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   v.    m i a m i,    f l o r i d a,    1 9 8 7

--- G C   W A L D R E P

Why does an awning complicate the distinction
between inside and outside, why is an arming bourgeois, why
is hermeticism the revenge of the bourgeoisie upon the artist and why then
does pretty seem like God's own pink shell walk.
Because the voters have spoken, because the voters have issued a mandate,
because the voters have voted and in voting so voting do.
There is nothing wrong with a putative democracy,
there is nothing wrong with a punitive lawn, this is all very American
and uncomplicated, this is like a night trip to the paint store and best better yet.
Like everyone else at John Yau's wedding
I fell in love with the National Park Service.
After that I couldn't sleep. Towns in Montana were naming streets for orchids.
God works the night shift in a paint store, God is responsible
for this color scheme. God is an American torso.

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