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   t h e    s p o r t    w h i c h    c a l l s    f o r    s o r r o w s

--- R I C K   M O O D Y

The upbeat, syncopated, toe-tapping music of the Hustle is irresistible to contemporary dancers

a Work of Satan

On the dance floor, the Gentleman is boss

Reflect on your strange conduct

the popular Lady as a rule knows the dance patterns

It is important to perfect good posture early in your dancing

there needs but One Dissolute Hour, to ruine in you

When the psychologist said "dance," a number of trainees immediately said, "Fred Astaire!"

Behold joy and gladness, slaying oxen, and killing sheep, eating flesh, and drinking wine:

Tomorrow we shall die.

Foxtrot, Waltz, Salsa, Swing, Rumba, Tango, Samba/Bossa Nova, Merengue, Disco, Lambada, Macarena.

Perfidy, Forgery, Disloyalty

Let us walk honestly but not in RIOTING

Raise your heels slightly off the floor

A man must be either Drunk, or Mad, that is fond of Dancing

Doesn't it arouse a regular rhythmic pulse in you?

Good dancing never compensates for poor manners

No matter how unfavorably you regard your partner's dancing, never try to wrest the lead away from him

Their Children dance, and They go down the Grave into Hell

Meet the stern, silent, stone-faced male and the frosty, forbidding female

A man dancing with his hand upon a lady's waist? No proper young maiden would compromise herself so.

The Bump is most effective when the partners move in such a way that their hips actually "bump" each other

Empty Visits, & Publick Meetings of People of Different Sexes, such are BALLS, and Playes

the scourge of Ecclesiastical Discipline should be employed upon Dancers

In the midst of the greatest period of dance evolution in American history 1910-1914 the Tango made its appearance.

Interview with Rick Moody

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