy
20>29 Margaret P-(3) 04/30/1673(RoxburyMA)-07/23{28}/1713(ReadingMA)
_qb 1672 [PHD PRU & several other sources] but that is too soon after sr Sarah
_q2 PRU has bap 05my1672
_r covenant at Roxbury 13my1688; member Reading 04je1697 [PRU]
+m 09/26/1695(Reading MA) Dr/Lt Benjamin Swayne 09/01/1669-10/18/1747 ag 79
_n June Methot (via Anne Willis) chart says +m in Roxbury (which makes sense)
_n2 .....[+m2 1714 wd Elizabeth ?? Boutwell]
_q b 09/09 [Anne Willis chart, cites Reading Vital Records = PRU]
_a ReadingMA
_r member Reading 05oc1690 [PRU]
_f Jeremy/Jeremiah Swayne 03/01/1643-08/13/1710(ReadingMA) ag67
_fo physician, selectman, military officer, justice of peace, politician
_m +m 11/05/1664 Mary Smith 11/15/1648-1714+
_fp Jeremie Swayne ??-04/02/1658 +m 1638(CharlestownMA) Mary/Mercy __
_mp Francis Smith +m Alice __
_s Jeremiah, John(1), John(2), {Ben} John(3), Mary, Hepzibeth, Sarah, Elizabeth
_n sometimes spelled Swaine (as in her f's will)/Swain
20>291 Margaret Swayne 10/05/1696(ReadingMA)-??
+m 07/07/1720 Joseph Allen (Salem)
20>292 John Swayne 08/05/1698(ReadingMA)-
+m1 12/01/1720 Mary Perkin (TopsfieldMA) ??-1737
_n see 1716 +m of Elizabeth P- (20>221) to Tobijah Perking of TopsfieldMA!
+m2 10/11/1738 Mary Stow
_a "lived at the North Precinct" (Geneal Hist of Redding)
20>2921 John Swayne 1721-
20>2922 Joseph Swayne 1723-
_e Harv 1744
_o minister of WenhamMA
20>2923 Mary Swayne 1724-{bef 1728}
20>2924 Hannah Swayne 1725-1736
_h six of the siblings d Nov-Dec 1736 of throat distemper [GHTR]
20>2925Daniel Swayne 1726-1736
_h six of the siblings d Nov-Dec 1736 of throat distemper [GHTR]
20>2926 Mary Swayne(2) 1728-1736
_h six of the siblings d Nov-Dec 1736 of throat distemper [GHTR]
20>2927 Amos Swayne 1730-1736
_h six of the siblings d Nov-Dec 1736 of throat distemper [GHTR]
20>2928 Jonathan Swayne 1732-1736
_h six of the siblings d Nov-Dec 1736 of throat distemper [GHTR]
20>2929Elizabeth Swayne 1734-
20>2920 Margaret Swayne 1736-1736
_h six of the siblings d Nov-Dec 1736 of throat distemper [GHTR]
20>292aNathaniel Swayne 1740-
20>292b Mary Swayne(3) 1743-
20>293 Benjamin Swayne 11/18/1700(ReadingMA)-??
_a moved to Woburn
+m 12/07/1727 Sarah Appleton (IpswichMA)
20>2931 Benjamin Swayne(1) 1729-1729
20>2932 William Swayne 1732-1736
20>2933 Sarah Swayne 1738-
20>2934 Benjamin Swayne(2) 1740-
20>2935 Elizabeth Swayne 1743-
20>294 Mary Swayne(1) 03/29/1702(ReadingMA)-07/29/1707(ReadingMA)
20>295 Thomas Swayne 09/12/1705(ReadingMA)-1759 ag53
_o physician
+m ???? Hannah __
20>2951 Hannah Swayne 1731-
+m 1749 Gen Benjamin Brown
20>2952 Hepzibeth Swayne 1733-
20>2953 Lucy Swayne(1) 1735-{bef 1744} dy
20>2954 Thomas Swayne 1738-?? dy
20>2955 Oliver Swayne 1740-1773
_o physician
+m 1762 Margaret Walton csn
_p John Walton +m Mary Swayne
20>29551 Margaret Swayne 1763-
+m 1786 Jeremiah Hartshorn
20>29552 Oliver Swayne 1765
+m 1789 Margaret Hartshorn
20>29553 Benjamin Swayne 1767-
+m ???? __ Buck
20>29554 Thomas Swayne 1771-
_o school teacher
+m ???? Betsy Pope
20>2956 Samuel Swayne 1743-
20>2957 Lucy Swayne(2) 1744-?? dy
20>2958 Margaret Swayne 1748-
20>2959 Thomas Swayne(2) 1751-1780 ag30
_o physician
+m ?? Abigail __
20>29591 Lucinda Swayne 1775-
20>29592 Thomas Swayne 1780-
20>296 Elizabeth Swayne 06/13/1707(ReadingMA)-??
+m 02/23/1726|7 Jonathan Lawrence (Lexington)
20>297 Mary Swayne 07/28/1709(WakefieldMA)-04/30/1781(ReadingMA)
_q b 07/27 [Anne Willis chart] in ReadingMA [June Methot chart]
+m1 05/09/1734 John Williams\2 (Newbury MA) ??-{ca 1738}
_q GHTR says +m 1733
_p Richard Williams +m Ruth Rogers (NewburyMA)
_fs Thomas Williams
+m2 09/18/1739(ReadingMA) Cpt John Walton\6 02/1710(ReadingMA)-04/1785(=)
_n [+m1 Martha Burns/Burnap]
_p John Walton (MarbleheadMA) +m Mary __
_fp Samuel Walton (bp 06/20/1639 MarbleheadMA) +m Sara L. Maverick 02/20/1641
_ffp Rv William Walton (MarbleheadMA) +m Elizabeth L. Cooke
_fmp Elias Maverick c1604-1684 +m c1633 Anna Harris ??-1697(ReadingMA)
_fmmp Thomas Harris +m Elizabeth
_fmff Rv John Maverick (DorchesterMA)
20>2971 Sarah Williams
+m ??/??/1759 Lt Asa Kendall\13
_n June Methot notes "Asa & Sara...had 13 children of whom the 8th was named P-"
_p Ebeneezer Kendall m1732|3 Hannah Hasey
+m 10/31/1781(?) Jonathan Davies csn 03/19/1716(CambridgeMA)-02/06/1801(?)\1
_n see Harv1738.285 (on Jonathan Davies)
20>2971h Asa Kendall jr
+m 1784 Molly Wallis/Wallace
20>2971hh Asa Kendall iii
+m 1808 Polly Worster/Worcester
20>2971hhh Catherine Kendall
+m 1847 Charles Giles Cate
20>2971hhhh Lottie Wilson Cate
+m 1886 Ulderic Homer Methot
20>2971hhhhh Homer Cate Methot
+m 1921 Marjorie West Kelly
20>2971hhhhhh June Methot
20>29718 Pierpont Kendall
20>2971h ?? Davies dy
20>2972 Mary Williams
20>2973 Mary Walton 08/01/1740-
20>2974 Margaret Walton 06/19 1742-
20>2975 John Walton tw 06/11/1744-
20>2976 Hepzibah Walton tw 06/11/1744-
20>2977 Bridget Walton 05/18/1746(Reading MA)-01/22/1831(NwIpswchNH)
_q Anne Willis has her b 05/29 [bap then?]
+m 09/19/1767 Thaddeus Taylor 04/10/1744(Dunstable MA)-09/11/1825
_a +m DunstableMA; NewIpswichNH (when?); d (NwIpswchNH)
_p Samuel Taylor +m Susannah Perham
_fp Abraham Taylor +m Sarah Pellet
_ffp Abraham Taylor +m Mary Whittaker
_ffff William Taylor (ConcordMA)
20>2977h Rachel Taylor 11/08/1770-03/05/1853
+m 06/07/1791(NwIpswichNH) Stephen Brooks 03/22/1759-01/29/1848
_a b (Lincoln MA) d (NwIpswch NH)
_om rev war soldier
20>2977hh Harvey Brooks 05/30/1805(NwIpswichNH)-01/18/1892(GardnerMA)
+m 09/21/1831(AshburnhamMA) Lois Billings Burgess 04/27/1810(=)-01/19/1892
_a d (GardnerMA)
_p Joseph Fairbanks Burgess +m Lois Gibson Billings
20>2977hhh Euclid Leroy Brooks 07/16/1835(AshburnhamMA)-03/02/1929(GardnerMA)
+m 08/14/1861 Flavilla Rebecca Adams 05/10/1841(GardnerMA)-11/04/1915(=)
_p Hosea Adams (GardnerMA) +m Rebecca Conant (GardnerMA)
_fp Daniel Adams +m Dinah Metcalf
_mp Farwell Conant (desc of Roger Conant SalemMA) +m Lucy Wright
20>2977hhh1 Loura Brooks unm
20>2977hhh2 Harvey Brooks
+m Molly Haven
20>2977hhh21 Lois Brooks
+m ? Baker
20>2977hhh22 Caroline Brooks
+m Warren Bill
20>2977hhh23 Henry (Bill) Brooks
+m Dorothy Cutter/Cutler
20>2977hhh3 Charles Conant Brooks
+m Elva Powers
20>2977hhh31 Evelyn Brooks
+m Harold Williams
20>2977hhh32 Miriam Brooks
+m Philip Cutter/Cutler
20>2977hhh33 Rachel Brooks
+m O. Ray Weden
20>2977hhh34 Herbert Brooks
+m Ada Heywood {?}
20>2977hhh35 Charles Conant Brooks jr
_a1995 EastFalmouthMA
+m Faith Morrison
20>2977hhh4 Edward Adams Brooks
+m Clare Nichols
20>2977hhh41 Roger Brooks
+m Ida ??
20>2977hhh42Elinor Brooks
+m Wallace Pack {?}
20>2977hhh43 Stanley Brooks
+m Jane ??
20>2977hhh44 Donald Brooks dwi
_om killed in ww2
20>2977hhh5 Walter Paige Brooks ????(GardnerMA)-07/03/1962(AtlantaGA)
+m 07/24/1915(NYC) Anna Carlisle Jackson 07/24/1887-12/29/1961
_a b (LexingtonKY) d (AtlantaGA)
_p Oliver F. Jackson (MercerCoKY) +m Sarah Minerva Hendren (MadisonCoKY) d NYC
20>2977hhh51 Sarah Jane Brooks 03/28/1917(AtlantaGA)-
_a PortGibsonMS
+m1 Nelson McCaa
_om killed in ww2
+m2 Jake Louis Abraham
_om Col USAF
20>2977hhh511 Janet Carol McCaa
20>2977hhh512 Jake Louis Abraham jr
20>2977hhh513 Penny Carlisle Abraham
20>2977hhh514 Linda Margaret Abraham
20>2977hhh52 Anne Jackson Brooks 12/08/1918(AtlantaGA)-
_a1995 ClarksvilleMD [PFA dist cup]
_a 6276 Linkythorn Lane, Clarksville MD 21029 [let to RAK 5/1990, 3/1995]
_n has first cousin Charles Corant Brooks jr (EastFalmouthMA) b ca 1915
+m 12/21/1941 William Paul Willis jr 09/21/1919(AtlantaGA)-
_om cpt USN
_n they adopted 2 children in 1960, ages 9 1/2 and 7 1/2
20>2977hhh52z William Paul Willis iii
20>2977hhh52y Rebecca Anne Willis
20>2978 Pierpont Walton 11/02/1753-
_n for details, see NEXUS 11.6 216
20>298 Sarah Swayne 02/221710|11(ReadingMA)-??
+m 08/17/1727 Daniel Mors/Mores/Morse 08mr1695(NewburyMA)-

20>2981 Joshua Morse 05oc1729

20>2982 Sarah Morse 28mr1731
20>2983 Daniel Morse 19fe1732(NewburyMA)-1790(GeorgetownME)
+m ap1749(PhippsburgME) Margaret McNeil Crane wd 1734-1762

20>29831 Daniel Morse 02fe1749/50(PhippsburgME)-11ja1830

_om Revolutionary War soldier

+ 12je1775(PhippsburgME) Mary/Marcy Wyman 07jl1756(GeorgetownME)-11ja1830(PhippsburgME)

20>298311 Elizabeth Morse 23se1777(GeorgetownME)-

20>298312 Nathaniel Morse 19ap1778(PhippsburgME)-
20>298313 James Morse 07se1780(GeorgetownME)-

20>298314 Jane Morse 16ap1784(GeorgetownME)-
20>298315 Elijah Morse 23mr1786(PhippsburgME)-

20>298316 Daniel Morse iv 21ja1792(GeorgetownME)-
20>298317 Francis Morse 01my1788(GeorgetownME)-
20>298318 Winslow Morse 01ap1790(GeorgetownME)-
20>298319 Sarah Morse 10jn1793(GeorgetownME)-
20>298310 Hannah Wyman Morse 17oc1795(PhippsburgME)-17je1862(PhippsburgME)

+ 04ap1815(PhippsburgME) John L. Morrison 1795(PhippsburgME)-26no1870(PhippsburgME)
_pf Moses Morrison, Revolutionary War soldier

20>2983101 Nathaniel Morrison 14je1816(PhippsburgME)-
20>2983102 Elizabeth Percy Morrison 29de1817(PhippsburgME)-20ja1901(PhippsburgME)

_g Bowker Cem.,Phippsburg,Sagadahoc,Maine

+m 16no1841 Timothy Batchelder Bowker 16no1816-11mr1902(PhippsburgME)
_n see US censuses 1860-1900, ME census, farmer, 63 in 1880

_g Bowker Cem.,Phippsburg,Sagadahoc,Maine
_p James Bowker Major m Eunice Batchelder

20>2983102h Charlotte Amelia Bowker 1855-1909
 +m ???? Frank Alvin Rogers MD 1855-1940
20>2983102hh ?? Rogers
20>2983102hhh Wallace Rogers Baker
_b source for this line of the genealogy, 01my2009

20>2983103 Alden Morrison 19fe1820(PhippsburgME)-

20>2983104 Mary A. Morridon 19my1821(PhippsburgME)-
20>2983105 Elijah Morrison 02ap1824(PhippsburgME)-

20>2983106 Lydia A. Morrison 19no1828(PhippsburgME)-
20>2983107 Martha Jane Morrison 07my1830(PhippsburgME)-

20>2983108 W. P. Morrison 19fe1832(PhippsburgME)-

20>2983109 George Rogers Morrison 13je1834(PhippsburgME)-

20>2983100 Llewellyn M. Morrison 25je1836(PhippsburgME)-
20>298310a Timothy B. Morrison 24my1842(PhippsburgME)-

20>29831a Obrien Morse 12my1799(GeorgetownME)-
20>29832 David Morse 15ap1752(GeorgetownME)-
20>29833 Jonathan Morse 07au1755(GeorgetownME)-
20>29834 Margaret Morse 1756(GeorgetownME)-
20>2984 Elizabeth Morse 1735(NewburyMA)-????
20>299 Anna Swayne 1713-??
+m 1732 James Parker
20>290 Hepzibeth Swayne 1715-??
+m 1732 Joseph Appleton (Ipswich)
_n see WakefieldMA rec Hepzibah Appleton m 12fe1794 Jonathan Pierpont Hay [NEHGS]
_n2 and they had  Pierpont Hay (29my1794), Sarah (27fe1796), Joseph (23no1797), Nancy (16fe1800), and Appleton (06ap1802) in ReadingMA
20>20+ James P-
_q PRU bapt Roxbury 25oc1674
20>20 James P-(2) 10/28/1675-10/14/1676[PHD] dy {[SD] "d. next yr."}
_q PRU bapt Roxburh 14oc1676
20>2a James P-(3) 08/27/1677[SD]-12/04/1721[PHD] (Roxbury MA)
_n PSW bapt 10/25/1674; PM b 08/07/1674 [others 1679 ?]
_n2 if b 1677, bp can't be 1674; mentioned last in f's will (1694)
+m 06/03/1709 Sarah Gardner Gore 08/24/1685-??
_b obit? 25je1771 Essex Gazette "at Roxbury, Mrs. P-i widow aged 86" [NEHGS newsp]
[+m2 06/04/1728(Roxbury) Abraham Wood (BrooklineMA) [PHD]]
_x PM22 gives info then says date of marriage and name of wife not known!
_p John Gore ??-06/26/1705(Roxbury) +m Sarah __
_ff John Gore 05/23/1634 (ENG)-06/04/1657
_fm +m Rhoda [+m2 John Remington AG2.375]
_ffs{?} Richard Gore +m 1639 Phebe Hewes
20>2a1 Thomas P- 01/14/1711-?? [RE] (MddltwnCT [PM39])
_n PHD "Thomas P- & Joanna Person were published in Boston" 10/03/1733
_s NEHGS web Boston weddings:
Thomas Pierpont & Joannah Person Married on Oct. 3, 1733
+m 06/10/1736 Mary Hensted (> Boston) [RE]
_q1 is this the Thomas P- 1711(?)-09/15/1764 who +m[2?] Lucy __
_q2 their dau Lucy P- (bp 01/20/1754)-07/18/1817
_q3 Lucy P- +m 11/17/1783 John Ward iii 04/17/1757|8(Mddltwn)-10/15/1804
_qn info from Michael Ward (bitnet) Oct 1990, (ms) Dec 1990
_qq fit here? Thomas P-[P-i/Pairpoint] 04/28/1756(Mddltwn)-04/16/1837(ChittendenVT)
_qq1 only son [J.] Samuel P-[P-i] ca1781-???? +m Mary Henderson
_qq2 sons Edwin P-[P-i] ca1820-???? and Thomas W. P-[P-i] ca1820
_qq3 Thomas(1) and Samuel were blacksmiths, moved to ShelburnVT
_qq4 then ca 1833 family moved to HamburghNY to oct1843 to CherryVallIL
_qq5 extensive documentation in NARWPR; Thomas(1) minuteman, etc.
20>2a1h Mary P- ??/??/17??-04/18/1808 (NwLondon) [Nancy Stephens let]
+m 12/16/1762 Daniel Holt (NwLondon)
_n contact with Nancy Hl Stephens, SC, 29 May 1990, descendant
20>2a2 Robert P- 12/21/1712(Roxbury MA)-11/29/1786(RoxburyMA) ag74 [=20>1h ?]
_r admitted to Roxbury church fellowship 05/11/1739 [PHD]
_n PMp154 records text of letter from him to cousin Evelyn in NwH
_n2 see NEHGS Boston Gazette 21se1772, with CalebDavis lost trial case vs Ebenezer Cutler in Worchester, defended by Josaiah Quincy and John Adams
_w dated 22no1786 (proved 19de1786, Suffolk Probate Records) names wife Hannah [Livermore], dau Elizabeth Cunningham, son Robert, grandson Robert P- Cunningham, nephew Joseph P- [PHD] [Deweenta G. Bones jl1990]
_b obit 28no1786 "ag74" and 02de1786 "ag75" [NEHGS newsp]
_q is this the Robert P- who was coroner in Crispus Attuck case [NEHGR 44.382] and State Commissary for Prisoners in 1777 [NEHGR 112.213]?
+m1 05/25/1738 Hannah Ruggles ????-10/10/1747 [cj PHD]
_q is PHD correct in concluding that Roxbury Records misstated her
_q=husband's name as Ebenezer, not Robert, in giving her death date?
_r admitted to Roxbury church fellowship 05/11/1739 [PHD]
+m2{?} 03/12/1752 Susannah Morey [PHD Rox.Recs] [MP]
Robert Pierpont & Susanna Mercy of Roxbury Married on Jan. 29, 1752 [NEHGS web Boston marriages]
_q probably not Morcy [as D. G. Bones 7/90]?
+m3{?} 06/13/1761 Ann(e) Pierpont c1728-mr1774(Boston) [PHD Rox.Recs]
_s NEHGS web Boston marriages, 25de1760, Robert Peirpont m Ann Peirpont of Roxbury
_b obits 14mr1774 "Mrs Ann Pierpont aged 45, wife of Mr. Robert P-" [NEHGS newsp]
_p probably Ebenezer +m Ann Hilton P-
_s NEHGS web Boston weddings:
Mr. Ebenr. Pierpont & Mrs. Ann Hilton Married By Mr. Nehemiah Walter on Roxbury. Feb. 19, 1722
_r admitted to church fellowship 20ap1755 [PHD]
+m4{?} 09/06/1775(Waltham) Hannah Livermore Potter wd 10/30/1713-fe1799 [NEHGSmarr]
_b obit 28fe1799 at 73yr in Roxbury, s of Hon Senator Livermore [NEHGSnewsp]
_n wd of Nathaniel Potter ??-09/07/1773 Harv 1753 (in Harv1753.349)
_p Samuel +m Elizabeth Livermore (Waltham)
_s brother Matthew Livermore Harv 1722
_m1 11/24/1755 rv N. Potter (Brookline)
20>2a21 Hannah P- 06/21/1740-09/28/1742(Boston)
20>2a22 Sarah P- 07/05/1742-09/05/1742(Boston)
20>2a23 Elizabeth P- 05/14/17??(Boston)-????
_n inherited the Boston house from her father [PHD]
+m 13ap1779 Cpt Peter Cunningham (Boston) [PHD]
_s NEHGS web Boston marriages:
Capt. Peter Cunningham & Elizabeth Pierpoint Married on Apr. 13, 1779
_n see NEHGR for biog info on James (1747-1787) and Peter (1750-1827)
_n2 according to Robert P- will, James improved the Boston house [PHD]
_q more likely Cpt Peter Cunningham [as D.G.Bones and NEHGR 55.419f]
_o sea captain as young man
_q2 NEHGR in bio for Peter claims he +m Elizabeth P- dau of Robert P- of Boston on 20my1779, moved to PomfretCT, and they had 17 children!
_q3 of the surviving children, "several have left descendants scattered over northern and eastern CT" [NEHGR 55.419f]
20>2a231 Robert Pierpont Cunningham
_n named in grandfather Robert P-'s will in 1786 [PHD]
20>2a232 Peter Cunningham jr [??]
_n if the name is accurate, the marr to Peter is confirmed

+m /???? Sally Ingalls
20>2a23i James Cunningham 1791-1880
_o "a manufacturer at ThompsonCT ... The Mechanics Co." [NEHGR]
20>2a23ih Anna Elizabeth Cunningham

20>2a23ii John Matthew Cunningham
_a1901 MechanicsvilleCT
2a23h Elizabeth Ellen Cunningham (PomfretCT)
+m /???? Henry William Weeks
2a23hh William Henry Weeks (NH)
+m /???? Sarah Moulton Jackson
2a23hhh Lila Hamilton Weeks (NH)
+m /???? __ Conrad
2a23hhhh Lila Deweenta Conrad (NH)
+m /???? __ Gray
2a23hhhhh Deweenta Gray (SD)
_n let to RAK dated 06/27/1990
with the above information
+m /???? Walter I. Bones (SD)

20>2a24 Robert P- 02/08/1764-/1788(Calais/CalvisFRA) ag23/25
_e Harv 1785
_a fell under spell of Elizabeth Chudleigh at St.Petersburg & Calais [PM89]
_n PMp154 gives exerpts from his report of plotting with Eliz Chudleigh
_b see Salem Gazette of Aug 1788 , Chronicle 25se1788 (25 yr old) [PHD][NEHGS newsp]
20>2a3 Sarah P- 11/11/1714-/1795|97{?AG7.549)
+m 11/25/1731 Joshua Davis /1706(Woodstock CT)-/1755(Brookline MA) [AG7.549]
_p Joseph Davis (Woodstock CT) +m __ [AG7.549]
_o innkeeper
_n PHD a Joshua Davis and wife Sarah had children in Brookline 1755-62
20>2a3h Maj Robert Davis /1746-/1798 [AG7.549]
_om officer Revol, at Boston Tea Party
+m2 /1776 Mary Fales Farrington /1753-/1836
_p Jona Farrington +m Mary Fales
20>2a3hh Clarissa May Davis /1791-/1882 [AG7.549]
+m /1811 William Ely /1767-/1847
_e Yale BA 1787
_p Rv Richard Ely +m Jerusha Sheldon
20>2a3hhh William Davis Ely /1815-/1908 [AG7.549]
_e Yale BA 1836 lawyer (Providence RI)
+m /1854 Ann Crawford Allen /1818-/1888
_p Zachariah Allen +m Eliza Harriet Arnold
20>2a3hhh1 Harriet Allen Ely /1855-/1862 dy [AG7.549]
20>2a3hhh2 William Ely 06/17/1858-????
_e AG7.549 Brown PhB 1878 manufacturer (Prvd RI)
+m1 07/24/1894 Cora Codman\3 07/12/1874(Brkln MA)-????
_p James Macmaster Codman +m Henrietta Gray Sargent (Brkln MA)
+m2 02/10/1910 Cornelia Lewis White 01/05/1876-01/17/1932
_p Lyttleton White +m Mary Lamberton
+m3 06/07/1933 Adelaide Mary Fenton 04/08/1876(S AFR)-????
_p Reginald Fenton (Wales) +m Mary Blenkins (Yorkshire ENG)
20>2a3hhh21 William Ely 10/09/1895-06/18/1915
20>2a3hhh22 Cora Codman Ely 06/09/1897(Prvd RI)-????
+m1 11/18/1918 Hall Nichols\3 (Bstn MA)
+m2 ??/??/???? Edward Motley Guild\1 (Bstn MA)
20>2a3hhh221 Nancy Hall Nichols 07/23/1919-????
20>2a3hhh222 Sarah Gray Nichols 02/10/1921-????
20>2a3hhh223 Elizabeth Codman Nichols 09/08/1924-????
20>2a3hhh224 Edward Motley Guild jr 01/02/1930-????
20>2a3hhh23 Anne Allen Ely 08/06/1898(Wareham MA)-????
+m 02/11/1922 John Maitland Brewer Churchill 06/20/1899-????
_p John Maitland Brewer Chruchill +m Florence Winsor
20>2a3hhh231 John Maitland Brewer Churchill 12/25/1925-????
20>2a3hhh232 Anne Macmaster Churchill 12/09/1928-????
20>2a4 Joseph P- 12/07/1716-de1772(HalifaxNS)
_q is it his will dated 06/27/1772 in NEHGS archives (SG PIE 15)?
_b obit 28de1772 "Died at Halifax Nova-Scotia after a lingering sickness, Joseph P- Esq"
+m /???? Miss Hamilton [settled in Halifax NS]
20>2a5 Abigail P- 04/02/1719-{ca 1800} [PHD]
_g PWD says she d at Roxbury, about ag80
_x PWD confuses her with her niece Sarah (Fellows)
+m 08/04/1742(Roxbury) Ebenezer Newell jr
20>2a6 James P- {ca 1721}-?? (>Halifax NS)
+m 05/08/1744 Sarah Dorr [cj PHD]
20>2a61 Joseph P- (>eastern Maine /1792)
_n a "nephew Joseph P-" is mentioned in (20>2a2) Robert P-'s 1786 will
_n2 pugilistic image, "Duke of Kingston" story/nickname [PHD]
_a said to have lived with his sister Sarah (or Abigail) in Roxbury
20>2a62 James P-
20>2a63 Sarah P- {ca 1750}-04/??/1828[PHD]
_a Roxbury and Boston (Hollis Street) PHD
_g d at her house on Hollis St, bur 04/12/1828 ag78 [PHD]
_q she is called Abigail in PWD via PHD (confused with her aunt?)
_n PWD calls her "a much celebrated beauty"
+m 28se1769 Gustavus Fellows (or his brother Cornelius)
_s NEHGS web Boston weddings (01no2006); marr by Rev Mather Byles
_sx Gustavus, not Cornelius; G. first married Hannah P- in 1761
_n see notes about Emily P- DeLesdernier and these relationships (below)
20>2b Robert P- 12/31/1678-02/02/1679[PHD] dy {[SD] "d. in few wks."}
_g "dyed by falling out of lap of a girle" [PRU]
20>2c Sarah P-(2) 05/24/1680{"bapt. 29 (3) /1680" [MP]}- {aft 07/31/1745}
_n called Sarah junior in f's will in 1694, listed (#4) before James (#5)!
_n2 more details on wills, etc. in PRU
+m 06/24/1708(RoxburyMA) Gershom Davies/Davis {ca 1681}-{aft 07/31/1745}
_a ActonMA, CambridgeMA [so PHD, citing Roxbury Recs]
_p Gershom Davies/Davis 1644-1717 +m Sarah, had Anna, Samuel, Gershom [NEHGS]
20>2c1 Nathaniel Davies
20>2c2 Elizabeth Davies
20>2c3 Jonathan Davies 03/19/1716(CambridgeMA)-02/06/1801(?)
_e Harv1738.285
+m 10/31/1781(?) Sarah Williams\one child dy

20>3 Mary P-re (b in Ireland?)
_n1 possibly came to America; see ref to "Aunt Mary" by John Eaton
_n2 in his letter to Uncle John P- at Roxbury on 10/16/1666, unless "Mary"
_n3 could possibly refer to a sister of his father, William (?) Eaton!
_n4 see CE 04/13/1635 on Elizabeth & Ann, Abigail Eaton ag 35 with
_n5 Mary Eaton ag 4 and Thomas Eaton ag 1 [also noted in MP and Ships]
_n6 MP lists no male Eatons residing in Roxbury; mostly Reading MA
20>4 Anne P-re (b in London)
20>5 Martha P-re (b in London)
_n received inheritance from mother ca 1664 [PMp133 letter]
+m /???? Rv John {or William [PM]} Eaton (Bridport Dorset) ca /1620
_n "ejected" from pastoral post ca 1662 for dissent with Ch of ENG
_n2 RB: a John Eaton was pastor of what is now the "Unitarian Chapel"
_n3 in Bridport, and was succeeded by N.Goodwin on 16ap1661;
_n4 called "a very ingenious and delicate preacher" (Dr. Calamy; RB)
_q could he be the Byrom Eaton for whom Henry P-re (Dorchester) asked
_q2 King for a "prebend" -- had been ejected from Oxford post for loyalty
_q3 to the late King (Charles I), in whose army he had served as chaplain
20>5h John Eaton ca /1648
_e attending Oxford in 10/1666 when he writes letter to Uncle John P-
_eq OxGrad lists a John Eyton who matric. Christ Ch. 13mr1667|68 ag 18
_eq2 this John Eyton got BA 1671 MA 1674 (d 1708|9), son of Thomas
_eq3 another John Eyton matric Jesus Coll. 21mr1658|9 (OxGrad)
_n PMp133 refers to letter from him to his Uncle John P- in Roxbury
20>5i __ (daughter in London [PMp133 /1664 letter])
20>5k __ ("many children" [PMp133 /1664 letter])

17>254 Joseph P-re [PD]
17>255 Joshua P-re [PD]
_n1 PD says he is mentioned in his father's will in 1648
_a Witherington Cheshire
_n1 "The descent for four generations (to 1788) from this
_n2 youngest son, Joshua, is carefully recorded in the Heralds
_n3 College, with what object in view is conjectural, but such
_n4 conjectures point to the probability of the record being
_n5 made in 1773-1780, when the question of the American claimants
_n6 was under consideration" [PDp16]
+m /???? Ann Yerwood\?
17>255h John P-re (b 03/14/1660(Sweltenham))-/1743(Wilmslow) [PD]
_a Hough, parish of Wilmslow, Chester
+m /???? Elizabeth Holton\?
17>255hh William Drummond P-re /1691(Chorley Cheshire)-/1737 [PD]
_g bd St.Paneras Middlesex
+m1 ?? __\?
+m2 ?? __\3
17>255hhh John P-re (only son, born in Macclesfield Cheshire) [PD]
_a Cold Harbor, Titherington, Cheshire
+m /????(Prestbury) Margaret Bancroft
_p William Bancroft +m ?? (Macclesfield)
17>255hhh1 Bancroft P-re /1735-???? [PD]
_a Kevidge near Macclesfield
+m /???? Anne Broxer (Bollington)
17>255hhh2 Mary P-re
+m /???? James Brooke
17>255hhh3 John P-re dwi (died at sea) [PD]
17>255hhh4 Anne Sophia P-re
17>255hhh5 Hannah P-re
17>255hhh6 William P-re /1739(Macclesfield)-(post /1788) [PD]
+m1 ?? Anne Ridgeway (Titherington)
+m2 ?? Mary Oldham (Titherington)
17>255hhh7 Roger P-re ????-/1780 [PD]
_a Broadway, Blackfriars, London
17>255hhh8 George P-re unm [PD]
17>255hhh9 Joshua P-re ????-/1783 [PD]
_a London
17>255hhh0 James P-re [PD]
_a Bollington, Cheshire; afterwards of CharlestonSC
17>255hhh Hannah P-re
+m /???? John Glover
17>255hhi Mary P-re
+m /???? Edward Whittaker
17>255hhk Anne P-re
+m /???? John Bell
17>26 Anne/Anna P-re (a minor [unm] in /1564 [in father's will])
_n listed 2nd or 3rd on NT 87 chart; HP2 reverses with Isabel
+m1 ?? Thomas Thorold (Marston, Leics)
+m2 ?? Francis Beaumont Esq (Grace Dieu, Leics)
17>26h Francis Beaumont /1584-/1616 (dramatic poet)
17>27 Isabel(la) P-re [a minor [unm] in /1564 father's will]
_n listed as 3rd or 4th child on NT 87 chart; HP2 reverses Ann
_w mentioned in father's 1564 will first, before Anne (or Annor !)
+m /???? Sir John Harper/Harpur/Harpen knt (Swarkeston, Derby)

17>? Thomas P-re [second son of Joan E; PD PFN]
17>? Edmund P-re dwi [1st child of Anne S = 3rd child; PD PFN]
_n in 1480-81, an Edmund Perpoynt presided in Nott. [TS17.82-84]
+m sister of Sir John Heron\0 [PD PFN]
17>? Francis P-re dwi [PD as 4th child]
17>? John P-re [PD as 5th child]
17>? Elizabeth P-re [PD] {?? = /17>1 dau of Wm +m Joan Stapleton}
_q PD has her as 6th child, 4th from Anne Stapleton (confused?)
+m1 ?? Sir John Sacheverell Esq (Morley) {so /17>1}
+m2 ?? Edward Ferrers Esq [PD]

17>? __ P- [NT 118]
+m /1522|3(13HenVIII) George Barret de Thoroton
_q John P- (Roxbury) refers to a "cousin Baret" {Barret?} in his 1681 will!
_n a John Barret age 16 arrived at Barbados on the Ann and Elizabeth in 1635 [Ships]
_q2 AG7.830 lists a James Barrett d 1672; MP has some others
_q3 MP 221 lists John P- as "bro." in Robert Hawes 1664 will,
_q4 and Humphrey Barrett as "son" in 1666 (1664 SD).
17>?? Richard Barret de Thoroton
+m /1547|8(38HenVIII) __ dau & one of 3 coheirs of Edmund Claxton
17>??? Richard Barret de Thoroton /????-/1603 [TS13]
+m /1581|2(23Eliz) Katherina Shipman
_p dau Thomas Shipman "...fil...Brokesby-Dorothea fil. ...Bin" [NT 118]
_n TS13 has this as 3 marriages: Brockesby, Anne Shipman, Dorothy Bingham
17>???? George Barret /????-/1643 [TS13]
+m /1596|7(38Eliz) Anna "fil....Beaumont-Anna fil. Joh.Savile"[NT 118]
_n TS13 has this as 2 marriages: Anne Beamont, Anne Savile
17>????? Richard Barret de Thoroton /????-/1659 [TS13]
+m /16?? Frances Owtram "fil. Joh.Owtram, ob.1672"[NT 118]
17>?????1 Frances Barret c/1627-
+m George Walker of Sutton [TS13]
17>?????2 Thomas Barret de Thoroton c/1630-
17>?????3 Richard Barret c/1633-
+m Mary Hugget [TS13]
17>?????31 William Barret c/1659-
17>?????32 John Barret c/1661-
17>?????4 George Barret c/1635-
17>?????5 John Barret c/1638-
_n NT 118 follows with some narrative about "My Cousin Barret hath..."
17>?????6 Anne Barret c/1642-

17>? __ "Domina" P- dwi
+m[2] Henry Sutton knt (wd Alicia Grantham)
[+m3] Alicia Harington
_n charted on NT 327

3>111211222112213{?} Thomas P-re {ca /1520} [see PFN, wrongly?]
_n TS17.26 has a Thomas Pyrpoynt/Perpoint (of Caunton?) in 1447
_n2 also TS17.47, Thomas Purpount in 1459
3>1112112221122h{another?} William P-re {ca /1500}
_n So art cit PMp17, issue of Francis and +m2 __ P-re (csn?)
_q PJP chart has issue of Francis: 1=? 2=Wm 3=Eliz 4=Jn 5=Fr 6=Ed 7=Th
3>1112112221122i Francis P-re {ca /1500}
_n So art cit PMp17, issue of Francis and +m2 __ P-re (csn?)
3>1112112221122k Henry P-re {ca /1500}
_n So art cit PMp17, issue of Francis and +m2 __ P-re (csn?)
3>11121122212 Robert P-re [2nd son]
_n murdered by Thomas de Hastings & Henry Ferrers
_n2 see Dugdales Baronage 1.580 [chart]
3>11121122213 dau __ P-re [see /17>21 Annora +m John Rossell of Radcliffe !]
+m /???? John Rosell of Radcliffe, Notts
3>11121122214 Elizabeth P-re
+m /???? Sir Nicolas Strelley ????-/1430|1(9HenVI) [NT 230]
_a of Strelley, Notts
3>111211222141 Sir Robert de Strelley knt ????-03/12/ (3HenVII)
+m /???? Isabella Kempe
_p dau __ Kempe, sr "Cardinalis" [NT 230]
3>1112112221411 Johannes de Strelley ????-????
+m /???? Saunchia Willughby
_p dau Rob. Willughby
3>11121122214111 Johannes de Strelley ????-???? dwi
3>11121122214112 Isabella de Strelley ????-????
+m1 ?? Clem. Low
+m2 ?? Richard Paynell
3>11121122214113 Marg. de Strelley ????-????
+m /???? Joh. Poutrell
3>11121122214114 Elizab. de Strelley ????-????
+m /???? Sir Will. Ayscough knt
3>11121122214115 Anna de Strelley ????-????
+m1 ?? Richard Stanhope
+m2 ?? Sir Johannis Markham knt
3>1112112221412 Sir Nicholas de Strelley knt ????- (6HenVII)
+m /???? Margaret West
_p dau Tho. West, Lord/Dom. de la Ware
3>11121122214121 Sir Nicholas de Strelley knt ????- (3Elz)
+m /???? Elizabeth Spenser
_p dau Sir John Spenser knt
3>111211222141211 Sir Anthonius Strelley knt ????-
+m /???? Joana Baynam
_p Sir George Baynam knt
3>1112112221412111 Sir Phillipus Strelley knt ????- (4Jam)
+m /???? Elizabeth Garneys
_p dau & heir of Tho. Garneys
3>11121122214121111 Nicolas Strelley ????- dwi
3>1112112221412112 Georgius Strelley ????-
+m /???? __
_p dau of Aldred de Colwick
3>11121122214121121 Nicholas Strelley ????-
+m /???? Elizabeth __
_p dau of G. Rosell
[+m2] Richard Lord Byron
3>111211222141211211 George Strelley ????-
_n "obiit in Gallia coelebs." [NT 230]
3>1112112221412113 Elianora Strelley
+m /???? Joh. Michel knt
_o Magist. Cancellariae Regis Jac. [NT 230]
3>111211222141212 Johannes Strelley
+m /???? Anna Baynam
_p George Baynam knt [see above, sr Joana +m br Anthony!]
3>1112112221412121 Willielm Strelley
+m /???? __ [check NT 230]
_p ??
3>11121122214121211 Nich. Strelley of Nott.
+m /???? An. Tilman
_p Fr. Tilman
3>111211222141212111 Nicolas Strelley
3>111211222141212112 Gervasius Strelley
3>111211222141212113 Anna Strelley
3>11121122214121212 Johan. Strelley
3>11121122214121213 Franc. Strelley
3>11121122214121214 Vincent Strelley
3>11121122214121215 Williel. Strelley
3>1112112222 John P-re
_n mentioned as bro of Edw in NT 393; "second son" [chart]
3>1112112223 Elizabeth P-re dwi
_n covenant for +m made 3RicII by bros Edw and John [NT 393]
+m /???? John Stanhope [HP2]
[+m2] "the heir of Cuily" [NT 393]
_p son and heir of John Stanhope [NT 393]
3>11121123 Robert P-re ????-/1329|30(3EdwIII) [NT 87][PFN]
_n probably not son of Sir Robert P-re, with whom his son contends!
+m /???? Cecilia/Cicily/Cicely [NT 87 89.1]
_n Fine settled in Landford in favor of Robert & Cicely [NT 89.1]
3>111211231 Robert P-re [NT 87]
_n Fine settled between Sir Robert P-re and this Robert [NT 88.2]
3>111211232 George P-re [NT 87]
3>111211233 Rad./Raph P-re [NT 87 88.2]
3>111211234 Edmund P-re [NT 87 88.2]
3>111211235 Roger P-re [NT 87 88.2]
3>111211236 John P-re ????-/1329|30(3EdwIII) [NT 87 88.2]
3>111211237 Elizabeth jun. P-re [NT 87 88.2]
_n younger, sister of John [NT 88.2]
3>111211238 Margaret P-re [NT 87 88.2]
3>111211239 Cecilia/Cicely P-re [NT 87 88.2]
3>111211230 Alicia/Alice P-re [NT 87 88.2]
3>11121123a Agatha P-re [NT 87 88.2]
3>11121123b Agnes P-re [NT 87 88.2]
3>11121123c Annora P-re [NT 87 88.2]
3>11121123d Elizabeth sen. P-re [NT 87 88.2-3]
_n elder sister of Annora [NT 88.2]
3>11121124 George P-re [PFN]
3>11121125 Ralph P-re [PFN]
3>11121126 John P-re [PFN]
3>112 Beatrix P-re [sole dau of Hugh; HP2 chart]
+m /???? William de Warren, Baron of Wirmgay in Norfolk
_ff grandson of William de Warren(e), Earl Warren(e) & Earl Surrey [PSC9302]
3>1h Robert de P- /fl /1166(12Hen2)
_n "held a Knights Fee of the Bishop of Lincolne, 12Hen2" [NT 88.1]
3>1hhh John de P- of Kirkby in Ashfeild
_n "whose lands there still remain with this honourable family" [NT 88.1]
_n supposed to be son or grandson of 3>1h Robert [NT 88.1]
3>1hhi Henry de P- /brother of John and Roger [NT 88.1]
3>1hhk Roger de P- /brother of Henry and John [NT 88.1]
_n TS12.96 has a "Roger Perepount of Landeford" at 1384 Inquisition
3>1hhkh Henry/Henricus Pierpoint = knt of Notts in /1417|8(5HenV) and
_n also 1421|2(9HenV) 1423|4(2HenVI) 1424|5(3HenVI) [N2]
3>1hhkhh Henry/Henricus Pierpoint = knt of Notts in /1472|3(12EdwVI) [N2]
3>1hhkhhh Henry Pierpoint esq /= knt of Notts in /1571|2(14Elz) [N2]
3>1hhkhhi Robert P- esq /= knt of Notts in /1600|1(43Elz) [N2]

-----[unidentified P- relation groupings from PFA records]
20?>??? Frederick Sill (Kent School) [PFM35 "Father Sills"]
_n gave letter by Joseph P- "Resolution to serve the Lord" to PFA
_n1 Albert H., Grace R., Adjutor H., May Pierpoint Theroux (PFM47; NYC)
_n2 Mr & Mrs Roger P- Tyler (PnOrch) [PFL] Mrs "was a Bigelow & P- too"
_n3 PFA address card ca 1955 has Mr. & Mrs. Albert Harold Theroux, WhitestoneLINY

_n3= Michele Paule b 2/17/1948 (dau of AHTheroux?)
-----[unidentified individuals from PFM]
Bonnie Ablamsky (guest of Marian Kraft)[PFM75]
Roger T. Bacon/Brown [PFM51,52]
Barbara Bancroft (visitor with Pauline Sutphin)[PFM79]
Doris Belcher [PFM64]
Edna A. Blackman (guest of Harold & Sara P-)[PFM48]
Jean Boctomly (guest)[PFM34]
Diane Booker (PFM34)
Edward L. Brown (PFM38, with Susan Bronson Brown)
Douglas W. Brown, sr & jr (guests)[PFM45]
Elizabeth A. Burritt (PFM30)
Mrs M. A. Cady (guest)[PFM37-38]
Christie group: mrs Tom, Will, Rick, Dono{?}, Robert [PFM72]
Barbara Clark & James/Jim Duffy [PFM63]
(mr & mrs) C. E. Clifford/Alford [PFM48]
Rv H. Gertrude & Mr Elmer Coe (guests)[PFM43]
Richard Collett (guest) [PFM38]
Meredith Collins [PFM74, OR/Christie?]
Mark Comden and Joshua [PFM90]
Gregory Comstock (guest)[PFM59]
Mae Conklin "guest" (of Ruel P-?)(PFM20s-30s)
Margaret H. Croft [PFM41,45]
Charles Cronan, Nancy Cronan [PFM50]
Mrs Alice Dana (PFM47; NYC, with Theroux)
Florence M. Dickinson, Marian, John, Thomas [PFM49]
Alice M. Doolittle (guest)[PFM45]
Rv Alan Fairbanks (guest)[PFM45]
Montague P. Frost & Tina [PFM48; NYC]
Bertha P. Garrigus (guest)[PFM38]
Evelyn Garrigus [PFM50]
H.L. Garrigu(e)s & wife Gursta{?} [PFM50,55]
Nancy{??} & Cora Garrig... (StorrsCT) [PFM63]
Edith Gasper (guest)[PFM50]
Mildred I. Goudy (PFM41,45) guest of Crofts, Crosby HS teacher
Jean Graham (guest of Elizabeth L. P-)[PFM39-41]
Mrs Thomas Groom (guest)[PFM37]
Daisy Hall (guest)[PFM33,38]
Mrs Stephen W. Hallaway sr = Elsie Loucks Hallaway [PFM49-52]
Langdon H. Hallaway & mrs [PFM49-52,66]
Mary Halton (PFM40 guest of Mildred P-?)
Frances, Philip and Rush Hamilton [PFM84, DeepRiver]--see Morgan>Hamil.
Miss Laura {Harris??} (NwH) [PFL]
Maurice Hazard [PFM37]
Alfred G. Henebry (guest)[PFM34]
Mrs George H. Hobson (guest; see Harlan Trimble P- wife)[PFM37]
Mrs Mary Howland (Wby) [PFM27] sent regrets
John Hughes & Arlene [PFM80; PI?; TonawandaNY] [PFA dist cup]
Marjorie Jackson{?} (visitor)[PFM54]
miss Georgina Johnston > Johnson (NrH P- via Blakeslees) [PFL] dau of George Johnson
_a 1960 CambridgeMA; "mother was a P- in a Blakeslee line" (PFA address card)
Brenda Lawton (guest)[PFM63]
June Leander (guest)[PFM38]
Stephen M. Linnaeus{?} & Mrs [PFM60; LI NY]
Clifford Loucks (guest; see Hallaway) [PFM37-38]
Catharine McGibbon & sr (TorontoCA) response in 1961 note
Rv Matthew Madden & Mrs & Thelma Jean (guests)[PFM42]
John Manchester [PFM38]
Harriet M. Martin (guest)[PFM45]
Ralph Matson (visitor)[PFM48]
Robert Meade (guest)[PFM34]
Mrs Clarence Miner (WHartf) [PFL][PFM53,54]
Robert H. Montross & Mrs, Dick, Dave, Jeanne [PFM48]
Ruth Mulea{??} [PFM50; LA]
Mrs R. E. Munger (Wby) [PFL]
Mrs Edward G. Nesbit (Branford) [PFL] {see Lucy C. Young ??}
Jane H. Niles (PFM28)
Miriam Parker (PFM33) see? 20>162121
Nels Pearson (PFM33; New Britain) [?guest of Mildred Bradley Pearson?]
Imogene Pratt [PFM56]
Edna Reed [PFM51]
Miss Mary T. Russell (NwH) [PFL]
Arthur J & Mrs Scofield, Arthur, Edith M., M. Olive (PFM26)
[visitors??] [no obvious connections via AG vols]
_n see MMNH scrapbook for 11my1926 HS grad of Olive Scofield
Mr & Mrs David Lee Shelton [PFL] see? 20>16222114 David Lee
Rv Ivey Shuff [PFM43]
Elizar {??} Yale Smith [PFM39n]
Thomas Smith & Miss Clarice Smith (Clifton NJ) (PFM33) [visitors?]
Miss Carrie A. Sevens (NwH) [PFL]
Mrs M. D. Stanley jr (guest)[PFM40]
B. M. Surdam (guest of Neals?)[PFM40]
Pauline Sutphin (visitor with Barbara Bancroft) [PFM79]
Phyllis Loucks (mrs Roy) Taylor [PFM49,50,52]
Joseph O. & Mrs Todd (PFM26,28) [Rv Mill Plain Union] guests
Miss Eleanor F. Tyler (PnOrchCT) [PFL] [PFA address card, deceased 1965]
Roger P- Tyler (PineOrchardCT)
[PFA address card, deceased 1965]
Mrs Fannie M. Upson [PFM49]
William Walker (guest)[PFM43]
Lillian F. Warner (guest?)[PFM34]

-----[Pierpoint = PI information]


See Genealogical Records of the Pierpoint Family, complied by A.B. Stickney. Pittsburgh, PA, 1954-1958. Mimeograph typescript, stapled, no covers, 19 pages print on one side, ex-lib. with several stamps and ink notations by compiler. Also stapled in are two reprints of published articles by the author: "The Pierpoints of Hertfordshire, England and Ann Arundel County, Maryland", reprinted from a 1957 issue of The American Genealogist 33 pp. 236ff (available in jpg images through American Ancestors [by subscription] at http://www.americanancestors.org/databases/american-genealogist-the/image/?volumeId=11876&pageName=236&rId=134815567); his conclusion: "The above evidence, although circumstantial, indicates clearly the origin of the Matylamd Pierpoints and their relationships to each other" (241); and "The American Ancestry of John Pierpoint of (West) Virginia", reprinted from a 1958 issue of The Virginia Genealogist at https://www.americanancestors.org/databases/virginia-genealogist-the/image/?volumeId=8743&pageName=51. Further on Arundel County MD, see https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Anne_Arundel_County,_Maryland_Genealogy.


This has been supplemented here by the extensive genealogy by Kathryn Pierpoint Hedman (1953; 2nd ed 1973 = KH), which is based on the earlier work by Hattie M. Pierpoint, The Pierponts of Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia (1939). See below for links to the Table of Contents and the Index, as well as to an online copy of the 1953 edition. As is noted on p.2 of the online edition, "THE NEW ENGLAND LINE OF THE FAMILY WAS FOUNDED BY JOHN PIERREPONT WHO SETTLED IN IPSWICH, MASSACHUSETTS IN 164O. THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE NEW ENGLAND LINE AND THE VIRGINIA LINE HAS NOT YET BEEN DISCOVERED." To my knowledge, that statement still stands in 2016.

See also
Julian G Hearne, Jr, Some Unknown Facts of American History - The Saga of Governor Pierpont (McClain WVA 1987; 213pp); historical clarification of the separation of West Virginia from Virginia during the civil war; and about Francis H Pierpont a founder and early governor of WVA.

PI>1 Henry Perpoynt /1612|3-?? [to Am. on Plain(e) Joan(e) 05/15/1635 ag22]
_n CE says Plain Joan, not Plaine Jane
+m1 ?? Elizabeth Larkin\5[9 KH] & to md before 10/30/1665
+m2(?) ?? Ann Summerland \4(?)
PI>11 Amos P-i
PI>12 Jaboez(?) P-i
PI>13 Elizabeth P-i
PI>14 Hannah P-i
PI>15 Moses P-i
PI>16 Charles P-i c1666-jl1748 (MD)
+m 1690 Sidney Chew\14 ????-[before 1757]
PI>163 Francis P-i 1712-29au1780
+m 1737(MD) Sarah Richardson\7 1719-????
PI>1631 Mary P-i
PI>1632 Obed P-i
PI>16321551 Harlan Trimble P- 04/14/1883(OH)-01/23/1963 (Wrcstr MA)
_e Harv 1906; PI160f
+m1 06/01/1910 Dorothy Langley Hobson\6 ????-11/02/1957 [PFM37]
+m2 ?? wd Janet Carter Clarke[\4]
PI>163215511 Harlan Trimble P- jr 04/25/1912(Bstn)-
_b PI161
+m 01/14/1939 Georgia Wright Simmons\6 08/30/1918(MI)-
PI>1632155111 Georgia Wright P- 06/04/1940-
+m 06/11/1960 Terry/{PI Torry} Norton Foster
PI>16321551111 Terry Norton Foster jr 01/20/1962-
PI>16321551112 Christopher P- Foster 01/07/1964-
PI>16321551113 Caroline Simmons Foster 06/28/1968-
PI>16321551114 Harlan Stuart Foster 04/23/1970-
PI>1632155112 Virginia Leavalle P- 03/02/1942-
+m 11/09/1963 William MacLeod
PI>16321551121 Sarah Trimble MacLeod 10/25/1964-
PI>16321551122 Hugh Donald Telford MacLeod 10/14/1965-
PI>1632155113 Harlan Trimble P- iii 04/23/1943-08/11/1956
_q PI161 d 08/29/1956
PI>1632155114 Richard Howe P- 11/21/1944-
_n see clipping, vp of Johnson & Higgins Stamford CT ??
+m1 07/28/1968 Irene E. Ballenger [PI161]
+m2 05/14/1978 Leslie Hughes
PI>16321551141 Hunter Simmons P- 05/20/1979-
PI>16321551142 Laurel Hughes P- 09/27/1982-
PI>1632155115 Lulie Simmons P- 05/26/1950-
+m 06/15{14[PI]}/1969 Richard Phillips Eide jr
PI>16321551151 Langley Pierpont Eide 08/02/1975-
PI>16321551152 Christina Tewksbury Eide 11/23/1976-
PI>16321551153 Richard Phillips Eide iii 04/15/1980-
PI>16321551154 William Simmons Pierpont(?) Eide 08/04/1981-
PI>1632155116 Thomas Harlan P- 05/25/1958-
PI>163215512 Dorothy Langley P- /1913- [PFM83][PFA98]
_n probably not the Dorothy Ann P-, dau of Shepard Julius P- (NwH)
+m /1938 William Waldo Grose /1911- [PFM83][PFA98]
PI>1632155121 Thomas P- Grose /1940-
PI>1632155122 Virginia Waldo Grose /1941-
+m /1966 Carl Bengt Smedberg
PI>1632155123 Frances Oviatt Grose /1944-
PI>163215513 Barbara Howe P- /1914-
+m /1937 John Curtis Ewer /1911(BostonMA)-
PI>1632155131 Barbara Kittredge Ewer /1939-
+m /19?? Michael Stuart Henchman /1936(LondonENG)-
PI>16321551311 Anna Alexandra Henchman /1969(ConcordMA)-
PI>16321551312 Alexander Kittredge Henchman /1971(BostonMA)-
PI>1632155132 Sarah Lee Ewer /1944-
+m /1967 Gerard Philippe David /1944(ParisFR)-
PI>16321551321 Gary David /1970(GER)-
PI>163215514 John Hobson P- /1917- (Darien) [PFM75,83]
+m /1943 Edith Pethey Kinnicutt (WorcesterMA)
PI>1632155141 Judith P- /1944- (NYC)
PI>1632155142 Jonathan P- /1947- (Nova Scotia; VT)
PI>1632155143 Dorothy P- /1949- (NY)
PI>1632155144 Margaret P- /1951-
PI>1632155145 Nina P- /1955-
PI>163215515 Janet Wyatt P- [PFM83, HoldenMA]
+m /1944 Humphrey Buttrick Hosmer /1916(ConcordMA)-
PI>1632155151 Hilary Holden Hosmer /1945-
PI>1632155152 Joan Buttrick Hosmer /1947-
+m /1970 Douglas Allen Smith (RI)
PI>16321551521 Derek Allen Smith /1971-
PI>1632155153 Stephen P- Hosmer /1953-
PI>163215516 Carleton Langley P- /1926-30my2008 [PFM75][PFA98]
_a returned to Litchfield from MI (1961), Darien [PFM83]
_e Harv
+m /1959 Elizabeth Canning Wentworth /1929- [PFM83]
PI>1632155161 Elizabeth Hobson P- /1959(MI)- [PFM75]
PI>1632155162 Alexander Trimble P- /1961(Trrngtn)- [PFM75]
PI>1632155163 Samuel Langley P- /1962(CharlottesvleVA)- [PFM75]
PI>16329371 Lester J. Works (Detroit /1965) slides of France & Britain locs
PI>1633 John Pierpoint /1738{1742[PI282]}-/1796
+m /1774 Nancy Ann Morgan\7 /1756-/1816
_p Zackquill Morgan +m Nancy Paxton [PI282]
_n AG1. sub Siviter calls her Anne, dau of Zaquil Morgan
_q AG1. is confused, tracing this John through James, who d 1714!
PI>16332 Larkin P-i 25de1779-[after 1850]
+m Jane Dunn\14 13fe1785-[after 1850]
PI>163327 Zackquill Pierpoint 07jl1816-1891
+m 21se1837 Vylinda Stillwell\9 31au1816-1903
PI>1633276 Jeremiah Stillwell Pierpont
PI>16332764 Grover C. Pierpont 04mr1885(WVA)-31de1953(WichitaKS)
+m Helen Cockrell 1887-1948
+m2 1951 wd Lou O. Silvers Pierpont [brother's widow]
PI>163327641 William Grover Pierpont 26ja1915(WichitaKS)-20fe2003
_o retired 1983
_h died of cancer
_b1 The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy
_b2 co-author/editor of The Greek New Testament according to the Byzantine/Majority Textform (1991 and following), with Maurice A. Robinson. Original Word publ.
_g photo and obit by
Maurice A. Robinson http://rosetta.reltech.org/TC/vol08/Pierpont2003obit.html
+m 11mr1939 Enid Feese\3 ????-
one daughter is still living (2003)
PI>1633276411 Adele K. Pierpont 1940-
+m Joe D. Sphar jr (dv)
PI>1633276412 Jocelyn G. Pierpont 11mr1952-
PI>1633276413 James M. Pierpont 12fe1955-[before 2003]
PI>163327642 Paul Kenneth Pierpont 1920-[past 2003]
+m Nancy Collins 1922-
_a HamptonVA
PI>1633276421 Jerald Pierpont 1947-

PI>163328 William Larkin P-i
+m Elizabeth Wells\12
PI>1633286 Emma W. P-i 1852-1917
+m Francis M. Snider\1 1851-????
+m2 c1878 Rezin Reese Robinson\7 1835-1913
_n he had three children by a previous marriage, Harry/Harvey H., [Truman?] Guy, Okey N.
PI>16332861 Cora Snider 1877-????
PI>16332862 Lawrence Robinson 1879-????
PI>16332863 [Rosa?] Gay Robinson 1881-1946
PI>16332864 Verna A. Robinson
PI>16332865 Ressie Blanche Robinson
+m Charles Henry Kimes\3
+m2 Nate Corbet
PI>16332866 Lloyd Robinson ????-1917 [KH 1904]
PI>16332867 Beryle/Burl M.  Robinson
PI>16332868 Irvin Waitman Robinson 04no1888(Merna/AnselmoNE)-1965(PhilomathOR)
+m Jennie Irene Matzke 15no1894(PitkinCO)-30de1988(CorvallisOR)
PI>163328681 Norma Shirley Robinson 10ap1914(ParadoxCO)-20de1976(CorvallisOR)
+m1 Cecil A. Green 01jl1906(Mary'sPeakOR)-13oc1996(HonoluluHI)
_o REA electric lineman
PI>1633286811 Wilma Lucille (Susan) Green 29je1938(CorvallisOR)-
_a2006 HonoluluHI
+m1 Paul Leroy Griebenow
_ chemical engineer
 +m2 Ralph Moltzau 19fe1942(MauiHI)-13oc2002(HonoluluHI)
+m3 George W. L. Krueger 14se1933
_om MajUSAF (retired)
PI>16332868111 Cindy L. Griebenow 17ap1960(VancouverWA)-
_o teacher
+m Steven Jay Davis  30d1957(Great FallsMt)- 
_o Presbyterian Minister 
PI>163328681111 Grant S. Davis 28au1983(Palo AltoCA)-
PI>163328681112 Blake C. Davis 11ja1985(Palo AltoCA)-
PI>163328681113 Lane J. Davis 30no1986(CentraliaWA)-       
PI>163328681114 Scott N. Davis 27je1992(Thousand OaksCA)-
PI>16332868112 Randy A. Griebenow 31ja1962(IdahoFallsID)-
_o entrepreneur
+m April Satomi Guro 23ap1959(KailuaHi)-
PI>163328681121 Gabriel Paul Griebenow 02my1991(HonoluluHI)-
PI>163328681122 Brandon Joseph Griebenow 09my1995(HonoluluHI)-
PI>163328681123 Christa Nalani Emiko Griebenow 06je1998(MauiHI)-
PI>16332868113 Eric N. Moltzau 31mr1970(HonoluluHI)-
_om Maj.USAF
+m Mollie Nichole Cable 31oc1972(PhoenixAZ)-
PI>163328681131 Kathryn Rose Moltzau 25fe1997(DenverCO)-
PI>163328681132 Matthew Allen Moltzau 05je1998(HarrogateNorthYorkshireUK)-
PI>163328681133 Daniel Lewis Moltzau 01au2000(HarrogateNorthYorkshireUK)-
PI>163328682 Irvin Cecil Robinson 27ap1915-
PI>163328683 Erma J. Robinson 25oc1916-au1977
+m Claude Carr
PI>163328684 Clifford Robinson 22se1923(SummitOR)-no1996(CorvallisOR)
PI>16334 Francis P-i /????-
PI>163343 Francis Harrison P-i/P- 25ja1814-24mr1899
PI>16337461 Ernest P- /1854(WV)-08/26/1905 (OjaiVlly CA, c /1890s)
+m 07/10/1884(Chcg) Josephine E. Carpenter 01/??/1863-/1941
_n P- Bay in Ventura named for P- Inn built by wd Josephine
PI>1634 Charles P-i
PI>1635 Francis P-i jr 1712- 29au1780
+m /1737(MD) Sarah  __ \31719-????
PI>1636 Eli P-i
PI>1637 Elizabeth P-i
PI>17 Mary P-i
PI>18 Sarah P-i
PI>19 Francis P-i ????-1740
+m 02oc1701 Elizabeth Mitchell
PI>1?[PFR] Mrs. Harry P-i /????-
s Leslie
PI>1?[PFR] s George H. P-i /????-08/24/1955(Yonkers NY)
+m /???? Gladys __
dau Mrs. Harry Weldon

Some unplaced PI names: see also the FaceBook pages of Ron Pierpoint (2015)

Mrs James C. Pryor (BrooklynNY) grandd of Gov Francis P- (PFA address card)
= Frances P- Siviter (BrooklynNY)

PI>?? Gilbert Joseph Pierpoint (b. Jun 1881-KY)
+m <>27no1899 Lena L Orcutt (b. 13 Sep 1883 in Jay Co,IN
_b http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mdannear/firstfam/pierpoint/henrypierpoint.txt
PI>??x Harry L. Pierpo(i)nt 13oc1902( Muncie IN)-17oc1934(ColumbusOH)

-----[unidentified P- family sub-group Read/Reed]
20?>??? circa /1770 Elizabeth P-
+m1 03/15/1793 Joseph Read 11/29/1772-09/07/1797
+m2 03/25/1808 Lewis Burwell Page (> VA)
20?>????1 Mary Ann Read 02/21/1794-09/21/1797
20?>????2 Eliza Ann Read 05/15/1795-12/15/1821(VA) +m Hendy Denison (USN)
20?>????21 Eliza Ann Denison 12/03/1821-12/09/1872
+m /???? Comm Isaac Newton Brown (USN) 05/17/1817-09/01/1889
20?>????211 Henry Denison Brown 12/31/1853-03/08/1914
+m 10/18/1882 Jeanie Valliant Brahan 07/21/1857-05/15/1884
20?>????2111 Elsie Denison Brown 05/10/1884-?? +m Barton George Lane
20?>????21111 Elsie Lila Lane 06/16/1911-??
20?>????21112 Henry Barton Lane (Ens) 01/26/1913-??
20?>????21113 Dorothy Florence Lane 09/16/1915-??
20?>????21114 Barton George Lane ii (Maj) 10/09/1916-??
20?>????3 Joseph Read jr 04/15/1798-??/??/1817
20?>????4 Augustus O. Page 12/25/1809-??/??/??
20?>????5 Elizabeth Page 04/01/1812-??/??/??

---**[other unidentified P- family sub-groups]
[1. from letter of Enid Forsberg to MNK 09/09/1979]
[also let from Mrs. Harold Hess to K.Hedman 1980]
????? Moses Dillon P- ??-09/??/1879(CincinnatiOH)
+m1 ?? __\4
+m2 ?? Sophia Bassett\2
?????1 John P-
?????2 James P-
?????3 Harry P-
?????4 Blanche P- (CincinnatiOH)
+m2 ?? __ Maud
?????5 Lottie P-
?????6 Nina Maud P- 03/26/1880(Indiana)-post1979
+m /???? __ Wood
?????61 Pauline Wood
+m /???? Harold Hess

[2. Ronald P- at Reunion in 6/90; tel call to Donald K. P-]
20>?????? John Henry P-i (P-)
_n would be 26th or 27th generation, if New England line
_a Baltimore MD to 1860,then to Vasselboro ME
+m 11/18/1861 Eliza Scales
20>??????? Rebecca P-
+m /???? __
20>??????? Charles William P- 09/16/1862- (Madison ME)
_n Charles William P-i immigrated to USA through NY in 1920 [Archives data]
_g family homestead, burials, in Madison ME
+m 06/16/1887 Abbie Bosworth\4
20>???????1 Frederick P-
+m /???? Alice Brown\7 or 8
20>???????1h Gordon P-
20>???????1i Harold P-
+m /???? __
20>???????1ih Gerald P- (Madison ME)
20>???????1k Althea P-
20>???????2 Charles Scales P-
+m /???? Doris Thibodeau{?}\0
20>???????3 __ P- [infant] dinf
20>???????4 Leland Bosworth P- 10/22/1901-12/13/1960
+m1 ?? Laura Pray\2
+m2 02/14/1942 N. Madeline Hallowell\3
20>???????41 Donald Knight P-
_n spoke to him on phone 7/9/90; Nashua NH
+m 10/21/1962 Carolyn Miller\4
20>???????411 Steven Michael P-
20>???????412 Scott Donald P-
+m 07/23/1988 Barbara Fortais
20>???????4121 Mitchell Knight P- 07/15/1995-
20>???????4122 Michael Scott P- 04/11/2001-
20>???????4123 Catherine Georgeanna P- 04/11/2001-
20>???????413 David William P-
20>???????414 Dawn Marie P-
20>???????42 Shirley Ann P-
+m /???? Girard Senecal\2
20>???????421 Michael Senecal
20>???????422 Diana Senecal
20>???????43 William Gardner P-
_a possibly WichitaKS in 1992, small P- cemetery there (Ms.F.G.Higley)
+m /???? __\1
20>???????44 Richard Allen P-
+m /???? Janice __\4
20>???????45 Ronald E. P- 09/16/1946-
_a SuttonMA
_n has family Bible from Donald Knight P- (see above) [PFA90]
+m 06/28/1968 Irene C. Keyes 01/18/1949-
20>???????451 Aaron E. P- 03/17/1973-

[3. telephone call to Judson P- on 6/90 list]
20>?????? Chauncy P- 02/11/1815(MA?)-08/05/1905
+m 12/18/1838 Sarah Burton 04/07/1813-10/18/1895
20>??????1 Joseph Watson P- 12/26/1839(MA?)-05/08/1921(WaterlooIA)
_o farmer
+m 09/??/1865 Ellen M. Hall ????-????
20>??????11 Ella P- 04/13/1869-04/20/1947
+m /???? Ezra Streeter ????-????
20>??????111 Arthur P- Streeter 01/29/1894-{pre/1990} dwi
+m /???? __ Kay ????-????
20>??????112 Dorothy Streeter 08/21/1897- (WaterlooIA)
+m /???? __ Shining ????-????
20>??????1121 _m Shining [son] ????-
20>??????113 Winifred Streeter 06/19/1900-1988?{pre/1990} dwi
+m /???? __ Miloy ????-????
20>??????114 Ellen Streeter 08/24/1905-
+m /???? __ Miloy ????-????
20>??????1141 _f Miloy [dau] ????-
20>??????1142 _f Miloy [dau] ????-
20>??????12 Arthur Watson P- 09/21/1876(WaterlooIA)-????
+m /???? Maude Wood ????-????
20>??????121 Judson P- 10/06/1905(WaterlooIA)- (WilbrahamMA)
_a Cassadaga NY, Wilbraham MA 1960-1995
_n data supplied from family Bible by telephone, 07/05/1990
+m 04/29/1950 Esther Louise Browne 10de1912-05ja2003
_a Bowdinham ME , Wilbraham MA 1960-1995, Auburn ME (Schooner Estates; 1995-2003)
_e Coombs HS 1931 (valedictorian)
_o Federal Land Bank (Springfield)
_r Wilbraham United ch & Women's Guild
_b obit notice on file; 4 surviving sisters in 2003!
_p Erle Browne m Hazel Cornish
20>??????1211 Robert Arthur P- ??/??/????-
_a SchenectadyNY (1990) , Niskayuna NY (2003)
+m 07/25/1975 Mary-Jo Grasso ????-
_a Wakefield MA
_p [names of parents??]
20>??????12111 Robert Arthur P- jr 04/24/1985-
20>??????12112 Christopher James P- 12/27{?}/1986-
20>??????12112 David J P- ??/??/1988-
20>??????13 Grace Hall P- 01/15/1878{?}-06/21/1943 dwi
+m /???? Claude N. P- ????-????
20>??????14 Charlotte G. P- 09/08/1884-05/31/1960
20>??????2 Georgie Anna P- 02/21/1844-11/17/1908
+m 01/??/1863 James Cato ????-????
20>??????21 Burton James Cato ????-????
+m 09/12/1890 Mary Ann Hardie ????-????
20>??????22 Fred Cato ????-????
+m /???? Emma Black ????-????
20>??????3 Martha A. P- 03/25/1848-05/23/1923
+m 01/??/1875 Frank Cleland ????-????
20>??????4 Mary A. P- 03/25/1848-05/08/1864 unm
20>??????5 John E. P- 03/23/1850-10/09/1933
_q TD#1698 says b 03/23/1854
+m 12/21/1871 Florence M. Todd ????-???? [TD#1698]
20>??????51 Florence Mary P- 07/03/1877-????
+m /???? Josiah J. Morgan ????-????
20>??????52 Jessie May P- 10/20/1881-08/22/1942
+m /???? Fred C. Pierce ????-????

[4. telephone call to Linda P- on 6/90 list]
18 Pinckney St, Boston MA 02114 tel 617 253-6657 [lett 04/91]
20>?? William Pike P- (ENG>USA)
_a PortlandME (Fleet Street)
_o joiner or cabinet maker
_n sister Grace P- +m William Atkinson (ReadingMA)
+m /???? Elisabeth {Elizabeth} Stinson (ENG)
_n her siblings named Emma, Belle, Daniel
20>??? William Pike P- jr (PortlandME > ReadingMA)
_a ReadingMA
+m /???? Katherine Charlotte Henion (AlbanyNY)
20>???? Niles William P- 1908- (ReadingMA + KeeneNH)
+m /???? Doris Goddard
_n she related to Doty and Brooks families CAN Maratimes
20>????? Linda P- 06/15/1942(WinchesterMA)- (BostonMA) unm
20>????? Brooks A. P- (BostonMA?)

[5. Letter from Deweenta G. Bones, 7/1990]
20>1h Robert P- [=20>2a2 above; material moved there]
20>1h1 Elizabeth P-
20>1h2 Robert P- [conjectured] c1769-09de1811 ag42  [NEHGS]
_a RoxburyMA, then Old Livermore Farm
+m Sarah Livermore 07de1770-19fe1847
_n see http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/me/androscoggin/livermore/history/book1874/chapt3.txt
20>1h21 Hannah P- 1797-1819
20>1h22 Robert P- 1798(Livermore)-au1878  ae80 [NEHGS]
_n Robert Pierpont, Jr. d. Aug. 1878 in his 80th year, same cem
Mary A. Heminway w. of Robert Pierpont 1802-1886
20>1h23 George Washington P- 17ja1800(LivermoreFalls)-??
Geo. W. Pierpont d. Apr. 19, 1876 Aet. 70y. 3m. [NEHGS]
20>1h24 Elijah P- 1803-1818
20>1h25 Charles Henry P- 1801{?1807}-06oc1850(MemphisTN)
20>1h26 John Murdock P- 1808-1818
20>1h27 [1h3?] Anna P- 06ap1775[sic!]-??
+m 14de1797 dr Cyrus Hamlin
20>1h28 [1h4?]Samuel P- 06ap1778[sic!]-26no1823
+m Lura/Laura Chase
_p Thomas Chase
20>1h41 Betsy P- 1803-1822
20>1h4h Emery P- [only son]

    [6. telephone call to Charles Thomas P- sr. 7/9/90]
_n letter and info from daughter Rebecca L. P- Carter 06/1991
_n2 also card from Edward M. P- (Gardiner ME)
_n3 further details from Francis P- Doughty (UnionME) 09/1992
_n4 note that Richard is not a frequent name among the old NE P-s,
_n5= although in ENG around 1200 two Richards appear
_n6 also internet material http://pedigree.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/...
??>???? John P-/P-i [5 sons, from ENG to CAN?? ca 1770??]
_n letter from Edward P- (second cousin to Francis Doughty) via FD:
_n1= "John P- went to England from France during the French Revolution.
_n3= His son Thomas born in Liverpool died there. His son Richard born
_n4= in Liverpool ran away from home when he was 18 years old and
_n5= came to America, first in NY then to ME. He was a candy maker
_n6= by trade and always followed it. He drifted to what is now Washington
_n7= and took up farmland. He married a woman named Slater and had
_n8= two sons John & Thomas. Richard had other brothers who
_n9= settled in the South."
??>???? Richard P-i 1791(LiverpoolENG)-01/22/1878(ME) ag87
_a {1809/1812 to ME, weaver, ?? one of the 5 sons?}
_o confectioner
+m1 ?? Sarah Slater 1784-10/28/1860 ag76
_k sister of Cp Willliam Slater who served at Trafalger under Lord Nelson
+m2 Mary Kuhn 1807-1892
??>????1 John P-i 1821-1895
_n b after Thomas!
+m Elizabeth A. Light 1821-1913
??>????2 Catherine P-i
+m /???? Daniel Wilson (ME)
??>????3 Thomas P-i 1813-08/15/1899 ag85y11m
+m ca1843? Rebecca McCurdy\11 1822-08/06/1877 ag55y1m28d
_n 6 children died young, 5 lived to adulthood
??>????31 Daniel P-i
??>????23 Manley P-i
??>????33 Nelson P-i 1854-
??>????34 Stella P-i
??>????35 Sylvanus Cobb P- 05/03/1859-05/25/1942
_e Bowdoin, MD
_n (spelling changed at some point from P-i ?)
+m Pauline Erskine Weeks\5 08/08/1865-05/??/1945
_n 3 boys died at birth
??>????351 Edward Everett P- 01/21/1895(WashingtonME)-08/31/1970
_n internet file has Edwards
_o mail stage driver
+m1 07/06/1913 Gladys Mears\1 dv(05/1920)
_[m2] 12/25/1920 Ross Cunningham
+m2 ?? Mary Starks (Dunton)\3 [[mother of Charles]]
_[m1] Maurice/Morris Dunton
??>????3511 Frances P- 06/03/1916(WashingtonME)-
_n1992 [[5 ch, 18 gch, 25 ggch]]
_a1991-2 Rt 2 Box 4064 Union ME 04862 207-785-4244
_n family story about one brother dying on boat to America
+m /???? Gilbert Norfolk Doughty\5 06/02/1911(HopeME)-08/04/1985
??>????35111 William Alfred Doughty 05/17/1936(LibertyME)-
_n internet has Alferd
_a1992 CaliforniaMD
+m Phyllis Evelyn Bodman
??>????351111 William Gilbert Doughty
+m Terri Lynn Czarnecki
??>????3511111 William J. Doughty
??>????3511112 Mary F. Doughty
+m William D. Dyson
??>????35111121 Heather M. Dyson
??>????3511113 Elizabeth G. Doughty
??>????3511114 Steven J. Doughty
??>????351112 Edmund Paul Doughty
??>????351113 Phyllis L. Doughty
??>????35112 Eugene Ronald Doughty 08/06/1937(HopeME)-
_a1992 OgdenUT
+m Deanna Estelle Soule
??>????35113 Paul Vincent Doughty 12/31/1939(HopeME)-
_a1992 UnionME
+m1 Carleen Irma Taylor
+m2 Charlotte Edna Kattenhorn
??>????35114 Philip Kenneth Doughty 11/09/1943(UnionME)-
_a1992 WarrenME
+m Cary Jane Moody
??>????35115 Sylvia Yvonne Doughty 01/16/1949(HopeME)-
_a1992 UnionME
+m Dennis Becker
??>????3512 __ P-
??>????3513 __ P-
??>????3514 Charles Thomas P- 05/20/1930- (Ellsworth ME)
+m1 ?? Geraldine Rachel Rollins\4 05/06/1932- dv 1962
+m2 12/16/19?? Marian Grant\0
??>????35141 Rebecca Lee P- 06/02/1951-
_a1991 RFD 3 Box 62 Belfast ME 04915
+m 05/29/1970 Frederick Herman Carter jr
??>????351411 Sarah Eve Carter 01/17/1971-
+m[2] 12/16/1989 Howard Thompson
[+m1] __
??>????351411z April Thompson 07/06/1981-
??>????3514111 Christina Rebecca Thompson 09/28/1990-
??>????351412 Olivia Ann Carter 05/02/1973-
??>????35142 Charles Thomas P- jr 10/20/1952- (Ellsworth ME)
+m1 ?? Lita __\1 dv 1973
+m2 ?? Lena __\1
??>????351421 Edward Everett P- 02/04/1973-
??>????351422 Sno Lyn P- 07/12/1978-
??>????35143 Royal Silvanis P- 09/20/1960- (Ellsworth ME)
+m /???? Linda Brown
??>????35143z Jason Brown {??}
??>????351431 Heather P-
??>????35144 Vanessa Francis P- 06/07/1962- (Ellsworth ME)
+m 08/20/19?? Dennis Field 01/05/1962-
??>????351441 Breana Georgianna Field
??>????352 Percival Coombs P- 02/28/1901(WashingtonME)-1975
_a (Cambridge MA??) Thomaston, Warren
_o Warden of State Prison
+m Lilla Farwell\3
??>????3521 Almond Sylvanus P-
??>????3522 Clyde Leroy P-
??>????3523 Ralph P-

[7. obituary sent by Sylvia P- Russell 11/7/90]
??>???????? Thomas Morgan (Wby)
+m /1938 Amy Henshaw
??>????????? John P- Morgan 04/03/1913(Wby)-10/??/1990(PhoenixAZ)
_a WolcottCT to 1948; 4646 North 9th Street Phoenix AZ
_n left 29 grandch, 18 gr-grandch, "several nieces & nephews"
+m /???? Gertrude Duhaime
??>?????????? John Pierpont Morgan jr (TempeAZ)
??>?????????? Phillip Morgan (SanFrCA)
??>?????????? Joyce Morgan (SantaSusanaCA)
+m /???? Rimmer
??>?????????? Irene Morgan (SacramentoCA)
+m /???? McCalister
??>?????????? Patricia Morgan (PeoriaAZ)
+m /???? Traher
??>?????????? Ann Morgan (GlendaleAZ)
+m /???? Caldwell
??>????????? Walter Morgan (WeareNH)
??>????????? Fredrick Morgan (ThomastonCT)
??>????????? Irene Morgan (BoyntonBchFL)
+m /???? Russen

-----[misc unidentified P- groups]

[1] source? (how many groups; some info from PFA records)
24je2000 PFA Reunion met Dorothy Ann P-, will send details
?? Joseph R. P- (MD)
??? Walter John P- (MD)
???? Robert Mellor P- (DC) lett 08/28/1953
_n "cousin, Donald P-, is provost of the Avon Old Farms School"
? br Willet P- (NrH)
?? Shepard Julius P- ????-04/17/1956(NwH)
_n possible connection to Benjamin P- +m /1758 Elizabeth Shepard Church ??
_p son of Willet P- +m Ella ??
+m /???? Anna Gottstein\4
??1 Robert Shepard P- (NwH)
??2 Dorothy Ann P- (NrH) [PFA Reunion 2000]
+m ???? __ Fortier [at least one son, invalid]
??3 Richard James P- (WstH)
??4 Betty Jane P- (WstH)
? sr Mrs. Eugene Bartholomew (NrH)
? sr Mrs. Joseph Hilmer (Ella P-) Jacobson (Nthfrd) [PFL]
+m ???? Hilmer Jacobson
??? s Harold P- Jacobson (Wallingford) [PFL]
+m /???? Alma Granger [PFR confused?]
???? dau Linda Ann P- 06/13/1952(Meriden) [PFR]
Linda Ann P- b to Harold P- +m Alma Granger Jacobson
gdau of Hilmer + Ella P- Jacobson [PFR, confused?]
? sr Ada [PFL, cf Lennox] = Mrs. John Colbert (NwH)
? sr Edna (NwH) [PFL, cf Lennox] =? Mrs. Benson Meyer (Mddltwn)
? br Clarence Baker (NwH)

[2] source?
d 07/30/1952 Arthur V. Meyers s of Wm & Caroline Langdon Meyers [PFR]
Sidnie Catherine Edwards (grdau of Samuel Langdon =?? 20>1623531)
+m 09/??/1955(Toronto) Douglas Charles Young [Toronto location fits]

[3] from PFR
d Mrs. Nellie Goodsell Mears Van Valkenburg 02/06/1956 (age 90)(Greene NY)
_n [PFR] b /1865(FairH), dau Capt R. C. Mears(NwH) > 4 ch, 9 grch, 16grgrch
_n from the Goodsell line 20>162110 -- nothing in AG on Goods, Mears, VV

[4] from PFR
[PFR] Mrs. Grace E. Daggett of 449 Edgewood Ave. New Haven is also a
survivor of the class of 1887 of Hillhouse High School.
N.B. Hooker son married Willet daughter and their daughter Mary
married James Pierpont {how is this comment connected??}

[4a] from PFA Address Cards (ca 1960)
Mrs Emma L. York, ThomastonCT "died 1944"

[5] from Waterbury American Newspaper of 1880 (microfilm)
?? Eliad A. P- of Avon (ag 76) murder trial 01/07/1880 Wby American
??? dau of Eliad A. P- of Avon (ag about 40 at trial in 1880)
???? dau of dau of Eliad A. P- of Avon (ag about 20 in 1880 trial)

[6] from Joseph Meadows Cowper (ed), The Booke of Register of the
Parish of St. Peter in Canterbury for Christnings Weddinges and
Buryalls, 1560-1800 (1888) [UPenn 942.23D C168] [=CC]
? Joseph Pearpoint/Perpoint/(P-i)
+m Elizabeth __
?1 Susanna ("A.T. Sarah") P-i christened 15 Feb 1756, bd 9 Mar 1756 dy
?2 Richard P-i christened 17 Mar 1757
?3 Elizabeth P-i christened 5 Nov 1759
?4 Sarah P-i christened 5 Nov 1761, bd 5 Jan 1762 dy

[7] from Dorothy Stevenson [and PFM] 189 Tuckerman Ave,
Middletown RI 02840-6046
??>???????? Jesse P-i 06/16/1860(Birmingham ENG)-
+m Elizabeth __
_n came to US around 1880, to OH {?}, lived in NYC, AnsoniaCT
??>????????? Lawrence R. P-i [PFM40+46-7]
+m /???? Rena __ [PFM46-7]
??>?????????? Lawrence R. P-i jr [PFM40+46-7]
_om USN ww2
+m /???? __ __
??>??????????? Corrine P-i [PFM57,61]
??>??????????? David P-i [PFM57,61]
??>??????????? Linda P-i [PFM57,61]
??>????????? Alice P-i ??/??/1886(AnsoniaCT)-
+m /???? __ __
??>?????????? Dorothy (Stevenson)
+m /???? F. A. Stevenson

[8] from Kathy Compagno, 1467 Rifle Range Rd, El Cerrito CA 94530 (10/93)
??>?? Walshall (ca 1400)
+m ??
??>??? Robert Walshall of Walshall & Frolesworth
+m /???? ?? dau of George Peirpoint/P- of Holme P-re
??>????Katherin Walshall
+m /???? Edmond Ringley de Tilton, county Stafford ""Captaine Calesij.""
??>????? dau
+m /???? Lawley of Stafford county
??>???? Maaria Walshall (born ca 1500 ?)
+m /???? Wilkes of Wikenhall
??>???? Elizabeth Walshall
+m /???? John Staresmore
[+m2] /???? Caassandra Foulke of Brewood\0
[+m3] /???? dau Perefoy\?
_p his lineage is given in the Leic. chart
??>????? Nicholas Staresmore [2 sons]
??>????? Francis Staresmore of Frolesworth (Leic) d. 1582
+m /???? Mary Vincent (dau of George) of Pekelton "supstes" 1604
??>????? Mary Staaresmore
+m /???? Berwell of county Leyc.
??>????? Edmont Staresmore
??>????? Elizabeth Staresmore dwi

[9] From email Judy Reynolds(?):
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 09:37:44 -0400 (EDT)
Elizabeth PIERPOINT or PIERPONT 1588-??, married Thomas GIBBONS in England,
had son William [see below] and daughter Elizabeth, born 1617,
married Luke HITCHCOCK, 1641, New Haven, CT.

I found the name GIBBONS for Luke Hitchcock's wife in various
New England sources. For a long time I did not have a name for her parents.
All the sources I came upon would mention her brother William.
I don't believe their parents immigrated.
In recent days, I got a note from jhitchcock on aol who supplied the name of
Joseph Gibbons and Elizabeth Pierpoint.

[rak] According to Savage, who has no GIBBONS entries,
Luke HITCHCOCK was in New Haven ca 1644 and moved from there to
Weathersfield before he died in 1659 leaving his widow Elizabeth [maiden
name not noted by Savage] and 3 children -- Hannah, John and Luke. She
then married William WARRINER (Springfield) in 1661 and later she
married Joseph BALDWIN (Hadley), after 1676.

[10] From email Carolyn Walker 10au2000 --
??>? David P-
m. Eleanor
??>?? Sarah Ann P-
m.ca 1815 Richard Morgan (NC or MD locale?)
_n his first wife Frances Ann Ray had died
??>??? Sarah Ann Morgan 20fe1816-15ap1872
m. Jessie Watkins
??>??? Christopher Columbus Morgan
??>??? Elinor Morgan
m. Hampton Wade
??>??? David P- Morgan 01ja1826(NC)-31oc1864(CedarKey Union EncampmentFL)
m.1844 Frances Watson
_n 8 children listed at http://www.gencircles.com/users/nana44w/2/data/187 ??>??? Elijah Calhoun Morgan 1830(ConfedStates)

[11] from Sharon Pierpont, wife of grandson of Charles
??>?? John Samuel Pierpont
+m 1848 (INDIANA) Caroline Sweeney\13
>??? Charles Pierpont
+m Mary J Boles\5

[12] from Shirley P-re Giella at PFR 2001; also email Susanne P-re-Smith
20>?? Evelyn P-re (1863-????) (possibly 16921423 or 1621[4]) -- disowned for marriage?
+m Mary Jane Warren [not Curry/Curie ??]\10 (1864-????)
20>??? Richard [Warren?] P-re (????-1979) +m Sadie Doblin\7 (????-1974)
_g Evergreen Cem Ridgewood, QueensNYC
20>???1 Charles Warren P-re (????-1974)
20>???11 Michelle P-re
20>???12 Christopher P-re
20>???2 Robert P-re (25ja1928-15au1989)
_g Pinelawn Cem LI NY (d of post-surgical blood clot)
+m1 Delores ??\1 dv
+m2 Barbara McMahon\1 (16de1931-06je1991)
_g Pinelawn Cem LI NY
20>???21 John P-re (1951- ) +m Rose ?? dv
20>???211 Jeannette P-re
20>???212 Jacqueline P-re dy
20>???22 Susanne P-re (1961- ) +m Randall Smith [RoslynNY]
_a1994 AtlantaGA
_o teacher (2nd grade)
20>???221 Kristin Marie Smith (1985- )
20>???222 Paul Michael Smith (1987- )
20>???223 Kayla Rose Smith (1989- )
20>???3 Florence P-re +m James Gifford\12
_a2003 PA
20>???4 George P-re +m Elvia ??\2
20>???41 Lawrence P-re
20>???42 John P-re
20>???5 Shirley P-re +m ?? Giella
_a2001 EMeadowNY
20>??? Ella P-re
20>??? Marian/Marion P-re
20>??? Edward P-re
20>??? Gene (?) P-re
20>??? Anna P-re
20>??? William P-re

[13] from AllensHillNY cemetery Pierpont inscriptions
_n http://www.rootsweb.com/~nyontari/allenshillcem.htm
Nettie; 1855-1939;
Carrie E.; 1875-1964;

[14] from Torrington marriage records
_n http://www.100megsfree3.com/litchfield/marrage/torrington2.htm
Elceda Pierpont & Polly Carrington ----- 25 July 1848

[15] from Cindy and   Dennis Turner (letter, no2000]
Warren P-
  Muir King P- +m Eula Hoot
    Cindy P- +m Dennis Turner
John P- +m Annie Marie Jen...
Thomas P- +m Naomi King
John P- +m Anne Fairclough

[16] from email "cajun"
(cajunbuckeye) on worldnet.att.net, 29mr2001
and from email, Janet Lancaster, Modesto CA (16au2001)

Drucilla Pierpont b. 11jn1750(MD?)-25de1824(PerryCoOH)
+ m 12mr1768(MD) Edward Rose 1740(NC)-1834(SomersetOH) of Bedford County, PA
son Allen Rose b1770 Bedford .Pa.d 1846 Gallia Co.OH. 
Unknown other children
[RAK response] On p.485, the Hedman genealogy lists a Drusilla, daughter of John Pierpoint jr (son of John, son of Francis, son of Charles, son of Henry who first came to the Maryland-Virginia area in 1635). This Drusilla seems to have been born around 1831, so she is not the person you seek, but the preservation of the name here may be a strong clue (I don't find that name in my extensive genealogy of New England Pierponts), reflecting an earlier family connection. Hedman also mentions that this Drusilla is listed in the 1850 US Census for Monongalia County VA (with her father and mother), and was born in VA.  Possibly you could make some headway by working back through the VA (and MD) genealogical lines.

[17] email exchanges with Kathy Harbury (ap2002)

Amos Thomas Sim(p)son, son of Elizabeth Pierpoint and Thomas Simson
[RAK] According to Kathryn Hedman's genealogy, Henry Pierpoint married an Elizabeth Larkin, and they had nine children of which your Elizabeth (wife of Thomas Simson) was the third. But as Hedman explains, there is no clear record confirming this marriage: Henry was single when he arrived in VA and landed in the 'Isle of Wight' County, and the name of the wife he married was Elizabeth, and "the only single woman in [the 'Isle of Wight'] colony by the name of Elizabeth" was Elizabeth Larkin. Sounds reasonable, but still only a guess. That could cause confusion about their daughter Elizabeth, I expect (also born in 'Isle of Wight' County)!
Where Henry came from in England is not, to my knowledge, established. There was a strong Pierrepont-Pierpont-Pierpoint presence in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, to which the New England Pierponts trace their lineage (without clear proof, so far). Also, an Amos Perpoynt is known from Benington in Hertfordshire (b ca 1590), who could have been the father of your Henry (b ca. 1613), whose first son was named Amos.
[KH] Henry was married back in England, not here in Virginia.  (The chronology makes it impossible for Henry Pierpont to have married Elizabeth Larkin.)  He brought his wife and children from England and had a few more children born in Md.  If I  can find this information, I would be glad to share it if your are interested.
[RAK]   I'd be very interested in all this. According to Hedman, he is listed on the the passenger list for the "Plaine Joan" as aged 22, apparently without wife or children -- she cites "Immigrants to Virginia" vol. 6, Virginia County Records p.284 (15 May 1635). She then cites records from the Land Office at Annapolis MD, starting in Oct 1665, and claims that Henry and Elizabeth had 4 more children after that! I find it difficult to
believe that the first five children, whose names at least seem well attested, could have been born before Henry's arrival in 1635 -- unless, of course, we are dealing with two different Henrys! And since Elizabeth Pierpoint Simson apparently begins to have children in 1687 (with her fourth child in 1696), is it likely that she was born before 1635?! Something is really askew somewhere in the records, it seems!
> I also have been able to pinpoint my Elizabeth Pierpont's
> birthdate much more closely than that stated in the Hedman book, thanks
> to her two marriages and dates of her children's births in both marriages.
Hedman estimates her birthdate as about 1648, which would make her already almost 40 when her son John Simson was born in 1687. That also seems rather unlikely to me, although not impossible. Again, whatever correctives you can offer will be of interest to me!
[KH] the Henry Pierpont who came early in Virginia in 1635 or so is someone else as far as I can tell.  The better candidate is the Henry who came to Maryland from England with the older children and everything about that family fits much better by way of dates, and so forth.

[18] email exchanges with Louise Power (mr2003)

My  great grandmother was Martha Georgia Pierpoint Harris, wife of Frank Harris.  Her mother and father were Amanda Jane Bishop and Albert Pierpoint. I am very interested in seeing a copy of the Pierpoint family history. My cousin Kathryn Brown tells me that I am even mentioned in the 1973 2nd edition.  My grandmother, Flora Alice Harris Fox, and Kathy's great grandmother,  Carrie Letitia Harris LeHew, were sisters.
PI>163213 Benjamin P-i
PI>1632131 Robert Wood P-i 09no1832-13oc1838
PI>1632132 Albert P-i 29oc1838-01ap1920
+m Amanda Jane (Amandy) Bishop\7 24jl1842-1923
PI>16321321 Martha Georgia P-i 26de1866-29de1938
_g Cedar Memorial cem, Cedar Rapids IA
+m 12oc1889(McConnellsvilleOH) Frank Harris\8 27my1864(nr PennsvilleMorganCoOH)-06au1940(MarionIA)
_g Cedar Memorial cem, Cedar Rapids IA
_r Methodist, Mason
_b "Ancestory and Descendants of Frank Harris and Martha Georgia Pierpoint Harris," by Merle Hicks Harris (1970)
_i photo of the couple in Hedman 121
PI>163213211 Flora Alice Harris 17au1890(nr MaltaOH)-
_i family photo (with Fred jr and Velva) in Hedman 122
+m 17de1913 Frederic (Fred) Wesley Fox\3 13fe1890(WalkerIA)-30mr1967(MarshallTX)
_p John Wesley Fox m Jane Eli