We are fortunate that considerable evidence exists to help us understand Americans’ ideas about, expectations of, and experience with medicine in the mid-twentieth century.  In this part of Image, Expectations, and Experience, we provide you with samples of that evidence, including photographs, drawings, works of art and fiction, newspaper and magazine articles, and statistical data.  You will be asked to interpret these materials as you did the photograph analyzed in Part 1.

The items shown here are but a tiny portion of the resources available for studying American medicine in this period.   We selected the materials that follow with several considerations in mind, including length and accessibility. Furthermore, we have purposely chosen to include and emphasize materials that we have found helpful in answering our larger questions about American medicine's "golden age."  Many important topics and issues are therefore not represented in the exhibit that follows.

Many of the materials in Part 2 were selected from collections that are available on-line, including the Library of Congress’s extraordinary American Memory collection.  We hope you will follow some of the links we have provided and explore those collections further.

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