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   f r o m    n o v a    s u i t e,    i v,    p a r t    5

--- S T A N D A R D   S C H A E F E R

Satellites, limousines

spin beneath the curbs

in the claims.

Until they are tops and crash against the floor.

A mere toy (5).

Limousines reduced to lullabies are like toys, only the possessions (6) of children (7).

And around the curb, a revolving top.

Around the top, a revolving world.

Intricate tissues, intervals of powder.

Once a year, a festival with horns (8).

Drones of abstraction (9) impersonating the dead, childish faces.


(5) Ovalness.

(6) If upon licking the forehead of a child, you perceive a salt taste, this is certain proof that he or she has been fascinated. To remove the spell, apply bacon. In the case of extreme fascination, only the fat of the jaguar will suffice.

(7) At this age, Bordieu says, each is a little bourgeois.

(8) Funnel-shaped.

(9) Pudgy boys. Also believed to be the reason we have mermaids. Sometimes equated with poetry.

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