Eric Miller,
Ph.D. candidate, Folklore Program,
University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA).

Dissertation (projected for completion in 2008):

Ethnographic Videoconferencing, as Applied to South Indian Children's Songs-chants-dances-games and Language Learning

The rural fieldwork occurred between March 2003 and Dec. 2004 (twenty-one months).  The four post-fieldwork videoconferences occurred in 1) Oct. 2004, 2) Oct. 2005, 3) Dec. 2005, and 4) May 2006.

Links to my exams and dissertation proposal are below.  These materials were approved by my professors in Nov. 2001.

1)  Dissertation Proposal.

A subsequent description of the research project, used for fund-raising for the second year of rural fieldwork, concentrated especially on the verbal play and language learning aspect of the project.


2) Ph.D. Exams --

a) "The Culture Area, South India"
(Geographic area statement).

b) "The Performance of Epic and the Practice of Lament: Gender Issues, and Theoretical and Methodological Approaches"
(Topical statement).

c) "Textualization and Mediatization of Verbal Arts"
(Theory and practical statement).

d) "Course Syllabus: The Storytelling Process"
(Professional script).

Note:  "Verbal Play and Language Acquisition," a paper I wrote in 2003, is central to my dissertation topic.