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   t h e    t w i n    l o o n s    o f    i r o n y    a n d    h y s t e r i a

--- K .  S I L E M   M O H A M M A D

I want to hear more about this other poet,
the unheimlich fratricides he must be pulling off,
karmic retentions, illegally burping pubic
he has read many essays in that sedan, deaf pigs of a family!
hairs laid fat on his manifesto to predate appetite.

But it's the dreck inside the manifesto we get to hear about: the Pictionary drills and asymptotic criss-cross frangibilities.... Is it safe for an office guy like me to get warned about, sooner than late? But no, the chemical banks fuck this other poet through and through.

Except the mint creme on the stereo goes in as it goes from out of sight, as directed to clue itself in and get lividó headphone as necklace press badge as hourglass

"Of course I'm interested in objects, if you

if you consider Six Flags

if it is excepted it is in places and states

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