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   f r o m    n o v a    s u i t e,    i v,    p a r t    4

--- S T A N D A R D   S C H A E F E R

Demons orbits above and all that remains is bastions of access, rarely accesible even through experiment or another blow to the head.

Drones in the imagination -- an event in the extreme.

Their commotion, luster -- as a kind of loneliness, bulky robes over the imagination.

Just a fibrillation (2).

The demons becoming comets knocking against the head. Drink one and you shall see -- milk is pavement (3). It pins you down as stars go out. Pinpoints (4) are limousines slinking across the sky. To distrust them is simply to imitate at a gradually reduced speed. And reduced to the point where all one listens for is the music Is the music rivaled only by spin.


(2) Not a conception of time wasted.

(3) Crossword.

(4) Cloudbursts.

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