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   b a g e l s    i n    t h e    g r a v e y a r d

--- K E V I N   V A R R O N E

sarah died on october 10th. and john was a como in the continental navy. harold pinter won the nobel prize and richard was aged twenty-two months. and an osage orange (with its 200 seeds) nearly fell on your head (like a brain like a bomb horse high bull strong hog tight). and we scootched over a bit to avoid the fatwa against soccer. elen was the consort of james and persifer was the second son. and harley__harry unle__nephew. and two golden retrievers slalomed headstones and two homeless men crashed on benches and leaves made a carpet of tattoos on the grass and you made a yum sound for bacon. charles willson peale contributed as an artist to the history of his country and turpin kilby knows his redeemer liveth and the myrtle creeps and skin-heads riot in toledo. first martha then constance then virginia then samuel and the o.j. had calcium added and pulp removed. and sun fell in pieces as it rose and someone found beethoven in a seminary. and a pigeon ate pizza and a hedgeapple might have fallen on sarahís head, 1771. and so he giveth his beloved sleep and this autumn doubtfulness, sunday october 16th, this year of someonesís lord, 2005, Philadelphia.

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